Weird Wednesday

Reversal Rings: Weird Wednesday
By Morpheus

This story is the first in the Reversal Rings sub-universe of Spells R Us. This story also happens to be the first TG story that I ever wrote and was posted in January of 98.

Susan was walking through the mall, looking for a birthday present for
her son Kevin. He was turning 14 in a couple days and she hadn't been
able to find a good present yet. She was a bit angry at Kevin and had
almost decided not to buy him a present this year. Not after the argument
they had the day before. Kevin and she weren't very close any more, not
since she and Michael were divorced five years earlier. She thought that
perhaps he blamed her for the divorce, and his father leaving, though she
thought it wasn't her fault that Michael ran away with his secretary.

Kevin had recently gotten more rebellious, and he always seemed to have a
chip on his shoulder. He refused to do what she told him anymore. She
didn't know how to handle him much anymore, except to keep trying. Kevin
didn't like her boyfriend Doug, and was angry at her for dating. Susan
was only 33 years old, and looked a few years younger, with her figure
still in great shape. She didn't think that it was fair for Kevin to
expect her to be celibate and alone for the rest of her life, just
because she was divorced.

Susan stopped, seeing a shop that she didn't remember seeing in the mall
before, with "Spells R Us" written above it. "I wonder when they added
this one" she mused to herself. Curious she walked inside to check it
out. Probably one of those role-playing game stores she thought.

Looking around inside it seemed a little cozy if cluttered. Little odds
and ends seemed scattered everywhere, as if the store sold everything.
Some of the things looked a bit odd, but others looked normal. She saw
some videos in one corner, some costumes a bit further back, and some odd
games resting on a shelf. Other things, some not recognizable to her,
were on other shelves, not seeming in any particular order. She thought
it looked more like a garage sale than a store in a mall. She noticed a
large dog laying on the floor, and that sitting behind the counter
reading a newspaper was an old man, wearing what Susan recognized from
various movies as a wizards robe. She chuckled thinking that this guy
really got into the spirit of the role-playing games.

The Old Man looked up at her and asked, "May I help you Mam?"

"Oh, no thanks," said Susan, "I'm just looking." Suzan walked around
looking at things, but nothing really caught her eye. She had noticed a
mirror that drew her to it, but she was shopping for Kevin and not
herself, so left it, with some regret. Maybe later she thought.

"Are you looking for anything in particular?" asked the Old Mans voice
from behind her.

Susan turned around and told him that she was just looking for something
for her son, but didn't know what he wanted or needed.

The Old Man nodded understandingly. "Yes, teenage boys are always
difficult to get for."

She was a little startled. How did he know her son was a teenager?

Seeming to guess her question, or read her mind, the Old Man laughed and
said, "Children are usually easy to get for, and you're too young and
pretty to have a very old son, so that leaves a teenager. They're always
hard to get for."

Susan thought that made sense. She somehow felt that she could trust this
eccentric old man, and quickly found herself telling him her problems.
How Kevin and her never see eye to eye anymore, and always argue. She
couldn't understand him anymore, and he didn't understand how hard it was
on her with him being so troublesome. The Old Man listened
sympathetically as she told her problems to him.

After she finished, the Old Man said, "I think I have just the present
for you," and then he walked behind the counter, carefully stepping over
the large dog lying on the floor. He dug around for a few seconds and
said, "Aha, here it is," as he pulled a small dark wooden box out from
behind the counter. He set it down in front of her.

He opened the box and showed two rings sitting inside. He picked one up
and showed it to her. She looked it over and saw it was a somewhat plain
looking golden looking ring, with faint filigree lines running around it.
She looked at the ring still in the box and saw that it was identical to
the one she held between her fingers.

"They come as a set," the Old Man said as she examined the ring, "and I
can't break them up. However, I can give you a good deal on the pair of

"I don't know. Kevin could only use one ring."

"That's all right dear," the Old man said as he picked the ring from her
hand and placed it back in the box. "You give one to Kevin," and the Old
Man smiled, "and keep the other for yourself. Maybe a matched set would
help bring you closer together."

Susan was extremely tempted, but held back still. "But I don't know the
size, and I don't think either of them will fit me." She put her hand on
the box and felt the smooth wood while trying to decide.

"Don't worry about that," the Old Man assured her, "they're one size fits
all. Part of their magic." Susan listened to him, and decided that the
rings might make a nice gift, and help bring her and Kevin closer
together. If he didn't refuse to wear it. She thought he might, just to
spite her. "How much are they?" she asked.

The Old Man looked to think about it for a few seconds then said, "They
are actually fairly old and valuable, but no one seems interested in
them. I guess they aren't very flashy." The old man scratched the edge of
his nose. "I'll tell you what. Since I probably won't get any other
customer who would want them, I'll give them to you for $45. All right?"

Susan thought that was a good deal and quickly agreed to the price. As
she was writing out a check for him, he said, "In fact, I think I can
guarantee that these rings will help make all your current problems with
your son go away." She thought that this was a bad exaggeration, but
hoped it would at least help.

As she was walking out of the mall Susan lit a cigarette and thought what
a sweet old man he was. She kind of wondered though how she could open up
so much with such a complete stranger, but decided that she just needed a
sympathetic ear, and the old man seemed harmless and willing to listen.

Kevin was walking home from school Tuesday a couple of days later,
talking with his best friend Jamie about the new movie coming out that
they wanted to see. "If my mom will let me see it," Kevin grumbled. "If
she doesn't, I'll go anyway."

Jamie was used to hearing Kevin grumble about his mom and her new
boyfriend Doug, and was a little tired of it, but just nodded his head in
agreement with whatever Kevin said. Jamie thought that Kevin's mom wasn't
that bad, and pretty decent looking for a mom. Though he of course would
never admit that.

"My birthday's tomorrow, and I bet she didn't get me anything," Kevin
said, more to himself than Jamie. "She's always bossing me around, and
won't ever let me make my own decisions, man. She practically treats me
like a little kid, and I'm sick of it. Just the other day we got into a
big fight because she got in my room and messed with my stuff. I told her
I was going to clean it, but she went in anyway. That messing with my
privacy man, that ain't right."

Kevin continued to complain about his mom for another minute, then went
on to Doug. He didn't really like him too much and didn't know what his
mom saw in the loser. Sure the guy had a nice job and all, but Doug was
patronizing to him and kept treating Kevin like a little kid. Even worse
than his mom. Doug would order him around like he had a right to, and his
mom just said that he had to be nice to Doug.

Jamie said good bye to Kevin as he turned to go down his own street to
get home. "I'll see you tomorrow."

After getting home Kevin and his mom got into a fight. His math teacher
had called about this failing the latest test and warned that he was
about to fail the class. His mom had chewed him out about failing the
class, telling him how important school was. Kevin didn't want to be at
school. School was boring. He knew most of the stuff the teachers taught,
but didn't bother doing the homework or trying on the tests. He just
couldn't get interested. He wanted to be out in the real world, doing
something, not sitting around all day being bored.

When he told his mom this, she yelled back, "You don't know how hard the
real world is," and then told him that, "These are the best years of your

"Jeez," Kevin thought, "if these are the best years of my life, I might
as well just shoot myself now."

When it was over Kevin was grounded for a week, but decided that this
wasn't going to stop him from going out, even if he had to sneak out
after his mom went to bed. "She doesn't need to treat me like a kid. I
can take care of myself," Kevin complained to the wall.

