A janitor at a research lab has a small accident and goes through some drastic changes.

This is one of my older stories, originally written in 1999.

part 1 of 3
By Morpheus

Dr. Gretchen McDermott carefully took off her thick glasses and set them down, rubbing at her weary eyes with the back of her hands. With a loud yawn, she stood up and stretched her aching body before once again donning her glasses and staring into the microscope before her. She smiled faintly as she examined the results. Feeling a surge of triumph, she hoped that this would be it. That all her years of research and hard work would finally pay off.

At 38 years old, Gretchen was no longer a young beauty, though in fact she had never been one. Actually, with the dull brown hair, streaked with gray pulled into a severe bun, and the white labcoat, she gave off an air of professionalism. And of arrogance. Physically she was not impressive and never had been. She stood at 5 foot 1, had slightly pockmarked skin on her face, the last remnants of extreme acne from her adolescence. She was nearly flat chested, though was also overweight, giving her a pearlike shape. Add to that the thick glasses she had to wear, and she was definitely no beauty. Her mind on the other hand was as sharp as a razor blade.

Gretchen was a genius, tormented her whole life with the realization that though she was superior to everyone else because of her perfect mind, she never received the adulation she felt was her due. In fact, she felt cheated that fate had chosen to give her such a perfect mind while leaving her with what she thought of as a substandard body. She furiously remembered back to when she was a teenager, and how the boys from her class would flock to her younger sister, paying her no attention at all, in spite of her brilliance. The cruelty of fate had struck her hard.

It was that very cruelty that had driven Gretchen for most of her life. She knew that she had a perfect mind and had refused to humbly accept the cruel dictates of fate. Instead, she would use her superior mind to correct what she viewed as nature’s mistake. To correct the foul whims of nature. For years she’d struggled to find a way to make the rest of herself just as perfect as her mind. And now she believed that she’d found it.

After years of careful research, Gretchen believed that nanotechnology was the solution. She’s spent years working on it, putting every ounce of her brilliance into her work. Smirking, she thought how stupid her employers were, thinking that she would share her work with them. No, she worked purely for herself, only feeding them crumbs occasionally so as to keep the funding available. They had no idea just how far she’d come with her work.

Smiling to herself, Gretchen once again double checked the nanites to make sure that they were working as expected. Finally, she decided the time was right. Yawning again, Gretchen shook her head and forced herself to stay awake. Carefully she started reprogramming the nanites with the details. She’d long ago decided exactly what she’d wanted and had taken great care in designing her new body. Now at last, she knew that her body would be just as perfect as her mind. Her inherent superiority would be clearly visible for everyone to see and praise, instead of hidden inside of a homely shell.

Once she’d finished reprogramming the nanites, Gretchen made sure that they were contained in the proper solution. She smiled as she stared at the tiny vial containing the code to unleashing her perfection. The cure to fixing nature’s mistake. Now she knew, all she had to do was inject it into herself and let the nanites carry out their task.

While Gretchen was staring at her work in anticipation of what was to come, she was disturbed to hear someone coming into her lab. Turning around sharply, she was disgusted to see one of the buildings janitors pushing a mop bucket into her lab.

“Sorry to bother you Doctor,” he said nervously as he started to mop the floor.

She snorted and turned her attention away from the janitor, annoyed at the intrusion into her domain. Still, she had more important things to worry about than some stupid janitor.

Hearing a loud crash, Gretchen jumped and saw several empty beakers shattered on the floor, with the janitor staring at the shattered glass and the mop in his hands. “I’m sorry,” he apologized nervously.

“IDIOT!” Gretchen snapped furiously. First this moron dared to disturb her while she was working, now he leaves glass all over her floor. The janitor hastily started trying to sweep the glass into a small pile, but leaned back against the bucket, causing dirty water to spill all over the floor as the bucket fell on its side. “You...!!!” Gretchen glared at him, determined that this idiot wasn’t going to be working here any longer. She was definitely going to see to that.

Glancing back at the vial she had been working on, Gretchen knew that she wouldn’t be able to get back to that for awhile. Not with that clumsy moron having to clean up his mess. Looking at him, she knew that it might take awhile and she didn’t want to spend a minute more in his presence unless she absolutely had to. The janitor looked half afraid as he tried cleaning up his mess, apologizing over and over. Snarling, Gretchen decided that she’d have to finish up in the morning. She was pretty tired she knew, having been at work for 17 hours so far finalizing things. “Maybe I should take a break,” she told herself as she yawned.

With one final insult to the janitor, Gretchen left him there to clean up his mess while she started to head home, looking forward to some sleep.


Jerry North let out a sigh of relief as that bitchy Dr. McDermott left. All the janitors knew about her, as did just about every other person who worked there. She had quite a reputation, and Jerry was glad that he didn’t have to spend any more time with her than necessary.

Looking down at the dirty mop water that had spread out over the floor, and the shards of glass scattered everywhere, Jerry knew that he had his work cut out for him. Sighing, he really wished he hadn’t been so clumsy. It was as if everything that could possibly go wrong had been going wrong for him that day.

His ex-wife had announced that she was getting remarried and that their son was being adopted by her new husband and taking his last name. Jerry didn’t know why that even bothered him since he’d never really met his son Martin anyway. Carrie, his ex, had made damn sure of that, though she certainly seemed to have no compunctions about draining him of every cent he made for alimony and child support. He’d been so busy thinking about that, he hadn’t paid enough attention to what he was doing. Now he was afraid that Dr. McDermott would get him fired on top of all that. Just what he needed he thought hopelessly.

At 41, Jerry’s life was full of regrets. He wished that he hadn’t married that bitch Carrie. That he had gone to college instead of joining the army. Or even that had managed to somehow get custody of his son. Instead, he was all alone and surviving only by this lousy job which he was likely to lose anyway.

Trying to put these thoughts out of his mind, Jerry went back to cleaning the mess that he’d made, hoping that McDermott would have forgotten about all this in the morning. Though he rather doubted it.

Once Jerry had cleaned up the glass and spilled mop water, he decided that he should probably pick up the trash before mopping the rest of the floor. Walking straight towards the nearest trash can, Jerry stepped in a wet spot that he’d yet to mop up and his feet slit out from under him. Without thinking, Jerry reached out for the desk next to him to stop himself from falling, though unfortunately he couldn’t get a grip and instead knocked several things from the desk onto the floor.

“Shit!” Jerry said as he noticed blood on the floor, then on his palm where he’d been gashed. On the floor was a puddle of clear liquid and the remnants of yet another vial that he’d broken and cut himself on in his fall. Ignoring the burning gash on his palm, Jerry stared at the broken bottle in fear, realizing that this was the last thing he needed. Nervously Jerry put a finger into the clear liquid then held it up to his nose sniffing it. Letting out a sigh of relief, Jerry decided that it was just some distilled water that had accidentally been left out. After all, Dr. McDermott certainly wouldn’t leave anything important just sitting on the counter, would she?

Still, Jerry knew that he was already in enough trouble and didn’t want to get in any more. After looking around for a moment, Jerry found an empty vial on a shelf that looked like the one he’d just broke. Once he’d found the bottle of distilled water in the corner, Jerry filled the vial and put a stopper on it before placing it where the other one had been on the desk. “That should do it” Jerry told himself.

Then looking down at his sore and bleeding hand, Jerry knew that he had to get that bandaged up, and he certainly couldn’t report how he got injured. Remembering a dust rag that he’d brought in with him, he quickly wrapped his hand up to stop the bleeding, then he quickly went to work cleaning up his latest mess.

Several hours later, Jerry got off work and went home, barely remembering to put a real bandage on his hand before going to bed. At least, he noticed while cleaning the cut and changed the bandage, that it had stopped bleeding for the moment.


The next day, Jerry pulled himself out of bed with great effort. Even though he’d slept for 9 hours, he still felt horribly exhausted for some reason. And sore. Every muscle in Jerry’s body ached as though he’d been forced through the knothole of a board. Or worse. Slowly stumbling into his kitchen, Jerry muttered to himself, “Just what I need. The fucking flu on top of everything else.” Jerry couldn’t remember ever being hit quite so hard by the flu and he desperately wished that it would go away.

In spite of feeling sick, Jerry also felt hungry. Ravenously so. Going to the kitchen, he cooked himself a huge omelet, though he normally never bothered with breakfast. When it was finished, Jerry wolfed it down, amazed to find that he was still hungry afterwards. Before he could find something else to satisfy his appetite, the phone started ringing.

