Literally Virtual


Literally Virtual
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2018 Melanie Brown

Another Brain-Box story.



“So, Xander. You’ve had a Brain-Box for a while now. Yesterday I bought an eight processer per brick system. What’s a few good games?”

I looked over at my friend Jerry and shook my head. “Honestly, I don’t have a lot of time to play games on it.”

Jerry looked at me sideways. “Bull shit! You never play games on yours? Seriously?”

I looked into my glass of soda before slugging down the last of it. I laughed at Jerry’s comment. “Seriously. Look. After spending eight hours and sometimes longer on the damned thing as my job, jumping into a game isn’t all that appealing.”

Jerry finished off his hamburger. We had met for lunch at a little diner a block or so from my house. His mouth still full, Jerry said, “Dude! You’ve got the 450! Talk about state-of-the-art! Thirty-two processors per brick. That’s double for even the deluxe models.

As I brushed the hair out of my eyes I turned to look straight at Jerry. “Yeah. And it costs double than a 400 deluxe. It’s designed for commercial use.”

Jerry swirled his soda around in his glass before taking the last swallow. “You’re still doing that shit?”

I laughed. “Yep! You can’t beat the pay.” Some people…okay a lot of people find my vocation on the sleazy side even though they’ll use the poorly made porn modules. I’m what is euphemistically called an entertainer. I have virtual sex with other people on-line in a virtual world of their choosing. I’m actually employed by a large company that deals in such entertainment.

Jerry studied his empty glass for a few moments. “Yeah. But isn’t that kinda dirty and … and gay and all?”

I stood up as I handed the waitress my credit card. “I don’t just do being a woman for men, though that’s the bulk of it. I do a lot assignments were I’m a well hung, muscular stud for women of all ages. Women tip better too. Basically I run the whole gamut of virtual entertainment. I’m one of the few who do and as such, I get a lot of work.”

Jerry frowned as he pulled out his credit card for his payment. “Still, man. There’s just no fucking way I could come on to a dude, even if it is virtual.”

The waitress handed me back my credit card. I grinned. “That’s why they pay me the big bucks. Besides, as far as the client knows, I’m who I appear to be.” I do get paid well. And I get to keep any tips I get. Clients pay the company directly. They don’t pay me, except for the virtual tips which I can cash out at the end of the month. For a fee, of course.

Jerry looked at me and frowned. “What about that dressing up shit? I’ll never forget catching you in the dorm room all dressed up like some teen hottie.”

I frowned right back at him. “You were supposed to be back home for the weekend. Two minutes later and I would have been on my way to the movies and you’d never have known.”

Jerry shrugged. “Hey man. If that’s how you have fun, what’s it to me? And don’t forget. I’ve never once betrayed your secret.”

I grinned at Jerry as we walked out of the diner. “And don’t think I don’t appreciate that. Hey. Got a few? Want to see my rig? My next appointment isn’t for another hour or so.”

Jerry flashed me a broad grin. “That would be an affirmative! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a 450 since they came out six months ago.”

*          *          *

Jerry’s eyes went wide as we entered the living room in my apartment. The Brain-Box 450 sat on its own table next to my recliner, the seating of choice for those in my line of work.

“Holy shit! Just look at that beast!” Jerry exclaimed. “The bricks have heat sinks? Does it get that hot?”

I laughed and nodded my head. “With thirty-two processors and each clocking at thirty-two gigahertz? We’re talking some major power here.”

Jerry picked up a headset which was larger and heavier than a standard set. “Do the lights dim in the neighborhood when you turn this puppy on?”

I laughed. “Almost. One time for the job, I was the lone guy at a crazy sorority party they played on-line. The girls must have had ten BB-400’s, maxed with four users per box. We wound up literally frying the college’s network.”

Jerry chuckled. “Must have been one bitchin’ party.”

I gave Jerry a thumbs up gesture. “Ace in the can, man. It was the ginchiest.” I plugged in the headset Jerry was fondling. “Let’s take it for a spin.”

Jerry’s face lit up like the Fourth of July. He carefully lowered the headset over his cranium. “I can’t believe I’m getting to try this out.”

As I adjusted my headset, I said, “I’ll get us on-line to a couple sims I think are cool. It’ll just be us.”

I hit the power switch and a low hum started up, that slowly rose in pitch.

The deepest, richest black appeared before my eyes. In scarlet letters, the words “Welcome Xander! Clock-in? Explore?” I moved my virtual hand to press the explore button.

Jerry appeared in a small room with me as a dumpy male avatar as he’d never been in my system before. I turned my avatar towards him. “Build yourself a cool avatar. You might be back in my system for a game or something later.”