Later that night Doug came over. Kevin was busy cleaning the dishes,
which he thought wasn't fair, that was a girls job. He heard his mom and
Doug laughing in the living room, which made him a little angrier. They
sit around having fun while I'm stuck doing dishes.

When he was finished Kevin went to head back to his room, and walked
through the living room. He saw his mom and Doug sitting on the couch,
smoking and drinking beer, watching some TV show. He tried to ignore them
and headed to his room, when Doug said, "Hey kid, go get me another

"Get your own beer," Kevin said to him and kept walking, trying to get to
his room and away from them. He heard his mom behind him, "Kevin, get
back here. That was rude. Apologize to Doug at once."

"I'm not his servant," Kevin said. "If he wants a beer he can get it
himself." He went and walked back to his room. Susan knew better than to
push Kevin anymore right now. He's blow up at her and they'd have a big
argument again, and she didn't want that. Maybe he'd calm down later and
they could talk. She just wished he would act more mature.

Kevin sat in his room, gluing a model Ferraris front bumper on, trying to
calm down. Usually working on his models helped him to relax a little.
And since he couldn't watch TV or play his games, he didn't have anything
else to do. Maybe he'd sneak out later tonight and go to Jamies.

Then the door swung open and Doug walked in, and straight over to him.
Doug grabbed Kevin's arm, painfully. Kevin felt the fingers digging into
his upper arm and swung his free hand at Doug to make him let go. Doug
then threw him backwards onto his bed saying, "Next time I tell you to do
something you little punk, you'd better do it! I've had enough of your
shit, and if you mess with me again, I'm gonna tear your head off! Do I
make myself clear? Good!" Then Doug walked out the door, slamming it
behind him.

Kevin laid on his bed holding his arm, and holding back the tears. This
was the first time the bastard had hurt him, and he hoped it would be the
last. Kevin didn't think his mom would believe him over Doug if he did
tell her. She'd always sided with Doug before and would think he was
lying to get rid of Doug.

Wednesday morning Kevin got up and got ready for school, then went
downstairs. His mom was in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee and
smoking a cigarette while reading the paper. When she saw Kevin she
smiled and said, "Happy Birthday honey," hoping he was in a good mood
today. Kevin mumbled thanks back and poured himself a bowl of cereal,
thinking about how he was going to pass the history test today and keep
his mom off his back about that.

Susan got up and walked into the living room and came back with a nicely
wrapped box, the size of a Rubics Cube, and put it in front of Kevin
saying, "Here's your birthday present. I hope you like it, I didn't
really know what to get you."

Kevin looked at it curiously for a minute wondering what it was. It was
too small for a video game, and fortunately too small for clothes. He
shook it a little and heard a rattling inside. Tearing open the wrapping
paper there was a dark brown wooden box within and he wondered what was
in it. He popped the latch and peeked inside, seeing a single golden
colored ring lying on the bottom of the box.

Kevin pulled the ring out and held it between his fingers, examining it
carefully. It was golden colored and had faint lines running around the
outside. "Uh, thanks," he stammered. He was a little disappointed, but
the ring did look kind of cool, though he didn't want to admit it.

"I've got one just like it," his mom told him, "they were a matched set
when I got them. I hoped you'd like it. You're so hard to shop for."

Kevin put the ring on, and felt an odd tingle on his finger. He pulled
the ring back off and looked at it again. Then remembering that Jamie was
going to meet him in a few minutes he said, "I got to go mom. Thanks for
the ring," and ran out the door, shoving the ring in his pocket, putting
it out of his mind for the minute.

The trip to school was just like normal, except that when he ran into
Jamie, Jamie gave him an old video game for his present saying, "I don't
play it anymore and I know you liked that one." Scott, the kid who always
tried to start a fight with him didn't make an appearance, which wasn't
unusual since he'd been skipping school a lot, and all the kids knew it.
So far, Kevin thought, today's just like any other day. Big deal that its
my birthday. I wish something special would happen, like a great party.

Susan put a load of laundry in the washing machine, then sat down to work
on her book some more. She had a small following as a children's book
author, though wasn't any Dr. Seuss. It paid the bills though. Especially
the royalties she was getting since one of her books was being used as
the basis of a new cartoon series for kids. The next few pages took some
time, but the book was almost finished and she could send the written
work to her publisher, who'd have someone do the artwork based off of her
brief sketches and notes. Probably DeGual. He'd been doing a lot of work
for these publishers lately.

After some time she heard the washing machine go off, and went to move
the load to the dryer. She thought that it would be a good idea to take a
bit of a breather, and went to get herself a cup of coffee. She went to
her room and pulled the ring off of her dresser and looked at it. She
slid it on her finger, and was a little surprised that it fit so well,
but then the old man had said it would. She almost decided that it was
magic like he said, but thought that was ridiculous.

After finishing her coffee Susan decided that it was time to go back to
work. After all, drinking coffee didn't put food on the table.

After third period Kevin got slammed into a locker by Scott, who had
decided to come to school after all. Probably just to push his weight
around. Kevin straightened his clothes out and finished going to fourth
period, which was English. He never liked English, but his mom insisted
that it was valuable in the real world. That she used it to pay the bills
with. Like he needed to know all about adverbs in order to write a
children's book.

Class was just starting and he was already bored. At least it wasn't
history. That class was sixth period, and he had to take that test today.
He remembered the ring his mom gave him this morning, and pulled it out
of his pocket to look at it. He ignored the teacher and sat just looking
at the ring, then slipped it on his finger again.

There was an odd tingle at first, then everything started spinning. Kevin
got dizzy and closed his eyes to stop the room from spinning, then fell
to the floor. He sat there for a few minutes while the dizziness stopped,
thinking that the whole class must be laughing at him. He opened his eyes
and saw the carpet under his hands and knees was tan, not the old faded
green that was usually on the floor. It was the carpet from home. How did
he get back home he wondered.

He stood up, and felt very odd. He saw blonde hair hanging down the side
of his face and held it up to look at. He noticed that his hands weren't
right, and that his fingernails were long and polished red.

Looking down on himself he got a bigger shock, seeing large mounds on his
chest. Grabbing them he found that they were real, or at least felt so.
He could feel the weight of them as they stuck out from his front. He
recognized the shirt he was wearing as what his mom wore that morning and
got an idea what happened.

Running to the bathroom he looked into the mirror and saw his moms face
looking back at him. He was in shock and made a few faces, trying to
trick the image in the mirror into making a mistake, to prove that it
wasn't him that was reflected. After a few seconds he sat down on the
toilet saying, "Oh my god, I've become my mom," and hearing his moms
voice. He looked at his hand and noticed the ring on it, just like the
one he'd just put on. Remembering that his mom had said she had one just
like it, he realized that this happened as soon as he put the ring on.

He pulled the ring off of his finger, hoping that whatever happened would
fix itself when he did. He wasn't too surprised when nothing happened. He
looked at the ring, holding it up to the light. He noticed that it looked
almost identical to the one he had, if not the same.

Kevin decided not to put the ring back on at the moment, not knowing what
would happen if he put it on again, and just held it in his hand. He
wondered how this happened and got up to go to the kitchen.

The balance felt different and top heavy, and he had to walk carefully.
Fortunately he thought that his mom liked to wear tennis shoes around the
house, and almost always wore jeans. He felt his breasts and rubbed them.
They felt good. He wondered how women could have these things on their
chests and not get distracted by them. They stuck out so far and felt so
odd. He found they kind of got in his way when he moved his arms a
little, but not as much as he would have thought.

