Girl Squad


Girl Squad
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2018 Melanie Brown

Sometimes luck is all you have.


This not a sequel to Christmas in Space. Just uses the same universe. You don't have to read it, but it helps -- Ed



I never get used to it. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been reconstituted over the course of my career in the Alliance Space Defense, but my reaction is always the same. I hate it. Pretty much like everyone else does as well from what I keep hearing. That horrible feeling, the blinding flash, the millions of tiny pin pricks. The question always on my mind after the wave of nausea, was what is going on this time that I needed to be brought back out? I steadied myself against the sanding chamber’s door.

As my vision cleared, a voice I didn’t recognize from behind me said, “That’s the last crew member. Five newly minted sex kittens prototyped from the most amazing whore who ever lived. I’ve kept my end of the bargain. I hope you keep yours.”

“But of course, admiral. But of course.” I didn’t recognize that voice either, but I recognized the CoDom accent.

Before me, kneeled on the floor of the command deck of my scout ship were four naked girls, looking identical and all with vacuous smiles. Long strands of blonde hair fell across my face. Oh my God, I thought. My whole crew and I have been reconstituted using the Lola entertainment module!

Whoever this admiral was said, “They are all docile and extremely hungry for sex. I think you will be very pleased with them.”

I turned around and was shocked at what I saw. I recognized the admiral who spoke. He was Admiral Lawrence who oversaw reconnaissance operations for the Alliance. Several CoDom officers stood around him. And they were all standing in the command center of my Alliance scout ship, the Bellerophon.

One of the CoDom officers pointed at me and shouted, “Girl! Down on your knees!”

I wanted to tell him to fuck off, but instead I submissively obeyed his order and slipped to my knees. The Lola module must have been activated at max nympho. As I looked around, I wanted to fuck every man present.

One of the CoDom officers, a ship’s captain according to his insignias, said, “This is amazing Admiral. I’ve read reports about this incredible technology. It’s so much more efficient than our own cryo-tech. Until you showed me, I never would have believed you don’t even have to come back as yourself! Must make for fun ship parties.”

Admiral Lawrence shrugged. “The Lola module is actually illegal on all Alliance vessels though it always seems to manage to find its way into the ship’s computer. The change, such as with the Lola entertainment module isn’t permanent. If you were to sand the crew again, they would be stored back with their own profiles intact.”

‘Sanding’. The boon and bane of the Deep Space division of the Alliance Space Defense. The dehydration chamber, nick-named the Sander because your physical body is reduced to your volume in a mix of de-ionized water and silica gel. Your mental state is stored holographically in the ship’s computer system. To reduce the need for storage space for food and air for a crew for years in a deep space mission, the crew is digitized and stored in water and sand canisters. Since sand is sand and water is water, and are only used to convert mass, an individual doesn’t get their own canisters. Military space craft are kept to minimum mass and so anything that will reduce the need for creature comforts is a major plus.

The Lola module, like the admiral said, is illegal on all Alliance Navy vessels, but it’s always there and Command turns a blind eye to it. Originally developed as a tool for spying, the module was prototyped from a prostitute from Seka-5, a notorious, crime-infested planet just outside Alliance space. The prostitute had elevated sex to a high art form. She died over a hundred years ago, but her legend lives on.

The Lola module is a series of wickedly complex protocols that allows for almost an infinite number of behaviors to be pre-programmed into whoever has become Lola. Since it was developed for espionage, the programming will turn you into a sex-crazed bimbo when there’s no danger and men are around, to bringing back your full mental state in an emergency. You may not always be able to act on your own, but you’re always listening.

The CoDom officer shifted his stance. “So, Admiral. Is this an agreeable compromise? I allow this crew to live, but in a capacity that does not jeopardize my ship or crew, since I have no space for prisoners. I’m sure they would be accidently killed when our engineers start dissecting this vessel. I have your word as an officer and a gentleman to not try to contact the Alliance or cause harm to my vessel and crew?”

Admiral Lawrence nodded. “What could one man do anyway, captain?”

The CoDom captain raised his eyebrow. “A desperate man could do a lot.”

The admiral painfully grabbed a handful of my hair. “Captain. Asking as one man to another, may I have use of one of your new girls for an hour?”

The CoDom captain grinned. “You don’t have any scruples, do you Admiral? Fucking one of your own men. I like that. You have one hour.”

*          *          *

Admiral Lawrence led me by my long hair to his quarters and gruffly pushed me inside. After he closed the door, he seemed to relax.

Alone with a man, the Lola protocol took over and I walked up close to him and began to nuzzle against his neck, giving him little kisses as I felt for his crotch. I wanted to punch him in the throat and beat the traitor with any handy heavy object.

He pulled back for a moment and I was so worked up, that I managed to over-ride the programming for just long enough to shout, “Traitor!”

Lawrence grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face to his. He kissed me hard and deeply. I couldn’t resist. I just met his kisses with my own.

