by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2017 Melanie Brown

Jim had just one more mission to complete.



“Take the shot,” crackled the small voice over the headset.

Looking through his scope at the two people about seven hundred yards down the street, Jackson said, “Window is closing, Jimbo. Take the shot.”

From our vantage point on the roof top I peered through the scope of my M24 at the two people walking lazily down the street. They were both walking away from us and about to enter a building. I lined up the sight on the back of the man’s head. He was suspected of having a bomb vest under his clothes. The building they were approaching was a large hospital full of locals wounded in the latest round of fighting.

“Jimbo! Take the shot,” hissed Jackson.

Still looking through the scope, “I don’t have a good vibe on the male. The woman doesn’t look right to me.”

“Take the shot,” hissed the voice in my ear. “Hostiles have breached your location.”

I nodded my head towards our escape route over the side of the building. To Jackson, I said in quiet voice, “Go.”

Jackson started to get up, “Let’s go. It’s too late to take that fucker out now.”

“Go!” I exclaimed as I looked through the scope.

I thought to myself that the target just didn’t seem right.

“Abort mission,” said the voice in my ear. “Get out of there.”

I moved my sight to the woman. I whispered, “She don’t look right.” I squeezed the trigger and the woman’s head exploded. When she hit the ground, her cloak fell open revealing a dozen bricks of C-4 tied around her waist. The man suddenly knelt beside her, screaming something.

And suddenly it was quiet. Nothing seemed to move. I looked around and saw an odd looking fellow standing in front of the roof top door. He smiled at me.

“Listen closely,” said the strange man. “In about thirty seconds, several men will come through this door. You will not survive.”

I started to stand up and frowned at the oddly dressed man standing in front of the door. I pointed my rifle at him. “Who are you?” I shouted. “What makes you think…?”

Completely unperturbed at what was going on, the man raised his hand, “Your job here is done. Your mission is over. We have need of your skills coming up in the future. Your weapons skill, but also your ability to detect evil.”

I pointed to where Jackson had gone over the wall. I scowled at the man, “I got to go. Nice chatting with you.”

I began to turn, but discovered I could no longer move. “What the fuck?”

The man gave me an odd smile, “You’re not leaving this roof. I’m very sorry. You will have a new target.”

Frustrated that I couldn’t move, I looked at the man and shouted, “What the fuck, man! What are you doing to me? What target?”

The man just smiled, “You’ll know when the time comes. You will be taking over the life of a very bad person. She is about to dealt with.” He gave a slight bow of his head and then faded away.

I screamed, “What the fuck?!”

Three men bounded through the door, their AK47’s chattering. I didn’t feel anything as the 7.62x39 rounds tore through my chest.

*          *          *

I sat up with a start. A sharp pain ripped through my shoulder. In agony, I screamed, “What the fuck!?” It wasn’t my voice. Long strands of jet black hair fell across my face.

An unshaven man around thirty or so turned to face me. He snarled, “Is that bitch awake?”

A man to my side spoke, “Hey. This bitch is my wife!”

The first man walked up and jabbed his thick finger into my bandaged arm. I winced with pain. “This bitch almost got us killed!”

The man at my side stood and gently pushed me back to lying on my back. He laughed nervously, “Don’t mind him. You know what an asshole he is.” He checked my bandage, “Stay still, Najya. You’ve got yourself bleeding again.”

I looked between both men with wild eyes. My voice hoarse, I whispered, “What the fuck?” With a searing pain in my shoulder, I passed out.

*          *          *

I started to wake up. I had the weirdest nightmare. I guessed being shot in the chest would definitely give you nightmares. I opened my eyes and saw a smiling man in his late twenties with a week’s beard growth leaning over me.

“You’ve been asleep a long time Najya,” he said as he brushed the long black hair from my face. He checked my bandages and smiled again. “Your fever is gone and Hafeezah assures us that you will be fine.”

From out of my view another man said, “Adir, you shouldn’t listen to that old woman. I tell you she’s crazy.”

Adir laughed, “She removed the bullet and nursed my girl back to health. She’s the closest to a doctor we have.”

