Two Wrongs

Two Wrongs

When Clarissa's best friend Allison tells her that she had been raped, Clarissa decides that it is time for someone to learn a lesson. This story was originally written and posted in 2004

Warning: This is NOT a nice and happy story.


Clarissa leaned back and adjusted her position so that she could watch TV a little more comfortably. Though she knew that she wasn't supposed to watch TV until after she had done her homework for the night, that had never stopped her before and she wasn't about to let it stop her then either.

"Lame," she frowned as she flipped to a different channel, "Boring..." Then she paused for a moment to mutter, "Well, he's cute..."

For a moment, the pretty 17 year old high school student continued watching the channel she was currently on, or at least the cute guy who was on it. Then she paused, wondering why she was sitting there and watching guys on TV when she could go out and find a real one.

"I guess because the TV doesn't belch out the ABC's..." she smirked.

Just then, Clarissa was startled by the sound of the doorbell ringing. When she went to open it, her best friend Allison came rushing inside, looking pissed.

"What's wrong?" Clarissa asked in concern.

Allison just stood there for a moment, then blurted out, "Jeff raped me!"

"WHAT?" Clarissa gasped in shock.

Jeff was Allison's boyfriend and had been for nearly a month. Clarissa certainly didn't think that he was the kind to do something like that. Then again, she reminded herself, he was a boy...

"I was on my date with Jeff last night," Allison growled, "and he wanted to have Sex. And when I said no, he got really mad and raped me..."

"Merciful Goddess," Clarissa stared at Allison, "Have you gone to the police...?"

"No," Allison responded, "No police..." She shook her head.

Clarissa put her hand on Allison's, trying to comfort her, "Do you want to tell me about it...?"

"No," Allison shook her head, "I don't want to talk about it." For a moment, Allison just stood there looking angry, then she added, "I just wanted to let you know..."

And as Allison started back out the door, Clarissa growled, "Don't worry... I'll take care of everything..."

Once Allison was gone, Clarissa remained standing at the door, growing and more furious with every passing moment as she thought about it. How DARE Jeff do something that horrible to Allison. He was a monster... An evil monster.

Then Clarissa began to smile, though it was a cold and cruel smile. Though her friends didn't know it, Clarissa was a witch, capable of a great many powerful magics when she had reason. And at the moment, she'd never had more reason.

"Someone's got to teach that bastard a lesson," Clarissa growled furiously, "And I'm just the person to do it..."


Clarissa stood at in the middle of the large park, glaring furiously at Jeff as he slowly walked across it, apparently not noticing her yet. Between knowing his habit of cutting through the park every day around that time and using her magics, it had been a simple matter to locate him.

Jeff was a tall boy, both athletic and good looking, as well as possessing the kind of smile which made women melt. However, he was obviously so used to getting his way that he couldn't take it when some girl said no... Like Allison...

As soon as Jeff came closer, Clarissa stepped out in front of him and snarled, "I know what you did to Allison you ass-hole..."

"What?" Jeff gasped and stepped back.

Clarissa saw the look of guilt that passed over his face and became even more furious. He knew what he'd done was wrong... Now it was time to make him PAY.

"But...," he started to stammer.

However, Clarissa snapped, "I don't want to hear your lies..."

With that, Clarissa channeled her magic and willed Jeff to temporarily become mute. And while she was at it, she cast another spell which ensured that no one else would notice them and what they were up to. In fact, everyone in the park would completely avoid that area.

Jeff opened his mouth to say something but was obviously surprised when not a sound came out. A look of confusion and fear came over his face, though Clarissa knew that it was nothing compared to what was to follow.

"You RAPED Allison!" Clarissa yelled at him, no longer having to fear that anyone else would overhear. She glared at Jeff for a long moment with all of the fury that she possessed. Then she unleashed her magics.

For a brief second, Jeff just stood there, then let out a scream...or at least tried to as his body began to twist and contort. He let out a silent howl of pain as his bones and muscles cracked and changes, as his very flesh reshaped itself. Every agonizing moment of it seemed to last an eternity.

The changes were immediately obvious as Jeff shrank, both in height and stature. His muscles faded away as his body became softer and more feminine. Soft swells began to form on his chest, then push out into B cup breasts. Even his short brown hair grew until it hung about his shoulders. The final results of the transformation were undeniable. Jeff had become a girl...a very pretty girl, though not quite model material.

As the pain faded, Jeff struggled and scrambled about, obviously horrified and confused, much to Clarissa's delight. As far as she was concerned, she would have made the process even more painful for him had she been able to. He deserved it...every ounce of it.

