Wish Lash

Wish Lash


Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2007

“Hey, check her out,” said my friend Brad, nodding his head in the general direction of the people standing in line to place their order.

“Which one?” I asked, noticing several high school aged girls standing in line.

“The blonde one, Al. The one standing behind the little old lady with the gi-normous purse.”

The little old lady was easy to spot with her ridiculously over-sized purse. Right behind her stood a girl so cute it almost hurt to look at her. “Yeah, I see her. She's in my English class. She's out of our league, that's for sure.”

I looked at her for another second before returning to my burrito. This is how Brad and I usually spend our lunch periods; eating a burrito at Taco Bell and checking out the pretty girls. However, neither of us had a snow ball's chance in Hell of getting a date with any of them.

“That hottie is in one of your classes?” Brad asked, not taking his eyes off the girl. “And you never said anything?”

Frowning, I stared at my friend for a few seconds. I said, “And say what? Something like...” I changed my voice to sound like what I'd think a moron would sound like and waving my arm over my head I said, “...Hey Brad! You should like check out this totally bodacious hottie in my English class!”

I didn't think I was being particularly loud, but the girl in question looked over at us with that 'what a couple of losers!' expression cute girls excel at.

Tossing himself backwards in the solid booth seat and slapping the ball of his hand to his forehead, Brad groaned, “You asshole! Now she thinks we're a couple of dick weeds!”

I pushed the rest of my burrito into my mouth and chewed for a few moments. Still trying to swallow, I said, “I guarantee you, she thought we were dick weeds long before now.”

Brad shook his head as he bit a chunk out of his taco. “Ah man! I was going to ask her to the prom!”

I gave Brad a long sideways glance. I said, “This is the first week of October. Kinda early for that, ain't it?”

Brad shrugged and said, “It'd give me time to wear her down. I wish I knew her name though.”

I sucked down some Pepsi and said, “Her name is Christine, she's a snobby bitch and until now, she didn't know you existed. Now she knows, but she's still not going to give a shit.”

I looked back at the line. The old lady was placing her order and the hottie was yakking on her cell phone. A movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. I turned towards it and saw a strange looking guy walk into the Taco Bell. His clothes were torn and dirty, and his long hair looked as if it hadn't been washed in years. But I couldn't really see his face as it was oddly distorted; almost as if it was out of focus. Looking directly at him actually caused pain. I turned away; head starting to throb.

Suddenly the little old lady yelled out, “My purse!”

I looked up to see the strange guy pushing the people standing in line back from him as he rushed towards the door. Brad was suddenly on his feet and rushing after the guy. I called out, “Brad! What the hell do you think you're doing?!” But he was already out the door and couldn't hear me.

I watched through the windows as Brad's wiry frame caught up to the purse snatcher. He reached out and grabbed the thief's streaming hair. He gave it a jerk and they both fell behind some parked cars. After a few moments went by and I still couldn't see Brad, I stood up and started to rush to the door. The old lady stood by the window looking extremely worried.

Just as I reached the door, Brad appeared between two parked cars, carrying the purse and wearing a very confused expression. I stood next to the old lady and watched Brad come back inside.

As soon as he entered the restaurant, Brad's expression changed as he triumphantly held the purse over his head. A few people in the restaurant clapped. The manager hurried over to us as Brad handed the purse back to the old lady.

“Thank you son!” she cackled as she took the purse from him. She opened the bag and extracted a strange looking statue halfway out of the bag. She smiled and said, “It’s still here!”

The manager handed Brad a coupon and said, “Good work, kid.” He turned to the old lady and said, “I’m terribly sorry, Ma’am. Nothing like this has happened in our shop before. We’ve called the police. I trust you didn’t lose anything valuable?”

The old woman frowned and said, “Please don’t call the police! There’s nothing they can do and I don’t want to be bothered with a bunch of questions!”

The manager looked annoyed and said, “Whatever you say, Ma’am. Order whatever you want. It’s on the house.” He turned and walked away.

I looked at Brad. He looked really bothered about something. I asked, “Dude, what’s the coupon for?”

He looked at it briefly and then said, “Just a free burrito.” He looked like he was about to say something else, when the creaky old woman started to speak.

“Come over to your table, boys.” She said as she started to walk over to where we had been sitting. “I want to give you a reward.”

I said, “There’s no need for that ma’am. And it was Brad who did it all. Too bad he got away from you, huh Brad?”

Brad grabbed my arm. I looked more closely at him. “You okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Maybe I have,” he said cryptically. “Al. That guy. When I grabbed him…he…he just didn’t get away. He dissolved! One minute I was chasing him and the next…he dissolves into dust!”

“Boys!” said the old woman firmly. “Please! I don’t have all day.”

She was sitting on one side of the table, so Brad and I sat on the other. I couldn’t believe what Brad had told me about the guy he chased just disappearing into thin air.

Leaning across the table and whispering, the old woman looked at us both before saying, “You must not tell anyone what you saw today. No one will believe you anyway. But by returning this amulet safely to me, I’m compelled to reward you.”

Still shaken, Brad said, “What was that thing? And who the hell are you?”

Dismissing Brad with a wave of her hand, the woman said, “That was just a Sprite. Don’t worry, he won’t bother you. They’re afraid of the living. And who I am isn’t important.” She reached into her over-sized purse and fumbled around for a moment.

“Ma’am, are you…” I started to say.

“Hush boy!” The old woman shushed me. “Not so loud!” she whispered harshly.

Lowering my voice and feeling silly for doing so, I said, “Are you trying to say that was a ghost? And what are you? A witch or something?”

Shrugging, the woman said, “Close enough for government work.” She pulled an odd looking coin from the purse.

Leaning across the table, I whispered, “I’m sorry, ma’am. But that’s a load of horse shit. Ain’t no such thing!”

She just looked at me and said, “Believe what you want. But just ask your friend there what he saw. And about the cold emptiness he felt when he touched the Sprite.” She placed the coin on the table.

I picked up the coin and said, “What’s this? It doesn’t look like money.”

Smiling, the old woman said, “It’s much more valuable than money. That coin has the power to grant you two a single wish. You both have to agree and break the coin within thirty seconds. That way you don’t throw away your wish on something stupid like saying ‘I wish I’d never seen that weird old lady today.’”

“You’re joking, right?” I said as I twirled the coin between my fingers. “Besides the obvious bull about the wish, this thing is solid metal of some kind. How are we supposed to break it?”

“It only breaks when you two agree on a wish,” said the old woman. “I started using the coin because it makes people think more about their wish, and I don’t have to be around. I need to be rushing off. Be smarter than most, will you boys? Try to make an intelligent wish.”

Brad said, “Who are you? And can we wish for anything?”

She was moving towards the edge of the seat so she could stand. She said, “I told you. It doesn’t matter who I am. And the coin’s magic isn’t very powerful. You can’t wish for more wishes, or wish someone dead or wish them back alive, or be your love slave since that would be harming someone. Instead of wishing for a lot of money, a wiser wish would be to win the lottery. No wishing for world peace. If you wish to be a movie star, you won’t zap to the screen, but events will happen that will lead you there. Like I said, the magic is limited, but it can be persistent. Now boys, I must bid you adieu.”