The other man came into view and frowned at me. I’d seen him before; the first time I had awoke. “It was bad enough we were just on the run from the police. But after that crazy wife of yours not only blew up the police station, but that bus load of kids, now we have the army after us as well.”

Adir smiled at me with very white teeth and stroked my hair. With some pride in his voice he said, “Those explosions were beautiful! They were very effective. They’ve even made the news in America.”

The other man grunted. “That’s all we need. For America to drop a bomb on us.”

Adir laughed, “You worry too much Saamah. Our enemies fear us. Thanks to Najya, they know we will stop at nothing.”

Saamah pointed at me and looked serious. “Can she move? It’s not safe to stay here any longer.”

Holy shit! What is going on? These two obvious terrorists think I’m a woman. I looked down and saw the mounds of breasts on my chest. Long black hair fell across my eyes. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth. This is impossible!

That strange guy told me I was taking over the life of someone who had done some evil. Evil is right! Killing kids and other innocents. Why am I here? In this woman’s body? And who are these two guys? Is one of them the new target I was told about? I’m sure they’re just as guilty of terrible crimes as well.

Before I could react, Adir walked up to me, grabbed my hair and bent my head back so he could kiss me. His unshaven face felt like sandpaper against my skin. I tried to push back, but he was just too strong.

Still holding a handful of my hair, Adir grinned at me without humor, “What’s the matter, babe? I think you need a good fuck. Push me away again like that and I’ll sell you into prostitution.”

Well, that would definitely be worse. I’ll just have to play along and wait for whatever it is I’m expected to do.

I put my arm around Adir’s neck and smiled at him. “I’m just tired.” I mentally held my nose and leaned in to kiss him. I was shocked to feel his tongue in my mouth, but I didn’t pull away. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t joking about selling me.

Adir grinned broadly, “That’s more like it, bitch. I’d fuck you right now, but Saamah is in a rush.”

I smiled at him as I ran my fingers down his rough, stubbly face. “I can’t wait.” I felt sick.

Before we started to leave, I had to make a quick trip to the very cramped restroom to relieve myself. It was the first time since becoming a woman that I had a private moment. I pulled my shirt off and my pants down just to have a look. Under different circumstances, I might have taken time to discover what pleasures I might get from my new body. But when I looked into the dirty mirror, I saw a very pretty woman; a woman who has murdered many innocent people. I felt disgusted rather than aroused. I started to grab a non-existent penis, frowned and then sat down to finish my business as quickly as possible.

I guess the muscles remember, because I didn’t have any trouble wrapping a scarf around my head. One last glance into the mirror and I thought that with the right clothes and make-up, she would be stunning back in the Western world. But she’d never be stunning now, with her battle scars and twisted hate. I sighed deeply and tried not to think about who I now was.

We loaded what gear we had into the back of a pickup truck. I was surprised to see it was a technical with a fifty cal mounted in the bed. Saamah got in the back. Adir climbed into the driver’s seat and I took the passenger side.

Saamah checked the fifty to make sure it was cocked and loaded. He pounded on the roof of the truck and shouted with a laugh, “Let’s ride!”

Adir spun the tires as he hit the accelerator pedal. With a lurch the truck pushed forward down the dirt road.

Saamah leaned over and shouted through the open driver’s side window, “We should catch up with the others in about an hour. Then we hit those stupid Brits garrisoned in the village. We’ll leave no one alive!” He and Adir laughed heartily.

Looking straight ahead as we bounced along the dusty road I asked, “Why attack? Why not just leave them alone?”

Adir gave me a quizzical look. “Are you fucking serious? They’re invaders. They don’t belong here! Just before you took that bullet, you couldn’t wait to go kill some Brits. What’s going on with you?”

I adjusted my headscarf before turning to face Adir. “Can’t a girl change her mind?”

Adir scowled at me, “Not when it comes to killing unbelievers. We have a duty!”

