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There's been so much hate exhibited in the media recently that it was a pleasant surprise to read in today's New Zealand paper a respectful report on the unfortunate death of an early female to male transitioner http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objecti... . This reminded me that New Zealand was the first country to introduce votes for women and the first to have a woman who had transitioned as first a mayor and then as a member of parliament.

Karin Bishop's Port of Departure/Port of Arrival

I have been engrossed on my Kindle with Karin Bishop's EPIC two-novel tale and wish to highly recommend the story to others. Karin's books are not expensive but I do hope purchasers will use the BC link to Amazon to help with the costs of keeping BigCloset running.

Times, they are a-changing

This morning's news from Big Closet members is very uplifting but when I checked Facebook a friend had posted an old downbeat joke. In the mood of the day I decided to update the joke and here it is:-

A group of Hell's Angels in South Carolina are riding east on 378 when they see a girl about to jump off the Pee Dee River Bridge, so they stop. George, their leader, a big burly man, gets off his Harley, walks through the group of gawkers, past the State Trooper, who is trying to talk her down off the railing, and says,

The Transit of Venus. Please help to chart her course

Book 2 of The Transit of Venus is drawing to a close and it seems that for many readers it signals the end of those subjects that draw them to BC. For those that are interested in the sailing, history and adventures I will be continuing but am unsure whether to post it 1-2,000 words at a time as I have been or when I complete the book. There is a danger that without the routine of posting to encourage me Book 3 might take a very long time.

Links in stories

Those who have been following The Transit of Venus know that I like to put links in the text to tempt readers. On the whole these have been popular, even the ones prompted by my weird British sense of humour, but I would like to apologise to readers coming across the links some time after an episode was posted if the link has gone out of date or simply become defunct. My intension has always been to write in such a way that the links are not a necessary part of the story but an ‘extra’ for those interested.

Cliffhangers and writing

Going back over my Transit of Venus I've read comments about my frequently leaving cliffhangers. I've read similar comments about other people's posts and it made me question whether some of our writing on BC is structured differently to the classic, magically produced for the audience, completed novel. The term cliffhanger comes I think from serials that left a bit of bait to encourage the audience to return for the next episode.

Audio BCTS stories?

I'm a regular radio, podcast and audiobook listener and my mind wandered to who I would choose to read Angharad's 'Easy As Falling Off A Bike' - British of course with maybe a slight regional accent - suggestions welcome.

Why stop there though? I remember one BC link to a short TG themed audio story but imagine readers know others which I'd like to hear about. In the meantime if anyone wants a challenge how about posting a-reading-a-day from the beginning of Bike?

Germaine Greer's boyfriend Mary?

Reading ‘Genius at Play: The curious mind of John Horton Conway' I note two things:- when young he was nicknamed Mary by a teacher (it wasn't a wanted nickname and by second school he was called Prof) and among his many girlfriends one suggested by his sister was a well known Australian lady. Ms Greer did not confirm or deny the story to Conway's biographer but in the light of recent publicity I thought it more than a little ironic.

Conway is a mathematician and someone I'm coming to think of as the mathematical Beatle.

Was Joan of Arc one of us?

I just received an advert for another Joan of Arc book and looking at the blurb I wondered "What if Joan was TG?" This isn't something I 'm capable of developing but I'd like to see what some of our writers can make of it…

One size fits all!

I suddenly thought of BC friends when thinking of what to wear. Why not stretch your cultural boundaries, especially as these possibilities have the advantage that fitting is no problem as one size fits all!

How to tie a pareu.

How to wear a saree.

Understanding men

Having been raised in a particular gender role clearly didn't ‘imprint’ for many BC readers but I thought that I at least understood males until in raising the next generation I discovered that the boys were like a whole different species. Today I found an old (2002) radio show on testosterone which pulled the whole who, what and how of sex, gender, character and identity beautifully into focus

Where did the time go?


Reading that Grace Lee Whitney who played yeoman Janice Rand in Star Trek just died I wondered about Uhura who was my first role model as an example that you could be different without being a doormat. Somehow since those days Nichelle Nichols who played the part has become 82 Where did the time go?



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