Genie Wishes

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Genie Wishes
By Morpheus

Larry's best friend Peter finds a genie and soon gets carried away with the wishes.


Peter was my best friend, and had been since we'd first met back in high school. We were both 24, but he was 6 foot even, nearly two inches taller than me, and somewhat more athletic. He was also the more outgoing of the two of us, and something of a ladies man. At least he never seemed to have a problem finding a girlfriend, just keeping them.

As for me, I was Larry Collins, 5 foot 10, average build and with a mop of dark blonde hair on top of my head. There's not really much to say about me, though I do lack the confidence and charm that my friend possesses. In fact, there are times when I feel less like his friend and more like his sidekick. But it had been like that since we'd met.

At the moment, we were just getting back to Peter's condo after having spent a couple hours looking for new a new TV. Peter had decided to get a new big screen as soon as he got the promotion that he was expecting at work and I had come along while he looked for the one he wanted.

"Why did you bother looking for a TV now?" I asked Peter, a little annoyed that we'd spent all that time looking at TV's and video equipment, and the only thing that we'd actually come away with were a couple of DVDs. "Shouldn't you wait until you at least GET the promotion?"

"C'mon Larry," Peter grinned at me, "Why wait when I can decide what I want now?"

I rolled my eyes at that. Sure, there was the fact that the promotion wasn't expecting to come up for another month or so... Sure, there was nothing to guarantee that Peter was actually going to be the one getting it... There was also the fact that I knew Peter, and I knew that no matter what he decided now, he was going to start looking all over again as soon as he got the promotion, all in the hopes that he could find something newer and better that had come out between now and then.

"Oh joy," I muttered to myself, easily imagining another trip around all the stores that sold big screen TV's in another month or so.

Peter and I were still in the condo parking lot, when he suddenly exclaimed, "Hey Larry, check this out..."

"Huh?" I blinked.

Without another word, Peter went over to the dumpster and picked something up from the ground in front of it. It took me a moment to realize what it was, but when he held it up I saw that it was one of those Arabian oil lamps...the kind that you'd almost expect a genie to come out of.

"Looks like I found myself an Aladdin's lamp," Peter grinned at me.

As we went into Peter's place, I glanced at the lamp that he was still carrying. It looked like it was made out of brass or something, with lots of faint designs and writing on it. But it also looked old and faded... And it wouldn't have surprised me a bit of it had actually been an antique rather than one of those newer made ones that were sold for decoration.

Once we were inside, Peter absently set the lamp down on the coffee table and went to grab a couple beers. And after turning on the TV, we both forgot all about the lamp, at least for about fifteen minutes.

"Why'd you grab that thing anyway?" I asked Peter, glancing at the lamp.

However, Peter just shrugged, "I think it looks cool..." Then he picked it up and grinned, "Now wouldn't it be great if there really was a genie in here?"

With that, Peter started to rub at the lamp in an exaggerated manner. I started to laugh at that, but then froze as the lamp actually started to glow.

"What the fuck?" Peter demanded, echoing my sentiments exactly.

The lamp continued to glow with an eerie golden light, even after Peter dropped it in surprise and jumped back. Then the glow actually seemed to separate from the lamp and float in the air on its own.

All that I could do was stare at the glowing ball of light and gasp, "Oh God..."

Then an instant later, the golden light vanished, replaced by a man. He was tall...nearly 6 and a half feet tall, heavily muscled and looked to be in his forties, with well tanned skin and a bald head. His eyes though...his eyes glowed with a golden light. And as if to offer a contradiction to his strange appearance, the man was wearing an expensive looking dark gray business suit.

"What the fuck?" Peter repeated, staring at this newcomer with the same shocked disbelief that I felt. "Who the hell are you...?"

However, from his quick glance at the lamp, which was now sitting on the floor, he obviously had the same thought that I had. If this wasn't some sort of elaborate joke, then by what we had seen happen, there was one obvious answer.

"Greetings master," he announced with a deep voice, "I am the last of the great djinn upon this world, and by the ancient rules which bind me, I shall grant thee three wishes."

For a moment, Peter and I just stared at him, then glanced at each other before staring at him again. This was impossible... There was no such thing as genies.... But I couldn't very well ignore what I had seen for myself, though still wasn't ready to discount it being just an elaborate joke of some sort.

"Let's see," Peter mused as he stood up, looking a little more confident. He stared at the genie, licked his lips and asking, "I rubbed the that means I get three wishes?"

"Of course master," the man...genie responded, "That is the ancient rule."

Peter just stared at the genie again, looking a bit suspicious. "You think that this is some kind of joke Larry?" Peter asked, not bothering to look at me.

"I don't know," I admitted.

"Only one way to find out for sure," Peter mused to himself. Then after giving me a mischievious grin, he turned back to the genie and announced, "I wish that Larry was a hot looking woman... A total babe..."

"Hey," I started.

Suddenly it hit me, a wave of intense dizziness that rushed through every fiber of my being at once. I let out a loud gasp as my very body seemed to turn inside out. I could feel my bones shifting inside of me, not to mention my muscles and everything else. I groaned as my chest rapidly swelled and pushed outward, while my crotch began to simultaneously feel...empty. And though I could feel it all happening, it happened so fast that I didn't really have time to even think about it.

"HOLY SHIT!" Peter exclaimed in shock, while the genie simultaneously announced, "Granted."

For a moment, I just stood there in stunned disbelief, then looked down at myself. My eyes went wide at the sight of two breasts pushing out from my chest, knowing that the very sight confirmed what I already knew. My body had changed... My WHOLE body. I had no doubt that at the moment, I was not physically a woman.

"I'm a CHICK!" I howled in horror, "I'm a GIRL." I tore my eyes from my chest just long enough to glare furiously at Peter.

"Sorry man," he squeaked out, mumbling, "I didn't think it would work."

"You have two wishes left master," the genie reminded him.

I just glared at Peter again, then turned and rushed to his bathroom, grimacing at the weight on my chest and the strange way my whole sense of balance was off. I was in a near panic, unable to believe that Peter had actually wished me into a woman...and unable to believe that the wish had actually worked.

"No way," I gasped as I stared into the mirror, "This is impossible..."

