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Grover is scheduled for surgery today.

Grover's wife, Paula, just called to update me on his condition. He seems in good spirits although weak and, of course, being bored in the hospital and unable to access the internet since the hospital appaarently will not allow contact with Top Shelf.

She told me how much all your good wishes/prayers/good vibes mean to them both. She said that you can contact them through their facebook pages. I will, of course, continue to be a go-between, keeping you all informed on Grover's surgery and progress back to health.

Grover is in Hospital.

Grover's wife just called me and told me that Grover is in hospital and will be undergoing triple bypass surgery within the next day or two.

Let's all take a moment and send good thoughts, vibes and/or prayers for one of the most prolific and imaginative writers out there.

My prayers have already gone out and will continue to do so until Grover, my friend, my sister, is past this crisis. Lots of hugs to Understanding Wife, Grover's wife as well.

Catherine Linda Michel

An interview with Trans Comedianne Julia Scotti

Julia says some very interesting things about her life and her transition as well as being trans and open about it.

Catherine Linda Michel

Illness update.

So. When last I posted I had caught some kind of virus. Wellll... it's turned out to be something that must have escaped from three mile island... or chernobyl. It's laid me up fair and proper for the better part of two weeks with no real end in sight. The only bonus seems to be that, combined with an anti-smoking drug, I have, after 50 years, quit smoking.

Thank you all

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for the B'day wishes. Unfortunately some kind of mutant virus decided to take up residence inside me aand I am experiencing all the "joys" attendant to such an occurrance. To wit: fever, body aches, nose leaks, "other" leaks (need I say more?), general weakness, shakes, coughs, exhaustion and Oh yeah, nausea. Funwow.

Nevertheless I would have been remiss if I had not thanked those who took the time to send a quick "Happy B'day" so, Thanks to all of you.

Catherine Linda Michel

For anyone who has lost a pet.

I found this video on youtube, of course. I defy any pet owner to not shed a tear when istening to Jimmy Stewart read a poem he wrote about his lost pet.

They are ALL waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge and lately, I find myself a bit anxious to get there. No, I don't want to die, but I miss my lost furry ones SO much sometimes.

Catherine Linda Michel

Author Chat Sessions

I don't know how many authors I've wished I could have talked with, but there are a LOT of them posted at Fictionmania. INCLUDING one with JACK CHALKER, famous SciFi writer who included quite a bit of TG stuff in his stories. They're all at Anne-Mal's Page at FM.


Catherine Linda Michel

A music icon is gone.

Lesley Gore might not be an icon to a lot of people but she is to me. I grew up listening to her music and she touched a special spot in my soul. Not the best looking girl, but BOY, could she sing! Lesley Gore began her careeer in music in 1963 with "It's My Party" and stole my heart.

RIP Lesley. You brightened my life.

Catherine Linda Michel

An epiphany, sorta..

I have spent what seems like an inordinate time wondering why I am trans. Oh I know, there are several scientific reasons and more are still awaiting discovery, but I have suddenly found that it isn't really important WHY I am trans, but that I AM trans and, surprisingly, that seems right somehow.

My most sincere apologies. Re: Artwork

to everyone who requested artwork or info regarding it. The principal, who was going to give it a try, decided to scrap the whole project.

My intentions were good, but then we all know what the road to hell is paved with, yes?

Again, my abject apologies. I'm sorry if I got anyones hopes up, only to dash them. Please forgive me.

Catherine Linda Michel

Does the name Jennifer Jane Pope ring any bells

with anyone here, especially those from the U.K.? Jenny used to be a regular at Storysite and in the chats there. She published some stories and her "Britionary" there. She left quite awhile ago and hasn't been seen or heard of in several years.

If anyone knows her or knows where one can get hold of her, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all,
Catherine Linda Michel

In an introspective mood tonight.

Just finished watching a PBS special about 50 years ofPeter Paul and Mary and got thinking about all those years behind me. Mary, of course, died in 2009 but Peter and Paul are still going strong.

Okay. In keeping with the "I am amazed" theme I have going,

You know, sometimes I end up on that "weird channel" on youtube and I find the most incredible things, most of the time I am shocked and disgusted, but sometimes, and very rarely I am thrilled and blown away by some of the absolute gems I find.

Try this one but once you start the playback, close your eyes until it's over, then open them and prepare to be astounded!
I promise you! Also, don't let the title of this video turn you off.

