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Well, here's another challenge.

Erin and crew need bucks to keep the doors open! It can't be any more clear than that. So c'mon everyone. Break into the piggy banks and help keep Top Shelf where it belongs. On top of the 'net and the best TG fiction site out there anywhere!

It's SO easy to send even a one time gift to help out. Use this URL and your bank credit/debit card:

Maggie Finson, where are you?

It's been quite a long time since anyone has heard anything from you and we're all concerned about you. Are you still out there and doing okay? I've called twice and just gotten your message service.

PLEASE let us know!

Catherine Linda Michel

This will probably seem like a small thing

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to many of you, but it's a first for me. I've never been able to cross my legs while seated, the way women can. Yesterday, while watching television, I casually crossed my legs...knee over knee!!!!! It took a few seconds for the information to reach what I laughingly call a brain, but when it did I laughed and called to the the attention of my housemate who was watching tv with me. She looked at me and smiled.

A shout out to the U.K. writers and fans.

Lewis Hamilton wins the Brit Grand Prix for the third year in a row. There's a Brit in the finals at Wimbledon and a Brit in the lead at The Tour De France. Well done and congratulations from the Colonies.

Catherine Linda Michel

Where's Fakeminsk and Constant In All Other Things?

The story is sitting in neverland, the last chapter published way back in late 2015. I hope nothing bad has happened to Fakeminsk and that this hiatus is merely real life getting in the way of a great story.

Catherine Linda Michel

My Challenge and A Thank You to all who responded.

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I want to personally thank all those who responded to my challenge to donate to help keep the site online. I also want to again thank those who donate regularly. The donations you all sent, helped take some of the pressure off Erin, Piper et all.

Again,There are several ways to donate. You can send a check or money order to the address on the front page.

Checks can be made out & sent to:
Janglewood LLC
602 Higgins Ave
Suite 1 #283
Brielle, NJ 08730

You can donate through the Hatbox.

This is a Challenge to every member of Top Shelf

Every month, Erin has to beg for money to help TopShelf running and she shouldn't have to. If each one of us sent ONE SINGLE DOLLAR, ONE TIME, it would keep the site solvent for several months.

I know that are several who regularly contribute to keep the site up, and they are to be thanked greatly, but Erin has gone deep into debt to make up what it costs to run it and that's not right. She and the others who administer the site donate their time and energy without pay, hoping to keep it going.

Which would you prefer?

In the latest episode of MASKS a male becomes female but gains super powers as a result. It's a common theme in our genre, that of becoming female, but would it be better to become female and gain "super powers" or remain/become male(for those who are truly male) and not become super?

I'm sure that the majority of US would prefer the former, but I'm also sure that there are a lot of men, or trans-men who might prefer the latter, or become the latter.

It's an interesting thought/question, is it not?

Catherine Linda Michel

Been a bit depressed, but tonight,

I am feeling happy, euphoric if you will. Why? Because I'm watching television and the 50th Anniversary concert of THE BEACH BOYS!

Whenever I hear those great voices and great songs, I feel young again. I grew up listening to The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, and countless others from the 60s and my memory slips back in time to a more innocent time when I wasn't so conflicted and frightened about what our world has become, when I hear The Boys.

Memorial Day Weekend. 8 Years post RLT

So. Memorial Weekend is upon us once again. Funny how that happens about this time every year. Celebrating my 8th B'day (8 years post-transition) and remembering the monumental few days surounding this date 8 years ago.

Sara's Story Justice or Vengeance Chapter 5



A couple of weeks went by and there seemed to be no change in the gang's activities. They were still up to their no-good actions and Cathy was going through different moods, seemingly daily. One day she wanted the whole gang dead and gone, while on other days she dreaded being the one behind whatever vengeance was awaiting them.

I'm pretty depressed today and I think I know why.

This is, I'm afraid, gonna be a long one, so if you don't wanna read it all the way through, it's okay with me. There's just some things that have been building up in me for a long time and I finally had to acknowlege them last night so I could maybe find a way to deal with them in a rational way. If you're not interested in my life or the state of what I laughingly refer to as a mind... read no farther.

An open invitation.

With the recent interest in my Home That Love Built universe, I am re-issuing an open invitation to any writer who would like to try their hand at adding to the wonderful stories already posted in it. There have been many stories written so far in the universe and I'd love to add more. There are some very talented writers who were not members here when I first opened THTLB universe and I'd be pleased and proud to add them to the roster as well as inviting writers who have already made their wonderful additions to THTLB.

Sara's Story, The Sequel. A writing crisis.

I've written several stories. Some better than others, some worse. It's always been pretty easy for me to write. Just sit down at the keyboard and try to keep up with what my brain/muse are feeding to my fingers.

Sara's Story Justice or Vengeance Chapter 4

The scene: The Home That Love Built.
The players: Cathilynn and Sam.

