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Cutting down on Salicylates?


Has anyone been able to cut down on salicylates?

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I have severe sensory processing issues, including hyperacusis, and what seems like flicker vertigo, but may be a kind of visual dependence. I also have trouble with mint, which makes me vomit, vanilla, aloe vera, nsaids, etc. I also have polyuria and have trouble with gabapentin and other meds building up in my body, and may have kidney issues. I suspect I may have salicylate sensitivity and/or salicylate poisoning due to them building up in my body.

Simple Beans - A Recipe for a Lazy Day

Cut up one slice of bacon (streaky bacon for Brits) into small pieces. Fry in your favorite deep skillet till nearly crisp. Add 1/2 cup chopped brown onion and fry until onion is beginning to brown. Add two cans (three or four cups) of beans, pinto, black, kidney or white. Add two tablespoons molasses, brown sugar or honey. Stir. Turn heat down to medium low and cook uncovered until well-thickened. Cover and turn heat to low and keep cooking until beans are quite tender.

recipe requests

ok many times I've been asked(since Frills debuted) about crepes. I saw a re-run of Good Eats the other night and it was about crepes. I have used this recipe and its really good. The best part is its so easy to understand. so since I've been asked so many times about crepes here is the recipe. Even I've used it. please do enjoy.

Potential Soup Recipie

I was thinking of making a soup with
Chicken Broth
Diced Cabbage
Maybe Spinnage
Diced Carrots
Green Peas
Lima Beans
Chopped Chicken Breast
And seasonings

hmm, any ideas of what to add or subtract?

Trying to come up with a soup to make one day and have last all weak to cut down on the carry out food bill each weak. Alas typical Bachelor Guy who cant just barley cook some things like eggs, grilled-cheese sandwiches, and other simple things. I can do my own laudry, dishes, and cleaning but never really learned to cook alas.

Seasonal care

Once again the seasons have changed. For me its now getting cold, for others its been that way. I do wish that all my brothers and sisters are taking care to protect themselves from the elements. Dress appropriately for the weather(you don't have to sacrifice style and taste to do so) and make very sure that you're also taking measures internally. Drink plenty of fluids, one can dehydrate quickly in winter just as well as summer. Teas, coffees, hot chocolates are nice but don't forget juices. Vitamin C and potassium are vital. slips and falls are frequent so Vitamin D is also important.

Making Chicken flap sauce

I came home unexpectedly to my apartment in Cardiff to find my flat-mate Lexa cooking. The crazy thing is her mode of dressing to cook is nothing unusual, Lexa cooking however?? Now that is unusual.
I crept up behind her and asked if she was making 'Chicken Flap sauce' She nearly wet her knickers cos' she wasn't expecting me!


Lexa cooking.jpg

She's a crazy kid but she makes a mean sauce.

Tried a pasty today...

I was at the "London Tea Room" (my favorite tea shop here in St. Louis) around lunchtime, and saw they had Cornish Pasties on offer. And after reading Sue Brown's "Changes" stories and Shiraz's "Unaccounted Gains", I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I gave it a try.

Dinner In Little rock

My wife and I had dinner this evening at a nice Chinese restaurant in the Heights in Little Rock. As I approached our table, I noticed a couple having dinner to one side of the booth and a woman wearing a hat and a black top at the other side. She was alone. She looked to be in her 30's. That assumption ended as we sat down. The 'woman' was carrying on a conversation on her telephone. She discussed upcoming decisions from the Supreme Court, LGBT topics and groups all around Arkansas.

Indiana Discrimination Law Follow Up

As an Indiana resident in Indianapolis, and a Religious Jew, I will be picketing the State Capital and Governor's Mansion claiming the Discrimination Law is against God's Law as soon as my foot doesn't have an ulcer.

Companies with headquarters in Indiana:

15 British Foods Hated Internationally

15 British Foods Hated Internationally

I stumbled across this on Yahoo but can not figure how to link it here. It originates on the Ask web site and as an American I take issue with some of the food listed as probably very good. The names are funny and original things like,Bedfordshire Clanger ,Cranachan , Cullen Skink ,Rumbledethumps , Stargazy Pie [ The fish heads sticking out of the crust was a bit much for me.]

Organic Charity?

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I am wondering if anyone here has heard of a charity which offers organic or, at the very least, non-GMO food to homeless people? I mean a shelter or even just a soup kitchen.
I have truly been thinking about wanting to set something like this up if it doesn't already exist. I think most of you might have an inkling of how I feel about GMO's so I would ask certain members here NOT to start debating me about GMO's in this posting.

