End Transmission


End Transmission
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2018 Melanie Brown

Captain Harris was in for a rude awakening.


This not a sequel to Christmas in Space. Just uses the same universe. You don't have to read it, but it helps -- Ed



There was that sudden, awful feeling, like millions of tiny pins were pressing into your skin and a bright flash. I hated being reconstituted. I think everyone does. I caught myself against the glass of the chamber as I drew in a few deep breaths. You can never anticipate being reconstituted as it always just seems to happen immediately after being diced up in the “sanding” process. There’s no dreaming or any other kind of awareness after you’ve been dehydrated and stored digitally and as a jar of silica gel and another of water.

I’m the captain and only crewmember aboard a deep RADAR space probe vessel named “Smazochnyy Medved.” The ship’s computer will occasionally bring me out of storage to do system checks, ensure proper calibration of the probe or if the ship was in proximity to another vessel, either Alliance or CoDom. You never know the situation until after you leave the sanding chamber.

But something was different this time. I mean really different. Something was very strange and not readily apparent. Two things caught my attention immediately. For one, the interior of the ship was dark with the exception of a couple of red lighting panels in the ceiling and a few status lights on the panels. The second was the locks of long blonde hair that fell across my bare shoulders and tickled my ample tits.

Being reconstituted nude is pretty standard, especially on these small, single crew vessels. But the long blonde hair, and the big tits and missing cock are definitely not standard.

“What the fuck?” I muttered aloud as I stepped out of the sanding chamber and into the soft red glow that filled the ship’s interior. The air was a bit musty with the air handlers turned off. In fact almost everything was turned off. Just what the hell happened?

I felt myself up for a moment while I looked around the interior. This was some crazy shit. For some reason, my personal profile wasn’t used to reconstitute me. The ship’s entertainment model was used. In my case, the entertainment module was a construct of what was at one time, the hottest, most desirable, wicked prostitute from Seka-5; one of the crappiest and most dangerous shit-hole planet just outside Alliance space. The Lola template is illegal on every Alliance Navy vessel, but has managed to be universally installed.

The Lola entertainment module was originally written to be used for espionage, but its entertainment value was discovered pretty quickly. The programming is incredibly complex and allows for whoever is using the profile to be reduced to a vacuous bimbo if they’re in danger of being discovered, to returning the user’s full faculties should an emergency situation arise and virtually everything in between.

But why am I currently a woman? Was there a glitch? I’ve been on crews in the past where there are more than one member where someone is chosen, not always voluntarily, to be the entertainment. If there is more than one crew member present, the default mode of the package is a vacuous and extremely horny prostitute and the person being used normally has no memory of all the men they had sex with. Good thing I didn’t come up that way or I’d be completely lost.

I thought about just saying to hell with it and deconstruct myself and wait out whatever the problem is. But this last reconstitution seems to have drained whatever remained of the ship’s main power. That’s when I noticed the red blinking light on the communications console, indicating a message. I walked over and punched the retrieve button.

The screen flashed as it turned on. Fortunately, the communications console had its own battery backup power. The console emitted a beep and then letters began appearing on the screen. All communications with Alliance forces are through our sub-ether faster-than-light technology. The signal is virtually undetectable by CoDom forces, and while very lower power, the signal currently can’t be blocked.


Holy shit! I thought as I read the message. I’m a copy. It’s normally illegal to have more than one of anyone active at a time. The emergency protocol over-rides the failsafe built into the sander. I, the real me – the official me – had managed to shutdown all the critical systems before being captured before I could complete my task. My vessel was either loaded into the hold or docked to the side of a CoDom vessel; most likely an Owens class frigate. I continued reading the message.



I started shaking and my knees got weak. Holy shit! The mission is suicide. As a copy, I don’t really matter. I’m not eligible for future reconstitutions. But I’m also going to be sacrificing whoever the Alliance prisoners are. The thought of killing myself, along with those prisoners made me sick to my stomach.

But if the CoDom were able to pick apart my vessel and learn its advanced technology secrets, it might turn the tide of the war. Military secrets are the most fleeting of all and the Alliance was damned determined not to easily let go of its secrets.

