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Puzzled and confused. Re: Like A Candle In The Wind story.

I just finished re-reading an older story by Lisa Sartori, Like A Candle In The Wind, and I am somewhat disheartened by the lack of kudos and comments.

Could it be that because it is such an older story and those who read it before haven't bothered to re-read it? Lisa has updated it quite a bit and there is a different ending.

It's such a wonderful story that SHOULD speak to the fantasies and dreams of a lot of us, and it's so well written with great characters and a solid, engaging plot, and it makes me wonder.

RE: Whately question. Thanks everyone.

Thank you everyone for all your help. I've located the stories I was looking for with your help.

Re:Joe Gunnarson. HOLY CRAP!!!! Can this guy write or what?!!

The whole story arc regarding Eric Mahren and his transformation into Caitlin and the events in Darwin Australia may be the very best I've ever read.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped me find this great story arc.

Catherine Linda Michel

A Whately question.

Being the computer dummy I am, I've been searching for the Whately story(ies) about the Halloween invasion in which Cat McQuisten was killed. I have had NO luck, since I don't know the author nor the story title(s).

A little help please in the form of a link? Thanks folks.

Catherine Linda Michel

Something weird.

When I go to read comments/blogs, the background changes to a dark purple with black printing except for the items one can click on showing as bright blue.

It's very hard to read and look at. Is it me or is it a change in the appearance of the background and stuff? Usually the background is white with black print.

Catherine Linda Michel

Girlzilla. I'm gonna do something I don't usually do.

If you haven't yet read this story, you are missing something beautiful and wonderful.

Ricky has crafted a rare flower, filled with great characters and tender humor among some people who truly care for and about one another. You will laugh, you'll cry, you'll get angry and you'll wonder why people can't be like these folks in real life.

Go read it. Go experience it. With this story, IMHO, Ricky has inserted himself into the rarified air of really good authors. I loved it, even though I didn't think I would, judging from the title.

Catherine Linda Michel

Yes, it's me again, begging for help. Please read!

So here we are, at the middle, well almost the middle, of December and once again I'm appealing to all of you to open your hearts and wallets (purses) to help pay some of the bills that Top Shelf generates.

I've been taken to task for my admittedly flowery language when pleading for monetary assistance to help keep the site somewhat solvent and I won't apologize for the language I use, nor for the endless appeals. The way I write is the way I write.

Everyone please read. So here we are again

at the end of another month And Erin is still having to BEG for sufficient funds to keep the doors open.

I've done all _I_ can do to help her and so have a lot of others for whom effusive thanks will never be enough.

It comes down to all of the rest of us to do our best to alleviate this never ending shortfall that causes ulcers and other stress caused ailments that plague Erin, Piper et all.

Lilith Langtree's Retcon Universe

Okay. First of all this is NOT a complaint. That said, It is a plea to all the authors who contributed their remarkable talents to a marvelous universe of great stories.

So many of the tales there lay unsettled and incomplete. I completely understand running out of ideas of writing oneself into a corner, having been there myself, more times than I care to admit, but I'm not talking here about endings to all those wonderfully inventive stories. Just bringing them to a logical resting place so that the plots that were still ongoing could be brought to a close.

Top Shelf needs YOUR help! PLEASE READ!

The site and Erin really need your help. I just sent in 25 bucks and will probably send a few more after my own bills are paid for this month.

While Erin and the site really appreciate all the help many of you have given in the past, but things are not getting better financially. Erin has driven herself into debt so far that there seems to be no way out. The site needs a LOT of money to give us this wonderful resource and repository for our stories and blogs.

About Gwen Brown.

I just spoke with her. She is fine, just very disillusioned about a lot of things she's taken for granted before.

She is okay though. No concerns about her physical health at all. There is a matter, about which I will be speaking with Erin though.

Catherine Linda Michel

Suited For Danger - Book 2 - Chapter 7

FROM LAST CHAPTER. THE ALIENS. “I told you we should have never hired that Earthling to find the relics we were sent here to recover! All he's done is let his greed get in the way which has led to others getting involved and several of the Earthlings who have had nothing to do with and didn't even know what the suits really are, have had their lives changed by that cursed Dr. Charles.

Luck Be A Lady Continued

FROM THE AUTHOR: This takes the place of a chapter that never should have happened. It's what SHOULD have happened instead of what I originally wrote and posted. It makes more sense and helps me tie it into the SUITED series

Suited For Danger (formerly Transformers (Sort Of) - Book 2 - Chapter 6


Title changes to Transformers (Sort Of)

Due to a conversation I had with Erin, and deciding to publish the story, we decided that the original title COULD, MIGHT lead to some copyright we brainstormed some new titles up and decided on SUITED FOR ADVENTURE for book 1 and SUITED FOR DANGER for book 2

So I did some fancy editing (well, fancy for my limited computer knowledge) and all the chapter titles and the main title have been changed to the new titles.

Two incomplete stories of mine are under construction.

Luck Be A Lady and Transformers are being worked on right now! I had a brainstorm last week, actually about the same time that hurricane swamped Florida! Hmmm. Coincidence?