"As you can see," Clarissa stated grimly, "I've used magic to turn you into a woman..." Jeff's mouth dropped open as he stared at her in fear and horror. "Don't worry... The spell only lasts for twelve hours..." But as Jeff began to let out a faint sigh of relief, Clarissa grinned cruelly, "Unless you have sex. Then it becomes permanent..."

Jeff stared at her in horror, then turned and tried to run, but Clarissa gave a brief gesture and he ran into an invisible wall. There was no way that he was going to get away that easily. In fact, there was no way that she was going to let him get away at all. And for that reason, she cast another spell, binding him with invisible magical chains which would prevent him from moving in any way that she did not command.

"You raped Allison," Clarissa growled coldly. "You raped my best friend just because she wouldn't put out..."

Jeff struggled against his invisible bindings, looking more and more panicked by the moment. He tried screaming, though nothing came out. There was no more chance of a whisper escaping from his lips than there was for him to escape his bindings.

"Well," Clarissa stepped up next to him, spitting into his face, "Now you will have to have a taste of your own medicine."

For a moment, Clarissa felt horrible for what she was going to do, but she quickly pushed those thoughts out of her mind. This had to be done. This was justice...

Clarissa gave a brief gesture to cast her spell and watched as all of Jeff's clothes fell away from him. He struggled even more as this happened, completely panicked though that would do him no good. And a moment later, Clarissa's clothes fell away as well.

Then Clarissa positioned herself so that Jeff could see her cast the next part of her spell. She let out a gasp from the strange sensations which rushed through her body, especially in her crotch which sprouted out into an impressive male member. Clarissa now possessed her own pair of testicles and a penis which was 10 inches in length, though the rest of her body remained normal.
Jeff stared at her new penis in even greater horror, realizing what was coming next. He went back to struggling again, even though he knew just how hopeless it was by then.

Clarissa didn't say a word as she pushed her helpless victim to the ground then straddled him. She hesitated only a moment before lowering her body and slowly pushing herself into him.

A long silent scream tore from Jeff's throat as he felt the large appendage tearing into him, making him feel as though he was going to be torn in half. His silent scream was filled with all of his helpless frustration and pain as the teenage witch began to go at him even harder.

Once Clarissa had finished up several minutes later, she stood above her helpless victim and glared down at him. Jeff was no longer screaming or even struggling. Instead, he just lay there sobbing hysterically. But it was no more than he deserved.

"I didn't enjoy doing this," Clarissa spat out, "But you needed to learn that what goes around comes around..."

However, Jeff just continued to sob, not even responding to her words. Clarissa glared at him, furious that even after he had experienced the same thing that he'd done to Allison, that he still probably didn't get it.

"You earned this," she growled out, "For what you did to Allison..."

Then Clarissa decided that she was going to have to show him what he had done to remind him of what he had done. And after seeing it, he would be forced to realize his evil ways and the justice of what she had just done.

After Clarissa had changed herself back to normal, she cast a second spell. Suddenly the air in front of them began to shimmer, then shine as though it were a mirror. Mere moments later, images began to take shape. Images of the night before where Jeff and Allison were sitting on the couch in her house and talking.

"Maybe this will remind you of what you did to Allison," Clarissa kicked at Jeff, pointing to the scrying disk. She wanted to make sure that he saw what he'd done... "LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID...!"

"C'mon Jeffey," Allison purred in the disk as she bent over and played with Jeff's ear. "We've been seeing each other for a month now... My parent's aren't home, so let's go to my room and fuck..."

Clarissa gasped in surprise at what Allison had just said. That didn't sound like what Allison had told her...but this was indeed images of what had happened the night before. Then Clarissa realized that Allison had changed her mind but Jeff wouldn't accept that... However, the young witch was even more surprised by the next comments.

"I'm sorry," Jeff apologized, "But I can't do that... I want to... I really do..." He pulled away from Allison, looking extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed as he explained, "I know it sounds pretty weird, but I'm not going to sleep with anyone until I get married..."

"That's stupid," Allison snapped at him. "Now quit goofing around... I'm feeling horny..."

"I told you no," Jeff sighed, getting up from the couch. "Maybe I should go..."

"No, you don't have to," Allison quickly responded, then gently added, "Come on... I'll just give you a massage... There's no harm in that..."

Jeff hesitated for a moment before nodding agreement. And as Clarissa watched the images in the scrying disk, the two of them went to Allison's bedroom where she instructed Jeff to lay down on the bed.

"Now just close your eyes and relax," Allison told him.

