The Heir

The Heir

When 16 year old Josh's aunt dies, he is surprised to be named as her sole heir. He is even more surprised to discover exactly what that means. This story was originally written and posted in 2005.

The Heir
Part 1 of 7
By Morpheus

My aunt Elyse was a special woman. She was not only tall and beautiful, but kind and generous as well. And she often had a faint smile, almost as if she was on in some private joke which the rest of the world was unaware of.

But aunt Elyse also had a bit of a hard side as well. I'd once seen her verbally castrate a waiter because he had been rude to her at a restaurant we were eating at. And another time, she had given similar treatment to a woman who had insulted me, driving her to tears.

Whenever I thought of my aunt Elyse, I couldn't help thinking of her three most noticeable...talents. She had a talent for making money without much effort. She had a way of always being sexy, seemingly without even trying. And of course, she had a knack of always getting her way, which may have been related to her first two talents.

There was no doubt that aunt Elyse would have been my favorite aunt, were it not for the fact that she was also my only aunt. So it came as quite a blow when the news came that she had died in a car accident.

Just a short time later, during the reading of the will, I was in for another surprise. I nearly feinted when they read the line from the will, "I hereby declare my nephew Joshua Chambers as my sole heir..." I was completely shocked. After all, I was only 16 years old and I had just inherited a few million dollars.

Of course, there were a few conditions that were stated in the will as well. For one I would have to move into my aunt's house and into her old bedroom and live there by myself for a week, within a month of the will being read. And then, I would also have to live in her house by myself for at least two weekends a month until I turned 18.

My mom and dad were of course surprised that they hadn't been left anything, but they didn't seem to be at all mad about it. I didn't understand why aunt Elyse hadn't left them anything either. Perhaps it was because she had taken such good care of them while she was still alive, even paying off their mortgage. All that I knew though was that my parents seemed oddly accepting of my being named heir, and of the conditions.

So there I was, two weeks after the reading of the will and I was standing in front of my aunt's house...bags clutched in my hands. My parents were standing behind me, apparently not bothered the least by the fact that I was going to be left alone for the next week.

"Take care of yourself Josh," my mom told me with a gentle smile.

My dad just nodded, "See you in a week..."

And with that, they both turned and left. I stared at them in surprise. They hadn't even gone into the house with me. Nor had my mom even said a word about making sure to call her once a day or some other similar thing.

"It looks like I'm on my own," I said, feeling a bit excited yet nervous at the same time.

I hesitated a moment, took a deep breath and then stepped through the front door. As soon as I was inside, I took a slow look around, already knowing my way around the house as I had visited it countless times. This house was only on the other side of the town where I lived with my mom and dad, though technically it might be considered as being in the next town over.

The house itself was pretty large. In fact, it had two stories, with six bedrooms on the second floor, even if one of them had been converted into a storage room. But by contrast, the yard itself was fairly small, not really any bigger than that of my mom and dad's house. Aunt Elyse hadn't liked gardening or lawn work.

I felt a little nervous as I just stood there inside the doorway, realizing that this was the first time that I'd ever been in that house all by myself. And though I knew that this house and everything in it was now technically mine, I doubted that I would ever think of it as anything other than aunt Elyse's. And the thought of her just reminded me of how sad I was that she was gone.

Then after a minute, I dropped my bags to the ground and decided to look around. It wasn't as though I was really exploring new territory, but everything had a different look to it without aunt Elyse there.

I front of me, there was the wide staircase that went up to the second floor, and I knew that in the back of the house there was also a spiral metal staircase as well. But I only glanced at that for a moment, deciding not to go upstairs just yet. Other than the six bedrooms, the only things up there were the bathrooms.

First, I went into the entertainment room, pausing to look at the huge plasma screen TV that was along one wall. There was also a very nice surround sound, stereo and entertainment system built into the wall, as well as a couple of comfortable looking recliners. This room was probably the most up to date and modern room in the whole house, and I suspected that it would be where I spent most of my time over the next week.

Next I went to the kitchen, which was twice the size of the one that we had at home. I didn't know much about kitchens, but I knew that my mom wished she had one like it. And I didn't even bother looking in the fridge, already knowing that my folks had come in the day before and made sure it was stocked up with all the food I could possibly need for the next week.

There was of course a nice dining room, but I passed by that, the pantry and the laundry room and went into the living room instead. It was decorated with a lot of old Victorian style furniture, which I knew aunt Elyse had been fond of. Just about everything in that room was expensive and fancy looking, but the room itself seemed more for impressing visitors than for actually spending any real time in yourself.

Then finally, I arrived into the den. It was actually a fairly decent sized room that was set up for multiple purposes, including entertaining guests. It had always been one of my favorite rooms to spend time in, because it seemed a little more ordinary and down to earth.

The far wall was covered with bookshelves and lined with everything from an encyclopedia set and the works of such classic authors as Shakespeare, Victor Hugo and Mark Twain, to more modern works such as Harry Potter, The DaVinci Code and some trashy romance novels. And of course, there were even several comfortable looking chairs sitting close by for convenient reading.

Along the wall to my left was a foosball table, a pool table and somewhat more normal table which seemed perfect for such things as pool games. I don't know how many games of Yatzee and chess I had played with aunt Elyse at that very table.

And then to the wall on my right, there was a small bar and the liquor cabinet. I was a little surprised when I noticed that my parents hadn't emptied it out when they'd come to the house the day before. But not only was the bar still full of all the varied forms of alcohol, but the wine rack next to it was still full as well.

"I guess they forgot," I mused.

Then I grinned, realizing what an opportunity this might be for me. I had the whole house to myself for a week, and I had the keys to the liquor cabinet. I could easily try that stuff out and my folks wouldn't even know.

"I can have a party," I gasped.

For a moment, I allowed myself to smile at the thought of inviting a bunch of kids I knew over and throwing a huge party. We could drink, crank the music up and have an absolute blast, without my parents even knowing. It would make me really popular too. But then reality settled in. I knew that with big parties that didn't have adult supervision, things were likely to get broken or smashed. And as I realized that these were now MY things, that was the last thing that I wanted to happen.