I could see Jerry’s avatar waving his arms around. I couldn’t see what avatars he was trying on. He paused a second to look over at me. “I thought you’d be a chick or something.”

My avatar was a simple, twenty-something male wearing jeans, sneakers and a hoodie. “Just my normal self at initialization.”

Jerry finally settled on a bad-ass looking marine.

I grinned at Jerry. “Cool avatar. But you know the system will pick appropriate attire for each sim we enter. The face you selected should stay the same.”

Jerry raised his hands. “Come on. Let’s run it through its paces.”

I looked over the menu showing before my eyes. “Since you’re dressed as a space marine, let’s go here first.” I selected Noland’s Planet Setting.

There was a shimmer and then we were standing in a lush, tropical jungle, water dripping from the huge, tall trees towering above us. Strange flying creatures soared high over-head. Smaller creatures ran or slithered through rocks around us.

Jerry looked around with his mouth hanging open. “This is awesome!” he shouted. He looked at objects up close. He peered into the distance. “Seriously dude. This is incredible. I’ve never seen such deep immersion before. Is there anything that will attack us?” He glanced around like he as itching for a fight.

I shook my head. “Not in free mode. Adding in features above core cost money.”

Jerry took a few steps around the jungle. “This is too cool. What else is there?”

I switched the scene to a New York City sim, right in the middle of Times Square. Then Paris. Then the surface of Mars. Then an ancient Greek temple.

“We need to watch the time. I have an appointment with one of my regulars shortly,” I said with a sigh watching Jerry run around like a kid in a candy store.

Jerry stopped and took a breath. “You have regulars?”

I nodded. “Oh yeah. Several. Most of the time it’s random clients, but some specifically ask for me. Requesting a specific entertainer costs extra.”

Looking around, Jerry said. “Okay. But before we go, I want to see your personal favorite sim.”

I smirked. “You won’t like it.”

Jerry raised his arms in the air. “Try me.”

Laughing, I said, “Okay. Hold on to your butts.”

The view shifted into a haze, then shifted back. I took a deep breath. I loved this place. We were standing on a patio of an expensive hotel room. Before us stretched an absolutely gorgeous view of the Mediterranean at sunset. I walked up to the stone railing. A gentle breeze tousled my below shoulder length brunette hair. I was wearing a simple tan dress just above knee length, and three inch matching pumps. My nails were long with a dark pink polish.

“Holy crap!” called a voice from behind me. I turned to see Jerry wearing a suit and tie. The tie and top button of his shirt was loosened. He had a slight two day stubble. He was very handsome to say the least.

He joined me at the railing and peered out into the Mediterranean. He reached an arm out. “This is beautiful. And so real. I can feel the fine texture of these stones. I can smell these flowers.” He turned to look at me and gave a low whistle. “And oh my God. You are absolutely gorgeous!”

“Thank you,” I said demurely. I waved my hand to take in the whole view. “This is where I come when I want to completely relax. I don’t bring many clients here. In fact, you’re the second person I’ve ever brought here.”

“I’m honored. Seriously.” Jerry couldn’t take his eyes off me. He brushed some loose strands of my hair out of my face. He kept looking at me. “Just gorgeous.”

I lowered my eyes for a moment, and then looked back straight into his eyes. “I should probably shut down now.”

Jerry touched my shoulder. “No Not just yet.” He ran a finger down my cheek. “You’re so gorgeous.”

I ran a quick check on sim settings. Aw shit! Just what I feared. I left the attraction level set to max from my last session with a client. I can’t change it once the sim has started.

I put the palms of my hands on Jerry’s chest to hold him back. My God he’s hot. “Really. I gotta get ready for my first appointment for today.”

He touched the side of my face lightly with his fingers. “Sure. Whatever you say.” He bent down and his lips lightly touched mine. I sighed as I lifted my face up to his. He pressed his lips into mine. A long, deep kiss. I put my arms around his neck and just melted.

While the sim provides all of the ambiance, and enhances the passion, the techniques of how a person kisses or has sex with you are all their own. I had no idea Jerry was such a hot kisser. But I really needed to close this down. I had a paying customer coming on line in a few minutes. I brought up the menu in my mind.

Jerry found the zipper of my dress and slowly pulled it down. While kissing my neck, he pulled the dress from my shoulders. The dress fell to the floor around my feet. He kissed the top of my breasts. I sighed and lost control of the menu. Jerry reached behind me and unsnapped my bra. He gently pulled the straps from my shoulders and the bra joined my dress on the floor. Getting caught up in the passion of the moment, I was losing control.

