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The Aftermath

So most everyone has gone home and the dust is starting to settle. We've not gone on the Honey Moon yet (that's in just under 2 weeks) but we are starting to find our slightly new routine.

For those that don't know, last Saturday (October 28th, 2017) CapturedByThePast and I officially (in both the eyes of the Church, and the state of NJ) tied the knot. It wasn't a big wedding or reception but for the most part, the people who mattered most to us were there.

The bills are paid, and for Amy (capturedbythepast) has started signing things with her new name.

Amy Surgery Update


Amy is right now in preop getting a nerve block. Shortly she will be taken into surgery for an ORIF procedure where they will use a plate and some screws to repair Amys ankle fracture.

The procedure is supposed to last no more than an hour and is being done as same day surgery but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Ninja Baby is spending the weekend with friends/family so I get to clean.


AUTISM: Walk For A Difference

Hi Everyone! I posted about helping us, and helping NinjaBaby via the POAC - Autism: Walk For A Difference already once, but with the walk only a few days away I thought I would post again.

And for those of you that are reading this after saturday (should you show up late to the party) It's NEVER too late to donate, even if the walk is over contact me and I will give you information for how to donate to POAC directly (not via our walk page). Every little bit helps (just like at BigCloset).


Just an FYI... I will be in the endzone at the #SheBelievesCup matches today in Harrison, NJ.

As a pastime and to help de-stress I have been doing sports photography for a sports blog.

If you are at all interested in Soccer/Futbol England vs USA will be televised on FOX at 5pm eastern.

When the game is over I will try doing a blog of photo highlights.


DMCA Takedown Notice - How to get your stories taken down.

Hi everyone! I need you all to do me a GREAT favor.

Anyone here whom is an author in the USA or other territory/area governed by the DMCA, who has had a story "stolen" or unwillingly posted to the forum.silicone-breast website, please use the form on this website:


to send a notice to the email addresses listed below:

[email protected]
[email protected]

SmallScale DDoS

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This is just an FYI. We have detected, and are currently mitigating, a small scale DDoS attack against one of our VPS host nodes. Because this VPS host currently hosts assets for YourBigCloset it could possibly affect the performance of BigCloset as we host some of our VideoAds from YourBigCloset. This is just an FYI and we don't know if it has any relation to Bigcloset.

Possible Downtime but Upgrades . . .

Hey Everyone!

This is just a note to let you know that we are getting ready to release some new features and upgrades to BigCloset. Some of these upgrades have been attempted in the past and broke a lot of our custom changes to the front page.

So it is entirely possible they will break again, but I promise you I will be working just as fast as possible to get everything working again.

Unfortunately while I've tried to put off these upgrades because of the havoc they may cause, they have recently become urgent.

Small Business Saturday Success


#SmallBusinessSaturday Success - QnEZ Servers partners with CheckItOn.Us
For Immediate Release

We didn't offer any great sales. We didn't run much advertising. We didn't even do anything different than we normally would, however #SmallBusinessSaturday was a huge Success for QnEZ and Janglewood, llc.

Worldbuilding Stack Exchange - A Writer's Resource

I have seen this before and didn't write about it, but when I ran across it today I felt it was time.

Stack Exchange is a place I go a lot for programming and systems management help. One of the sites that Stack Exchange operates is one called "Worldbuilding".

From the site:

BigCloset Downtime

Hey Everyone.

I wanted apologize for the delay in getting the site back online today.

What happened is that one of our many elves happened to click a wrong button causing all of the "Author Taxonomy" to disappear. That may sound like an easy fix, of just rolling back the database, but in doing so we would have lost a couple new stories, and blogs that we didn't want to disappear.

We're Broke - Operating Funds for BCTS Needed


We're broke.

We need about $1450 by Friday, 17 September, or some people are going to be paid late.

It's the middle of the month. We have $141 in our bank accounts.

How to give to the support of the site is detailed in the right hand column under the heading The Hatbox and at the bottom of this blog.

We've had expenses associated with the upgrade to some of our servers but thanks to everyone who has helped us stay on top of things.

Any amount is appreciated and gifts are really the way we manage to keep doing this.

Outwardly Perfect

We (Amy and Liam and I) have spent a wonderful week with a friend. A friend who came down to help just in case Amy was "laid up" after her surgery.

Amy's surgery went fine, recovery has been excellent and as a result we've manage to be out and about doing things most days.

