So it is Christmas, and an update on Grover.

I've been a bit remiss. I had intended to post a blog entry to update you on Grover's move, but the holidays snuck up on me and I somply forgot. So...

Grover and Paula (Understanding Spouse) have arrived safely in Salt Lake City and are busily trying to re-order their lives into something resembling normalcy. Thank to the generosity of all of you, they managed to make the move, but only by the skin of their teeth. Unfortunately even with your generosity, they only barely managed to raise enough money to JUST make it there. Their belongs, most of them anyway, are still stuck in limbo in a PODS storage bin, although they will hopefully arrive in due time.

While their church had promised needed financial assistance, it has been slow in coming, and the additionally promised moving in help has also not been all it should have been. With Grover's physical situation, this has been a slow, agonising, exercize for both Grover and Paula.

This move, brought about by Paula getting a much needed better job, involved uprooting their lives and moving from Tampa Florida to Salt Lake City Utah, a significent climate chance indeed. Because of Grover's heart surgery and other disabilities, they render him unable to do much of any kind of physical labor, although Grover's mind is as sharp as a tack.

Anyway, what's done is done and hopefully their luck will improve with the new job for Paula and Grover's continuing, slow recovery from life saving surgery.

They won't be online anytime soon, due to having exhausted their financial reserves in simply making the move and crippling medical bills from Grover's surgery. They DID want me to thank, again, all those of you who reached into your hearts and wallets and helped them get as far as they have gotten, so to all of you who helped, Thank You VERY much.

I have it on good authority that Grover will have a new book published very, very soon called The Last Holidays, and any income from that will also help ease the financial strain they are experiencing a bit.

Again, Thank you all very much. Grover and Paula are family to me and I love them both very much, and Merry Christmas to all.

Catherine Linda Michel

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