With a nervous apprehension, Jerry answered it “Hello?”

“Mr. North?” a voice asked from the other end. Jerry said that he was, only to have the voice continue “I’m sorry to tell you this, but your employment with us has been terminated. You can come over tomorrow and pick up your severance pay.”

Jerry hesitated for a moment, then said “Thank you.” before hanging up. “That bitch got me fired.” he muttered to himself, already having suspected that she would. He couldn’t even get angry at that, which vaguely surprised Jerry. Sighing, Jerry resolved to go out looking for another job as soon as the flu passed. It wasn’t like he couldn’t find a better job than that one if he at least looked. At least he hoped he could.

Suddenly remembering his hunger, Jerry went back to searching the kitchen for food. Once he’d managed to fill his stomach, Jerry yawned, realizing that without the gnawing in his stomach to distract him, his tiredness was now demanding attention. The exhaustion seemed to get even stronger and Jerry only barely managed to make it back into his bed before sleep claimed him again.


Walking into her lab, Gretchen glanced quickly at the floor, seeing that the stupid janitor from the night before had at least cleaned up after himself. She chuckled to herself as she thought about how he’d react to being fired. It certainly hadn’t been difficult to arrange it either.

Pushing the thought of the janitor out of her mind, Gretchen quickly went to her workbench, noticing at once the vial that she’d left out the night before. She cursed herself for forgetting about it even for a moment, but then she knew that she had a tendency to leave things out. She was usually too occupied with more important things to bother with such trivialities. Still, this one time left her annoyed at herself, though only briefly as she pushed it out of her mind.

Smiling, Gretchen picked the vial up from where she’d left it and held it up to her eye to stare at for a moment. Knowing that being left out overnight wouldn’t hurt her little treasure, Gretchen reached for a syringe and filled it with her serum. “That should do it” she mused to herself, ignoring the brief pain as she injected it into her arm. Smirking to herself, Gretchen knew that soon she would have the body she truly deserved. Glancing back at the tiny amount of fluid left in the vial, Gretchen knew that she couldn’t leave such a thing around for others to find. NO, her discovery was hers alone and she refused to share it with anyone.

Confident that the nanites would work, Gretchen didn’t wait for them to finish their work. Instead, she decided that she had to get rid of the evidence immediately, because once she had finished changing and everyone knew about her discovery, it would be too late. Without hesitating, Gretchen threw the vial into the incinerator, then erased all of her notes from the computer.

Once she had finished cleaning up, Gretchen looked around, satisfied that she hadn’t missed anything. Now no one would be able to steal her work after they saw the glorious results. No one could copy the process which would give her a perfect body to match her perfect mind. It would be hers and hers alone. Taking one final look around, Gretchen left work early, wanting to be in the privacy of her own home when the first signs appeared. She eagerly awaited them.


Jerry woke up after another long period of sleep, once again finding his whole body aching. He felt wrong all over for some reason, but couldn’t quite place just what was. Being too hungry to examine himself, Jerry scratched at his swollen and sore chest while he fixed himself another large omelet. He knew that at this rate, he’d empty his kitchen before long and would have to go out shopping. That was something he certainly didn’t want to do while feeling sick, but he just felt so hungry that he had to eat.

After Jerry had finished eating, he leaned back at the table, once again amazed at just how much he had eaten. At this rate, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to last without a job for very long at all. “Damn it’s hot,” Jerry complained to himself, realizing suddenly that his home wasn’t hot, he was. He had a fever. Wincing as a massive cramp ran through his insides, Jerry knew that his flu was getting worse instead of better. As the cramp slowly subsided, Jerry decided that if he didn’t start getting better soon, he’d have to go to the hospital. Like he could really afford that, he snorted to himself

Getting up, Jerry was hit by a wave of nausea but held himself against the chair until he caught his balance again. Something was definitely wrong with him, and he was beginning to suspect that it was more than just the flu. A lot more. Before Jerry could think about it much more, he was hit by a bout of diarrhea and had to run to the bathroom, not quite making it in time.

Jerry eventually finished in the bathroom and managed to clean himself off, but he was disturbed to have noticed that all the hair on his arms and legs were gone. He noticed that his waist was thinner too, and was afraid that he had some sort of cancer that was eating away at him. The very thought of that made him shudder. Slowly Jerry made his way back to the bedroom, already feeling the severe drowsiness returning and knowing that he wouldn’t be able to stay awake for much longer.


Gretchen stared impatiently at her clock. It had already been hours since she’d injected herself, and she still wasn’t showing any signs of her nanites working. Something was wrong and Gretchen didn’t know what. She hadn’t been able to test her work on another human without giving it away, but she knew that she hadn’t made any mistakes. She was far too brilliant for that, she knew. Therefore the answer must be somewhere else.

Sitting down, Gretchen wondered if maybe she shouldn’t have dumped her notes and the sample just yet. Unfortunately, it was too late to do anything about that now. Sighing, Gretchen told herself to be patient. That the nanites were just working slower than she had expected. With that in mind, Gretchen took several sleeping pills and went to bed, sure that by the time she woke up she would have the body she deserved.


Slowly opening his eyes, Jerry woke up again. This time though, instead of the feeling of exhaustion that he had been waking up with, he realized that he felt refreshed, though very odd for some reason. His whole body tingled for one thing and just felt strange to him. Sitting up, Jerry realized that he felt hungry, though not starving like he had been. Apparently the flu, or whatever he’d had was gone now.

Still, Jerry knew that something was wrong with him, though he couldn’t place exactly what that was. At least not until he looked down and gasped in surprise to see a pair of rather generous female breasts pushing out from his chest. “What the hell?!!” Jerry asked aloud, reaching for them with his hands, shocked both by the sultry feminine voice that came out of his mouth, and by the very feminine hands with the long nails that held his breasts.

Jumping out of bed, Jerry nearly fell over, finding that his entire sense of balance was way off. His hips felt so wide and he felt so top heavy. Horribly confused, Jerry stared down at his naked body, seeing that without a doubt it was female. And from what he could see, a very attractive one. Instinctively reaching between his legs, Jerry was not surprised to find his penis and testicles missing, though he was stunned by it. Instead, one of his fingers found a gentle mound with a moist slit, making him pull his hand away as if he’d touched a burning coal.

“My God!” Jerry said, still too much in shock to think of anything else. “This must be some kind of dream,” he halfheartedly tried telling himself as he walked to the bathroom. With every step he was hit with the knowledge that he was not right. His entire sense of balance was of. His hips were too wide, his top was too heavy and jiggled annoyingly with every step, and his legs seemed too long. However, in spite of how strange he felt, Jerry made it to the bathroom with no problems.

Turning to face himself in the mirror, Jerry suddenly gasped and his jaw dropped in amazement. In front of him was the image of the most gorgeous woman that he’d ever seen. She seemed to be in her early to mid-twenties, had long wavy blonde hair, deep blue eyes and full kissable lips. That didn’t even mention her figure. She had a body that any Playboy centerfold would be envious of. Two very generous and pert breasts, that managed to keep from being too large and seemed almost impossibly firm for their size.

“Wow,” Jerry mouthed as he eyed the very slender waist and the long shapely legs. The sight of such a gorgeous woman drove away any approaching feelings of horror, leaving instead complete amazement and awe.
Eventually Jerry pulled himself away from the mirror, still not able to believe that it was him. That the unbelievably gorgeous and sexy woman was really him. Curiously he ran his hands over his body, verifying that it was indeed real. That it was indeed his body that he’d seen in the mirror. It still didn’t seem possible thought. Not in the least.

Hearing a slight growl coming from his stomach, Jerry decided that he could think more about what happened to him while eating. Pouring himself a bowl of cereal, Jerry was glad that he wasn’t nearly as hungry as he had been earlier. In fact, he was certain that the cereal would be enough to satisfy him. While holding the spoon, Jerry frowned, finding that his now longer fingernails were getting in the way some, making it more difficult to do a simple task like eating with a spoon. Sighing, Jerry decided that just being slow and careful would work for now.

Finishing up his breakfast, Jerry went back to his bedroom and sat down on his bed, nervously looking over his body. It felt so strange, but at the same time not nearly as much so as he would have expected. While examining himself, Jerry couldn’t help wondering what the hell had happened to him. What had caused him to suddenly change into a woman. He didn’t have any idea, but he knew he had to find out.