I was aware of the British detachment in the village we were approaching. They were placed there to try to halt terrorists – people like Adir and Saamah – from abducting young girls and selling them into slavery. They’re undermanned and have been waiting a few weeks for additional troops. But the abductions of girls had stopped, thanks to them.

Frowning, I looked forward again, “The Brits have stopped the stealing of little girls.”

Shouting in rage, Adir slapped me hard, “That’s why we’re taking them out, bitch! I need to fuck some sense back into you! What’s wrong with you?”

I held my stinging cheek and fought back tears, “Don’t you get tired of it? All the killing? Ruining lives because it suits your purpose?”

Adir struck me again, “Not until the invaders are gone and then we have to punish them in their homes. What’s wrong with you? Have you been listening to that new prophet?”

Crying, I said, “No.” I vaguely knew who he was talking about. Some guy preaching peace and gaining a following, not just here, but around the world. Most dismissed him as a kook.

Adir jabbed a finger in my face, “Better get your head on straight, cunt. Just because you’re my wife, don’t think I won’t sell you.”

I just stared out the windshield and said nothing else the rest of the drive.

*          *          *

“They know we’re here,” said a large man with a big bushy beard. “They don’t know our strength. They’re moving men around trying to make their forces seem larger than they are.”

Adir nodded, “When do we attack?”

The large man, obviously in authority looked around at the scruffy, but lethal looking group of men surrounding him. “Within the hour. Now that we’re all finally here.” He gave Saamah a dirty look.

Saamah just shrugged and pointed at me. “I apologize, Mansuri. She was injured and couldn’t move fast.”

Mansuri shook his head at me in digust. He turned to address his fellow terrorists, “Check your weapons. In half an hour, let no Brit remain standing!” Everyone cheered. Well, everyone but me.

Adir grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face to his. He kissed me roughly and then laughed broadly, “When we are victorious, I’m going to fuck your brains out. If you have any!” Saamah laughed.

I prayed that Adir was my target.

Around twenty or so minutes later, Saamah finished cleaning the dust from the fifty cal and Adir checked is AK47, Mansuri gave the signal to attack. He had given specific instructions to his officers on the attack plan. We were attacking from four directions at once, but positioned so we wouldn’t shoot each other.

Adir grinned as he handed me a belt with pouches stuffed with magazines. He started the pickup truck and said to me, “Better lock and load, baby. God be with us!”

I looked at the MP5 I was holding. I slid the mag out, made sure it was loaded and popped it back in. I then chambered a round. I had no intention of shooting any British defenders, but I wasn’t going to be defenseless either.

I took a deep breath as Adir spun the tires of the truck, thowing rooster tail of dirt in the air behind us. Roaring towards the village was a collection of technicals and cars full of terrorists. Mansuri was being driven to the village in his personal BMW.

We hit the village at full speed. The British defenders were waiting for us. In fact they let most of the vehicles get to the center of the city before they opened up on us from the windows and rooftops of the surrounding buildings. They had planted C-4 and claymores around the village square. They attacked the technicals with anti-tank rockets. It was total mayhem as trucks and other vehicles as well as personnel went sailing through the air from explosions.

Saamah shouted, “Get us out of here! Turn around!”

As he spun the pickup around, Adir snarled, “Those fucking Brits! It’s a trap!”

After a few frantic seconds, we met up with Mansuri and the rest of his men a few blocks from the village center. Mansuri got out of his BMW and shouted, “Get out of the vehicles! Search every building. Kill every man holding a gun.”

Saamah jumped out of the back of the truck and shouted to us, “Let’s go get our revenge!” He adjusted his bandolier and pulled a few grenades and hung them from the bandolier.

Taking a side street, we followed another group towards the center of the village. Some British soldiers started firing on us from a third floor window. Someone behind me took them out with an RPG.

Saamah raised his rifle over his head and shouted, “God is with us! On to victory!”

I kept my MP5 pointed at the ground as we went from building to building. I was disheartened that we were met with such underwhelming force. I stayed outside the buildings and closed my eyes and tried not to hear the cries of the British soldiers being gunned down.

