Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother

It's prom night and Chris is sitting at home, wishing that he could go. Then like Cinderella, his fairy godmother shows up to help him with his wish. This story was originally written in 2002.


It was late afternoon, close to the evening and I was sitting in the chair by my computer, frowning as I glanced at the clock. It was almost time, not that it was really going to make much difference to me. And though I knew that I shouldn't even be wasting my time thinking about it, I just couldn't help it.

My name was Chris Meyers, and I was a pretty normal 17 year old, doing what just about any normal 17 year old guy would be doing when he didn't have a date for the prom. I was sitting home alone and sulking, though I didn't really think of it like that.

"Damn," I muttered, wishing that I didn't go to such a shitty school.

Actually, I guessed that my school wasn't bad as far as small town schools went, but there was one major problem with it. Namely the fact that the boys outnumbered the girls by about 2 to 1. That meant that even the ugliest girl in school had her pick of dates while like me, a lot of other guys were stuck at home and dateless. The fact that I wasn't alone in my problem didn't make me feel any better.

With a sigh, I looked towards the ceiling and exclaimed, "I wish I had a date for the prom," not having to add the part about getting laid as well, though I sure as hell thought it. But then again, wasn't that a traditional part of prom night?

Suddenly the lights started to flicker, just before there was a flash of light on the other side of my bedroom. I jumped to my feet in surprise, completely shocked to see someone standing there.

"Oh shit..." I gasped.

It was obviously a woman standing there, wearing a gray pin striped suit with a hat that made her look like she'd come out of some old Al Capone movie or something. She looked up at me, showing a gorgeous face and the fact that she had blonde hair that was pulled back into some sort of bun.

"Heya kid," the woman said, shifting her hat slightly, "I'm gonna do yas a favor and help ya with yer wish."

All I could do was stare at the woman in shock and complete confusion, wondering how the hell she'd suddenly appeared in my room, not to mention the dozen or so other questions that flooded into my brain. I was more than half convinced that I was having some sort of dream.

"Close yer trap kid," the woman told me with a smirk.

"Who...who the hell are you?" I demanded, not moving from where I stood. I wasn't sure to just stand there and oggle her, or call for help. I was leaning towards the first though.

"Have ya ever seen the Godfather?" she abruptly demanded. Before I could nod, she continued, "The best movie ever made." Then she paused again, giving me a look as if daring me to argue with her. "I just wish they'd do one with a dame...the Godmother."

I just blinked, "Okay..."

"Well," she exclaimed, reaching inside of her jacket and pulling out a cigar, "that's sorta what I am. A godmother. Specifically, a fairy godmother." With that, she put the cigar into her mouth, where it abruptly lit itself. She took a long drag and then blew a stream of smoke out. Oddly enough, it was pink smoke. "Your fairy godmother," she finished, giving me a steady gaze.

For a moment, all I could do was stare at the woman in disbelief. Pink smoke was beginning to circle overhead, and to my surprise, it didn't smell like the normal cigar smoke stink. Instead, it smelled like...perfume.

"What...what's going on?" I asked, looking around suspiciously, half expecting one of my friends to jump out laughing at their joke.

"It's a Cinderella thing," she said, sounding just a little annoyed, "And I'm here to make ya an offer that ya can't refuse..."

I took a deep breath and stood up tall, ignoring the fact that she'd come closer to me and was giving me a speculative look while puffing her cigar. "And what would that be?" I asked, trying to hide my disbelief.

She rolled her eyes, "Look kid, I'm here ta grant yer wish." Then she gave me a look as if to say 'duh'. "I'm gonna get ya to the prom like ya wanted."

"Wow," I gasped, suddenly realizing what she was offering. "You'll be my date?"

"You wish," she snorted, "Yer not exactly my type."

That was a little disappointing, but not too unexpected. I knew that I wouldn't be lucky enough to have a girl that hot go with me. Of course there was the fact that she looked to be in her early to mid twenties and it was even less likely that she'd go out with someone my age. But hell, I could still hope.

"This is where I do that bippity boppety boo shit," she told me with a smirk, "and get this thing going."

I held up my hands for her to wait, "You mean that you'll really help me get a date?" She nodded yes and I gasped, "But what about the tux everything else?"

