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Need Suggestions for Email Providers

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I Need Suggestions for Email Providers, to replace ones I can no longer access.

I lost several email addresses for various reasons. One reason was, they had possibles security breach, and to get back in they send you a link to an alternate email My problem was that the alternate one has the same problem, and they point to each other, so I can't recover them. Doh!

The Third Host - Origins : (The beginning)

"The Mythology of a World"
((warning: this is semi-spoilerish for the 'separate' stories that will follow but not really more so then the tags))

The Third Host


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Tales of "The Descendants of The Third Host of Heaven"

This is a "Fantasy Alternate Universe" where some who are not quite what they seem walk among us.

Definition of host: 1) army : 2) a great number, multitude

I remember : "The Beauty Parlor &The Machine"!

I remember trips to the "beauty parlor" with my Mom, but I was only a boy, at least that is what everyone saw. *sigh*

This started out as a reply to Dottie's story "The Machine", but it kept growing.

Note: Not Fiction, yet sort of a a story, but it just might spur a story later on.

Got "Ma'am"ed yesterday.

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Got "Ma'am"ed yesterday while out shopping.
And I in no way pass. I wasn't even trying to as such.

I just kind of wear mixed relatively gender neutral clothing.
Although this day happened to be a pink day.

Happy World Goth Day! (May 22nd)

Seems like there is a holiday for everything nowadays.


Don't forget to dress in black!

*wonders if anyone will post any Goth stories.

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