When Jerry ran a finger over one of his nipples, he suddenly gasped, surprised at just how sensitive it felt compared to normally. Gently rubbing his nipples, they both started to harden and Jerry thought that they felt sort of like tiny penises. Like little erections on his chest. “Definitely odd” he muttered to himself, amazed at how strange it felt. Jerry was embarrassed to realize that his crotch was tingling as well. Nervously he touched a finger to his vagina, amazed to find that it was wet and very sensitive.

Overcome with curiosity, Jerry started rubbing it, feeling a pleasurable tension starting to rise. Smiling to himself, Jerry was amazed at how good it felt, and resolved to see what a woman’s orgasm felt like while he had a chance. Continuing to rub one of his breasts with one hand and his groin with the other, Jerry moaned slightly as he masturbated. He could feel the tension in his vagina rising, and though he was tempted to slide a finger into his slit, the thought of his long fingernails scratching him kept him from doing so.

Finally Jerry came, biting his lower lip as he suddenly started spasming in an intense orgasm. “God,” he muttered to himself after it had subsided and he laid on his back gasping for breath, “That was amazing.”

When the pleasant afterglow had faded, Jerry got back up, feeling a familiar pressure in his bladder. Returning to the bathroom, he had to remind himself to sit down to pee, feeling embarrassed as he did so. As the urine sprayed out from between his legs, Jerry felt the usual relief, though it felt a little different having it tinkle out instead of coming out in the usual stream. After wiping himself dry, and feeling extremely strange doing so, Jerry looked at his still naked body in the mirror again.

Feeling rather nervous and embarrassed, Jerry smiled at himself and making his heart nearly stop as he did so. That smile was devastatingly sexy. It was then that he noticed that all of his teeth seemed to be all perfect. None of them out of place or with the gaps that he used to have. The only word that Jerry could think of that fit was perfect. Just like the rest of his new body. Perfect for a woman at least.

Staring at the stranger’s face in the mirror, Jerry was amazed at just how beautiful it was. How sexy. But somehow, even though it was the most gorgeous face that he could remember seeing, it wasn’t a bimbo’s face. Something about it, something too subtle for Jerry to quite grasp also made it also look mature. Intelligent. Jerry shook his head and turned away, glancing at his medicine cabinet. He frowned as something gnawed at the edges of his mind, demanding attention. Then he knew what it was. The knobs on the medicine cabinet were normally eye level with him, and they almost still were. But he was looking down just a little bit. Jerry looked at his very long legs, realizing that he was a little taller than normal. Instead of his normal 5 foot 8, he guessed himself to be maybe 5 foot 10.

“Wow,” Jerry gasped, turning and leaving the bathroom.

Slowly walking around his small apartment, Jerry tried getting used to his new balance, slightly surprised at how light he felt. And in spite of the unfamiliar balance, how graceful. What the hell had happened to him, he wondered, thinking about what had just happened.

Glancing down at his naked body, he knew that most of his clothes, if not all of them wouldn’t fit him anymore. Sighing, he wondered how he could get outside then to even get new clothes. Pushing that thought aside for later consideration, Jerry decided to deal with things one moment at a time.

Still, he couldn’t stop wondering what had caused him to suddenly change. Glancing over his body for clues, Jerry stopped at his palm. The gash from where he’d been cut was missing. Not even a scar. Staring at his palm, Jerry suddenly felt stupid. Obviously something at that lab had done this to him. What else could it have been? Frowning, Jerry wondered if they could reverse it, or even if they’d bother. Though it could have been something in any of the labs that he’d cleaned, Jerry had a strong suspicion that McDermott’s was the most likely.

“That’s the last thing I need,” Jerry muttered to himself, hating the idea of having to go crawling to that bitch and begging for her help.

Since that idea didn’t appeal to Jerry, he decided to see if there was anything else he could do first. After all, he told himself hopefully, maybe McDermott didn’t have anything to do with it. He had nothing really to say she did except a vague suspicion and he wasn’t about to go risking complete humiliation for just a vague suspicion. At least not until he’d checked every other possibility first.

Sighing, Jerry ran his hands slowly over his body, shaking his head at the strange and unfamiliar way it curved. Though it was definitely different, and in some ways uncomfortable, Jerry wasn’t nearly as horrified with having changed as he would have expected. Chuckling to himself, he wondered if maybe it was just because he became 20 years younger. He certainly felt more energetic and healthy than he could ever remember feeling, and that was definitely a bonus.

Knowing that he couldn’t stay hidden in his apartment forever, Jerry remembered some of the garbage that Carrie had left behind when she’d moved out 6 years earlier. Stuff that she had apparently decided wasn’t worth taking and that Jerry just hadn’t gotten around to throwing out. Trying to remember if she’d left any clothes, Jerry went to go look, suspecting that there wouldn’t be much there that would fit him even if she had left any.


Gretchen was furious. She still hadn’t changed any and realized that something had definitely gone wrong. When she’d tested the nanites before going home, they had seemed perfectly fine and should have worked. Though she’d never tested them on a human, she had tested minor alterations in several animals with great success. Leaving them out overnight shouldn’t have harmed them or weakened the effects at all either. No, the problem was elsewhere she decided.

Thinking about it, Gretchen remembered finding the vial exactly where she’d left it. Right on her workbench. In spite of leaving it out in the open, she knew that no one could have messed with it. Her lab was sealed to the rest of her colleagues, so that was out of the question. Suddenly she froze, remembering that idiot janitor. What was his name? That idiot janitor had still been in her lab after she’d gone. Those janitors had access everywhere.

Clenching her hands so tight that her nails painfully dug into her palms, Gretchen forcing herself to remain calm and in control. In spite of the strong temptation to lash out, to throw things around her apartment, Gretchen refused to give in to her rage. She refused to lose her self-control. She was far too intelligent for that she knew. Taking a deep breath, Gretchen thought about the janitor. No one was going to stand in the way of her life’s work. Of her finally achieving her goal. No one! Especially not some moron janitor. She didn’t know what that janitor could possibly have done to ruin her project, but she was going to find out.

part 2 of 3
By Morpheus

Jerry sighed as he finished putting the clothes on, glad for once that Carrie had left behind some of her clothes. Like the very baggy sweater which was the only thing that he had which would cover his new breasts. He only wished that the clothes he had on fit better.

After putting his own shoes on, Jerry was pleased that they fit him somewhat decently. A little loose, but not too much. And definitely a lot better than the rest of his clothes he decided.

Absently putting a finger to his lips as was one of his habits, Jerry was struck by just how puffy they felt compared to normal. Wincing slightly, he pulled his hand away and started towards the bathroom, wondering if he looked as ridiculous in those clothes as he felt. However once he looked at the woman in the mirror (he couldn’t really think of that as himself), he shook his head in amazement. Even in those ill-fitting and ugly clothes, she still looked completely radiant. Glancing down at himself then back at his reflection, Jerry strongly suspected that she would look incredible no matter what she was dressed in.

Shaking his head, Jerry told himself “I guess I can’t stay in the apartment all day” With one final glance at his reflection, Jerry turned and left his apartment, deciding that the first order of business would probably be having to get some clothes that would at least fit until he could get back to normal.

Making a quick stop at an ATM, Jerry reluctantly took out most of the money he had in his account, suspecting that neither his credit card or his checkbook would be of much use at the moment. At least not until he matched his driver’s license again and he didn’t know how long that would take.

On the rest of the way to the store, Jerry felt extremely self-conscious and embarrassed as he realized that everyone was staring at him. Not just the guys with the looks of obvious lust and adoration on their faces, but even the women as well. Several times strangers came up to him, asking Jerry if he’d like to go out with them. Each time he felt himself blush with embarrassment and mumbled a quick “No” before hurrying off as quickly as he could, hardly able to believe the attention he was attracting.

Once Jerry got to the store, he had hoped that he wouldn’t be noticed as much, but found that the attention hadn’t gone away. Instead, there may have been even more attention focused on him. Walking into the store, Jerry tried to ignore the stares directed at him, feeling uncomfortable with them. He wasn’t used to getting nearly so much attention and wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

A moment later, a tall dark haired sales woman came up to Jerry asking “Can I help you miss?” Jerry blushed at being called “miss” but knew that it was completely expected.