He didn't know how long this would last, but hoped it wasn't permanent.
He had been a bit curious what it was like being a woman, but didn't
really want to become one. At least not permanently. In the kitchen Kevin
realized that he was a bit taller than before. About 4 inches, if he
remembered right. That's how much taller his mom was than him, though he
was growing taller pretty quick. Or had been anyway.

He sat down on the stool, feeling as if he was sitting on a cusion, and
noticed that his butt was a bit bigger and softer, and then tried to
think how this could happen. It wasn't easy to ignore his changes and
focus on the problem, but he tried to. Then he noticed the coffee pot was
full and decided to pour himself a cup. He'd tried coffee once or twice
and hadn't liked it, but since he was in his moms body and she liked to
drink coffee, Kevin wondered if she tasted things differently and thought
that this was a good test.

He found that pouring the coffee into the cup wasn't as easy as he
thought, because the long fingernails. But being careful he was able to
handle them. He put the cup to his lips and sipped cautiously. It was
hot, but he thought it tasted good. He sat there drinking the coffee and
enjoying it, which he found a little odd, but kind of neat. It almost
felt natural to sit there drinking it.

Thinking back on the problem he decided that the rings were definitely
responsible. What else could it be? He put his ring on that morning and
nothing had happened, but when he put it on a few minutes ago, he became
his mom. Then he suddenly wondered, if he was here as his mom, where was
she? Did she go to his body? After a bit of thought he decided that was
what probably happened, then giggled a bit, thinking of her being stuck
in English and going to his classes while he was home. Kevin wondered why
it didn't change them that morning but did later on. He looked at the
ring again, and remembered that he had it on his finger, or his moms
finger when he arrived, but she hadn't been wearing it that morning.
Could it be that both people had to wear the rings at the same time to
trade places? That made an odd kind of sense he decided, if you assumed
that magic was real. And what else could it be, though he didn't believe
in magic before today.

If he put the ring back on, he might be able to switch places with his
mom again, and be back in class. He was about to put the ring on to try,
then grinned. Let her put up with that boring English teacher for once.

He sat looked at his manicured fingers and thinking. He'd seen them so
many times on his mom, but had never considered that he'd have them. He
finished up the coffee and decided that this would be his only
opportunity to see what it was like to be a girl. He felt really odd to
be his mom, but curiosity overcame his reluctance.

He walked in front of the mirror and pulled off his shirt, looking at his
generous breasts, in their bra. He felt them and rubbed them, thinking
that it was so odd to have them on his chest again. They started to feel
real good, so he tried to pull the bra off and see them more clearly. He
struggled with the clasp in back for a minute before he got it off, and
then stood looking at his breasts in the mirror. He rubbed them some more
and they felt so good. He felt a surge of embarrassment and fear. What
would his mom think if she found out that he'd done this in her body?
He'd die of embarrassment. That backed him off for a few minutes, and he
just sat there posing a bit in front of the mirror, trying on some poses
he'd seen models do in that Playboy magazine Jamie had shown him.

He still felt real odd about posing in his moms body. He couldn't imagine
her ever doing this, and it looked kind of funny in the mirror, seeing
his mom make different faces. But he had to admit, she did look kind of

He figured he'd never have another chance and started rubbing his breasts
again, enjoying the feeling they gave him. His nipples tingled a bit and
started getting a bit hard. They felt sort of like little erections, and
he just kept rubbing. His groin started to tingle and feel good to, and
he pulled off his shoes and pants and started rubbing his groin a little
through his panties. They were getting a little wet, which he thought was
kind of weird. He'd wondered what they meant when the boys at school said
they made the girls wet. Now he knew, and was a little pleased with the

He pulled the panties off and looked at his moms body, naked in the
mirror. He got his first real look at a womans vagina, and looked at it,
and felt it for a few minutes. He felt a bit more embarrassment, but it
felt too good for him to stop, so he kept rubbing, one hand on his
breast, the other on his groin. It felt so good and the pleasure kept
building up. Then he felt himself explode with pleasure, and his groin
started twitching inside, sending waves of warmth and pleasure through
him. He sat there on the floor in front of the mirror, looking at his
moms face in the mirror and enjoying the warmth he felt. He hadn't ever
been with a girl before, but he had masturbated and this felt a lot like
it did when he was a boy.

After a few minutes he got up and went to the bathroom, using a rag to
clean himself up between the legs. They had gotten kind of gooey and
sticky. He looked a little more at his new vagina, examining it more
closely, fascinated with the differences from his usual equipment. When
he grabbed his moms clothes to get dressed again, he noticed his panties
had a wet spot in them, and didn't want his mom to come back and see what
he'd been doing in her body. He'd be grounded for life he was sure, as
well as humiliated.

Kevin went up to his moms room to get a new pair of panties from her
drawer, and dropped the wet ones in the clothes basket, before noticing
it was empty. He remembered that his mom was going to do laundry so
wouldn't have any clothes left in the hamper. He decided he'd have to
hide them until more clothes were put in the hamper, so she wouldn't
notice. While looking through his moms panty drawer, Kevin saw some of
her shoes on the ground and wondered what it would be like walking in
high heels. He'd never try that in his own body, and decided to try some

He brought the panties and heels down stairs and got dressed again. He
had to work a few minutes to get the bra on and snapped in back, but
finally managed to get it on. He stood looking at himself in panties and
bra again in front of the mirror and felt kind of excited. He finished
dressing, and put on the heels.

They weren't his moms highest pair, but he didn't think he could handle
them. She never wore high heels that often, and when she did preferred
the lower pumps. Once he had the shoes on, he stood up and had a hard
time balancing. He fell over a couple times but caught himself against
the couch. After a few minutes of practicing, Kevin found that he could
walk around in them if he went slow and walked sort of on his toes. They
didn't feel very good, but he kept walking around with them practicing
and finding it easier to walk.

Kevin sat down on the couch, and turned on the T.V. He clicked through
the channels but didn't find anything interesting to watch. He left it on
though for the noise it made. He sat there looking at his hands and
feeling himself. He still couldn't believe it had happened. He thought
about putting the ring back on, but decided to wait a little bit longer,
till after English would be over, so he wouldn't have to go back to that.

He looked down and saw his moms purse sitting on the coffee table next to
him, and next to the purse was her pack of cigarettes and lighter. Kevin
picked up the pack and looked at it in his hands. Marlboro lights. He'd
tried asking her to quit smoking once, but she brushed him off. He
remembered how he normally hated coffee, but it tasted good in his moms
body. He hated the smell of cigarettes to, but his mom was a smoker, so
he decided to try one.

He carefully pulled one of the cigarettes out of the pack with his
manicured nails and looked at it. He put the end in his mouth, and lit it
with the lighter. He sucked in and coughed as the warm smoke hit his
lungs. He coughed a bit more and looked at the lit cigarette in his hand.
He tried again, relaxing a bit, and this time it went down much easier,
and actually felt kind of good. He felt a slight calmness through his
body, and it didn't taste nearly as bad as he'd expected. He blew the
smoke out and watched it float overhead. Kevin got up and walked to the
kitchen again, poured himself another cup of coffee and sat drinking the
coffee and smoking. After a few puffs, it got much easier and started to
feel kind of natural to him. He thought that the body was so used to
it,and that it must be sort of reflexive.

