Girl Scouts do Good for Trans-Girl

Another Anti-Lgbt organatization has started hating on people.
The American-Family-Association(AFA), is a little late joining on the dissing of Trans-girl in scouts, and they want them out.

But, there is serious good news, the GSA (Girl Scouts of America) instantly defend the Trans-Girls, as both belonging and girl that just have to take a more unique path, that scouting can help them with.

That says to me that GSA, is willing to stand up to the hater, that think those girls do not belong. That is a large step in the right direction of the proponent of this web-arena, we want there to be support for the younger generation, even more so then the support we our selves got or are currently get from the community at large.

This is a most positive change because Girl Scouts of a America was not even letting in Trans-girls as of 4 years ago. And now they are actively going out of their way to defend their girls both born and transitional, with equally strong fervor. So, if I may say so, "you go girls".

GSA defends Trans-Girl rights
Can you pick out the TG?
Can you tell, which girl was born a boy? I thought not.

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