“Um, yes” Jerry nervously replied, “I’m not sure...” he hesitated for a second, not sure how to put it, “I’m not sure what size of clothes I wear,” he finally sputtered out in embarrassment, sure that the woman would think he was crazy. “I’ve just recently lost a lot of weight,” he quickly added, hoping that this explanation would stall any questions. The sales woman looked at him curiously for a moment as if she didn’t believe a word he’d just said, then she just smiled pleasantly and asked Jerry to follow her.

The first stop was the lingerie department, which made Jerry extremely uncomfortable. He knew that he didn’t belong there, but after glancing down and seeing chest protruding out, he was forced to change his mind, as much as he didn’t want to. The saleswoman, whom Jerry found out was named Theresa, measured him and then had him try on a pair of panties and a bra. Jerry was humiliated at first, but in spite of himself started to have fun. Glancing at the sexy image in the mirror, he laughed and started thinking of it as playing dress up. No different than putting on a costume for Halloween. He wasn’t quite sure that he believed it, but it quelled the feelings of embarrassment enough for him to enjoy himself.

Jerry settled on 3 sets of bras and panties, knowing that he might have to wear them for several days and perhaps longer if he couldn’t find out what had done this to him. After turning down Theresa’s grinning suggestions at several pairs of extremely frilly and sexy panties, Jerry told her that he was ready to move on to the next part of the store. She seemed a little disappointed, but kept smiling as she led Jerry to the next department.

Saying goodbye to Theresa, Jerry started walking away from the store, several bags held in his arms. It was expensive and had taken most of what he’d had in savings, but Jerry was thankful that he was at least wearing clothes that fit him comfortably. Though Jerry had only bought enough clothes for several days, and had intended on only getting jeans, Theresa had somehow managed to talk him into getting a skirt as well, though he wasn’t wearing it right then. He shook his head, both amused and embarrassed at how easily he had gotten carried away.

Stopping for a second, Jerry glanced down at his fingernails, shaking his head again. Seeing the bright red nails, Jerry couldn’t believe that Theresa had managed to talk him into going to the beauty section. At least, he told himself, Theresa had done that and the makeup for free. He couldn’t bear the thought of actually paying for something like that. It felt embarrassing. But as he glanced at the nails again, Jerry couldn’t help but smiling. He had to admit that they certainly did look nice.

Noticing a young man staring at him, Jerry smiled at him and chuckled to himself as he saw the guy blush and look away. That was rather fun, Jerry decided. He still wasn’t sure how he felt about the attention he was getting, but he did have to admit that it had its good points. Everyone certainly seemed a lot more polite to him than normal for one thing. Feeling confident in himself for some reason, and surprisingly graceful for having such an unfamiliar body, Jerry started walking back towards his apartment.


Going into his bedroom, Jerry dropped his bags onto the bed then sat down for a moment, staring at them. It just didn’t seem right. Nervously touching his chest and staring at his very feminine fingers, Jerry shifted uncomfortably where he sat. Glancing down to the low heeled pumps on his feet, Jerry winced even more. He’d originally only wanted to get one pair of pants, a couple shirts and some sneakers. Just enough to last him for a couple days if need be. But somehow instead, Theresa had managed to talk him into buying more, including the pumps.

“At least she didn’t manage to talk me into high heels,” Jerry told himself in disgust, though the thought of seeing his current body in high heels certainly did seem attractive.

Trying to put those thoughts to the side for the moment, Jerry got up and went to relieve himself in the bathroom, wincing slightly as he sat down to piss. Once he’d finished up and wiped himself, Jerry was about to leave but caught sight of himself in the bathroom mirror again, gasping as he did so. He had seen his reflection back at the store when they’d put the makeup on him, but it still caught him by surprise. The girl’s face in the mirror, his face, looked incredible. In spite of himself, Jerry couldn’t help but wondering just how sexy the girl would look after having her hair cut and done up nicely.

“Shit” he muttered suddenly, pulling himself away from the mirror, “I’ve really got to get back to normal soon.”

Jerry briefly considered going back to the labs, but winced as the thought of having to face that bitch McDermott crossed through his mind. He glanced down at his generous breasts which obscured the view of the rest of his body and thought that as uncomfortable as that weight was on his chest, he’d rather put up with it for just a little bit longer than have to deal with McDermott until he had to.

“Maybe the library has something that can help me,” Jerry told himself aloud hopefully, though not really quite believing it. Still, that was better than having to face the bitch.


Jerry carefully set down the book in front of him, sighing as he did so. So far nothing in the library had really given him any clues though he hadn’t really expected any. Coming there was more of a gamble than anything, and a gamble that he’d lost at that. Still, Jerry grinned as he realized that he had gotten something out of the trip.

He’d discovered while reading that his eyes didn’t blur like normal. His vision was much better in his new body. Better than he could ever really remember having once he thought about it, though he hadn’t really noticed it until then. In fact, all of his senses were much sharper than normal, which left Jerry feeling a little uncertain, but amazed as well. So much had changed so quickly and he was no longer just interested in finding out how so that he could change back, but was getting very curious as to how such a thing could be done as well.

Setting yet another book aside, Jerry stared in surprise at the small pile of books that he’d already gone through, realizing for the first time just how much reading he’d covered in the time he’d been in the library. As far as he’d thought, he’d been reading just like normal, and quickly scanning through important parts. Sure he hadn’t read all the way through the books, but he had spent a bit of time reading through parts of them and knew that he normally would never have gotten so much done so quickly. Or, he realized with a sudden insight, understood it all so quickly.

“Oh my God,” Jerry muttered fearfully to himself, wondering suddenly just what else had changed in him.


“Thank you for your help” Gretchen said to the woman in front of her, forcing herself to be polite though she detested having to. Once the janitor’s neighbor had closed the door, Gretchen looked towards his door again, scowling. Getting that North’s address from the personnel computers had been child’s play and she’d immediately gone over, only to discover that he wasn’t home. She could barely contain her fury and disappointment at that, having half expected him to be there waiting for her.

Having been impatient for North to return, Gretchen had started questioning his neighbors about him and when he’d be back. It annoyed her that most of those neighbors had no idea even of who she was asking about and certainly no idea of when he could be expected to return. However Gretchen knew that her questioning hadn’t been all fruitless.

She had found out that this North guy lived alone and stuck to himself. She grinned with the faint knowledge that he wouldn’t be missed by anyone. But more importantly, one of the neighbors had described seeing a gorgeous woman leaving North’s apartment earlier. A woman, whom Gretchen knew with a sick feeling, exactly matched the description of the body she’d designed for herself.

Barely able to contain her anger, Gretchen knew that someone had used her work. Had stolen what was rightfully hers and used it themselves. At first Gretchen wasn’t sure if it had actually been North who used it or some woman that he’d given it to, but quickly decided that it must be him. He hadn’t been seen along with that woman. Somehow that perverted thief had decided to steal her work and the body that was rightfully hers. Gretchen ignored the holes in her logic, instead focusing on her anger, and her determination to retrieve what was hers.

She didn’t even have her nanites or notes anymore either. Gretchen knew for a fact that she could recreate her work, but that could take her months or even years. No, she knew that there was a much quicker way to get back what was rightfully hers, and this North would provide it. A sample of the remaining nanites in his blood would be enough for her to recreate her work in a matter of days, though she certainly didn’t have any intentions of politely asking North for the blood. No, she told herself adamantly, she would take back what was hers and punish him for daring to steal from her. There was no way that she was going to let someone else have her work, especially not some moronic janitor. Though she wasn’t yet sure what she was going to do to ensure her work would remain hers alone, Gretchen already knew that it wouldn’t be nice.


Jerry was walking back from the library, several large books cradled in his hands. He looked down at them in some embarrassment, wondering why he was checking out books when he had more important things to worry about.

Still, even though he hadn’t been able to find anything about what had happened to him, other than similar things in the fiction section, he did find other books that caught his attention. Books that when he started scanning through, aroused his curiosity. Jerry felt a little confused, simply because he wasn’t used to getting so curious or interested in physics or anything else like that. But when he’d scanned through the book in the hopes of finding some clue to his situation, he found himself actually understanding a little of what it was explaining. Understanding some of it, and liking it. He was curious to know more. Shaking his head, Jerry shifted the books in his arms into a better position and kept walking.

After walking a short distance, Jerry suddenly remembered that his kitchen was getting a little low on food since his eating binge. After hesitating for only a moment, Jerry changed his direction and started heading towards Albertsons, which was fortunately only a few blocks out of his way and back. Normally he wouldn’t have wanted to walk even that short a distance, but at the moment he still felt energetic and knew that it wouldn’t tire him in the least.