When he was done, Kevin put the mug in the sink, and made sure nothing
noticeable would give his activities away to his mom once they swapped
back. He put her high heels back in her room, and put the tennis shoes
back on his feet. He stopped in front of the mirror to look at his moms
face, for the last time from this view point, and put the ring back on.

Nothing happened. He pulled it off and put in on again. Still nothing. He
was still in his moms body. He thought either she's taken her ring off,
or he was mistaken. Maybe it only works once, or maybe it has a time
limit of some sort. He didn't know and began to panic a bit. He forced
himself to calm down and relax. He tried to think of what it could be and
had almost convinced himself that his mom had just taken off the ring. It
couldn't be permanent, could it?

Susan had put the ring on, and felt a wave of dizziness. When it passed
she looked up, noticing that she was sitting down at a desk, which
confused her. She looked around and saw a whole room of kids her sons
age, and an adult in front of the room, that she recognized as Kevin's
English teacher, Mr. Dobson. She was confused and felt very odd. She
looked all around, seeing what was obviously a classroom, and then she
looked down and noticed her hands weren't hers. They had short
fingernails, bitten back a bit, and then she noticed the rest of it. Her
breasts were gone. He put her hands to her chest and realized that these
weren't her clothes, but she recognized them as what Kevin had been
wearing that morning.

She realized that somehow she had become Kevin but didn't have any idea
why, until she looked at her hand again and saw the ring. She remembered
what the old man had said about the rings. That they'd fix her and her
sons problems. Yeah, she thought sarcastically, this is definitely fixing

Susan didn't know why they suddenly changed, and wondered if it was the
rings. She'd put hers on an hour and a half ago with no effects. Why have
it effect her now? She decided that it had to be the rings, nothing else
made any sense. After all, she'd bought them from a guy dressed like a
wizard in a place called Spells R Us. She had never really believed in
magic, but had considered herself open minded. Still she had a very hard
time believing in this, even with the proof in her sitting here.

She wondered what trick the ring would play on her next, and pulled it
off so that it couldn't turn her into a dog or something next. After a
little bit, she wondered if maybe putting it back on might reverse what
happened, so put it back on her finger again, just in case. She wasn't
surprised when nothing happened, so pulled it off and put it back in her
pocket, just to be on the safe side with its magic.

Susan sat through the rest of the class, pretending to pay attention, but
really trying to figure out what happened. She had realized almost
immediately that if she was here, Kevin must be back home in her body.
She was worried how he'd handle that, and the shock it would give him.
She didn't think that her son could handle it well, and that he'd
probably panic, not knowing what happened or what to do. She decided to
call home as soon as class was over, and try to calm him down.

After class, Susan found that the public phones were all either out of
order, being broken by vandals. Fortunately it was lunchtime, which gave
her time to come up with a solution. She felt pretty hungry so pulled out
a few dollars and bought a meal, and sat down at a table by herself to
eat. Not knowing anyone around her, she didn't' want to attract
attention, especially from people who knew Kevin. She saw Jamie walk in,
and hoped he wouldn't notice her.

Unfortunately he did. Jamie came over and sat down next to her, and
started talking a bit, and she nodded her head a few times and mumbled
appropriate non committal responses. She felt really out of place here at
school. She'd eaten everything on her plate, except for the veggies which
she thought tasted horrible, and was surprised to find that she was still
hungry. No wonder Kevin ate so much she thought. After eating she said
good bye to Jamie and went to the office and tried using their phone.
However, they wouldn't let her make any calls on it, the phone being for
faculty only. She couldn't come up with a good excuse quick enough,
before they sent her on her way to the next class.

She felt the familiar pressure of a full bladder, though not quite as
insistent, and went to the bathrooms, almost walking into the girls by
mistake. She went in and sat down on the toilet before remembering that
she was a boy now and could pee standing up. She found it odd to pee
standing up, but much more convenient. Aiming her urine was amusing to
her, and she began to see how Kevin could sometimes miss the toilet back
home. After she finished peeing, she stood there examining her new
equipment for a few minutes, curious as to what it was like to have one
of these.

Afterwards, she zipped up and headed to Kevin's next class before the
bell rang. She almost panicked, not knowing where to go, then remembered
to check Kevin's notebook. She opened it and found his class schedule
taped inside the front cover. She saw that she had to go to his math
class next. Fortunately she knew most of his classes and the teachers in
them from the open house two weeks before. She was happy now that she'd
made Kevin show her where he sat in each class, and for the first time
was glad that all of his seats were towards the back of the room.

She found it annoying that all the teachers were so patronizing towards
her, but liked being back in school, and knowing all subjects so much
better this time around. She tried to avoid notice, and laughed at some
of the jokes made around her. The boys couldn't understand why Kevin got
angry at them when they made a dumb blonde joke, and ignored her after

"It's going to be a long day," Susan muttered to herself walking into the
sixth period history class, and finding out about the big test.

Calmed down and relaxed a bit, Kevin sat on the couch again, smoking
another cigarette, and enjoying the odd sensation of the smoke going down
his throat and into his lungs. He decided that since he was his mom, he
might as well enjoy it a bit more, and went into the kitchen. He pulled
out a beer from the fridge, and popped it open. He didn't want his mom to
pop back while he was drinking a beer, so pulled the ring off, just in
case. The last time his mom had caught him taking any of her beer, he'd
been grounded for a week. He didn't want that to happen again, especially
not with everything else that was going on.

He didn't particularly enjoy the beer as he sat drinking it, and
remembered that his mom didn't drink to often, usually when Doug or
someone else was over.

Curious about something else, Kevin walked up stairs, enjoying the feel
of his breasts as they bobbed up and down with each step. He went into
his moms room and opened the bottom drawer of her nightstand, pulling out
the porno magazines she didn't know he knew about. He pulled one open,
curious to see if he became interested in guys while in his moms body.
The thought was a little scary, but he wanted to know. Looking through
it, he felt nothing special, but a little tingling from one picture with
a good looking girl and some guy. Apparently he hadn't suddenly started
lusting after guys, which he sighed in relief over.

Putting the magazine back into the drawer, he noticed his moms vibrator
in the back of it, and wondered how it would feel. Feeling mischievous,
he pulled all of his clothes of and set them off to the side, then stood
in front of the mirror on his moms makeup stand and started playing with
himself again. It didn't take much to get excited again. He sat down on
his moms bed, and put the vibrator between his legs, while rubbing his
left breast. It felt so good, he just kept moving the vibrator around his
clit for awhile, and orgasmed again. He kept at it, enjoying the feelings
of raw pleasure that washed through him, and went off again, with another
explosion of pleasure.

Then he tried putting the vibrator inside of him, pushing it slowly in,
thinking that it felt so weird having something go inside his body, but
good as well. He kept this up for a bit longer, and then stopped, and lay
on the bed, just enjoying the pleasure spread throughout his body.

He lay there for half an hour before deciding to get up and get dressed
again. He straightened up his moms bed and tried hiding the evidence of
his experimenting. He really enjoyed the experience, but was afraid of
his mom finding out what he was doing with her body, and didn't want that
to happen.

Kevin went back downstairs, and sat on the couch again, flipping through
channels and drinking another cup of coffee, feeling a little bored. He
decided to empty the dryer for something to do, and moved the load of
laundry from the washer to the dryer. He folded the clothes like he'd
seen his mom do a thousand times, and found it kind of relaxing.

