My Challenge and A Thank You to all who responded.

I want to personally thank all those who responded to my challenge to donate to help keep the site online. I also want to again thank those who donate regularly. The donations you all sent, helped take some of the pressure off Erin, Piper et all.

Again,There are several ways to donate. You can send a check or money order to the address on the front page.

Checks can be made out & sent to:
Janglewood LLC
602 Higgins Ave
Suite 1 #283
Brielle, NJ 08730

You can donate through the Hatbox.

You can even do a one time donation using your debit/credit card.

Of course, don't put actual money in an envelope and send it. Too many people look for that sort of thing and the money never gets to where it was intended. Yeah, postage is .50 cents or so, but if you send even a dollar or two in a check, believe me, it makes a difference.

I truly believe that if everyone who visits the site just sent in one or two dollars, it would fund the site for a year...or more, as well as relieving Erin from having to beg for money to keep things going. It ain't free to keep the site online and Erin and crew are working their fingers to the bone and beyond and emptying their own pockets and bank accounts just to do it... and that ain't fair, folks.

If we, that includes you and me, don't help out, the site could very well go away due to insufficient funding... or turn into a pay site! We don't want that, do we?

Please help out? Thank you.

Catherine Linda Michel

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