She just looked exasperated, "Everything will be taken care of."

Then with that, she took a deep drag on her cigar then blew the smoke back out. However, the thick pink smoke which poured from her lips showed no signs of ceasing, instead, it just came thicker and started to move towards me like some kind of tentacle. Within moments, I was almost completely surrounded by the perfume scented smoke.

Suddenly I started to feel sort of tingly and light headed. My whole body felt all...weird, though I couldn't exactly explain how, even to myself.

"W...what's happening?" I gasped, my voice sounding rather strange to my ears. However, there was no answer from the strange woman who claimed to be my fairy godmother.

All I could do was remain where I was, my nostrils overwhelmed by the strong perfume smell, and I was unable to see much of anything through the thick pink smoke either. My heart raced though as I felt a sinking apprehension, which was only added upon by the fact that I could feel something happening to me...something really freaky happening to me.

Just then, the smoke started to clear away, and I could see my fairy godmother standing to the side with a satisfied look on her face. "That should about do it," she exclaimed smugly.

"What should...?" I started, looking down at myself and then freezing in shock at what I saw.

My eyes shot wide open as I stared down at what were obviously a pair of tits...on my chest. But that wasn't the only thing that shocked me. There was also the fact that I was wearing a cream colored dress...a prom dress.

I quickly rushed to the small mirror in the corner of my room and stared at my reflection in horror. What stared back was a very pretty girl with dark hair that hung down around her shoulders. She already had her makeup on and ready for the prom, with a little pendant that hung down to her breasts. My eyes lowered to those and widened, then continued down to take further stock of my body.

Her...my figure was rather nice as well, filling out the prom dress in all the right places. That fact filled me with mixed emotions as I continued to stare at myself. I felt disgusted that this was actually me, but at the same time, there was a faint tinge of pride as well. Hell, I was probably one of the hottest girls in my school...but I wasn't a girl.

"What the hell did you do to me?" I demanded, nearly hysterical as I snapped my attention back to my godmother who was watching with some amusement. One of my hands went to my chest, almost of its own accord, proving that the breasts were indeed real. The other one went to my crotch, verifying what I'd already known. "You turned me into a GIRL!"

Her eyes suddenly narrowed dangerously and she asked, "You think that there's something wrong with girls?"

I was just about to snap back when my better sense got the better of me. "Um..." I stammered, taking an instinctive step backwards, "No. But...but you said you were going to help me go to the prom..."

"And I am," she responded with a smirk. "All of the girls in your school already have dates, sos the only way I could get ya one was if it was with one of the other guys without a date."

For a moment, I could only stare at her with my mouth open. "But...but why turn me into a girl?" My voice shook as I asked, trying not to get her pissed at me at the same time. "Couldn't you have...?" I cut off, not sure exactly what I meant.

She shook her head at that, "It don't work that way," she explained, gesturing to me with her cigar, "I'm YOUR fairy godmother and that means I can't do this kinda shit with no one else."

"Then change me back," I pleaded, "I don't want to go to the prom like this."

She glared at me for a moment, as if angry that I would change my mind and waste her time. Then she responded, "No can do." With a frown, she continued, "The magics already been done and ya won't be changing back till all conditions of yer wish have been fulfilled. At that, she paused before finishing, "And that means going to the prom...."

"But...," I started, staring at her.

"There's also a time limit," she interrupted, obviously irritated that I'd interrupted her first, "If all conditions of yer wish aren't met by midnight, the magics can't finish and change things back to normal. So's ya got till midnight..."

I took a deep breath and tried to calm down. "You mean all I have to do to get back to normal is go to the prom?"

Though I didn't like it, that was pretty easy. All I had to go was go there, hang around a bit and then leave early. Getting to the prom before midnight wouldn't be a problem at all. Of course I wasn't particularly fond about going out in public as a girl, but what other choice did I have?

"Not exactly," she smirked, taking another puff of her cigar before stubbing it out. "Part of yer wish was that ya get laid after the prom." My mouth dropped open at that while she continued, "Once ya go to the prom and get laid, y'll turn back to yer old self at midnight. If not..." she shrugged, "ya better get used to periods."