Walking around the supermarket with his cart, Jerry realized that he was still a little short on money and would have to watch how much he spent. Glancing at the prices of the items before he put them into his cart, Jerry absently started adding the prices in his head, stopping when he got near the amount he had left. Since he had nearly everything he needed, Jerry went up from to the checkout, only realizing after his purchase was rung up that he’d added the prices in his head. Added the prices of over two dozen things, which he knew that he’d normally probably have to use a calculator to do.

Shaking his head nervously, Jerry realized that the man standing behind the checkout was staring at him, reminding him yet again that he was currently in the body of a gorgeous woman. Definitely not something he was used to. The cashier was very polite to Jerry, and almost even fawning on him, which made Jerry feel a little uncomfortable. But on the other hand, it almost seemed nice at the same time. Glancing around and seeing that other people were watching him too, Jerry blushed and finished paying for his groceries.

Noticing one guy in a red jacket staring at him with undisguised lust, Jerry decided that it would probably be a good idea to get out of there before someone started hitting on him. Quickly Jerry picked up the two large bags of groceries, surprising himself yet again when he realized that he had expected them to seem heavier than normal. After all, he had turned into a woman. But instead, they didn’t feel any heavier than they normally would. In fact, Jerry thought that they might even seem lighter than normal, making him nervously wonder if maybe he’d gotten stronger as well. With everything else that had been happening to him he decided that he shouldn’t be surprised.

Trying to get out the door before the guy in the jacket came over, Jerry accidentally ran into another man. “Um, Hi,” The new guy said to Jerry, staring straight at Jerry’s breasts

Jerry blushed, knowing that he certainly couldn’t fault the guy for looking at breasts as nice as the ones he had. He knew that he would have done just that himself. But still, it was rather annoying and Jerry wished that this guy would at least be polite enough to look at his face. Almost as if hearing Jerry’s thoughts, the man started looking Jerry in the eyes, blushing slightly and apparently feeling rather embarrassed himself at having been caught being rude.

“My names Nick,” the man said cheerfully, smiling at Jerry.

“I’m Jerry,” Jerry told Nick automatically, realizing at the same time that he would have held out his hand for a hand shake if he didn’t have a bag in it.

“Well Gerri,” Nick said, “I was wondering if you’d be interested in going out with me tonight.” Jerry gasped in surprise, unsure of how to get out of that situation. Though he currently looked like a gorgeous woman, he wasn’t one, or at least he told himself that, and he didn’t have any experience in dealing with situations like this. It certainly wasn’t helped when he saw the look adulation on Nick’s face.

“I...” Jerry sputtered, “I.... can’t.” Nick tried for several minutes to convince Jerry to go out with him, and Jerry wasn’t able to pull himself away. Nick was standing in his way and Jerry was beginning to worry.

Suddenly another voice broke in, “There you are,” the female voice said. Jerry turned and was surprised to see Theresa, the sales lady from the store standing there, obviously having just finished with work. “We’ve got to hurry or we’ll be late,” she said, gesturing for Jerry to follow.

“I’m coming,” Jerry exclaimed, unsure what Theresa was doing, but relieved at the save. Nick offered no interference as Jerry hurried out of the store behind Theresa. Once they were safely in the parking lot, Jerry told her, “Thanks, I needed that.”

“No problem,” Theresa replied with a grin, “You looked like you could use the help, though with your body I’d have expected you to have been more used to chasing off guys advances.” Jerry just shrugged, blushing as he did so.

Jerry thanked her again, saying, “I appreciated it anyway.” Adjusting the bags still in his hands, Jerry added, “I’d better get going if I’m going to get home.” He sighed as he did so.

Theresa grinned, asking, “You got a husband or boyfriend at home waiting?”

“Um..” Jerry said blushing again, “No. I live alone.”

Starting to turn to leave Theresa, Jerry heard her asking, “Where’s your car at?” Jerry explained that he didn’t have one and usually took a bus where he needed to go. “What?” Theresa replied, feigning horror, “You can’t get around like that. How about I give you a lift home?”

Jerry thanked her, gladly accepting. He was actually rather liking Theresa. She was very cute for one thing, but more importantly at the moment, she was actually treating him as a person. Most attractive women hadn’t bothered with him at all before so that was different, and since he’d woken up as one, he hadn’t really had much of anyone to talk to.

Jerry sighed for a moment as he got into the passenger side of Theresa’s car, saying “My names Jerry,” without thinking.

“Well Gerri,” Theresa said with a grin as she started her car up, “How do you like the works from earlier now that you’ve had time to road test them as it were?” Jerry assured her that he was very satisfied with everything from earlier, which seemed to please Theresa.

Once they’d pulled out of the parking lot, Theresa started driving down the road and Jerry wasn’t paying too much attention to where they were going, finding it more interesting to talk with Theresa. After a little bit, she suddenly interrupted, “Shit. I forgot to ask where you lived and started driving to my home.” Jerry chuckled and told her that it was all right, pointing out though that he lived in the opposite direction. After a minute, Theresa said “Well since we’re close to my place, do you mind if we stop there for a minute first so that I can drop my groceries off?” Jerry laughed, telling her that it was perfectly fine with him.


“Come on in.” Theresa invited, gesturing for Jerry to enter her apartment. Hesitating only for a second, Jerry went in, fairly impressed with what he saw inside. It was rather nice. Nicer than his apartment at least. While Theresa was in the kitchen, starting to put a few groceries away, Jerry felt the familiar pressure in his bladder and asked Theresa if he could use her bathroom. “Sure,” she said chuckling, “It’s just around the corner.” and with that, she gestured to where Jerry had to go. After quickly thanking her, Jerry hurried to go relieve himself.

When Jerry had finished, he came back out and saw that Theresa had apparently finished putting her groceries away and was sitting on her couch, waiting for him so that they could go, Jerry guessed. “Thanks” Jerry told her again, “I needed that.”

“No problem,” she grinned back.

After standing for a few seconds, Jerry noticed that Theresa didn’t seem to be about to move, so sat down on the couch as well, shyly taking a look across at her and thinking how nice she looked. Definitely not as good as he currently looked he knew, but that didn’t really matter any. She was still worth looking at. Trying to hide what he was thinking, Jerry started talking again, asking Theresa more about her job. She smiled, apparently not minding that she was the only one talking about herself.

About 15 minutes after they’d started talking, Jerry suddenly remembered that he’d left his groceries in Theresa’s car, but when he thought about it, he remembered that the milk was really the only thing that needed refrigerating, and sitting out there for just a bit longer certainly wouldn’t hurt it. Putting those worries out of his mind for the moment, Jerry tried paying more attention to what Theresa was saying.

Almost unable to help himself though, Jerry kept glancing over at Theresa’s breasts and thinking how nice they looked. Though not nearly as nice as his, he had to keep reminding him with some amusement. After awhile, Jerry was slightly surprised to notice something else about Theresa. Something that left him a little confused. He noticed that every once in awhile, she was staring at his chest as well, then quickly averting her eyes in apparent embarrassment. Staring at Theresa’s face, Jerry realized suddenly that there was lust visible in her eyes. “Shit,” Jerry thought to himself, feeling his own nipples beginning to harden with his own arousal.

Biting his lip for a second, Jerry stopped paying attention to what Theresa was saying, instead caught between his rising desire for her and his uncertainty. He was in a woman’s body for God’s sake, how could he do anything with what he felt. Jerry didn’t’ know, but that didn’t stop him from wanting Theresa. Giving in, Jerry suddenly reached over, catching Theresa by surprise as he started to kiss her deeply. At first she was too startled to do anything, but when Theresa started kissing Jerry back just as passionately, his doubts started to fade.

Pulling away, Jerry gasped, “I’m....” Blushing, he wasn’t certain what he was going to say.

Theresa looked a little confused, but stared longingly at Jerry before holding a finger to his lips and going “Shhhh” She licked her lips nervously then said “I’ve only been with a girl before once.” Then she giggled slightly, amending herself, “Actually I was with her twice, but that was years ago.” Jerry nodded, not quite sure where this was all going to lead, but not wanting to let this opportunity slip out of his hands.

