Unscientific Poll

I seem to have a few serialized stories that have not been completed. So I'm curious which one would y'all most like to see re-started? I don't mean any serial in the last 12 months or any story that came to an actual end. Some of these stories I just ran out of steam or the story started meandering. I don't want to lose ground on any of my current stories, but I thought it might be fun to revisit an "orphaned" story.

As a side note, my output is probably going to fall as right now I have both kids home. The oldest goes back to college for summer classes in a couple of weeks, but the youngest will be out of school for the summer in a couple of weeks. It's hard to write when the kids are blowing up enemy tanks or fighting dragons.

Anyway, this isn't a contest and no one will be a "winner", but I will write another chapter to whichever was the most popular...if any. I'll check back here in June.


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