One Day at the Bridal Shop

One Day at the Bridal Shop

It had been a pretty normal day for me during my shift at the bridal shop, until late in the afternoon, when a small group of girls came in.

They were obviously a bridal party, with the bride-to-be giggling and blushing as her girlfriends teased her with different gowns.

Then she turned the tables on them by throwing the most God-awful bridesmaid outfits possible, an assault they took with giggly grace.

While this was going on, I went to the display window to straighten up when I looked outside and saw a young man sitting outside on a bench, looking at the store with a strange look in his eyes.

It took me a moment to realize the look. It was longing.

I turned to the bride-to-be and asked “Who’s the guy waiting outside? The groom?”

She looked out the window, and said, “Oh no. That’s my friend James. He’s my oldest friend, and offered to help today.”

“Well, I would say he looks kinda lonely out there. Wouldn’t you?”

She stared at him for a while, and then said, “You’re right.”

She went to her girlfriends, had a whispered conversation, and then went outside and dragged the young man inside.

“I cant forget my best friend. Who else is going to be my maid of honor but you?” I heard her say.

He said, “But ... I’m a guy?”

“Are you? You never hang with the guys, but fit in perfectly with us girls. I’m a little surprised it took the saleslady here to help me see it.”

“You’re .... not making fun of me, are you?”

“You’ve known me most of my life, have I ever made fun of you?”

“What about your girlfriends?”

“If Alice here is okay with you as her maid of honor, we are okay with it too.” one of the other girls said.

So they spent an hour or more helping ‘Jamie” come out of her shell, and when they finished she glowed almost as much as the bride-to-be did.”

When they left, Alice came over and said, “Thank you for not hurting her feelings. I’ll definitely throw in a little extra for you when I pay for my wedding gown.”

“it was my pleasure. I’m glad she had a good time.”

“She did. But ... how did you know.”

“I saw the look she had on outside, and I’ve seen that look before.”

“Where? If you dont mind sharing.”

“In the mirror, when I was a little younger.” I said, and went into the back of the shop.

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