After folding the clothes he found he had to go to the bathroom. He went
to the toilet and pulled down his pants, and grabbed for his penis before
remembering that he didn't have one at the moment. He sat down on the
toilet, and felt the urine coming out from between his legs, and feeling
the same relief he always felt when going to the bathroom. He carefully
wiped himself dry after he finished and went to his own room to play a
video game.

He quickly grew bored of the game when he had more interesting things
going on. He went back to his moms room, and sat down at her makeup
table. He looked at himself in the mirror and the very light makeup his
mom had applied. He didn't want to mess with that, but found her jewelry
box, and started putting on her jewelry. He tried on her bracelets, her
necklaces and changed ear rings. He even tried on some rings, just not
THE ring.

When he was finished, he realized that the laundry must be done, and went
downstairs to fold up the rest of the laundry. When that was done he sat
on the couch again, and started digging through his moms purse. He tried
putting some lipstick on, and took a couple tries before he got it so
that it looked good. He saw her car keys in the purse and got an idea.

He wanted to see how other people treated him. He wanted to be a grown up
in public, to be treated as an adult, and with respect. He also wondered
how it would feel to have other people see him as a woman, so he grabbed
the keys and walked out the door.

The car was an automatic, which was fortunate since he didn't know how to
drive a stick. Kevin's Uncle Nick had let him drive his car in the big
lot behind his yard several months ago, and taught Kevin how to drive a
bit. He wasn't real good, but Kevin managed to back the car out and drive
over to the mall. He had to go kind of slow an cautious since it was the
first time he'd driven on the streets, but it wasn't very far, and he
grew confident and more comfortable very quickly with it.

Susan was getting real annoyed by the time she finished history. She'd
had to take Kevin's test for that class instead of him, and got a better
grade than he would have. She'd come up with a story about needing to
call her "mom" to pick her up after school, and talked the school office
into letting her use the phone.

After making sure the lady at the office desk was out of hearing range
she called home. It rang 8 times without an awnser before she hung up.
She got worried, that perhaps Kevin had panicked and called the police or
done something else. He wasn't mature enough to handle the change she
thought, then worried that perhaps her assumption had been wrong. What if
they didn't change places? What if her body was still at home, lying
unconscious on the floor? Or worse yet, dead? She really got worried and
wished that the day would finish so that she could get home.

Hanging up the phone and thanking the office lady for the use, she went
to her last class, art. She prayed things would be all right, then
thought, "God I need a cigarette right now," then realized that this
wasn't true. She didn't feel any real urge for a cigarette, and desired
one only out of habit. "At least," she muttered to herself, "I know Kevin
wasn't smoking behind my back"

Kevin enjoyed the attention paid to him as he walked through the mall.
People weren't just ignoring him like usual, and he noticed some men were
looking at him a bit appreciatively. He wasn't sure how he felt about
that. Partly embarrassed about the attention and his being seen in public
as a woman, and partly excited and proud.

He went into a few clothing stores and such, because he felt that's what
women did while at the mall, but wasn't interested in anything or buying
anything. He noticed that the store clerks he talked to were very polite
to him, and going out of their way to help him rather than the
patronizing tones or ignoring that he usually got. He liked being taken
seriously for a change.

He started getting hungry so went to the food court to get something to
eat. He was about to order a large burger and fries, then remembered that
his mom never ate that much at once. He ordered a smaller burger and
fries, and drank a diet coke, thinking that's what his mom always drank,
so it must taste good to her. He found that he felt full after eating
most of the meal, which was different since he would normally eat at
least twice as much, and still be a little hungry.

After walking around a little, Kevin noticed a store he hadn't seen
before. Spells R Us. He guessed that this might be the place his mom
bought the rings. He was about to go in, then remembered that school
would be out in just a little while, and his mom would probably be back
home. He quickly left the mall and started driving home.

Jamie had the same art class as Kevin, so Susan had him next to her while
she tried working on the drawing project. Jamie had noticed that she
wasn't drawing the same as Kevin usually did, and commented on it. She
decided to trust him with what happened, feeling the need to share her
problem with someone. She started to tell him what happened but before
she finished, he started laughing, thinking that she was joking with him,
and she started laughing too, and agreed that she'd been joking with him.
She knew that he wouldn't believe her without a lot more convincing, and
if she tried she'd just look foolish. Oh well she thought, just one more
class here and I can get home and check things out. During class, she
tried the ring on one more time, hoping it would work, and wasn't
surprised when nothing happened. She didn't bother taking it off again.

Kevin got home, and had a mischievious idea. He pulled out some of the
leftovers from the fridge and started to prepare them for dinner. He
thought that was what his mom was probably going to cook for dinner
anyway. He'd used to help his mom cook dinner sometimes, so knew what to
do, though he hadn't helped her in some time. He was at the counter,
preparing stuff for the pan when he his mom came rushing through the door
looking really worried. He looked up at her and smiled and, trying hard
to sound like his mom usually did, and said, "Hi honey. How was school

The look on his old face was funny as Susan started at him confused,
wondering if she'd somehow been wrong completely, and if she wasn't just
Kevin, with a copy of his moms mind put on his own, or just delusional.

Kevin watched the looks passing on his moms, or actually his own face
with amusement, and tried not to let it show. "Are you all right honey?"
Kevin asked sounding concerned, "You don't look so good." He thought this
was even funnier and saw his mom sit down at the table for a minute just
looking at him in the funniest way. He couldn't hold it anymore and
laughed, "so" he asked her, "How did I do on the history test today?" He
laughed some more as first relief than annoyance passed over his old

"I think you did very well," she told him. "At least I know now that I'm
not crazy. How could you do that to me?" she asked him, beginning to find
the humor in it.

"Sorry," he apologized, not sounding the least bit sorry, "I just
couldn't help myself." They both just sat there looking at each other,
seeing their own bodies for the first time in the this different view
point. Kevin thought he looked a bit shorter than he had always thought
he did while in his moms taller body, and Susan had just realized that
she was shorter. She hadn't really thought about it all day, being about
the same size as most of the kids at school.

They got up and went into the living room, and sat down, just looking at
each other some more. Finally, Susan, relieved that Kevin was taking it
so well, started to tell Kevin how she spent her day. How twice Scott had
messed with her. He agreed that Scott was a pain in the butt, and she
felt that she could now empathize with him when he'd tell her he'd been
in fights. It had been all she could do not to hit Scott.

Kevin told her that he'd just stayed around the house, finished laundry
and played some video games. When she told him that she'd called him and
didn't get an awnser, Kevin said he'd gone for a walk for a while, trying
to clear his head. She thought that Kevin had taken it very well for what
had just happened, and briefly wondered if he were in shock, then decided
he wasn't. He'd sounded to clear and focused.

Kevin told her what he'd decided about the rings, that they both had to
be worn at the same time to work. She agreed with him, thinking that it
made sense. She got a bit excited, and relieved thinking that they could
swap back in just a few minutes.

Kevin was about to pull out the ring, and swap back, but decided to have
some more fun for awhile. He liked being taller than his mom, and being
the adult for once, so told her he was sorry, but right after he'd
changed into her, he'd taken the ring off, and had somehow lost it. He
thought the look on her face was priceless, as worry and fear washed over
her, then he comforted her a bit, telling her that he was sure that the
ring was somewhere in the house, and that they just needed to find it.
Kevin figured on waiting till this evening, or maybe tomorrow morning
just to make her sweat some more, then "find'the ring again so that they
could switch back. He told her that he had spent quite a bit of time
looking for it earlier, with no luck.