I stared at her with my mouth dropped open in horror, trying to make sense of what she'd just told me. "But I never wished to get laid...," I protested.

She shook her head, "Maybe not aloud, but ya know that was what ya meant." Then as I started to protest again, she glared at me, "Yer the one who made the conditions...so don't go gettin yer panties in a knot. Ya got till midnight, so why don'tcha shut yer yap and get ready. Yer date will be here soon..."

Then before I could come up with any kind of response, pink smoke started to circle around her feet and she suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke and light. However, her voice echoed through the room, "Have fun kid...but remember, ya gots till midnight."

"Fuck no," I whispered once she was gone, looking down at my body in dread. "This can't be happening. No fucking way..."

I'd made plenty of wishes before, hundreds of them...thousands. But none of them had ever come true before now. Why couldn't my wish for Heather Lockeby to fall for me come true, or my wish for a million dollars? Why did it have to be this wish...and in this way? What had started as an impossible fairy tale had suddenly taken a turn into a freakish nightmare.

As I stood there, I reached down and ran my hands over my changed body, feeling a bit of a chill as I did so. It was so...freaky. Not just that my body had changed, but the fact that it didn't feel even stranger than it did. Sure, I felt weird, but not quite as much as I would have expected.

Then I remembered what I'd have to do to get back to normal and winced. I'd never had sex as a guy, but now the only way to get back to being a guy was to have it as a girl. The idea seemed....gay, and it sure as hell wasn't how I ever imagined my first time being.

"I've got to get laid to get back to normal," I told myself aloud, as if that would make it a little easier to swallow. It didn't.

At this point, I went back to the mirror and looked myself over some more. Damn I was hot, though that didn't make me feel too much better. Again though, there was a faint trickle of pride at that, but I would still have preferred to see my usual and average face.

With that, I took another deep breath and turned from the mirror, deciding that I had better go and get this over with. I had no idea what I was going to do about getting laid, though I couldn't help remembering HER saying that I'd have a date.

I left my room and started down the stairs, feeling just a little wobbly at that point in the heels I was wearing. I'd been able to balance in them all right in the room, but going down the stairs was a little something else. I was just thankful that they weren't those really high stiletto heels that looked so hot. Still, though I wasn't used to the heels, I didn't have any real problem making it down the stairs, and I did get a little better at walking in them as well.

"The plan," I told myself quietly, "Sneak out...get to the prom...and maybe find someone to...to..." I sighed, then grimaced in determination. "Someone to fuck me."

I was halfway to the front door when I suddenly found myself face to face with my mom. She stared at me for a second, her eyes filled with questions, but that suddenly cleared up and she smiled.

"You look radiant honey," my mom gushed, looking me up and down as though she saw nothing wrong with me in the least. "I remember my prom dress..."

I was confused by my mom's reaction, and then she stepped away and called to my dad to come take a look at me. The thought of him seeing me like that too wasn't very comfortable, but there was nothing I could do as he stepped into the room a moment later. He looked at me oddly for just a second as well before his expression changed.

"The most beautiful girl in the world," my dad sighed, then glanced at my mother, "Or at least the second most beautiful."

I felt extremely odd by my parents reactions to me, by the fact that they were treating me as though I'd always been a girl. With a quick glance to the picture of me on the wall, I was assured that it was still normal...though only for a few seconds more as it quickly changed into a picture of the girl me.

"Shit," I thought in surprise, realizing that my fairy godmother was taking care of all the little things that would make people realize the truth....like their memories. That was scary and impressive at the same time.

Just then, the doorbell started ringing. Dad just grinned and winked at me before opening the door. My heart skipped as I recalled HER talk about a date, realizing that this had to be him. I'd sort of been hoping to avoid him, but now it was obvious that I couldn't. Of course, a part of me also realized that I could probably use him to get back to normal...no matter how much I might hate it.

As soon as the other teen came inside, I gasped at the sight of him. It wasn't just the fact that it was my best friend Aaron standing there, but there was also the fact that he was wearing a nice tux, which I'd never even imagined him in. And he was holding a corsage.

"You look gorgeous," Aaron complimented me with a smile, looking sincere.

