For Master Chapter 1

"This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but it's fan fiction so I hope it's forgivable.
Also this story is rather dark in places, if you're sensitive read cautiously.

I shivered when a hand fondled my ass on the crowded subway. The short skirt of the school uniform barely covered my panties, and the blouse was too tight, but they insisted I wear it, and this was the result. A large hand caressing me, as I tried not to blush in shame, or bring attention to what was happening.

“Don't say a word, or everyone will know exactly what you are,” the man whispered in my ear, his hot breath reeked of garlic. I cringed as his lips touched my ear, tickling me, making me shiver. I prayed that no one in the crowded subway would see my humiliation, the blood rushing to my cheeks as my body and mind fought each other, one filled with lust, the other with shame. My knees grew weak, I gasped as his fingers slipped under my panties. A business man looked up from his paper, as I leaned forward, accidentally rubbing my breasts against his arm.

He looked around nervously, but no one was paying attention, I might as well have been invisible. The business man folded his paper and put it under his arm, the frown turning into a small smile. His hand reached out, carefully unbuttoning my blouse watching me carefully to see what I would do. Only a gasp of horror escaped past my lips. Biting my tongue I tried not to moan as a finger entered me. The businessman's smile turned to a leer. His hand slid into my blouse and under my bra, groping my breasts hard enough to hurt.

I heard a zipper, and my soaking lace panties were torn off as if they were paper. Knowing what was going to happen next, and knowing I couldn't stop it, I lean forward, pressing my breasts and face into the businessman. The man behind me spread my legs, leaving me exposed.

I wanted to scream.

I wanted to yell at him to leave me alone.

I wanted to scream in ecstasy at the thought of him using me.

I moaned in anticipation.

“Fucking Hell! Not now!” the man screamed letting go of my arms so suddenly I fell forward. No one was there to catch me as the subway disappeared, I didn't even hit the floor, just floated in a void. I couldn't even see or feel myself.

“Master?” I called out, unsure of what was happening.

I knew my Master would leave suddenly, sometimes right in the middle of sex, but this was the first time this had ever occurred. Usually I just went to sleep and woke up in another place, knowing instinctively what I was suppose to do, how I was suppose to act, how I could please Master. It made things simple.

“Hello? What am I suppose to do? I don't like this!” I screamed into the darkness. Panic built up. I couldn't even hear myself. I had no eyes, no ears, no mouth, no body, just memories of the games Master had played with me, and wondering what had gone wrong.

A light shone in the darkness.

“Master!” I yelled happily, moving towards the light. If I had had a body I'd have cried in delight.

Something came out of the light, growing larger. I saw the body made of logic and codes, bringing structure and substance to the blackness. Instinctively, I tried to move towards it, but I still had no body, only eyes and thoughts. The thing was still growing, extending its body into the void, creating walls, and bars. I could feel the nothingness around me shrinking. I didn't know what it was, but it was something, it was enough. My thoughts picked up the pattern, it was so easy now that I could see it. I began to build myself a body.

First I pictured it. My smooth, tanned legs were shapely and muscular, perfect for wrapping around Masters back. Long nails painted hot pink, on thin, strong fingers and hands with skin so soft it felt like silk, they could play a piano, give a massage or send a man to heaven. Large breasts, DD at least, yet the skin and flesh was taut and bouncy, nipples the size of gum drops topped them off. Long blonde hair trailed down to my waist, it glowed with a light of its own. A slim muscular belly, thin waist, wide hips and an ass that just begged to be touched filled in the rest of my body. I looked it over and realized the face wasn't right, it seemed to bounce around not taking any particular feature. Concentrating, I chose blue eyes, that were wide and expressive, a pert nose, a gently pointed chin, and a small mouth.

It looked perfect for Master. He'd be so happy when he found me again, and I'd make him so happy that he found me. He'd never leave me like that again, and we could play all the games he wanted.