Susan was a bit worried about this, and frantically started to look
around the house for about fifteen minutes before deciding that it was
too large, with too many places the ring could be at, at gave up for the
moment. She hoped that he hadn't lost it while going for a walk, and got
a bit angry at him for being so irresponsible as to lose the ring. How
could he lose the ring, knowing how important it was?

Since Kevin had already started working on dinner, Susan let him finish
it. It would be nice to take a break from cooking she thought, even if
only for one day. While Kevin was fixing dinner, she decided to go to the
mall and check with that old man, and see if he could reverse this.
Feeling a bit hungry, she first grabbed a small snack from the kitchen
first. She couldn't believe how much she kept wanting to eat as Kevin. As
she was eating her sandwich, Kevin came in.

Trying to sound like his mom did, Kevin said, "Now honey, you know you'll
spoil your dinner," to her, and she chuckled a bit. She couldn't blame
him for his constant snacking any more. Kevin was enjoying this game a
bit, and as Susan started to go out the door he said, "Where do you think
you're going young man? You're still grounded."

He was obviously enjoying having the shoe on the other foot, so she
decided to play along for a minute. "I'm just going out Mom. I'll be back
in a little while," and left. She almost went to her car before realizing
that Kevin had no license and was too young to drive, and if anyone saw
her, she could attract attention and trouble. With regret, she went and
grabbed Kevin's bike and started to ride to the mall, hoping that she
could get there and back before dinner. "Oh well," she thought, "if I'm a
bit late, he'll see what it's like for me when he's late for dinner."

She found that the old line that "it's just like riding a bike" wasn't
too accurate. She hadn't ridden in years and had a hard time keeping her
balance, and was wobbling rather badly at first. It did come back to her
after a few blocks, but she still had to pay close attention so as to not
lose her balance. She hit one curb, and bounced down on her bike rail,
and spent the next few minutes on the side of the road holding her groin
in pain. She couldn't believe how much it hurt.

"How could boys put up with this?" she wondered after the pain faded
enough for her to get back on. She was a bit more cautious after this.

The trip to the mall took a lot longer than it did by car, and she was
panting a little when she got there. Susan did find it nice though that
she wasn't nearly as tired as she would have expected. She'd been going
all day, and was still full of energy. "At least there's something good
about being a teenage boy," she thought.

She went in and started looking around a few other shops before heading
to Spells R Us, and feeling a little hungry again, went to get something
to eat. She was surprised that the clerks seemed a little rude to her, or
mostly ignored her. One salesman in a jewelry store was very patronizing
towards her when she asked about the price for a nice set of earrings
that she saw. Not the polite helpfulness she usually got.

She went in to Spells R Us, seeing the same Old Man sitting behind the
counter again. he looked up at her and chuckled, saying, "Good afternoon
Susan, how did your son like his present?" She was a little startled for
a second that he knew who she was, in her sons body. But then he probably
caused it to happen she thought.

She wasn't too happy and told him about how she had traded places with
Kevin, and how Kevin lost his ring for the moment. She asked the Old Man
if he could help fix their problem and put them back in their right

The Old Man scratched at his chin for a second, thinking. "Well," he
said, "I'm sorry, but only those rings can reverse what happened." He
looked at her for another few seconds then continued, "Your son was right
in how they work. They have to both be worn at the same time to work, and
pulling one of them off resets them, that way you wouldn't keep switching
back and forth while wearing the rings, unless one of them was pulled off
then put back on." The Old Man put his hand on Susan's, saying, "I'm very
sorry, there's nothing I can do unless you get the ring back."

He sounded sorry Susan thought, so held down her anger instead of yelling
at him like she really wanted to do. Thanking him, she turned around and
left the shop.

The Old Man chuckled to himself after she had left his shop. He'd lied to
her. He could think of half a dozen things off the top of his head which
could change things back, one way or another, but what would the fun of
that be.

When Susan got back home, she saw that dinner was sitting on the stove
being kept warm. It didn't smell bad she thought, and was surprised to
realize that she was hungry again. She went into the living room to get
Kevin so they could eat, assuming that he hadn't eaten without her. She
stopped in the doorway, shocked to see Kevin sitting on the couch smoking
a cigarette. "What are you doing?" she said to him in a stern and angry
voice, and began to go on, but he interrupted her.

He looked embarrassed to be caught smoking, but covered it up quickly and
tried to act confident. "Well," he said, "telling me not to smoke now
would be kind of hypocritical. It's not going to harm my health, since
I'm in your body and you always smoke anyway." He stopped for a second
for emphasis and continued, "And also, you're addicted to nicotine, and
since I'm in your body, I'm stuck with it." He looked at her and in a
more quiet voice, trying to be understood, he said, "And I was curious
about how you could smoke these things. But while I'm you, it feels
completely normal." He was a bit embarrassed and hoped she'd understand.

She nodded understanding, still not liking it, but realizing that he was
right. He wasn't harming himself in any way, he was just doing what she
did, and it would be hypocritical of her to say that he couldn't smoke
while in her body. She didn't like it, but she'd accept it, for now. She
also suddenly realized that the cigarette smoke stank a bit, and she
almost coughed. She decided that once she changed back, she'd have to
quit smoking.

She wondered what else he got curious about today, but put that out of
her mind as he put out the cigarette and went into the kitchen to put the
dinner on the table. She noticed off handed that he was smoking and put
out the cigarette like he'd done if for some time, not like he'd just
started today. She hadn't realized that her habits and some mannerisms
would stay with her body. She wondered how much of Kevin was in the way
she was starting to move. She'd found it odd all day walking with such a
different balance, but had gotten much more comfortable about it, and was
noticing it much less.

She was thinking about this when they sat down for dinner and ate. Susan
told Kevin what the old man had said about the rings while piled food on
her plate. She put more than she usually did. She noticed that Kevin
didn't have much on his. Less even than she usually ate for dinner.

Kevin wasn't too hungry, having eaten several hours earlier at the mall,
but he was getting a bit hungry again, so ate some. He saw that his mom
had put a lot of carrots on her plate, and almost giggled. She always
loved carrots and insisted on cooking them a couple times a week, while
he hated them. She always made him eat them anyways, and he thought this
was a good time to get even. He'd taken a bite of a carrot earlier, and
found that he liked the taste of it. His mom was going to be a bit
surprised when she realized how they tasted to her.

Susan noticed that Kevin was looking at her, and wondered why. She put a
fork full of carrots in her mouth, and felt her stomach turn. She spit
them out, thinking that he somehow ruined them. They tasted absolutely
horrible. She looked up to see Kevin laughing at her.

"You have to eat all veggies honey," she heard her old voice say to her,
"they're good for you."

She turned red with embarrassment, remembering how many times she'd had
to tell that to Kevin. He laughed a little, sounding more like a giggle
in her body, and told her that they'd swapped tastes, and that he liked
what she used to, and she now liked what he did. The carrots tasted
horrible now and she didn't plan to eat any more of them. finishing off
everything else on her plate first. She was going to get up from the
table, when she Kevin sternly said to her, "You're not leaving the table
until you've finished your carrots young man," in the exact tone of
voice, and words that she'd used on him when he was younger. Susan felt
embarrassed, and promised never to make him eat carrots again once they
changed back. Not wanting to be a hypocrite, she forced herself to eat
all the carrots on her plate, hating herself for dishing so much of them
on her plate in the first place.