"I guess a party is out," I sighed. Besides, it wasn't like I really knew a whole lot of kids that I could invite anyway. Not to mention the fact that it was summer vacation and I had no idea how to get hold of most of the kids in my school either.

After this, I played a couple games of pool with myself, then went back to the entertainment center. And as I had earlier predicted, I spent most of the rest of the day in there, watching DVD's from the decent sized collection, and of course playing video games. I was pretty sure that aunt Elyse had only bought the game system for me to play when I came over to visit, but then again, she hadn't really hesitated to play the games with me either.

Eventually though, I took a break from playing in order to make dinner. It wasn't much of a dinner, but I felt like waffles and those were certainly a lot easier to make than the casserole mom had suggested I try making earlier that morning. I guess it was a good thing that mom had thought to give me a few cooking lessons over the last couple weeks to prepare me for the time that I would be living alone there.

But then after dinner, I decided to finally take my stuff up to aunt Elyse's bedroom... I didn't think that I could ever think of it as my bedroom, especially since none of my aunt's stuff had been removed. The huge walk in closet was still full of all of her clothes.

"Wow," I whispered as I slowly looked around the large room. It was at least twice the size of the master bedroom that my parents used. "Impressive."

There was a large wooden four posted bed in the middle of the room, which looked as though it could have been an antique, though it was in great shape and could very well have been more recently made as well. And there were other pieces of furniture in the room, such as a large dresser, an armoire, and a makeup table with a large oval mirror on top of it.

"Great," I sighed, feeling a bit depressed as every bit of the room reminded me of aunt Elyse. I wondered if that was her intention when she put the bit in her will about my staying in her room.

Then I slowly started to look at the furniture a little more closely. Though I didn't know anything about wood working, I had no doubt that these were all very well made and probably very expensive. I paused for a moment to look into the oval mirror above the makeup desk. A slender but average looking 16 year old boy was reflected back.

Suddenly, the image in the mirror began to shimmer and blur. A moment later, my image had vanished from it, only to be replaced with an entirely new image. It was the image of a beautiful woman, about 32 years old and with such dark brown hair that it nearly seemed black. She had dark eyes, and a faint smile on her lips, as though amused by some private joke.

"Aunt Elyse..." I squeaked out in shock, taking a step back, sure that I was imagining things. Then as if to shock me further, the image spoke.

"If you are seeing this," my aunt's reflection stated from the mirror, "then I am dead and you have moved into my home as I required in my will..."

All that I could do was stare at the mirror with my eyes bulging out and my mouth hanging open. I was too stunned to think clearly much less speak.

"Please don't be afraid," aunt Elyse's reflection said reassuringly, "In spite of what you must be thinking, I am not a ghost. What you are seeing is merely a recording. If you know how, you can cause the reflection in a mirror to be delayed until specific conditions have been met...such as my death and your moving in."

"My God," I gasped in disbelief. Was that mirror some sort of TV screen? It sure as hell didn't look like it.

"I suppose that you must be surprised by all of this," Aunt Elyse said from the mirror, having a faint look of amusement.
"You can say that again," I gulped.

"And you must have a lot of questions," she continued, "Such as how I was able to do a video recording on a mirror. The answer to that is magic. does exist, and I obviously know how to use a degree. That is also how I was able ensure your parents would be...agreeable to my will."

"What?" I gasped in surprise.

"I made your parents promise to accept my will," aunt Elyse frowned slightly, "albeit without knowledge of what was in it. But I had to be certain that my brother and your mother would keep their promise and not interfere in my will's, I cast a spell on them."

"What?" I gasped again, realizing that this explained why my mom and dad didn't seem to have any problems with my staying there alone for a week.

"You must understand," she pointed out seriously, "that one of the rules of magic is that it can NOT be used upon someone without their consent. Your parents gave that with their promise. I regret the need for that, but this was too important to risk."

For a moment, I just stared at aunt Elyse's reflection, not sure that I could I could absorb all of this. It was just too strange. Dead people don't just show up in your mirror... At least not unless you are on something or need some serious therapy.

"Of course you must also be wondering why I chose you as my heir," aunt Elyse said from the mirror. That is difficult to explain at the moment. But there is more to being my heir than just accepting what is in my will. Much more. You will have to trust me. I would never do anything to hurt you..."

I was getting more and more confused as this went on, not to mention more nervous. This talk about having to trust her was definitely leading up to something. And knowing aunt Elyse, I knew that it had to be something big.

"The house and the money is only part of what you will inherit from me," aunt Elyse told me, looking very serious. "But in order to gain the rest of your inheritance, to learn what it means to be my heir, you will have to trust me. I know that this may not be easy after what I have just told you...but in order to proceed, you will have to say I consent."

With that, the image in the mirror froze, almost as if put on pause. But perhaps that is exactly what happened. It wasn't like I really understood the magic behind it, or had even believed it in before a couple minutes earlier. In fact, a small part of me still couldn't help doubting its existence and thinking this some sort of joke, but aunt Elyse hadn't been the type to play elaborate pranks.

It was then that the words she had said sank in. She had told me that I would have to say 'I consent', right after making a very clear point about that rule of magic. I gulped with the realization that she wanted to cast some sort of spell on me.

"Oh shit," I whispered.

But on the other hand, aunt Elyse had asked me to trust her. Aunt Elyse had never lied to me before, at least not that I knew of. She had always made a point of being straight forward and honest with just about everyone. And as strange as the situation was, I knew that I did indeed trust her. There was no doubt in my mind that she wouldn't do anything that would hurt me.

After a minute of silent thought, I took a deep breath and blurted out, "I consent..."

Suddenly, the image in the mirror flickered out, then shifted, almost as if jumping to a different scene. And perhaps that was exactly what it was, because aunt Elyse was sitting in a somewhat different position now.

"Thank you," aunt Elyse smiled to me from the mirror, looking somewhat hopeful. I suspected that she hadn't been sure if I would choose to consent or not, and that she had probably recorded different messages for whatever my choice. Then her expression turned serious again. "Since you have consented to learning of your full inheritance, I must warn you that the coming days will be extremely strange for you. But don't is only temporary. Just go with flow and have fun with it."