As we approached the village center, this time on foot, Saamah shouted, “We have them on the run!” To me he said as he pointed to my right, “Najya, go down that side street and stop any Brits that might use it to get away.”

I nodded, and ran to the indicated street, hoping and praying there’d be no one there. Instead of holding my MP5 at the ready, I still pointed it at the ground. I hugged the walls of the buildings on one side while scanning the windows of the opposite buildings. I wasn’t sure what I’d do if fired upon from any of these windows. I didn’t want to die here, but I didn’t want to kill anyone either.

As I approached the end of the street, three British soldiers came racing around the corner. They all stopped when they saw me. To me, they seemed just mere boys, probably none of them older than twenty. They were unarmed and their faces were masks of horrific fear. They spoke to each other, and though it was English, I couldn’t understand a word they said.

We all just stood there for a moment, frozen in fear. They raised their arms in surrender. There was no way I was going to kill them. I just stood there, my gun still pointing to the ground. I was just about to wave them away.

“Shoot them!” shouted Saamah from behind me. I heard him run up towards me.

I glanced over my shoulder and shouted, “They’re unarmed!”

Saamah stopped next to me and gave me a disgusted look. He then looked over the three young, frightened British soldiers. He said causually, “Then that just makes it easier.”

He opened fire with his AK47 into the chests of the three men, the bullets ripping through their uniforms, splattering blood. They all collapsed where they had stood, their arms and legs splayed out at crazy angles.

Saamah slapped me hard, “Why didn’t you shoot?”

I just stood there; shaking and crying. I watched the soldiers’ blood staining the dirt street.

Before turning on his heel, Saamah shouted angrily at me, “What is wrong with you, you stupid cunt? You had three perfectly good targets right in front of you.”

I just stood there feeling sick to my stomach. It’s not like I hadn’t seen dead people before. It’s not like I haven’t taken lives before. But this… this was murder.

Hanging my head, I slung my MP5 over my shoulder and walked slowly back towards the village center where there was already much cheering and celebrating. The villagers weren’t celebrating. They were crying.

Adir came running up to me with an ear-to-ear smile. He put his arms around me and kissed me hard. “We are victorious! God was with us today!” He kissed me again.

Still grinning, he took my hand in a tight grip, “Come.”

He pulled me for a couple of blocks to where there was a cluster of small houses. We entered one. There was a frightened woman and three children in the house.

Adir pointed his gun at them and shouted, “Get out! All of you!”

When they had left, he pulled me into what appeared to be a bedroom. There was a squat bed of just a mattress and dirty sheets. He pushed me down onto the bed as he just grinned at me.

He pulled off his shirt and started to unfasten his pants. He grinned a rather horrible grin, “I am so fucking horny right now!”

He jumped on top of me and roughly kissed me. He pulled off my headscarf and quickly pulled my shirt over my head. He kissed and violently fondled my breasts. I tried to resist him, to push him back. But my own body betrayed me. It had been here before. My nipples stood erect and my breasts began to ache and I felt myself starting to moisten, getting ready for sex.

I had never given much thought to how a woman experienced sex. But despite being with someone who disgusted me, his intensity, his staying power, brought me to levels of pleasure I’ve never known before. I was gasping for air and found myself actually begging for more. It was just incredible…

*          *          *

I was naked in bed. My eyes were still closed, but I could feel Adir’s finger tracing around one nipple. I smiled as my husband kissed me. I slowly opened my eyes to look at my husband’s handsome face. He smiled at me and kissed me back.

He slung his legs off the bed. Rubbing his head he said, “We need to get up. Mansuri has called a meeting. Everyone has to be there.”

I sat up, pulling a sheet around me for modesty. “A meeting? About what?”

Adir shrugged after pulling up his pants. “I don’t know. Let’s go find out.”

Adir left me to dress as he walked out of the house. I dressed slowly, a warm, soft feeling of satisfaction almost overwhelming me. I smiled to myself when I found walking a bit difficult.

When I left the house, Adir was leaning against a wall, smoking. He took my hand and we walked together towards the village square. All our freedom fighters were gathering there. Saamah ran up to us.