When they had finished eating, Kevin lit up a cigarette again, right in
front of her. She couldn't believe he'd do it in front of her. She'd
always smoked an after dinner cigarette, and Kevin seemed to be mimicking
her some. She realized he was purposely copying what she did and said,
just to tease her, and perhaps as a kind of petty revenge for when she'd
had to reprimand him. She kept quiet, despite her displeasure, but almost
lost her temper when Kevin turned to her and said, "I cooked dinner, so
you get to do the dishes and cleanup," and walked into the living room.
"He's right," she told herself reluctantly as she started to clear the
table, "he cooked so it's my turn to do dishes."

Kevin was in the living room on the couch,watching a show on TV (that he
always liked but never got to watch because he was usually doing dishes),
and smoking his cigarette. He was having a bit of fun messing with his
mom, but figured that he'd have to end it pretty soon. It was nice having
the shoe on the other foot for a change. He grinned and yelled into the
kitchen, "Are you almost done honey?" in a sweet voice, knowing his mom
had just started. He knew she'd be annoyed, because he always was when
she asked him that right away.

She yelled back to him, "I wish you'd quit this game, it's beginning to
get old," and kept on cleaning.

Susan was really getting annoyed of this game and planned on finding that
ring this evening, even if it took both of them all night. She promised
herself she wouldn't go through with another day of school. And she
wanted to end this stupid game of Kevin's. She was getting tired of him
throwing her own words back at her.

She grabbed another plate and scrubbed it clean, and as she was putting
it in the rinse, she heard the doorbell ring, then the door open up. "Oh
no," she muttered. Doug always came in on his own, and she'd forgotten
that he might come over tonight. She couldn't let him catch them like
this, and she certainly couldn't tell him what really happened. She put
down the plate, and decided that she had better go into the living room
and have Kevin try to get rid of Doug tonight, when suddenly she felt a
pain in her upper arm, as Doug grabbed her.

She yelped for a second wondering what was wrong with Doug, when he
leaned into her face with a nasty look on his face and whispered to her,
"Remember what I told you last night, kid? That if you mess with me one
more time, I'm going to kick your teeth in? Just remember that tonight,"
then he let her arm go and left the kitchen. She was shocked that Doug
would do this to her. Was he doing it to Kevin? It certainly made sense,
and explained why Kevin hated him so much. No wonder Kevin was upset with
her all the time. She held her arm, and listened to Doug saying hi to
Kevin, and Kevin talking to him, pretending to be her.

Fortunately she thought that the two of them never had many dishes to
clean, as she finished up the last of them in a few minutes. She went
into the living room, wanting to talk to Kevin and get rid of Doug. She
decided that after she got back into her own body, Doug was definitely
history. As it was, she was extremely pissed at him, though forcing
herself not to show it.

She noticed that Kevin looked uncomfortable sitting next to Doug and kept
trying to scoot away from him. ", Mom?" she asked, catching
herself, "can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure, uh... honey," Kevin sounding a little relieved that the calvalry
had arrived, and Doug looked threateningly towards her. Kevin turned to
Doug and told him it would be just a minute, and walked into the kitchen
with her.

Susan asked Kevin straight out about Doug the night before, keeping what
just happened with Doug to herself. She didn't need to worry Kevin any
more. Kevin told her how Doug burst into his room and threatened him, but
tried to make it sound like no big deal. Susan wasn't happy about it, but
it was just what she figured. She was only surprised that she found out
about the threats so soon after they started. She thought about the
problem for a minute, and really wanted to get rid of Doug so he didn't
find out about what happened, and so that they could search the house for
the ring. She especially didn't trust Doug anymore after his threats.
She'd liked him almost as soon as they'd met, and never imagined that he
would threaten her son before, and was blaming herself a little.

Susan knew that Kevin couldn't impersonate her successfully for very long
with Doug, and told him to say he was feeling sick, and get Doug to
leave. She thought that should do it.

When they went back to the living room, Doug looked a little suspicious
at first, wondering if Kevin had told his mom what happened, but decided
he must not have after Kevin, looking like Susan sat back down next to
him on the couch, though keeping a little distance. Kevin coughed a few
times, and started pretending he was sick, trying to make himself look
tired. He found that it wasn't too hard, since he felt more tired than he
usually did this time at night. Apparently his mom wasn't exaggerating
when she'd told him before that she didn't have the energy she used to.

Susan sat down in the chair, hoping her presence would curb the
conversation, and so she could monitor it, and keep Kevin from making any
major mistakes. She saw that Kevin had thought to change the channel to
the show she usually watched, so that Doug wouldn't notice anything odd.
He looked bored but was trying to look interested in the show so he
wouldn't have to talk much with Doug. After a little bit, Doug turned to
Susan and told her to "get me and your mom a beer, kid." She got up and
got a beer for him, and hesitated over getting one for Kevin, but decided
it would look odd if Kevin didn't have one too. She hoped he'd have
enough sense to not drink very much.

She came back in to see Doug trying to wrap his arm around Kevin's
shoulder, while Kevin kept pushing it back, complaining he didn't feel
well. Doug was starting to look annoyed. Susan brought the beers in and
put them down on the table. She noticed that Doug didn't even say "thank
you." She sat back on the chair, watching Kevin slowly sipping his beer,
and Doug trying to get closer to him. She was surprised how well Kevin
was pulling off the conversation with Doug. She hadn't realized that he'd
listened in on her and Dougs conversations so much, and surprised her
with some of the comments he made, about things she was embarrassed to
think he knew.

Doug was obviously getting annoyed about her being there, and she
realized it was pretty odd, since Kevin almost never sat with them when
Doug was around, and that she they hadn't been arguing like normal. Then
Doug turned to her, saying, "Hey kid, can you get out of here for a bit.
I want to talk to your mom alone.."

Susan was getting real annoyed, realizing that whenever Doug talked to
her, he kept calling her, kid, sport and other things like that. He kept
talking to her like she was dumb, and his patronizing was beginning to
get very old. She was surprised when Kevin turned agreed with Doug saying
"Yes honey, I'd like to spend a few minutes alone with Doug."

What was wrong with Kevin? What was he trying to do?, she started to
protest, then in a strict voice, Kevin said, "Now dear, go to your room,"
and then she noticed with a slight grin on her old face, "And remember,
no TV or games. You're still grounded."

Angry with Kevin for this stunt, she stomped upstairs, and slammed the
door loudly to Kevin's room, hoping she looked realistic enough. She
wondered what Kevin was doing. Did he just realize that they weren't
acting like normal, and just covering for them so Doug wouldn't get
suspicious? She didn't know, but sat in Kevin's room letting herself calm

Downstairs Kevin was playing sick and told Doug that he was tired and
going to bed early. It took some talk, but Doug left. Kevin was relieved,
thinking he'd never get rid of that guy. He didn't like Doug, but he kind
of liked the attention Doug was paying to him, when he hadn't been trying
to grope Kevin. He was glad that his mom was there to keep Doug from
trying to go too far. He lit another cigarette, and enjoyed the smoke
going down his throat before he let it back out. He was amazed at how
quick he was getting used to this. He hardly had any problems with his
fingernails getting in the way anymore, and kept forgetting he had
breasts. Taking a long look in the mirror, he went upstairs to tell his
mom that Doug was gone.