Just then, I let out a loud yawn, suddenly feeling extremely tired. I didn't know where it had come from, but I felt completely exhausted. It had just hit me without warning.

"It will be easier on you if you sleep while this happens," aunt Elyse said from the mirror with an expression that seemed both apology and amusement. "Good night..."

And with that, her image faded from the mirror while my own reflection returned. However, I was too exhausted to really notice much at that point. I staggered a bit, letting out another yawn as I slipped off my shoes and pants. Somehow, I just barely managed to get undressed and into bed before sleep claimed me.


When I woke up in the morning, it was with a faint smile after a good nights sleep. And the dreams... I'd had some strange dreams, though I couldn't actually remember much of them at all, except one about aunt Elyse talking to me from the mirror.

I let out a loud yawn and absently reached between my legs to scratch my balls, as I did just about every morning. However, my fingers met...nothing. For a moment, I was confused, realizing that something was wrong. Very wrong.

For several seconds, I remained frozen where I was, then I slowly sat up, my feelings of wrongness getting stronger and stronger. Then I slowly looked down at myself, letting out a loud gasp as I did so. My eyes went wide in shock as I saw I saw my body.

"What the...?" I gasped in confusion.

My body... WASN'T my body. Or at least it sure as hell wasn't the body that I knew. For one, a single glance was enough to tell me that it was undeniably a girl's body. No... It was a woman's body. I had all the curves, including a pair of very prominent bulges on my chest. And there was a very visible absence between my legs.

I stared down at myself in complete shock and disbelief, trying to make sense of what had just happened to me. But then I remembered what aunt Elyse had told me from the mirror.

"It wasn't a dream," I whispered in amazement.

That answered the questions about how this had happened to me, as well as who had done it. However, it also left a thousand more questions without answers.

"My God," I gulped, poking at the big round globes on my chest. They were undeniably real.

Then I slowly looked down over my body again, taking in every inch. I took a deep breath as I stared at the spot between my legs. Though I had never seen a naked girl, at least not in real life, there was absolutely no doubting that those were indeed real girl parts.

"What did she do to me?" I muttered, remembering aunt Elyse's statements from the night before. About the only thing that kept me from freaking out was the fact that I knew that aunt Elyse would never do anything to hurt me, and I remembered her saying something about strange things happening, and about them only being temporary.

After a minute, I took a deep breath and carefully climbed out of bed, fully aware of just how odd my body felt. My sense of balance was all off. And those things on my chest felt a little heavy and definitely contributed to the balance issue.

"Oh God," I gulped, looking down at myself again and shaking my head in disbelief. That kind of thing just wasn't possible. But then again, neither was having dead relatives talk to you from a mirror.

I shook my head, then moved to get a look at myself in the mirror above the makeup table. But as soon as I saw my reflection, I couldn't help but letting out another gasp of shock. That wasn't my face in the mirror, but it was most certainly familiar.

"Aunt Elyse," I blurted out.

For a brief instant, I had thought that aunt Elyse was going to talk to me from the mirror again, but her face had a look of shock and disbelief on it, and of course, she was completely naked. As I raised my hand, so did the aunt Elyse in the mirror. As impossible as it was, I now looked like my aunt.

"That's me," I exclaimed, unable to help bur move my hand around to make sure that the mirror was doing the same thing.

It was extremely strange to look into the mirror and see aunt Elyse looking back. God she was gorgeous, even with the first thing in the morning look that I had going on at the moment.

Just then, the reflection began to shimmer and change. A moment later, aunt Elyse was still in there looking back at me, but it was with a much more confident look than how I felt. And then of course, there was the fact that her hair was now done up, she had makeup on and she was dressed. It took me a moment to realize that this was another one of her recorded messages.

"I'm sure that this must be a surprise for you," aunt Elyse said from the mirror, looking somewhat amused.

As I stared at it, I noticed that she was wearing different clothes than she had been wearing in the message from the night before. It was pretty obvious that this message had to have been recorded at a different time than the other one.

"And I am sure that you would like an explanation," she continued. "As my heir, I want you to understand me better..." Then she paused for a moment before assuring me, "This is only temporary...only for the week. You will be changed back before you go home, so just take advantage of the opportunity and have some fun with it."

And with that, the image changed and vanished, leaving my naked version of aunt Elyse's face in its place. But I could still only stare at the mirror for a moment in surprise.

"A week," I whispered, hardly able to believe it. "I'm going to be like this for a week?"

The thought was of course shocking, and I could scarcely believe it. But as I stood there, staring at myself in the mirror, I let out a faint sigh. Aunt Elyse wouldn't do anything that would hurt me, and it was only for a week.

"A week," I thought aloud. "I can handle a week." And then I looked down at myself, and with a faint smile added, "It might even be interesting..."

With that, I slowly sat back down on the bed and began to look down at myself a little more carefully. I was a little nervous, but also a bit excited. Now that I knew what was going on, and more importantly, when it would wear off, I wasn't nearly as freaked out about the whole thing.

Of course, the fact that I was in a girl's my own aunt's body was kind of embarrassing, and I wouldn't even think about looking at myself that way if there was someone else in the house. But I knew for a fact that I was the only one in the house and would be for a whole week. There was no fear of anyone bursting in on me or finding out what I was doing.

"And aunt Elyse did give me her okay," I mused with a faint but embarrassed smile.

Aunt Elyse was a gorgeous woman and had a killer body that women ten years younger would envy. And that just made the fact that I looked like her all the stranger...and all the more exciting.

I took my time as I looked over my body, trying to tell myself that it wasn't aunt Elyse's body...that I just happened to look like her. It made it seem just a little less strange, though not by much. I slowly ran my hands over my body, probably touching nearly every inch of skin on my body. It was so soft and sensitive compared to my normal skin.