Unfortunately, I couldn't deny the proof of my own eyes...or the weight on my chest. It was a gorgeous woman who stared back at me, with large dark eyes, full kissable lips and long raven black hair that went down to my waist.

"Oh shit," I gulped, then forced myself to look down.

My body had of course changed, but that was nothing I didn't know. I even knew how it had changed, though seeing it was a whole other matter. It was definitely a woman's body, very feminine and very sexy.

"Oh shit," I repeated absently.

I had flat, firm abs and a slender waist. Of course, there were also 'my' breasts. They were huge...big, round and firm, making me almost feel as though I had a pair of volleyballs on my chest. I didn't know how large they were, but thought that they might be an EE cup or something. Then again, that was only a vague guess.

Strangely enough, my clothes still fit me. It seemed as though they had been magically altered so that they still fit my drastically altered size. That was something of a relief, though not much of one at all. And one that I barely even gave a thought to other than to be thankful that I wasn't suddenly wearing a dress or short skirt.

After taking a deep breath and trying to calm myself, I ran my hands over my skin. It was soft and smooth, with no sign of any hair or blemishes. And my hands...slender and feminine, with a perfect manicure.

With a gulp, I grabbed at my hair, giving it a faint tug to see if it was indeed real. The pain in my scalp proved that it was. Then I suddenly remembered that Peter had a thing for brunettes... Did the genie somehow know that when he changed me?

I stared at myself for just another minute, then turned and saw Peter standing a short distance behind me, watching me silently. The expression on his face was one that seemed a mixture of apology and...lust. He was staring straight at my new tit...

"Why the hell did you do this to me?" I demanded furiously. Then I thought of the genie, "Wish me back..."

"Take it easy," Peter told me, giving me his normal cocky grin. "After I'm done with my wishes, you can rub the lamp and use one of your wishes to change back...."

I let out a sigh of relief at that. Peter did have a plan. And in spite of what had just happened to my body, the thought of getting a couple of wishes...real wishes that I could use for anything I wanted was enough to make me smile. Maybe this would work out for the best after all.

However, right after Peter had made his suggestion, the genie said, "I am sorry to intrude oh master, but felt I should inform you that after your wishes have been granted, my lamp shall be transported to a new location." He looked somewhat apologetic as he explained, "Such was the wish of a previous master."

"Oh shit," Peter and I exclaimed together.

I groaned, extremely disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to get any of those wishes for myself. And after I'd had my heart set on it... It just didn't seem fair...

Peter nodded, looking slightly disappointed as well. I figured that he was disappointed that he was going to have to use one of his other two wishes to change me back to normal. I just hoped that he would do it soon, because I was pretty uncomfortable with the way he kept looking at me.

"Well," Peter started, then grinned, "I wish that my dick was ten inches long and that I could get it up again just by willing it..."

The genie hesitated for a moment, perhaps trying to decide if that should count as one wish or two. Then he nodded, "Granted."

"Yes," Peter grinned even more, reaching a hand down the front of his pants and seeming VERY satisfied.

"But what about me?" I demanded, looking down at myself. "Wish me back to normal..."

After Peter had used his second wish to give himself a bigger dick, I was beginning to get somewhat worried. Especially with the way that he was looking at me. I know that Peter and I had been friends for a long time, but I also knew that he had a tendency to think with his dick.

"Don't worry," Peter told me, "I'll take care of you..." He let out a sigh, as though not completely pleased with the idea. Or perhaps just not pleased with having wasted one wish to change me and having to use his last one to change me back.

"Well please hurry it up," I grumbled, glaring down at the two melons which jutted out from my chest. "This is pretty weird..."

Peter just stared at the lamp where it was still on the floor, looking thoughtful as he did so. The genie just remained where he was, looking patient and acting as though it did not matter whether or not Peter made his next wish anytime soon. And perhaps to him it didn't.

Then Peter looked up with a smile, a cocky grin that made me groan and shudder inside. I knew that look well, and it was the same one that he had whenever he thought that he'd figured out all the angles.

"Okay," Peter stared at the genie with a smug expression, "For my third wish...I wish for unlimited wishes."

I let out a faint gasp at that, realizing that it was the perfect wish. Peter could use one to change me back to normal, and he'd still have as many as he wanted for all of the good stuff. But then again, that was a somewhat worrying thought as well.

However, the genie scowled, then carefully announced, "I apologize oh master, but this wish is beyond my power to grant. By the ancient rules which bind me, I may grant thee three wishes, and three wishes only."

"Damn," Peter grimaced, obviously unhappy this his attempt to 'work the system' as he often called it had failed. Then he growled, "What kind of a genie are you anyway?"

"Peter," I warned, thinking that it was probably not a good idea to piss off the genie. For all we knew, it might decide not to grant the third wish out of spite or something.

For a moment, Peter just glared at the lamp on the ground and I thought that he might kick it. He had that stubborn look on his face that he got when he decided that he wanted something and wasn't about to give up on it yet. I wanted to tell him to wish me back to normal again, but I bit my tongue and tried to be patient. It wasn't easy though.

"Have you ever seen I Dream of Jeanie?" Peter asked the somewhat surprised genie. But before the genie could answer, he continued, "That's the way a genie should be." Then giving me a quick look, Peter announced, "I wish Larry would turn into the kind of genie who could grant me unlimited wishes..."

"WHAT?" I screamed out.

Suddenly the dizziness blasted me again, the same twisting and tearing at my very being that I had felt before...but a hundred times stronger. A thousand. Reality itself was torn away from me, and I was completely filled with the same magical energies that I had felt before, that had transformed me before. But more than that, this time I not only felt the energies...I WAS the energies.

I screamed...or I tried to...or I just thought that I tried do. I was no longer sure of that, or of anything else, even my own existence. Reality was gone, as was everything that I associated with reality. My body...what was left of it, had been torn away from me...and I was sure that my mind was only moments from following.

Time no longer had any meaning, so I had no idea whether I had been in this state for an eternity, or a mere fraction of a second. Perhaps both at the same time, though it mattered little. All that mattered was that it finally came to an end and I found myself in touch with reality once again.

Somehow, I found myself standing on a featureless white floor in the middle of an absolutely HUGE featureless white room. There was nothing to see as far as I looked. After that realization, my next thought was that I was still a woman. But after being without a body, being back in a woman's body was ALMOST a relief. At least I had a body again.

