Memorial Day Weekend. 8 Years post RLT

So. Memorial Weekend is upon us once again. Funny how that happens about this time every year. Celebrating my 8th B'day (8 years post-transition) and remembering the monumental few days surounding this date 8 years ago.

1. Had to put my cat to sleep.
2. My Mother died.
3. I did a book signing for my book, HEADLIGHTS GIRL (THANK YOU AGAIN ERIN) at a major national bookstore.
4. I did an hour on local radio with two of our local DJs, promoting the book signing and talking about being trans.
5. I did a spot on local Television, en femme, promoting the book signing.
6. I began my RLT.
7. Began working as Cathy.

How the hell I managed to survive my first weekend of transition, I still don't know. I should have been a gibbering wreck after all that and yet, at the time, it all just seemed to just flow effortlessly past me. Maybe I was in shock... who knows? I definitely jumped into the deep end of the pool that weekend, hoping I remembered how to swim, didn't I?

Sunday this year will be filled with racing. The Monaco F1 Grand Prix, The Indy 500 (Indy cars), The CocaCola 600 (Nascar), and the clock racing toward however much time I have left on this earth. Should be much less stressful... Yes?

Yes, I know that Memorial Day is a time fo reflect and remember those who have given their lives in service to our country and to honor those who are still serving... and I do! So please don't flame me if this entry seems a tad bit self serving... okay?

I've made some new friends in the past few years and lost a few, one way or another. I celebrate each new friend and mourn the ones lost. That's how life is supposed to be... I guess.

To all of you, my friends, my famiy of choice, my fans, I offer my most heartfelt thanks and respect. You've made the last 8 years or so SO much more fun, so much more interesting, so much more worth living.

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND EVERYONE! Thank a Veteran or one who is still serving.

Catherine Linda MIchel... one of the oldest 8 year olds in the world.

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