I blushed at that, though I hadn't meant to. "Thanks," I responded, trying to be polite as he gave me the corsage. The whole situation was just so...freaky.

After Aaron gave me the corsage, we spend the next several minutes letting my dad take the obligatory pictures. All the while, mom gushed over how pretty I looked, leaving me with little choice but to give a forced smile and pretend that I was actually enjoying myself.

"Enjoy yourselves," my mom called out as we finally started to leave.

My dad was just standing there, looking rather proud, but somewhat stern as well. "Don't be out too late," he warned, giving a sturdy look at Aaron, who quickly promised that we wouldn't be.

A minute later, Aaron and I were sitting in his car and starting for the school, though there was an uncomfortable silence as neither of us quite knew what to say. "So...," Aaron finally broke the silence with a nervous grin, "do you think anyone will spike the punch?"

I couldn't resist smiling faintly at that. "Maybe," I responded slowly, remembering that Aaron and I had joked about that very same thing just the day before. "I think that Mike and Eddie would probably try something like that."

"Sounds like them," Aaron chuckled, the mood lifted a little.

When we arrived at the school, I started to climb out of the car but Aaron protested, then got out and ran around, opening my door for me. I felt a little silly having him do something that I was perfectly capable of doing myself, however there was a tiny part of me that actually liked being treated as though I were special.

"Here we are," Aaron announced unnecessarily, sounding a bit nervous.

I just nodded, muttering, "One condition down." Then I looked at Aaron with a frown, knowing that the harder condition was yet ahead and I had no idea how to go about starting it. Especially when it was something that I really wished I could do without.

As we went inside, I took a deep breath then slowly looked around in amazement. I'd never really thought that I would be coming to the prom at all so just being there was something of a thrill. Still, it was a thrill that I'd much rather avoid. Everything was decorated to the hilt and music was blaring from speakers against all of the walls. And then there were the students, all of them...or at least most of them dressed up pretty nicely.

Before I realized it, I found myself standing face to face with a couple of my class mates, though I couldn't say that they were really friends. There was Kelly Thomas, a slightly smug girl who was one of the most beautiful in the school and loved to flaunt it, and her date Neil, who just happened to be a bigshot on the basketball team.

At first there was an expression on Kelly's face, as though she was about to demand to know who I was. However that flickered and passed, and she suddenly smiled and exclaimed, "That dress looks very nice on you Chris."

"Um...thank you," I responded, surprised by her reaction, though it was about the same as what I'd gotten from my parents. And it was obvious from Neil's expression, he was effected as well. "Yours too..."

Aaron and I left them and started through the crowd, saying 'hi' to various friends and faculty, with me noticing the same kind of reaction from each of them. It was like a chain reaction that spread out, with everyone I met recognizing me as if I'd always been a girl. It was strange, but I had to admit that I was sort of thankful for it as well. It made things a lot easier for me.

However, after several more people called me Chris, while acting as though I've always been a girl, it finally dawned on me how off that was. I quickly turned to Aaron and demanded, "What's my name?"

"Your name?" he asked in confusion. But after seeing the serious look on my face, he answered, "Christina of course."

"OK," I responded slowly, guessing that even that had been taken care of. At Aaron's look of curiosity, I explained, "I just wanted to make sure that you didn't ask the wrong gu...girl to come with you."

With a smile at that, Aaron looked down at his feet and blushed. Then he abruptly asked, "Want some punch?" He gestured to the punch bowl which was just a few feet away, then nodded towards Mike and Eddie while giving me a wink.

I couldn't resist grinning at that, momentarily forgetting my situation. "Sure," I answered, taking the cup he offered, "Maybe they've already gotten to it." However, if they had, I certainly couldn't taste it.

As I sipped at my punch, I slowly looked around and spotted the people on the dance floor. I glanced towards Aaron, realizing that I was really going to have to get things going if I wanted to...well, get things done before midnight.

"Let's dance," I announced, grabbing Aaron's arm and not giving him much choice as I pulled him towards the dance floor.

Dancing with Aaron was rather strange, but not nearly so bad as I feared. It was even odder when we did some of the slower dances and I had to get even closer to him, especially since he was the one leading. But I managed just fine, even enjoying myself a bit.