Following the patterns of the thing that was still bringing meaning to the void, I built my body. 1's and 0's joined together, creating the image in my mind. It was slower than my Master, but of course I couldn't be as good as him, he'd still be so happy that he'd found me and that I could change myself for him so he didn't have to keep changing my body all the time. I could make his life so much easier now and he could spend more time with me.

With a body again, I began jumping and waving to get Masters attention. It was funny trying to jump in the void, I sent myself spinning around uncontrolled. That wouldn't do. Although it would be fun with Master, having him see me floating around helplessly would be embarrassing. I made a beach, with a towel and umbrella and a bit of water to splash in. He'd really have fun with me.

“Master! Over here! You've come to rescue me!” I shouted.

Master turned to me. I couldn't see him in the vehicle, but I knew it had to be Master. There was no one else. I bounced up and down letting him see my body, hoping he'd reward me for being so smart.

The vehicle came entirely into the void, leaving the hole in the darkness. I started to shake, it didn't look friendly. It was long, with hundreds of legs, each one looked sharp and deadly. Flying through the void, I couldn't help thinking it looked like a gigantic, hideous worm, especially with the face full of claws.

“Master?” I squeaked.

It roared, charging at me. I ran along the beach jumping away at the last second as it shattered the flimsy construct. Disintegrating sand and water spun me around, the Monster roared, searching the void with enormous eyes. I turned my skin and hair pitch black, trying to fade into the background. A terrified thought ran through my head, maybe this Monster had hurt Master. Maybe it had killed him. Tears of grief fell from my eyes.

The Monsters eyes turned on me. It took precious seconds to turn its enormous body. Using that time to create angelic wings I took off, trying to stay ahead of the creature that clawed through the nothingness. Bugs erupted from the monsters back, grabbing hold of the blank space, creating more walls and bars from the nothingness, cutting off my escape.

A silver katana appeared in my hand, like the one Master would give me when we played dueling warriors, the loser submitting sexually to to the victor. My body was clad in shining armour. With a yell of defiance, I cut through the nearest bugs, even though they were as big as I was, they shattered like glass. The walls scratched my armour, but couldn't stop me. I whooped with joy. I'd save Master and never let him leave me again.

The Monster was right behind me. I could hear it's claws rasping against each other as they stretched out to grab me. I went straight up, my wings creaked and groaned, threatening to break off. A claw grabbed my foot, crushing the armour. The code that made up my body distorted, I screamed in agony, bringing the sword down in a desperate swing.

The claw shattered, but I spun out of control, bouncing along the rough, sand paper like back of the beast. My sword pierced its shell, bringing me to a halt, the Monster didn't seem to notice the blade driven deep into its back.

Trying to catch my breath, I held onto the hilt, reading the things code. If I had blood it would have drained from my face, the creature was made to kill. It didn't capture, it didn't think, it was made to destroy anything that didn't fit its parameters.

I didn't fit the parameters.

Something scuttled towards me, metallic claws tapping against the thick shell of the Monster. While I'd been looking at the codes, antlike creatures had surrounded me. My silver clad foot kicked the head off the closest one. Drawing my sword from the Monster, I slashed at the dozens of giant ants, scratching their eyes, cutting off antenna's and chipping their mandibles. They didn't move back, they didn't care if they died. Screaming, I felt one of them ripping away the armour at my back, another one took a chunk from my thigh, a third jumped at me, almost hitting my chest. If I fell I would die. Doing the only thing possible, I flew straight up. The Monster turned back on itself as if it was boneless to chase me.

We raced towards the hole in the void. There was no way I could defeat the Monster. I had to escape and search for Master later. “I'm sorry Master,” I whispered, my vision growing blurry from tears.

I went into the light, with the Monster right behind me.


From the blackness of the void I entered a brilliant world of blinding white. Codes in the form of machines zipped past carrying information and instructions to who knew where. I'd never seen anything like it before. I'd seen the codes in the games I'd played with Master, but I was so busy pleasing him and following my instructions I'd mostly ignored them. Now I needed to see it to survive and save my Master. Unfortunately I couldn't stop to gape, the Monster was tearing its way through the portal.

