The World’s Shortest TG Story

The World’s Shortest TG Story

by Melanie Brown

Copyright © 2005 Melanie Brown

When I awoke, I knew something was wrong. I felt lighter and somehow weaker. A strange weight pulled on my chest. I reached up and felt two firm, pouty breasts. I sat bolt upright and felt the two perfect breasts, feeling them tighten as the nipples stood erect.

“Oh my God!” I screamed. “This can’t be happening!” I reached down and discoverer Mr. Happy was gone! I threw the covers off the bed and jumped to my feet, my new breasts bouncing suggestively. Long strands of blonde hair fell across my face and over my naked shoulders.

I ran to the bathroom and turned on the light and gaped into the mirror. “My God! I’m…I’m…Ohhhh, I’m hot!” After tousling my hair a bit and posing, I settled in to a hot bubble bath.

Without hesitation or concern about how they got there, I skillfully applied the cosmetics that were now scattered over my bathroom counter. I then flung open my closet door, revealing dozens of short, sexy dresses and almost as many four inch high heels.

I selected the sexiest and the shortest and hurried to the elevator. As soon as I stepped out onto the street, I called out to the nearest hot guy. “Hey, sweety, would you like to play?”

I spent the rest of the day, having wild hot sex with one guy after another!

God! I love being a woman!

*          *          *


The End


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