The Femme Fatale

The Femme Fatale

A sexy femme fatale carries out the orders of her mistress, but where did she come from?


I moaned in delight as my current lover ran his hands over my breasts, cupping them lovingly and then playing with my nipples. I felt him continuing to pump into me as he had been for the last fifteen minutes, impressing me a little with his skill. Of course, I've had better lovers but this one certainly wasn't bad.

Once we were finished, a little sooner than I would have liked, my lover fell asleep beside me. I waited until he began to snore and then untangled myself from him and quietly crept out of bed.

"Men," I muttered. They always seemed to fall asleep afterwards. Of course, I wasn't disappointed by this. In fact, I'd been counting on it.

I took another long look at my lover and then made my way towards the bath room, picking up my clothes along the way. Once I was in the bath room I closed the door and began to clean up, wiping the cum from between my legs and then getting dressed again.

Within just a few minutes I had on a pair of lacy black panties and a sexy bra, followed quickly by my stockings and the slinky black dress. I put on my black stilettos and then turned my attention to touching up my makeup in the mirror.

As I applied fresh makeup, I couldn't help but thinking about how gorgeous I was and how lucky my lover was to have had me. Of course, he might not think that in the morning. I smiled faintly at that and put on my lipstick.

"Essa Martine," I whispered to my reflection when I was done, "You are absolutely perfect."

I was 5 foot 9 with long dark hair and a body that was firm and sexy with killer curves. I was quite proud of my round and perfectly shaped DD cup breasts as well as my tight round ass. Of course, my face was gorgeous too with large eyes that were just a touch violet and with very kissable lips as a great many men and even a number of women could attest to.

Of course, as incredible as I was to look at, I was nothing compared to the perfection and grace of HER. I felt a chill of excitement run through my body as I thought of my mistress. That reminded me though that I was here on a task and shouldn't delay any longer.

I lightly ran my perfectly manicured nails over the mirror and then left the bath room. I looked over at my sleeping lover, hoping that he'd at least enjoyed the experience of having sex with me since he'd be paying for it for quite some time.

Then I went to where I'd hidden a small video camera earlier and retrieved it, knowing that it had recorded every minute the two of us had spent together on that bed. I'd gone through a great deal of trouble to seduce him and get this recording but I was certain my mistress would be pleased.

My latest conquest was an influential man and now he would do exactly as my mistress wished. If he didn't, this video would be delivered to his wife...a wife who was a cutthroat lawyer with a prenuptial agreement that would be extremely harsh on him if he'd been found cheating.

Just moments later, I was out the door with the camera, smiling in satisfaction at having completed this latest task. I felt a thrill of excitement, hoping that my mistress would be pleased enough that she would choose me to sleep with tonight.

I returned home as quickly as I could, home being a building that was owned by my mistress. She lived on the top floor, the penthouse suite of course. Those of us who served her lived in the building as well, having our own quarters though those who were lucky enough to earn her pleasure were allowed a night with her.

When I finally reached the penthouse my mistress was there waiting. She was a virtual goddess standing 6 feet tall with long golden blonde hair and big round breasts that were absolutely perfect in shape and immune to gravity. Everything about her was perfect.

"You've done well my little Essa," my mistress Alyssa told me. "Now I have yet another pawn in place...or will as soon as I notify him of his situation."

"Thank you," I told her, thrilled at having pleased her.

Then she bent over and gave me a kiss on my lips, a slow lingering kiss that sparked every erotic fiber in my body. My nipples hardened and I immediately became wet. But to my disappointment, she turned away from me and gestured to one of her other servants, a sexy and petite blonde named Mona.

Mona immediately ran off and came back with a large envelope which she handed to me. I took it with a slight frown, knowing that this contained the details of my next mission. Usually the mistress gave me a little more time between missions.

"In there you will find information about a man," Alyssa said dismissively. "He knows some magic and lives in this city. That means he is a potential threat to me and I will not tolerate any threats in my city."

"Yes mistress," I responded with a nod, knowing what she meant. This man was not targeted for seduction and blackmail but for death. That was all right though since it certainly wasn't the first time I'd killed for my mistress nor would it be the last.

