A Little Private War - Part 1


A Little Private War
Part 1
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2016 Melanie Brown

The commander of a small recon vessel thought it was just another boring mission .



I made my third check of the deep scanning systems. The computer wakes me up every two months to run a check if it hasn’t detected anything. To say it wakes me up is a perversion of the word. Reconstitute might be a better description. My co-pilot gets the next month in the rotation. Alone at the moment in the ship, I made my checks in the nude. Why bother to dress when I’m only awake for a few minutes?

I walked over and checked my co-pilot’s silicone canister which is basically a bottle of sand. Inside the container is the same weight in sand as what makes up Lieutenant Sanders chemical composition sans water. It’s okay to have too much sand, but disaster if there’s too little. We check each other’s containers whenever the system wakes one of us up to make sure nothing went wrong during the dehydration process. The sand is just sand. The computer just uses the mass to reconstruct us. I feel uneasy every time I use the damn thing.

I went over the surveillance logs. Nothing detected in this sector. There’s been no activity in this region in six months. We’re about as far from the war as you can get. If something big is detected, the system wakes us up immediately. We’re just here for deep space recon duties.

The ship is small and fast with minimal life support facilities, which is why we use the dehydration system. All we do is sit in one spot in space and monitor ship movements. Well, we’re looking for Zalcon ship movements mostly.

A shiver went down my spine at the thought of the Zalcon Empire. What a horrible group. They’re still mostly human, but after generations of separation from the rest of humanity, plus their genetic experiments, they’ve...changed. You can’t always tell at first glance, but there are usually tell tale signs that give them away. It’s usually the eyes.

After looking everything over and checking messages from the Alliance high command, I decided to go back to the dehydrator. As my hand waved over the controls, I was tempted to use some of the entertainment features. The entertainment module was illegal on military vessels, but for deep space ships like ours, it was largely overlooked. There was a risk in using it, but most crews considered it minimal.

I stepped inside the chamber. It was a fairly tight fit. There’s no pain and only a slight tingling sensation, but I still hate the process. There’s only a slight blurring of your vision as it seems instantaneous from dehydration to reconstitution even though it could be months and even years in some cases between the events.

I closed my eyes and waved my hand over the motion sensor and there was a momentary disorientation. The next instant, I found myself lying on my back in a bunk, Lieutenant Sanders straddling over me, his penis inside me and proximity alarms sounding all around us.

“Ah, shit!” shouted Lieutenant Sanders as he made a final thrust ejaculating deep inside me. Breathing hard, he slid off me and ran to a console.

I sat up, feeling a weight shift on my chest. Long blonde hair slid across my eyes. I shook my head to clear it and shouted, “What the fuck is going on?” Naked, I ran over to the control console to see that a large Zalconian warship was positioning itself over us. Well, direction is irrelevant in space, but I always consider the part of the ship that’s above our heads as “up”, the inertial damping providing us with a perception of up and down.

A naked Lt. Sanders glanced over at me as he frantically started punching on a keyboard. He said, “Sorry Commander. I had no idea anything was going to happen. They re-entered normal space almost right next to us. I had no idea they were coming.”

Growling, or close as I could come to a growling sound as the young girl I now found myself, I said, “How many times have I told you not to use that entertainment mode on me?”

“You’ve never noticed the other times,” Lt. Sanders said as he made a few more entries. He punched a large green button above the keyboard and said, “Report sent. At least the Alliance will know what happened to us and that the enemy is now operating in this sector.”

There were suddenly banging noises from the outside of our ship. I said, “They’re bringing us inside. Great. And you had to make me a fucking whore.”

The dehydrator was an extremely sophisticated piece of equipment. When a module like the entertainment module is used, the basic template of the person you select is used and is then overlaid by the desired template. In my particular case, the template of a well known prostitute from the planet Heiss. There are illegal copies of her all across the Navy. Generally you have no memory of being used as the base template for the prostitute. Crews will swap out with each other so they can relieve their urges on long voyages.