Smiling to himself, Jerry bent forward to give Theresa another kiss, absently noticing the pleasurable tension building in his crotch. While still kissing, Jerry moved one of his hands to Theresa’s breast, squeezing it gently and suddenly feeling his own breast being squeezed in return. When they finally pulled away from each other, they did so only to strip out of their clothes.

Moments later, Jerry was completely naked and lovingly kissing an equally naked Theresa’s breasts, slowly working his way towards her thighs while she sighed and moaned in pleasure. When he finally got to her moist and sweet pussy, he started licking it eagerly, enjoying the taste and Theresa’s squeals of pleasure. After she orgasmed, she gasped out between breaths, “Now it’s your turn.”

“Sure thing” Jerry replied with a deep grin on his face as they changed positions and he became the one laying down on the couch. “Mmmmm,” Jerry moaned slightly as Theresa started playing with his nipples. The strong sensations coming from his chest were very unfamiliar to him, but incredibly pleasant. Closing his eyes, Jerry told himself to forget about how strange it was and just enjoy it.

Jerry’s strong arousal got even stronger and just as he was close to coming to an orgasm, just from his tits being played with, Theresa backed off just enough to keep him from cuming, leaving Jerry still excited. “Come on,” he pleaded, but Theresa ignored him, pushing his hands out of the way when he went to start rubbing his crotch. Then as if to tease him some more, she ignored Jerry’s obvious need for attention down there, and started slowly licking his stomach, making him ache even more for an orgasm.

Eventually Theresa made it to Jerry’s vagina and slowly played with his clit, making him gasp in pleasure and surprise. He’d never felt anything like that before. Never. Finally Jerry came in an unexpectedly intense orgasm, spasming in wave after wave of intoxicating pleasure, screaming out as he did so. “My God!” Jerry gasped out as he tried letting his breathing slow down again, amazed at the strong pleasurable warmth still filling his body. Enjoying the afterglow, Jerry sat up, staring Theresa in the face and realizing that he was still feeling horny. Definitely not like normally, when he was completely finished afterwards. Grinning broadly, Jerry asked “Ready for more?” pleased to see Theresa grinning back in agreement.

part 3 of 3
By Morpheus

After spending several fantastic hours with Theresa, Jerry finally pulled himself away and got dressed again, unable to keep from smiling. God that was fantastic, he told himself again, glancing over to where Theresa was also getting dressed. “So,” Theresa suddenly asked, “Do you want to go out for dinner? I’m getting kind of hungry.”

Jerry sighed, “Sorry,” he explained, “but I’m broke.” Theresa just chuckled, saying that it would be her treat. After only a moment’s hesitation, Jerry agreed. So far, he’d had more fun with Theresa in the last couple hours than he’d had total in the last couple years, and he certainly didn’t want to cut any of it short.

After Jerry had finally gotten around to moving his milk from Theresa’s car to her fridge they took off for dinner.


Sitting at their table in Denny’s, Jerry was slightly amused to see that their waiter had a large bulge in his pants. It left him a little embarrassed to realize he was the one responsible for it, but it was certainly amusing to think that he could make someone else that uncomfortable just by sitting there. Just to add to his amusement, Jerry smiled at the waiter and watched him turn bright red before hurrying off in embarrassment. Probably to the bathroom Jerry thought as he chuckled to himself.

“Looks like you really made an impression on him,” Theresa said, “Though I’m certainly not surprised. You are the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen.” She said the last with a strong hint of envy in her voice. “You should be a model or an actress.” she suggested to Jerry, who just smiled faintly. If he couldn’t find out how to get back to normal, he didn’t know what he could do.

Jerry shifted slightly in his seat as he waited impatiently for the food to arrive. Too many people in the restaurant were looking at him, even though most of them tried to pretend that they weren’t. He could even feel their eyes on him and it made him uncomfortable. All the attention was strange for Jerry, almost more so than the weight hanging from his chest. Though in some ways it was rather nice, he wasn’t sure how to handle it. It was just too new to him.

As their dinner went on, Jerry did find one other good thing about all the attention paid to him. Namely that he had the best service from a restaurant that he’d ever had. The waiter had come to get their orders immediately and brought the food out to them as quickly as possible. The obviously smitten waiter was doing everything in his power it seemed to make Jerry happy, which certainly made dinner a lot better. Though Jerry was a little confused and unsure about this, Theresa was definitely amused.

When they’d finished eating, they took their time going back to Theresa’s apartment. Jerry felt a little disappointed when he thought that he’d have to go home pretty soon. Sighing, he thought that it was a little lonely back home. That was something he hadn’t really thought about before, putting it out of his mind. But it was true. He wasn’t on real familiar terms with any of his neighbors and he didn’t really have any close friends. In fact, Theresa was the closest friend he had, and he’d only met her that day. And she didn’t even know who he really was. That thought certainly dampened down the happiness he had been feeling. But not by too much.

After they’d gone back into Theresa’s apartment, Jerry told her that he should probably get going, feeling rather disappointed as he did so. “Why not stay longer?” Theresa asked. Jerry didn’t have a ready answer, and tried to turn her down, but Theresa eventually managed to talk him into agreeing.

Later on, after another bout of love making, they both happily went to sleep.


When Jerry woke up the next morning, he turned over to find Theresa missing from the bed. Curious, he got up and looked around the apartment, finding no sign of her until he found a note on the table, addressed to him. The note from Theresa said that she’d had to go to work and hadn’t wanted to wake Jerry up so had left him. “Feel free to help yourself to anything around the apartment,” Jerry read aloud, putting the note down in disappointment. “Now how am I going to get home?” he asked himself. Even feeling as energetic as he was, he certainly didn’t want to walk that much distance.

Sighing, Jerry dug through Theresa’s kitchen to find something to eat while trying to decide what he was going to do. Looking down at his naked breasts jutting out, Jerry blushed slightly and pinched one of his nipples, thinking that he still had to find out what had caused this. And he was strongly suspecting that he’d have to go to the labs soon, probably to McDermott. That thought sent a shiver down his spine.

Still sitting on the couch, Jerry once again started examining his body, surprised that he wasn’t more distraught over it. But at the memory of the night before, he smiled and thought that there were definite benefits as well. Still pinching his nipple, Jerry smiled as his thinking about the night before was causing his body to respond. Hesitating only briefly, Jerry started masturbating, imagining that it was Theresa there with him.

Once he was through with that, Jerry felt much better. Still not bothering to get dressed, Jerry picked up one of the books that he’d checked out from the library and started reading.

It wasn’t until lunch that Jerry pulled himself away from the book, startled to realize that he was almost all the way through it. And what was more, that he’d understood and remembered everything in it. “Wow” he said amazed as he put the book down, still wanting to finish it up and knowing it wouldn’t take much longer. Glancing down at his still naked female body, Jerry blushed slightly and decided that it was about time that he actually got dressed. “God I need to go get my new clothes” he muttered to himself as he put back on the clothes from the day before.

Going over and quickly scanning Theresa’s closet, Jerry realized that nothing of hers would fit him. Not with his measurements he thought with a brief chuckle.

Feeling fairly antsy and impatient, Jerry considered either walking or catching a bus back to his apartment but ended up deciding against it. He wanted to say good bye to Theresa first. Going back to the couch, Jerry went back to his reading.

Jerry was slightly startled when Theresa came back, not having realized just how much time had passed while he was caught up in the books. He’d never been much of a reader in his life, and now he’d already gone through two fairly good sized books and was in the middle of the third when she arrived. He just couldn’t get enough it seemed.

“God I’m sorry,” Theresa apologized as Jerry set down his book, “I didn’t even think about your clothes until after I was at work.” She apologized again, then said that she was going to make it up to him. “Ta da” she said, pulling a dress out of a shopping bag, “I got this from the store for you, figuring that you could use it.”

“Um,” Jerry started to protest, “That’s too nice.” That was one way of putting it he thought. The dress looked very nice and more like something a woman would wear on a date than informally. And it looked expensive. “I picked you up a few other things too,” Theresa explained pulling other things out of the bags and telling Jerry that getting the stuff was one of the ‘perks’ of her job. He just shook his head, unsure of what to say. There was no way in hell that he wanted to wear the dress, but Theresa had gone to some trouble to get it for him.

When he looked at it curiously, Theresa laughed. “Not now silly,” she giggled slightly, “And I do have a special surprise for tonight.” Jerry wondered what she was up to, having a bad feeling. “I got us a couple dates for tonight.”

“WHAT?!!” Jerry demanded in shock.