Then I felt it...some sort of disturbance behind me. I snapped around to see the genie standing there, looking very displeased. He gave me an apologetic look.

"I apologize for this," the genie told me gently, "But I fear that I had no choice. I must grant my current master's wishes, as the ancient rules which bind me require."

For a moment, I just stared at him furiously, then realized that he was right. It wasn't his fault. Not really. It was Peter's. "I understand," I responded slowly, though that was not completely true. There were a great many things that were going on that I didn't understand at all.

"What...what did you do to me?" I demanded. I felt...strange. Even stranger than being a girl.

The genie was silent for a moment before slowly responding, "I have done what my master bid me and transformed you into one of my kind...into the glorious race of djinn."

I let out a loud gasp at that, having heard Peter's last wish, but this... Actually hearing itself from the genie...or was that djinn was something else entirely.

"I am called Sarazzon. And as I am the one who fathered thee as a djinni," he continued gently, "you are now my daughter and are part of my clan." He gave me a weak smile and added, "Please think of me as family, for I now consider you as such."

"Your daughter?" I gulped, looking down at myself, so confused that I didn't know where to start. "If...if you changed me into a genie... Djinn," I corrected.

"Djinni," he corrected me. "That is the female of our kind."

All that I could do was scowl at that, then blurt out, "But why I am I still a girl? Can you change me back?" I gave him a pleading look.

"I fear that this is not possible my daughter," the genie...djinn told me sadly. "This was the form that you wore when the wish was made and you became djinni, thus this is the form that you will wear for all eternity."

"E...eternity?" I squeaked out, too dazed to think clearly.

"Our kind do not die as mortals do," he explained. This his expression turned more serious, "But we must hurry...our time together is limited and I have much to explain."

"But," I started, wanting to go back to the part about being stuck as a girl for all eternity. That was NOT something that I wanted to hear. There HAD to be a way to change me back, both to being a guy and to being human.

"There is not time to tell you all," Sarazzon explained, "Our kind come from another world and our young are sent out to other dimensions to mature and gather power. We can not survive in this inside our crystal eggs. This..." he gestured around us, "is the inside of yours. This is YOUR domain...controlled by you completely. What you wish is what is real. It is here that you shall reside until summoned by your master..."

"My master," I repeated, gulping at the realization that if I really had been turned into a genie...djinni, then I would have to grant wishes. That I would have to be a slave... The thought was utterly horrifying, especially as I knew that Peter was going to be my 'master'.

"Yes," Sarazzon nodded, a look of fury on his face as he did so. "As a djinni, you will grant wishes for your master. You may not summon the great magics unless it is for this purpose. But each time you grant a wish, you retain a small portion of the magics used....such as an agent's fee. These portions build till you achieve your full power..."

I stared at my 'father', noticing that while he was in a hurry, his language had become less archaic and somewhat more modern. Perhaps all 'thee' and 'thy' stuff was mostly for appearance.

"When you grant a wish for your master," Sarazzon told me, "you can influence HOW it is granted." Then he started to smile, though it was not a pleasant one. His golden eyes seemed to glow brighter. "And as our master wished for a djinni who was not bound by all the ancient rules, I have given thee a gift which has NEVER been possessed by any of our kind." He stared straight at me and finished, "I give thee the gift of veto."

"Veto?" I repeated, beginning to feel like a damn parrot since I kept repeating everything he said.

"Unlike any djinn before, you may refuse to grant any wish..." His smile faded as he continued, "But use it cautiously. For should your master become angry with you, he merely has to destroy your crystal to end your immortal existence."

"Oh shit," I gulped. "But what about your lamp?" I demanded, remembering what he had said about all djinn being in crystals.

However, Sarazzon scowled, "My time is nearly over." He stared at me, looking at me with an expression that seemed both apologetic and proud at the same time. Then he put a hand on my shoulder and announced, "As thy father, I name thee Nahli...which means violet."

I blinked at that unexpected announcement, realizing that looking the way I did now, I certainly couldn't keep being called Larry. "Why that name?"

Sarazzon took a step back, and I was startled to realize that he was now transparent and becoming even more so as I watched. "The rest of the answers are within..."

Before I could ask 'within what', my new 'father' was gone. However, where he had been standing, there was now a marble podium with a large leather-bound book sitting atop it. A book with golden symbols which decorated the front.

All that I could say to the sight of the book was, "Oh..."

For a moment, I just stood where I was, looking around the white room, feeling nervous as I did so. I was alone...alone in a strange place. But according to Sarazzon, this was my 'domain'. Strangely enough though, I actually could feel the room as though it were connected to me somehow. I couldn't explain it, even to myself, especially as I didn't even understand it.

"Oh joy," I sighed, "my own bedroom." Unfortunately, it was pretty bland looking. No furniture, no color. No nothing. "Maybe I should paint the walls blue..."

Then to my surprise, I realized that the walls had turned blue. It was me... I had done it, just by willing it. Sarazzon had said something of the sort, though to actually have it happen was still unbelievable.

But before I had a chance to really admire my work or do anything else, I suddenly felt a strange pulling at my very being. I was pulled out from that room and found myself pulled back to the 'real' world, where I was once again standing in the middle of Peter's living room.

I took a deep breath and looked around, noticing that Sarazzon's lamp was gone, though that should not have surprised me as he had said he would leave once he had granted all three wishes. The next thing that I noticed was Peter standing there, staring at me with a look of amazement on his face, while holding a gleaming golf ball sized crystal.

"It worked," Peter exclaimed with unconcealed excitement, the greed shining visibly in his eyes. I had seen that look before and knew that it was not good news. Not for me.

For a moment, I just stood there silently, suddenly bursting with anger...even hatred for Peter. He had betrayed me...not once, but twice. He hadn't been satisfied to use me as a guinea pig and turn me into a woman, but he had to turn me into a genie...a djinni...a slave. HIS slave. He was my best friend... How could he have done that to me?

Peter just laughed aloud, alternating between staring at me and staring at that crystal in his hand. It was obviously MY crystal, if what Sarazzon had said was correct. The one that I had just been inside of, though I still didn't see how that was even possible.

