AUTISM: Walk For A Difference

Hi Everyone! I posted about helping us, and helping NinjaBaby via the POAC - Autism: Walk For A Difference already once, but with the walk only a few days away I thought I would post again.

And for those of you that are reading this after saturday (should you show up late to the party) It's NEVER too late to donate, even if the walk is over contact me and I will give you information for how to donate to POAC directly (not via our walk page). Every little bit helps (just like at BigCloset).

Hey Everyone, I know we ask for a lot of money around here, but I'm going to blatantly ask for more.

You may remember that over 3 years ago, Amy and I were blessed with a wonderful baby boy whom we have many times referred to as NinjaBaby.

Our NinjaBaby was diagnosed as on the Autism Spectrum several months back. At the time he didn't exhibit any single "sign" strongly, but showed mild signs of many signs/symptoms.

Now as time is progressing we are seing more and more signs and it's starting to hit that "this is real".

Throughout this time we've needed a lot of support. Most that support has come from the NJAW (New Jersey Autism Warriors) facebook group, and the agency they are attached to, Parents of Autistic Children (POAC).

POAC is a great agency, that goes out into the community and offers many services anywhere from training for first responders to help with parents that are new to the IEP process in special education.

We are in fact going to be attending their IEP meeting tonight in Ocean County, NJ because the school our NinjaBaby attends is fighting us when it comes to certain services.

So lets get down to the brass tax.

It is fundraising time for POAC and I'm not kidding when I say that EVERY $$$ counts. We are participating in the POAC - Autism Walk For A Difference - Lakewood and as of this posting we have managed to raise a grand total of $125 for our NinjaWarriors team.

So if you can open your hearts, and just as importantly your wallets, please do so to help not just our fundraising team, but all of POAC as most of their budget comes from fundraising such as this.

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