Thanks to whichever divinty you choose ...

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Thanks to whichever Divine Being is responsible for the Mount Kilauea volcano eruption being the way it is.

Yes, it is causing a lot of damage that will cost a lot to repair.
In it's favour though, the slow eruption has allowed 2000 people to safely evacuate with only 1 serious injury, no-one has died from it.

The true benefit is the knowledge being gained about volcanoes in general and Mount Kilauea in specific. This massive increase helps Volcanologists improve prediction models, making them better able to predict eruptions.

one week

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Next weekend I'll be going offline.
Until I can find an isp that isn't using a security nightmare single signon scheme for accessing services.
and ALL single signon services are a security nightmare, 1 database for criminals to target to gain massive amounts of data on everyone using it.
Facebook, Google, MS, yahoo accounts all fall into this classification.

and I doubt I'll be looking very hard for an isp

eeewwww, yuck.

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Well, CT scan of my lung results aren't great. :(
starting at the bottom like the respirologist did:

bottom 15% of my lungs have 20% of the bronchiolae burst, meaning zero oxygen to blood / co2 to lung exchange in there.
mid section of my lungs are 5% burst bronchiolae
top 33% of my lungs is 100% burst bronchiolae.

no wonder I can barely walk across the street. :/

and the results are

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X-Ray results today.

pneumonia in the bottom of my left lung.
scarring in the top of my lungs.

and the most troublesome

a thickening of the pleural.
this is the membrane that surrounds your lungs, the thickening adds a restriction to inhaling.
1) asthma, a difficulty exhaling
2) emphysema a difficulty exhaling
both are forms of COPD
3) thickening pleural causing difficulty inhaling.
the beginning of CRPD
Chronic Restrictive Lung Disorder.

way to go doc. stress me out.

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Well with 2 exasperations of my copd in one month my doc ordered lung xrays.
Got those done yesterday morning. This afternoon I got called to see her about the results.

1) Results normally take 2 business days to get back to her, one day is very fast.
2) She doesn't go over results with patients without patient request unless there is bad news.

my appointment is Wednesday.

Interesting Harry Potter fanfic

30 Chapters long over on fanfiction.net is 'A life changing journey' posted there by deathy-cool
Harry gets kidnapped to a different school, yet appears as a female when arriving at the school. This school is in a different dimension with accelerated time flow. 1 year with no Harry at Hogwarts is long enough at the school that Harry is adult. This one takes place during the Prisoner of Azkeban year. Definitely an interesting read.


My neighbor is an idiot

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My neighbor is an idiot.

Sign on my door about my respiratory health problems and he drops a smoke bomb on the floor right beside my door.
damn near lit the building on fire with it.

I just hope the landlord takes the action that is legally available for endangering the safety of the other tenants and gives him an eviction notice.

Humanities 101, Writing Course

I have been accepted to the course. :)

Good morning,

We are pleased to let you know that you have been accepted onto the Writing 101 course at UBC, which begins on January 10, 2017. Congratulations! If you accept your place on the course PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL BY WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 7th. If you are no longer able to participate, please let us know and we can offer your place to someone on the waitlist.

U.B.C. Writing Course, FREE?

Saw a notice posted to a light-pole outside my residence today.

Humanities 101

Free University course in writing,
Location UBC Point Grey Campus
Tuition, course Materials, bus fare, lunch, UBC Student ID free for residents of the downtown Eastside of Vancouver.
sign up at
( multiple community centers listed, one wednesdays, 2 on Saturdays. specific day and time for each center )

Poor person's copyright

Poor person's copyright


how to cover your butt so your works don't get stolen without a means to prove it.

1) make a copy of the story ( as in cd or printout )
2) send to yourself in a c/o addressing via post office to someone who will hold it for you ( yourself if needed. )
3) just need to produce the sealed envelope in a court of law to prove copyright.

the date stamp on the envelope postage shows what date the post office processed that mail item, proving it's contents existed on that date.

Advice from members of Islam please

I have been approached by Tenant Support Workers for my residence ( have to like supported housing ) asking me to low key assist a new trans woman that should have moved in yesterday ( or at least filled out papers ).

She is a refugee from the middle east, and has not had it easy at all. ( to the point men from the region are a serious issue for her )

That is all I know about her, what I need is ideas on how to interact with her to avoid triggering her issues as well as knowledge about how to interact appropriately with a woman of Islam.

home again

got home from montreal an hour ago.

apparently I bounced back from the operation unusually fast.
no major pain.
some bruising, swelling and tenderness, but only to be expected.

time to do the final dilation for the day though.

have fun. ( I will be, doctor's orders to masturbate 4 times a day for months on end. ;) ).


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Not really.
it only hurts when I try to sit.

bag 5 of saline solution. pitcher 6 of water and they still don't think I'm getting enough fluids. ( 4 cups of coffee, milk, apple juice as well. )

so sitting ( lying ) on the bed bored to tears. ( 25 minutes to load the my blog page here :\ )

not even allowed to walk on my own yet.

countdown is hours.