"You'll have to find him first," Alyssa told me with an amused look. "That shouldn't be any problem for you though. After all, you have such a talent for finding people."

"Thank you mistress," I told her, pleased by the compliment.

"And one last thing," Alyssa said. "You have less than a week. I want him silenced before the full moon."

"Of course mistress," I responded before she waved and dismissed me.

With that, I left my mistress' penthouse and went down a floor to where my own quarters were. I was a little disappointed that she hadn't chosen me for sex tonight but I was still pleased that she trusted me with yet another mission. I could hardly wait to complete it for her.


Gordon Bestler was a successful man but not one who flaunted his success. He lived in a nice condo and drove a decent car but wasn't flashy with his money. In fact, most people would never guess that he had ten million in the bank or that it was due to his being some sort of wizard.

It had taken me two days to track down Gordon and another two to figure out exactly how to approach him. Gordon, like most men, lowered his guard around a pretty face so all I had to do was provide a tempting enough distraction. I was quite good at that too since I'd been doing it for my mistress for the past three years.

At the moment, I was going up to Gordon's condo with him for a little night cap and perhaps a little more, or at least that was what he believed. I was playing the part of a nice 'girl next door' type who'd just left her cheating ex-boyfriend and was looking for a change and some excitement. As far as Gordon was concerned, he was just lucky enough to be the guy I encountered.

"Wow," I exclaimed as I looked around the inside of his condo. "This is nice... You must be doing very well for yourself."

Gordon smiled and responded, "I do all right."

I just took a long look around the place, thinking that the penthouse where my mistress lived was even nicer. She loved collecting pretty things and storing them there, especially really expensive jewelry. Gordon's condo couldn't compare.

"How about a drink?" Gordon asked, already going to his wine cabinet and pulling out a bottle. "I think this is a good year..."

"That sounds great," I said, then remembered my role and tried to act a little more nervous. "I don't usually do this," I told him, trying to seem a little hesitant. "But I'm really glad I am."

"I'm certainly glad that you're here as well," Gordon told me as he handed me my glass, making sure to let his fingers run down the back of my hand. "Whoever your former boyfriend was, it is obvious that he never deserved a beautiful and intelligent woman like you."

I smiled and let him seduce me, enjoying every moment of the attention. Gordon was in his forties, a little overweight, but overall not too bad looking. I decided that I'd give him one last thrill before I carried out my orders and ended him.

Gordon and I began kissing and I discovered that he was pretty good, even better when he began to run his hands up my side and undress me. I savored his touch and each shiver of pleasure he brought to my body and before long, we were having sex right there in his kitchen.

Gordon had me up against the kitchen counter as he rammed into me, holding my ass firm and kissing me passionately at the same time. I came hard and orgasmed nicely while he was somehow able to keep his stamina and continue going. I suspected a little magical augmentation was involved but certainly didn't mind. After awhile, I even dropped down and gave him a blow job which he obviously enjoyed.

During the three years I had served my mistress, I'd had sex quite often, sometimes on missions her and sometimes of my own choice. I have had better sex than what I experienced with Gordon but not very often. Because of that, I was somewhat disappointed when he was finally spent.

"That was fantastic," Gordon told me, looking extremely pleased with himself as he sat back on his couch, not seeming to care that we'd gotten quite a bit of juices all over it during our session.

"I am very pleased that you enjoyed it," I told Gordon, getting up and walking very sexily to where I'd left my purse. I reached inside and pulled out the gun small gun that I'd hidden there, pointing it at a stunned Gordon as I added, "I wanted your last time to be special."

"What?" Gordon exclaimed in surprise. "Are you robbing me?"

"I'm afraid not," I told him, pulling the trigger. "I'm just doing as my mistress commands."

Blood exploded from Gordon's shoulder and he gasped in obvious pain. I frowned, annoyed that I'd missed. I had intended to shoot him between the eyes so at least it would be over quickly. Still, one more shot should take care of him.

"Why?" Gordon pleaded, gasping in pain. Then he stared at me for a moment before chuckling. "You work for her... I knew that bitch Alyssa was going after other magic users... I just never thought she'd bother with me. I've never hurt her or hers..."

"I am sorry it has to be this way," I told Gordon.

