Well, here's another challenge.

Erin and crew need bucks to keep the doors open! It can't be any more clear than that. So c'mon everyone. Break into the piggy banks and help keep Top Shelf where it belongs. On top of the 'net and the best TG fiction site out there anywhere!

It's SO easy to send even a one time gift to help out. Use this URL and your bank credit/debit card: http://bigclosetr.us/hatbox/node/26

I exist on Social security and even though it's a stretch for me, I still use that method to send a couple of bucks when I can. Erin shouldn't have to get on her knees, begging for help to keep this thing going.

There are several people out there who regularly send gifts to help out and I, for one, appreciate their generosity, but we need more than them to help our home on the internet! Erin has run herself near bankruptcy to keep things running, and her crew of helpers work their fingers to the bone to make sure that what you get is the finest in TG fiction.

Again, that URL is: http://bigclosetr.us/hatbox/node/26

Just use your bank credit/debit card for a one time gift if you can't afford a subscription.

Lets GO folks! It's up to YOU if you want this place to stay on the 'net!

Catherine Linda Michel

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