Lawrence took a deep breath. “I haven’t been with a woman in over a subjective year. So little one, the first thing I’m going to do is fuck your brains out. Then I’m going to give you your orders.”

He then dropped his pants, revealing a huge member that caused me to squeal with delight and drop to my knees. My mind switched to full prostitute mode and all I wanted to do was get his cock inside me. Oh God, I wanted him inside me. I played with his growing cock, trying to get him harder before sliding him into my mouth. A few minutes after that, he forced me down on his bed and pushed his massive dick inside my now very wet pussy. I closed my eyes and moaned with a pleasure I’ve never experienced before in my life. I was so glad to be a woman…

Laying next to each other on his bed after he finished, though he was still pulsing his seed inside me, Admiral Lawrence kissed me and then said, “Captian Stewart. I have a job for you.”

I smiled sweetly at him. “Another blow job?”

The admiral frowned. “Snap out of it Captain. I need to give you an assignment.” He slid out of me.

My mind cleared as we both sat up and faced each other. With a sudden fury I slapped him hard across his face. “You fucking, traitorous bastard!”

Admiral Lawrence massaged his cheek for a moment. “That’s gross insubordination captain, but I admit that I deserved that.”

“How did you get on my ship? The moment the CoDom ship was in proximity, I should have been awakened so I could hit the emergency jump button!” Some ships, such as mine that operate close or inside CoDom space have a stored up charge to jump to a pre-calculated safe location. It’s for emergency use only as it leaves the vessel vulnerable for several hours afterwards.

Lawrence glanced away for a moment. “I gave the CoDom captain the codes to remotely disable the alarms aboard your ship. You and your vessel were safely stored inside the CoDom vessel’s hold before we reconstituted you.”

I started to slap him again, but he caught my arm. “You sorry piece of shit! You disabled our alarms? The high command won’t even bother with a court-martial over that. They’ll take you straight to a firing squad.”

Lawrence stared at the wall and frowned. “Maybe. But I had no choice really.”

He was still holding my wrist. “You had no choice but to turn me and my crew into a bunch of whores? And to give the CoDom a new, advanced scout ship? You just handed over our most secret technology?”

The admiral was still holding my wrist. “I’m going to let go. You need to hear me out. Don’t slap me again.” I nodded.

A few seconds after he let go of my wrist, I slapped him hard again.

With a snarl, he grabbed my wrist again. “Are you done? I have a plan. Or do you want to die as a whore on a CoDom ship?”

I relaxed my arm. “Okay. What’s this plan of yours?”

He let go of my arm and sat up a little straighter. “First a little background. Don’t worry. I can assure you this room is clear of listening devices. I was on a minimum crew frigate to our outpost on QU-6. We stretched our jump a bit too much and blew out our jump coil. We were just coasting in normal space. We called HQ and they dispatched a tender. Those things are practically tethered to a planet so it was going to take a while. A CoDom ship detected us. Long story short, we couldn’t repel the boarders. They captured me, and flushed my crew into space. They were going to take the ship as well, but several Alliance ships arrived nearby and so they left as quickly as possible with a very dangerous random jump.

“By chance, that jump brought the CoDom vessel within detecting range to yours, but not close enough to set off an alarm. The CoDom captain asked me if there was a way to take the scout ship without the crew having time to sabotage it? What an asinine question, right? But knowing how he didn’t hesitate to jettison the frigate’s crew, I didn’t want your crew to share the same fate if possible. That’s when I hatched this crazy idea. We’ll probably still all die, but maybe not in vain.”

I just sat there a moment and stared at him. “So your brilliant plan was to surrender the Bellerophon and turn me and my crew into whores?”

Lawrence nodded. “Yes.”

I jumped up, my boobs bouncing. “If I could get a weapon, I’d shoot you myself!”

The admiral motioned for me to sit. “Let me tell you my idea and then you can shoot me.”

I slowly sat back down and glared at the admiral. “Okay. Talk.”

Admiral Lawrence waved his hand in an arc in front of me. “Some of this will just have to be dumb luck. But I think it’ll work if we use our brains. Your crew are now sex crazed girls. Discipline on CoDom ships is pretty lax; especially in their deep space operations. Their men are going to be very relaxed around you as they’ll see you as merely sex toys. They’ll talk. And you girls will listen. Listen to everything.”

“Listen for what? And why?” I asked frowning.

The admiral leaned forward. “They’re going to consider you as just dumb, empty headed girls. So be curious. Ask questions. Questions like ‘hey, what’s this do?’ You don’t want them to get suspicious. Listen to their crew talk. Watch and observe.”

I sighed heavily. “Begging the admiral’s pardon, but what good does it do to collect any intel at all?”

Admiral Lawrence grinned humorlessly. “That’s where the luck part comes in. When we have a lot of knowledge of something big, it’ll be worth trying to get to the Bellerophon to send a message out.”

I nodded, though I was very skeptical. “I’ll inform the girls what they need to do.”