“Where were you two last night?” he asked. He then looked at me and grinned. “Nevermind. Let’s see what Mansuri has to say about our great victory.”

In the middle of the square, if you could call it that, was a large fire, with black oily smoke rising from it. I looked closer and saw what was burning was a pile of bodies. British soldiers, stripped of everything useful.

I laughed, raising my rifle above my head and shouted, “God is great!” My exclamation was repeated by several others.

Mansuri raised both arms high, “Okay. Listen. Yesterday we eliminated the last of the invaders in our area. All around us, the vile scum are gathering their shit and leaving. We have won and you can be proud of that you participated in this.”

There was a roar of cheers from all our fighters. I felt happy. Not like I’ve felt in a long time. But something kept tickling the back of my mind.

Grinning, Mansuri continued, “And now we face a new cause. One that will bring us all much wealth and power. I’m sure you have heard of a new prophet. A messiah. Some are even calling him the Son of God. His movement preaches peace and happiness. What does this mean for us? For one, it means an end to war so we can raise our families according to our ways. And the other?” Mansuri paused for a moment. He smiled broadly when he continued, “This … messiah … needs muscle. His movement is global despite it starting in this region. He has new followers joining by the thousands daily. Once they drink this herbal tea he gives out, they become even more fervent followers. But not everyone wants to join him. There are protests so he needs protection. He has asked for help from our freedom fighters to become his army while he gathers his faithful.”

Someone from the crowd of fighters shouted, “What’s in it for us? I have witnessed those that have drank his tea. I do not wish to become like that.” A muttering floated around those gathered in the square.

Mansuri laughed, “Whatever we want! This new prophet now owns farms and factories, worldly objects his followers are just giving him as they reject their secular life. If we do a good job, he will pay us well. And no. We don’t drink the tea.”

One of Mansuri’s lieutenants spoke up, “This new prophet will be speaking to another group of fighters in two days. It is a little over a day’s drive from here. After we listen to him speak, we’ll decide whether to join his army or not. Sounds like a damned good deal to me.”

There was more muttering and some shouts. Mansuri raised his arms again and shouted, “We leave in an hour. With or without you.”

Adir turned to Saamah and asked, “What do think? Should we go?”

Saamah shrugged. “To me, this false prophet sounds like a crack-pot. I think his message of peace, love and non-violence is a sham. But his movement seems to be catching on with people.”

Adir nodded, “I heard he has converted almost the whole west coast of America. All of Canada have gone over to the word.”

Saamah nodded as well. “Yeah. He’s using MS-13 as his enforcers there from what I hear. Crime and hunger has all but disappeared there.”

Adir grinned. “Sounds like there’s room for us.” He looked over at me and asked, “How about you, baby. Coming with us?”

I smiled at him, “I’m going anywhere you’re going, my husband.”

Adir’s grin got bigger. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face to his. He kissed me roughly. He then laughed, “I can’t wait until tonight!”

*          *          *

We left at dawn the next morning to make it in time to hear the new prophet speak. Saamah was having to drive as Adir and I were still exhausted from all our wild sex that night. Adir had said I was like an animal. And he loved every second of it. Tired, but happy, we both fell asleep about an hour before we had to get up.

Adir and I both lay down in the back of the pickup truck. Since we were driving today on a paved road, we weren’t bouncing around. I cuddled close to my husband and kissed him. I was so in love and so happy to be with him.

We arrived at our destination about twenty minutes before the new prophet was to speak to us. He was using what was left of a school auditorium. Just a few weeks before, the invaders were using this building as a make-shift hospital. I smiled at the memory of swarming the facility, slaughtering every doctor, nurse and wounded soldier we saw.

Adir pulled on my hand when I suddenly stopped walking. “Something wrong?”

I had a sudden wave of nausea and I thought I was going to throw up for a moment.

I shook my head, “No. It’s nothing. I’m okay.”

Adir laughed, “Are you pregnant? I want a son.”

I forced a smile. The memory of the slaughter was now leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I said, “No. I’m not pregnant. And you don’t get to order which sex your child his.”

