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What a compliment


To those who know me, which is few on this site, and those who don't, I want to start by saying I am a nurse of 20 years. That being said, I have just started a new job in the last 2 weeks. As with any new job there are the anxieties and insecurities aplenty. I have always worked in hospital, usually a large one, and am now working in a long term care facility in a new position as a supervisor.

All that aside, I seem to be one of the more senior nurses in this facility and I am finding that for once my years on experience is actually being appreciated.

Once again

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And again we see this crap in a rag magazine which puts us in the spotlight in a negative way. Why must these fools post such nonsense? Would it make any difference that Charlie got HIV from a heterosexual woman or a monkey or any other living creature; but no, this stuff gets splashed about and again makes our situation all about perversion and sex.

New home


Well, I've spent a week in lovely England. We spent a night in Blackpool, where I first got to know Abby 2 years ago, and then 2 nights at Hawkshead in the Lake District. I don't know if I'll ever go home. So much history combined with greenery and beauty like I've never seen. Wow!!

At last


For anyone who knew of my multiple failed attempts to make it to the UK to marry my sweetheart Abby, I have arrived! I got in last evening and we drove to Sheffield after a lovely dinner in Manchester. Needless to say it's a tad bit colder here than where I'm from. It was 107 degrees Fahrenheit when I left Phoenix Arizona USA. I'd love meet a few of the crowd of BC if possible while here.8 weeks of chilly old England.

Fight for what's right


Wow! if it is enforceable, this is a major plus for the transsexual community as a whole in the United States. My question will be, will this ruling only affect those who are on Obama Care insurance or will it become inclusive to all health care policies for everyone across the nation? I have not been an Obama supporter but I will change much of my protest of his policies if he can make this stick. I know that the religious right will fight this tooth and nail. I just hope in the end they get their teeth knocked out.

Justice this time


As BarbieLee posted via blog earlier today about the woman who's parents tried to block her GRS, justice this once is done. I have just read and her-by post the article showing that justice in this case is fulfilled. To say the least, I'me amazed!! The USA justice system is so broken and corrupt.


Hurrah for this lady and I wish her all the best in her new anatomical correctness.

Where did she go??

I know that we all wonder and miss certain writers and members of our group here. I have seen several such queries in the last day or so.
That being said, has anyone heard from or know what has happened to Christina H.? She is one of my most favored authoress' and I have not seen anything from her in a while. I know there were some health issues but I don't like to pry into personal matters unless asked or given knowledge of such.

Come out, come out Chrissy, wherever you are, We miss you!!


Transsexual poster (New)


For anyone who is interested, my fiancee has designed and posted an new design of a transsexual banner which I hope you all will share. It is so true and hopefully will get the message out to all who read it and re-post it.

Here is the link. It is not copyrighted so feel free to share.

Another new transsexual tolerance banner

Abby has done it again. Here is the link and image of the second trans tolerance poster she has made today. Sh is amazing.

Once again it is not copyrighted so you can use it freely as much as you wish.


TG friendly solicitor


Hello to any and all who read this blog and can give advice or direction. Due to a difficult and contrary ex-wife, my fiancee is unable to have contact with her 3 youngest children. It is going to come to a legal battle in the UK court system and we are both strapped for moneys to be able to consult a custody solicitor. Abby has not been allowed to speak to are contact her children in over 4 months and previous to that only by Skype once a month. She loves her children above all else!!

And again, a judges decision is wrong

Once again someone in politics doesn't even have the decency to become educated enough to make an informed decision before making policy decisions which affect all of us in some way or another. We wonder why our battle is so difficult and always seems to be uphill?


I just wish to say thanks to all the authors whom have shed light on my world in the form of entertainment. My life seems so bleak and hopeless at times, i.e. today, and it is such a wonderful thing to be able to escape into a good story and forget the depression and hopelessness. I am reminded of doing the same as a child/teenager because the story always ended in the positive. I know mine won't and today I just don't care!!

Oregon's attempt at aiding trans children slammed by media (Fox News)

Today on Fox News an article has come out bashing the state of Oregon for its attempt to help gender dysphoric children with severe issues.

Time stands still

Hello all:

I've been a reader on this site for several years now. I love the mental vacation it provides. I comment frequently about stories I read and prefer. I'm a simple working girl who lives my life as I see fit and the world be damned, this includes most of my family who have tossed me aside as if I'm dead.

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