“I just don't know Sam.” Cathilynn said confusedly. “I mean, Sara deserves justice for what was done to her, and I DO want those who are responsible to be punished, but how far is TOO far? Do I want them dead? Do I want them punished under the law? Is the law capable of doing what needs to be done? Oh Sam! I am SO torn about all this!”

Sara's Story Justice or Vengeance Chapter 3

Sara's Story. Justice or Vengeance? Chapter 3

Scene: The SSB (South Side Bastards) Hangout.

The players. Big Tom: Gang leader.
Little Tom: Big Tom's brother
Feet: Runner and purse snatch expert. Very fast.
Mooch: Burglar and thief.
Big Butch: Gang enforcer.
Pretty Boy: Pimp and drug pusher.
All the gang members are involved in drugs, prostitution, and violence.

Sara's Story Justice or Vengeance Chapter 2

My thanks to all who commented on the subject of whether or not this story should be written. Your responses have convinced me that I have to write it. There is no violence or TG in this chapter, but there will be in future chapters. The keywords and categories cover the entire story but are not germane in every chapter.

Sara's Story. Justice or Vengeance. Chapter 2

The scene: A nondescript hotel room.

The players: A large man, obscured in the shadows of the room, and an ordinary looking man dressed in normal, mostly clean clothing.

Sara's Story Justice or Vengeance Chapter 1

Author's foreword: This is not going to be an easy or comforting story for me to write. Sara's Story exhausted me, mentally and emotionally. When it was done I tried my hand at a couple of short-shorts, but they weren't what I needed them to be. For those who aren't familiar with Sara's Story, it's here:

Maybe a few helpful hints for beginning writers.

When writing a story or whatever, when one is done with the task, take some time and read it out loud back to yourself. I think it helps find errors that otherwise would have been missed, and helps eliminate misunderstandings of some phrases, sentences or words.

It helps with spelling, syntax, and punctuation as well. One big thing. Even though you might THINK you know the meaning or spelling of a word... if there is the slightest doubt, LOOK IT UP! There are dictionaries everywhere, even on the internet. GOOGLE IT!

The MASKS series now being posted.

The series is fully written and complete up chapter 17... however, I neglected to let Stickmaker know about not posting more than one story part per day or so, so the multiple posts today are my fault, not his. Since I was the one who asked him to post here, it was my responsibility to let him know of the unwritten rules here. Mea Culpa.

I hope you all are enjoying the series.

Catherine Linda Michel

Rodford Edmiston Smith aka Stickmaker

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Stickmaker, but he is a superb writer with a huge body of work. He generally posts his stuff as emails to the Yahoo group, I think.

His main story, MASKS is an immense work, involving very large groups of characters, supers, of course. If you're a fan of these kinds of stories, I urge you to go and read. You won't be disappointed. Of course, his main character(s) is(are) TG.

Hoping against hope.

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The powerball jackpot now stands as close enough to one Billion dollars that there almost is no difference.

I have bought my tickets and am sitting waiting for the numbers to be drawn, hoping against hope that one of my tickets will be the ticket that will help me acheive my dream... that being the REAL building of The Home That Love Built, my little universe of stories on the internet.

Another Happy, happy.

I caught up with an old schoolfriend on New Year's day. He's known about my transition, but he caught me a bit by surprise when he said that he'd bought my book and enjoyed reading it!

Once I get a chance, I WILL go to see him (he's a bit disabled and in a wheelchair) and sign it for him. He's never actually seen me as Catherine, but he's said, several times, that he has no problem with me becoming Catherine and looks forward to seeing me in person.

Sara's Story. A Home That Love Built story. Repost.

This is a story about a place that is my dream. A place where down and out TG human beings can come to and know that they will be safe and loved, and helped. There are many stories written in this universe, and I urge you to read them all. They are all very well written by accomplished TG authors.

I guess we've seen the last of The Enhanced TRI.

It's been a couple of months since Moongoddess' last posting and I hope she's all right. I know what it's like to write oneself into a corner, or to have real life jump up and smack one in the face, limiting or even stopping a creative process.

Even though I know the story is complete (it's on Amazon and Kindle) My very limited financial resources prohibit me from ordering it on Amazon, and I don't have Kindle access so I'm gonna have to hope that: A. Moongoddess gets through whatever it is that's keeping her from communicating, and B. She can finish posting the story here.

I am in tears and blown away

by this piece of music. Sometimes I wonder where we as a species are going and if there is any hope for us, or will we fade away like the dinosaurs and other extinct species.

This piece of music made my heart soar and the sheer beauty of it brought me to grateful tears of joy, for if we, as a species, can produce something this beautiful, surely there is hope for us. Turn up the volume and revel in the sheer power of this music.

The Enhanced TRI and Moongoddess

First of all, I hope Moongoddess is okay. Secondly, will there be any more of The Enhanced TRI posted? The story is so good, but I'm more worried about Moongoddess than I am about the story.

Here's hoping all is okay with her.

Catherine Linda Michel

At the risk of being redundant, MOONGODDESS!