I took a few deep breaths before walking over the main power console. Like with the rest of the interior of the ship, a few status indicators glowed from the panel. With stiff determination, I flipped the safety catches. The maintenance button lit up. I pressed it. Rarely but sometimes it’s necessary to feed the core back into itself for maintenance. There’s a safety over-ride that prevents more than ten percent saturation.

A panel lit up with the words, “VOICE VERIFCATION.” I wondered if this would work as now my voice is that of a woman. I closed my eyes tightly and took another deep breath. Oh my God! I can’t believe I’m about to give an order that will end my life. I know I’m just a copy. But still… I’m alive. I’m conscious.

But I’m also an officer of the Alliance Combined Space Services. I’d be doing this even if I was the original me. I straightened my shoulders, gritted my teeth and said, “Captain Sam Harris, Service ID 867-5309. Command over-ride. Code Destruct.”

A panel opened exposing a recessed button. But a very loud and obnoxious alarm sounded as well. It rattled me for a moment. Will this alert my CoDom captors?

A display flashed, “30 seconds to comply with destruct order.” A countdown appeared next to the words.

The loud alarm caused me to disorient. Apparently this female body has a very low tolerance to loud sounds. I slowly slid my fingers towards the buttons. Fuck! This is it.”

Just before I could touch the button, the hatch above me glanged open and two CoDom sailors dropped to the deck, weapons drawn.

Seeing a threat the entertainment module couldn’t directly handle, it switched me to full bimbo mode. I dropped to my knees and smiled as I said, “Fuck me! Please fuck me!” There was a ding sound behind as the option to overload the core expired.

*          *          *

“Captain, as far as we can analyze her, she’s exactly what she appears to be; the ship’s whore. She’s not a weapon or a bomb. Her intelligence is very low and all she wants to do is have sex.”

An older officer, from what I could see of the insignia on his lapel, the ship’s captain frowned as he looked down at me where I was sitting on the floor. “Thank you, lieutenant. Any idea why she was aboard that vessel? Especially after we swept if for life forms?”

The lieutenant sighed and scratched the back of his head. “Beats me captain. Some of the guys down in engineering say they think it’s a whore they store electronically in that digitizing system they have on their ships.”

The captain walked up to me, rubbing his chin. I just stared blankly at him and smiled. While the Lola program was keeping me outwardly appearing to be a brainless sex toy, inside, my mind was very much aware of the situation and I was taking in all the conversations taking place on the bridge.

The captain looked up at the lieutenant. “Don’t those require an actual human as the base? Regardless, I’ve sent for the captain of that blockade runner that we captured a few days ago to come up here and explain how this girl got aboard that ship.”

The lieutenant shook his head. “Those Alliance officers are pretty tight-lipped, captain.”

The captain chuckled. “I’m not asking him any state secrets or how to run that digitizer. He’d just punch in something wrong and all the circuits would fuse.”

I tugged on the captain’s pants leg. “Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

The captain looked down at me and laughed. “We need one of these on our ship.”

The door to the bridge slid open and three men entered. Two appeared to be guarding the third man. One of the guards said, “Here’s the prisoner as requested, Captain.”

The captain looked up at the new arrivals. “Captain Larson. Step over here. I have a few questions.”

Scowling, Captain Larson said, “Ask all you want, Capt Marsden. I’ve already told you my name, rank and serial number.”

Capt. Marsden chuckled again. “I just want to ask about this…” He stepped aside and pointed at me.

For only a heartbeat, Capt. Larson was taken aback. Then he grinned. “That’s a ship’s whore. Pity we didn’t have one on our ship. Where did you find this one?”

Capt Marsden shrugged. “We found it on the deep space radar ship we captured after we had removed the sole crewmember aboard. She really gave us a surprise. Any idea how she got there?”

Capt. Larson shrugged. “I guess no harm in giving you conjecture. It was most likely just a malfunction of the dehydration device.”

Pointing at me again, Capt. Marsden asked, “Doesn’t that require a profile over-laid on a human?”