Admiral Lawrence held up his hand. “One more thing before you go. The reason I was going to QU-6 was to pick up a courier. This is need to know only. The courier is Ensign Cook who is a member of your crew.”

I wrinkled my brow. “Ensign Cook? Are you sure?”

Lawrence nodded. “Yes. You were going to get a transmission in a few days directing you to jump to QU-6 space. In Cook’s brain is a holographic impression of the plans to the new CoDom Dreadnaught class attack cruiser; their deadliest ship yet.”

“Wow,” I exclaimed. “He needs to get back to Alliance space immediately.”

The admiral nodded. “Yes. And it’s up to you girls to do it.”

*          *          *

Upon entering the room the girls and I were quartered I turned to one of the girls and said sternly, Lt. Beck, command over-ride, voice authorization, scan for listening devices.” This heightened her hearing levels in order to detect the high-frequency whine emitted by listening devices.

After a moment of having a blank expression, Lt. Beck said, “Room is clear, captain.”

I grinned. “Excellent. Okay, girls. Listen up. We’ve been handed an important mission and it’s up to us to make it happen.”

Ensign Cook gave me a curious look, but I just ignored her.

Lt. Beck frowned. “What can we do? We’re just girls.”

I grinned. “That’s our strength. They won’t expect it. Now here’s what we need to do.”

I then carefully explained the admiral’s not quite finished plan.

“That’s it?” asked one of the girls. Since we all look exactly the same, it’s hard to know who’s who. “Just listen? And we’re supposed to actively try to get the men on this vessel to have sex with us just in case they say something important? That’s why the admiral surrendered our ship and turned us into girls?”

I frowned. “It saved your life. Granted it’s not the most brilliant plan I’ve ever heard.”

One of the girls giggled. “Oh! Have you guys seen that young communications officer? Oh my God! He’s so gorgeous!”

“Oh I know!” exclaimed Peterson, another girl.

“Don’t forget those men in engineering! The reactor keeps it so hot down there they work with their shirts off and are they buff!” chimed in Riley.

“Girls! Girls!” I growled in a low whisper. “Focus! There’ll be plenty of time for men later. Now listen.”

The girls quieted down to a low level giggle. Since we were all reconstituted at max bimbo, it was going to be impossible to not be distracted by men.

Lt. Beck took a deep breath. At least I think it was Lt. Beck. “Sorry captain. It’s hard to keep focus with so many gorgeous men around.”

I nodded. “I understand completely. It affects me too. Just remember they’re CoDom men and remember what the CoDom have done to your friends and families.” The giggling quieted down much more. “Remember it’s important to keep your mind and ears open no matter what you may be doing at the time. You might be acting like a brainless bimbo, but you’re not. You’re still part of the Alliance Deep Space Corps. Bring me back anything. Dates you’ve heard. Possible jump vectors. Scuttlebutt or just details about the ship’s routine.”

Ensign Cook gave me a wry smile and a dainty salute. “Aye captain! We’ll fuck them six ways from Sunday.”

I nodded at her. “Good. I know you girls won’t let me down.” Oh God, I hope this gaggle of giggly girls doesn’t let me down.

*          *          *

I entered the bridge unescorted and walked up to the CoDom captain. The admiral is right. Discipline is out the window on this vessel. I put my arms around his neck and coo’d, “You asked me to come see you?”

As I tried to kiss him, he unwound my arms and stepped back. “Yes. You were the captain of the Bellerophon is that correct?”

I knitted my brows and bit my lower lip. “I’m the what of a what?” I giggled. “I have no idea.” That was a lie of course.

The CoDom captain looked frustrated. “Do you remember anything about your vessel? Like, is it booby-trapped if we try to turn it on?”

I covered my mouth and laughed. “You said ‘booby’!” I jiggled my breasts from side to side. “All I know is that I want you to fuck me.” I put my arms around his neck again. “Please fuck me?” I kissed him.

He disengaged me again and stepped back. He loosened his collar a bit and took a deep breath. “Wait for me in my quarters.”

I kissed him again and grinned at him as I turned to exit the bridge hips swaying.

As I opened the bridge door, the CoDom captain said to the person standing next to him, “What a waste actually. All that education and training just to wind up a brainless whore for the rest of your life.”

The communications officer laughed. “I can’t think of a more fitting fate for Alliance scum.”

I lay down on the captain’s bed to wait for him to arrive at his quarters. I wanted to go through every drawer and cabinet in his room, but didn’t think I’d have the time and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to get caught doing that. I’ll have to wait for a better time. It pissed me off when it turned out I did have time to check some of the drawers before the captain entered. Instead, I was just laying I a sexy pose on his bed.

The CoDom captain grinned when he entered his quarters. He gave out a low whistle. “I can’t believe something so beautiful used to be a man.”

I pouted as I stood up from his bed. “I’m not a man. I am all woman.” I slid my arms around his neck, stood up on my tiptoes and kissed him long and hard. And yes, even though under this protocol I’m male, at the moment I was being completely honest. I was a woman and I was filled with lust and desire for this man.

