The Crush: One night out


The Crush: One Night Out
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2016 Melanie Brown

She went out for a night of flirting and dance, but got something else.



“Hey, dude. I’m about to head over to the arcade. Want me to swing by and pick you up?”

“Hey bro,” I said to my best friend Clint over the phone. “Being it’s Friday night, I’m going to go hang out at my favorite club. Why don’t you go with me? It’s more fun with a friend.”

Clint said, “Are you going dressed?”

I laughed and said, “No. I’m going naked.”

Sounding annoyed, Clint said, “You know what I mean.”

“Just kidding, bro,” I said. “In fact, I’m trying to decide on a dress right now. Which do you like better? My green dress or my red one?”

“You always look hot in your red dress,” said Clint. “And no. After what happened to that one girl last week, I’m pretty spooked about clubbing.”

“Yeah. That was bad,” I said, referring to the transgirl that was found a week ago beaten to death after being seen leaving a different club with a guy. The dirt bag was arrested and said he didn’t like being fooled. “But you can’t let fear of something bad happening keep you from having some fun. I’m always careful.”

“I think the risk is just too great, Ross,” said Clint.

“I’m just going to go flirting, some dancing and maybe even a kiss or two,” I said, slipping into my red dress. “And call me by my girl name, Nikita.”

Clint laughed and said, “I’ve told you before, that’s a man’s name in Russia.”

Slipping into a pair of three inch heels, I said, “Well, we’re not in Russia. Okay, I’m off to find some college boys. You sure you don’t want to go?”

Clint said, “I’m sure. Have fun, Nikita. Just remember, your brain may be female, but your body isn’t. So for God’s sake, be careful!”

I said, “I will,” and hung up the phone.

I checked my purse to make sure I had some money and my credit card. I dropped my cell phone and a compact and lipstick into it as well. I stepped out into the warm night air.

I had a small, cheap apartment on the ground level of a complex near the university Clint and I went to. Only one neighbor knew I was transgendered and she’d even helped with my make-up a few times. It was amusing that a couple of my neighbors thought Nikita was my roommate. Tonight, no one was around as I walked to my car.

A short drive later and I was getting out of my car and walking towards the club’s entrance. I loved this place. It was always full of cute college guys. I grinned to myself as I crossed the parking lot. This club was one of our favorite night spots. Clint, or rather Debbie in girl mode, and I always loved to come here and ogle the college boys and made bets on who would hit on whom.

Entering the club, my senses were accosted by a loud band, noisy people, and bright flashing lights. I tried to sway my hips in a sensual manner as I walked across the dance floor to find a place to sit at the bar. No sooner than I’d set down than the guy sitting next to me said, “I was wondering when my dance partner would show up.” I’d never seen him before, but no matter.

“I’d love to dance!” I said. I slid off the bar stool and the guy led me by the hand to the dance floor.

“You come here often?” asked the guy.

“Not as often as I’d like,” I said. “What’s your name?”

“Conway,” said Conway. “And you?”

“Nikita,” I said smiling at him.

Conway smiled back and said, “Very pretty. For a very pretty lady.”

I blushed appropriately.

After a couple more dances and a few more words of small talk, Conway said he had to leave. He held me close and kissed me and with a smile he walked out of the club.

“You were looking a bit lonely out here on the dance floor by yourself,” said a new cute college guy walking up to me. My night was off to a great start!

Throughout the evening, I was careful to not actually drink anything. I needed to keep my wits about me. But after about the fifth dance partner and many kisses later, it dawned on me that I was being stared at. For the past couple of dance partners, there was this one guy who kept staring at me and he didn’t look very happy.

He started to worry me. To the point where I couldn’t fully enjoy being with the guy I was dancing with. The man staring at me looked somehow familiar too. Oh, God I hoped he wasn’t someone I’d partied with on some other day and just figured out I’m not the girl I present myself as.

I decided that after this last dance, I should probably go home. It was getting late anyway. After getting a really nice and long good-bye kiss, I walked briskly out of the club towards my car. As I unlocked the door, I turned and looked back at the club. The guy who was staring was standing outside the club’s entrance.