Capt Larson just shook his head. “No. of course not.” He lied. The Lola protocol is just a shell encapsulating a normal profile. Even the spare crewmember profile deployed on almost every Alliance ship is basically a copy of a real person. I must have removed that profile as well when I was shutting the system down. He definitely would have been a better choice than Lola to destroy the ship. While he’s based on an actual person, he’s completely under the ship’s system control.

Capt. Marsden nodded. “So this is just an anomaly? That device on the probe ship isn’t going to be dispensing soldiers is it?”

Capt. Larson gave a wry smile. “Do you think I’d tell you if it could? But seriously, the device doesn’t carry enough ionized water and silica gel for more than two or three people on these one-man vessels.”

Capt. Marsden looked at Larson sideways. “Aren’t you giving away a military secret?’

Larson laughed. “That info is on a pamphlet that hangs on the chamber door.”

Looking embarrassed for a moment, Capt. Marsden said, “Well, we did take the captain of the vessel prisoner as he was busy trying to melt down his ship. He’s been put on a single crew pod and shot out to CoDom space where he’ll be picked up in a few months for a proper interrogation.”

Larson smirked. “If he makes it. The CoDom still uses that inefficient cryogenics process.”

I put my arms around Larson’s leg and purred, “Please fuck me.”

Capt Larson started playing with my long hair. “Is that all you needed, Captain?”

Capt Marsden smiled. “Yes. That is all. But Captain. To show you how generous we in the CoDom are to our prisoners, I’ll grant you an hour with the girl in a private room. Perhaps she’ll brighten your mood some so we can continue our conversation.”

Captain Larson tousled my hair and grinned at me. “I think I’d like that. I can’t remember the last time I was with a woman. What about the rest of my crew?”

Marsden laughed. “Maybe. After my crew is done with her. Not many port calls in this region of space. Guards. Escort Captain Larson and this whore to an empty officer’s quarters. Good day, sir.”

One of the guards pointed his pistol at me, indicating I should stand. As I stood, I smiled sweetly at him. “Fuck me?”

*          *          *

As soon as the door to the officer’s quarters closed and before Capt. Larson could react, I started kissing him and trying to undress him. He didn’t resist. He started kissing me back and fondling my very over endowed boobs. I began to moisten.

Removing his shirt, Larson pulled me over to the room’s bunk. I grinned at his exposed chest. This guy was buff! The Lola programming switched to high gear. I couldn’t believe just how much I loved men. I wanted him to fuck me so bad! I wanted him inside me!

Larson pushed me down on the bunk as he pulled his pants off. The bulge in his underwear was massive. He held me down as he sucked my tits and played with my clit. Oh God! I was in heaven. He kissed me deeply and I sucked his tongue into my mouth.

“Oh God baby!” I squealed. “Fuck me hard! Oh baby I want you so bad!” I spread my legs wide for him.

He slapped my tits and sucked on my very hard and erect nipples. He probed my pussy with his fingers as he kissed me. And then I felt his very hard and very large member slide into me. Oh my God! I gasped for air as he rocked his hips back and forth as he pumped his massive cock into me. I squeezed my pussy against his cock which caused him to pump me harder. I lifted my hips to match his rhythm and push him deeper.

I’ve never felt such intense pleasure in my life. I wanted him to fuck me forever. All I now wanted was endless sex with men.

One final, forceful thrust and he released, his balls draining inside me. I moaned loudly with the highest level of pleasure ever. Being fucked by this man was pure heaven. I moaned again softly as he lay across me and began to nibble on my ear.

I felt his hot breath on my neck. He moved his lips near my ear. In a very low, whispered voice, Capt. Larson said, “Command over-ride, voice authorization, scan for listening devices.” One of the bad things about being under the Lola protocol is that you really have no control over yourself. Either the programming is controlling you, or someone with command authority can control you. And as the Lola protocol was originally developed for espionage, it has a lot of spy features. One being able to heighten hearing perception to detect the faint, high pitch audio emissions from listening devices.

The prostitute mode turned off, leaving me as me but listening around the room. Capt. Larson’s very large cock was still inside, still pulsing semen inside me. The thought now nauseated me.

I didn’t detect anything and my hearing returned to normal frequencies. “Room is clear.”

