Bathroom Wars

Bathroom issues are making the news. People want to ban transgender folks from using the potty of their chosen gender. I don't know where the transgender leadership is in these states, but let me give you the playbook on how to win this battle easily.

It's all with the ad campaign.

Here's the commercial. Fade in: A transwoman is rushing to the restroom and is turned away by some TSA looking woman (transwoman needs to be modestly, yet femininely dressed). Have transwoman squirm as if holding it until going home isn't going to happen. Then have her head into the men's room. (fade to men's room) Have a seedy looking male in the men's room, he checks out the transwoman and gives a sly smile. Fade to black: some struggling sounds, fade in. Show the transwoman in a heap beaten to a pulp. Put up words "Some Choice" then rattle of the statistics about how many transgender assaults, rapes, and murders happen each year.

Then put it in the hands of voters.

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