Before I knew it, Jerry’s mouth covered my whole hard, erect nipple. His tongue ran around my areola I closed my eyes as he sucked my breast. I helped him pull his jacket off. I pulled the knot from his tie and that joined the growing pile of clothes of the floor.

We were both moaning loudly with pleasure. I ran my fingers up through his hair as I held his head. He suddenly pulled away and took my hand. He led me through the veranda’s door over to the bed. The satin sheets were already pulled back.

I sat on the bed with Jerry standing in front of me. I unzipped his pants and loosened his belt and his pants fell to the floor. With a devilish grin, I looked up at his face as I pulled his underwear down, exposing his glorious, over-sized manhood. A stray thought made me wonder how big he was in real life. I took his cock in both hands and slowly began to pleasure him with my tongue.

I sucked his cock into my mouth, closed my eyes and began to enjoy the pleasure of its texture and taste of his pre-cum and… and… My vision went black and red letters before my eyes announced, “Sim terminated. Client in lobby.”

I took a few deep breaths. Jerry’s avatar was laying on the floor, wheezing.

“What the fuck just happened,” gasped Jerry.

“Shut down,” I said aloud.

Our vision cleared and returned to the real world. I slowly pulled my headset off, my hair matted in sweat. Jerry had fallen out of his chair and was sitting on the floor staring into space.

His eyes not really looking at anything, Jerry said, “Did… did you… just give me a blowjob?” He looked down at his pants.

I started to stand up. “Not for reals, Jer. I’m really sorry. I should have shut that down the moment you started calling me gorgeous.”

He looked over at me, his eyes only vaguely focus. “That was um… shocking actually.”

I helped Jerry regain his feet. “Like I said. I’m really sorry. It just got out of hand. I need to get to work though. I have a client waiting. Just go back to that diner and get a soda. That helps sometimes.”

Jerry looked over at me with a confused look. “What just happened? Why am I in love with you?”

I led Jerry to the door of my apartment. “Go get a soda and relax. That will pass in a few minutes. I gotta run. Really. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

He tried to kiss me. “I have to leave?”

I opened the door and pointed. “Yes. You have to leave now. You really don’t love me. Trust me on this. And walk to the diner. Don’t drive.”

Jerry stopped for a second and shook his head. “I’m okay, really. Look. Except for that last part, that was the best experience in a game I ever had.”

I grinned at my friend. “I’m you liked it. It is a mind blowing experience. And again I apologize for that part before we quit.”

Jerry took a step towards the door and then turned around. “I’m curious though. When you’re a girl, do you feel like a girl? Does your thinking change? Your emotions? You were really coming on to me.”

I shook my head. “How would I know. I guess I feel like a girl. I don’t know what they feel. I’ve been a cocker spaniel for one client. Did I feel like a dog? I don’t know. I was annoyed I didn’t have any pockets.”

Jerry nodded. “I just wish I could have tried out more characters and more settings. Oh well.”

I picked up a scrap of paper and quickly wrote on it. I handed Jerry the paper. “Guard this with your life. No. I’m serious. You wouldn’t believe the laws that regulate this shit. This is my account id and password. You can log into the game servers with your BB400; it just won’t look as good. But you can try out a lot of the sims. Just remember. If I’m using the account, it won’t let you in.”

Jerry’s eyes lit up again. “Oh wow, Xander. I can’t take this. You’ll get in trouble.”

I pointed at Jerry’s nose. “Just remember to only select the start up option of Explore. You don’t want any clients coming in on you.”

“How do you keep them out?” asked Jerry.

“You don’t let them in.” I said with a laugh. “You have to invite them.”

Jerry nodded and grinned at me. “This is totally cool. I won’t say a word to anyone. I’ll play with it tomorrow. I know you’re about to get on-line.” He turned and walked slowly out the door.

I stood there for a moment watching Jerry walk away. “Shit!” I muttered aloud. How could I be so stupid as to not reset the sim settings? Shit shit shit.

I walked back to my recliner and drained an entire water bottle before putting the headset on. I flipped the on switch, closed my eyes and leaned back into the recliner and watched the menu flash in front of my eyes.

I sighed. It was my most frequent client who used the handle Dick Dangerous. Along with about a dozen other original people with the same name. To me he was Client583. His avatar was already primed and ready when I entered the sim. I found myself in a cheap, sleazy, small hotel room. It was very hot and muggy and I was sweaty. It was late at night and outside the upper story hotel room, a red neon sign flashed “Hotel.”

