Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn! Chapter 2

Help! My girlfriend is a Unicorn!

Chapter 2

When I woke up the next morning, I could feel the first effects of all the magic in my system. I was overflowing with energy, and had real trouble staying still. Since it was spring break and I didn’t have school, I went over to a nearby park and ran around, doing gymnastics I had never tried before, but no matter how hard I pushed myself, I couldn’t seem to feel any less energetic.

Finally, I went home and tried to calm down. It took me a while, but eventually I was able to gain control of myself enough that I could relax a little before my mom was to come home from work.

When my mom came home, I persuaded her to go over right away, as I felt like something was building up inside of me, and I would need help before I exploded.

When we got to Melody’s house, we found they had another visitor as well, an older lady who was introduced as Melody’s grandmother, Willow.

The older woman looked at me, and frowned.

“It’s pretty bad, Daisy.”

“Like how bad?” asked Melody’s mother.

“Like he could die very soon bad.”

“What’s going on?” My mom asked.

Melody’s mother explained about unicorns, and even flash-transformed into one and back to convince my mom she was telling the truth.

“So what about my son?” My mom asked.

“Every species has a limit on how much mana - the energy of magic - they can hold. Your son is currently holding far more than a human being can normally. If we don’t do something very soon, he could very easily die.” Melody’s grandmother said.

“Can you do anything?” My mom pleaded.

“There is one idea I had. The very same spell that allowed us unicorns to take on human shape, but done in reverse. We would turn your son into a unicorn.” Melody’s mom stated.

My mom thought about it for a moment, and then said, “Do it.”

“All right. Now, Mrs. Douglas, you’ll have to leave Alan with us. We don’t want you getting bathed in magic as well.”

I thought for sure my mother would refuse, but she looked at Melody’s mom and grandmother, and said, “All right. Please call me when I can return.”

Then she hugged me, and said, “Whatever happens, Alan. Remember I love you.”

And then she left.

I am not going to describe the ritual Melody’s grandmother used. All I am going to say is at some point I more or less passed out, and when I woke up ....

I was a unicorn.

The next twenty-four hours or so were filled with me coping with my condition. At first, I was weak as any newborn foal, and spent a lot of time resting on a bed of hay or eating warmed oats provided to me by Melody’s mom. But as I got physically stronger, I had to spend more time learning about being a unicorn - how to run on four legs, how to absorb manna through my horn into my body to replace what I had lost in the transformation, and other stuff besides.

Fortunately, Melody had recovered enough to help me through the worst of it, and by the next day Melody’s grandmother said I was ready to try and transform back into a human shape.

I tried the transformation, and I could feel myself going back into human form, but when it was complete I realized something was wrong.

I had become a girl.

“Ohhh ... boy.” I said, looking down at my new body.

To be continued ...

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