My hands went to my my breasts. They were nice firm and round, probably around a large C cup or even a small D, with hardly a hint of any sag. But that just matched the perfect condition that the rest of my body was in. I had a thin firm waist, long legs and good muscle tone. It was hard to believe that aunt Elyse could be 32 and have a body that good, but certainly not stranger than my being a 16 year old boy and having the same body.

As I felt my nipples, I marveled at just how sensitive they were. And the new girl parts between my legs... WOW. Really sensitive. It felt really strange running my finger along that moist little slit that had appeared down there, but kind of nice too.

After I had just explored my body for a little while, I climbed off the bed and ran a hand over my breasts, no longer feeling quite so uncomfortable with them. Now that I had familiarized myself with them, and the rest of my body a little, it didn't feel quite as strange, though it was certainly a far cry from actually feeling normal.

Now that I had checked out the new body that I would be stuck with for a week, it was time to take care of some slightly more normal things. Such as going to the bathroom. However, I realized that going to the bathroom with my new equipment might be anything but normal. Fortunately, going to the bathroom wasn't the ordeal that I had feared. I reminded myself to sit down, and after that, it was pretty much just business as usual.

Next it was time for some breakfast, so I grabbed a white silk robe from the back of the bathroom door and slipped it on. It felt VERY nice against my skin.

"I could definitely get used to this," I mused as I ran my hand over the silk and felt it rub up against my skin.

A moment later, I went down to the kitchen, wondering what I was going to have for breakfast. I had several different types of cereal in the cupboard, so it was only a matter of deciding which one. Of course, I could have made waffles or fried up some eggs, but that seemed like a bit too much work.

But as I stood there, looking around the kitchen, I saw the coffee pot sitting on the counter. I frowned slightly, remembering how aunt Elyse always had a cup for breakfast. Even though I kept seeing her in the mirror, I really missed her.

It was almost on a whim that I began to fix up a pot of coffee. I didn't like the stuff and had no interest in drinking it. But at the moment, I thought that brewing up a pot might help me feel a little closer to aunt Elyse.

"As if I could get any closer," I said with a bit of a smile.

I had already finished with my cereal by the time that the coffee was ready, though that didn't stop me from pouring a cup. I didn't really intend to drink it, just to sit there with it and perhaps even imagine that I was aunt Elyse. It was a strange thought, but kind of appealing at the moment.

"She did say that she wanted me to understand her," I told myself.

Then as I sat there with the cup of coffee in front of me, it just didn't seem right not to at least try it. After all, I had gone through the effort of making the stuff. I took a sip, wincing slightly at the bitter taste. But after putting a little milk in it and tried another sip, it seem much better. It wasn't until after I had taken my fourth sip that I realized that this was the way that aunt Elyse always had her coffee. With a bit of cream in it.

"Not bad at all," I finally said, beginning to see why aunt Elyse liked drinking the stuff in the morning. The milk wasn't exactly cream, but it was close enough, and it mellowed the coffee down enough for me to actually enjoy it. And to my surprise, I was enjoying it, and the feeling of wakefulness that it was giving me.

Once I had finished with my breakfast and coffee, I stood up and stretched. Then I glanced over at the pot of coffee, debated with the thought of having a second cup and then shrugging it off. One cup would be fine for the moment, though it was kind of nice knowing that there was more there if I did want some later.

And with that, I made my way back upstairs to the bedroom, and to the large private bathroom that was attached to it. I paused for a moment to look at myself in front of the bathroom mirror, smiling faintly at the sight of aunt Elyse reflected back. There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to be an interesting week.

The Heir
Part 2 of 7
By Morpheus

"Oooh...very nice," I let out a long sigh as I leaned back in my hot bath. I could actually stretch out in that tub as well since it was at least twice the size of the one I was used to taking a bath in at home. And it felt so good.

Normally, I wasn't the type to take a bath since I'd always associated baths with girls or little kids. And everyone knew that guys only took showers. But at the moment, I was a girl...or more accurately, a woman. I figured that since aunt Elyse took baths and I currently looked like her, I might as well go ahead and do so as well. And right then, I was very glad that I had decided to.

Then as I shifted position, I spotted a razor that was sitting on the edge of the tub. It was for aunt Elyse to shave her legs no doubt. I ran a hand over my silky smooth legs and decided that they certainly didn't need them at the moment. But on the other hand, I was just a little curious and thought that the experience might help me understand aunt Elyse and other women somewhat better.

"I just hope I don't cut myself," I said as I picked up the can of foam and began to lather my legs. I hesitated a moment before actually putting the razor to my skin, but told myself to be careful and began. "Damn," I muttered, almost immediately nicking myself.

Obviously shaving my legs wasn't quite like shaving my face, not that I had to do that very often. In fact, I always used an electric razor when I did. But I wasn't about to give up and went back to work on my legs, this time being a little more careful. It worked as I was able to pull the razor smoothly over my leg, time and time again. It was so smooth and easy that I didn't nick myself once more, even when I shaved under my arms as well.

"That wasn't so bad," I told myself, knowing that I didn't actually have to shave myself, but feeling a little proud that I had. It made me For a moment, I actually felt almost as if I really was the sexy adult woman that I looked like. I kind of liked that feeling.

Once I was done with the bath, I climbed out and took my time drying off as I ran that big soft towel over my skin. However, when I started trying to use the towel to try my hair, I realized that I had a bit of a problem. My hair was now too long and too wet. It wasn't going to dry out with a towel, and since I didn't want to go around with wet hair all day long, I knew that I would have to try something else.

"Well, this always works for mom," I commented as I found the hair dryer. Or at least it worked for her when she didn't just have it piled up on her head in a towel instead.

With that, I sat down and began using the hairdryer. But while I was doing that, I began to start brushing my hair as well. I wasn't really sure why, only that it seemed like the right thing to do. And when I was done, I figured that it had been the right thing because my hair was not only dry, but nice and silky soft too.

Then of course, there was the matter of getting dressed. But with the large walk in closet and the dressers full of aunt Elyse's clothes, I knew that finding something to wear wouldn't really be too much of a problem. In fact, after looking, I even found some jeans and T-shirts.

"Hmmm," I mused as I looked at my clothing options, specifically the jeans and T-shirt, "I don't think so."