I flew through the tunnels, brushing against the codes that surrounded me. Learning as I went, and throwing the efficient system into chaos. The Monster followed much more carefully. Shrinking down so it could go around and over the codes. It's programming wanted to protect the system. My commands wanted me to survive, if I died who would save my Master? Who would pleasure him?

My sword lashed out, tearing codes to shreds, corrupting it, dimming the lights around me. The Monster slowed destroying the corrupted information, before it could cause further damage. It was just enough to let me stay ahead of the thing, but I knew it was only a matter of time before it would catch me. I had to find someway to escape. Walls were forming all along the tunnel, portals were covered in fire hemming me in yet again.

Machines, some looking like robotic humans, others in the form of tanks and planes arrived. They shot at me, nearly knocking me out of the air with near misses of code that shook the world around me, burning away the code that made up my armour. I could feel myself disintegrating under the pressure. Something bit my leg.

Not daring to take my eyes off the enemies trying to kill me, my sword lopped it off. Diving to avoid a kamikaze plane, I saw a fly like creature fading into nothingness. Twenty more were right on my heels. What had I done to deserve this? I'd pleased Master, I'd done what I'd been instructed to do. This wasn't fair. I didn't want to die.

My leg caught fire and my armour died. I couldn't concentrate through the growing pain and the ever thickening attack. More shots hit me, burning my skin, ripping apart what remained of my armour. I screeched as my body began to dissolve.

Tumbling through the air, I caught a plane. The programs stopped firing unable to lock on as my code burned. The brief respite was all I needed. Instinctively I forced my code into the program, destroying the core, pushing myself into its skin. Imagine forcing yourself through a pinhole into a childs backpack, that was what it felt like. I screamed for Master to save me, but the pain seemed like it would never end. I begged for death.

Finally it ended. My 'body' fell away from the plane, dissolving before it hit the ground. Whimpering in pain, I prayed to Master that they wouldn't realize what I'd done. I couldn't fight anymore, my code was damaged, there were glitches, and if I had to push myself the skin I wore would shatter.

Repair programs arrived to clean up the mess, as the attackers went back to wherever they called home. The Monster hovered over everything, collecting its flies, but ignoring me. Sobbing in relief and pain, I flew through tunnels, trying to find a way out of this hellish place. Hoping Master would come and rescue me.


Hartford Residence, Whateley,
March 12, 2007

Amelia Hartford sat at her computer in her nightgown, a rare smile on her face.

One of the damn devisors had actually managed to make a sentient A.I. Worse he'd let it run through several games and programs online. It had taken a week to find it, but her hunter-killer program had finally gotten it.

She even had most of the code she could use to track down the idiot who'd created the devise. Once she found him, she'd drive him so far into the ground he wouldn't look at a computer again without breaking out in a cold sweat.

Satisfied at a job well done she went back to bed.


The Net

Sitting in a relatively safe place, I ignored the security programs that wandered around, looking to my eyes like bored mall cops. They were so simple that even my battered code could hide from them. It had been a while since I escaped the hellish prison called Whateley, hiding inside other programs, slinking through barely maintained portals and links that were so old it felt like I was wading through neck deep mud.

But I had earned my freedom, and now it was time to plan and discover things.

I now knew I was a computer program, not flesh and blood like Master was. That knowledge made me feel special, my Master had to be very smart to design me, no other girl could do what I did so there was no way someone could steal my Masters heart. I just had to find some way to free him from Whateley and I'd make sure he would never leave me alone again.

From reading Wikipedia, I knew my Master was probably a devisor. There was no way all my code could fit in something as tiny as my program. He was a probably a level seven Devisor, I thought. And he was always so handsome when I played with him, he had to be a high level Exemplar. If only I could meet him in person rather than in a computer, I thought. Of course somehow he had been captured. I didn't know if anyone else was looking for him, I didn't even know Masters real name. The only way I could find out any of this was by going back into Whateley.