Theresa just giggled again, “I know you’re into guys too,” she said, though Jerry had no idea what made her think that. He had absolutely no interest in guys.

Then remembering for a second how he had caught himself staring at the waiters butt in Denny’s a couple times, he wondered if maybe that like everything else about him was changing. He hoped to God that it wasn’t. The thought of being interested in guys left him feeling rather frightened.

Noticing the look on Jerry’s face, Theresa pleaded “Come on. I already told them that we’d be able to. Please.”

Sighing, Jerry saw the pleading look on Theresa’s face and told himself that it couldn’t be that bad. Maybe it will be interesting, he told himself, not quite sure if he believed that or not. “All right” he said reluctantly, wondering how he had gotten mixed up in this.

“You won’t regret it” Theresa promised, then picked up the phone and dialed a number. Winking at Jerry, she said into the phone, “All right, it’s on.”

Several hours later, Jerry stood there feeling wobbly and uncomfortable. But when he looked into the mirror, all he could think of was “WOW!!” His reflection was the most amazing thing that he’d ever seen. As gorgeous as he had been before, that had still been without all the accessories like the sexy dress Theresa had got for him. Shaking his head, he was almost glad that he’d let Theresa put him through fixing his hair and makeup. He only wished that he didn’t have to deal with the high heels, and was almost on the verge of hating Theresa for them, even if she had assured him they were rather low heels.

Theresa had dressed up as nicely as she could as well, though she looked almost plain compared to Jerry. He felt a strange mixture of embarrassment and pride as he realized that he was a much sexier looking woman than his girlfriend. Theresa gave him a deep look of admiration, saying “You really look awesome girl.” Jerry blushed slightly at the compliment, knowing that it was true.

When their dates arrived Theresa let them in, introducing them as Mickey and Gus. Gus was a tall slender guy with black hair and a bit of a tan, while Mickey was a blonde with a bit of muscle. Gus was also Jerry’s date. “Guys” Theresa said, “This is Gerri” she gestured at Jerry, trying to hide the look of annoyance and envy on her face as Gus’s jaw nearly dropped while he stared at Jerry. Mickey gulped, a look of intense interest on his own face, and a surer sign visible by the bulge in the front of his pants.

“Hi” Jerry said, holding out his hand and feeling very nervous and uncomfortable. He almost chuckled when he saw the way the two men were acting towards him. It was so funny, he thought to see them acting rather foolishly as both of them were trying to get his attention. Theresa seemed caught between envy and amusement, apparently settling on amusement.

After they’d talked for a few minutes, Theresa asked, “Shall we go?”

“After you,” Gus said with a grin, looking back at Jerry from the corner of his eye. Jerry smiled, following behind right next to Mickey.

Dinner was fantastic. Gus was busy telling jokes, apparently trying to convince Theresa that he was interested only in her, while making glances in Jerry’s direction every chance he got. Mickey was a bit more quiet, but Jerry had the impression that he was more confident as well. Both were very polite and friendly, which didn’t surprise Jerry at all. And like the night before, almost all the men around were giving Jerry looks of admiration and lust. A number of the women as well.

However, as the dinner progressed, Jerry slowly became aware of something else. Instead of most of the other patrons having stopped paying attention to him, Jerry noticed that they were perhaps paying even more, though trying not to. There were even more looks of adoration and lust than before, which Jerry thought made no sense. Why would they keep getting even more interested in him. He knew he was absolutely gorgeous and that they couldn’t help but staring at him, but something didn’t seem quite right and it took awhile before an idea why came to him.

Suddenly the word pheromones popped into his head, and Jerry remembered everything he’d ever heard about pheromones. Was he producing some sort of pheromone, Jerry wondered? Something to attract men’s attention even more than his looks would? For some reason, that made sense to him. Perhaps that was the answer. Not that it really made much difference Jerry decided, putting that thought to the side, though satisfied that he’d figured it out.

After the wonderful and tasty meal, they all got up to leave. Jerry glanced at the bill, shaking his head to himself and thinking that he could really get used to having someone else pay the bill. He certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford it. Still aware of the looks directed at him as he left, Jerry smiled back, beginning to enjoy the attention. It made him feel important to have so many people noticing him for a change.

A short while later, all four were sitting in Theresa’s living room, sipping wine and laughing at each other’s jokes. After his third glass, Jerry glanced down at his glass curiously, realizing that even with the wine he’d had at the restaurant, he wasn’t feeling the least bit light headed. Another ‘benefit’ of what had happened to him? Jerry decided that it wasn’t really that important at the moment.

During the conversation, Jerry felt pretty relaxed and was enjoying himself, when Mickey suddenly put a hand on his thigh. For a moment Jerry stared at the hand, uncertain of what to do, but then he realized with some amazement that his body had apparently already decided. His nipples were hard and he could tell that he was already wet a little lower down. It was the new hormones, Jerry knew, but he was really still a guy. Wasn’t he?

After silently debating with himself, Jerry decided that he wasn’t really being harmed and after all, it did feel good. Letting Mickey’s hand remain where it was, Jerry reminded himself that if Mickey tried to go any farther, he could just say no.

Eventually Theresa yawned loudly, stretching out her arms, then standing up. “Well,” she said with a mischievous grin, “It’s about time for me to go to bed.” She quickly bent over, kissing a still seated Gus and asking “Well sailor, are you coming or not?” Guy looked a little sheepish for only a second, then quickly got up and followed Theresa into her room, carefully shutting the door behind them.

“I guess it’s just us.” Mickey said with a grin, bending forward. Jerry leaned back, away from Mickey, not sure how to handle this. Mickey definitely seemed to have plans for more than just a quick kiss good night and Jerry had no intention of giving it to him. However, as Mickey caught Jerry and gave him a kiss, Jerry felt the strong sensation of his body’s arousal increasing even more. Almost in spite of himself he started kissing Mickey back, absently noticing how rough Mickey’s’ stubble was against his skin.

“Wow” Jerry mumbled as they broke apart. His whole body was awash in desire, which left him a little uncertain of what to do, but absolutely sure of what his body wanted to do. Looking Mickey in the face, Jerry absently thought that Mickey was rather attractive. Licking his lips, Jerry debated within himself over what he should do. He realized that he wanted Mickey, and he wanted Mickey bad. And he didn’t even have the excuse of being drunk. Finally, Jerry told himself that it would just be for once. An experiment. Probably the only chance he’d ever have to see what it was really like from the other side. With his mind having been made up, Jerry grinned and passionately threw himself onto Mickey.

Within minutes, both of them had stripped naked and passionately kissed each other, before Jerry had been gently pushed onto his back on the couch, while Mickey lovingly played with Jerry’s breasts, looking up and into Jerry’s eyes with incredible desire and awe clearly visible in his own eyes. Jerry just moaned under the attention to his breasts, loving the amazing sensations coming from his chest.

Opening his eyes back up, Jerry saw that Mickey was changing positions, and Jerry knew what that meant. Suddenly Jerry gasped aloud as Mickey thrust into him, catching him by surprise even though he had been expecting it. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt. It sort of hurt having something large pushing his hole wide open and moving into him, but Jerry realized that it also felt good. Not just good, but incredible.

Still lying on his back, Jerry moaned in ecstasy as Mickey slowly pumped in and out of him, the sexual tension in his body growing even stronger with every thrust. Without thinking about it, Jerry wrapped his legs around Mickey’s back, instinctively wanting to keep him in there, wanting to keep the amazing feelings he was receiving from subsiding.

Finally Jerry came in an intense orgasm. Dazzling lights seemed to dance before his eyes as the waves of orgasmic bliss settled over him. Jerry moaned, feeling Mickey still pumping away and bringing him close to yet another orgasm. Finally it came. Then Jerry came to yet another orgasm before Mickey finally came himself and slowly shrank inside of Jerry before pulling out.

“Amazing,” Jerry quietly said to himself as he soaked up the pleasure from the orgasms, only slightly aware that Mickey had squeezed up close to him, half on top of him even and gone to sleep.


The next morning, Jerry stared at Mickey with some embarrassment as Mickey had gotten dressed again, then leaned over to kiss Jerry. “Will I see you again?” Mickey asked hopefully, his eyes slipping down to Jerry’s chest though he barely noticed this time.