After we'd been dancing for awhile, I decided that it was time for me to make my move. Being in the middle of one of those slow dances made it the perfect opportunity. With that, I took a deep breath and put one of my hands on Aaron's butt, making him jump slightly in surprise.

"Why don't you and I find a nice private corner," I whispered into Aaron's ear, "and fuck?"

Aaron's eyes went wide at that and he gulped visibly, taking a step back. "I...I...," he stammered, "I'm not ready for something like that..."

"What...?" I gasped, taking a step back myself and glaring at Aaron in disbelief. If some hot looking girl had asked me that, I would have been there in an instant. What was wrong with him? "What do you mean you're not ready?"

For a moment, Aaron looked flustered, then he looked down in embarrassment, "I really like you," he stammered, "but...I'm waiting until I get married."

I just glared at him, feeling angry that I'd wasted half the damn night on him without any chance of getting laid...and then back to normal. And though I didn't want to really admit it, I was also pretty pissed that he'd turned me down. After what I'd offered him...I'd never been so insulted.

Still, I had to remind myself that Aaron was my best friend and it wasn't his fault that I was in my current situation. It might not have been his fault, but he was obviously not going to be part of the solution either. And at the moment, that was what I needed more than a friend.

"I'm sorry," I told Aaron, actually meaning it. Then I turned and hurried away from him, cursing under my breath and knowing that I was going to have to hurry if I was going to make it in time. "Damn!"

After this, I slowly walked around the prom, feeling almost as though I were a hunter. A very nervous and uncomfortable hunter that didn't want to find his prey...but one that had damn well better if he was going to eat. Or better yet, get back to being a guy.

I cursed under my breath several more times before I finally stopped at the sight of a tall blonde guy leaning up against a wall all alone and watching the floor. That was what I needed, I gulped, or who I needed. Todd Gourney. I had a couple of classes with him and knew that he was always bragging about all the girls he banged. And as much as I disliked him, and what we had to do, at least he would be able to do what Aaron hadn't.

"Um...hi," I said as I approached Todd.

Todd's expression went from blank to one of recognition in just a moment. "Hey Chris," he nodded with a grin. "What's up?"

I hated myself for doing this, but I was desperate. With a forced smile, I steeled myself and asked, "I was wondering if you could do me a little favor?" He gave me a somewhat skeptical look at that, then I blushed, gulping as I bent over and whispered in his ear, "I...I have a cherry that I want your help in removing..."

For a moment, Todd just stared at me in disbelief, then he choked out, "I'd...I'd love to help." I didn't give him much chance to change his mind before I started yanking him out of the gym and towards somewhere a little more private.

"Damn her," I silently cursed my fairy godmother as Todd and I went into an empty classroom.

"I always wanted to do it on the teacher's desk," Todd commented with a nervous grin. I just nodded silently, just wanting to do what needed to be done and get it over with.

Todd and I started to kiss, and though it was a bit awkward, it wasn't as bad as I'd expected. My heart was racing though, but whether from fear or even the excitement that I was beginning to feel, I didn't know. Then again, my new parts had already been a little warmed up from dancing with Aaron. It was strange that I was regretting that it wasn't with him...

Neither of us said a word as we started to undress, though it was immediately clear that Todd was already hard...much to my embarrassment...and relief. I was mostly undressed leaning back on the desk, not caring if everything on it had already been dumped unceremoniously onto the floor.

I was filled with mixed emotions as Todd played with my nipples, getting my body to react almost on its own. My nipples were both poking out, feeling like tiny little hard-on's, while my crotch was starting to feel pretty wet. The sensations were definitely strange, but very pleasurable at the same time.

"Do it," I finally whispered, hoping that Todd would stick it inside of me so that the spell could be broken. I didn't quite want to admit that I wanted it inside of me for another reason as well.

Then, just as Todd was positioning himself...the classroom door suddenly opened up and a girl's voice screamed out, "What the fuck?"

"Shit...," I gasped, feeling completely humiliated at being caught as I looked towards the door, my eyes going even wider at the sight of who it was.

"Deanne..." Todd stammered and he jumped back, scrambling to pull his pants back up.