He stepped back a moment and pulled his uniform shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. I couldn’t help but smile looking at his well muscled chest. The captain was young, virile and totally hot. I never wanted to be with a man so badly in my life.

He grabbed me roughly by my shoulders and pulled me close to him. My naked breasts pushed against his chest as he bent his head down and kissed me, sliding his tongue into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue as I kissed him back with a passion I never knew I had. Being held by this man was heaven. To me he was no longer an enemy of the Alliance. He was my lover and I wanted him so bad.

I slid to my knees and unclasped his pants and they fell to the floor around his ankles. There was a huge bulge in his underwear. I slowly pulled his underwear down until his manhood popped out in full salute. Oh my God, he was huge! I wanted his cock inside me so much. I grasped his cock and slid my hand up and down on it, getting him harder. I kissed the tip and tasted his pre-cum. I couldn’t hold back any longer as I parted my lips and pushed my mouth onto his hard shaft.

I sucked hard on his cock for several minutes, pressing my tongue against him and biting down slightly. My efforts were rewarded by his moans of pleasure. I could no longer tell what was just the protocol at work or my own animal desires. God! I have to admit I loved pleasuring this man.

Just when I thought I was going to get a mouthful of his seed, he picked me up and tossed me on his bed. He then quickly lay beside me and kissed me as he squeezed my breasts. He sucked my nipples and kissed his way down my stomach and before I knew it, his tongue was sliding inside me. My body rocked with pleasure and desire for him. He bought his face back up to mine and kissed me with my juices still on his tongue. He pressed my clitoris as we kissed. OH MY GOD!

Finally he slid his cock inside me and began a rhythm of sliding in and out. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts and squeezed my pussy against his swollen cock. Before I would have recoiled at the thought of being fucked by a man, but now all I wanted was to have him inside me.

He kissed me and made one last hard thrust as his seed shot deep inside me. He held me tight as his balls drained with each strong pulse. He collapsed beside me, his breathing hard. He stayed inside as his cock continued to pulse with cum.

“Oh God!” I moaned loudly as my body rang with intense pleasure. I have never experienced such delight before and now I craved it. At least at that moment, I had no desire to ever go back to being male again.

Still breathing hard, the captain said, “That was intense. Girl, you’re the best sex I’ve ever had.” He kissed me again and smiled. “I’m Andre by the way. You’re the only one on this ship allowed to call me that.”

In a breathy whisper, I said honestly, “You were fantastic, Andre.”

He smiled as he ran a finger down the bridge of my nose and across my lips. “All you girls look alike. How can I tell you from the others?”

I smiled. “I’m the only one that knows your name.” He kissed me again.

*          *          *

“Okay girls. You’ve all had several days to gather information from the men on this vessel. While we’re waiting for Ensign Cook to get here, I’d like everyone to report.” I glanced over to each girl. Since there were no men in the room, while the protocol kept them acting girly, the girls weren’t being forced to be bimbos.

The intel the girls had gathered was actually pretty good. I’ll have to find a reason to get back with the admiral to report what we’ve found. The CoDom navigator had finished calculating the next three jumps. The first jump was just to get us fully into CoDom controlled space. The second jump was to meet another ship to off-load the admiral and the last jump to Max’s Planet deep in CoDom space to dock at a port there for maintenance, resupply, and crew rotation. No word on our fate.

We also learned that the ship’s crew consisted of twenty men and by now I’m sure we’d all been fucked by each of them. If I was leading four commandos we could easily take the ship as we’re heavily trained for close quarters combat. Hell, even a team of Alliance women who normally don’t have combat duty had a chance to take the ship against this CoDom crew. I had toyed with the idea of leading the girls into a assault to take control of the ship, but looking over at the band of silly girls, I doubted we could take control of one of the heads much less the whole ship.

Lt. Beck was just giving her report about how she thinks we can shut down the ship’s reactor by hitting the emergency stop button mounted on the bulkhead wall next to the entrance to the engineering section when Ensign Cook entered our small quarters. She was grinning ear-to-ear.

I looked up as she entered and noticed her grin. “You either have some good intel or you just had a good fuck.”

Still smiling, Ensign Cook said, “Yes and yes. The executive officer is just gorgeous and really knows how to fuck a woman. But I guess everyone here knows that. Here’s the important thing though.”

Ensign Cook drew a deep breath as she sat down. “Our first jump away from here is being delayed a couple of days. It seems a carrier has been dispatched to our location to pick up the Bellerophon and transfer it the carrier. The CoDom high command wants our vessel really bad. They’re afraid the ship we’re on might be attacked since our ship might have been transmitting a distress signal over Sub-Ether. It depends on how the ship was shut down. The carrier will be here within two days time.”

I sat up straight. “Now that’s some major news. We can’t let that happen. Are you girls up for an assault?”