Playing with my hair and still inside me, Capt Larson asked in a quiet voice, “Who are you?”

Annoyed and distracted that his cock was not only still inside me, but he was starting to slide it in and out again. I took a deep breath. “I am Captain Sam Harris. Alliance Space Defense.” I bit my lip and moaned softly as his cock continued to slide in and out. I could feel him start to swell again.

“What is your mission?” asked Larson as he slowly thrust is growing cock into me.

“I… oh!” I couldn’t help but sigh with pleasure. “I was ordered to overload the core. But I got … oh God…mmmmm… yessss… mmmm… switched to bimbo mode fore I could finish the process.”

Feeling his breath against my ear, Capt Larson said, “Listen to me girl. You must complete your mission. Command over-ride, voice authorization. Orders to complete mission at all costs.”

He sucked on one of my nipples as his rhythm began to increase. I studied his face. “You and your crew will be killed.”

Larson suddenly increased the force of his thrusts. Through clenched teeth, he growled, “We’re already dead.” Breathing hard and pounding my pussy again, he said, “Scuttlebutt is that when we reach port, the CoDom is going to do experimental brain transplant tests on us.” He thrust hard a few more times. “They plan to infiltrate the Alliance with our own men, but their brains.”

He started fucking me hard. Much harder than before. Only now it was me he was fucking, not the Lola protocol. And despite that, I loved having a man inside me. Heaven help me but I loved it. Feeling him inside me caused intense pleasure. My whole body was ringing like a bell. He made one last, violent thrust into me and exploded his hot sperm once more. I squealed with delight.

He started to grow limp and he pulled out of me. He went over to the room’s wash basin and cleaned himself up and got dressed. I just laid there in a warm glow of pleasure.

He leaned over and kissed me. “Do not fail in your mission, girl. The fate of the Alliance is in your hands.”

*          *          *

Men say a lot of things when they think you’re too stupid to really understand. I had sex with every crewmember of the CoDom ship. It was tough work, but you know, somebody had to do it. I gathered a huge amount of intel from blabby, horny men.

This was indeed an Owen’s Class Frigate named Chikatilo. The latest CoDom vessel. It’s equipped with the latest in Jump Technology. The ship’s skin was coated with a RADAR absorbing material so they can hunt down deep RADAR probing ships like mine. That’s how they caught the original me with my pants down. They were already pulling the ship into their hold before the system could reconstitute him.

And Captain Larson was correct. He and his men were heading for a gruesome fate with serious consequences to the Alliance. And it was up to me; a little bimbo whore, to stop them.

And considering the circumstances that were forced upon me, I feel no shame in saying that, despite the seriousness of my mission, I was having a great time. The real-life Lola really enjoyed what she did and so did I. I was fucked in almost every compartment of the ship, from the bridge to the galley to the engine room to even the weapons control center and data center. I learned every meter of the ship.

I also learned that this ship was a sitting duck. The last jump to bring the frigate alongside my RADAR ship blew out a jump coil. Engineering has been working feverishly to fix it. Which means the ship is still inside Alliance space. If there was some way to get the prisoners off the ship, they stood a very good chance of eventual pick up. Especially if Alliance Command knew about them.

*          *          *

I had the run of the ship. I had become basically a pet to the crew. Most of the crew were young men. There were no females. And the ship was currently dead in space. I’m sure once the ship was underway, conditions would change. But the crew felt safe from any external threat, being so far from the rest of the Alliance, so they got lazy. Discipline was going out the window. All I had to do was drop to my knees in front of a crewman, give him a blowjob and I could gain access to any room.

I also learned where the single crew pods were. There were spaces for twenty of them. One had been used to send the original me out into space. Four others were gone for whatever reason. But there was one for every Alliance prisoner. I started to formulate a plan of action.

The ship’s captain gave me a small uniform to wear so I wouldn’t be running around the ship naked. Despite the lax discipline, he still had a ship to run and he didn’t want me to be a complete distraction. And it was great for me because it gave me pockets. I could carry stuff, like timed explosives and pistols. I went from room to room collecting things and nobody paid any real attention to the little bimbo. I squirreled stuff away inside my probe ship. In all honesty, I was shocked at either the sheer stupidity of the CoDom sailors or their sheer over confidence. Maybe some of both.

