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Our environment.

Hi all,

If you have read my bio you will know more where I am coming from. I have spent quite a bit of my life helping an already quite energy consuming industry (Music and touring bands) to become even more greedy for electricity. To give you an idea, what the energy consumption of a system for a festival was when I left the business in 1984 it was on average 1,2 Mega Watt for the lights and between 60 and 100 Kilo Watt for the sound, not counting the energy consumed by the backstage area, the caravans and mobile homes for the musicians, ticket offices, catering etc. A normal modern household supply in Europe is about 12KW, but that is more like a possible maximum, not a general consumption, just to give a reference, and that could, with today's technology, be reduced considerably.

Why am I telling you this?

Please read and comment, guys and gals and others.

There are many on here, myself included, who have faced, are currently facing, or will eventually face severe crises in their lives. I think we, as a community of like-minded individuals, should have a contingency plan in place to support and aid our peers. I'd like to, with the permission of the moderators, form a support group where anyone, at any time, could come and safely find the support, understanding, and guidance they need to face life's challenges.

Interrupt normality?

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Some of you think I interrupt normality. I'm not so sure in view of the following quote from

"One boy told Devon Live he had been told on Wednesday the skirt was too short and his legs too hairy."

Don't worry, I'll keep trying to interrupt normality even when faced by hard competition :)

AUTISM: Walk For A Difference

Hi Everyone! I posted about helping us, and helping NinjaBaby via the POAC - Autism: Walk For A Difference already once, but with the walk only a few days away I thought I would post again.

And for those of you that are reading this after saturday (should you show up late to the party) It's NEVER too late to donate, even if the walk is over contact me and I will give you information for how to donate to POAC directly (not via our walk page). Every little bit helps (just like at BigCloset).

Advice from members of Islam please

I have been approached by Tenant Support Workers for my residence ( have to like supported housing ) asking me to low key assist a new trans woman that should have moved in yesterday ( or at least filled out papers ).

She is a refugee from the middle east, and has not had it easy at all. ( to the point men from the region are a serious issue for her )

That is all I know about her, what I need is ideas on how to interact with her to avoid triggering her issues as well as knowledge about how to interact appropriately with a woman of Islam.

How Should Christians Respond to Target’s Bathroom Policy?

My wife had this pop up on her Facebook page.

How Should Christians Respond to Target’s Bathroom Policy?

While the lady isn't in favor of Target's policy, she is very reasonable about her feelings on it and speaks with a clear head, leaving out the knee-jerk response that the other vocal Christians scream with.

I encourage you to read this. If all Christians had this attitude then there would be a lot less angst regarding bathroom use.

Trans Pride

Trans Pride is on again this July in Brighton.

I should be working there this year, on a stall for my staff support network Spectrum. Anyone about, drop by and say hello. I have booked a room for the Friday and Saturday nights so that I can be bright and early!

The fun begins

Turned on my computer this afternoon after work and the first newsflash popup was this, US sues North Carolina over transgender bathroom law One of the NC lawmakers seemed to think it was a bluff. I guess it wasn't. So the fun begins.

Opinions please... Bathroom debate

This showed up on my wife's Facebook page. She asked my opinion of it and I looked it over and thought, "What would the gang at BCTS think?"

Transgender in Women's Bathroom (Social Experiment)

Let me know if you feel this was a fair experiment or does this guy have an agenda and is he trying to appear sympathetic while joining the anti trans bathroom argument?

NPR: 'Becoming Nicole' Recounts One Family's Acceptance Of Their Transgender Child

Noticed this on today. Haven't listened to it yet. 'Becoming Nicole' Recounts One Family's Acceptance Of Their Transgender Child"

Important for TG in Houston - but possibly upsetting.

The Mayor of Houston, Annalise Parker, has been pushing some legislation on allowing bathrooms to be used by gender presentation, rather than just by physical sex.

Unfortunately, there's a very vocal group that has some NASTY radio ads going - the site itself isn't bad, but the radio ads are very misleading.

Here's some information on the proposed ordinance. (with some information on the group)

Is everyone aware of this?

As the follow-up to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS), the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey will become our community’s go-to source for information about the lives and experiences of trans people.

More than 6,400 people took the NTDS, and over 7,000 people have already pledged to take the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey when it becomes available on August 19th. But we’re far short of the 20,000 pledges we need to ensure we double the number of people who complete the U.S. Trans Survey from the NTDS.

A petition that vets need to sign if they need srs.

I have no idea if this will come to fruition, but one can hope, right? I signed. If you're a Vet, or you support Vets, please sign?

Catherine L. Michel

Though political, still relevant

Today is shaping up to be a landmark day for equality in the US. Heck, a landmark month in certain ways, given recent changes to the standing of TG treatment in government health care. Whether you agree with gay marriage or not, though, let's all give a few moments to feel happy for all the people whose lives, both now and in the future, have a chance of being enriched by the decision the court made today.

Melanie E.

I Was Right and Wrong

In 2005 I wrote "Renaming a Highway" that came to Big Closet in 2007. I was right about the problems of race and sexuality when I wrote, "Same shit, different decade." I was wrong when I wrote, " There still some embers, but Mississippi is no longer burning," referring to the 1988 movie, Mississippi Burning The flame of hate is throughout the U. S. We are all to blame. In the end the Romeo and Juliet character Mercutio was right, "Don't ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee."