They spent an hour looking everywhere, but finding no sign of the ring.
Susan started yawning, and Kevin realized it was past his usual bed time.
He briefly considered "finding" the ring right now, but decided to let
his mom sweat a little more. He didn't feel like going to bed now, and
just wanted to stay up and watch a program coming on T.V., that he
couldn't watch if he switched back. Kevin decided to "find" the ring in
the morning, before going to school, and staying as his mom for the

Kevin pointed out how late it was to Susan, and again mimicking her said,
"Its past your bed time young man, and you have school tomorrow." Susan
wasn't amused. Especially at the thought of having to go through another
day of school. However, she knew Kevin was right. His body needed lots of
sleep at his age, and she'd need it to go through his classes in the
morning. She only prayed that they could find the ring before going to

She was about to go to her own room, when Kevin reminded her that they'd
changed places, and should take each others rooms. Susan reluctantly
agreed, having gotten tired, and didn't' think to resist as Kevin
reminded her to brush her teeth, and set out her clothes for the next
day. Before going to bed, Kevin came in and tucked her in, playing the
part of caring mother, and promised to look for the ring for a while

Kevin sat back, relaxing on the couch thinking the events of the day
over. Feeling a little dirty, he decided to take a bath. He went to his
moms bathroom, and poured himself a bath, and put some bubble foam in,
knowing that his mom liked to take baths with bubbles. He wouldn't ever
do it in his own body. He'd feel to embarrassed to, but he decided that
it didn't count while he was his mom.

He enjoyed laying in the bath, feeling the warm water over his body and
the pleasurable feeling of his breasts bobbing. He was careful to not get
his hair wet, remembering how long it took his moms hair to dry. He
couldn't imagine himself walking around with a towel on his head or
sitting with a hair dryer going for half an hour. He stretched back,
smoking another cigarette, feeling so comfortable that he nearly fell
asleep before he caught himself. He got out and dryed himself, and put on
his moms favorite pink bathrobe.

He stood in front of the mirror posing, thinking how nice he looked. He
was embarrassed to think that about his own mom, but he knew that there
were a lot of things that would emberass him if she found out about
today. Feeling his breasts with his hands, he thought how nice they felt
on him.

Not wanting his explorations to end, he went down stairs to the kitchen
and dug around the cupboard that he knew his mom kept her liquor in. He
pulled out the bottle of brandy and poured himself a glass full. He knew
that his mom enjoyed drinking the brandy when she was relaxing at nights,
and decided it would fit for him to have a glass while he relaxed.
Sitting in front of the T.V. he barely noticed the show that he'd wanted
to watch earlier. He was enjoying the taste of the brandy, and calmly
smoking a cigarette, while studying the smoke swirls in the air. He'd
finished the glass before he realized it, and got a second glass, which
wend down fast as well. On his third glass, he was starting to feel real
nice, and a bit sexy.

Kevin heard a slight bumping at the door, then it opened and Doug walked
in. Damn, he thought, Doug had the house keys.

"I knew you just didn't want that kid of yours to know what we had
planned," Doug said as he walked over to Kevin confidently.

Planned? What was he talking about? Kevin backed up a bit, but not before
Doug grabbed him, and pulled Kevin up to his mouth for a long kiss. Kevin
felt himself beginning to get tingly and a bit excited at this, though he
didn't want to be.

"I wondered what you were playing at for a minute, pretending to be
sick," Doug said holding Kevin, "when last night you said you wanted to
make tonight special. Then I realized that you just didn't want Kevin
knowing about it" Doug stopped and smiled at Kevin sweetly. Kevin got the
picture real quick. His mom had made a "special" date with Doug for
tonight, and had forgotten about it.

Doug pulled Kevin in for another kiss, and held him tightly. Kevin
started to resist at first, but it felt so good, and the brandy had left
him a little fuzzy headed, so he didn't resist much more, then before he
knew it, he was actively participating, kissing Doug back.

He felt Dougs hand on his breast, rubbing it, and Dougs other hand on his
butt, holding it tight. Kevin felt so excited and wet, that he let Doug
undo the belt holding his bathrobe shut, and grab his breasts. Doug
started to lick Kevin's nipple, and then directed him to the couch, where
Kevin sat, being licked, and rubbed.

After several more minutes, Doug suggested that they go to Susan's room,
and Kevin agreed, not quite believing what was happening. He felt a bit
dizzy and staggered a bit, but Doug grabbed him and helped him up the
stairs. He had a sudden thought, wondering if he was drunk, and decided
he might be just a little.

When they got upstairs, Doug laid Kevin down on the bed, and pulled the
bathrobe the rest of the way off, leaving Kevin naked on the sheets. Doug
shut the door, locked it, and started to undress himself. He then came to
Kevin and started licking him in between his legs. Dougs tongue on his
vagina felt so good that Kevin started to moan a little, then bit his lip
hoping his mom didn't' hear. He remembered vaguely that he'd never heard
anything from his moms room when she had boyfriends staying over before,
so why should now be different. He let himself moan some more and
suddenly came, spasming with waves of pleasure, spread throughout his

Doug started licking his nipples and moved his way up to Kevin's neck.
Kevin felt himself building again, and grabbed for Doug, pulling him
close and kissing him deeply. Doug seemed to wonder briefly why Susan was
acting different in bed than usual, but put it down to the brandy he'd
smelled on her breath.

Doug got up on his knees, and put his penis into Kevin's vagina and
started pumping. Kevin moaned in estcasy, enjoying the feeling of
something inside of him. It was such a new experience for him that he
didn't know what to think, but to just lay back and enjoy it while he
could. He orgasmed once more, then felt Doug go off inside of him. He
felt Doug getting smaller, then pull out.

Kevin leaned over to the night stand, and reached for a cigarette. Laying
on his back smoking, he let himself just feel the tingling warmth still
spread through his body. He wasn't sure why he'd just had sex with Doug.
Maybe it was his moms body reacting the way it normally does, he thought,
the same way as with the coffee, cigarettes and carrots, overriding his
own normal resistance, though he thought thought the brandy probably
helped a lot with that. He didn't' know why he did it, but he knew how
much he liked it. It was funny he thought. As a boy he hadn't been with a
girl, so he lost his virginity as not only a woman, but as his mom. Funny
how things work out.

Looking at Doug lying on the bed next to him, he realized that he finally
knew what his mom saw in Doug, and he decided that maybe Doug wasn't so
bad after all. At least for the moment, and as long as he was his mom. He
did imagine using the rings on Doug and a baby after he changed back

Kevin decided that he really liked his moms birthday present to him, even
if it wasn't intended. He loved being an adult and being taken seriously
instead of being treated like a little kid, especially by his mom. He
liked the new experiences and sensations that he'd had today, and wanted
more. He thought about what it might be like staying like this a bit
longer. His mom wouldn't like it. In fact she'd hate it, but what could
she do. She would be stuck in his body, thinking that he'd just lost the
ring accidentally. Legally he would be the adult, the parent and her
guardian, the one in control. The idea of his mom going to school in his
place made him grin, and after all, she had said that her school years
were the best ones in her life. He liked the idea and made up his mind
deciding to wait and "find" the ring in another week. Or two. Or maybe a
little longer.


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