A complex set of programming is also overlaid onto your mind for use in just the situation I found myself in. If there’s an alert, it will break the person out of the program so they can react to the alert. If the person perceives a nearby threat, the programming reverts to the original program. If an enemy officer was nearby, I would only be able to react as what I appeared to be. Just a vacuous prostitute. However, I would be aware of everything said and done around me. Anyone who knows the verbal commands can take the individual in and out of the program. Like I said, it’s very sophisticated. It was originally developed for spying, not entertainment.

I started to step into the dehydration chamber. I said, “I need to get back to normal. After I’m dehydrated, bring me right back with my normal profile.”

“You got it, Commander,” said Lt. Sanders.

Just as I slid my finger over the operation sensor, the ship lost all power.

“Ah, fuck!” I shouted.

*          *          *

“Sanders, Robert, Lieutenant, Alliance Space Defense, JY412345-H,” said Lt. Sanders to the captain of the Zalcon ship. Lt. Sanders had the business end of an energy pistol shoved against his temple. I was being held tightly by my arms by two guards. He hadn’t time to put his uniform on so he was standing in front of the Zalconians completely naked.

Pointing at me, the Zalcon captain said, “And the girl?”

Lt. Sanders just shrugged and said, “She’s just a whore.”

The captain stepped closer to Lt. Sanders and said, “You have the resources to waste on a whore in a reconnaissance ship? Seems your navy lacks discipline.”

“It’s illegal to have her,” said Lt. Sanders. “I snuck her profile onboard.”

The captain just smiled and said, “I rest my case.” He walked over to me and lifted my chin with his finger. He said, “Lovely creature. I assume you keep her in that dehydrator device until you want…um…companionship?”

Lt. Sanders stiffened, realizing he’d volunteered information. He said, “Sanders, Robert, Lieutenant, Alliance Space Def…”

“Enough!” shouted the Zalcon captain. The captain walked back over to Lt. Sanders and grinned. “How amusing that we caught you in such a compromising position. Well lieutenant, you’re now a guest aboard the Zalcon cruiser Broderick. I, your gracious host am Captain Stubing. You’ll be joining our other guests shortly. We’ve been picking up re-con crews all over this region.”

Looking shocked, Lt. Sanders said, “Picking up re-con crews? How do you know where these ships are?”

Captain Stubing smiled and said, “That would be telling. Take him down to interrogation…”

There was a muffled sound like an explosion inside the ship and a slight vibration. A moment later a voice came over the comm-link in the bridge where we were standing. “Captain Stubing!”

The captain stepped over to the console and clicked a button. With a look of concern he said, “Stubing here.”

The voice over the link said, “Sir. The Alliance ship has just self-destructed. We were trying to remove the dehydration device as ordered and the ship then exploded. Two crew members were lost and major damage to bay five. Hull integrity compromised.”

Angry, the captain said in a surprising calm voice, “Seal that area of the ship and get a repair crew there to put a temporary patch to stop any leaks. We’ll have to hold this position until we’ve affected repairs.”

Ah shit. This was bad news for me. My profile was on the ship. When the Alliance command gets the signal of the ship’s destruction, the master copy of my profile, which is about three years out of date by now, will be destroyed for security reasons. If you’re dead, you don’t need a profile and if you’re not dead, it’s just assumed you’ll show up to have a new profile created. If I live through this, I’m stuck as a girl. No matter I guess. I doubt I’ll ever leave this ship, so I’m stuck anyway.

His face twisted in anger, the captain turned back to face us and snarled, “That blasted dehydration technology is about the only thing on an Alliance ship we don’t understand or can duplicate. Usually the circuits just melt and we were taking extra precautions to prevent that. Now it’s rigged to destroy the ship? Seems to me to be a high risk if you accidently enter the wrong codes.”

Lt. Sanders said, “I didn’t know it was rigged to blow up.” I wanted to tell Lt. Sanders to just shut the fuck up. I hope he doesn’t tell the captain that the buttons are just booby traps. The system is activated by waving your hand over a sensor. But I didn’t know that it was now set to blow up the ship. We always kept extra circuit cards in a hidden safe. Nobody ever told us that now the dehydrator is a bomb.

Stepping up to Lt. Sanders, Captain Stubing said, “I’ll have to interrogate you later. Just fair warning, it will be quite painful.” To the guards holding him, the captain said, “Take him to the brig with the others.” Then looking back onto the cramped bridge, he said, “First Officer, you have the comm. I need to inspect the damage.”