I looked in the mirror on the chest of drawers and saw a pretty but tired girl, probably around nineteen or so, hair matted slightly dripping with sweat. I was dressed in a white t-shirt and just panties. My arms and legs were covered in sweat. It was just too hot in this room.

The door suddenly burst open, slamming against the wall and in stumbled Client583 as his pre-ordered character, holding a half empty whiskey bottle. He hadn’t shaved in a few days and his exposed undershirt was grimy. His eyes wild as he looked around the room.

He wiped his nose on his arm and sneered, “About time you got here bitch!” He walked up to me while I sat on the bed.

“I’ve been here waiting, Dick,” I said in a small female voice.

He walks up and backhands me across the face. “Mind your manners, bitch! Don’t contradict me.” He looked at me for a few moments. “Take off them clothes, whore. You know what I want!”

I pushed myself back towards the wall. “You know what Dominic said! Pay for the last three fucks or get out!”

He reached over and slapped me hard. “Don’t give me any lip you worthless whore!” He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a wad of something. He threw the wad at me and ten and twenty dollar bills fluttered across the bed. “I knocked over a liquor store on the way here. There’s your money. Now take off your clothes.” He took another swig from the bottle.

I pulled my t-shirt off and waddled across the bed on my knees. I started to take Dick’s belt off. “I wouldn’t have said nothin’ Dick, but Dominic beats me if I don’t get the money up front.”

Dick’s expression softened. He ran his fingers through my sweaty hair. “You’re my favorite, baby. You know I don’t want anything to happen to you.” He then pointed at his crotch. “This cock ain’t gonna suck itself, bitch.”

It was a long, long night. I finished my last client for the night at almost four thirty in the A.M. I was beat. And as usual covered in sweat. I was too tired to take a shower then.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a cold bottle of water from the fridge and guzzled it down. I walked tiredly into my bed room. I picked up the over-sized t-shirt I use as pajamas and collapsed on the bed. My head hadn’t even touched the pillow before I was out.

*          *          *

I tried to turn off the alarm and wound up knocking the clock to the floor. The irritating sound wasn’t the alarm. I looked up bleary-eyed. It was only mid morning from the way the sunlight from the windows blasted through the windows.

I finally determined it was my phone. “What the hell? …”

Still very sleepy, I muttered into the phone, “Hello?”

A frantic voice from the phone was shouting, “Get out of your house! Xander! Answer me. You need to get out now!”

Pissed off, I sat up in bed and said angrily, “Who the fuck is this? This isn’t funny.”

In a slightly calmer voice I heard, “It’s me, Jerry. Get out of your house. Now!”

I sat up straighter. “What the fuck are you talking about, Jer? Get out of my house? What? Why?”

Sounding frantic again, Jerry sputtered, “I don’t have time to explain. I’ve already called the cops.”

From my living room, I heard the sound of glass breaking.

Jerry shouted, “I was playing with your ID. Some joker actually broke into the sim. He thought I was you. Started calling me bitch and cunt. He slapped me. He said he found out you’re a guy and he’s pissed. Someone named Dick Dangerous. He’s really pissed. He said he was using a wifi just outside your house to connect. For God’s sake man, he’s at your house! Get out!”

I dropped the phone at the sound of splintering wood as lock was broken from the door. A cold shock flushed down my spine. Oh my God. It’s that asshole Client583 that I had for my first simulation yesterday afternoon. How the hell did he find me? There’s supposed to be safeguards – double-blind VPN connections.

I looked quickly around my room for anything I could defend myself with. All I could see was a toy light saber and I didn’t think that would help.

I heard a deep voice from my living room. “Hey bitch! It’s your boyfriend! The one you made a fool of!” There was a pause. He laughed. “Oh! Sweet little machine you have here.”

Dick Dangerous then stepped into my bedroom. He had longish, nasty sweaty hair. He hadn’t shaven in more than a week probably. Dirty t-shirt and jeans finished off his look. He had obviously been drinking. And he was holding the biggest, nastiest looking knife I’ve ever seen. A definite “now this is a knife” kind of knife.

He pointed his knife at me. “You fucking, stinking faggot cunt! You lied to me! You’re not eighteen. You’re not even a fucking girl! I fucked you, bitch! And you’re a man! Well guess what, soy-boy, I’m going to fuck you and then cut your dick off!” He waved his knife in front of him.

Despite my over-sized t-shirt and underwear, I felt totally naked in front of him. “Now look, Dick or whatever your name is. I’m just an entertainer. In the virtual worlds, I’m totally female. Or whatever you want! I provide you with whatever fantasy you want! Let’s sit down and talk about it.” I was scared out of my mind. There was no way to get around him to the door.