OT, but in keeping with the holiday season,

One of the very best IMHO acappella groupps around, Straight No Chaser. Please give it a listen. A version of The 12 Days Of Christmas that ISN'T boring. The live versions are even better, although less in the sound quality, but superior, owing to the fact that you can see their visual hijinks as they perform.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Catherine Linda Michel

Happy Thanksgiving to my family at Top Shelf

To all my friends online, to all the people who make this site such a welcoming REAL home to many, to all the readers, commenters, authors and to a very special group of people who I love dearly, you know who you are, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and I wish you all a very happy holiday season as well.

Be careful out there and be safe. You are all very important to me. "God Bless us, every one."

Holiday huggles,
Catherine Linda Michel

Buffalo N.Y. is closed!

My heart goes out to our sisters and brothers in Buffalo. The whole upper and western northern part of N.Y. got clobbered by a winter's worth of snow overnight.

I hope you're all safe and warm up there. I'm in Jamestown N.Y. and all we got was some cold temps. it's 9F here right now.

Catherine Linda Michel

Anyone else having probs with the home page?

Is anyone else having probs getting the home page to load completely? On my machine right now, I only get the story lists, but none of all the other stuff. Blogs, comments, ads, the In Memoriam list, who's online right now,a ll that stuff just won't load. I'm using the same MacBook that I've always used and havein't done anything that I could think of to cause this prob.

Catherine Linda Michel

Looking for some artwork for your book or online publishing?

My housemate does some really nice work... if you have an image you want copied or several that she could combine to make an original so it wouldn't run afoul of copyright rules.

Naturally she would LIKE to be paid for what she does, if you like and use her work, but it wouldn't be more than a few dollars, again only if you use it as cover art.

Well. It's f$%&ing snowing!

Tonite we set the clocks back an hour, and it's freaking snowing! Here in western N.Y. State we get more than our share of this nasty, dangerous white garbage, but we usually don't get anything appreciable until later in November. Oh well. living here has it's advantages and it's disadvantages, just like most everywhere else.

That doesn't mean I don't hate [email protected] just the same. It just means I gotta put up with this crap til spring.


Catherine Linda Michel

Just a bit surreal.

so... I'm sitting here, reading, watching Ghosthunters and just generally enjoying a peaceful, quiet Halloween evening. My phone rings and my best friend, my housemate, my landlady kinda, is calling me.

Now, to preface this just a bit, Tina and I have shared living accommodations for over 20 years and have been friends for longer than that. She has been one of the best things to happen to me during my transition. Totally accepting and supportive. I am Godparent to her youngest daughter (now 21)

A link to a non-TG story, but a GREAT story!

This might be the BEST superhero story I've ever read, and the writer is, IMHO, one of the best at it.

I don't often, if ever, bother with non-TG stuff, but Grover turned me on to this one and I thank Grover from my heart.

Catherine Linda Michel

Skype problems redux

Well, once again, skype is playing f# %king games. Now it's telling me that I have been signed out and cannot connect to the server. Apparently the workaround I found on the Apple forums was only good for a few more weeks of using the older, more user friendly, simpler version of skype doesn't agree with their new version, which my computer won't run!

This is most curious! Musical strangeness.

For some strange, unknown reason, sometimes I wake up with a song or music running through my head and I can't rest until I work out why this is happening. So this morning as I awoke, "Amazing Grace" was playing in my mind and, along with that was "America The Beautiful!"

After a few moments, the lyrics from "America The Beautiful" and the tune of "Amazing Grace" began to synch up and I suddenly realized that they match up completely! Certainly the tunes are different, but the lyrics from one DO match the melody of the other.

Another Birthday! Maggie Finson's!

So, this little birdie whispered in my ear as I awoke this morning and told me that today is our very own Maggie Finson's Birthday! So I take this opportunity to be one of the first to wish Maggie a very Happy Birthday!

Have a great day Maggie and thank you for all your stories. Oh, also, CARPE CAKEM!!!!


Skype problem. Major update

It now appears that skype has BLOCKED any attempts to download and install older versions that will work on my MacBook OS 10.5.8 the new version of skype won't run on my OS. I cannot afford, at this time, an upgrade to my OS, so I guess I'm pretty much screwed. I can't even recover all my contacts and phone number, since I can't sign in to skype. This means my entire phone number list is lost.

Folks, if you're gonna PM about Almost A Girl,

Please send your messages to the author, Barbie Lee. Here's a helpful link:

Thank you.

Catherine Linda Michel... just the editor.

D-Day, 70 Years later.