We watched her as she walked slowly to the door. She opened the door, and exited. We waited for her to appear through the window, but we never saw her on the other side of the door. It was like she just disappeared.

“Oh…my…God!” stammered Brad. “Did you see that? What the fuck is going on, Al?”

I was stunned. What I saw was impossible, but I couldn’t deny it. I said, “I have no idea. This is nuts.” I looked at the coin in my hand. Could it really do what she said?

* * *

“You should have seen it, Al” said a more animated Brad as we drove back to school. “As soon as I grabbed him, he just dissolved into a pile of dust and blew away. It was the freakiest thing I've ever seen!”

“I’m not saying you’re lying, I just find it so hard to believe.” I said. “I admit there was something weird about him, that's for sure. When he walked in, I couldn't get a look at his face. It actually hurt to look at him.”

“And what about that creepy old lady?” Brad stared at the coin in his hand. “What's up with her, man? Do you think this thing can really grant us a wish?” He waved the coin at me.

I laughed. “Noooo! I mean, we saw some weird shit today, but come on, man. Coins don't give out wishes!”

Brad looked over at me with an odd expression. “You don't even want to try?”

I glanced over at him and said, “You're joking, right? You don't believe that crap, do you?”

Shrugging, Brad said, “What's it hurt to try?”

I said, “Nothing, I guess. Tell you what. Be thinking of some wishes and come over to my house tonight. We'll pick the best wish, try it, and we'll either have our wish or it's all just bullshit. How's that?”

Brad smiled and said, “That works for me! I'll just hang on to coin just so you don't 'accidentally' lose it.”

* * *

‘Hey, Dude!” called Brad as he walked up to where I was leaning against the wall in the intersection close to our next class. We both had the same seventh period Algebra class and our previous classes were close enough that we usually had several minutes to critique the girls as they passed by. Thank God it was our last class for the day.

As he leaned against the wall as well, I said, “Oh, Christine wanted me to give you a message.”


“Christine. You know, that girl you saw waiting in line at lunch today?”

Brad’s face brightened. “Oh! Yeah. Her. She asked about me?”

I shook my head. “Not exactly. She wanted me to tell you that she thought it was cool that you brought that woman’s stolen purse back.”

Brad straightened up and said, “Cool. Do you have her phone number?”

“She still thinks you’re a loser. She just thought that one thing was cool.”

Brad just smiled and said, “Hey, that’s a first step!” He looked down the hall and nudged me in the ribs. “Babe alert.”

Two of the most outstanding looking babes and life members of the most popular beautiful people in school walked past us. They were giggling and laughing at whatever inane comments their equally vacuous, studly football jock boyfriends were making. I really couldn’t tell whether the girls or the guys spent more on body and hair care products.

Idly flipping the old woman’s coin as he watched the retreating girl’s hips sway, Brad said, “Man, I sure wish we were popular.”

Watching the same girls, I sighed, “Yeah. Me too.”

Suddenly, a couple of girls rushed around the corner of the intersection and bumped into Brad, knocking the coin from his grasp. Laughing and not really caring, one turned to face us and said, “Sorry!”. They hurried on down the hall.

In horror, Brad grasped frantically for the coin as it arced towards the floor. “Oh shit, no!” he cried.

He almost caught it when another kid stupidly stepped in front of Brad. We watched as the coin hit the floor. But instead of hearing the solid ring of metal and seeing the coin bounce, we heard a dull clink and saw the coin shatter into dust.

Brad knelt down to where the coin hit the floor. Stunned, he looked back up at me and said, “It broke! How the hell could it break? We haven’t made our wish yet!”

Frowning I said, “See? It was all bullshit. The coin probably wasn’t even metal and it would have broken no matter what.”

Brad stood up with a look of utter disappointment. His mouth suddenly fell open and he turned to me. “No. You’re wrong. We did make a wish together. We weren’t trying to, but we did.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“I said ‘I wish we were popular’ and then you agreed! The coin can’t tell the difference between a real wish and just saying something stupid!” Brad suddenly looked nervous. “I wonder what’s going to happen?”

“Absolutely nothing, that’s what.” I said, slapping Brad on the back. “Forget about it. It was stupid. Go ahead and come on over anyway tonight. Check out the new game I got.”

Brad just stared at where the coin hit the floor and disappeared. I said, “Come on, man. The bell's about to ring. We need to get to class.”

Brad just nodded and we both turned to go the classroom. As I started to pass through the doorway, my stomach suddenly knotted up and I felt a wave of nausea wash over me. My vision blurred and I was momentarily disoriented. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Brad stumble as well.

It lasted only a second and when the nausea cleared, I said, “Maybe we need to quit going to Taco Bell...” My voice sounded really weird.

“Al?” said a girl's voice beside me. I turned and where Brad had stood just a second ago, there was now a blonde haired girl; possibly the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. The girl said, “Al? Hey man, where'd you go?”

I stared at the girl, feeling terribly confused. I said, “I'm right here. But who are you?”

Looking both frightened and confused, the girl said, “You're not Al. You're a chick.” The girl suddenly glanced down and seemed to notice her black shirt and black and white plaid miniskirt for the first time. She said, “What the hell am I wearing?” She pulled the hem of her skirt away from her and just stared without any comprehension.

I looked down as well, as long, dark brown strands of hair fell into my view. There were what appeared to be breasts stretching a light blue t-shirt, making it difficult to see the denim miniskirt I was also wearing.

I lifted my hand. It wasn't my hand. At least not the one I was used to seeing. The long slender fingers ended in nails longer than normal, shaped and covered in pink nail polish. I was never particularly hairy, but I used to have hair on the back of my hand and on my fingers. Not any more.

What the hell was going on? How could Brad and I suddenly be wearing girl's clothes? And a creeping suspicion made me start to think that it might be more than just wearing girl's clothes. How is it possible that in a blink of an eye, Brad and I could turn into girls? I couldn't deny the bra I felt going around my torso, nor could I deny the weight of breasts that were being supported by it. I couldn't deny the different clothes I was now wearing or the long hair flowing over my shoulders. I just couldn't bring myself to believe it!

I looked up though the open doorway to the classroom. Several of my classmates were staring at us with odd expressions. A couple were starting to laugh. None of them looked shocked or astounded that Brad and I changed into girls halfway through the door. Not everyone had noticed us. And of course, all this had happened in only a few seconds.

I looked back at Brad and he was staring at me as if I was a space alien. He said in a hushed tone, “What the fuck is going on, man?” I just shook my head.

Mr. Morgan, the Algebra teacher walked up to the door and in an impatient voice said, “Would you girls like to join our class? And do you two always have to make a disruptive entrance. Try to make it on time tomorrow.”

Brad and I just stood there and stared at Mr. Morgan. He didn't even care that we were girls. He acted like it was totally normal! I started to feel dizzy. The room started to spin.