One step forwards one step back...being tg in Egypt

While the plastic world seems consumed by one celebrity coming out as transgender, the real world still seems a hostile place, especially for transgender women in Egypt. From the Guardian.

Attention: Indiana Residents

Attention Indiana residents: there is a GLBT organization here in Indiana:

Indy Pride the internet contact is:

as I have been trying to find a transgender group this may help me and others.


Girl Scouts do Good for Trans-Girl

Another Anti-Lgbt organatization has started hating on people.
The American-Family-Association(AFA), is a little late joining on the dissing of Trans-girl in scouts, and they want them out.

But, there is serious good news, the GSA (Girl Scouts of America) instantly defend the Trans-Girls, as both belonging and girl that just have to take a more unique path, that scouting can help them with.

Time stands still

Hello all:

I've been a reader on this site for several years now. I love the mental vacation it provides. I comment frequently about stories I read and prefer. I'm a simple working girl who lives my life as I see fit and the world be damned, this includes most of my family who have tossed me aside as if I'm dead.

A report on transgender female sex workers in China

This is a very interesting article, including a link to the full 79 page report about transgender women working in the sex industry in Shanghai and Beijing by a group called Asia Catalyst, which I found while poking about on the Guardian website. It appears that the Chinese generally are not very accepting of transgender people so treatment to transition and so on is not easily found, plus the establishment while not making it illegal is not very helpful either.

my home town is finally getting its act together

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finally my hometown is getting its act together. I really hope things will keep progressing. here's the link to the story by local news

Elton John & Michael Stipe call for protection of Trans prisoners

The two singers called for protection of transwomen prisoners in Georgia men's prisons according to this article in the Guardian (where else?). Two prisoners claim they were raped and abused by the system.

Indiana Discrimination Law Follow Up

As an Indiana resident in Indianapolis, and a Religious Jew, I will be picketing the State Capital and Governor's Mansion claiming the Discrimination Law is against God's Law as soon as my foot doesn't have an ulcer.

Companies with headquarters in Indiana:

Bathroom Wars

Bathroom issues are making the news. People want to ban transgender folks from using the potty of their chosen gender. I don't know where the transgender leadership is in these states, but let me give you the playbook on how to win this battle easily.

It's all with the ad campaign.

Please, don't

Going around the internet today is a news article about a transgender teenager who killed themselves and then left a time released tumbler suicide note after the fact where they spoke about how hard it was being transgender and blaming their parents for a lack of support and not being supportive. The story is starting to go viral and people are promising that the teen will not be forgotten.

Does this sound familiar?

It probably sounds just like Leelah Alcorn, but it's not, its 15 year old Zander from Georgia.

Stonewall to campaign on behalf of Trans people

Gosh, they've remembered the T in LGBT. I suppose this is a good thing as they have lots of experience and expertise in campaigning for equality. At the same time, I've never been happy with including the T with the others, as I see my previous transsexualism (now cured via surgery and Gender Recognition Act) as relating to my gender identity not sexual orientation - precisely the matter which kept Stonewall and transgender apart previously.

Murder of 'Samba Queen' in Brazil.

According to the Observer a trans samba dancer was murdered in Rio, they also suggest the crime might be a hate killing as they have a pretty awful record with a trans, gay or bi person being murdered every 28 hours.

Suing Humanity if this doesn't happen

OK, call this shameless advertising of my blog (not what I intend), but this is something that needs to happen. For those that don't want to click the link, think again. It's about a petition on teaching Gender Identity in schools. Something that I hope we all realise is needed. I seriously hope this one goes through, because while it may not help me any, it would give me peace of mind to know that we're no longer that group that everyone avoids talking about.

In an introspective mood tonight.

Just finished watching a PBS special about 50 years ofPeter Paul and Mary and got thinking about all those years behind me. Mary, of course, died in 2009 but Peter and Paul are still going strong.

TG Day Of Remembrance rhyme

Since the 20th is coming up I might meet fate and partake in the chance to wake a dreamer. Remember these terrible follies and stop shaming ourselves as human beings. It can seem even the most awake has the ides of March in their eyes. This terrible malady truly places them in a snit, fit to fall in such a terrible trap. These societal jaws tear flesh from maws or toy with one. I ask you not to forget and be well met to keep a light on and your eyes upon more than the form.

When Women Become Men at Wellesley (Article - NYT)

There's not a "News" category, so I just picked a couple that are somewhat relevant.

Apparently, there's an increasing number of TG's coming out at womens colleges. The article above is specifically about one 'trans-man' at Wellesley, but with asides about other colleges.

Afghan girls raised as boys.

Who can blame any girl wanting the freedom of boys, especially in the worst country in the world to be born female, according to the UN. However, there can be a sting in the tale, as soon as they begin developing as female adults, they're expected to revert to their biological sex and begin acting like normal females, have children and so on. Read the article:

Today Is National Voter Resistration Day

Here in the U S we have a democratically elected republican form of government with a constitution enabling us to generally have free and fair elections. The most important way for anyone to have any voice in government is to VOTE! The only way to vote is to BE REGISTERED! If you are not registered get registered. Make sure you follow the qualifications in your state. Also ask your neighbors if they are registered, get them registered and urge them to vote. The country you save may be your own.

shalimar, a voter

Europe's first transgender pride march.

From the Guardian - where else? - a transpride march in Brighton. Did you know there's a trans flag? No nor did I. Dunno if I'm getting old, but the fact that it appears most of the population of the earth is now deciding it's transgender is getting a bit passé. Anyway for those who want to read it...


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