Adir frowned, “You will give me a son, or I will sell you.”

I frowned back at him, “I’m not pregnant.”

Space was cramped inside the auditorium. As I started to walk in with Adir, a large, burly man stopped me by putting his hand on my chest, “You stay outside.” I just stared at him for a moment and then he pushed me back. “No women inside.” Adir didn’t even stop.

Frowning, I started to walk around the building. On the far side of where I was, I saw other women gathered next to a partially collapsed wall where they could see and hear what was going on. A lot of people were gathering, not just freedom fighters, to hear this so-called new messiah.

I got up as close as I could. He had already began speaking, “… and sisters. I beseech you to listen to and join in with the new word. The word of peace. The word of joy. No more starving children. No more war. All of us, living together as one…”

I listened to his mesmerizing voice. He was such a charismatic speaker! It was easy to get caught up in his speaking. Who wants war? Who wants starving children? He spoke to a universal yearning we all felt.

In just a couple of short months, this new prophet had reigned in hundreds of millions of followers. Once you heard his word, you’d drink his herbal tea and then you finally understand and became one with the word.

Saamah broke my reverie by leaning close and speaking into my ear, “Come. Adir and few others have a mission.”

I blinked a few times to wake myself up from the prophet’s mesmerizing voice. “A mission? Doing what?”

As we walked towards a large canvass covered truck, Saamah said, “We’re hitting several major cities in this area. All are now under the control of this son of God as he’s now calling himself. We are going there to ransack all religious institutions – churches, synagogues, and mosques. We are to destroy all religious representations. He says they are worthless distractions to his one true word. Then we hit museums. We take all the art and dump it into a pile and burn it for much the same reason.”

Stunned, I said, “You can’t be serious. What were we fighting for?”

Adir shrugged. “We’re fighting for something even greater.”

We spent the next week, destroying houses of worship. Killing those who would not give up their false religion and listen to the new word. Priceless art treasures went up in smoke. Modern art as well as antiquities were smashed. Adir and Saamah seemed to really enjoy breaking things. We spared nothing. Not even places where just a few days ago were sacred to us. So strong were the words of the new prophet.

And every night Adir and I would experience the most magnificent sex of our lives. Even though we didn’t drink the tea, we attributed our energies to our new found spirituality.

*          *          *

Smiling broadly, Saamah walked up to where Adir and I were sitting next to a small stream. He said, “Friends, the word from Mansuri is that he wants us to be part of a massive circle of protection to the son of God. In a few days he will make the largest address yet, reaching thousands locally and millions across the globe. There is a fear that a group that refuses the word will make an attempt on his life. We are his army and we will be there to protect him.”

Beaming, Adir said, “That is great news brother.” He glanced over at me, “Why are you not happy that we get to serve the son of God in such a way?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. “I’ve been hearing odd things. Things that seem to contradict the word.”

Saamah scowled, “What are you hearing? The message of the word is perfect.”

I poked a stick into the stream. “I’m hearing stories of mass graves. Of extermination of the sick and lame. Elimination of anyone who is incapable or refuses to work in the prophet’s fields or factories. Masses of people with glazed eyes performing tasks with no emotions.”

Saamah laughed. “It’s all just lies. Lies and propaganda by those who reject the word. After the address, few will be left not following the son of God.”

Adir shook his head. “Who could refuse the word? Look around. No more crime. No more wars. Nobody starves. The prophet’s farms are bountiful. We will eliminate all who oppose the prophet.”

Saamah nodded. “The son of God loves us all.”

*          *          *

The great day had come. Thousands of followers and would be followers slowly filled the huge amphitheater. Several of us were positioned at the highest points surrounding the speaking area. We could see everything from our tower perch.

Mansuri grinned and said, “Today, the world will hear the word and join us in unity.”

Saamah nodded and said, “Hail the son of God.”

Several of us, using binoculars, scanned the teeming crowds below us, looking for someone who might cause trouble. I was both excited and worried. Excited to be on the ground floor of such a global phenomenon. And worried at what it all meant. I looked over at my husband and smiled weakly. He just leaned over and kissed me.