He walked over to me and felt my breasts. He grinned at me and said, “And you, sweet flower, will bring much needed relief to my crew. You stay here. We’ll figure out what to do with you later.”

I smiled sweetly to him and said, “Mmmm! Can you touch me again?”

As he turned, Captain Stubing said, “Oh, I can’t wait to get you in my quarters.” To the men holding me, he said, “Let her go for now. I need you two to come with me.”

The captain, Lt. Sanders and the guards all left the bridge, leaving me, the First Officer and the Communications Officer alone.

Both men just stared at me. On a ship like this, it’s probably been months since they’ve had liberty. They were practically drooling. The prostitute mode kicked up a few notches in my brain. I was enjoying their attention and my desire to pleasure them was ramping up. I didn’t fight it because frankly I couldn’t.

While being alone with two men, I could feel myself slowly becoming a sex-crazed bimbo. I was overwhelmed with a desire to bring them pleasure. I was still aware of things and was starting to think how I could take advantage of the situation. The programming controlling my body was, as I said, very sophisticated. In a non-threatening situation where no action was required, I’d revert to my basic function of pleasuring men. If it felt that there was a call to action, all over-rides were turned off and I had full control. Depending on detected threats, it would keep control or pass it to me. Like I said, this was originally developed for spies.

I walked up to the First Officer who was sitting in his seat watching me intently. As I ran my fingers through his short-cropped hair and then down his cheek, I said, “Hey handsome. Would you like to play?”

Suddenly looking uncomfortable, the First Officer said, “Um, ma’am. I’m uh, um, on duty.”

In a sultry, sexy voice I said, “Do I look like a ma’am to you?” I cradled the back of his head in one hand while sliding the finger of my other hand down his nose.

“Miss. I uh…really miss…I’m on uh du…” the First Officer started to say until I covered his face with my ample cleavage. His response was immediate as he kissed the side of one breast.

“Oh man!” said the Communications Officer. He was grinning like an idiot.

Smiling, I started to slide down, kissing his forehead, then his nose and then his lips. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and moaned. I slid my hands down his chest. As I continued to kiss him deeply, I slid one hand down to this crotch and massaged the growing bulge I found there.

The First Officer who was obviously sex-starved dropped all resistance and started fondling my breasts. He was breathing harder and harder as I reached down and started to unfasten his pants.

The First Officer said in a breathy voice, “By the Empire! I’ve got to have you!”

Laughing the Communications Officer said, “I’m next!”

I slid down between the officer’s knees and slowly pulled his pants open and slid them down to expose his already very hard penis. I looked up at his face as I slid my tongue up and down his hard shaft. As I performed my “best in four sectors” blowjob on him, I saw his service weapon’s holster now hanging somewhat loosely outside the webbing of the chair.

Sight of the weapon was blocked to the Communications Officer and the First Officer wasn’t noticing anything other than my mouth at the moment. I carefully and slowly reached over and unsnapped the strap holding the weapon in place.

I was trying to formulate a plan, but my thinking was being overwhelmed by my own intense pleasure sucking on the First Officer’s cock. All inhibitions and reservations I personally had about having oral sex with men had been erased from my mind. All I wanted at the moment was to please him.

The moment he ejaculated into my mouth, I felt a sudden release. My only desire now was to get hold of the officer’s side weapon. The prostitute program instantly released control of my body to me. I immediately pulled away, getting some of his cum on my face. Swallowing, I lunged for his now unsecure weapon and jerked it from the holster before he even knew what was going on.

The Communications Officer was grinning and said, “Now it’s my turn…” His voice stopped as I placed a single energy burst into his forehead. The weapon felt heavy in my hand.

Training reasserting itself, the First Officer reached too late for his side arm. He looked over at me with a confused expression and said, “What the f…” He slumped in his chair after I popped an energy burst into his skull. I bent down and wiped my mouth on his uniform.

Still holding the weapon, I ran, or rather in my case, pranced over to the door. I locked it. I knew it could be over-ridden, but not quickly. I went back to the console.

