Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn! Chapter 3

Help! My Girlfriend is a Unicorn!

Chapter 3

I was really glad that Melody was there at that moment. She recovered from the shock before I did, and swept me up into a hug to prevent me from totally freaking out.

Eventually, I stopped shaking, and she said, “You ... need some clothes.”

Oh yeah. I was naked.

A half-hour later, I was dressed in pants and a t-shirt borrowed from Melody, and eating some soup while waiting for my mom to get back.

Taking a look at myself dressed like that, I looked pretty close to the old me only obviously a girl. My hair was longer, my face somewhat softer, but I could still see the resemblance, like I had become a sister to my former self.

Once she arrived, Melody’s mom explained that unicorns normally have ten females for every male, but they didn’t expect that to apply to me since I had been a boy.

Then my mom came over and hugged me, and said to me, “Boy or girl, you’re still my child.”

I cried a little, and held her tight.

“So what do we do now? How do I go back to school as a girl and not draw attention to the fact I was a boy before? And I don’t know anything about being a girl, much less a unicorn, and ...”

Melody hugged me from one side as my mom hugged me from the other.

Melody’s mom said, “Well, spring break isnt over yet. I think we can get you situated in terms of the school by the time you’d be going back.”

“Magic?” I asked.

“No. Computers.” She said, grinning.

“And being a girl isn’t that tough. I manage it.” Melody said, and gave me another hug.

I snuggled with both of them, and sighed, “Okay. what’s first?”

“A new name” Melody said, “Not too many girls named ‘Alan’ after all.”

“You could go by Alana” Melody’s mom suggested.

“No, her name will be Bonnie.” My mother insisted.

“Why Bonnie?” I asked.

“Well, Alan means ‘handsome” and Bonnie means ‘pretty’ - and as you are my child, I get to name you.” My mom said.

“Fine.” I sighed.

“Now for some ‘girl training’!” Melody said with a giggle.

I’d love to say I found my “girl training” awful, that I was so manly I sucked at trying to act feminine, but the truth is it wasn’t all that bad, even though I was still lacking in confidence by the time spring break was over.

Not that there weren’t embarrassing moments. Like learning about bras got me blushing, and the less said about learning about periods the better.

When I wasn’t learning girl stuff, Melody’s mom taught me unicorn history, and boy, it turned out there was a lot of stuff that had happened that ordinary people weren’t aware of. Apparently, a couple of million years ago, the Earth passed through a region of space that had been saturated with chaos magic somehow. The magic caused all kinds of weird stuff to happen, including the creation of a lot of magical races i used to think as just being in stories. But for the last three thousand years, the Earth has been slowly pulling out of that region, and magic has become much rarer. Many of the magical races have died out, or gone totally into hiding trying to preserve whatever magic they could.

There was one really worrying group. The Magi. Magi - witches, warlocks, call them what you will, looked like people but had much more ability to store and use magic. Some were good, like the witch who had helped Melody’s ancestor turn into a human, but most were selfish, arrogant, and power-hungry.

Fortunately, the diminishment of magic has meant they have had to spend most of their time just maintaining the power they had, but they still influenced regular people, and caused trouble indirectly through their human operatives.

Finally, Spring Break was over, and I was set to return to school, this time as a girl. Melody told me that as a unicorn, I would produce a kinda passive “don’t notice anything odd about me” field that would keep most of the students and teachers from connecting the new me to the old me, and the changes in my official records would help as well, but I still was kinda nervous. Despite all I had learned about being a girl, I still really didn’t think of myself as one yet. It was more like I felt like I was wearing a girl costume - a really good costume, one that would fool most people, but still I saw most of the changes as external, and it really hadn’t sunk in that the changes were more than skin deep.

That, was soon to change ...

To be continued ...

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