“Amber!” called a voice to my side. I felt strong hands grab my arms which steadied me so I didn't fall. I looked at who had grabbed me. I think his name is Steve, but I never talk to him. It was odd that he'd jump up to keep me from falling. He led me over to the next row to where my seat waited and gently lowered me into it.

Brad, not knowing what else to do, hurried to his empty seat. His desk was across from me on the next row. He quickly sat down, looking pale and as if he was about to throw up.

Looking very concerned, Mr. Morgan stepped up to me and asked, “Are you girls okay? Do we need to send you to the nurse?”

The nausea started to pass so I shook my head and waved my hand in a dismissing gesture. I said in a voice I couldn't recognize, “No sir. I think we're okay.” I looked over at Brad and nodded at him saying, “You're okay, right?”

Brad, looking numb said in a pretty, silky feminine voice, “We'll be fine, Mr. Morgan. I guess we shouldn't eat at Taco Bell any more.” There were a couple of laughs around the room.

Mr. Morgan turned and began teaching his class. Still dazed and unsure of what I should do, I opened my book and got out my spiral notebook. I slowly started to notice other things, such as I was wearing a tennis bracelet, along with the hair, I could feel earrings brushing up against my neck. And something else that was very disturbing... a boy's class ring with a cloth or something wrapped around the bottom so that it fit my finger. Not only have I turned into a girl, but I have a boyfriend too? I must have gone insane!

I didn’t really hear anything Mr. Morgan said. Becoming a girl just wasn’t possible. No rational person would believe it. But I couldn’t deny what I saw and felt. Without being obvious about it, I brushed my hand against my new boobs. It wasn’t just stuffing. Through the shirt and bra, I could feel my touch. I was absolutely horrified at the thought of what else I might discover about me.

The notebook I used for Algebra class looked exactly like the one I always used. The difference was the feminine handwriting on the pages. I idly closed the notebook to look at the front cover. Written in girlie writing was a name…my…my new name “Amber Collins”. The last name was the same, but not that first name. The ring left by the soda cup that leaked last week was there. And there was something else.

My stomach knotted again as I scanned across the cover of the notebook. Appearing multiple times at odd angles was the name Aaron, written in that same girlie script surrounded by little hearts and smiley faces. I touched the boy’s class ring on my finger and looked back at the name scrawled all over my notebook’s cover.

In my head, I said, “Please God, don’t let that be Aaron Prahler! Whatever I’ve done, haven’t I been punished enough?” Aaron Prahler was the Big Man on Campus. The most popular guy in school. He was a star athlete as well as the favorite of every teacher and girls literally sighed as he walked by them. Guys who wanted to be on that top tier to have a chance at those unattainable popular girls wanted to hang out with him. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve overhead girls talk about him and how they wished they could go out with him.

And somehow, in violation of all the laws of Science and common sense, it would seem that I was now his girlfriend. Sure to God there’s more than one Aaron at school!

* * *

The bell ending the class rang. I barely noticed. The other students got up to leave the room. Brad and I just sat there and stared at each other. Instead of Brad though, I saw an absolutely gorgeous blonde, with long slender legs, flowing shoulder length hair and big tits.

Brad whispered, “What do we do, man?”

Mr. Morgan was erasing the board and kept tossing curious glances at us. Tilting my head towards Mr. Morgan I said, “Let’s get out of here first.”

I started to stand only to find my upper thighs and butt were stuck to the seat of my desk chair. I reached behind me and felt nylon panties, damp with sweat. I made a mental note that should I ever wear a short skirt again, to tuck the skirt under me so I don't stick to the chair.

I gathered my books. They seemed heavier than I remembered them. I waited until Brad had his stuff and together we headed for the door. Thankfully, the hall was it's usual chaos of kids trying to get to their lockers and get out of the building. Hopefully, no one would pay us any attention.

One of the halls near our last class was a short one that let out onto the field and there were no lockers, so it was relatively empty at the moment. To Brad I said, “Let's get in this hall where it's quiet. We need to talk.”

As soon as we moved out of the main flow of traffic, Brad set his books down on top of a floor mounted heating unit. It used to be perfect for sitting on. Now it seemed a bit high.

Brad looked as if he was on the verge of tears. He was starting to shake as he said in a hushed voice, “What the fuck is going on? What's happened to us?”

“It's your stupid wish!” I hissed through clinched teeth. “You had to wish us to be popular.” I held up my hand and waved the class ring in front of him. “Look at this! I think it's Aaron Prahler's ring. This means we're going steady! Thanks a lot!”

Wrinkling his pretty face in a scowl, Brad said, “I thought you didn't believe in that wish shit.”

“I don't.” I shrugged and said, “Okay, I didn’t. I can’t really deny what’s happened.”

Brad said, “I thought she said the magic wasn’t very strong. I mean, not only did we change, but everyone around us had to change too.”

“Not that many really know us.” I said. “And a lot of the people we’ve met in our lives wouldn’t remember us either way. We need to see if we can find that old lady and…”

“Hey, beautiful!” called a very male voice from behind me. I turned around and saw Aaron and his best friend “Harley”. Harley’s real name was Harry Davidson, but everyone called him Harley. Aaron gave a brief nod to Brad and said, “Hi Brandi. What are you two up to, hiding over here?”

Trying to sound as if everything was normal, I said, “Oh, hi Aaron. Br…Brandi and I were just getting in a little girl talk, that’s all.”

Harley stepped close to Brad and slipped his arm around Brad’s waist. “Hey Sweet cheeks! I’ve missed you.” He started to nibble Brad’s neck. Brad grew pale and looked like he was going to hurl. He gently pulled away from Harley and said, “Um, not here. Not now. We’re still in school.”

Harley looked annoyed, but he backed off. I guess he wasn't used to being told “no” by “Brandi” or probably any other girl.

It was hard enough to accept that Brad and I had physically changed and that people's memory of us had changed. But this was a further complication. Both Aaron and Harley were dating, until an hour ago, other girls — Catherine and Tiffany. Like Aaron, these girls were at the top of the food chain; very pretty, very popular and cheerleaders. They were now displaced, and I'm not sure what that meant for Brad and me.

That left me with another sickening thought. Does this mean that Brad and I are now cheerleaders? Before I could worry more, Aaron started to speak.

“I hope you girls aren't busy Saturday night,” Aaron said with a toothy grin.

Oh God, was he about to ask us on date? I wasn't ready for that. I said, “I uh...I think I'm washing my hair that night.”

Guessing the same thing, Brad said, “And I’m really going to have to do my nails. I mean, just look at these!” He held up a perfectly manicured hand.

Aaron and Harley both pulled out their wallets and started to remove something other than money from them. Without skipping a beat, Aaron said, “Well, wash your hair some other night or something, because Saturday night you're going to be at...” He removed what looked like two tickets from his wallet. Harley did the same. “...the Bowling for Carrots concert!”

This was a big deal as everyone had been talking about them coming here for the past week. I had wanted to go myself, but couldn't justify the sixty-five dollar tickets. The tickets had been sold out since the first day they went on sale. I can’t imagine how Aaron managed to get tickets this late.