"Are you really a genie now?" Peter eagerly demanded.

Though I was tempted to tell him, 'Fuck you,' I somehow held my temper in check and sweetly smiled, "Yes master."

I hated doing that, calling him master and smiling as though it didn't bother me that he had just stuck the magical knife in my back and twisted it. However, I knew that pissing him off at the moment would NOT be a good idea. Peter had my crystal, which made him my master. And if what Sarazzon had said was true, that meant that my life was in his hands.

"YES," Peter laughed in obvious delight. Then his expression sobered a little and he gave me an apologetic look. "Sorry Larry, but you understand..."

"Yes master," I forced a smile, hoping that he didn't see the burning fury in my eyes. "Please call me Nahli now master," I added, thinking that a new name might encourage him to think of me as someone other than the friend that he'd betrayed...and perhaps get him to lower his guard. But more than that, I knew that I had been torn from my old life and thrust into a new one, one which I did not request or desire. It seemed appropriate that I have a new name to go along with my new body and life...and Sarazzon had already provided one.

"Nahli..." Peter tested the name, then nodded faintly as if it were to his liking. As if I really gave a damn.

Then Peter looked at me and absently ran his hand over the crystal. In a strange way, I could actually 'feel' him doing so. That was obviously a part of my new djinn nature which was still such a mystery to me.

"I wish that you'd dress sexy when I call you," Peter announced.

I was so startled by that wish that I didn't even consider 'vetoing' it until it was too late. I felt the magics channel up and through me, right before flickering over my clothes, changing the jeans and T-shirt which I had still been wearing into something else completely. Suddenly, I was wearing a short leather skirt, fishnet stockings, high heels and a shirt that left very little to the imagination.

For a moment, I was a little stunned, then I grimaced and responded with a sweet, "As you wish master."

It was obvious from Peter's expression that he was really getting off on me calling him master. I wasn't sure whether to be relieved at that distraction, or completely and totally disgusted by it. However, I was leaning towards the latter.

"You know that big screen TV that I was looking at earlier?" Peter asked. And at my nod, he commanded, "I wish that I had a TV like that right now."

"As you wish master," I repeated, feeling the magics channel through me again. I focused, and just a moment later, the new TV appeared.

"Oh yes," Peter laughed again, staring at it for a moment before frowning. "Why should I settle for that one when I can get something even better?"

After another wish...what would have been Peter's third and final wish had I been a normal djinn, there was a newer, even larger TV sitting where the last one had been. Peter excitedly grabbed for his remote and began to play around with it.

While Peter was distracted by the TV, I took the opportunity to slowly back away from him. As I did so, I was instinctively aware that I could not go very far from the crystal. Even as I felt a strange connection to the crystal, as though it were more than just a part of me, I could also feel the invisible leash which prevented me from becoming separated from it by any distance.

However, as I was still within the same room, though nearing the end of my leash, it was not the crystal that had my attention at the moment. It was the small mirror which hung on the wall. I glanced at Peter, then turned to look at myself.

The moment that I saw my reflection, I suddenly realized exactly why Sarazzon had named me Nahli... My eyes... They were now violet, with a faint violet glow to them. It was the most noticeable sign that I was no longer human.

"Hey," Peter started, not even turning to look at me, "I wish that I had all of my favorite movies on DVD..."

Over the next ten minutes, I granted several more wishes, such as for a new stereo system, a new Porsche and ten thousand dollars cash. With each wish that I granted, I could sense that a tiny portion of the magical energy which I channeled remaining with me, though I did not know what I could do with it...if anything. However, I also sensed that I could not remain outside of the crystal for much longer. I was becoming extremely tired and knew that I would soon be forced to return to it, whether I wanted to or not.

But before I was drawn back to the crystal on my own, Peter told me, "You can go away now. I'll call you again when I need you..."

"Goodbye master," I gave Peter a forced smile as I let myself be pulled back into the crystal.

A moment later, I was once again standing inside of that now blue room, letting out a sigh of relief. I felt better already and could feel myself getting stronger again with every moment.

"I guess I can't stay out there," I sighed, horribly disappointed at that.

At some level, I had been hoping that I might be able to at least escape the crystal and remain in the 'real' world. However, it was now obvious that this was not even a possibility. Like it or not, the crystal was now my home and I could not long remain outside of it.

"Shit," I spat out, glaring at the room around me.

After a moment, I concentrated and willed a large mirror to appear in front of me. It was easy, really no different than when I had changed the color of the walls. Then I just stood there, silently staring at the hot babe that was reflected back at me.

"Damn," I grimaced, staring especially at my violet eyes. "Nahli," I whispered. "Violet."

I hesitated, then started to take off my clothes. I had barely started to do that, when a thought occurred to me and I just willed them off. They vanished with just a thought. However, I realized that I didn't feel the same flow of magical energy as when they had been summoned with the wish. This was different... It felt more like when I changed the though I was just stretching a part of myself.

However, I didn't want to think about that at the moment. Instead, I just stared at my naked body, unable to help but admire just how great it looked, though that didn't mean that I was able to appreciate just how great it looked on ME.

"Damn Peter," I grimaced, once again wondering how my best friend could have possibly betrayed me like that.

With that, I created a chair and sat down in it, still looking at myself in the mirror. Sure I was beautiful, but I wasn't admiring myself. Not really. I was just trying to come to terms with the fact that, like it or not, this was ME. And it was probably going to be me for a long time.

For quite a few hours, I alternated between staring at myself, screaming in fury and bursting into tears. I sat silently, I paced around...and I even shattered the mirror several times, which was easy to do as I could fix it with just a thought.

I had no idea how long I was there like that as I had no clocks, no windows to see the outside with nor any other way to tell time. All that I knew was that it had been hours, but whether it had been two or a dozen, I couldn't really tell.

Finally though, I calmed down. Or at least I calmed down enough to be reasonable. There was absolutely nothing to be gained from screaming and crying, but there just might be from reading the book that Sarazzon had left.

"I hope you have as many answers as my new father promised," I scowled as I sat down to begin reading.

The book was a bit confusing, but it was quite obvious that it did have a lot of information. I just hoped that I could make sense of what I read.