I was about to fire again when he held up his hand and begged, "Wait... You don't have to do this... I know what she's done to all of she remade you into her slaves..."

"She made me beautiful," I told Gordon with a smile. "She gave me purpose and love..."

"She brainwashed you all," Gordon spat out angrily. "Do you even remember who you were before she changed you?"

I frowned slightly, realizing that I didn't remember my life before the mistress made me. Of course, there was nothing worth remembering because I didn't have the mistress then.

Suddenly, Gordon said some words in a strange sounding language. I realized that he was trying to use magic to escape so I pulled the trigger again. However, by then he seemed to have already finished what he was trying to do, not that I noticed anything.

"I leave my vengeance," Gordon said weakly, blood now coming from his mouth. My second shot had gotten him right in the chest and he was obviously dying.

"If you have to get revenge on me," I told him pleasantly, "So be it. It is in the service of my mistress..."

"Not on you," he managed to say, closing his eyes and smiling faintly. "You're a victim too..." Then he went silent for several seconds before whispering his final words. "On her."

"I'm sorry," I told Gordon's body as I turned to get cleaned up. "You were good in bed...or on the counter as the case may be...but the mistress commands as the mistress commands."


Tonight was the night of the full moon, a night that was very important to my mistress. Tonight was the night when she could recharge the magic that she'd used to turn herself into a near goddess and to create her small empire.

Once long ago, my mistress had been much like other women. It was hard to think of her ever having been different from the perfection she was now but she'd once told me the tale so I knew it to be true. And from the words the mistress told me, I knew her story and of her rise to greatness.

It was very difficult to believe but the mistress had once been a mere secretary, married to a man who cheated on her. Then one day, she discovered an ancient and powerful talisman that could be used to transform a person body, mind, and soul. This talisman could be used only once before it needed to be recharged beneath the light of the full moon so she could use it only rarely.

The mistress used this talisman to take just revenge on her husband and then to transform herself into the goddess she was now. In her wisdom, she knew that men could not be trusted so changed herself more than just physically, making it so that she no longer craved the touch of men but only the flesh of women. After this, she slowly brought justice to all those who had ever wronged her and began to build her empire.

"Tonight," I whispered, knowing that in just a few hours the mistress would recharge her talisman and would be able to use it once more. Soon, she would have the power to change her enemies once again, as she had done so many times in the past.

At the moment, the mistress looks upon me with favor which fills me with an immense pleasure. She is happy that I was able to find and eliminate Gordon Bestler before this time, having already rewarded me for my success by choosing me for her bed last night.

I was awash in joy at the mistress gave me and everything was absolutely perfect. However, if this was true, then why did I feel as though something was wrong? Why did I feel something crawling around the edge of my awareness, whispering that this world was not right?

I sat in my quarters, feeling a strange unease. Gordon had seemed to cast some final magic before his death but I had yet to see any sign of this vengeance he claimed to have left behind. It appeared that he'd either failed or had been bluffing the entire time. Still, I was certain that worry over this was what was causing my discomfort.

"No curse from a man can harm my mistress," I told myself, pouring myself a glass of wine and then taking a sip.

Just then, I felt a strange dizziness wash through me. I gasped as I dropped the glass of wine, recovering only seconds later. My heart raced and those shadows at the edge of my awareness seemed to grow stronger, telling me again that something was wrong...with the mistress...with my body...with me.

"There's something wrong with me," I said, feeling extremely uncertain.

This was a feeling that I was not used to. I was normally confident in my mistress and whatever course she set me on. I knew for a fact that she was perfection incarnate and that I had absolute faith in her. Yet for some reason, I felt an emotion that was compete and utterly new to my experience as her servant. I felt doubt.

Suddenly, I was hit with another wave of dizziness but this time strange images flashed through my mind, rushing in like a flood of water that was trying to seep in everywhere. Another wave of images hit me and I collapsed to the ground under the onslaught.

Several minutes later, I opened my eyes, becoming aware that things had just changed a great deal. "I remember," I whispered. "I remember everything."


My name is Martin Essex...Detective Martin Essex. I am...was a 42 year old detective with the local police department. I was married but we were never able to have kids, a fact that I'd secretly considered fortunate since I was a bit of a workaholic and wouldn't be able to spend the time on a kid that they’d deserve.