Pointing at me, Aaron continued, “I'll pick you up at six Saturday after I get Harley, then we'll pick up Brandi. We should have time to get a pizza before heading over to the concert.”

There was a tone in his voice that suggested he wasn't going to take any answer but “yes”. I almost felt compelled to say, “I'll be ready! I can't wait!” The way he stood there, I think he expected a kiss from me. I just stood there and smiled at him.

Aaron hesitated for a second, then smiled and said, “Great! Well, I'll call you later. We need to get to football practice. See ya.” He quickly bent down and gave me a quick kiss.

Harley just grabbed Brad by the shoulders and planted a big wet kiss on his lips. “See ya, Sweet cheeks. I'll call you went I'm done with practice.”

They both turned the corner and left down the hallway. As soon as they disappeared, Brad turned and spat on the floor. “I think I'm going to be sick!”

“Me too!” I said as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I looked at my hand and said, “Ah, crap.” I had lipstick smeared on the back of my hand. I pointed at my face and asked Brad, “Do I have lipstick smeared on my face?” He nodded. Great. That’ll just attract undue attention.

There was a restroom across the hall. I said, “I'm going to wipe this off. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere.” Brad just nodded and stared off into space.

I walked up to the mirror in the restroom and saw myself for the first time. I was totally stunned. I had long dark brown hair that flowed over my shoulders and down my back. I had large blue eyes and a cute button nose. I was thin, but not painfully so and I had big boobs. I was gorgeous. It was unbelievable.

After staring at myself for a minute, I grabbed a paper towel, wet it and gently wiped the lipstick from my face. Satisfied the smear was gone so I wouldn't attract undue attention, I turned back towards the door. There was no freakin' way I was going to re-apply the lipstick.

I was just about to grab the door handle when it swung inwards towards me. Mr. Morgan took two steps inside and came to a sudden stop. His expression said it all and that's when I realized I was in the boy's restroom.

“You have an explanation, Ms. Collins?” Mr. Morgan asked as he folded his arms.

“Oh my God!” I blurted. “Am I in the wrong restroom?” Mr. Morgan nodded. I said, “I am so sorry! I wasn't thinking.” I hurried past him.

* * *

Brad and I sat in my car in the school parking lot. It was my car, but slightly different. I always kept my car immaculate, but now it had fast food bags on the floor and in the back seat, hair whatcha-ma-callits in the cup holder, and beads and other shit dangling from the rear view mirror.

“What are we going to do, Al?” asked Brad as he looked intently out the windshield. “We can't go home like this!”

I shrugged. “Why not? From what I've seen so far, I'm confident that I'll walk into my house, there'll be some slight changes, and Mom and Dad won't notice one damn thing wrong.”

Almost shouting, Brad said, “But this is insane! How can we have suddenly turn into girls and already have established lives? We didn't wish for this!”

I frowned. “We're popular, Brad. We were looking at popular girls when you made the wish. I'd be willing to bet that we're the two most popular girls in school. We have the two most popular guys in school as boyfriends. I bet we both have cheerleader uniforms hanging in our closets. We're girls forever unless...”

“Unless what?” asked Brad.

“Unless we can find that old lady who gave us that fucking coin. Even then, who knows if she can or would help us.”

Shaking his head, his voice cracking with near panic, Brad shouted, “I don't want to be a girl, man! I just don't! We have to do something!”

“We will. We will. We just gotta figure it out, that's all.” I said, not really believing it.

* * *

I parked my car in the driveway. I just sat there, scared out of my mind. Despite what I told Brad before he left to find his own car, the thought of walking into that house terrified me. At last I sucked in a few deep breaths and stepped out of my car.

When I first entered the house, I was shocked at how extraordinarily ordinary everything looked. The same old couch. The same old television. The same old kitchen. I felt more relaxed. Finally, there was something familiar!

At first I didn’t think anyone was at home. Then I heard somebody moving around down the hall. I hoped it was Mom. She only worked half days, so she was usually home in the afternoons. Then there came the sound of footsteps coming down the hall. I braced myself.

Mom came around the corner and gave me a pleasant smile. “Hi honey. How was your day?”

Good question!

“It was okay, Mom.”

She just smiled and continued on towards the kitchen. “You’re home early today. They didn’t have cheerleader practice today?”


I said, “I guess Brad…ur…Brandi and I forgot! I hope we don’t get in trouble.”

Mom frowned and said, “Your father and I have already talked to you about this. Being a cheerleader isn’t just about being little Ms. Popular. You actually have to work at it.”

“I’m sorry Mom. I’ll do better. I promise.”

Mom started rattling pans and said, “I hope so. I’d hate to see you get kicked off the squad.”

Yeah, wouldn’t that be a total loss…not! I really hoped I wasn’t still Amber by the time Friday rolled around whether I had to cheer at a pep rally or not.

Mom seemed to be done with me, so I walked on down the hall to the bathroom. I really needed to go, but I didn’t want to face this final truth. I knew what I was going to find when I pulled my skirt down (or maybe up? Who knows?) I entered the bathroom like a condemned man walking towards the gallows.

I was still stunned to see this totally beautiful girl staring back at me. I touched my face and my beautiful reflection did the same. I hoped I wouldn’t be this way long enough for it to be normal to me. At least if I had to be a girl, I didn’t look like Norma Mantooth, that really ugly girl in my History class.

The counter top, which normally is fairly free of any debris, was covered with a dizzying array of cosmetics and associated shit. I picked up a few items; foundation, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick. All this crap had to be mine. What in hell was I supposed to do with it?

I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. After locking the bathroom door, I took my shirt off, and dropped my skirt to the floor. I stood there for a minute or two, just staring at the girl in the mirror wearing only a bra and panties. I found myself lusting for that girl.

I reached behind my back and fumbled for a bit trying to unfasten the bra. Finally it came apart and I let the bra fall to the floor. My tits were set free, and oh my God, did I have a pair! I touched one. I ran my finger in a circle motion over a nipple. I couldn’t believe the sensation I felt! The nipple started standing erect. It felt really good. I never got this reaction when I did this as a boy! I began to rub the other nipple and it responded the same. I felt sensations all over. I stopped and put my hands down. What was I doing?

I still needed to relieve myself. I really didn’t want to pull my panties down. I closed my eyes and pulled the panties down. The shifting weight of my boobs greatly bothered me. I tried to keep my eyes closed, but I couldn’t stand it. I opened my eyes and looked. Crap! I couldn’t see anything because the mirror just didn’t show that much.

I slowly slid my hand down to where I’d normally find Mr. Happy. But Mr. Happy was no where to be found. Just some hair and …and… my God! A pussy! I couldn't deny it now. I was a girl. I was totally, one hundred percent girl. Then I remembered my urgent need to pee.

I turned towards the toilet and lifted the seat and... Crap! You're a girl, I thought. You can't do this while standing any more. I put the seat down and sat down and did my business.