According to the book, the djinn came from another world...another dimension, which it described as some sort of paradise. They were beings who were more energy than matter, and as such, much more in tune with similar forms of energy...such as magic, which they had an inherent ability to channel.

The djinn sent their young ones to other worlds in order to see new things, to grow as individuals, to mature and to gather their own strength. And though the book didn't come out and say it, I also got the impression that it was a good way to keep possible 'teenage' troublemakers out of the way until they were ready to become part of djinn society.

Djinn were incapable of surviving in the hostile environments of these 'alien' worlds, so they were sent out in 'eggs'. These eggs were small crystals, such as the one which I now occupied. But they were also tesseracts, areas of folded space which would protect and nurture the young djinn.

Since the crystal eggs looked quite valuable and were easy targets for theft, many of those who found them would hide them to prevent this. Some were placed in sorcerers staffs for 'decoration', while other crystals were hidden in more ordinary objects...such as lamps and bottles.

The whole wishing thing still confused me a bit, but from what I understood of the book, the djinn could channel the magic, but they could not initiate contact with it. That was why they granted wishes. It let them gather their own percentage of the energy until they grew powerful enough to 'hatch' from their egg and return to the djinn home world. And this could take a thousand years or more.

Of course, there was also a brief bit stating that the djinn had stopped sending 'eggs' to Earth several thousand years earlier. And the last djinn on Earth had been Sarazzon...due to his having been lost for a VERY long time. Somehow though, I had the feeling that it wasn't going to be very long at all before even he left...leaving me as the sole djinn on the planet.

"Oh damn," I whispered, feeling more shaken by that bit of information than I had expected. Then again, even though I barely knew him, Sarazzon held a very special position in my new life.

But as fascinating as all that was, there was something else that I was even more interested in at the moment. And fortunately, it didn't take me long to locate that particular bit of information. In fact, it was almost as though the book opened up to the section that I was looking for on its own.

According to the book, a djinn's body was immortal and unchanging. And to my great disappointment, it also explained that I could not be changed back. The only thing that could possibly change my body was another djinn who was even more powerful than Sarazzon...much more...and since he was the last djinn on Earth besides myself...

"Damn," I grimaced, realizing that maybe one day I would become powerful enough to change myself...if someone else wished it. However, I also realized that even if I did ever become that powerful, it would be so far in the future, after centuries even. And by then, I would have long since become used to being as I am now...being a woman, that I probably wouldn't even remember what it felt like to be a man, much less actually want to change back.

After reading it again, I did notice that there was one other way for my body to change...if my 'master' wished it. But then it was only my shape that could be altered, not my djinn nature. And of course, I would revert back to how I currently was the instant that I returned to the crystal.

"So that's it," I whispered, setting the book down tiredly, "I am stuck like this. Forever..."

In a strange way, even though this was a horrible disappointment to me, it was also something of a relief. I couldn't quite understand it myself, but perhaps it was that the false hope to return to normal had been taken from me. Now my only choices were to accept what I had become and deal with it...or cry and pout. Going back to who and what I had been before was not even an option.

I looked at myself in the mirror again and sadly whispered, "Goodbye Larry..." And letting out a sigh, I added, "Hello Nahli." Like it or not, Nahli was who I was now, and I knew that I had better get used to it.

Though there was still quite a bit of the book that I hadn't read...such as most of it, and countless questions which it had yet to answer, I was tired of reading for the moment. I could only absorb so much information at one time.

With that, I turned my attention to my surroundings, deciding that if I was going to be stuck there, I was going to have to make it a little more livable. I started by changing the walls back to white, then by creating a carpet, more furniture and some decorations so that it looked more like a living room.

It was when I was nearly done decorating the 'living room', that I noticed something. I could feel the space inside of my 'egg', and realized that the room was only taking up a very small part of it. And with that realization, I tried an experiment, willing a door to appear in the wall, along with another room beyond it.

"Yes," I smiled faintly as I opened the new door and stepped through to the new room. "This definitely has possibilities..."

After this, I went back to my decorating, but this time decorating not one room, but a whole house worth. In fact, I created a number of rooms, all inspired from the house that I had grown up in. It definitely made me feel more at home.

Of course, when I added the kitchen and bathroom, I had to smile faintly at the irony of it. As a djinni, I no longer had to eat or relieve myself. And from what I'd read in the book, I couldn't eat anything in the 'real' world even if I wanted to. However, it had also said that even though I no longer needed food, I could still conjure it within my domain...and eat as much as I wanted without fears of gaining weight. That last bit wasn't exactly said, but it was pretty obvious from other things that I'd read in the book.

Once I had finished creating my 'house', or at least the interior of it, minus any windows, I returned to reading for a little while. But as interesting as the information was, I could only stand to read it for a short time before I went back to 'decorating'

I already had a 'home' with everything I needed, including three bedrooms, so when I started adding more rooms, it was more out of a sense of curiosity at what I could do than anything else. It started with a Jacuzzi, then a weight room, followed by a whole swimming pool. None of this was really any more difficult to create than what I had already done.

It was about then that I really started experimenting. After realizing that I could control the very laws of physics as easily as everything else, I became a little more unusual in what I created.

One of the rooms that I created had the walls, floor and furniture all made out of solid water, with some goldfish that I'd created swimming about through it all. It was very unusual, but not nearly as much as the one where EVERYTHING inside was invisible. That one looked completely empty, though I kept tripping over the chairs that I'd scattered about.

I wasn't even really sure why I was spending so much time creating rooms that I didn't need and would probably never use. The only thing that I could think of was that the ability to control my environment so completely was quite a novelty, and it kept me from thinking about all of my problems.

Then I suddenly felt it again...the tugging. Though I had no way to tell time, I guessed that I had to have been several days since I had become djinni... And now Peter, that nasty back stabber was calling me again.

When I was pulled back into the 'real' world, I concentrated on my clothes and manifested in what looked like a traditional genie costume. Of course it was sleek and sexy, which was required as Peter's wish for me to dress sexy when he called me was still in effect. However, as long as it was sexy, I was able to control just what I wore, which pleased me a little.

"Hello master," I greeted Peter with a fake smile. "How may I serve you?" Hopefully the genie costume would help convince him that I was indeed his loyal and obedient slave.

"Hello Nahli," Peter announced, standing off to the side staring at me with a look of obvious lust.