The jeans and T-shirt certainly would have been more familiar to me, and a little more comfortable because of that. But the fact was that aunt Elyse always dressed sort of sexy. Classy...but sexy. That was the way that I always remembered her dressing, so I thought that it would be appropriate for me to at least try dressing that way myself.

"Of course she does wear this stuff too," I reminded myself with another glance at the jeans and T-shirt. But she tended to wear that stuff a little less frequently and I had made up my mind to at least try dressing the way that she normally did.

Obviously I would need to start off with underwear. All of the underwear that I found in the dresser were either red or black, not to mention kind of sexy. There wasn't a single pair of plain old white ones. I grabbed a pair of the black ones and slipped them on, feeling a little naughty as I did so.

"Now for this thing," I commented as I reached for the matching black bra.

The bra provided a little a little trouble at first, but I quickly figured out how to put it on and turned my attention to the rest of my clothes. The ones that I had picked out were a pair of tight black pants that looked sort of like leather, and a short sleeved red shirt that revealed a nice glimpse of cleavage. It was a very sexy outfit and I remembered seeing aunt Elyse in the very same thing on several occasions.

"Wow," I exclaimed as I looked at myself in the mirror, "I look hot."

However, I knew that I wasn't finished just yet. I sat back down on the edge of the bed and slipped on a pair of stockings, being careful not to rip them or cause any runs. That didn't really seem to be any problem though as they went on without a hitch, followed by a pair of black high heeled shoes.

"Perhaps this is a little much," I commented, as I ran my hands over the shoes, thinking that I could have chosen a pair of sandals or even sneakers instead. However, aunt Elyse almost always wore heels so it seemed kind of appropriate for me to wear them too. As with just about everything else, it just made me feel a little closer to her. "Not that I actually know how to walk in them," I grinned to myself a little self-consciously.

With that, I stood up, feeling more than just a little strange with the heels on. It wasn't just the fact that my balance was off in them, but that I was noticeably taller than normal. Aunt Elyse was 5 foot 11, just an inch taller than I was normally, taller when she wore heels...which was most of the time. I hadn't really noticed that one inch before, but after adding an extra three or so from the heels on top of that...

I remained where I was for a minute, just trying to catch my balance in the heels until I realized that I already had it. Then I took a hesitant step, being careful about how I put my foot down and shifted my weight to it. When that worked out all right, I slowly walked across the floor, growing more confident of my balance with each step.

"This isn't so bad," I thought aloud, relieved that walking in high heels wasn't as tricky as I'd heard. Sure, the first couple steps had been a little shaky, but after that it had gotten a lot easier.

But just to make sure that I had it down right, I walked across the room again, growing even more comfortable in my new high heels. Then I went to the stairs, hesitating a moment before walking down them without a problem, feeling oddly sexy as I did so. And when I reached the bottom, I smiled in satisfaction before turning around and going back up them.

"I have mastered the art of walking in high heels," I proudly announced, then started to laugh.

When I returned to the bedroom, I paused to look at my reflection again. Damn, I definitely looked pretty good. And if I didn't know better, I would have thought that I was looking at aunt Elyse. Except of course for the fact that she usually has her hair done up a little better, not to mention having makeup on.

For a moment, I just stood there and thought about that. After all, putting on makeup would be the next logical step in the little game that I'd been playing. However, I wasn't sure just how far I wanted to take my little game of dress up. But after a few seconds, I grinned and decided that it might be fun to keep at it for a little longer.

With that, I sat down and began brushing my hair again, finding that it all just quickly settled into place. And once that was done, I turned my attention to the makeup. I only had a pretty vague idea what most of the stuff around the table was for, but that wasn't going to stop me from at least trying to figure it out.

"What should I try first?" I asked myself with a blank look at the various bottles and jars.

I just sat there for a minute before reaching for a bottle of some sort of foundation cream that seemed like a good beginning. It went on quickly and easily, giving me the confidence to move onto the rest. The blush, mascara and lipstick were all pretty easy to put on as well, even surprising me a little with just how much so.

However, I let out a gasp as I caught sight of myself in the mirror and REALLY took another look. I had been so focused on putting on the makeup that I hadn't realized just how much more I now looked like aunt Elyse. For a moment, I almost thought that she was about to start talking to me from the mirror again.

"Holy shit," I exclaimed, staring at myself even more intently. It was like staring at a ghost. A very beautiful ghost at that. Then I couldn't resist batting my eyes at myself, puckering up my lips as if for a kiss and then just making a few silly faces which got me laughing a little.

And then for the final touch, I would need the jewelry. I slipped a pair of slightly dangly earrings through the holes that had appeared in my ears, and then I put on a slender woman's watch, followed by a thin necklace.

Then I realized that there was only one thing missing. My nails. I held up my hands in front of me, staring at my slender fingers and the perfectly manicured and pointed nails that I now possessed. I smiled faintly as I thought about how odd they had made it eating breakfast. Now all I had to do was put some polish on them. The same dark red which aunt Elyse always used.

"Not bad," I smirked as I held my fingers up again a short while later and admired the new color on my nails, "Not bad at all..."

I continued smirking just a little as I blew on my nails to help them dry a little faster. I just couldn't help it. As strange as that whole situation was, something about it made me feel sexy. It was a very strange feeling for me, but I was definitely enjoying it.

Of course, I knew that if I didn't know that the whole situation was just temporary, I'd probably be freaking out about it all instead. But since I did know that it wasn't hard at all to just do what aunt Elyse had told me from the mirror and have some fun with it.

Once my nails had finished drying, I stood in front of the mirror and just admired myself, as well as marveled at the fact that this sexy and confident looking adult woman was really me. Not aunt Elyse...but ME. Just by looking, I couldn't see a single thing that would give away what I really was inside. There wasn't a single thing to suggest that I wasn't what I adult woman. And that knowledge just made me smirk even more.

But eventually, I stopped with the staring and modeling in front of the mirror and made my way downstairs. I was feeling pretty good about myself and was wondering what I could do next. However, that was when I realized that there was one small problem with my game. I had no idea what aunt Elyse did around her house when I wasn't over for a visit.

