And the Theft's just keep on comming

Hello friends, sadly here is a list of the latest stories that have been stolen, from the shelfs at the Big Closet.

Some of them are listed with the authors name, some are listed with another (totally bogus) name.

Hanna is. . really fed up! [2.11]
It’s Just a Skirt Part 3
Purgatory: ReLife Chapter 1
The Amazons : I became a Amazon Cheerleader (part 3)
Lessons in Tolerance
The Sounding
Vector -5- Excursions
The Pirates
Art Project – 13
The Gift of Fate
Slave of the Fae: Chapter 7
Little Girl-Boy 3
Gaby – Book 12 Chapter 10
Caught in the Act 7
Badasses of the Multiverse: Book 5: Volume 2: Chapter 7
Easy as falling off a Bike pt 3000

If we can't do anything about the site itself, is there a way we can go after whoever is actually hosting the site?

Huggs & Giggles

Penny Reed Cardon
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