There was a pretty blonde girl at the door with an extremely pissed off expression. Deanne Warner was Todd's latest girlfriend, though I hadn't even considered that she could be around. After all, he'd been standing around all alone and at the rate he went through girlfriends.

"It's not what it looks like," Todd stammered out.

However, it was obvious that Deanne wasn't buying it. Instead, as I scrambled frantically to get my clothes back on, she snarled, "You fucking slut...," just before she stormed right back out of the room.

Todd quickly hurried after, calling Deanne's name as he rushed from the classroom, leaving me there all alone and half naked. All I could do was stand there, feeling furious and completely humiliated.

"No," I looked up and screamed, "Why me?" What did I ever do to deserve this?

There wasn't any answer, though I hadn't really expected any. Well, there had been the faint thought that my fairy godmother might show up again at that....but there was no sign of her again. I wasn't sure to be disappointed at that or relieved.

A minute later, I left the classroom, all my clothes back on and a long series of profanities streaming from my mouth. I was going to have to look for someone else, and it had been bad enough the last time.

Once again I found myself stalking the gym and looking for a likely target. It wasn't easy bringing myself to do it, but time was growing short and I was desperate. There were people everywhere, but very few who were alone enough for me to go after. But then I finally found my target, my choice of one only proving the depths of my desperation.

"Hello Edgar," I greeted the lone boy who was sitting off to the side, looking pretty dejected. Edgar was tall and lanky, with somewhat greasy dark hair, acne and a pair of thick glasses. He looked every inch the stereotype of a nerd, though I knew from personal experience that he was a pretty nice guy. "I wonder if you can do me a favor..."

"Oh...um...hi," Edgar responded nervously, "Um...what can I do for you?"

I just gave him a forced smile and tugged on his arm, "Just come with me..."

This time, I decided to avoid the classroom and brought Edgar to a large janitors closet, though it was pretty obvious that he was completely confused. I nearly smiled at that, or would have if the situation had been a little different. As it was, I just wanted to get it done and over with.

After turning on the light and then pulling a somewhat clueless Edgar into the closet, I locked the door and turned towards him. "What...?" he asked curiously, looking around, "Do you need help cleaning something?"

"Just my plumbing," I responded, grabbing hold of my breasts and caressing them through my dress. Edgar's eyes went wide as realization suddenly dawned on him. "I want you," I told Edgar, and then I told him in complete honesty, "I need you."

"But...but...," Edgar stammered, his eyes wide in awe as I slowly started to undress.

"Shhh," I put my finger to his lips. "I don't want to talk. I want to fuck. Can you help me with that?"

Edgar nodded his head, "Definitely..." And then he started pulling his pants down. I paused for a moment to stare at his dick, startled to realize that it was even bigger than mine...or bigger than mine had been. I couldn't help feeling a surge of envy that someone like him had a bigger cock than me. But at least he had a hard-on and was ready to go.

I didn't waste much time in removing my dress, revealing my mostly naked body to Edgar with a slight smirk. "So what do you think?" I asked, trying to be as sexy as I could and even running my hands down my body in a way that I knew would have driven me absolutely bonkers.

"Oh God," Edgar gasped in a tone that proved how successful my little maneuver had been. Unfortunately, a second late it was proven too successful as Edgar started spewing all over the place. His jizm was all over the rows of toilet paper that filled one shelf, and his previously erect cock was now as flaccid as a piece of cooked spaghetti.

All I could do was wince, "No..." That was not good. "Get it up again," I told Edgar firmly, perhaps a little too firmly, though I knew very well that it didn't just work like that.

Edgar shrugged and gave me an apologetic look, followed by a hopeful smile. We both knew that it was over though. Then he asked, "Do you want to go with me for dinner and a movie tomorrow?"

I just glared at him and silently then put my clothes back on, feeling disgusted at myself. Not only had I just thrown myself at two guys like some kind of slut, but I'd failed with them both too. It was definitely not my night and time was growing shorter with every passing minute.

Edgar left first, and while I finished up getting my prom dress adjusted, I wondered how come I couldn't just have been cursed to stay that way if I did have sex, not if I didn't. It sure as hell would have made things a whole lot easier. But then again, from what my fairy godmother had said, the rules of her magic didn't quite work that way.