Quickly scanning the video monitors aboard the ship, I saw Lt. Sanders being shoved into the brig. They had managed to find him a pair of coveralls to wear. From my limited view, there were at least fifteen to twenty men in the brig with him. Guards stood outside the brig holding energy rifles.

I looked across the control console in front of me. In my head I could feel the seconds ticking as I read the control labels. All Alliance officers are trained to read Zalconian writing. I looked back over at the limp body of the First Officer. I opened his shirt and saw a small chain around his neck. I felt around inside his shirt and found a card attached to the chain. I broke the chain and then dragged the lifeless body over to the console.

I slid the card into the slot provided on the console. A voice said, “First Officer Rollie. Please verify.”

I struggled to pull his body up far enough to place his palm on a sensor on the console.

“First Officer Rollie. Please verify.” There was a countdown showing on the console the number of seconds left before the card was deactivated. The Communications Officer was closer, but I doubted he had the authority I needed.

“First Officer Rollie. Please verify.”

“Shut up!” I muttered under my breath as I struggled with the First Officer’s arm with my girly muscles.

One last herculean effort, I finally managed to slap the officer’s hand onto the sensor with only seconds to spare.

“First Officer Rollie. Verified.”

A whole roll of console controls lit up. I looked over them quickly. The captain had said this was as cruiser. That meant a crew of between thirty and fifty men. Minus four now. I flipped off a row of safety switches. The manual override button was closer to the officer’s body than the hand reader. I pressed his thumb onto the override button. An alarm sounded from the console.

I took a deep breath. Despite the carnage in front of me, killing was not really part of my job. Well, yes, being in the military you sometimes have to kill. Killing in combat is one thing. What I was contemplating was nothing short of cold blooded murder. But I really had no choice. It was a basic it’s us or them choice.

I grimly set the emergency pressure locks on the bridge doors. The guards could no longer open them. I flipped another row of switches and disabled all the automatic pressure seals on the rest of the ship. I locked the pressure doors that the repair crews had used to exit the ship. They were now locked outside.

“Warning. Pressure seal overrides activated. Emergency overrides deactivated,” said a voice from the console.

There was a sudden banging on the bridge’s door. Through the door I couldn’t hear any voices if there was any yelling going on. I could hear an energy weapon being discharged against the door. Idiots. It’s their own ship. They should know that won’t work.

I stepped over to the computer control console. I selected command overrides. My finger hovered momentarily over the screen. I closed my eyes and brought my finger down on the repel borders command option.

At that moment, all external hatches sprung open. The air lock doors opened. With my override settings, none of the bulkhead and crew area pressure doors closed. I opened my eyes and looked at the ship’s external monitors. I could see a couple of dozen men jettisoned into space, their arms and legs flailing.

The brig’s doors remained closed. The guards in the holding area had been swept out into space.

I just sat there for a few minutes, watching without emotion as the men ejected out into space slowly stopped moving. I sat there for another couple of minutes, my eyes clinched closed. I know they were the enemy. I know they have killed my friends. But I felt no joy, no feelings of vindication as I watched fifty men die horribly.

Moving mechanically, I reset all the overrides and closed all external hatches. It would take about half an hour to re-pressurize the ship to safe levels. I plopped down in the now vacated command chair and stared at the two men I had killed.

*          *          *

“Good job Commander Tiresias!” said the smiling senior officer Captain O’Reilly. “Just brilliant! You rid the galaxy of fifty of those Zalcon vermin and hand us one of their newest vessels!” He grinned as he looked me up and down for the fortieth time. He said, “So I’ll let you get away with being out of uniform just this once.” I had changed into a tight fitting jump suit.

I laughed lightly at his comment. Captain O’Reily and I go back to our early days at the academy. He rose through the ranks much faster than I and last I’d heard he was in command of a frigate. They must have been doing recon duties as well, or maybe hit and runs, in this sector. The Alliance High Command would not be happy when they learned that he’d lost his command and most of his crew to wind up on a Zalcon cruiser.

O’Reilly and I had been best friends during our first two years at the academy. O’Reilly got his commission right after graduation. I was left behind until I got assigned to a recon bucket. After O’Reilly left, I started dating a rather hot girl. At the time, I had no idea she was O’Reilly’s sister. Our relationship ended when I was caught in an off-world brothel with an Orion slave girl. O’Reilly terminated our friendship as soon as he’d heard how I had hurt his little sister.