Anyhoo, I have already begun work on both stories, having figured out how to not only complete them, but also to tie them in together!

Some exciting news. Well I hope so anyway.

Well, it's been a loooong time since I've revisited this story, but today, a thought went through my mind. Yes, I know. The thought had a short, lonely time going through my mind.

Anyway, I think I might have come up with a way to not only finish the story, but a way to possibly tie it into Luck Be A Lady!

Ambitious? You betcha, but It's bothered me for a long time that I left those stories just kinda dangling there. So! I've already begun a first draft of a continuation of Transformers Sort Of and will be working on tying it in to Luck Be A Lady.

Extreme frustration is setting in rapidly!

I ordered some underwear from an online site. Please don't take me to task for that, okay? The package arrived after many days and all was as ordered...except.

Their ad stated that their bras run small and they advise people who order them, to order them two full strap/band sizes larger than they usually wear, a good thing as it turns out.

Gators, snakes and bayou critters! Yikes!

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These critters are affected by this terrible flooding from Hurricane Harvey also. I've heard on the news that Alligators, snakes and other bayou critters have been flooded out of their normal haunts and are swimming around in the city STREETS. Yet another danger to those attempting to help and those fleeing from the floodwaters. I did hear that an alligator preserve was nearly flooded out and workers there were very much concerned that the flood waters would breach the wire fences that keep the gators penned in. Just one more reason not to drive or walk in flooded areas.

Spare a good thought for Texas.

The whole state is going through hell from this hurricane. Send out all the good thoughts, prayers, and good vibes for our friends in the Lone Star State and ones for their furry companions as well.

There have been literally thousands of water rescues in the last two days and more to come. I hope and pray that all our friends and everyone else will come out of this disaster in good shape.

Hang tough like Texans do, folks. We're all thinking and praying for you.

Catherine Linda Michel

R.I.P June Foray.

June Foray, the voice of many cartoon characters including The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, has passed away at the age of 99, just two months short of her 100th Birthday.

She brought a lot of laughs and fun to a lot of people, adults and kids alike and will truly be missed.

God Bless and keep you, June Foray. You will be missed and thank you for all you gave us.

Catherine Linda Michel

NonTG but Important Info for Veterans

I have been made aware that there is a program available for veterans whose income is very low. If you served during a time of conflict, and your income is below 1000 dollars a month,you can get financial help from the V.A. to bring it to that level. IF you are also disabled or unable to get out easily, there is another program called "Housebound" which can raise your income level considerably higher, and assistance to get things like blood pressure monitors, air conditioners, oxygen equipment and other necessities to help make your life a bit easier.

I will probably be going offline... maybe. NEWS!

NEWS! The volume prob seems to have corrected itself... or I fixed it... well anyway, it no longer is giving me probs... knock on wood. So, I can delay the other problems for a bit longer... at least until my financial situation is a bit better.

Due to computer probs and outdated machine (my Mac) and a volume prob with the newer PC, both will be going in to the shop for work probably Monday or Tuesday.

It's criminal that Erin has to beg

every damned month for help in keeping Top Shelf open and running smoothly! It pisses me off more than I can say and it frustrates me beyond anything else in my life and it hurts me that, because of a lsck of funds, Erin is reduced to not paying people that NEED to be paid and has bankrupted herself in the process of providing us with this wonderful place!

I wish I had the words about Waking The Dreamer by Grover

that could possibly explain how good this story is, but I don't think I really do. Oh, I could say it's a great, spine tingling tale of the supernatural and action. I could say it's a study in spiritual awakening or that it's a tale of sacrifice and loss/gain, but none of that tells the true, complete meaning behind this tale.

I guess the best way to try to explain my way out of this is to simply say that if you miss out on this one, you'll never experience the genius behind it's telling.

70 Today!!!!!

Wow! As my old idol Mickey Mantle said, "If I'd known I was gonna live this long, I'da taken better care of myself."

Yep. April 15th. The date Lincoln died, the date the Titanic sank, Tax Day. Does that tell ya anything about the way my life has been? LOL. Frankly, the way my luck goes, if I inherited 400 acres of pumpkins, some ratsass would cancel Halloween!

The online seriel "WORM"

A few weeks ago... or so, someone pointed me via a blog entry, to this online seriel "Worm."

Whoever this was, I have alternately thanked and cursed you. The story is VERY well written and it's also VERY graphic, pulling no punches when it comes to violence. It's compelling and seemingly never-ending. I've read myself into a stupor, trying to reach an end that never seems to come, and yet... I cannot stop reading this damned story!

I'll include a url to access the story, but if you're not a superhero story fan, you'll probably not enjoy it very much. It's also not TG.

Headlights Girl on Amazon Kindle

A hightech bodysuit allows Jimmy to experience being a Headlights Girl! It's fun, it's profitable and it's a complete change of lifestyle that anyone could enjoy - even you!

Hey! It's Beverly Taff's Birthday!

I'm certain that she's out, dancing and celebrating. God Bless ya my dear friend.(even if you don't believe in him)

According to the old saying: "Only the good die young." I calculate that you're gonna be around for a looooooong time. LOL



So you wanna be a writer. Some advice from a professional.