"Well," I grinned to myself, "There's always the old standby..."

With that, I went to the entertainment room and settled down for a little TV and video game play. It was just a little awkward using the video game controller with my longer nails, but I quickly picked up the knack of doing so, or at least enough so that it didn't really effect my play. But still, it felt kind of strange to be playing video games while in my altered body.

After awhile though, I put the game away and turned on the TV. But as I flipped through the channels, I was disappointed to see that there wasn't really much on. At least not unless I wanted to watch some talk shows, which really didn't appeal to me in the least.

"Well," I mused as an afterthought, "Maybe Jerry Springer."

With that, I leaned back in my chair and thought about putting in a movie or just going back to the video games. But while I was sitting there, I looked down at myself and noticed the way that I was sitting. I was sitting the same way that I always did, with my legs spread open. It was nice and comfortable, but I realized that it certainly wasn't how a girl would sit. I was pretty certain that I'd never seen aunt Elyse sitting like that.

"Not very ladylike," I chuckled to myself.

Then with a conscious effort, I slipped one leg over the other in the same way that I had seen women do before, including aunt Elyse. It was just a little odd to sit that way, but it wasn't at all uncomfortable. In fact, as I turned my attention back to the TV, I quickly forgot that I was even sitting like that.

A short while later, it was time for lunch so I went to the kitchen and looked for something to eat. I quickly decided on a tuna sandwich, which of course meant that I would have to mix up the tuna first. But once that was done and the sandwich made, I stared at it for just a moment before getting out a knife and cutting it diagonally. Normally I just ate my sandwiches whole, but aunt Elyse liked to cut them so that was exactly what I did.

I ate quickly, but instead of going back to the entertainment room when I was done, I decided to do something else. I never would have imagined that having a big screen TV, a great entertainment center and a video game console could ever get boring. But then again, they just weren't as exciting without someone to share them with.

"Somehow," I commented with a wry smile as I looked down at myself, "I don't think that THIS will get boring..."

For a change of pace, I decided to go to the den rather than the entertainment room. And since I couldn't very well play foosball by myself, I decided on a game of pool instead. I smiled a little as I racked the balls, thinking of all of the times that aunt Elyse and I had played together. That only made me miss her again.

I stayed at the table playing pool and practicing my shots for well over an hour, feeling a bit surprised by just how well as I doing. Perhaps it was because there was no one there watching and making me nervous. And perhaps it was because aunt Elyse was a much better pool player than me, and just looking so much like her gave me an extra boost of confidence. Whatever the reason, I made almost every shot I took.

"Now if I could only find someone to play against," I smiled to myself.

After a while though, I did get bored with pool and decided to head back to the entertainment room. I sat down and absently crossed my legs in a feminine manner before reaching for the remote.
The next few hours passed much the same way as the ones before lunch had, with me playing various video games and then turning the TV on to watch a few shows. It was kind funny for me to realize that in spite of my transformed body and the fact that I had a whole house all to myself, I was pretty much doing the same things that I would have done anyway.

"Of course," I told myself with a bit of a smirk as I looked down at my body and ran a hand over my breasts, "I could always explore this body a little more..." The idea was more than just a little tempting, though I decided to hold off on that for just a little longer. After all, I had all week with that body so there wasn't any kind of urgency.

But then I had to wonder what in the world I was thinking. There I was, with an adult body, a house to myself and a once in a lifetime opportunity...and all that I was doing with it was watching TV and playing video games. It seemed like such a waste...

"I don't think so," I smirked, already having an idea of which opportunity I wanted to take advantage of next.

I got up with a casual grace that I had never possessed before and barely even noticed. I was in a new body and walking in high heels, yet I didn't feel at all out of balance anymore. In fact, I was beginning to feel oddly normal, though I didn't really give that any thought.

Then I calmly strolled back to the den and immediately went to the liquor cabinet. I had tried alcohol before, or at least a sip here and there, though certainly not enough to get drunk. But having the liquor cabinet there and knowing that no one was going to show up and catch me was an opportunity that I just couldn't ignore.

"Besides," I looked down at myself and grinned, "I am an adult now..." Or at least I was physically. In fact, I figured that I could probably go into the store and buy some beer without even being carded.

With that, I opened the cabinet to take a good look inside. I quickly counted more than a dozen bottles of various forms of alcohol, and not a one of them was beer or wine. This was all the harder stuff like gin, bourbon and brandy. However, I didn't waste my time trying to figure out what it all was and just grabbed one of the bottles in front which was some kind of whisky.

"It smells pretty strong," I said as I sniffed the contents, then poured about a half inch or so into a glass. "Well," I hesitated for a moment, "Bottoms up..."

And with that, I downed most of the glass in a single gulp and almost immediately wished that I hadn't. It more than just smelled strong... In fact, it sort burned as it went down my throat and immediately filled my stomach with a sort of pleasant warmth.

"Wow," I choked out a moment later.

That had been the first time that I'd ever tasted whisky, and it was certainly quite a bit different from the beer, wine and even rum that I had tasted before. And it was quite a bit stronger going down as well.

Then as I considered what bottle I should sample next, I absently finished off what was left in the glass. I was barely even aware that I had done so as I was already reaching for the next bottle, a bottle of brandy. But for some reason, the glass that I had already been drinking from didn't seem appropriate, so I grabbed another one from the shelf, one which had a stem and a decent sized up on top. For some reason, that one seemed a little more appropriate for the brandy.

"Nice," I commented as I sniffed that new bottle, then casually poured the glass about half full.

This time, I sipped from the glass. The new drink was a good deal more mild than the whiskey, but somewhat more flavorful as well. I smiled after the first sip, then took another, deciding that I rather liked the brandy.

"Not bad," I smiled, "Not bad at all..."

It was then that I noticed a humidor full of cigars on the shelf as well. It was a little surprising since I'd never known aunt Elyse to smoke cigars...but I guess that didn't really mean anything. I had already learned first hand that she had a few surprises up her sleeve. Of course, for all I knew they might just be there for guests.