Clarissa was a little confused by what she was seeing as this didn't look at all like the violent rape that Allison had described. Then she gasped in surprise as Allison pulled out some handcuffs and quickly locked Jeff's hands to the metal headboard and his feet to the base. Jeff was completely tied up and helpless on the bed.

"Hey," Jeff tugged at the handcuffs, his eyes no longer closed. "What's going on? Let me out of these things..." He looked worried.

"No one says no to me," Allison snapped, glaring at the tied up Jeff.

For the next several minutes, Clarissa could only watch in stunned silence. Allison took off her clothes, then pulled out leather whip out from under her bed. Clarissa had never even known that Allison had such a thing, or the handcuffs. But that was nothing compared to the way that Allison was acting, the way she was messing with Jeff, who just kept demanding to be let loose.

"Quit whining," Allison growled in annoyance.

Then Allison grinned and grabbed a ball gag out of her dresser and stuffed it into Jeff's mouth. A moment later, she began to pull down his pants. He struggled, though it did little good as he was tied to the bed.

Allison laughed and grabbed hold of Jeff's erect penis, "Your mouth might say no, but your body says yes..."

Jeff struggled to get away as Allison climbed onto him and straddled him...then lowered herself onto his hard member with a gasp. She grinned, then let out another gasp, seeming even more excited by Jeff's struggles to get away.

"Oh yes," she cried out in delight.

Clarissa could only stare in shock and horror as she watched the events of the night before unfold before her. It was not Jeff that had raped Allison as she had said...but Allison who had raped him. She had even gone so far as to take a vibrator and shove it up Jeff's ass, obviously delighting in how much more it made him struggle.

"Enough," Clarissa whispered, the scrying disk vanishing.

She turned her eyes to Jeff, who had been watching it with a look of horror and anger. His cheeks were covered with tears and the look of shame and humiliation in his eyes was more than she could bear.

"Merciful Goddess," she whimpered, "What have I done?"

Unfortunately, the answer was obvious. Clarissa had just raped a man... She had just raped, tortured and humiliated an INNOCENT man. Jeff hadn't done anything wrong at all... In fact, he had been the victim, not once...but twice. He had been raped TWICE in a 24 hour girls that he'd trusted...

Clarissa shook as she stood there, staring down at Jeff again, this time not in fury and rage, but in horror and shame. "I'm so sorry," she whispered, releasing the magics which bound him, "Go...".

As soon as Jeff was free from the magic chains, he burst out running as fast as he could. He even let out a scream as his voice had returned.

All that Clarissa could do was collapse to her knees, shaking as she thought about what she had just done. About the horrors that she had just committed in the name of justice. In truth, she had taken an injustice and made it MUCH worse. She felt a sinking sickness as she realized just how similar her own rape of Jeff had been to Allison's the night before...

"I had no idea," Clarissa cried, tears pouring down her cheeks. She'd had no idea that Allison was so kinky...or that she would be capable of such an evil act. It was only made worse by the knowledge that in her own rage and anger, she had done almost the exact same thing... "No...worse...."

Clarissa grimaced in shame as she thought about the fact that she had just raped and humiliated someone who's only crime had been to say 'no'. And more...she had cast a spell on him which would leave him in a female body for the rest of his life.

"Oh merciful Goddess," Clarissa pleaded, silently begging for mercy...pleading for it. However, she knew that there would be none.

There was no doubt in Clarissa's mind that she was going to pay for what she had done. She could already feel the weight in her karma... It was one of the primary rules of magic. If you should use magic to do harm to an innocent, it weighed down on your karma. And if you did not rectify what you had done and make amends within three days, the bad karma would come back to you...three fold.

"Oh no," Clarissa gasped as she slowly stood back up.

She had just raped, tortured and humiliated an innocent man...trapping him in a form that was not his own for the rest of his life. There was no way that even she could change him back now... Clarissa had destroyed his life...and done more damage to him than should be possible.

There was no way that Clarissa could ever rectify what she had done... There was no way to undo make it so that things were all right. And there was no way that she would ever be able to make amends, much less within the three days time she had to do so.

Then Clarissa gulped in fear, suddenly thinking about the price which she would pay when her karma came back to her. She would suffer three times the harm that she had caused... Magic and karma were tricky things, but she had little doubt that she would lose her own powers for what she had done. She might even find herself gang raped and badly disfigured.. There was no telling exactly how her evil actions would come back to her...

"Three days," she whispered in fear and shame.


It was late in the morning and the day after Clarissa's actions, and she was exhausted, having not slept a moment. Instead, she had spent the entire night researching, looking for a way to reverse the magics which she had used to turn Jeff female, in the hopes that she might be able to repair some of the damage that she had caused. Unfortunately, she had found nothing which even suggested that she could undo it.