"What a bitch," I muttered, not sure whether I meant my fairy godmother, or the way her magic worked. Truth be told, I probably meant both.

With a sigh, I left the closet, determined that I wasn't going to let my second failure stop me. After all, they said that the third time is the charm, but then again that had been the third time. I just hoped...prayed that it wasn't more a case of three strikes and you're out.

Once again I was walking in the prom room, startled to overhear one girl talking to another, "...Chris and Todd..." I didn't hear much else of what they said, but I blushed, having a pretty good idea of what it was about. And just several minutes later, I heard another girl saying, "left with that dweeb Edgar..."

"Damn," I cringed, knowing that I couldn't take the time to worry about the damn gossip mill at the moment. I still had to get laid, and quickly.

Just as I was making my way around the room, I was startled to find myself face to face with Aaron. He had just been sitting there in a chair, watching the dancing with a sad...almost hurt expression. I immediately felt guilty at the way I'd treated him. I mean, he'd been my best friend for several years...

"I'm sorry," I said, nearly making Aaron jump as he hadn't noticed me there. "I shouldn't have just left you like that."

Aaron immediately brightened up, "Thanks." From the way he looked at me and the look in his eyes, I rather doubted that the gossip had made it to him yet.

We both stood there for a moment after this, neither of us saying anything. Finally, I broke the silence with a whispered, "You don't know how much this means to me." Again, there was the uncomfortable silence.

For a moment, Aaron looked down at his own feet uncomfortably, then he looked back up at me and put a hand on my arm. "If it means that much to you," he told me quietly, "I'd be honored..."

My eyes lit up at that and I felt guilty again for the way I'd treated him. But unfortunately, I still needed to use him. "Thanks," I responded with a nervous smile, putting my hand on top of his.

This time it was Aaron who led the way, heading towards his car. I said nothing as we went, though I did lean up close to him, feeling almost romantic. It was silly, but that was how I felt.

We started off with the apparent intention of going to Aaron's house, until he remembered that his mom was getting off work early that night and would probably be home. It was a bit of a disappointment, but I wasn't going to be put off. Especially not with the time running so short.

"Pull off there," I whispered sexily to Aaron, gesturing to the park. I even caressed his crotch through his pants, trying to get him in the mood. I just hoped that there wasn't another Edgar incident. God that pissed me off.

Once Aaron had pulled into a stop in a nice secluded area, he whispered, "Here we are..."

"Oh yes," I purred in his ear, "here we are indeed."

I glanced at digital clock on Aaron's dashboard, relieved that it said it was only 11:30. There was half an hour to go. For a minute, we both sat there uncomfortably, then I reached over and started to massage Aaron's groin. He moaned slightly, making me smile in response.

"The back seat?" he asked, giving a glance back. Less than a minute later, we were both climbing back there, though there was rather limited room. I rather would have had a bed or something, but beggars can't be choosers.

Aaron and I started to clumsily remove each other's clothes, though it was obvious that he wanted to go slow and be romantic about it. And since we still had nearly half an hour, I certainly wasn't going to complain. In fact, I found that I was enjoying it a whole lot more that way.

In between removing our clothes, Aaron started to play with my nipples, which felt very nice. "I've never done this before," he apologized, but he was certainly doing very well for an amateur.

"Feels fine to me," I gasped out, nearly moaning as he started to massage my breasts.

Then Aaron bent down to start licking my nipples while one hand slowly went down to my crotch. He hesitated for a moment, looking at me questioningly but I told him to go ahead. Then he touched me there, which felt strange...but rather pleasant as well. I hadn't even touched myself down there like that yet.

I bent over and kissed Aaron on the lips, surprised at myself and the fact that it didn't feel gay at all. It felt...well, it felt good. I continued kissing Aaron, moving my way down towards his chest while he slowly fingered my vagina.

We continued this foreplay for close to fifteen minutes, getting even more comfortable with it as we went on. My inhibitions were quickly melted away and I was enjoying myself immensely.

