This is a Challenge to every member of Top Shelf

Every month, Erin has to beg for money to help TopShelf running and she shouldn't have to. If each one of us sent ONE SINGLE DOLLAR, ONE TIME, it would keep the site solvent for several months.

I know that are several who regularly contribute to keep the site up, and they are to be thanked greatly, but Erin has gone deep into debt to make up what it costs to run it and that's not right. She and the others who administer the site donate their time and energy without pay, hoping to keep it going.

Top Shelf has, without doubt, saved lives and gives those of us who are housebound, a way to keep up with what's happening with our online friends, as well as keeping us entertained by all the wonderful stories that get posted every day.

Gratitude is one thing, and a very nice thing, but it doesn't pay the bills. Erin even foregoes paying herself in order to make up what's needed to keep things running.

SO... I hereby challenge every writer, every editor, every reader to forego one cup of coffee, one can of soda/pop, one candy bar and send Erin and Piper ONE SINGLE DOLLAR, ONE TIME!

The way things are going, with increasing costs for hosting and bandwidth, etc, Top Shelf might not have any other way to stay alive without becoming a pay site, and we don't want that.

There are many ways to contribute money and I won't go into all of those except to say, for those like me who don't use paypal or aren't able to get out and obtain money orders, you CAN set up an auto-pay with your bank, or even a one time payment.

I am in the process of doing exactly that last one. It won't be a lot, but it will be every month for me. Knowing how many people use the site, visit the site every day, it seems to me that even that one time of sending one dollar, if everyone does it, would keep Top Shelf online and serving all of us without driving those who do so much for us into bankruptcy, as it's likely to do.

So, that's my CHALLENGE. One single dollar, one time... or more often if you can to keep our ONLINE HOME online and keep it from becoming a pay site.

Catherine Linda Michel

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