He took a step towards me. I took one back and to the side. Maybe I could work my way around to the door. He seethed through his teeth. “Every time I fucked you, I pictured this beautiful young girl on the other end. I fell in love with that girl, you faggot! You tricked me. I managed to hack my way in because I wanted to meet you in person. Take you to dinner. Fuck you for real and take you home with me. I knew you’d love to be with me all the time and not just on a game system. I wanted to have you for real, bitch! For real! And you’re not even a fucking girl!”

This guy was totally loony tunes. I nudged my way closer to the doorway to my bedroom. I heard some commotion from my living room.

He lunged at me and I jumped to one side. His eyes wild he shouted, “Come on baby! Give me one last fuck!” He raised his knife and took a step towards me.

There was a sudden loud report of a Glock 9mm right next to my ear. My ears rang for several minutes after that. Dick Dangerous looked at the blood on his shirt. There was a lot of blood splattered on the wall behind him from the exit wound. He dropped the knife and his eyes still wild coughed, “Bitch!” He collapsed to the floor. A strange stray thought went through my mind, “I wonder if I’ll still get my cleaning deposit back on the apartment?”

Two police officers rushed past me to look at Dick on the floor. A third cop approached me. “Are you okay, miss?” I nodded. With my unkempt hair and over-sized t-shirt, it was probably easy to mistake me for a girl.

The cop took me by the arm and led me to the living room. “You don’t want to see that, miss. Why don’t you sit down in here?”

There was another ruckus outside my front door as I saw the police preventing someone from coming inside. I recognized Jerry and stood up. I shouted, “He’s okay! He’s okay.”

The officers looked at me and back at Jerry and let go of him. He ran up to me, his voice strained, “Xander! Are you okay?”

I nodded and then not caring what anyone thought, I burst into tears and threw my arms around Jerry’s neck, crying huge sobs into his shoulder. I was shaking like a leaf.

Sucking in air between sobs, I said, “Oh Jerry! He was going to kill me!” I balled up my fists and in frustration hit Jerry a few times on his chest. “He was going to kill me! Oh thank God you were able to call the police too. Look at my hands!” I held up my hands and they were shaking.

Jerry pulled me close to him and held me tight. He kissed my forehead and closed his eyes as he said gently, “It’s okay, baby. Everything is going to be okay.”

*          *          *

I looked out onto the gorgeous Mediterranean sunset as I stood beside the stone railing. I turned to Jerry. “Isn’t that the most beautiful view ever?”

Loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt’s top button, Jerry smiled at me. “Not as beautiful as the woman standing before me.” I was wearing a powder blue open back floor length satin gown with matching heels.

I turned back to look at the sunset. Jerry stepped next to me. “Thanks for coming here with me, Jerry. After all those police and EMT’s and answering questions and feeling humiliated as they kept referring to me as ‘miss’. I just had to get away to my special place. But I didn’t want to be alone.”

Jerry smiled as he placed his hand on my shoulder. “Thanks for inviting me to your private place. I’m happy I could help. That was such a terrible ordeal to go through. I have to say though, things got a little out of hand the last time I was here.”

I grinned at Jerry as I turned to face him. “I’ve turned off the attraction module for the simulation.” I looked up at his face. Even without the attraction module, in this sim, Jerry is incredibly handsome.

Jerry laughed. “So why am I still falling in love with you?”

I shook my head and grinned again. “It’s because men are visual and you see me now as a beautiful woman. Those feelings would go away should you see me in my living room.” A slight breeze blew a few strands of hair across my face.

Jerry moved the hair from my face with a finger. He stared intently at me. “Are you sure about that?”

I laughed. “Of course I’m sure you goof. Outside of here, I’m just a dweeb like you.”

Jerry looked thoughtful for a moment. “Do you still have those special clothes you wore back in college?”

I shrugged. “Sure. And some new ones. I still like to dress up occasionally. Why?”

Jerry looked at me intently. “You’re off tomorrow night, right?”

I looked sideways at Jerry. “Yessss. Why?”

Jerry broke into a wide grin. “I know this sounds kinda freakish, but I would really like to take that girl I saw in our dorm room out to dinner.”

Keeping my hands on his shoulders, I took a step back, a look of surprise crossed my face. “Are you asking me out on a date? Seriously? I’m not a girl, Jer. I just play one in a sim.”

Jerry suddenly took on an air of sophistication. “Miss. I beg to differ.”

He took my hand and led me through the veranda’s door to stop next to the bed. He slid the straps from my shoulders and my dress fell to the floor and I stood naked before him. He bent his head towards me and gave me a long, deep smoldering kiss.

*          *          *

The End

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