“Thank you sir,” I said looking around at the rest of the newly freed prisoners. We had gathered in the ship’s galley as everyone had been starving. I said, “I just wish I hadn’t needed to kill them all like that. Being vented out into space has to be a pretty horrible way to die.”

O’Reilly just shook his head and said, “Commander, what were you supposed to do alone like that? Besides, they got what they deserved. Have you forgotten what the Zalcons did to the planets Rajusca and Zoefiet? Keep those worlds in your memory, Commander and you’ll always know what to do.” The Zalcons had used those planets to demonstrate their newest terror weapon; a very large space-based energy weapon that could super-heat the planet’s core with catastrophic results.

Stepping away from me to the center of the galley, O’Reilly looked around at the assembled men from the various crews that had been captured. He said, “Gentlemen, in two hours, I want this ship fully powered and ready to make the jumps back to Alliance space. The High Command will love nothing more than to get their hands on this ship.”

A chorus of “Aye, Captain!” rose from the crew.

O’Reilly stepped over to me as the men dispersed to get the ship ready for the first jump. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “We need to talk. Come with me to my new quarters.”

I followed O’Reilly to the cabin of the former ship’s captain. O’Reilly closed the door behind him. He turned to me and with a smile said, “That was great work, Commander. You saved all our lives as I’m sure those scum bags would have killed us after they’d gotten whatever information they were looking for. As soon as Lt. Bradly retools the comm system, I’ll send a commendation for you to the Alliance High Command.”

My boobs jiggled as I saluted O’Reilly and said, “Thank you, sir!”

O’Reilly suddenly stopped smiling and said, “Command over-ride, voice authorization, command full prostitute with memory activate now.”

Against my will, I was immediately attracted to O’Reilly. I put my arms around his neck and cooed, “What are your orders, sir? I’m ready to please you.” I kissed him. O’Reilly had verbally set the programming in my brain to full on prostitute. With every fiber of my being, I wanted nothing more than to pleasure him. And, I would remember doing so.

With obvious delight, he slowly undressed me, fondling and kissing my breasts as he slid my jumpsuit to the floor. Grabbing me by the hair, he led me the short distance to his bed. Grinning at him as he lay on the bed, I ran a finger down the middle of his face and down his chest, kissing him all the way down. I stimulated him with my lips and tongue and was gratified to hear his sensual moans.

After achieving the desired results, I lifted myself over his swollen cock and lowered myself slowly on to him. I then began a rhythm back and forth with him all the way inside me. I moaned and begged him to fuck me harder.

I hated what I was doing. If he wanted to relieve his pent up sexual repressions, he could have turned off my conscious mind. I never would have known I was being used sexually. As it was, I knew exactly what I was doing, but unable to stop it.

This went on for quite a while, up to the point where I was starting to dry out and his thrusts were becoming painful. Finally, with a deep moan from both of us, he finished and I collapsed on his chest, my breathing labored with him still inside me.

O’Reilly rolled me over to one side and then he sat up. “Well, that was fun. I wish you’d been on our ship. We don’t get to dehydrate like you do in those recon buckets.”

I just giggled and then pouted as I tried to pull him back to me.

O’Reilly grinned and said, “Command over-ride, voice authorization, command halt prostitute.”

I was suddenly released and I jumped from the bed. “Just what the fuck was that about…Sir?” I stood there, shaking angrily in all my naked glory. “You raped me!”

O’Reilly laughed heartily and looked me up and down. He said, “That was for my sister, you bastard. You’re lucky I didn’t turn the whole crew loose on you.”

I stiffened and said, “With all due respect, Captain, I am an officer of the Alliance Spa…”

Angry, O’Reilly interrupted and said, “You’re a naked whore. My sister cried for days over what you did to her.”

Pissed, I said, “Give me a break, O’Reilly. It’s not really my fault. You’ve been around Orion slave girls yourself.”

“I wasn’t fucking my sister,” said O’Reilly with a scowl.