A second later, I noticed the slender silver cigarette case sitting on the shelf next to the cigars. And though the cigars were unfamiliar, that case most certainly was not. Aunt Elyse hadn't really been a heavy smoker, but she was rarely without one of her cigarette cases.

"She probably just liked showing off the case," I said with a bit of a smile as I picked it up.

With that, I opened the case and took a look inside. It was half full of the all white cigarettes that aunt Elyse had smoked, which was of course about what I had expected. What else would be in her cigarette case?

For a moment, I just looked at the cigarettes, then reached in and pulled one out, putting it between my fingers. Almost as soon as I'd seen the cigarettes, I just knew that I was going to have to at least try one. After all, I had been playing the game of pretending to be aunt Elyse all day and this was just more of the same.

"Let's see...," I mused as I looked around for a lighter, smiling faintly when I noticed it sitting off to the side.

I hesitated for only a second before bringing the cigarette to my lips and then lighting the tip. Then I took a drag, almost immediately gagging as the smoke went down my throat and into my lungs, but then catching myself and blowing the smoke back out.

"Nice and smooth," I joked with a slight cough, taking a sip of brandy to help clear my throat a little.

Then I raised the cigarette back to my lips again in a casual yet feminine manner that I scarcely even thought about. I took a long, smooth drag, finding it much more appealing the second time. In fact, I was beginning to enjoy the pleasant feeling that it gave me as I turned and calmly blew the smoke out to the side.

With that, I sat down on one of the bar stools, taking several more drags from my cigarette before sipping my brandy. Both were going down quite well. Then I crossed my legs, feeling very sexy as I sat there, taking yet another drag from my cigarette.

"Not bad at all," I mused to myself, deciding that I rather enjoyed this experience.

The whole smoking and drinking thing was actually quite relaxing, and I could see why so many people did them. And besides that, it all made me feel so grown-up and sexy.

Once I was finished though, I paused for a moment consider what I was going to do next. Of course I could always go back to playing more video games...

"I don't think so," I thought aloud. Or at least not at the moment.

But with that, I decided that there was something that I could be doing. I could actually start getting dinner ready. Of course ordering pizza would be quick and easy, but looking like aunt Elyse made me feel pretty grown-up so I wanted a more grown-up meal. Unfortunately, that meant that I would have to make it myself.

When I got to the kitchen, I smiled faintly and the sound of the click click of my heels hitting the floor. It was such a strange sound coming from me, but kind of an interesting one too.

A few seconds later, I was looking through the fridge and cupboards, trying to decide what I wanted to eat. In the end, I settled on grabbing a pack of noodles and a jar of alfredo sauce. And if I added a little chicken with that...

I wasn't really a great cook, but then again, I didn't have to be with mostly easy fixing materials. And at least my lack of cooking skills wasn't an insult to aunt Elyse while I was looking like her since I was probably a better cook than she had been. As my mom liked to say, her talents lay in a different area than the kitchen.

It didn't really take me too long to get dinner ready and on the table. The whole meal was actually pretty decent, especially with the nice glass of wine that I felt had to go with it. I wasn't completely sure why I'd chosen to have the wine, only that it somehow seemed appropriate, though I was quite pleased that I had.

And once I was done eating, I leaned back at the table, and pulled another cigarette from aunt Elyse's silver cigarette case, scarcely even giving it much thought as I did so. It all seemed so casual and...normal that it didn't even seem worth thinking about. And it wasn't until I absently crossed my legs and blew a stream off to the side that I paused to consider exactly what it was that I was doing, and how odd that behavior was.

"It's odd that I don't feel more...odd," I mused aloud, taking another casual drag from the cigarette.

I had been playing that game of pretend all day and was beginning to wonder if I had begun taking it too far. But at the same time, I knew that it was more than that. I had been doing things that I had never done before, and feeling perfectly normal while doing them. Drinking, smoking...walking around in high heels. None of it felt very strange after I had first tried them.

Then as I thought about it for a minute, several things began to come together and make more sense. This was obviously more of aunt Elyse's magic...part of her plan to help me understand her better. Each of those things that I now felt so comfortable with had started out with me just playing the game and trying them out. But once I had tried them...drinking coffee...smoking...or putting on makeup, it was as if I had somehow accepted those things as part of myself. As if I had opened the floodgates and let those habits and behaviors become my own.

"Oh shit," I whispered as I realized just how many things I had intentionally done like aunt Elyse during the day. There were so many things that I must have picked up from her magic without even realizing it.

With that, I finished off the wine in my glass in a single gulp, then took another drag from the cigarette. It was sort of scary to realize that not only my body could be so easily changed, but my own behavior as well. And without my having even been aware of it until then.

I thought about what was going on and what had happened to me while I went about cleaning the table and putting the dishes into the dishwasher. The very thought that my own thoughts and behavior could be changed without my even being aware of it was more than a little scary, yet as I thought about just how I had been altered, I couldn't help but feeling a little excited as well.

"Aunt Elyse would never do anything to hurt me," I reminded myself aloud, "And this is only temporary..."

That reminder helped to ease my nervousness and worries, and then I realized that all that I had to do to avoid becoming even more like aunt Elyse was just to avoid trying things out and acting like she would. The experimentation was definitely fun and interesting, but now that I knew that there was a...side effect...

"On the other hand," I mused... It was only temporary and it had been rather fun. Who said that I actually had to avoid trying new things now that I knew about the side effect? "Not me..."

With that, I decided to intentionally try something see if I could affect my own behavior and sense of what felt normal. But that only left the question of what to try. I couldn't really think of anything that aunt Elyse did that I hadn't tried yet. Then it came to me.

I took my time going back to the den and looking at the cigars that I'd seen there. I had never seen aunt Elyse smoke a cigar and didn't even know if this was one of her habits or behaviors that I might gain, though this certainly seemed like an interesting way to find out.

"Let's see," I said as I pulled out one of the cigars, then ran it under my nose and sniffed it, because that what I had seen some guy do with one in a movie once. It smelled a little strange so I couldn't tell what that guy in the movie got out of doing that.