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Today is D-Day. A day to honor all those who went and did what they had to do, to ensure the freedom we all cherish. Take a moment today to remember all those who risked everything, to help give US everything. Some came back, some did not. Thank a Veteran today.

Catherine Linda Michel.

Question about story size.

Okay. I have a story ready to post. It's one I've edited by another writer. Here's my question. It's about 80,000 words, according to my info thingie in word. Is that too big to post all at once? Do you all prefer shorter chapters or do you like to read a story in one shot from start to finish? Will the site accommodate a story of that size without problems? Is there any size limitation on the length of a story?

Just finished a story by Jerrie256. Reminded me of Bob A.

called "Transformation Treasure Hunt." She wrote it in 2006, but while reading it, it seemed to be constantly reminding me of Bob Arnold. The link is here. Go read it and tell me I'm mistaken. Bob was such a huge part of all of our lives and is still missed... always will be, by all the lives he touched and enriched during his all-too-short stay with us.

Thank you Veterans & Merchant Mariners Memorial Day 2014.

This is Memorial Day weekend, 2014 and I think it behooves us all, no matter what nationality, race, creed or religion to take a moment and thank all those who have served and who are serving in the armed forces of their countries. Without their sacrifices, without them doing the job they either volunteered or were drafted into doing, we wouldn't have the freedoms and privileges we have now. Some returned from far off battlefields and some didn't, but we all owe every one of them our thanks, our gratitude. Let's also not forget the Merchant Mariners.

Sigh. The last few days have not gone well.

So, it all began a few days ago when my modem decided to limit my time on the internet, dropping the signal and kicking me offline. It did it three or four times in one 24 hour period, so I called my internet provider, Time Warner and informed them that my modem had somehow developed an overzealous and random sense of trying to keep me offline. They set up an appointment for someone to come and check the modem or replace it, if necessary. Pretty cool, right?


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That's what I turn tomorrow. An auspicious date certainly. After all, the Titanic sank on April 15th, Lincoln died on April 15th and, just to top that off, there will be a Blood Moon at 2AM EST(EDT?) on the 15th. Quite a trifecta,to say the very least.

I seem to have reached that awkward age. You know, the one where most of the people in the newspaper obituaries are younger than I. As Red Green so eloquently put it, "when I furrow my brow, it looks like a rump roast made of corduroy."

What is courage?

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What is courage? Is it that thing that causes a soldier to rush a heavily occupied enemy fort, knowing he might die in the attempt? Is it that thing that causes someone to do the right thing even though it might hurt them? Is it making the right decision for oneself, knowing that all the other choices presented are worse in the long run?

Jessica's Revenge Chapter Breaks.

Due to what was likely a brain fart, I neglected to include chapter breaks in part of the story that I edited for Barbie. I have since corrected that error and I hope the story will be easier to read for everyone now. There are also a couple of spelling errors that snuck in under my radar. They were pointed out to me by a kind reader, but I have left them alone. They are very minor and do not really affect the telling of the story at all.

There is someone out there I have been waiting to hear from.

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I will not mention her name in the interest of respecting her wish to remain as stealth as possible. Nevertheless, it's been more than two months since I last heard word one from her and, with the things that have happened to her in her life, it worries me that something bad might have happened.

Fighting illness and injury.

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Since last weekend, that is, the weekend of Dec 1st, I had been fighting an abscess on the back of my shoulder. That Sunday I went into the emergency room to have the abscess lanced and drained, which they did, after some big time pain. I left with a large bandage on my shoulder, and not much else except a couple of pricey prescriptions which I couldn't afford.

Hey Sleethr! Great stuff!

Instead of placing this in a simple comment, I chose to place it in a blog entry so more can see it. I've just finished re-reading MAU and Whisper. In case you were wondering where the extra kudos came from, it was me.

I'm very impressed with your storytelling skills. Both stories held my attention and enthusiasm all the way through to the satisfying endings. Your characters were very well thought out and fleshed out, til they became more real people to me as opposed to characters in stories.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends, fans and online family

At this time of year, we take time out to thank whatever God we may or may not follow, whatever person or thing that makes our lives just a bit better and hopefully easier. Remember who or what you are thankful for and bear in mind. However bad you might think you have it, there are many who have it much worse.

Thank you all for everything you have all offered me in the past and present. God bless you all, every one.

Holiday hugs and love,
Catherine Linda Michel

Headlights Girl is available at MANY places!

To my utter amazement, my book, Headlights Girl, is available not only at Lulu, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but also at, Abe Books,, Itunes,,, Nook even! Here's where I found all this info:


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