The Human Body is an incredible mechanism

The problems and sickness we experience is usually caused because we feed our bodies the wrong fuel. You don't pour jet fuel into a high performance car engine thinking it will run better. Why oh why do we pour trash and dirt into our own human engine thinking it can handle all that without problems?

We feed that body for years nothing but junk and wonder what went wrong. Then we go to the engine specialists (doctors) looking for a tune up when all the ones who knew have long retired and all the new ones were never taught the basics.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all guys, may you be happy at least for short while, with those close to whom love you and you love them back. Please, remember it ´s not about gift, but the joy to be with loved ones and bitterweet rememberance of lost ones.
Even though Christmas are mostly Christian celebration, please make a gift of joy to one you love, so they feel loved. Touch them, hug them, because, if there ´s time to do so, today is the day.
Once again merry Christmas to you all.


Masks/Post October Pumpkin Stuff-2.

Aunt Els Pumpkin Pickles:

Now a good number of people have heard of pickled watermelon and those that haven’t well yes they pickle watermelon. More specifically the rinds.

Now this is a canning recipe so you will need the usual things for that like Mason Jars big cauldrons…uhm pots of water and the like. Personally I like a pressure cooker and if you’re familiar with canning/bottling your own food then you know what I mean. If not look it up! It’s a seriously cool life skill.

Cranberry Sauce

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Thanksgiving's coming up, so time to start sharing recipes. This is one of the recipes I make every year - family tradition and probably the best cranberry sauce I've had. I'll give amounts, but really do all ingredients to taste, vary them up based on whim, whatever...

2 cups cranberries
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup orange marmalade
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 cup brandy

International Ambrosia.

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Just for general curiosity what is your Ambrosial foreign food? I could just say Ambrosia in general and I think most would say something domestic, from their region so I decided to make it interesting.
My Ambrosia would be Japchae. It's a Korean dish that features stir-fried Sweet Potato Noodles with beef usually(cept the recipe I use uses dried Shitake mushrooms) and green peppers with a soy sauce that has garlic, sugar and a few other choice items. It is delicious and I wish I was making some right now. My mouth is watering at the thought.

SRS Surgery Video

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This is a good video of how SRS is done. On me they re routed the vas deferns to the posterior of the faux vagina. Though I did not understand the vocabulary too well on the new proceedure, it appears as if part of the vagina is now lined with mucus producing flesh to provide moisturization.

Notice how the cavity for the faux vagina is formed. It looks like a shovel handle he's using. :)

On the one year checkup, notice that in this case, the vaginal depth seemed to be 3" or less. Do not expect to be making any porn videos with a 14 inch penis.

Happy Easter!

Hi, everyone, it's Bobbie C.

We are up to our ears with cooking at the moment. We're expecting about a dozen friends and coworkers, plus my brother-in-law Toshio, over for Easter Sunday lunch, but I just wanted to send off a quick little greeting for today.

Happy Passach Y'all

To all of the other Jews in this B/C family have a happy Passach. May you dwell on freedom and dignity. May the matzoh not be too binding.


Can anyone explain to me about horse DNA...

In burgers? In Russia horse meat is much more expensive than beef. And sausage made of horse meat (called kazy) is not very easy to find outside of some regions and is very expensive. So I can understand management of burger joints as suppliers are bound to charge more for horse meat. But why is all this panic like someone is trying to poison somebody? Horse meat is good for you! :-)

The Family Girl #50: Makeup 101, Ala-Bobbie

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #50: Makeup 101, Ala-Bobbie

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There was a blog-question relating to makeup recently, and I wanted to respond, but as I was writing it, I noticed how long my comment was turning out to be, and how involved I got, so I decided to write a new blog altogether.

What Foods You Eat IS Important!

I've blogged and commented about how some foods, that are greatly enjoyed by characters in many stories, are unhealthy. I've singled out bacon, because of it's additives, it's fat content and it's high heat preparation. I'm not really trying to save American Hogs; I'd rather help out and reduce the suffering of BCTS readers.

Cheesecake & Blintzes

Dear Friends

If you are eating Cheesecake or Cheese Blintzes or other Milchig on Sunday and Monday, Paraphrasing as an old TV show "You Were There" amongst the Thunder and Lightening.

Gut Yontif, Chag Semach


The Family Girl #46: At Least I'm Still a Size Zero

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #46:  The Upside to Mental Problems, or At Least I'm Still a Size Zero

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I spent Friday evening and the whole day Saturday in the hospital for a checkup. Just a checkup, no big deal.   My therapist thought it a good idea for me to have the checkup, and I did.   And since the set of tests to be done was just a hop, skip and a jump from those required for a full-blown complete physical, I agreed to the extra tests, x-rays and whatnot and made it a full physical - at least the kind of tests that my company's insurance carrier requires for a "full physical."   That means I doan pay nuthin'!   :-)   It's all on the company's bill, and it satisfies the yearly checkup requirement.