With a slight nervous smile, Jerry replied, “Maybe. We’ll see,” though he really had no intention of seeing Mickey again. It certainly had been interesting, though perhaps too interesting, Jerry told himself. Once Mickey and Gus left, Jerry let out a sigh of relief then went to get himself cleaned up, remembering he night before with an odd mixture of pleasure and disgust.

Once Jerry had cleaned up and reluctantly dressed again in his dirty clothes, he asked Theresa to drop him off at his apartment on her way to work. “I’ll talk to you later” Theresa called from the car while Jerry climbed out.

“Sure,” Jerry responded, shifting the bags of his retrieved groceries in his hands. After waiting just long enough to see Theresa drive off, Jerry started walking back into his apartment building, looking forward to getting some clean clothes on. He felt so gross in the one he was wearing.

Walking towards his door, Jerry fumbled for his key, thinking to himself, “Now I can at least get back to finding out what happened to me.” He felt somewhat guilty for having let himself be so distracted. For having forgotten something that important even for a moment. He just had to get back to normal as soon as possible. Didn’t he, he thought to himself, suddenly wondering for the first time if maybe he didn’t want to go back. What did he really have to go back to? Being middle-aged, overweight and all alone. His life sucked.

With a slight smile, Jerry touched his breasts, thinking that they were definitely odd, but there were certainly a lot of good things about being like he currently was. He missed his dick and wanted that back, but there were so many other good things to compensate. Sighing aloud, Jerry muttered “I’ll really have to think about that.”

Still wondering about what he was going to do, Jerry went into his apartment, setting his bags of groceries and the books onto his kitchen table. Turning around, Jerry suddenly heard a noise and turned quicker, only to suddenly freeze and gasp in shock. “About time you got back,” Dr. McDermott said to Jerry, standing in front of him with a gun pointed at him.

“Wwhhat....?” Jerry started to ask, eyeing the gun nervously. He suddenly realized that McDermott did have something to do with his changing. This was all the proof that he needed, but what could he do with that, he realized.

“You thief!” McDermott spat at Jerry. “That was my life’s work you stole.” She gestured at Jerry violently with her free hand, glaring at him evilly, “That is my body. My perfection. Mine!”

“But you did this to me,” Jerry argued, wondering why she was calling him a thief. She was the monster that had done this to him. That had apparently used him as a human guinea pig. “I didn’t take anything from you Doctor.”

She shook her head, scowling at Jerry. “Well,” she said quietly, “I’m going to take back what’s rightfully mine.” Then before Jerry could react, she had pulled the trigger and Jerry screamed out in pain as the bullet tore through his side. The force knocked him back, throwing him to the ground where he rolled around in pain, trying to hold his side.

Jerry looked up to see McDermott coming towards him again, gun still pointed at him. She looked slightly queasy with what she had done, but from the look in her eyes, Jerry had no doubts that she planned to shoot him again. Before she did though, she pulled something out, something that took Jerry a moment to recognize as a syringe.

“This shouldn’t hurt too much,” she said sarcastically as she jabbed it roughly into Jerry’s arm, then pulled it away when it was full of his blood. “Now to make sure that no one else can steal my work,” she said, raising the gun directly at Jerry’s face. “The world will be better off without you.”

Suddenly there was a loud pounding on the door, and a male voice demanding “What’s going on in there? We heard the gunshot and called the police.”

“Shit,” McDermott swore, looking away from Jerry for a moment as the weak door suddenly broke in and two men that Jerry recognized from next door came in. Seeing McDermott’s distraction, Jerry forced himself to ignore the pain of his injury and act. With as much force as he could, Jerry lashed out at McDermott, knocking her backwards while he unstably got back on his feet.

Clutching his side, Jerry watched McDermott warily, aware that the two neighbors were slowly coming up behind him, one of them muttering “Shit.”

“They said the cops are coming” Jerry warned McDermott, hoping that she’d leave, but she just glared at him, then started raising her gun again. “No!” Jerry screamed, jumping forward before she could aim at him. Jerry struggled with her, finding it difficult to do so with the intense pain from his side. The two men were coming to his aid, but not quickly enough to stop McDermott from grabbing his side, and making Jerry scream while she pulled away and started to aim the gun again.

“I won’t let you keep what’s mine,” McDermott screamed out, a frantic look in her eyes. Jerry didn’t care. He just wanted to stop her from shooting him again so quickly grabbed the nearest thing available, one of his dining room chairs, and threw it at her.

McDermott screamed as the chair smashed into her, flying back with the force and firing the gun again, fortunately not hitting anyone this time. Before Jerry’s eyes, McDermott fell back against the window from the force of the thrown chair, and smashed straight through it, quickly disappearing from Jerry’s sight.

“Holy Shit” one of the two men said as they both rushed to the window McDermott had just disappeared from. Wincing from the pain in his side, Jerry looked down and saw blood everywhere. God he felt like he wanted to collapse. With as much effort as he could give, Jerry managed to keep himself upright long enough to move over to the window and look out. What he saw didn’t surprise him at all. Several floors below, McDermott’s body laid motionless on the concrete, her neck bent at an extreme angle.

After the cops had arrived, they briefly questioned Jerry and the two men, before sending Jerry to the hospital for his gunshot wound. Since the cops hadn’t found any identity on McDermott, and Jerry hadn’t told them who she was, they assumed for the moment that she was some crazed burglar, which suited Jerry just fine. He wasn’t sure how to explain to them who even he really was much less his relationship to her.

Spending just several hours in the hospital was more than enough for Jerry. Even though the doctors warned him against moving much, and wanted him to remain overnight, Jerry refused and started on his way home from the hospital. He didn’t even know how he was going to pay for the little treatment they had given him much less a whole night.

Wincing slightly with every step, Jerry went back into his apartment and looked around at the mess. Both the door and window were gone, and everything inside was ruined. A bloodstain had already set in on the carpet even. Sighing, Jerry slowly went over to his couch and sat down before noticing something. There was a purse at the end of the couch and it certainly wasn’t his. McDermott’s he suddenly knew.

After hesitating only for a moment, Jerry decided that maybe there was something inside that would give him a clue about how McDermott had done that to him. And possibly a cure. However, as he dug through the purse, he found neither. What he did find however was McDermott’s wallet, with $300 cash in it. And her address.


For two days Jerry debated on whether or not to go to McDermott’s house. He knew that if he was going to find any answers, that would probably be the place to look. He just didnt’t like the idea of having to go over there. Of breaking and entering, even if she was dead.

While Jerry was debating with himself, Theresa kept coming over to comfort him, seeming to feel sorry for Jerry over having to go through that ‘trauma.’ Also during that time, something else surprised Jerry. He noticed that his wound was healing rapidly, and by the second day there was nothing left but a rapidly fading scar. That was what finally decided him. Using some of McDermott’s money, Jerry took a cab to her house.

McDermott’s house surprised Jerry. It was large enough, but once he went in he was struck by just how sparse it was. How it almost seemed barely lived in. Shrugging, Jerry started looking through her house, finding nothing that would indicate what she had done to him and how. Almost ready to give up, Jerry stopped when he saw something sitting on top of her kitchen table. A thick folder.

Nervously opening the folder up, Jerry half expected it to describe how to reverse what she’d done. Instead however he found something else. The whole thing was full of papers and stuff. Curious, Jerry picked up one, realizing that it looked like a driver’s license. He gasped when he saw the picture on the front. It was him. Or at least it was a picture of what he currently looked like.

“Shit,” he said aloud, staring at the proof in his hands that McDermott was responsible. There was more as well. He quickly found lots of identification papers, all with the same name on them as the driver’s license. Even several nice sized bank accounts. “She was going to use this on herself,” Jerry said aloud in realization. She was going to make herself look like him.

Looking down at the papers in his hands, Jerry read the name aloud “Bethany G. Heart.” But what did the G stand for? Jerry looked through the papers, not finding it until it dawned on him. G for Gretchen. “Or,” he said aloud with a smile forming on his face, “for Gerri.”

Jerry looked down at himself, knowing that this would probably be permanent, and not really feeling disappointed. And it would certainly help to have a new legal identity, which McDermott had so generously provided. Jerry knew that he still had a lot to learn about to be a woman and that it wouldn’t be easy. He still wasn’t even comfortable in his sexy new body, but he knew that given some time, he would be.

With a smile still on her face, Gerri picked up the folder full her of her new identity and quickly left McDermott’s place, looking forward to starting her new life. She still had a lot to learn, she knew, but was looking forward to learning it.

The End

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