I was currently working a missing person’s case, one involving a man named Dominic 'Dom' Ryans who'd disappeared without a trace. His wife never reported his disappearance and a month later she disappeared as well. Of course, that was extremely suspicious so I was tracking her down to ask her a few questions.

Allison Ryans was a bit of a task to locate but I'm good at finding people. I tracked a few credit cards that she'd used since disappearing a few months ago and was able to locate her staying in a nice hotel under an assumed name. With that information in hand, I went to question her.

When I entered the room Mrs. Ryans was staying in, I was stunned to find three gorgeous women inside. One of them was a platinum blonde with big tits and who was dressed like a hooker. Another was a sexy brunette who was dressed up as a French maid. However, the woman who immediately drew my attention was the third.

The third woman was 6 feet tall with long golden blonde hair. She had large round breasts that were absolutely perfect and somehow seemed immune to gravity. In fact, her entire body was absolutely fantastic with great muscle tone and killer curves.

"I'm sorry," I told the woman. "I seem to have the wrong room. I'm Detective Martin Essex and I'm looking for an Allison Ryans who I believe is staying in this hotel."

"Allison is dead and gone," the statuesque blonde said, glaring at me with a cold angry. "I'm Alyssa now...mistress Alyssa."

"What?" I asked in confusion.

Then this statuesque woman suddenly held up some sort of amulet that looked like a piece of glowing crystal that hung from a gold chain. She stared straight at me and said, "It looks like I'm adding a new one to my growing collection..."

Suddenly, my entire body was awash in strange sensations and I felt myself somehow changing. My bones and very flesh began to move and reshape, transforming in ways that I knew for a fact were impossible.

In mere moments, I somehow became shorter and thinner, losing much of my muscle mass and body hair. I stared at my hands in confusion, noticing that they looked much finer and more feminine. As I watched, my nails stretched out and grew longer, becoming perfectly manicured.

Then I felt strange squishiness inside my lower body just as my groin pulled up inside. And as if that wasn't enough, my chest began to swell larger and larger as it formed into two orbs that my stunned mind immediately recognized as a pair of fantastic looking tits.

However, I didn't have a chance to really absorb any of this as the changes continued in a different way. A thick fog began to form in my mind and spread until it smothered my thoughts, memories, and emotions. Everything that I was faded away while new thoughts and emotions appeared to take their place. It was at this point that Detective Martin Essex vanished and Essa Martine awoke.

I opened my eyes and looked around, immediately seeing my mistress in all of her perfection and glory. One look at my mistress and I suddenly understood that my purpose in life was to serve her in any way she desired for as long as I still drew breath. It was my duty and honor to do so and I would have it no other way.


I sat in my quarters, sipping a new glass of wine as I absorbed everything I now remembered. It was overwhelming and a little confusing to have 42 years of lost memories all return at once. It was even more stunning to realize that everything I'd known and believed for the last three years had been a lie.

"Damn," I whispered, taking another sip of the wine.

I closed my eyes and considered my situation. My had violated me in ways that were impossible to believe. She'd effectively raped me body, mind, and soul. Of course, I knew that I wasn't the only one.

With my memories and perspective restored, I was able to better understand Alyssa and how she'd gotten to this point. I still had no idea how Allison Ryans found the amulet but she'd used its powers to transform her husband Dom into a slutty female prostitute who was obedient to her.

"Revenge for his cheating," I mused, knowing that this was her first conquest. She'd humiliated her former husband and used him...her to make some money for awhile. Eventually though, Dominique as she'd become known, had been murdered by a violent customer.

Once Allison had been able to recharge the amulet, she used it on herself to give herself the body she'd always dreamed turn herself into the woman she'd always wanted to be. She’d not only transformed her body but changed her mind as well, turning herself into a lesbian out of bitterness for how the man of her life had treated her.

After this, calling herself Alyssa had begun to expand her power, seeking revenge on anyone who'd ever crossed her in the past. A former boss had become her maid, a rival at work had been transformed into a submissive slut, and the woman her husband had cheated on her with had been made to become fat and ugly. Every month she'd use the power of this amulet to further her revenge, add to her collection, or just increase her influence.