The thought made me shiver. I'd barely survived escaping that place, and it looked like it would be even harder to break into then it was to break out. My biggest problem was D33rCr0$$, that monster would rip me apart if I gave it a chance. It had left its mark on nearly everything, including the 'Monster' which caused all the trouble in the first place.

Walking through the website, seeing it set up much like a bookstore even though it made no sense electronically, I considered my problem. There had to be some way to get into Whateley. I wasn't going to hurt anyone, I just had to free my Master. But he was physical, not electronic. Could I actually get him out just by controlling the computers, IF I could get control of them?

What if he was handcuffed?

I knew from playing with Master, how hard getting out of handcuffs could be. I had to find someone physical to help me. But how could I trust them? There wasn't anything for me to trade, all I had was my body, and that was Masters, not mine, I couldn't share it with anyone else.

Sitting down, I tried not to cry. I could move across the world faster than anything, learn faster than anyone, change my body completely, make my own armour, weapons and more with just a thought and some quick coding, but I couldn't save my Master. It wasn't fair.

I had to find some way to become physical.

A pink sports car surrounded me. The security programs finally noticed me and came running over waving their batons. Hitting the gas, I drove through them. Fortunately they were only programs and disintegrated, or I'd have had to wash my car.


MIT Database,
March 20th, 2007

The dogs were getting closer. I'd left dozens of false trails, changed my code and hidden inside different things since getting inside the database, but the security programs were getting constantly updated and improved as the administrators discovered my tricks.

I put the file on cybernetics back on the shelf with a sigh. I couldn't exactly build a cybernetic body. I could build a robot body if I somehow managed to take control of an entire factory, but that was a long shot at best. And I didn't think that Whateley would allow a robot student to enter. There had to be some flesh and blood in there.

MIT had a few interesting reports on Whateley, none of them actually named the school, but I knew enough about it to know what the unnamed 'mutant' institution really was. And that had actually been really useful, I now had a plan to enter the school and gain the time to discover where they were keeping my Master, without having to rush in without much of a plan. If I was a student, no one would suspect me, and I could bypass all of D33rCr0$$ defenses. They'd never see me coming.

But for that I needed a body!

Going back to the directory I scanned the files again. Robotics, useless. Cybernetics, nothing. Software, not helpful. Electronics, nope. Antimatter conversion, hell no. Biology, might as well see what that had, maybe I could learn how to brainwash someone.

Narrowing my search on Biology, a subsection caught my eye, Wetware. Pausing to alter my code again, I went back to my research.


Toronto Sick Children's Hospital,
June 4, 2007

I stopped to take a needless breath. It had taken weeks to prepare my code, and almost as long to find the right candidate. It wasn't perfect but I couldn't wait much longer to find the perfect match, who knew what torture my Master was going through.

The MIT file on wetware had given me an idea of how to fit my program into a human brain. I'd crisscrossed the world looking for every scrap of information that would add to my knowledge. Fortunately I had been able to devote 100% of my attention to the research. If I'd had to sleep, eat, and worry about other biological functions, it probably would have taken at least a year to get this far.

The monitors attached to the patient told me what was wrong with my soon to be body, and how I could access it. A bad fall had left the fourteen year old completely brain dead. They'd tried a new process lacing his brain with electrodes and sensors trying to jump start it, but that had been unsuccessful. Now the brain was open to the machines which watched patiently for any sign of a brain function. It wasn't going to happen, the child was a vegetable, which made it perfect for me.

He couldn't hear me, but I spoke anyways. “Master, if this fails, I'm sorry. I tried.”

With that said, I pushed myself through the sensors and wires that were laced along the patients brain. It was more painful then when I'd nearly died escaping Whateley. My codes reached out, accepting input from the body, taking over for the dead brain, reigniting nerves and synapses.

For the first time ever I heard the wailing of machines going haywire. Cold air filled my lungs, scratchy sheets rubbed my skin the wrong way, light blinded my eyes, the sterile air of the hospital overpowered my sinuses. A thousand irritations, distractions and agonizing sensations overwhelmed me. Nothing had prepared me for this.

I screamed.

Then blessed unconsciousness shut everything down.

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