What follows is an interview with a very successful writer, Richard S. Prather, who sold 36 books and 4 under pseudonyms. His genre wasn't TG Fiction, but detective stories with a popular hero named Shell Scott. I've pasted the whole interview here, so ignore the parts that don't have much to do with writing and publishing your work, but DO pay attention to how he says he plotted and wrote what he wrote and how he wrote it.

Crystal's Storysite seems to be back up... mostly

Whilst wandering the 'net" as I am wont to do on occassion, I discovered that most of Crystal's Storysite seems to be back in operation... mostly. The old chat rooms are not functioning, and some of the other features aren't working, but the stories, the author chats, the author reviews, comments and hit counts are back and accessible.

No more Southern Comfort Trans Con?

It came to my attention this evening that The southern Comfort Transsexual Conference is no more!

I attended in 2009 and it was a life changing event for me.

The Con had relocated from Atlanta Ga. to Ft. Lauderdale, but apparently there were some lawsuits that have ended the Con that had been a fixture for Trans folks for 26 years!

Signed, Sealed and Delivered An Edited Re-post Part 2 of 2

I desperately wanted away from there and I was half afraid he would kiss me again and half afraid he wouldn't! Somewhere in the back of my mind, though I could hear Jim yelling at me and I realized that it had to be the programming that was making me act like this! Ginny had been in charge for the past several minutes and Jim wanted back at the reins of this runaway stagecoach! I made an effort to push the Ginny part of me into the background and I was

Signed, Sealed and Delivered An Edited Re-post Part 1

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

By Cathy_t_

This was my very first attempt at writing anything for others to read. The idea for the story is mine but the inspiration for doing it at all comes from two wonderful angels I met on the net one dark night in my life. They stopped me from doing something very stupid that night and I would like to dedicate this story to them. To Prue and Neri. Without their help and encouragement this story would not exist. Nor would I.


A Thanksgiving message of thanks.

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It seems, as the years go by, that the real message of this time of the year has faded to overstuffing oneself on turkey, or whatever passes for the holiday meal and vegging out in front of the TV or computer, engaging in whatever non-activity one prefers.

To me, the true meaning of this holiday, that of being grateful for what one has received in life, has faded into self indulgence and solitude from the scary world outside one's "safe place." In this post, I shall attempt to re-affirm what is truly important to me in my life.

All this talk about writers leaving,

because some unthinking fool has given them grief has made me very angry! I've spent years here at Top Shelf and, while not every writer is one I read, their work is nontheless important to them and their fans. Writing is a way to deal with the anxiety and even pain that comes with being Transgender and being able to get those anxieties out in writing helps each and every writer to deal with those pains and anxieties.

It's with a grateful heart that I report,

that Grover and Understanding Spouse have arrived safely in Utah and are recovering from a trip fraught with danger. U.S. starts her new job Tuesday and Grover will be back in the groove writing as soon as they get settled into their new domicile.

They got waylaid by snow in Denver over Friday and part of Saturday and, being from much warmer climes, they didn't want to risk life and limb trying to navigate the icy roads. I can't say I blame them.

Anyway, alls well that ends well and I can breathe again, knowing that my family of the heart is safe at home.

Okay. This might get me in some trouble, but...

No. I'm not a Nigerian prince looking to get financial help in regaining my kingdom... but I'm going into begging mode.

Not for myself, but for a dear friend and his mate. Grover and "Understanding Spouse" have run into a situation they are not able to handle. What with Grover's bout with heart surgery and continuing migraine attacks, they have run out of financial resources they desperately need right now.

Re: Copyright infringement.

I just clicked the link Tigger provided and it appears that Amazon has taken the author's page down. Looks like the reviews and phone calls had the correct effect. Hope that story thief gets what's coming to her. Great job everyone. We caught another thief!!

Catherine Linda Michel

Brandy DeWinter, where are you?

I know you withdrew from the active community long ago and I understand your reasons. I've tried emailing you, but they keep getting bounced back to me. Tigger tried as well with the same result. PLEASE contact me here at Top Shelf and let me know that you are okay?

Catherine Linda Michel (Cathy_t_ from Storysite.)

Lost In The 50s Tonight. A Repost

In the spirit of recent re-posts, I wanted to bring this one back for one more encore.

This is a bit melancholy, but it wanted to be written and I just tried to keep up with what my muse was dictating. I hope you like it.

Song Credit to Ronnie Milsap: Lost In The 50s Tonight.

Lost In The Fifties Tonight, by Catherine Linda Michel

Oh yes, I remember... so, so well that night, the music, the feeling of being held in your arms, swaying together and hoping the moment would never end.

We lost a four legged child tonite.

It was truly a dark and stormy night tonite. Earlier today, we rushed our beloved pekenese to the vet. She was having trouble breathing...the dog, not the vet. The vet said that it was a heart problem, which is...we found out, a common problem among pekes. He gave us some pills to help with Sugar's breathing and water retention and we brought her home.


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