I glanced around Peter's condo, noticing all of the new items that were scattered about. It was obvious that he'd been on a bit of a spending spree with the money that I had given him the last time. And from the smell, I guessed that Peter had spent some of it on booze.

"I've been thinking," Peter started with a cocky grin, which I knew was not a good sign. Then he continued, "I've decided what I want to wish for next."

"Yes master?" I encouraged, trying hard to hide just how furious I was with him.

Peter stood up straighter and smirked. "I wish that we could have wild, passionate sex..."

Of course I immediately used my veto power, doing so for the first time and letting out a sigh of relief as the magic for the wish never came. For a brief moment, I had been worried, afraid that Sarazzon might have been wrong about my being able to refuse a wish.

"I'm sorry master," I tried to sound as apologetic as I could, which was not easy as I wanted to laugh in his face instead. "But I can't grant that wish..."

"WHAT?" Peter sputtered, then demanded, "And why not?"

"I'm sorry master," I repeated, "But I am djinni... I can't have sex with a mortal without killing him..." I didn't know if that was true or not, but doubted that it was. "And by the ancient rules which bind me, I may not kill a mortal..."

As far as I knew, that last bit wasn't true either, but Peter didn't need to know that. I sure as hell had no intention of killing anyone, and that might keep him from getting any strange ideas. Or at least any that were stranger than he'd already had.

Peter looked pretty annoyed and disappointed by the fact that his wish had failed. From the way he'd been looking at me, I had no doubt that he had been thinking of fucking me literally as well as he had done figuratively, since he had first seen my altered body.

"Well then," Peter grumbled, "I wish that I had a million dollars in my bank account..."

"It is done master," I told him a moment later, after I had felt the magical energies do their thing.

"And I wish that know that chick I work with?" Peter frowned. At my nod, he finished, "I wish that she was absolutely in love with me.

I knew Peter well enough to know that he wanted nothing more from Shelly than to sleep with her a couple of times, then he'd get bored with her and move on to someone else, leaving her with a broken heard. So of course I vetoed that wish.

"I am sorry master," I told him again, thinking of that Disney movie with Robin Williams as the genie, "But I am not allowed to make people fall in love." Again, I didn't think that this was one of the rules, but Peter didn't need to know that.

However, I didn't expect Peter to nod and continue, "Then I wish that she would be attracted to me and want me to fuck her."

With a grimace, I let that wish go through, knowing that I couldn't very well keep denying wishes. I hated myself for doing it and immediately felt guilty, but I couldn't let Peter know that I could refuse his wishes. That was the only real advantage that I had.

Then I stared at the crystal in Peter's hand and thought of something else. Perhaps there was a way that I could take away one of his advantages and turn it to my benefit.

After a moment, I whimpered, "Please be careful with that crystal master..." I tried to look worried, which was not a problem as I was feeling extremely nervous, "It is quite fragile, and if it gets broken...or even chipped, I will not be able to grant any more wishes."

Peter just stared at me in surprise, then at the crystal before gently setting it down on the coffee table. He was beginning to look a little nervous himself, which I had hoped he would be.

"Just how fragile is it?" he asked, still staring at the crystal.

I had to fight back a smirk as I told him, "Oh, very fragile master. That is why there are so few djinn in the world..."

"Fuck," Peter muttered as he stared at the crystal, frowning as he did so.

I imagine exactly what he was thinking. All it would take was one accident, just one, and he could lose his 'genie' and all the wishes that came along with her. Of course, I was even more eager for that not to happen than him, but for an entirely different reason.

"There has to be something I can do," he grimaced. Then Peter turned to me, and as I hoped, he uttered the words, "I wish that the crystal couldn't be broken by accident..."

The 'accident' part was a little bit of a surprise, but not a problem. It was obvious that Peter hadn't wanted to remove ANY options from himself, which was something that I should have expected from him.

With that, I used the magic of the wish to create a sort of invisible force field along the crystal, making it indestructible to any outside source. It could no longer be destroyed by accident...or even on purpose. In fact, the only thing that could break the crystal now was if...when I gathered enough power to 'hatch' from it. Of course, that didn't mean that it couldn't still be thrown into the ocean or something.

"Granted," I announced just a moment later.

"Good," Peter muttered, turning away for a moment, "Good..."

Then, while Peter was obviously trying to think of what he was going to wish for next, I glanced down at the crystal, then at him. I hesitated only a moment before reaching down to grab it, having the thought that maybe I could run with it and find a place to hide...or at least someone else to give it to. However, the instant that I touched the crystal, I suddenly found myself pulled back into it.

"There goes that idea," I grumbled.

When Peter didn't immediately call me back, I picked up the book and settled down for a little more reading. One of the things which immediately caught my attention was the statement that djinn...or in my case djinni, could view the outside world from within their crystal world. It specifically mentioned crystal balls, magic mirrors and scrying pools being the usual method used.

"Interesting," I frowned thoughtfully.

After a few seconds of silent consideration, I decided to try it out and used my will to summon a large screen TV. In fact, it was almost identical to the one that Peter had wished for.

"Let's see," I used the remote to turn the TV on, then laughed in delight as I saw that it did indeed work. I even flipped through a few channels, feeling quite pleased at the discovery.

Somehow, I didn't think that this was exactly what the book had meant about being able to see the world outside the crystal, but I'd figured that if I could pick up people and places to view, why not cable as well? And I was damn glad that I did, because if I was going to be stuck in this place, I was going to need something to occupy my time besides making rooms and reading that book.

And then I decided to use that same trick in the way that I think it had been intended. I created two more TVs off to the side, one of them showing me the crystal where it still sat on Peter's table. The other TV was locked onto Peter himself. I figured that it would be a good idea to know where they both were at all times, and what my 'master' was up to. It could save me some trouble later on.

After I had watched TV for a few hours, I decided that it was time to do something else…something that I desperately wanted to avoid, as I had already been doing, but knew that I had to do sooner or later. And at the same time, it was also something that I had been longing to do.

I stood up and looked down at myself, at my sexy and curvy body. I let out a long sigh at the sight, then got rid of my clothes for a better look. Of course I had already looked at myself a number of times since I had changed, but this time was a little different. This time I was doing it with more of a purpose.