We've been to flea markets, friends houses, the condo pool, and even had friends over for hot dogs and conversation, twice in fact.

It's been a wonderful week, a great Memorial Day weekend, even if we didn't really plan it that way.

Forum Cleanout

Just an FYI, I spent most the day doing a cleanout of bogus forums. It was a lot of tedious work to delete each one. There is no streamlined way to maintain them.

Thank you to everyone that's been reminding us it needed to get done, and sorry it took us so long to do it (we try and do it every couple months). We're trying to work out a way to stop it from getting so bad in the future, so please bear with us.

N-E-Ways, visit, post, enjoy! http://bigclosetr.us/topshelf/forum

-Piper, Cat, Erin and the BigCloset Band.

Large 0Day Joomla Exploit

Just an FYI to anybody out there. There is a large remote code execution exploit that affects all versions of Joomla since 1.5 that has been in the wild for about 3 days now. There are hotfixes/patches for old/outdated/non-supported versions of joomla, and a proper update for the latest version.

More detail here: https://blog.sucuri.net/2015/12/remote-command-execution-vul...


BigCloset WebChat/Chat Info:

Hi Everyone! The new BigCloset WebChat can now be accessed at the following address:

For General information, you can also connect to IRC with your favorite IRC client using the following details:

The return of SOLR search and other additions.


Hey Everyone!

So SEARCH is back! No more Google!

That being said, if you REALLY liked Google search (even with the changes they implemented recently that made it not work the same as it was) you can always use site:bigclosetr.us at Google.Com to search BigCloset with google.

Now back to awesomeness.

I have re-built our Apache Solr Search Server, and re-indexed the entire site (blogs, stories, books, etc) and turned back on our "Faceted Search"

Transgender Terminology, What are your thoughts?


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When discussing things "around the water cooler" here at BigCloset/Janglewood (read as inside a skype chat window), we often have troubles picking one "definition" for what various terms mean. We often share the same "flow" with slight differences, but we know there are many different feelings in the community.

Some people often feel that Transgender and Transsexual are the same thing, but others include Transgender to be an umbrella term for everyone including Gender Queer, Non-Binary, Transsexual, Transvestite, etc.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria: Meeting Maria Bello

Picture of Myself, Maria Bello and CapturedByThePastSo I recently got the chance to meet Maria Bellow during the book tour for her new book "WHATEVER... Love is Love" and thought I'd share my experience. I just recently posted it to my rarely-updated WordPress blog.


How Things Work: BigCloset and DopplerPress Edition

So with the posting of a simple question there has been a lot of discussion lately about who is involved with BigCloset, and Doppler Press and how everything works with the new corporate structures.

Because of the confusion we thought we'd post a blog explaining how it all works, for the most part.

What Happened to Business Values? (Editorial)

When was the last time a company made you feel like you were more than a profit center for them?

These days we deal sometimes daily with Insurance Companies, Utility Companies, and even Retail Stores, who all feel they are doing YOU a favor by letting you buy their product.

What happened to the days of companies trying to earn your patronage with kindness and respect? Why have service oriented businesses stopped offering a real service, and instead treat you like a profit center?

A Personal Request

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Hi Everyone. There have been a few times when I was in a jam and the wonderful users here @ BigCloset have helped me out immensely. Whether it was helping me buy a new mattress/boxspring for Bill and I when we were stuck in a motel during the mold cleanup, or helping me setup a fund to get a vehicle and get my life back on track, and even helping us come up with the security deposit for the apartment we are in.

So it's now that I come to you with my hat in my hand, and my heart in my throat, asking for help once again.

Out Of Comission

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Just an FYI, I'm going to be out of comission for at least a couple days.

I currently have both an Middle Ear, and Outer Ear infection, which is causing me extreme pain which even the prescribed pain meds aren't helping. My left ear is so swollen that they had to use an "ear wick" so that the drops get to where they need to go.

I'm on both an ear-drop antibiotic, and an oral antibiotic as well as Ear drop pain relief and oral pain meds.

A Note to Everyone that has Posting Issues.

A simple note to everyone that is currently experiencing issues posting Blogs, Forum Topics, Stories, or even comments.

Please Make Sure your browser is up to date and the latest possible version.

We have Successfully tested Chrome/FireFox/IE on Windows 8.1 as well as Safari/Chrome/Firefox on Apple/Macintosh. We can't test stuff we don't have access to, and we won't test deprecated browsers


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