I've grown more and more concerned about you. Please let us know that you are okay? If there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to message me. You can even call me on skype at Cathy_t_. If you've tried to do that under a different or male name, I don't accept skype messages from males unless I know them from some other venue.

Catherine Linda Michel

Moongoddess, are you okay? Redux.

It's been almost four weeks, or maybe it just FEELS like it's been four weeks, without a chapter of THE ENHANCED TRI or SLACKER. I hope this only means that you are working hard and feeling better.

If there's anything I can help with, please let me help?

Catherine Linda Michel

Moongoddess, are you okay?

It's been almost two weeks, or maybe it just FEELS like it's been two weeks, without a chapter of THE ENHANCED TRI or SLACKER. I hope this only means that you are working hard and feeling better.

Catherine Linda MIchel

Wonder City stories: I am lost in the city.

Since Tris Shandy posted the link to the Wonder City stories I have gotten totally lost in this amazing collection of tales. Am I the only one?
The writer is simply dead on with characterizations and the plots interweave and leaves me breathless from trying to keep up. Simply amazing stuff. Thank you Tris, for this great headsup.

Catherine Linda Michel

Skype is goofy today.

Well, as I expected, skype is weird today. Why did I expect things to happen to skype? Because Microcrap owns it now and has for awhile.

Now for a lot of you, you don't even use skype, this is no big deal. For me and those like me who depend on skype for outgoing calls and for conversations, it IS a big deal.

A long overdue comment to all the authors of the Retcon Universe

i've been slowly working my way through all the Retcon Universe stories and one thing has struck me. Every one of the stories, no matter who wrote them, has been totally logical in the context of the premise. What a group of talents went into these tales!

So, with that said, I just wanted to thank each and every one of the authors who contributed their storytelling skills collectively instead of commenting on each and every story, which would take months at the rate that I type.

A Thank You to all who read "Headlights Girl."

To my amazed delight, my story, "Headlights Girl," has reached over 11,000 hits! I'm not certain this is from new people actually clicking on and reading the story or if it's the result of all the hits on it from old Big Closet and the new version getting totalled, but for whatever reason I am grateful to every single one of you who clicked on and read the story.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! And Thanks too to whoever re-posted it so newer people could read it!

Catherine Linda Michel

Moongoddess, are you okay?

You were posting chapters at a pretty good pace, but you've dropped off that pace recently. Is everything okay? Is there anything I can do to help?

I know that, sometimes, real life gets in the way of writing or posting stuff and things crop up that one isn't prepared to deal with just jump up and bite one in their hinderparts. Please let us know how you are and if there is anything we at Top Shelf can do if you need help with something?

Hugs and respect,
Catherine Linda Michel

A great place for inexpensive wigs and clothes

I just found a great place on the web for really inexpensive wigs and clothes as well as jewellry. It's

The prices there are unbelievably cheap. Wigs I've been paying 30-50$ for are under 20 dollars. They also have human hair wigs from 50$!

I don't know the quality of their merchandise, but I have placed an order online and will let you all know how good their stuff is or isn't when it arrives. Check them out. They even have clothes and swimwear for plus sized gals.

A big Thank You!

Goes out to everyone who answered my blog about helping my Veteran friend! I've forwarded all the info you have so graciously sent. I hope it does some good for him. He's a really super nice guy and he deserves a lot better treatment than he's getting right now. He accepted me as Cathy without so much as a raised eyebrow so anything I can do for him is small enough repayment for his caring friendship.

Catherine Linda Michel

Any Veterans in Oregon, HELP?

Do any of you live in Oregon and, if so, can you reccommend a Vet Rep? A friend has gotten nothing but a runaround trying to get his issues addressed. He lives in Coos Bay and his injuries prevent him from getting to the only VA hospital that seems to understand and want to help. Roseberg seems, according to what my friend has told me, indifferent to his problems. Now, my friend is not TS, but he IS a dear friend and I'm trying to find a way for him to get the help he DESERVES. He desperately needs a VA Rep who can buck the system, as it were, and get him the help he needs.

A petition that vets need to sign if they need srs.

I have no idea if this will come to fruition, but one can hope, right? I signed. If you're a Vet, or you support Vets, please sign?

Catherine L. Michel

Does anyone know what happened with Darkside?

Darkside is, as some might know, the author of The Cursed and the Fury Saga. In a foreword to The Cursed, Darkside stated that this would be the last TG story written by him. That was in 2002. Since then, Darkside finished re-writes to chapters one and two of the Fury Saga in 2004 and since then... nothing.

The stories are so well done and complicated beyond belief that nothing _I_ have ever written even holds as much as a candle to the mind that conceived and wrote them. How did we ever lose track of such an inventive mind such as Darkside?

As far as I know, Grover is home.

I haven't heard from Paula in a few days, but when last we talked, she expected to have Grover back home by yesterday, barring any unforseen complications.

I am SO relieved toknow that my dear friend, my sister, has come through this trying time and will be home with Paula where he can rest and recuperate. Thank you God.

Catherine Linda Michel


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