Of course, Alyssa had also used her servants to expand her power as well, a fact which I knew quite well since I was one of her main tools for this. Over the past three years, I seduced men and women at her command, blackmailed them, and even committed cold blooded murder. I had been under her control the entire time but I remembered each and every action. My old memories may have been restored but my memories from the past three years remained.

"Gordon did this," I said in realization.

Gordon's last act before his death had been to somehow free me from Alyssa's control, to somehow make all of my old memories return. However, his spell had done absolutely nothing to my body and I was still physically Essa Martine, with a sexy and sultry body that could easily seduce nearly any man.

"Thank God," I muttered, shuddering at the thought of suddenly turning into a 42 or even a 45 year old man.

As I sat there, it suddenly dawned on me that I had absolutely no idea what to do next. Just a short time ago I knew exactly what my life held and what my purpose was but now I was left in confusion.

I knew that I had to think and get my head together and I couldn't do it here. I went to the mirror and touched up my makeup, blowing myself a kiss before I grabbed my purse and left. I left the building, not sure where I was going at first and then realizing that there were things I had to know...things I needed to discover.

The first thing that I did was go to my old apartment, the place where I'd lived with my wife back when I'd been Martin. I wasn't too surprised to find that she was no longer there and that strangers now lived there. I asked around with a couple of my old neighbors who were still there and learned most of what I wanted to know.

About six months after I'd disappeared, my wife had tried getting me declared dead but the court wouldn't do it just then. So instead, she divorced me in absentia, took everything we'd owned together and then remarried someone else.

There was no doubt that my old life as Martin Essex was indeed dead and gone, even if I could be transformed back into my old self. My wife had remarried and moved on and I seriously doubted that the department would be interested in having me back after such a disappearance. In fact, they would more likely assume I had been involved in something illegal. Of course, they'd be right in that.

Strangely though, none of that really bothered me. I hadn't even thought of my wife in three years so it seemed a little hard to really care much about her now. After all, she was older than the women I usually liked, not nearly attractive enough, and she was straight as an arrow so wouldn't be interested in me either. As for my old job, that held little interest for me either.

"I wouldn't go back if I could," I mused, looking over my sexy and sultry body, hating the idea of giving this up.

I've been a woman for so long that I barely remembered what it felt like to be a man. I clearly remembered each and every time I had sex with a man and just how much I enjoyed it. The old Martin would have been horrified at the idea but all I could do was smile faintly in fond reminiscence, looking forward to the next time I could do it again.

"Martin is dead," I said, stating the obvious. The truth was, I didn't really miss him much.

I had all of my old memories back but I was more Essa now than I was Martin. Of course, I certainly wasn't the old Essa either. I was still very attracted to Alyssa but no longer felt any need to worship or obey her.

Then I remembered an important detail that I'd nearly forgotten in the distraction of regaining the memories. Tonight was the full moon, the night when Alyssa would be able to recharge her amulet so she could use it on someone else. After what she'd done to me, turning me into her slave, I was of a mind to interfere.

It was late when I returned home, late enough that Alyssa may have already completed recharging the amulet. I went straight up to her penthouse and no one stopped me. After all, as far as everyone else knew I was still the old Essa, a loyal and obedient servant of the mistress.

There was a guard at the entrance to the penthouse, a large and muscular man who was just as loyal and obedient to Alyssa as everyone else. However, unlike any of the female servants, he knew that he would never share her bed nor be anything more than muscle.

"The mistress called for me," I told him and continued past without a problem.

I entered the penthouse but was silent, seeing that Alyssa stood naked in all of her glory. She was unbelievably gorgeous and I felt my body stir in response. It was a purely physical and natural reaction to her beauty, not the result of her former power over me.

Alyssa had her back turned to me and didn't see me there. I saw her holding the amulet in her hand, glowing with a faint white light that was the sign it was charged and ready to be used.

Then Alyssa turned and saw me standing there, staring at me with a look of surprise and demanded, "What is the meaning of this Essa?

"I'm sorry for the intrusion mistress," I told her with mock humility. "I have important news you'd want to know..."

Alyssa glared at me with an imperious look and demanded, "Well, what is it?"