Someone in our tower, looking through binoculars suddenly shouted, “Hey! I see something. It looks like someone with a rifle! He’s not one of us!”

Several of us looked in the direction indicated. Mansuri growled, “You’re right! It’s a European or an American. Both places have been resisting the word.”

Another in the tower, holding a sniper rifle pushed to the railing of the tower. “I’ll take him out!”

I said, “Are you sure he should be killed?”

Adir slapped me. “Stupid cunt! He’s not one of us and he has a high-powered rifle! We can’t take the chance.”

The man with the rifle pointed his weapon over the rail. He adjusted his scope for a minute. Finally he lowered the rifle and declared, “Target’s too far. I can’t get a clean shot.”

Something triggered in my head. A target. A target that was going to assassinate the most important human being on the planet. I’m here for a reason. This is it!

I jerked the weapon from the man’s hands. “Pussy! I’ll do it!” I wrapped the strap around my arm and held my breath for stability. It took only a moment to sight in on the assassin. I tightened the scope in. He looked American. Either current or former military, though he wore no uniform. I watched him sight his scope in with a look of grim determination. I just wasn’t picking up the right kind of vibe from him.

Adir shouted, “Shoot you fucking bitch!”

My finger started to ease against the trigger. I held my breath just a bit longer.

Suddenly several men grabbed the man and his weapon and pulled him down. He was pulled from the view of my sight.

Looking through binoculars, Saamah laughed. “You dumb stupid cunt. You missed the chance for the shot.”

I said, “No. I haven’t.” I took a deep breath and held it. I spun around and it took only a moment to acquire the so-called son of God’s head in my scope. I zeroed in on his temple and squeezed off a round. Through the scope, I saw his head explode. An uproar exploded from the floor of the amphitheater. Behind me were screams and gasps.

Adir hit me hard on my head and screamed, “You fucking bitch!”

I turned around. Saamah was starting towards me. I shot him at point-blank range into his crotch and threw the rifle down. As he screamed, I shouted, “And that’s enough of that!” Before anyone could react, in one fluid motion I grabbed a grenade from Saamah’s bandolier, pulled the pin and let the spoon fly. I shoved the grenade down Adir’s pants and put my arms around his neck, pulling him into me.

I took one last look at my husband and kissed him. Then my head cleared and I pulled away and shouted as loud as I could, “Fuck you!”

*          *          *

“Well, that was certainly quite imaginative,” said the strange man I had first seen on that roof top so long ago. We were walking, but I couldn’t make out anything surrounding us.

Frustration still in my voice, “That asshole just had to go.” I looked down at myself. I was back to looking like I did on that rooftop.

“Understandable,” nodded the strange man. “And very good work, by the way. You used your free will to save humanity. Since the ‘son of god’ died, there have been quite a few fights and altercations, border skirmishes and threats of war.”

I stopped walking and looked over at that odd man. “Is that good though? I mean, wars had ended. So had crime and hunger.”

The odd man gave me a wry grin. “Only on the surface. He was busy eliminating people he thought was worthless. Thousands of years of humanity’s greatest art, music and philosophy was being destroyed. Those that were drinking the tea were becoming mindless slaves. Better to have a vibrant human species acting out human nature than have the peace and quiet of a world of zombies.”

I shrugged. “Maybe. What happens next?”

The man chuckled. “You have completed your mission. Sadly, there will be no movies made or books written about what you did this day. It’s just time to move on.”

I looked at him quizzically. “Move on? What do you m…”

*          *          *

It was suddenly all dark and slimy. There was a light I was moving towards. I thought of several movies where someone was instructed to move to the light. All around me were muffled sounds. I was then unceremoniously pulled from the warm sticky place I was in.

There was bright light. I couldn’t really see anything. My vision was all blurred. Someone near me said loudly, “It’s a girl.”

What? A girl? What is he talking…

And softly and quietly, all my memories and cognitive abilities just faded away…

*          *          *

The End

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