Annoyed at feeling some of O’Reilly’s ejaculate sliding down my inner thigh, I said, “Still, Captain. Your conduct was unwarranted. You took advantage of my current situation.”

O’Reilly shrugged and said, “Maybe. It’s not like I ordered you to have sex with me.”

I stepped up within a few inches of O’Reilly. I wanted to stare him straight into his eyes, but being this girl, he was over a head taller than me. I shouted, “Are you fucking kidding me, O’Reilly?”

O’Reilly smirked and said, “Command over-ride, voice authorization, command full female, run prostitute, enable emergency over-rides, lock.”

My vision blurred for a moment and my mind seemed to clear. Something was different, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. “What the hell did you just do, O’Reilly?”

O’Reilly frowned and said, “You’re being insubordinate addressing me in such a familiar manner, Commander. But, under the circumstances, I’ll let it slide this time. What I did? I set you to act and think like a woman. I left you with your prostitute skills, but they’re voluntary now and if a threat presents itself, you’ll revert to vacuous little bimbo that you are. And I locked it so someone else won’t be able to manipulate you. It will take a command grade my level or higher to unlock.”

Standing there with my mouth hanging open, I said, “You’ve compromised my command skills and military training! Why?”

Continuing to frown, O’Reilly said, “Because as of this moment, you are no longer a commissioned officer of the Alliance Space Defense. You’re a civilian girl.”

Astonished, I said, “But why? Because I’m female? In case you haven’t noticed, O’Reilly, there are plenty of women in command positions in the Alliance. Your sister being one of them.”

With a scowl, O’Reilly said, “Address me that way one more time little girl, and I’ll permanently make you a brainless little slut. I’m sorry, but in your current form, you are incredibly beautiful and sexy. You’ll be a major distraction to the men. I can’t have them endangering themselves trying to protect you in a combat situation nor can I have the men trying to have their way with you.”

I laughed and said, “Captain. Just put me in a uniform displaying the insignia of my rank and order the men to behave like they would with other woman officer.”

Shrugging, O’Reilly said, “I’m fresh out of women’s uniforms and you don’t notice it, but you emit…something. I can’t quite tell what it is, but it is overwhelming. I don’t think any man aboard this ship would be able to resist it.”

“So you’re just going to lock me in a room?” I asked, feeling betrayed.

Shaking his head, O’Reilly said, “No. On our first jump, there’s a neutral agricultural planet nearby. They’re always short on women there, so I thought if we dropped you off there, you’d find something useful to do, stay out of trouble and remain basically safe until an Alliance ship can come pick you up. That might be awhile as the planet is deep inside the Zalcon sphere of influence.”

My anger flaring up again, I shouted, “You can’t do this to me! I’ll lose my pay, my rank, my commission! I don’t want to be some farmer’s wife or worse, the town whore.”

Raising his hands defensively, O’Reilly said, “Hey, don’t get mad at me. It’s your own body that has betrayed you. I’m sorry Tiresias. You are no longer fit for duty.”

*          *          *

I stood just outside the field-effect radius as the ship hovered a few feet above the surface. I watched the loading ramp lift and slide back inside the ship. Feeling abandoned, I silently watched the ship slowly rise into the air, a breeze kicked up by the field-effect rustling my hair.

I stood on a field of green and tan grass. I was wearing my jumpsuit. A member of the village’s ruling committee stood next to me and watched with me as the ship disappeared from view. The people gathered around where the ship had been hovering didn’t seem to be bothered by the sight of a Zalcon war ship. I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.

The man I was standing next to, turned to face me and said, “Well, miss. Welcome to the village of Misty Grove. If you’re seeking a husband, there are many fine young men here in need of a good woman.” He looked me up and down and said, “Or the brothel is always looking for new girls.”

Rolling my eyes at him, I said, “Those are my only options?”

The man shrugged and said, “Zalcon ships arrive occasionally with slave girls to work on our farms. No one here is a slave. But everyone is expected to contribute in some way.”

“I didn’t come here voluntarily,” I said, watching the villagers begin to disperse.

The man laughed and said, “Nobody does! Come. Let me show you around.” He continued chuckling as we walked slowly towards the small village.

*          *          *

End of Part 1

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