Foster Mother

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

A foster mother expects to give her foster child shelter for a while. But when Millie took Michael in, she found herself giving -- and getting -- much, much more.

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The Crush: The Piano Lesson

There I was, standing on her front porch, a half-hour drive from home, for my first piano lesson. Not my first piano lesson ever, but my first in a long time -- and my first with the woman whose music I had fallen in love with.

TG Story search -- boy donates bone marrow to girl,...

I'm looking for a TG story I read here about a boy (maybe age 9--13 or so) whose best friend (a girl) is dying of leukemia.

He donates bone marrow, then dresses as a girl in the belief that only if he does so will she recover. Does anyone recognize it and remember the name and author?

Melanie's Story -- Chapter 51 -- At the Support Group

There were about twenty people milling around. Someone pointed us to a table with name tags and told us to write our names and preferred pronouns.

Melanie's Story -- Chapter 49 -- Over and Out

Eric was at church the next day, but didn't try to talk to me until after the service. He told my uncle he'd drive me home and then he led me into a corner of the library.

Melanie's Story -- Chapter 45 -- 46

Another "two-fer"

Chapter 45 -- Remembrance
Chapter 46 -- The Yule Season

Doris called me up and asked if I was going to the Trangender Day of Remembrance service.

Melanie's Story -- Chapter 44 -- Eric, Again

Things were going okay with Eric. Eric kept his side of the truce -- he didn't try to get near me, or talk to me, or even talk about me. I tried to act like I was ignoring him, but I kept catching myself trying to see what he was doing or hear what he was saying.

Melanie's Story -- Chapter 42 - 43

Chapter 42 -- Broken Glass
Chapter 43 -- More Than A Friend

It was a dark and stormy night.

I've always wanted to start a story with that line...

Melanie's Story -- Chapter 41 -- My Plate is Full

My life was getting really complicated. What with school, romancing Doris, and trying to do something for Ursula, not to mention finding ways for Teresa and Jeff to have time together, and seeing our friends, well, it's like I had to have an appointment book to keep track of what was when.

Melanie's Story -- Chapter 35 -- Home Again

I thought I'd gotten over Dennis while we were on vacation, but now that I was back, I missed him as much as before. I remembered that Doris had said I should call her, so I did, and she told me to come on over.


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