"It looks like I'm going to be stuck like this for a LONG time," I sighed as I slowly ran my hands over my smooth skin. "I suppose I'd better get used to it, because this is me from now on..."

With that thought in mind, I slowly went over my body, exploring every inch of it. It was somewhat embarrassing, especially as I looked at the new equipment between my legs, but I didn't let that stop me.

Strangely enough, my body was actually beginning to respond to my exploration. It was hard to believe that I was actually getting a bit turned on in that situation, but there was no denying exactly what it was that I was feeling.

"I guess I'm still a lot like a human," I muttered to myself.

With a frown, I stopped my exploration, refusing to give into my new feelings at the moment. Sure, I knew that it probably wouldn't be long before I gave into my urges and explored that part of myself as well, but at the moment, I still wasn't ready for that little step.

Instead, I went for a long soak in my Jacuzzi, finding the experience to be quite relaxing, and somewhat pleasant. In fact, I even found myself absently feeling my body up a bit while I soaked. And by the time that I was finished, I was beginning to think that perhaps I could get used to that body after all.


Over the next several days, I did a lot more work on my place. I figured that I might as well make it a bit more livable. Most of what I did was to erase some of what I had created previously, then to create several hallways and organize what was left so that it wasn't quite so confusing to go from room to room.

Of course, redecorating wasn't the only thing that I did. I read through the book a little more, as well as watched TV, including a couple movies which were still in the theater. At least this was what I kept myself busy with when I wasn't being called up to grant some stupid wish for Peter, which happened quite frequently. He'd even used one wish to do his laundry.

"I hope he doesn't call me up just to wish for dinner again," I grumbled to myself as I sat back and watched Peter messing around with some hot blonde.

Shelly, whom he had made the wish to have sex with, was already out of the picture. All that it had taken was one night together and he had moved on to the next woman. Fortunately, my wish had let Shelly's interest in him wear off at about the same time.

I shook my head, then turned my attention back to my TV. I watched it for a moment, smiling a little smugly as I thought about how I figured out how to get reception inside of my little crystal home. Somehow, I think that I would have gone completely nuts if I didn't have that to occupy my time.

"How did Sarazzon handle being in his for so long without a TV?" I still hadn't figured that out. No wonder a lot of djinn were so cranky in those old stories.

But then I paused, suddenly wondering that if I could get TV while in the crystal...what else could I get. It was an interesting idea, and after a moment I immediately decided to test it out.

"Internet, here I come," I smiled hopefully as I conjured up a computer. I just hoped that it worked since the internet required two way information travel, not just one way like my TV. But to my relief, and delight, I soon found myself online. "YES," I laughed loudly, "I guess I'd better check my hotmail account... I haven't done that in days..."

There was no doubt that having internet access would make things a lot easier, or at least help keep the boredom at bay. Now, even though I was trapped inside this virtual prison, I still had contact with the outside world. Somehow, that gave me such a sense of freedom...

"Now if I only were free," I sighed, knowing at the same time that there was no way that I would truly be free until after I had gained enough power to become free from my crystal. And that required me to grant wishes...a LOT of wishes. "Or at least free of Peter..."

Peter... The thought of what he'd done to me still made me mad, and I suspected that it would for some time to come. He had been best friend for years, and he had so easily betrayed me and thrown that all away... Then again, I guess that the thought of getting unlimited wishes might be too much of a temptation for anyone to resist. But that still didn't excuse what he had done.

"Peter," I grimaced, hoping that he'd get his own some day.

Then I paused, stared at my computer for a moment and smiled. If I could get internet access... A moment later, a telephone appeared right next to my computer. I picked it up, smiling even more broadly as I heard the dial tone. Now I just had several calls to make...


"This is the life," I sighed out as I around in my bubble bath. My current bath tub was the size of a small swimming pool, completely covered with a layer of soap bubbles, and of course, just the perfect temperature. And to make it even better, I had an incredible entertainment center, including a huge TV just off to the side.

For the moment, I was calm and comfortable, even smiling pleasantly as I enjoyed where I was at the moment. In fact, I could almost forget about what it was that had placed me in that position in the first place.

I didn't even flinch or turn away as I looked down at my naked body, especially the large round breasts that were now mine. I had to admit, I was beginning to get used to the idea of having them, though suspected that it might be some time before I actually felt as though they were normal.

"You don't adjust to something like this overnight," I sighed, knowing at the same time that I had been trying.

In my attempt to get used to, and even comfortable in my new form, I had spent several hours playing 'dress up'. Of course, I had to admit to myself if no one else, that I actually got a kick out of changing into a variety of different clothes and costumes to check myself out in the mirror with them. The dominatrix costume was especially fun to wear.

"Not like I'll ever wear any of those where anyone else could see," I reminded myself, knowing that wearing something in private and in public were two different things. Then again, with the way I was forced to dress sexy whenever Peter summoned me...

Then, almost as if my thoughts had been a trigger, I felt myself being summoned. I had read in the book that I could refuse a summons if I really wanted to, though that was contrary to the need to grant wishes and gain power, and not my intention at the moment, in spite of how comfortable I had been.

A moment later, I reformed in the 'real' world, all dry and well groomed. And since I had been in such a good mood, I was even feeling playful enough to show up wearing a sexy Playboy bunny costume. It was a bit silly, but it satisfied the condition of Peter's earlier wish...and I wanted to see the expression on his face when I showed up in it.

"Hello master," I purred, finding it easier to bite back my sarcastic comments after so much practice.

Peter stood there, staring at me but not with the look of lust that I had been expecting. That was almost a disappointment, but the fact that he looked worried and nervous instead was probably a good thing.

"You've got to help me," Peter blurted out.

"What's wrong master?" I asked with mock concern, having to keep the smirk from showing.

Peter looked nearly frantic as he blurted out, "They're after me..." He took a deep breath, then continued, "The IRS is looking for me... They found out about all the money in my account and are investigating me..."

Suddenly, there was a loud pounding on the door, followed by a voice yelling, "OPEN UP. THIS IS THE POLICE..."

"They think I stole the Porsche," Peter grimaced, "You've got to help me."

"Of course master," I responded sympathetically, while at the same time, I was simultaneously smirking inside and thinking 'Gee, I wonder who could have made those anonymous phone calls to alert the cops and IRS'.