One of the girls, not sure who, started to cry. “We’re not going to have to kill any of these men are we? I’m in love with several of them and the communications officer even asked me to marry him.”

Another girl frowned, “He asked me to marry him too.” A noisy discussion broke out on how special some of the men were to each of us. Some even started crying.

“Girls! Girls! Knock it off,” I growled. “It’s obvious there’s no way we could launch an attack against these men. But we have to stop the carrier from taking our ship back to CoDom high command. I kinda have an idea. I’ll run it by Admiral Lawrence for his advice.”

*          *          *

On a ship the size of the CoDom vessel we were on they don’t have an actual brig. So while he stayed mostly in his quarters, Admiral Lawrence would come out to eat in the mess hall, or take a walk to stretch his legs or even go to the bridge to play a quick game of Fizzbin with the CoDom captain who I was privileged to know as Andre. When the next meal time on the ship came around, I took several of the girls with me down to the mess hall to see if the Admiral was there. If not, we could at least get something to eat and have sex with some crew members.

When we entered the mess hall, I saw the admiral sitting by himself at a table in the corner of the room. I nodded to the other girls and they scampered off to their favorite men while I approached the admiral.

As I came up from behind him, I slid an arm around his shoulder and slid a finger down his cheek as I coo’d, “Hey admiral. I really loved you fucking me and I’d love to be fucked by you again. You are soooo good!”

He turned to face me with a grin. “I would like nothing better, girl. Let me finish my meal first.”

From behind him, I put my arms around his shoulders and kissed his neck. “Take all the time you need. I’m yours for the night.” I stuck my tongue in his ear and massaged his chest through his uniform. I took my tongue from his ear and whispered, “Urgent I talk to you.”

The admiral nodded and kissed one of my hands. He didn’t have much more to go with his meal which didn’t look all that appetizing. Apparently the galleys on CoDom vessels this size aren’t as well stocked as Alliance ships.

Finally he pushed his chair back and stood up. Taking my hand to lead me to his quarters he said, “Come little one.”

As soon as we entered his quarters, I turned to face him. “Admiral! I have urgent…”

He pressed his finger against my lips and made a shushing sound. He dropped his pants to the floor. “Pleasure before business.” He pointed at his crotch.

As soon as I saw his cock, the urgent news I had evaporated in my mind and I fell happily to my knees to give him a blow job he’ll never forget. I have to admit, that beyond the programming, I’ve come to love oral sex. Even more so with some of the men I’ve fallen in love with. I know it sounds like treason, but I do so love some of the CoDom men.

Just when I felt he was close to unloading his balls, the admiral pulled me down to his bed. He slid his swollen cock deep inside me and started to pound my pussy, until with one mighty thrust, his sperm exploded inside me. I dug my nails into his back and gasped for air.

He stayed inside me as his penis continued to pulse. He took a deep breath and with a gasp asked, “What’s this urgent news?”

I kissed him and also took a deep breath. My mind began to clear and I related what we had learned about what was expected to happen aboard the CoDom ship. The admiral played with my breasts as I spoke.

After bending his head towards me sucking on my nipple for a moment, Admiral Lawrence said, “We’ve got to relay this information to fleet HQ. Especially the jump locations. Even if it means we die, we have to get Ensign Cook back to the Alliance.”

I frowned despite my nipple getting played with. “Isn’t there more than one courier as a back up?”

The admiral slid is flaccid cock from my pussy. “Yes. But we don’t know their status. None of them have reported in and we know the primary courier was killed. Ensign Cook is a very hot item.”

I moaned softly as Admiral Lawrence rubbed my clitoris. “I think I have an idea on how to get into the Bellerophon and send a message. The CoDom still can’t detect sub-ether transmissions.”

The admiral nodded. “But they might detect powering up part of the ship. You need a distraction.”

I grinned. “I think my girls can handle that.”

The admiral grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face to his. He kissed me deeply and I slid my tongue into his mouth. We kissed for several long moments before he pulled away for a breath.

With a smile he said, “That I am sure of.”

I licked my lips and stared lovingly at the admiral. “But what do we do about the carrier? We can’t let the Bellerophon fall into their hands. And the carriers have so much firepower on them, even if the Alliance sent a dozen ships to intercept, they’d all be destroyed.”

“That carrier is a problem. They have four of those menaces, and we’ve lost a whole sector to CoDom forces because of them.” The admiral frowned and he stopped playing with my clit.

While kissing him, I said, “Core implosion. After our ship is placed in the hold of the carrier. It won’t destroy the carrier, but it will blow half of it apart.”

Kissing me harder and squeezing my breasts, Admiral Lawrence said, “That’s a manual process. It’d be suicide for one of your girls.”

I shook my head and said grimly, “I’ll do it. I’m the captain. My ship.”

Admiral Lawrence pulled back and studied my face. “I can’t let you do that, captain. We can’t afford to lose an experienced officer.”