I was servicing one of the men in the computer room when I overheard a conversation between two other men waiting their turn. One had just walked in from the corridor.

“Hey, did you hear news?” asked man number one.

The other man leaned back with his hands behind his head. “I hear a lot of shit. Whatcha got?”

The first man sat down where he could watch me performing a blowjob on the lead computer tech. He leaned forward. “Engineering finally fixed the jump drive. After testing, the captain wants them spun up first thing tomorrow. As soon as we’re up to nominal power, then the computer will start our next jump calculations.”

“About fucking time. I know there’s no Alliance ships near us…not yet anyway. But I still feel like a sitting duck here.”

Man number one let out a long sigh. “I hear ya, brother. If the Alliance thought we were still here, they’d been on us in days.”

And he was right. If Alliance Command had any clue a CoDom ship was still here, they’d sent everything they had to my last coordinates and blasted these guys to atoms. Not for any love of me, but to keep our technology out of their hands.

There wasn’t going to be much time now if I was going to act. I swallowed the load from the man I was servicing and licked his penis clean. I smiled at the other two men. As soon as I was done with them, I would finally start to complete my mission.

A bell sounded over the sound system announcing the start of a light duty watch. Since most of the crew would have nothing to do the captain had initiated a light duty work watch of about eight hours so most of the crew could sleep. Under full power and operational, the ship would run a twenty-four hour cycle. It was amusing that the CoDom, despite separating from the rest of humanity still kept a standard terran day when in space.

That bell also meant it was time for me to go to work. In an hour, most of the ship would be quiet with only a small number of the crew at their stations. I rushed back to the deck where my ship was anchored to the hold, careful not to be seen. First order of business was to make sure I don’t get interrupted this time. I took several remote triggered explosives from where I had hid them on my ship and placed them at strategic locations up and down the bulkhead from where the hatch to my ship was located. When I set these off, nobody would be coming down my corridor.

I filled my pockets with small, but effective explosive devices. I had mapped the ship in my head as thoroughly as I could. The brig that held the Alliance prisoners was one deck above the one man pod racks. The brig was against an outer wall so it could be vented to space if the CoDom wanted to. Permanently blocking the section hatches on either end of the corridor would delay access to that section. A gangway led to the deck below to the pods.

In one direction, the corridor led down to the hatch to my ship. The other direction to another section hatch that would have to be disabled. I was hoping I’d buy enough time to get the prisoners into a pod and program it. Granted, my orders specifically said to blow the core to my ship, but I just couldn’t bring myself to sacrifice those prisoners. I finished planting the explosives on the hatches on the pod deck. I had to time this right.

I climbed up the gangway and saw the two guards standing watch outside the brig. I smiled at them both and mewed, “Fuck me?”

Both guards turned to look at me. The one nearest me said gruffly, “Beat it whore. You’re not allowed on this deck.”

I walked up to the guard that spoke and got really close. I pressed my hand on his crotch. I cooed into his ear. “Are you sure, sweetie? I think it’s time for a party.”

The other guard grinned at me. “Oh come on, corporal. Let her stay. Nobody’s around.”

The corporal looked around. “Well, okay. But if we get into trouble, I’m taking it out on your ass.” He unzipped his pants and I slid to my knees while looking up and grinning at him. At this point I was having to fight Lola.

The other guard looked down at me and grinned stupidly and laughed. “I’m next!”

With a penis hanging right in from of my face, I looked at the second man as I reached into my pocket. “No. Actually you’re first.”

With one fluid motion, I pulled a rail pistol from my pocket and put a hot bolt of plasma through his skull. He dropped like a stone.

The corporal shouted, “What the fuck?” He reached for his own weapon, but before he could move, I cauterized his brain just like the other one.

I quickly searched his pockets until I found the keycard I was looking for. I swiped the card through the interface and the brig door slid open.

Captain Larson rushed to the door to see me standing there straddling two dead CoDom sailors. “Captain Harris? What the hell is going on?” The other prisoners rushed to the open door.