The results came Monday (the hospital apparently doesn't process test results on weekends), and then the squad of doctors that my therapist required did their thing and interpreted the results and typed up their findings, and we got everything Tuesday, which we brought to my therapist for her further perusal.

Anyways, my less-than-perfect bod was mostly okay.

Take that, all you tea sippers!

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Noticed a lot of tea-drinking in the stories lately. Well I'm gonna speak up for all us who are addicted to our cuppa joe. Found this on Gizmodo after hearing about it on the news.

Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

Millions of us start the morning with a coffee and think nothing of it. But new medical research suggests that it could be helping you live longer–if you drink enough of it.

Bread machine

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So... I realy want to get a bread machine :) . And am looking at the Panasonic SD-YD250, But this is the same person that can't cook anything without my cast iron skillet. So if you guys could help me out a tad with your opinions and experiences. ie is it something that once the Novelty wears off it never gets used or can't live without it :) etc.

Please and Thank you

The Family Girl #42: Easter Backyard Picnic

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #42: Easter Backyard Picnic

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I am a second-generation Italian (well, one-half of me is), and I am sure that those of you who have Italian roots and celebrate Easter in the traditional way, you'll know that the big deal thing is (aside from the morning High Mass) is lunch.   Lasagna, hard-boiled eggs and green salad with asparagus (or salads with tuna), and then roast beef and lamb and roast potatoes, and for dessert - sweet Easter bread and chocolate eggs, and then ending with an espresso or a nice cappucino.

But, of course, none of that for me this time as I'm not at home. Darn...

The Family Girl #41: Easter Sunday

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #41: Easter Sunday

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Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter from sunny Manila.

The Family Girl #39: Holiday Blues, 2

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #39: Holiday Blues (2 of 3): Mall Insecurity

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Wednesday was a regular workday here in Manila, but it was the day before the start of a four-day weekend. Most everyone wanted to go home to their hometowns, so there's usually a massive exodus of people from Metro Manila going towards various other places in the country.

So cheating dead easy Chocolate Souflet.

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I was at my Mom's for supper and one of her crafty neighbors and I was talking and she taught me this so easy recipe.

Beat 3 eggwhites until stuff peaks.
Fold into them gently 3 single serving containers of Jello Chocolate Pudding.

Place into souflet dishes that have been buttered and dusted inside with cocoa powder.

Cook 1-3 minutes on high in your microwave time varies according to your microwave.

That's it.
Really, really easy good:)

Earlier Than Expected, Yay!!

I bought and received some Girl Scout Cookies today, two boxes of Thin Mints. On Friday I expect to buy a box of Smores. The girl didn't have any Smores available.

The Working Girl Blog #14: Going out to lunch

The Working Girl Blog #14:
Going out to lunch, or
Being a girl means never having to pay

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I think I mentioned the guy in one of my earlier blogs - you know? That manager that started the whole standard documentation brouhaha? Well, he asked me to lunch today. Yeah, I know.

The Working Girl Blog #05: Having lunch at the office

The Working Girl Blog #5:
Having lunch at the office, or
maybe I should just keep my door closed

I spent the morning with my three team leads, talking about user requirements, and the fact that we had some questions that only the client can answer. Actually, a whole lot of questions. I had a short five minute talk about it with the boss. The upshot of it was was that all four of us are on our way to Richfield, Minnesota tomorrow.

The Working Girl Blog #04 - My New Reputation...

The Working Girl: Blog #4
My new reputation as Choco-Monster

I was sorta dreading today, as there might be some fallout from my tough stance in the meeting last Friday.

But I guess it worked. Sort of. But I don't know how to feel about it. Everyone seemed a little over-solicitous. I mean, everyone in the team greeted me Good Morning today - several said "good morning, boss," or chief, or ma'am, or something like that. Well, I guess I had no choice - don't know enough to be the chummy boss, so I guess I had to settle for the by-the-book boss.

Eating: My favorite pastime, or Does this make me look fat?

Eating: My favorite pastime, or "Does this make me look fat?"

(this is a Working Girl blog)

I didn't go with the girls in the office for lunch this afternoon. I begged off and made do with my favorite senbei rice crackers and a nice cup of tea in my little office.

No worries, though. Nothing amiss. In fact, when I checked yesterday, I was within my target ideal weight for my height n build (Yayyy!). Which got me thinking now about diet n stuff.

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