"Oh no," Clarissa cried out, her eyes still red from all the crying she had done.

Clarissa cringed in shame, hating herself for what she had done. She had blindly taken Allison's word without a shred of proof...or even bothering to look at the truth before hand. She had been so willing to believe the worst of Jeff, just because he was a man.

"What have I done?" Clarissa demanded of herself, for what had to have been the thousandth time.

But the answer was the same as it had been each time before. She had misused her powers and destroyed an innocent life. Now she was determined to do her best to correct the evil which she had done, though there was seeming to be less and less chance of that.

Suddenly Clarissa let out a loud gasp as she felt it hit her...a heavy darkness. It was her karma...the weight of which was enough to make her stagger.

"Oh no," she gasped in horror, her thoughts suddenly on Jeff. Something had just happened...

Clarissa immediately turned and started to run to Jeff's house. But when she arrived, she was horrified to find an ambulance and several police cars parked in front. A half dozen cops were scattered about. Then she saw a pair of paramedics carrying a stretcher which was covered with a blood stained white sheet...

"Goddess..." Clarissa whispered, unable to tear her eyes from it.

"What happened?" Clarissa demanded of one of the cops.

"An unstable teenage girl," the cop started to explain after a little encouragement from Clarissa's magic. "We think she was on drugs...but she came to this house yesterday and insisted that she was the son of the owners. They chased her off...but their son never came back last night. We think she has something to do with it..."

"And this?" Clarissa gestured to the ambulance, shaking as she did so.

"The girl returned this morning and broke into the house," the cop continued, looking a little expressionless under the influence of the spell. "She stole the owner's gun and used it to kill herself in their son's bedroom..."

"Oh Goddess..." Clarissa gasped.

For a moment, all that Clarissa was able to do was stare at the covered stretcher in horror... It was her fault... After what she had done to Jeff... After the horror and humiliation that she had unleashed upon him... She had broken him... She had been the one who drove him to kill himself...

"It's my fault," she whispered, the tears pouring down her cheeks.

However, as horrible as it was, Jeff's death was not a surprise to Clarissa. She had known it since she had felt that moment of dread and darkness a short while earlier She had known that Jeff was dead, even though she tried not to believe hold onto some slim hope.

Clarissa cringed with the guilt, knowing that Jeff would still be alive and well if it hadn't been for her... She had been so intent on punishing him that she hadn't even verified that he truly was the one who needed to be punished. She has tortured him...humiliated him...broken him. She had completely and utterly destroyed him, even taking away his very body and life. And now he was dead as a direct result of her actions.

But there was more... Now there was absolutely no way that Clarissa could repair the damage that she had done to Jeff's life... It would have been impossible before, and now it was just too late... There was absolutely no way that she could erase the black karma which she had earned... In fact, the suicide which had been caused by a direct result of her own actions had only added to it.

"I'm doomed," Clarissa stated quietly.

She felt utterly terrified of the very thought, of what would happen to her once her karma rebounded on her. Yet at the same time, she felt an acceptance...sure in the knowledge that it was no more than she had earned. There was no escaping her karma...

"Merciful Goddess...."

Then Clarissa stood up and grimaced, taking a deep breath. She was going to pay for her actions... That was right and proper... There was no escaping it. However, she was not the only one with blame in what had happened to Jeff.

"Allison," Clarissa spat the name of her best friend with all of the venom she possessed.

It was obvious that Clarissa had never known Allison as well as she had thought... She never would have imagined her friend being so...twisted. Or being able to do such evil. Allison had raped and humiliated Jeff, just because he wouldn't give her what she wanted.

"And then she lied about it," Clarissa spat out bitterly, "She lied to me..."

As if what Allison had done to Jeff wasn't bad enough, she'd made it look as though he was the one who had attacked her. She had framed the victim... Perhaps it was to save herself the embarrassment and discomfort that would come from other's knowing, or perhaps she had told the stories to protect herself in case Jeff went to the police. It was Allison's actions which first harmed Jeff, then her lies which had driven Clarissa to do the rest.

After a minute of silence, Clarissa said, "I accept responsibility for my actions...and I shall pay dearly for them." Of that she had no doubt. Then with a deepening scowl, she added, "But Allison must pay for hers as well..."

It was with a growing sense of grim determination that Clarissa reminded herself that she still had two days until her karma caught up with her... And until then, she still had her magic...and a VERY painful lesson to teach. It was painfully true that two wrongs did not make a right...but sometimes there was no choice.


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