I laughed without humor. “Look at me. I’ll most likely be this whore for the rest of my life. Even if you could remove my insatiable desire for sex, you know High Command will never give me another commission.”

The admiral grunted. “We need a better idea anyway. Being killed in combat is one thing. Committing suicide is something else. Besides. Just before I left for QU-6, I saw a high level memo stating that there’d been at least three Alliance ships, scouts and recon vessels that have been destroyed by self-destruct. These ships cost a lot of money you know.”

I studied Admiral Lawrence’s handsome face for a few moments. “I think I have an idea. But we’ll still lose the Bellerophon.

*          *          *

“You’re sure?” It was more of a demand than a question.

Lt. Beck nodded. “Yes. With the loss of the ship’s main power, all hatchways automatically open so no one gets trapped. The only exception is if there’s a bulkhead breach. Then the hatchways lock to avoid explosive decompression.”

Looking worried, Peterson asked, “We won’t kill anybody will we?”

I smiled at her. “Not unless you just want to.”

I bit my lip as I looked around at my girl squad. So much of my plan relied on men being stupid when their cocks are busy. I was going to need at least twenty minutes. No guarantee I would get that much.

I pointed at Peterson and Riley. “You two will go to the security room and keep them distracted. It won’t be a big deal as we’ve all had sex with the security guys in there. Beck, you and Cook go down to engineering as soon as you see that security is distracted and get those guys distracted. Give me twenty minutes and then find any excuse to hit that emergency shutdown button. That should give me enough time to bring the ship back on-line long enough to send a transmission. Then I head back here in the confusion.”

Peterson tossed her long hair over her shoulder. “That’s a lot of luck we’re depending on, Captain.”

I nodded. “Girl. Luck is all we have left.”

*          *          *

With my back against a bulkhead, I peered down the passageway waiting for Ensign Cook to signal me that Peterson had the security room distracted. Then Cook and Beck were going to hurry to engineering. Between where I stood and where I expected to see Cook was a sentry guarding the ladder to below decks where the hold was. Less than half the crew was active.

I looked at the sentry with annoyance. There was nobody standing guard here the last two nights. They must be ramping up security in preparation for the arrival of the carrier. I wasn’t going to have any time to waste when I got the signal. I took a deep breath and hoped we all weren’t going to die tonight.

I strutted to the guard who took a quick glance at me. None of the crew felt threatened by us five girls which I hoped was going to work to our advantage. I started touching his uniformed chest and said in a breathy whisper, “Would you like to fuck me? I want to fuck you!”

Looking nervous because I knew he’d be tempted, the guard said, “Sorry miss. I’m on duty. Try me again in a few hours.”

I ran my finger down his cheek and pressed my crotch into his. “But I’m horny now. I need someone to love me. Just a little tiny fuck?” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Cook give me a thumbs up and then she disappeared.

“Miss, please. I’ll be happy to fuck you later,” said the guard starting to look annoyed.

I dropped to my knees and jerked his pants down, exposing a small, flaccid penis. “Oh how cute! It’s so small. I bet I can make it bigger,” I smiled as I licked his cock.

The guard pushed me away as he bent down to pull up his pants. “Beat it! I mean go away. There’s some brass coming in tomorrow!”

I smiled and gave a very girly salute and hurried down the ladder to the lower deck.

The lower decks had most of the lights turned off and not much heating so the ship could conserve power. I ran down to the next ladder well and lowered myself into the hold. A few moments of searching revealed our ship was anchored to the deck next to a pair of very large bay doors.

It was cradled in some scaffolding that allowed me to climb up to the hatch. I wasn’t expecting it to be locked and it wasn’t. I opened the hatch and climbed down inside the dark vessel. The interior was lit only by a few instruments that never turn off.

I worked my way through the command deck to the main control panel. I turned on the communications panel which lit up the keyboard and a monitor and nothing else. I would be able to enter all the data I needed to without using too much power.

I started to type in my log entry to send when I suddenly stopped and slapped the console. There was no way in hell I’d be able to enter everything within the time frame I had. Once Cook turned off the reactor, all hell would break loose.

If I could just talk to the computer, I wouldn’t have to manually enter the data. If I could only… I had a sudden idea. I hoped the power surge wouldn’t attract attention.

I quickly powered up the sander. There’s a construct that’s stored in the memory of every single Alliance ship that’s equipped with the dehydration device. It’s called the MAJ-I or spare crewmember and it’s based on some guy probably died over a hundred years ago. But he’s tied into the computer and he talks and acts like a human being. I could just tell him the data we have and he can send that out to HQ before I could blink. I’ve never fired up one of these constructs before though.

I punched in the code for the spare crewmember and pressed the re-hydrate button. There was a sudden and quick blinding flash of light and a few crackles of electricity around the sander chamber. Looking through the glass of the chamber, I sucked in a gasp. I was going to have to really fight the Lola programming.

There in the chamber stood a tall, hunky, naked, absolutely gorgeous man. Oh God. My legs felt suddenly weak. He stepped out of the chamber.