“Jail break, Captain!” I shouted, though he was only a few feet away. “You guys are taking those pods back to Alliance space. I’ll program the pods for you. Just get into them. Look, we won’t have much time because once I blow the lock on those section hatches, all hell is going to break loose.”

Larson looked back at his crew. “You heard the girl, men. Hurry down that gangway to the pods.”

As they were hurrying down the gangway, I ran to one hatchway and set a charge and then ran to the other at the opposite end of the corridor. I already had the charges set on the lower deck. I took a deep breath and ran down the gangway. When I hit the bottom rail, I hit the button on my remote and I heard four satisfying explosions go off. Then alarms starting going off all over the ship.

Most of the men were already sliding into a pod. Only Captain Larson stood next to his. I shouted over the noise of the alarms, “I’ll launch you each manually from that control console right after I code the destinations. You’ll be in cryo-sleep until you’re picked up.”

Captain Larson said, “What about you, Harris? Who’s launching you?”

I shook my head. “I have my mission Captain. Not just from you, but from Alliance Command. I’m expendable. Besides, I have a ton of data to transmit from my ship to Alliance Command before the core breach.”

Captain Larson just looked at me in a curious way. I could hear the ship’s crew cutting through the bulkheads to gain entry. Larson smiled at me, slid his hand through my hair at the back of my head and drew me to him. He kissed me and then smiled. “For luck.”

Sternly, I said “Get in that pod, Larson.”

As he closed the pod’s hatch, he looked back. “God Speed, Harris.”

I ran to the console. I had practiced this a dozen times. I quickly punched in the destinations for each pod. I took a deep breath and hit each pod’s launch button.

I heard a piece of metal fall from the deck above. Oh God, they’re through, I thought to myself. Over the noise of each pod launching I ran like a madwoman down the corridor to the hatch that led to my ship in the hold.

As I opened the hatch and started to descend, I heard many men running down the gangway. I heard someone shout, “It’s her! Kill her!” A plasma bolt hit the hatch. I jumped down the hatchway and pulled the hatch down and locked it closed. I slid to the control deck of my ship. With a grim determination, I pressed the second trigger button and I heard muffled explosions above my ship as the external bulkheads were blown away, venting the corridor to space along with who knows how many men until the CoDom ship’s emergency system closed the bulkhead doors to stop further venting.

I had time now. I leisurely walked to the communications console and began transferring vital intel about the CoDom ship’s technology, what their plans were for the prisoners, the pod trajectories so they could be picked up. I even sent the coordinates of where they could hope to find the real Captain Harris.

I sighed. That Captain Harris will have no memories of what I did here. He’s just snoozing away in his cryo-sleep while a woman was left to finish up after him. He’ll return to a celebration. While I… I looked over at the power console. While I… I sighed.

I punched in a few items for the ship’s operational log into the comm system. Slowly, with tears welling up in my eyes, I punched in, “FINAL LOG ENTRY. HARRIS. CAPTAIN OF SMAZOCHNYY MEDVED, ALLIANCE SPACE DEFENSE.”

Slowly, my heart heavy, I walked to the power console and began the sequence that was interrupted before. As the countdown started, I was attempted to let the option for destruct to expire again, so I’d have to do it again to buy a few extra moments. I decided it wouldn’t make a whole lot of difference.

I closed my eyes tightly, squeezing out a few last tears as I slowly, but deliberately slid my fingers to the button.

*          *          *

“Admiral,” said a female officer on station at the comm console. “We have an urgent message coming in on sub-ether from the deep radar space probe Smazochnyy Medved.”

The admiral looked over at the console. “What are we getting, lieutenant?”

The officer scanned the data on the screen. “Telemetry on the vessel’s last location and status. Trajectory of rescue pods for escaped Alliance prisoners. A lot of data coming in about the latest CoDom frigate.”

The admiral frowned for a moment as he saw the last text scroll across the monitor. “Lieutenant, send Command my request for a commendation for Captain Harris.”

The officer nodded. “Yes admiral.”

The admiral stood there in silence for a moment, understanding all too well the meaning of the final words glowing on the console:

“End Transmission.”

*          *          *

The End

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