The Crush: In for a Penny

The Crush: In for a Penny

They say twins can read each other’s minds, and maybe that’s true.

My sister Paige can sure read mine, even if we’re only fraternal twins, not identical.

Like the fact that long before I could say the words, she knew I felt more like a girl and not like a guy at all. She even was the one who decided my real name should be Penny, and not the Peter I was named at birth.

Eventually, we told Mom and Dad, but I hadn’t gone any further than that.

But that changed today.

My school had an “opposite day” where boys could come to school dressed as girls, and vice versa.

And so my sister talked me into letting Penny out in public for the first time.

It started okay, I got some compliments on my outfit, some that seemed like joking.

And others that seemed serious, including Raymond’s, who is in my Drama class, and the first guy I ever did a double look at. And the only guy who has ever snuck into my dreams ...

Not that I realized it at the time. I was too busy trying not to blush and form words myself to see it, but of course Paige saw that he was doing pretty much the same thing I was.

So now I’m trying to gather the courage to take the next step, and be Penny full time.

I know Paige will be by my side, but maybe, just maybe she wont be alone.

And maybe, just maybe, my dreams about my crush will come true ...

Here goes everything ...


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