When I was done, I gathered up my clothes, but I didn't put them on. I looked up and down the hallway to see if it was clear, and then hurried down towards my bedroom. Once inside, I shut the door and locked it. I turned around to toss my clothes onto the bed and stopped short. Oh my God, I said yet again to myself. Before me stood a canopy bed, with a pink canopy and the bedspread and sheets were pink. There were pillows and stuffed animals scattered across the bed.

On the walls were posters of guys mostly. Various male celebrities and bands, a unicorn, Kermit the Frog and some of those stupid painted ceramic masks. One wall had a vanity dresser with a large mirror. The mirror had pictures stuck on it all around its perimeter. I took a quick glance at the pictures. I almost choked when I looked at them. There were pictures of Aaron and me in various poses like sitting or walking and one disturbing one of us kissing. There were also pictures of the new Brad and me, a few of them with us in our cheerleader uniforms.

Still undressed, I rummaged through the dresser. There were panties, bras, nightgowns, pantyhose and everything you’d expect to see in a teen girl’s dresser. Nothing in it was familiar. I half expected some of my clothes to still be there, but maybe in a female style. But there was nothing.

In the bottom drawer, I found a red covered book with a clasp holding it closed. Printed in white was a drawing of a heart with words written in script saying “My Diary”. Holy crap! Inside this diary would be the loopy writings of a teen age girl. Only it would presumably be written by me. I set the diary on top of the dresser. I really didn’t want to open it, but I thought it might give me clues as to who I am now. I decided to look at it later. I really didn’t think I could handle it at that moment.

I turned to the closet and opened the door. On the floor was a jumble of shoes. Hanging in the closet were various pants, tops, and dresses. And of course, there it was; my cheerleader uniform. Oh, the humanity!

I sat down on the bed, wondering just what kind of person I now was. I always considered myself to basically be a good guy. I stayed out of trouble, I didn’t mistreat people, I kept my grades up. Brad and I were your stereotypical nerds, into computer games and techno-geek stuff and about the closest we’d gotten to girls were the ones in the computer games we played.

I’d had some dates, and had kissed some girls, but the sudden realization that I haven’t had sex with a girl yet, overwhelmed me with depression. I was shy and a nerd and I always thought I’d have time for that when I was ready. I looked down at my round and firm boobs hanging there. Now…now…hell, now I can’t! Even if I find a lesbian, it’s not going to be the same. I fell on my back on the bed and stared at the canopy overhead. This was a disaster!

I laid there for several minutes, feeling extremely sorry for myself. I had an itch and my hand drifted down to my crotch. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I started exploring this new part of me. As I slid my fingers along the length of my pussy, an odd feeling began to grow within me. My finger slid further and I began to massage it back and forth. Then my finger hit something and oh my God…

I had found my clit. It was incredible. I pushed on it gently repeatedly and I had to stifle a groan. My fingers finally slid inside and continued to slide them in and out. Holy shit! An indescribable feeling began to swell inside me. I started rubbing a breast at the same time and felt the nipple tighten.

I continued with increasing intensity until…Shit! I couldn’t hold back the groan as a pleasure I never experienced before reverberated throughout my body. I continued massaging until it began to hurt and then I dropped my hands and just lay there, shaking and sweating. Oh my God, that was an incredible experience! Maybe being a girl wasn’t so bad after all. I sniffed my finger and laughed, “That’s me.”

After several minutes of laying on the bed, I sat up slowly. Again I was annoyed at the shifting weight of my boobs. I hoped I would get used to that soon. I fumbled through the clothes I'd tossed on the bed and found my panties. I held the panties for a second and looked at the smooth nylon underwear. There were baby blue in color with a lace looking strip along the top of the waistband. On the waistband in the front (I was guessing it was the front, was a little blue bow sewn on. Finally I stood up and slid them up my legs.

I picked up the bra. It also was a baby blue. I held it up and studied it a moment. How in hell do you put this thing on, I wondered? I slid my arms through the straps and brought the cups up against my boobs. I grabbed the ends of the big strap and pulled the ends behind my back. After several tries, I gave up trying to figure out how to fasten the ends together. I turned the bra around, and clasped it together from the front. I rotated it back around pulled the straps up over my shoulders. I didn't know if that was the right way or not, but at least it was on.

I had finished dressing when Mom's voice called through the door. “Honey! Dinner's on the table!”

As I stepped back into my Sketchers I said, “I'll be right there, Mom!”

I entered the living room and saw Dad sitting on the couch with the remote. He glanced up as I past by and said, “Hey, Kitten. How was your day?” Not surprisingly, Dad didn't notice that his only son was now his only daughter.

“Pretty uneventful, Dad” I said as I started to take my seat at the table. Dad was still trying to find something on the television. “I've only been a girl since three this afternoon.”

“That's nice dear,” Dad said as he got up to go wash his hands.

At first, dinner seemed pretty normal until I noticed the conversations. Usually at dinner, Mom would remain mostly quiet, only asking things like “How’s your day?” and so forth. Dad would talk non-stop about baseball, football, NASCAR, or events happing around the world. Tonight, Dad was mostly quiet, while Mom talked at length about the neighbor’s baby, a dress she looked at, and how she couldn’t believe some character on some soap opera could possibly go back to a character that used to beat her.

The phone rang and Mom interrupted her digest version of another daytime drama to reach behind her and pick up the receiver. I didn’t catch what she said at first, but I could hear when she turned towards me and said, “Here she is…” Mom handed the phone to me.

Unsure about who was on the other end, I said simply, “Hello?”

“Hello, Ms. Collins?” said a gravely but female voice through the phone. “This is Coach Feinstein. We missed you today at practice.”

“I know.” I said. “I’m very sorry Coach. I’ll make sure we’re there on time.”

“Please make sure you do. Amber, I’ll be honest with you. If you and Brandi don’t start taking being a cheerleader seriously, we’ll have to take you off the squad. There’s too many other girls who are dying for a chance to be cheerleaders for you two to be goofing off. I hope I’m making myself clear, young lady.”

“Very clear, Ma’am.” I said. “We’ll do better, I promise.”

I broke the connection and handed the receiver back to Mom. The conversation with Coach Feinstein made me think. I needed to find out who I was. Dinner was over so I helped Mom clear the table, and then hurried back to my room.

I picked up the diary from my dresser, curled up on my bed and began thumbing through the pages. The diary went back about four years ago, to my thirteenth birthday. The mushy musings were about what I would have expected from a teen girl. But this was supposed have been written by me.

One entry from September, when I was fourteen caught my eye. In it, I described my first kiss, with Howard Molotov. I remember him. All the girls thought he was so cute. He later became not only gay, but flaming gay. Anyway, what was weird was that after I read each entry, that memory would unfold into my mind as if it had been there all along.

I was beginning to follow the logic of the magic we had unleashed on ourselves. Nothing changed, until it had to change. My cousin Arnold in Pittsburgh would no doubt have memories (if any) of me as a boy. However, if Mom were to call him, the new me would overlay his old memories.

I looked up at the pictures stuck to the vanity's mirror and my eyes fixed on one of Brad and me. Memories of that day flooded my mind as I suddenly remember us two and another girl sneaking out of school after lunch one day back when we fifteen. It was in the Spring of that year and we went skinny dipping at the lake in the park. The other girl, Sarah, had taken the picture. Oh, how we got in trouble over that!

