Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn! Chapter 9

Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn!

Chapter 9

The next morning, the six of us shared breakfast with Melody’s mom. (I had oatmeal. Not just because I am now a unicorn, I always loved it.)

After breakfast, Melody’s mom asked Ari to take the girls into the living room to watch TV while Melody and I were asked to help do dishes.

Once we began washing dishes, Melody’s mom sighed, and said, “You two deserve to know what was going on last night. Mr. Twoyoungmen heard about a plot to kidnap those three. Apparently, a young magi named Sabrina wanted to turn them into familiars. Fortunately, thanks to knowing about this ahead of time, friends of the family were able to get them here, where they were safe, and early this morning I got word that Sabrina has been taken into custody, which means this afternoon they can go home.”

“I’m glad they’ll be safe. Does this kind of inter-magical species cooperation happen often?” I asked.

“No, sadly. But for the last few years I have been part of a group with the goal to try and get more of us working together. It has not been easy. Most magical creatures have become so isolated from any not of their own kind that much suspicion and prejudice has developed. But I believe we actually need each other.”

“Well, I am glad things worked out this time. Those girls are sweet, I would have hated to have something happen to them,” I said.

“Me too,” Melody said.

“I’ll finish up, you two have fun with the girls,” Melody’s mom said.

She didn’t have to tell us twice.


We had a lot of fun over the next few hours, even when the girls somehow talked me into being their guinea pig when it came to makeup. Now even when I had worn the fancy dress to school, I had stayed makeup free, mostly cause I was afraid I’d look like a clown.

But the girls had a good eye for color, and quickly had the perfect shades to accent my features without making me look overdone.

Melody liked the result so much she got me into a dress and had Ari take a picture of the two of us, which she said she was going to have as the screensaver on her phone. She captioned the photo, “Back off boys, she’s mine.”

Who was I to argue with her about that?

Eventually, the three little girls had to go home, as their’ parents came to pick them up. There were thanks, and hugs, and promises to stay in contact, but anybody who says I teared up ...

Okay so I might have sniffled a little.


The next day, I went to church. And no, it didn’t involve any dancing around a maypole, or whatever. My mom and I had been part of a United church for a while, and despite my gender change, I wanted to keep going.

Of course, that meant I was dressed in a dress, again! (I swear, it's a conspiracy !)

Monday was actually mostly uneventful.

Well, right up after the last class when both my mom and Melody’s mom were waiting for us outside the school.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

“Not wrong, but a unique opportunity has come up, and we’d like both of you to participate,” My mom said.

“What kind of opportunity?” Melody asked.

“We’ll talk at home,” Melody’s mom said.

So once we got to Melody’s place, the four of us sat down at the table, and Melody’s mom began to talk.

“For a long time, there have been a group of magical creatures who have come to believe the fact that we are
so segregated is a weakness. The weekend’s success at preventing the kidnapping of those girls has convinced many others of the value of working together. And now we are ready to take the next step,” Melody’s mom said.

“What step would that be, and what has it to do with us?” I asked.

“The next step is to work with our younger generation, have them interact with each other. In short, it was to set up a school for magical creatures. And we would like you both to attend,” Melody’s mom said.

I thought hard about it, and looked over at Melody. She nodded.

“We’re in,” Melody said, and I nodded.

To be continued in Book 2 - “the secret of M.Y.T.H.”

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