I stepped closer to her and suddenly reached out and snatched the amulet from her hands. "I remember everything," I told her, quickly backing away.

Alyssa gasped in shock and jumped at me to get the medallion back. I was no longer as big and strong as I once was and was now physically outmatched by my former mistress. However, I could still think clearly and lashed out with the one weapon at my disposal...the amulet.

I've seen Alyssa use the amulet on several occasions and had a good idea of how it worked. A mental command was all I needed to catch Alyssa in its power and freeze her where she stood. I could suddenly feel the link between us and the power I now had over her. As long as I had her locked in the amulets power, I could change her however I wished. I could do to her what she'd done to me and so many others.

"What to do with you?" I whispered, realizing that I hadn't even considered that question before now.

Another question was what was I going to do with myself? I'd spent the last three years in service to Alyssa, seducing, blackmailing, and murdering at her command so she could build her empire. Now she had her empire and I had nothing...nothing but this amulet that is.

A moment later, an idea suddenly occurred to me. I stared at Alyssa and grinned evilly, remembering exactly what she'd done to me and deciding that she deserved a small taste of that herself. Of course, I absolutely loved being a sex young woman but that was beside the point. She'd played God with me, erasing everything I was and turning me into nothing more than a fawning puppet. I was going to enjoy this.

It only took a mental command to send the power of the amulet through Alyssa, changing her in the exact way that I willed. It only took seconds before it was finished and once it was the amulet stopped glowing. It had only just been recharged but this one use had already drained it.

Alyssa got back to her feet, looking exactly the same as before. After all, she'd been so gorgeous that I couldn't bear to ruin that. However, she stared at me and asked, "How may I serve you mistress?"

I just smiled at that, feeling a smug satisfaction at this turnaround. I hadn't touched her body but I'd certainly made some less visible changes. She was now in love with me, just as loyal and obedient to me as I used to be to her.

"Kiss me," I purred, embracing Alyssa and giving her a long passionate kiss. "Oh yes, I am definitely going to enjoy this..."

I spent three years doing things that the old Martin would have been horrified at in order for Alyssa to build her empire so it only seemed appropriate that I be the one to take it over. Of course, her power was based off the loyalty and obedience of her transformed servants and I couldn't take that away from her. However, I could make her just as obedient to me, effectively making me the power behind the throne.

A thought occurred to me that I could change that over time with careful use of the amulet. All I had to do was transfer their loyalty and obedience from her to me. The very idea of becoming the loved and obeyed mistress brought a smile to my lips.

The old Martin would have been horrified and disgusted by the things I was considering, just as much as he would have been horrified by the idea of seducing men and enjoying it. However, after three years of living this life and doing these things without hesitation or remorse, it was hard to really care about it much now.

Just then, Alyssa's servant Mona came in asking, "May I get you anything mistress?"

"Tell her that you don't need anything," I whispered to Alyssa. "And tell her to leave us alone for several hours."

"I don't need anything at the moment," Alyssa repeated my instructions. "Leave us alone for several hours."

"As you wish," Mona bowed and left.

"Very good," I told Alyssa, running my hands over her breasts and smiling. Definitely perfect.

"Thank you mistress," Alyssa responded happily.

"The others can't know of my position just yet," I told Alyssa as I played with her nipples, feeling my own crying for attention as well. "When others are around you'll have to pretend that things are the way they used to be. But it looks like I'll have to give you some instructions..."

I looked in the direction Mona had gone, realizing that she would have to be the next one that I took care of. Maybe I could turn her into a well hung stud to take care of my other needs. That thought rather appealed to me, especially as she had once been the middle-aged woman who'd owned this building. Of course, that woman was just as gone as Martin was...even more so since Mona didn't even remember having ever been her.

"Then again," I mused, looking down at myself and smiling. I loved the way I looked and felt but there was nothing that said I couldn't improve myself a little more next, perhaps even making myself a physical match for Alyssa. "Now that is something to consider..."

However, that was something to consider another time. I absently dropped the amulet onto a side table and gave my full attention to Alyssa, savoring her perfect body and the fact that I could now have her every night and not just when she wanted. I was definitely going to enjoy this.


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