“Hello. I am Adam, your spare crewmember. How may I assist?” he asked in his deep, rich voice that I instantly fell in love with. I wanted him so bad.

I managed to get back on my feet and in a stilted voice from fighting against my programming. “I need an urgent message sent to Alliance Command. It’s very important.”

Adam smiled at me. “It would be my pleasure, Miss. What would you like me to send?”

I explained our situation and told Adam all the intel we had and that we also had a courier with vital info they needed. “And we need this to go out in a burst to avoid detection.”

Adam smiled at me again. “Just one moment.” He approached the communications console, powered it up completely, hit a few keys and then powered it all back down. “Your message has been sent.”

I couldn’t help myself. I gave Adam a hug and kissed him. “Thank you so much, Adam.” I sighed as I stared at his huge dong. “I guess it’s time to put you back.”

Adam held up his hand. “Before you do, may I make a suggestion?”

I looked at Adam with a quizzical expression. “What kind of suggestion?”

Looking concerned, Adam said, “You said you are going to come back on board the ship, and manually put the core on overload. From the monitoring I’m able to do from here, it seems that it’s unlikely that you would be able to succeed in a second attempt to take control of the Bellerophon. You would probably die and the CoDom would still get this vessel.”

Feeling guarded, I asked, “What do you propose?”

Smiling, Adam said, “Even if you succeeded in getting back aboard this vessel, there’s no reason such a beautiful young woman such as you should die when you don’t have to. I can do the core breach for you. I’ll know better than you would when the carrier has made its jump safely away.”

I swallowed audibly. “But you’ll be killed.”

Adam laughed. “I’d be killed anyway since I’d still be on this ship. But I’m a construct. I have no regrets. I feel no remorse. I would have no hesitation. And you would stay safe aboard the CoDom ship. I just programmed the computer when to activate me to do the job. Just be sure to lock the hatch when you leave so they can’t get back in easily.”

Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked at him. “You’re so brave.”

Adam grinned broadly. “Just doing my job, Miss.”

I threw my arms around him and kissed him deeply. “Fuck me. Oh please. Fuck me.”

*          *          *

Alarm bells and klaxons were sounding all over the ship when the reactor went down. Under the cover of confusion, I made my way through the passageways back to our quarters. When I arrived, I just opened the door and then stood in the doorframe and watched the crew run past.

Andre, the captain ran past me, stopped and turned to shout at me. “Get back inside and shut that door.” As he hurried down the passageway I heard him shout again, “Round up those girls and secure them in their quarters. What the hell happened to the discipline on this ship?”

I laughed to myself as I shut the door. I bet I could guess where the discipline went.

A few hours later, the reactor was back on-line and order restored on the ship. As it was the largest single room on the ship, the CoDom captain had the five of us girls, the admiral and several of his men lined up in the mess hall so we could get our butts chewed.

Andre paced in silence back and forth in front of us for over a minute. Finally, to no one in particular, he yelled, “What in the name of Zoltar’s beard was going on here?” He pointed at one of his men, “Why were these whores in the security office? We’re going to be visited by a fleet admiral in a few hours and you’re fucking whores?”

Andre snapped his attention to another crew member. He struck him across the face. “And you! If we weren’t short-handed I’d toss you out in space right now! Just what the fuck were these whores doing in engineering?”

The man who had been struck said meekly, “They’ve been down there before, many times.”

Andre slapped him again. “That’s not what I asked, is it? I thought I gave an order to cut the shit and start maintaining order. Was I not clear?”

All the crew members lined up quietly said, “Yes sir.”

Andre turned to me, his eyes flashing and his nostrils flaring. “And you, bitch! You and your whores are restricted to your quarters. No exceptions!”

Andre finally stepped up to Admiral Lawrence and almost pressed his nose against the admiral’s. “Somehow I get the feeling you’re responsible for this mess. You were seen last night taking Captain Bitch here to your quarters for a fuck. What did you expect to accomplish with this prank? Admiral, you’re restricted to your quarters as well. I should have known better than to trust Alliance scum. Even your whores! I can’t wait to off-load you on the Cruiser Varyag. I’ll gift your whores to the crew of that vessel. You men, you are restricted to quarters until further notice. Dismissed.”

When we returned to our quarters and heard the door being locked from the outside, I leaned over and whispered in Lt. Beck’s ear the command to check for listening devices. When her eyes returned to looking normal, I asked, “Well?”

Lt. Beck simply answered “Yes.” That meant there was now a listening device in our quarters. Terrific. I then whispered in the ear of each girl the command that locked them into full bimbo mode. Only me or a more highly ranked officer could countermand the lock. Considering what fated awaited them, turning off their minds was the most merciful thing to do. When our ship explodes, it will notify Alliance HQ, the crew will be assumed to be dead so all our profiles will be dumped. None of us will ever be able to be restored to who we were anyway.

The girls all started crying about being locked in the room without access to their favorite men. At least now there was no chance of them giving anything away by accidently talking about it.

