Her Turn

Her Turn

At long last, it was her turn, and she woke the Body early, bursting with energy like a kid on Christmas morning.

She got up, and looked at the Body in the mirror, and frowned as she felt whiskers on the face. She went and grabbed the electric shaver, and put it to the face, but then the hands started shaking, and she cried to Him for help.

He sighed, and said, “Let me.”

He took the hand and steadied it, and then shaved the face with practiced ease, and then gave the hands back to her.

“Thank you.” she whispered, and then went to the bathroom to have a bath. She made it a long one, taking time to clean and shave the rest of the Body, while chastising him on his lack of hygiene the last while.

“Sorry. Just didnt feel up to it.” He said.

She sent him a mental hug, knowing full well why he had been like that. It had been part of a pattern he fell into when memories came back strongly, and he relived the torture both of them had been forced to endure.

Back then, not bathing had been a pathetic attempt to make the Body less ... appealing to their abuser, and so when the memories were fresh, he’d go back into the habit again, as if he could ward them off with a whiff of body odor.

He’d done much the same thing with the Body, eating a great deal and not exercising, trying desperately to create a body armor of fat to keep them both safe.

She finished the task, dried off, and then went back to the bedroom to put on her outfit for the day.

Relishing her freedom to do so, she picked out a bra, panties, nylons, skirt, and blouse, and got dressed, drinking in the sensations she experienced as she did so.

“Makeup?” She teased him once she was finished dressing.

“Do you have to?”

“Not right now. but if we go out today, I want at least to have lipstick and blush and eyeshadow on.”

“If you must.” He sighed.

“I love you, you know that, right?” she asked.”For letting me do this, it took a lot of courage.”

“We were breaking down, not longer functional because we were fighting all the time. This is better than that.”


“Yeah. Love you too.”

She mentally sent him a kiss, and then left the bedroom, picking up her purse as she went.

“What’s your plan for the day?” He asked.

“Don’t really have one. Make a bite of breakfast, and then maybe go out for a stroll at the mall. “

“Girls and shopping. I guess they go together.”

“Sexist.” she laughed, and mentally sent him a raspberry. .

“But its true. I never liked the mall, and you cant seem to get enough of it.”

“I just enjoy getting out. I was pretty cooped up for a long time, you know.”

“Sorry. You scared me, made me think I was going insane when I wasnt worried I’d go to Hell for letting you out.”

“I know. We hurt each other a lot in those days. And what good did us fighting each other ever do? None, as far as I can see. “

“But its behind us now, agreed?”

“Of course. We’re both part of the Body. It needs us both to work right, and besides....”


“I really do love you.”

“Yeah. I know.”

“Dont go being all macho on me. Real men have feelings too, you know. Unlike the cartoon types we grew up with.”

“Sorry. I guess I picked up some of their bad habits. And I always worried about my feelings because ....””

“Because I was there. And you couldn’t tell where you ended and I began.”

“Yeah. But you know how I feel.”

“I do. You’re showing me now, by letting me have my turn.”

“Least I could do. Just be careful, Not everybody is going to be nice to you.”

“I will. Now, breakfast?”

“Something light and good for us. Or isnt there a dress in a shop window you’d like to look nice in?”

She sent him a huge hug and kiss.

“Bless you, brother.”

“My pleasure, sis.” He said, and then deliberately retreated to deep within the Body.

“After all, its her time” He thought, as he pulled inward.

“Her turn.”

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