I looked at the picture of Aaron kissing me. Memories of that moment rolled into my head. The moment was from just last month, at the annual school picnic for the football team. We were sitting together at a picnic table in the park. We looked at each other for several moments before Aaron slowly leaned in towards me and before I knew it, his lips were on mine. I remembered vividly the tingling I felt for that ever so brief moment that our lips touched. Other memories of being kissed by Aaron began to fill my mind. I felt all warm and gooey inside as I relived these moments for the first time. Oh my God could Aaron kiss! I felt so lucky to be his girl.

I jerked myself back to reality. I can't let thoughts like that into my head. I have to focus on who I am and how we're going to get out of this situation.

Some song about “Barbie Girl” started playing from the purse I'd tossed onto my bed when I first got home. I ran over to it and found a pocket on the side with a cell phone in it. I pulled the pink colored phone out and flipped it open.

“Hello?” I said.

“Amber! It's me.” said the voice on the other end of the phone.

I recognized the voice as the new Brad. I said, “Hey Brad! It's good to hear from you. Man! I've been experiencing some really weird shit.”

“I know, dude.” Brad said. “I've been sitting in my room looking at a photo album. Each picture puts a memory in my head that wasn’t there a second ago. It's crazy, girl.”

“Brad. Listen. We have got to stay focused on who we are.” I said seriously into the phone. “If we're not careful, we're going to lose our identities. When it's just us, let's don't use the girl names. I'll always call you Brad and you can call me Al.”

“Yeah, Am...ah...Al. That's probably a good idea.” Brad hesitated a second, and then added, “Dude, we have so got to find that old witch or whatever she is. She's got to be able to change us back. This wasn’t our wish. It was a god-damned accident!”

“She might not care that it was an accident. Anyone who's wish back-fired would try to claim it was an accident.”

Brad's voice rose in pitch as his anger got the best of him. He said, “Who the hell is going to wish they were girls, for chrissake! It's an obvious accident!”

“I'm not arguing, gir...dude.” I said, fighting the slip into girlhood. “But something tells me she has a snappy answer for anything.”

We talked for another ten minutes or so, mainly discussing our adventures into self discovery.

After hanging up with Brad, I looked at my book bag lying on the bed. I’d be willing to bet I had homework. I normally do it as soon as I get home to get it out of the way quickly. A check of my memory revealed that the new me never gets her homework done early. I guess I’ll have to start making some changes in Amber’s life.

I had just started on the first assignment when my cell phone rang again. I looked at the little screen and there was Aaron’s picture. Do I really want to bother talking to this guy? I bet he’s a real pest too. I was suddenly enveloped by a warm feeling and a tingling of excitement. Aaron was calling!

“Hi Honey!” I said as I answered the phone, annoyed with myself.

“Hey Baby!” said Aaron’s smooth voice. “How ya doing?”

We exchanged pleasantries for several minutes. New memories of Aaron flooded my mind and it was driving me crazy.

“What was up with you and Brandi this afternoon?” he asked. “Neither of you acted normal and I heard you missed cheerleader practice again.”

Not knowing how to answer him, since I couldn’t just say that Amber and Brandi didn’t even exist until that afternoon. I said, “Brandi and I just decided we didn’t feel like going. That’s all.”

“Well, I don’t want to see you get kicked off the squad,” Aaron said sincerely. “You used to take it more seriously, but lately…and you haven’t taken me very seriously lately either.” He hesitated a moment, then asked, “You’re not seeing someone else, are you?”

A sudden panic shot through me and before I could control it, I blurted, “Oh no, Aaron! I love you! I don’t want anyone else. I…I…I just don’t know where my life is going anymore.”

Sounding a little relieved, Aaron said, “I love you too baby. You ahh…you wanna do something tomorrow night? Just us?”

Go on a date with Aaron? I wanted to scream “not only no, but hell no!” But I didn’t. Fond memories of previous dates flowed into my head, filling me with warm and fuzzy feelings and clouding my judgment. After all, Aaron is my boyfriend. I said, “Sure Honey, that’d be great! What time?”

“I’ll pick you up at seven. That movie you wanted to see starts at seven-thirty.”

Excitedly, I said, “Cool! I’ve been dying to see ‘The Summer Cottage’! I’ll definitely be ready at seven!” Actually, that movie was the kind that most guys would rather slit their wrists than go see. I really have to control getting excited. Strong emotions seem to over-ride my mental restraints.

“Great. I’ll see you at school. See you.”

“I love you, baby.” I said as I disconnected.

I returned to my homework, wondering just what the hell have I gotten myself into…

* * *

I was almost finished putting on my make-up, when it dawned on me that I in the process of applying make-up. What am I doing? How did I know how to do this? A few random memories of me as a younger girl with Mom showing me how to wear make-up as well as getting more pointers at a couple of slumber parties.

This was starting to drive me nuts. An entire life that never happened kept building in my head, obscuring memories of events that really did occur. Every time I tried to think of something I did as a boy, it was replaced with a memory of me as a girl. My entire real life was being slowly eradicated and replaced with fake memories.

After finishing my make-up, I pulled a mini-dress with a pleated skirt from the closet and slipped it on. I added earrings and a bracelet and I was ready to head for school.

As I was starting to leave my room, I looked down at my diary. On an impulse I sat down and opened to an unused page. On it I wrote: My name is Allan Collins, not Amber. I’m a guy who, believe it or not, got magically transformed into a girl. My memories are being slowly erased. My best friend Brad, not Brandi! was also transformed. Do not forget this Al, you’re not really a girl. Try to remember who you are.

I didn’t have time to write more. Tonight I’ll try to write down more of who I really am before it’s lost. Maybe that will help anchor my identity long enough to find that stupid witch or whatever she is.

* * *

Brad always arrives at school a few minutes before I do. And as usual, there he was, standing by the big oak tree near the main entrance to the school. The difference this time was that he wasn’t standing there alone. Four girls and three boys were gathered around him and he was laughing and talking with all of them.

I wanted desperately to talk to him about what was going on with us and try to come up with ways to hang on to our identities. But that was impossible this morning. We were “popular” now and everyone wanted to hang around us. I was greeted with smiles and “Hi Amber!” from guys and girls alike as I approached Brad.

Brad waved and called out, “Hey Amber!”

“Hey girl!” I said as I joined the small crowd around Brandi. These were all the cool people who wouldn’t even talk to us before. One of them was Candace, the girl who was dating Aaron back in the real world. She showed no animosity towards me. A sudden memory reminded me that she’s still a cheerleader and that our school now had eight cheerleaders instead of six. Funny, I remembered us only having six cheerleaders, but all the girls who were before, were still there. Brandi and I had been added. Brad I mean. Not Brandi.

“Brandi!” I called to Brad. “I need to talk to you for a minute. In private.” I walked away from the little group.

A moment later, Brad joined me. “What’s up, Al?”