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had my consult with Dr. Pierre today, all is a go for my surgery at 7 am tomorrow.

the fun parts though, sitting 2 rows behind me on the flight here was another trans woman coming for her surgery tomorrow.
hers is 6 am.

both of us are sharing cab to the clinic with trans guys from nova scotia ( same hometown also. ). so one of each leaving at 5:45 am and again at 6:45 am.

so next time I'm online is after my surgery.


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Not great news today :/

5 days until my surgery to "remove a vaginal obstruction*" and my doc put me on a 5 day course of Predisone steroidal anti-inflammatory.
and a 10 day course of Moxifloxacin ( antibiotic )

he thinks I may have pneumonia in my left lung.

hopefully not, since that would likely kill me getting surgery Wednesday.

lung function test today, not good news.

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Well my lung function test this afternoon came back not so good.
a loss of 1 liter in capacity
and a loss of 4% airflow.

26% for my fev1 ( Forced Expressed Volume in 1 second )
33% fev1 after Ventolin

the only good news is my blood oxygen saturation level is 96%, only down 1% from 3 years ago.

with that last anything over 92% is considered good.

odd phone call

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Thursday, August 4th at 7 pm I received an odd phone call. Odd because 7 pm is not the time you expect a nurse to phone.

Transcare BC nurse called because of my scheduled gender recognition surgery, I didn't even know transcare bc existed, yet they are post-op recovery specialists for trans people.

Since my new digs are a supportive housing building I really won't need much assistance from transcare bc but it is nice to know they are there if I do need them.

Health not great ......

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The latest bits in my life, I'm currently dealing with a throat infection ( clarithromycin antibiotics, 500 mg twice a day ) and an exasperation of my copd ( Prednisone, foul tasting steroidal anti inflammatory pills, 50 mg a day ).

Not really unexpected, since the stress of being homeless for a month was almost a guarantee of it happening. At least I'm in a new place, and paying $324/mo less in rent.


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Sirius:We have already been to five doctors. I had my ankles microwaved -
Sirius:They took my blood away to use for science!
James:Cholesterol test.
Sirius:James had his sinuses… removed?
James:Looked at.
Sirius:Some guy looked at my wiener. Touched it – that was weird.
James:And that guy wasn’t even a doctor.

The Crush: Connecting

"Will, what do you think, should we put some makeup on Gordon?"

I looked over to the next workstation at Sara, Joanne, Liza and Gordon, "Gods no, every time I look at him as is I have to remind myself he is a guy, doing that would make it even harder."

"What is wrong with that?"


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Finally, it took forever but the result of the assessment November 7, 2014 for getting my srs came in today.
5 page form to fill out and send to the GRC in Montreal.

then they go over the medical information on it and decide if they will do the operation(s) and get back to me with a date.



Wow, I knew that BC was larger than the British Isle, but not that much larger.

944,735 km2 (364,764 sq mi) is the area for BC.
315,159 km2 (121,684 sq mi) is the area for The British Isles, basically 1/3 the area.

BC's population density is 4.76/km2 (12.3/sq mi) while the density for the UK is 216 /km2 (559 /sq mi), 50 times as much.

They can't be having much room to breathe there.


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Ahh well, the last lung function test showed me having a 15% drop in airflow, this morning another test, yet a further 3% reduction.

I am able to exhale a maximum of 36% of every breath I inhale in 1 second. Yup, 64% of every breath gets trapped in my lungs according to the doctors. I can exhale the remaining 64%, but that takes another 20 seconds.

at 50, I should be exhaling 90% + of each breath in that first second.

Transgendered Media Personalities

A transgender media personality, like Caitlyn Jenner, is both a good thing and a bad thing for all trans folks.

1) it is great, they raise public awareness in a way that most can't.

2) it is terrible, the money they have gets them surgeries most cannot afford, which leaves us feeling even more depressed and critical about our own appearance.

oops I shouldn't do that

Stopped for coffee on the way to the doctors this morning, the girl working the register loved my leggings and was shocked at where I got them.

then she got upset because I wear a smaller size than she does.

gotta remember, do NOT tell people I fit Ardene size XS

or in number size 3 or 5 depending on the material.

it isn't my fault fat is allergic to me.
sheesh, I have been struggling to keep my weight over 130 pounds for years.

I hate weather change

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I absolutely detest it when the weather changes, since it causes my copd to act up. :(
Having no energy to do anything but sleep because it is so hard to breathe, just because it started to rain / got dry / got windy / wind dies down ... ( ad nauseum )

then today, we got a wind storm, which broke a window it was so strong. 20 minutes later[ 11:30 am PDT ] CABOOM one of the electrical transformers just behind the building exploded.


11:44 PM and we finally got power back

oh wow, this was shock

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My mom called yesterday, to tell me she had just re-mailed my birthday card [ she put the wrong address on it and it came back ]. We got to talking and she mentioned that she is planning on coming to Montreal with me when get the operation. [ hasn't been scheduled yet ]

I know I have been lucky in the fact my family didn't freak at my transitioning, but this actually shocked me.

Sex Change on ID in British Columbia and the Yukon, Canada


With this for, filled by your GP, you can get all your ID changed to show the gender you wish.

With this SECOND form added you can get your bc medical card changed.

With both forms, and application for new Drivers license / BCID / BC Services card(s) completed, you only need to send a letter to ICBC head office requesting they amend all your drivers records to remove old names.


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