Time stands still

Hello all:

I've been a reader on this site for several years now. I love the mental vacation it provides. I comment frequently about stories I read and prefer. I'm a simple working girl who lives my life as I see fit and the world be damned, this includes most of my family who have tossed me aside as if I'm dead.

Anyways what I wish to write and post to be shared with others is the recent nightmare of my life concerning my fiancee who is from England. We met on FB in the spring of 2013 and although there are millions of FB fantasy relationships, I doubt that any of them actually meet or have a true relationship. I actually traveled to England in August of 2913 to meet Abby and she came back to the USA with me in September on a visa waiver (kind of like a visitors visa). We became very close and due to her family and threats made against her in the UK, we decided she would hide out over here. I promised to pay for her surgery, GCS/GRS as soon as was financially possible. IN the interim, we fell in love. I asked her to marry me in December 2013 to which she said yes. Well needless to say, it took way longer to come up with 17,000 cash to finalize her GCS. We finally reached this goal and had her surgery planned, scheduled and paid for, this to occur 19 March 2015. Well to say the wheels fell off the bus would be putting it mildly. Abby was incarcerated by the US Border Patrol for 5 1/2 weeks. This is the link to her blog if anyone is interested in reading about it in detail. http://something4thejourney.blogspot.com/,

I only post this to give warning to any others who are thinking of or are actually flaunting the law in doing what we did. This and to bring to light the civil rights nightmare that the US government is doing to TG/TS/Intersexed members of society. It is deplorable to say the least. From what we have read, the USA is the only western, civilized country who still use the practice of 'solitary confinement' on detainees or prisoners. This needs to stop!! Thanks for reading this if you have or do.

Dahlia Ansley

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