“We need to come up with a plan. We have to find that old witch.” I said.

“How?” asked Brad. “I mean, she could be anywhere! She might not be in town anymore…or even on this planet!”

“We have to try!” I said. “I don’t think we have much time! To be honest, I don’t think we’ll make it to the end of the week!”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, that at the rate our memories are being replaced and how we’re already starting to be more like girls, I really think that by the end of the week, our original identities will be gone.”

Just as Brad started to say something the bell rang. I said, “Let’s go back to that Taco Bell for lunch today. Who knows? Maybe that old witch is a regular and we just never noticed before.” Brad nodded and we both started walking towards the entrance to the school.

Brad’s locker was on the opposite side of the building, so he had to hurry off. My locker was just around the corner. As I rounded the corner, my heart leapt into my throat. There was Aaron waiting by my locker! An odd mix of emotions from elation to dread pulsed through me.

“Hey, baby. Where have you been?” asked Aaron as I arrived at my locker. “We don’t have any time before class now.”

“Hi Aaron.” I couldn’t believe how cute Aaron is. My eyes just drank him in. “Sorry, I had some things I had to discuss with Brandi.”

Aaron did a quick check up and down the hall to make sure no teachers were visible and then he quickly leaned down and kissed me. Instead of running for the hills, I pulled him closer. We kissed for as long as we dared and then Aaron pulled away. I was amazed at how much I needed Aaron and how much I wanted to be near him.

Aaron smiled at me. He said, “Want to do something for lunch?”

I frowned and said, “That’s what Brandi and I were talking about. I’m meeting her for lunch. Don’t look so disappointed. We’re still going out tonight, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, but after that kiss, I really would like to see you sooner!”

“Sorry.” I said. “Hey, I’ll make it up to you later.” I stood on my tiptoes and gave him a quick kiss. “I have to get my books and get to class. So do you!”

Aaron gave me a smile and a pat on the butt. “See ya tonight,” he said as he turned to head for his class.

I just stood there a moment feeling all dreamy, watching him walk away. I really was a very lucky girl to have Aaron as my boyfriend. Could I really give him up to go back to my old self?

* * *

Brandi and I entered the Taco Bell. We stood off to one side instead of getting in the line so we could scan the crowd in line as well as those already seated. The old witch was nowhere to be seen.

“Let’s ask the manager,” I said. “Maybe she’s been in already.”

We walked over to where you normally pick up your order. I waved at one of the workers behind the counter to get their attention.

Looking annoyed, the worker said, “Can I help you? You know, you order over there.”

“I know. I need to see the manager please.” I said.

“What for?” She suddenly looked very defensive.

“Please? It’s important.” I said politely.

The worker disappeared. A few moments later the manager arrived. “What can I do for you ladies?” he asked.

I asked, “Has that old lady who had her purse stolen yesterday been in here today? Do you know if she comes here often? We need to talk to her.”

The manager looked annoyed and frowned at me. “What old lady? What are you talking about?”

Confused, I said, “The old lady that was her yesterday, about this same time. She had this huge purse and someone stole it. You told her that her meal was on the house…”

Frowning more the manager said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Girls, you’re cute and everything, but I’m really busy and I don’t have time your goofy pranks, okay?” He turned and walked away.

“Wait!” I shouted, trying to look around the corner past the counter. “This is important! Please, sir!”

Brandi said, “That’s weird. How could he forget that?” She opened her purse and pulled out the free burrito coupon she got yesterday. “I mean, look. He gave me this for being the hero and bringing the purse back.”

“I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense.” I said. “We have to keep trying to find her though. It’s getting harder to think straight. Brandi, I’m actually in love with Aaron.”

“I know what you mean, girl. I can’t stop thinking of Harley.”

The situation was starting to look pretty bleak.

* * *

The doorbell rang.

From the living room, Mom said, “I’ll get it.”

I ran to the bathroom and took another quick inventory. I stepped back from the mirror and checked my overall look. My hair was perfect. Were these earrings okay? I checked my shirt. No lint or anything. Denim skirt, fine. I leaned into the mirror. Another quick look of my eyes and lips confirmed my make-up was fine.

Although slightly muffled I heard through the bathroom door Mom saying, “Hello, Aaron! Come on in. She’s still getting ready. She’ll be right out. Please have a seat.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” said Aaron. He’s so polite!

Another quick check in the mirror and then I darted back to my room. From where he was sitting, Aaron couldn’t see me. I picked up my purse, made sure my cell phone, make-up and other essentials were loaded. I pulled the purse strap over my shoulder and left my room.

“Hi Aaron!” I called as I entered the living room.

Standing, Aaron said, “Hey doll. You really look great! Ready?”

I smiled and said, “Sure am! Bye Mom! See ya later!”

Mom said from the kitchen, “Bye you guys. Have fun. Remember, ten o’clock!”

“Mommmmm!” I whined.

Aaron said, “No problem, Mrs. Collins.”

I bounced out the door ahead of Aaron, giggling. At halfway to the sidewalk, I stopped and waited for him to catch up. When he caught up with me, I took his hand and he bent down and kissed me. Still holding my hand, he led me to his car. Ever the gentleman, he opened the door for me and then closed it after I got seated.

As he climbed into the driver’s seat, Aaron said, “I guess we should hurry. The movie starts in half an hour. We want to have time to get some snacks. I’m kinda hungry. How about you?”

“Oh yeah. I need something to get me through the movie. We’re going to eat after the movie right?” I asked. I stared at him as he started the car and checked over his shoulder before moving the car away from the curb. I couldn’t get over just how gorgeous he was! I tried to focus on who I was. I’m Al. I’m Al, dammit! I’m Al…and I’m in love with Aaron Prahler!

As we drove to the theater, Aaron placed his hand on my leg. I put my hand on top of his and smiled at him.

Taking his eyes off the road a few times to glance at me, Aaron asked, “How was cheerleader practice today? I hope you and Brandi didn’t skip it again.”

I laughed and said, “Oh, we went. It was great. We almost have our routine worked out for the pep rally Friday. It’s too bad you and Harley have football practice at the same time. You can’t ever come watch us!”

Aaron arched his eyebrows and shrugged. “You know I’d be there if I could. How do you think you did on that Algebra test?”

This rather mundane conversation continued until we arrived at the movie theater. I have to admit, even though he’s the best looking guy at school, smart, very sweet and I love him lots, a great conversationalist he’s not.

He bought our tickets, and then got our popcorn and drinks and then we finally headed into the theater showing our movie. We got there just before the previews started. I looked around and was amused to see either girls alone, girls with other girls, or girls with their dates. But there were no boys there who didn’t have a girl with them.

As the movie played, I nestled myself closer into Aaron. He yawned and stretched and then his arm came down around my shoulder. I thought that was so goofy. He didn’t have to be sneaky. I gave up trying to fight my love for Aaron. The emotion is too strong and there’s just too much of Aaron not to love him!

The movie of course was wonderful. It filled my heart with romantic feelings. I snuggled closer to Aaron as he held my hand.

I whispered in his ear, “I love you.”