A few hours later, some alarms sounded and the distinct sound of a ship docking against the CoDom vessel. There was the sound of running feet outside our quarters. I really wished I could see what was going on. A half hour later, I felt the ship move slightly as the air remaining in the hold after being pumped down, rushed out to the vacuum of space when the bay doors opened. I could imagine the tugs and men in environment suits working to pull the Bellerophon over to the carrier.

I allowed myself to cry quietly at the thought of Adam as our ship was transferred to the carrier’s hold. Damn. Not only is he brave and heroic, he was the best fuck I’ve ever had. And he’s not even real.

*          *          *

We had our first jump about three days ago. We left the area before the carrier did as they had to recharge for their next jump. This second jump was taking longer than I expected. I had hoped that there would be an Alliance welcoming committee of several ships waiting when we exited back into normal space after the first jump. But apparently there was nothing there.

I glanced over my girls. They were all sleep, cuddling with each other. With no men present, they’d taken to kissing and playing with each other. I expected Andre to call for me so there’d be break in all the monotony of the traveling. But he never did.

I heard the sound of the door to our quarters being unlocked. When the door opened, there stood several CoDom men along with Admiral Lawrence.

Looking tired, the admiral said to me, “Get your girls together. We’ll be meeting up with the CoDom cruiser to transfer to.” He then looked at all us girls and quickly addressed us. He sighed and said the same verbal command I used to lock us all in max, permanent bimboness that only he or a higher rank could rescind.

Alarms sounded to announce the return to normal space. There was that quick wave of nausea as we dropped out of sub-ether. But instead of the expected smoothness, there was a sudden series of explosions as anchor rockets blasted through the sides of the ship. Another explosion which sent men and hot metal flying through interior bulkheads came from a breach charge. It could only mean an Alliance ship had anchored itself to the CoDom vessel in order to board it.

I and the other girls fell to the deck as the ship rocked. Alliance HQ had received the jump vectors we had sent so they could re-enter space at the exact moment and velocity to match the emerging CoDom ship. It’s an extremely difficult maneuver to pull off.

Men started pouring through the breach hole, shooting any CoDom crew that resisted.

I looked up at Admiral Lawrence, smiled and said, “Please fuck me.”

*          *          *

I looked up at the blue sky with the puffy white clouds of summer floating across the sky. It felt so good to be back on Earth, the home world of the Alliance. I was walking past the giant fountain that sits in front of the Administration Building, home of the Alliance High Command. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the loud sound of my shoes as I walked.

I’m still getting used to wearing a skirt and blouse as an Alliance officer’s uniform. Make-up and pantyhose are required as part of a woman’s uniform as well. You’d think in this day and age the dress uniforms would all be the same. Of course I’m still getting used to wearing bras. Panties I liked wearing right away though. Quite a bit different from getting to run around naked all the time.

From behind me, a man’s voice said, “Captain Stewart? Is that you?”

I turned around and saw Admiral Lawrence walking briskly to catch up to me. I folded my arms and frowned. “What are you doing here, Admiral?” As protocol required, I gave him a smart salute and held it until he returned it.

Admiral Lawrence laughed. “Same reason you are, Captain. The hearing starts in twenty minutes.”

I turned and started walking again toward the Administration Building. “Yeah. This hearing has me worried.”

Admiral Lawrence shook his head. “Don’t be. Captain Stewart, you’re the hero. That carrier being destroyed set back a CoDom invasion long enough for us to route it before it even started. Not to mention getting Cook back to Alliance HQ. He was the only surviving courier with that information. And last, but not least, you saved me. So I don’t think you have any worries.”

I stopped and looked sternly at the admiral. “Maybe you should be worried though. Dammit Lawrence, that was a dick move to do to us just before we got rescued.”

Admiral Lawrence chuckled. “You mean the same dick move you did to your girls before I did it to all of you? If we hadn’t been rescued, they would have been in hell having to live as sex toys but knowing who they were. It was the best thing for them.”

I looked at the ground for a moment. “Well, let’s not forget you surrendered an Alliance vessel and turned the crew into brainless sex toys and handed it all to a CoDom captain on a silver platter.”

Admiral Lawrence laughed again. “You mean that captain who is now at one of our interrogation centers along with his captured ship, not to mention the cruiser that was going to pick us up. And the destroyed carrier. You fancied Andre, didn’t you? Who was better in the sack, me or Andre?”

Shocked, I said, “With all due respect, admiral, I’m not answering that!” Admiral Lawrence just laughed.

As we entered the Administration Building, Admiral Lawrence turned towards me with a serious expression. “Oh by the way, captain. You’ve been assigned to be my new assistant. After the hearing, want to grab some dinner?”

I stopped and stared at the admiral. “Are you fucking me? Sir.”

Admiral Lawrence laughed. “Not yet.”

Furious, I folded my arms against my chest. He’s just joking. Right?

*          *          *

The End

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