Started new book

This might be a bit premature to say anything about as it will take quite some time to complete, but I started working Reluctant Co-Ed tonight. For the longest time I resisted writing this story because 1) Chrissy isn't reluctant anymore and 2) a Tgirl in college has already been covered. But I felt the books really needed something between Prom Date and Bride.

I'm also going to have to take some of Reluctant Bride to use in the story. I'm going to have to completely re-write Reluctant Bride for publication any way.

I'm currently planning to have this be my first original book that didn't appear in BCTS first that fits between Reluctant Prom Date and Reluctant Bride. I've also started a short to upload here called Reluctant Camper that fits between Prom Date and Co-Ed. Hopefully my inspiration won't dry up as I'm also bookifying two other stories. Plust two or three other projects. The priority is in bookifying the two stories.


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