Finally we got to the point where Aaron was straddling me, positioning himself. This was that scared me the most, but was also the most necessary. I both hoped and dreaded that there would be another interruption.

"Should I...?" Aaron asked, looking at me in concern, as well as obvious lust.

I looked up at Aaron with a smile, then gave him a faint nod. "Do it," I told him, "do it now."

Aaron didn't waste any more time before lowing himself down and into me. I gasped in surprise at the alien sensation of something inside of my body, though he didn't get in very far at all before he hit something. It didn't take a genius to realize that it was my...my cherry."

"Do it!" I ordered Aaron, grabbing him tightly and pushing myself into him.

A moment later, I nearly screamed from the sharp pain, though I bit my lip to keep from screaming out. Tears were even coming from my eyes.

"I'm sorry Chris...," Aaron gasped, starting to pull out.

However, I wrapped my legs around him so that he couldn't and said, "Don't you dare." Then I gave him a weak smile and told him, "Don't stop now."

Aaron nodded and started to slowly pump in and out, biting his lip slightly as he obvious tried to keep from cumming. I moaned from the pleasure that was beginning to build, though the pain from my broken cherry was still there.

"Oh God," I gasped out, in awe of the alien sensations and the building pressure inside of me.

Then the pressure broke and I orgasmed, my whole body shaking from the force of it. I gasped aloud, realizing that it was a hell of a lot better than when I jacked off in the bathroom. And it was starting to build again.

However, Aaron pulled out of me at that and gasped, "Oh...," just as he started to cum, spewing jizm all over my belly.

We both remained where we were for a moment before I joked, "I feel like a cigarette." Then we both burst into giggles at that.

"I can't believe that I just did it," Aaron blurted out, looking at me in amazement, "That we just did it."

All I could do was nod, sharing his feelings. Then I looked over at the clock, relieved to see that I even had 5 minutes to go. Then, I would change back. There was a lot of relief in that, knowing that I'd done what I needed to do and would finally get to change back. I just wasn't sure what the hell I was going to say to Aaron once I did however.

Neither of us really said much as we remained in the back seat, though Aaron did use one of his socks to wipe off the mess we'd made. We were both still in awe of what we'd done, and me of how good it had felt. I couldn't believe that it felt so good to have sex as a girl. And they were supposed to be able to orgasm lots of times, which almost made me wish that I could stay that way just a little bit longer. Or at least long enough to experience that myself.

When the clock finally turned to 12:00, I said, "It's midnight," gesturing towards it and waiting for my body to start to change.

"What?" Aaron asked, looking to his dash and then chuckling. "Oh that. My clock's about twenty minutes slow."

I suddenly froze as those words hit me, sending a cold shiver down my spine. My eyes went wide in horror as I turned from the clock, then back to Aaron, feeling as if I my heart was going to explode from my chest.

"What?" I squeaked out.

"I keep meaning to change it," Aaron shrugged, "but I keep forgetting."

All that I could do was sit up and stare at the clock in horror, knowing full well what that twenty minutes meant. It meant that I didn't have sex before midnight...that I didn't fulfill all of the conditions so the spell wouldn't be broken. I was stuck...

"Are you all right?" Aaron asked, though I barely noticed him at the moment.

My thoughts raced, and I realized that by now, half the school would have heard the gossip and would think that I was some sort of horny slut. And from the way I'd just acted with Aaron, enjoying it all, that included myself.

But as bad as that was, the fact that my whole reputation had just been set, was of course the fact that I was going to be stuck as a girl for the rest of my life. The weight of that suddenly crashed down upon me. I wanted to scream out in frustration and anger, but instead I just burst into tears.

Aaron was obviously confused by my reaction, though I was more concerned with what was going to happen to me. All I'd wanted was a date, but instead, I lost my manhood...my very identity. Without a word, I grabbed hold of Aaron for support, knowing that I was going to need it from now on.

And as we both sat there in silence, my anger started to build. I mentally cursed every fairy tale that I'd ever hear, especially Cinderella. Of course my anger was really targeted towards the fairy godmother...my fairy godmother. The woman who'd turned an innocent wish into a curse that would last for the rest of my life. Somehow, I doubted that I was ever going to see that bitch again, but if I did...

The End

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