Feeling a panic, I hurriedly got inside my car and fired up the engine. Wearing my heels, my foot slipped from the gas pedal a couple of times in my rush to leave the parking lot. I drove back to my small apartment using a zig-zag pattern rather going a direct path home. I couldn’t tell if I was being followed or not. My imagination running wild, I thought every car was following me.

I finally got back to my parking lot. My favorite spot that was close to my apartment was naturally taken. I got out of my car and hurried as fast as my tight skirt and heels would allow. I had just reached my door and was fumbling around in my purse for my keys when I heard a voice from behind me.


I turned around and there was that man! How the hell? I dropped my purse as I grabbed my keys. My hand was shaking so bad the keys were making a jingling sound.

I reached down and grabbed my purse. I pulled my lipstick from the purse and held it up as if I was holding a canister of mace. I hoped in the dark he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I said, “Don’t come any closer!”

The man stopped and held up his hands defensively. He said, “Hey, it’s okay. I don’t mean to harm you. But it’s you, isn’t it? From my algebra class in high school. It’s you, Ross Cleveland. I’ll never forget that lovely face of yours.”

I just stood there, completely taken by surprise with his comments. I dumbly said, “What?”

The man said, “Do you remember me? Wilson? I sat across from you in Algebra in Hinkley’s class at Ben Sisko High School. Remember? I was a little chubby then.”

I relaxed a bit which was probably a mistake. I said, “Oh yeah. You made me nervous because you were always staring at me.”

Wilson laughed and said, “I had such a crush on you. Even though I knew you were a boy. Back in middle school when I first saw you, I thought you were a girl. Your beautiful long hair and you were so pretty. And then in high school I noticed you were in boys P.E. My heart sank when I learned the truth.”

“Sorry. I wasn’t trying to fool you back then, Wilson,” I said. As my eyes started to adjust to the low light, I could see Wilson’s features better. He was actually kind of cute and obviously he works out now.

“Oh, I don’t blame you,” said Wilson apologetically. “Even after I learned you were a boy, I still crushed on you. I’d imagine asking you out and we’d go out on dates. Stupid I know. But you were just so damned pretty.”

I had allowed myself to totally relax and I stepped closer to him. I said, “Thank you, Wilson. That’s really nice of you to say.”

Looking down at the ground for a moment, Wilson said, “And then tonight I saw you in the club dancing with all those other men. Dressed as a woman you are even more gorgeous. My crush came right back and hit me hard. I wanted so much to talk to you. To dance with you too. But I just couldn’t get up the nerve.”

I laughed nervously and said, “So instead you follow me home and scare me half to death?”

Looking sheepish, Wilson said, “I’m sorry for that. Look, I just had to see you. I wanted to ask you out back in middle school when I thought you were a girl. In high school I used to wish you were a girl instead so I could ask you out. And now look at you. A beautiful woman. But I know I can’t compete with all your boyfriends.”

I laughed and said, “I don’t have any boyfriends. All those men at the club were just strangers. All I wanted was a dance and maybe a little sugar if you know what I mean. I can’t risk discovery by actually dating one of them.”

“Would you date someone who knew who you were but didn’t care?” asked Wilson earnestly.

“Wilson. Are you asking me out on a date?” I asked incredulous.

Wilson took a deep breath and with a solid look of resolve on his face he said, “Yes. I’d love to take you out to dinner. To a nice place. Not some bar.”

Shocked, I said, “I’m shocked that you actually want to go out. I’d love to be taken out on a date! But I have to see if you’re really serious. Kiss me. Your kiss will tell me more than your words.”

He stepped forward and touched my hair. I felt so stupid to let him get this close. He could still be a pervert even if I knew him. Wilson said, “What’s your girl name?”

I said, “Nikita.”

Wilson said, “You know that’s actually a man’s name?”

I frowned and said, “Shut up and kiss me!”

And he did. Oh God did he kiss me. I just melted in his arms. I think I’m done with clubbing for a while…

*          *          *

The End

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