Peter took a deep breath, then blurted out, "I wish that they'd forget all about me..."

I took a long look at Peter, then smirked, "I don't think so." I've been wanting to tell him that for awhile.

"W...what?" Peter gasped in shock. "What did you just say?"

"I said no," I grinned.

"You can't...?" he stared, looking even more worried.

"No," I corrected, loving that look on Peter's face, "I WON'T."

"But you have to grant my wishes," Peter pointed out, trying to regain control of the situation, even while the police continued to knock on the door, "I wished for a genie who would grant me unlimited wishes..."

"No," I corrected him again, glaring at him this time. "You wished that I would turn into a genie who COULD grant unlimited wishes...not one who WOULD."

"But..." Peter stammered, stepping back away from me as he did so.

"OPEN UP OR WE'LL BE FORCED TO BREAK DOWN THE DOOR," came from the other side.

"Oh shit," Peter gasped in fear.

"You betrayed me," I snapped at Peter, all of my anger finally getting a chance to be vented. "I was your best friend and you not only turned me into a CHICK," I gestured down at myself, "But you turned me into your damn SLAVE too..."

"You have to save me," Peter snapped, getting ready to throw the crystal against the wall as he finished, "Or I'll smash your precious crystal."

I just smirked at that, which made him mad enough to throw the crystal anyway. But to Peter's surprise, it just bounced off of the wall without doing any damage at all to the crystal. However, there was a faint dent in the wall.

"You wished that it couldn't be destroyed by accident," I pointed out, glancing at the door and thinking that I still had time to vanish before they would manage to get through. "So I made it indestructible."

Peter paused to stare at me, his expression changing a little as he did so. "Larry?"

It seemed that for the first time, Peter stopped to realize that underneath the whole sexy djinni slave which was Nahli, his old friend Larry still existed.

"Please Larry," Peter pleaded...

"I told you," I scowled, "I'm Nahli now. Your wish made sure of that..."

Suddenly, the knocking on the door turned into a pounding. It looked like the police had gotten tired of waiting for an answer and were just going to let themselves in. I didn't think that it would take more than a few seconds for that to happen, so prepared to go back into my crystal.

"You've got to save me," Peter demanded, "I wish for you to send me someplace where they won't be able to find me..."

For a brief moment, I just stared at Peter, a cold smile beginning to form on my lips. Then, with a very satisfied smirk, I told him, "Granted..."


I leaned back with a smile, enjoying the even bigger and clearer TV screen which I had recently conjured up for myself. In fact, it was nearly as large as a movie theater screen, which seemed appropriate as at the moment, I was watching the latest big budget blockbuster that had just been released into the theaters that day.

"Not bad," I smiled as I reached for another slice of pizza, having already eaten half the pizza. Fortunately, two of the benefits of being a djinn...or djinni, was that I could eat all I wanted without getting stuffed, not to mention the fact that I wouldn't gain a single pound. And I even had a big pitcher of beer to help wash it all down with.

With a somewhat satisfied smile, I leaned back in my recliner, though it wasn't exactly a recliner. In fact, it was a little more like a floating bubble which conformed to my shape. A bit strange, but VERY comfortable.

Just then, I caught sight of my maid Peta stepping into the room, though I had actually sensed her presence before seeing her. She was such a cute thing, a petite girl with long blonde hair and a very sexy French maid outfit. Or at least that was the body and clothing that she was wearing at the moment. Who knew what I'd want her to look like next as both were merely a matter of my whim.

It had been a whole month since Peter had wished to escape the police and I had helped him do exactly that. I had sent Peter to the one place that the police and IRS would NEVER find him. I had hidden him inside of my crystal. Of course, I'd had to change his physical nature a little so that he could survive inside of here and a nice little side effect of that change was that he was now just as susceptible to my control as everything else within my domain.

"Peta," I announced, "Why don't you go to the kitchen and get me a bowl of ice cream..."

"Of course mistress," she replied meekly.

Of course I didn't need Peta to go to the kitchen to bring me ice cream since I was more than capable of conjuring it up on the spot, but I found it somewhat amusing to actually have her go fetch it for me. And it amused me even further when I thought about the fact that I actually was creating the ice cream at that moment, willing it to appear in the freezer. A waste of time and effort, but a satisfying one nonetheless.

I hadn't touched Peter's mind when I'd altered his body and transformed him into Peta, but it hadn't taken him...or her long at all to realize that within my domain, I was a virtual goddess. I was in complete control.

Though Peta was now my maid and did whatever I told her to, I hadn't actually forced her into that position. All that I had really done was transform her body. But after that, and several other demonstrations of my abilities, I think that she was in awe of my power... And of course, she was trying to earn my favor so that I might one day return her to normal.

However, even though Peta and I hadn't spoken of it, I also suspected that a large part of her willingly becoming my servant was guilt. I think that she had finally realized exactly what she had done to me...and how wrong it had been. This was her attempt at making up for what she had done and trying to earn my forgiveness. That might take some time though as I still had a lot of resentment left.

"It might take time," I sighed as I looked in the direction of the kitchen where Peta had gone.

Then I looked down at myself, at my sexy female body and sighed. It was not a sigh of annoyance, but of thoughtful release. Strangely enough, the sight no longer shocked or offended me. It was still a little difficult to think that this was ME at times, but it was becoming easier. I was becoming more comfortable in my own body...and it was my body. And though I never would have thought it possible, the times when I enjoyed and even liked my body were coming more frequently.

"Who ever would have thought it possible," I whispered.

With that, I glanced at the TV screen which still showed my crystal, which had not been touched since Peter's last wish. I suspected that it wouldn't be long before someone eventually found the crystal and became my new 'master'. Perhaps that one didn't have to know about my ability to grant an unlimited number of wishes... It was definitely a thought, though one that didn't require a decision just yet.

But as Peta returned with my ice cream, my thoughts once again returned to Peter and the possibility of one day forgiving him. At first, that was something that I never would even have considered possible, but after having accepted my new body, I had to admit that just about anything was possible. Even that. However, it could definitely take a LONG time.

"I have all the time in the world," I told myself with a satisfied smile, "I have all the time in the world..."


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