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There are many on here, myself included, who have faced, are currently facing, or will eventually face severe crises in their lives. I think we, as a community of like-minded individuals, should have a contingency plan in place to support and aid our peers. I'd like to, with the permission of the moderators, form a support group where anyone, at any time, could come and safely find the support, understanding, and guidance they need to face life's challenges. Of course, this would mean that people would need to be willing to give of their time (and possibly limited resources) at odd hours, but with great sacrifice often comes even greater rewards. If you agree, and are willing or able to help in this endeavor, please comment below. My contact info is as follows:

PM: Haylee V
Yahoo: qaxgyvb at yahoo dot com
Phone: available upon PM request
Skype: available upon PM request
Facebook: available via PM request

Hours usually available: 10 AM until 2 AM, EDT / EST

I do not Twitter, Pinterest, IMVU, ICQ, or other methods due to complete lack of knowledge, but these should allow you to reach me if needed, usually in less than 6 hours or so.


Haylee V

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