He turned towards me and smiled. Whispering back, he said, “I love you too, baby.” He then leaned over and as he stroked my hair, gave me a long deep kiss. Just two days ago, the mere suggestion that I might be sucking on a guy’s tongue in a passionate embrace would have made me hurl. Instead, I didn’t want this kiss to ever end. I knew I shouldn’t be enjoying this since it wasn’t helping me return to normal. But hey, when in Rome…

And I have to admit, what I was considering normal was becoming a pretty fuzzy concept. After all, what could be more normal than kissing the man you loved?

The movie ended, we left the theater with my heart filled with romance and passion. When we returned to the car, we kissed passionately inside the car in the empty parking lot. Aaron could have asked anything of me and I would have done it.

Pulling away from me and taking a breath, Aaron said, “It’s nine o’clock. If we want to get something to eat before I have to have you home, we probably should go.”

I felt a wave of disappointment. I knew Aaron was just as excited at that moment as I was. I could feel the bulge in his pants. But most people would never know how shy he really is. I’m sure he felt he was just being noble. And even though I wanted him really bad, it made me love him all the more.

We pulled up at Taco Bell, which was about the only place still open. We went inside and walked right up to the counter. I was feeling all dreamy standing next to Aaron as he placed our order. Some movement caught my eye and I turned to see an old lady leaving the women’s restroom and heading for the door.

It took a few heartbeats to realize that this was that same old lady we saw Monday at lunch! I snapped out of my reverie and ran after her just as she reached the door. I grabbed her arm before she could pull her disappearing act.

“Hey! I have to talk to you!” I hissed into her ear as we stood outside in the cool October night air.

“Look missy, I don’t have time for games.” the old lady said as she pulled her arm away from me.

Pleading, I said, “Don’t you remember me? I’m one of the guys you gave that wish coin thing to. My friend rescued your purse from that ghost or whatever.” Aaron was looking curiously out the window. I knew I didn’t have much time before he came out to see what was going on.

“Oh, yeah. I remember. You wished to become a girl? That’s a new one.”

“You have to help us! It was an accident. We weren’t trying to wish for anything. And we certainly weren’t trying to wish to be girls!”

“What’s wrong with being a girl?” snapped the old woman.

“Nothing! If you were born one! Please, you must help us!” I pleaded. Aaron was looking impatiently at us through the window. “Look my boyfriend is bound to come out here to see what is going on. Please, change us back!”

The old witch shook her head. “Sorry. I can’t undo the coin’s magic. You’ll have to wish yourselves back to what you were.”

“Can we have another coin? Look, we accidentally said we ‘wish’ and someone knocked the coin from Brad’s hand. It wasn’t our fault!”

The old woman started digging through her purse. “Okay, okay. Look. You’re a good kid. I’ll help you out this once. To be honest, though, with a cutie like that as a boyfriend, I think you’re crazy to walk away from that.”

I held out my shaking hand as she deposited the coin in my palm and closed my fingers over it. “Oh thank you, ma’am! Thank you! Thank you!” I said trying to hold back tears of joy. “You have saved us! And you’re right. He is most definitely cute.”

I looked up and saw Aaron almost to the door, looking at us curiously. “Oh my God, he’s coming out!” I squealed. In a panic I tried to swing my purse around so I could put the precious coin inside. It slipped from my fingers and I heard it ring as it hit the ground.

“Kids!” the old woman harrumphed. She took a step into the darkness and disappeared.

Aaron stepped out of the Taco Bell and asked, “Who was that you were talking to? And why are you down there?”

“She’s an old friend,” I said as I felt frantically around in the darkness. “I dropped my quarter.”

Aaron laughed. “It’s just a quarter! Here. I’ll give you one if it’s that important!”

I started looking through the bushes in the flower bed ringing the restaurant. Panic stricken, I said, “You don’t understand! I’ve got to find it!”

Sounding irritated, Aaron said, “Look. Our order is ready. I’ll give you a whole dollar if get off the ground and come back inside.”

My fingers suddenly touched a round, hard shape. I swallowed hard as I pulled the object out of the dirt. I was so afraid it could be anything. Glistening in the parking lot lights, I could tell right away it was the magic coin! Brad and I were saved! All we had to do was wish ourselves back to the way we were.

“Found it!” I squealed as I dropped the old coin in my purse. “Let’s go eat. I’m starved.”

“Girls,” Aaron sighed as he held the door open for me.

* * *

I pulled into the parking lot of school earlier than normal. I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to use the coin before this went on any further. I had almost no memory of my old self. It was really hard to hang on to something that seemed less and less real to me.

I fought back tears thinking about how I’ll never get to kiss Aaron again, feel his warm embrace. But we had to get back to who we were. We had to set the world back to normal.

I found Brandi in her usual spot, surrounded by all our cool friends.

I took her by the arm and said, “Brandi, I have to talk with you. In private!” Reluctantly, she went with me over to a nearby tree where we were alone.

I pulled the coin from my purse and said, “Brandi, listen. Look! I have another wish coin! We’re saved!”

Brandi looked at the coin without understanding. Then something shifted in her eyes and she said, “You found the old lady? She just gave you another coin?”

“We can wish ourselves back, Brad! All we have to do is agree on the same wish and drop the coin.”

Brandi’s eyes had changed look again. “Amber, I like who I am. How can I leave Harley? I love him. And he loves me! He came over last night, so we could study for the History test today. We were in my room, so we couldn’t do much, but I showed him my breasts! Can you imagine? He touched me and kissed me there.” She started smiling dreamily.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her slightly. I almost screamed, “Brad! I know you’re in there! Wake up! We have to do this.”

The look in Brandi’s eyes shifted again. She frowned and I could tell Brad was back again. She said, “Amber…Al…I…I’m happy, Al. For the first time in a long time I’m happy.” Her eyes took on that child like look again. Her eyes widened as she pointed. “Look! Here come the guys!” Aaron and Harley were still a good ways away, but were walking our way.

I really felt this was our last chance. It was now or never. I said, “Brandi, listen. I want you to say, ‘I agree’ to what I’m about to say. Got it?”

Looking confused, she asked, “Why would I do that? Or do I say I agree now?”

The guys had just passed our little social group and were now almost upon us. I said, “Please girlfriend. Just say it, okay?”

Frowning she said, “Okay.”

I stood straight and said, “I wish…” I looked at Aaron and my heart began to melt. I gritted my teeth and said, “I wish we were…”

I glanced down at Brandi. She was totally happy. She was completely in love with Harley. And she’s right. I can’t remember when Brad was actually happy. I mean truly happy.

I looked at Aaron. He’s so gorgeous and so nice and I’m so in love with him! I’ve got to be strong. I can not waver. I need to get the words out.

The guys were only a few feet away. I said, “I wish we…” I took one last look at Aaron. “…I wish our boyfriends will always be in love with us and will marry us after graduation.”

“I agree!” breathed Brandi.

The coin slipped from my fingers and shattered into dust.

I put my arms around Aaron’s neck and our lips met in a long, deep, passionate kiss.

* * *

The End

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