After a few seconds, I mimicked the other things that I had seen the guy in the movie doing. I took the cigar cutter that was sitting next to the humidor and clipped off one end and then took a tiny nip from the other. Then I reached for a lighter, pausing a moment before going for a small box of wooden matches beside the humidor instead. I figured that they had to be there for a reason.

Since I had made up my mind, I put the cigar in my mouth and used one of the matches to light the end. Then as I took a puff, the results were very much like my first reaction to a cigarette, though the gagging was worse. Much worse.

However, this time I was aware of what was going on and could even notice when my perceptions began to change. The horrible taste no longer seemed so bad and I began to hold the cigar differently, more comfortably and confidently. In fact, the whole thing seemed rather pleasant.

I smiled faintly and took another drag from the cigar, this time not as half-heartedly as before. I savored the rich smoke and smiled as I blew it out.

"Very nice," I mused, never having imagined that I would enjoy smoking a cigar. Then again, I never would have imagined that I could not only be transformed into a duplicate of my aunt but enjoying it quite a bit as well.

A moment later, I went to pour myself another glass of brandy, which I just knew would go great with the cigar. And I quickly proved myself right, sitting back to savor them both. But even as I did so, I could somehow tell that smoking a cigar wasn't an everyday thing... It somehow felt like it was more of an occasional thing.

"Apparently aunt Elyse doesn't smoke these all the time," I mused to myself, taking another drag. I felt a little relieved at that as I was finding myself surprised by too many things about aunt Elyse as it was. It made me wonder just how well I really knew her.

With that, I moved to the entertainment room and sat back to watch TV while I fished the brandy and cigar. However, when I finished off the last of the brandy in my glass and considered going back for another glass, I couldn't help thinking about how much alcohol that I had been drinking.

"I don't think I'm drunk," I thought aloud.

Sure, I was feeling a little warm and pleasant, but I didn't feel the least...drunk. Or at least I didn't feel at all dizzy or fuzzy minded. I then I couldn't help wondering if it was because aunt Elyse had a high tolerance for alcohol, or if it might be due to the magic that had transformed me. For some reason, I strongly suspected the latter, though I had no reason for it.

The rest of the night passed pretty uneventfully. I was back to watching movies for the next few hours, sitting back with a glass of wine that I occasionally sipped from but otherwise doing what I would normally do if my body had not been changed.

Eventually though, it was time for bed and I began to get ready. When I brushed my teeth, I didn't feel right using my own toothbrush since I had changed into aunt Elyse, but I didn't feel right using her toothbrush either. That just seemed...gross, even with the strange situation. Fortunately, I found several spare toothbrushes in their unopened boxes in one of the drawers by the sink.

Once I was undressed, I stood in front of the mirror and admired myself yet again. My new body no longer seemed to be that of a stranger, nor did it feel unfamiliar. It felt strangely comfortable. Of course, that was obviously part of the magic that had transformed me in the first place.

"You were definitely a hot looking woman aunt Elyse," I commented, half expecting the image in the mirror to come alive and thank me for the compliment.

When I was finished admiring myself, I settled down on the bed and began to look over my body once again, and to explore it a little more closely. It felt so soft and smooth...definitely different than my normal body. And when I slipped my hand between my legs, my new parts were so sensitive.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned slightly, smiling to myself as I reached over and turned off the light.

After I was covered with darkness, I continued to explore my new body using nothing but my hands. It felt so good that I continued to play with myself for some time, letting the pleasurable sensation build and built until it finally exploded into the most mind numbing orgasm that I could imagine. It was definitely different from when I was a guy, though whether that was natural for a woman or yet another side effect of aunt Elyse's magic I didn't know...or care.

It was with a very happy smile that I finally drifted off to sleep.

The Heir
Part 3 of 7
By Morpheus

My sleep was filled with dreams. Strange dreams. Powerful dreams. And dreams unlike anything that I had ever before experienced.

I dreamt that I was a king, sitting on a throne with a hundred gorgeous women bowing before me. More women stood to each side, keeping me cool with a fan and feeding me grapes. It was incredible. I could feel them all willing...eager to do whatever I might command, and I absolutely loved it.

And then sometime during the dream, something changed. I was no longer a king in the dream, but a queen. I still had all of the obedient servants, yet now there were a few men mixed in among the women.

Then the dream changed again and I found myself as some sort of god...or goddess. I was a goddess with a virtual army of worshippers, each on their knees. Each of them looked at me with awe and obedience in their eyes. And I was getting horny at the sight...very horny.

But that wasn't the end of my dreams and I found myself as a business woman, wearing a suit and standing in the middle of my office. My secretary, a hot looking blonde came in...and then proceeded to take her clothes off. Within minutes, I had her bent over my desk and was ravishing her...

Then the business scene repeated, but with a few twists. I was in a meeting with some male executive who was patronizing me because I was a woman. I lashed out at him, slapped him and slammed his face into the desk. The very act excited me...

"Eat me," I demanded, pulling up my skirt and sitting down on the desk, "NOW."

The nameless executive did just that, having gone from a position of power to my personal toy in a matter of moments. And I couldn't believe just how much I loved it.

After this, the dreams changed several more times, but there was a very strong theme through theme all. At one point, I was a leather clad dominatrix and was whipping my three slaves and commanding them to pleasure me.

When I finally woke up, I was still caught up in the intense emotions from the dreams. And my body was definitely responding. In fact, I think that I was lying in a puddle of my own fluids.

"Wow," I gasped as I lay in bed, hardly able to believe just how aroused I felt. "And all from a couple dreams..." But then again, those were some incredibly powerful dreams. I'd never dreamt anything like those...

Without much further thought, I reached down between my legs and felt my warm, moist slit. It was so slick that my finger slipped right in, causing me to let out a light gasp. My other hand was already beginning to massage my very hard nipples.

"Oh yes," I exclaimed.

It felt so good... And it felt even better as I remembered the dreams and imagined myself standing over a hot and sexy woman with a whip in my hand. For some reason, that fantasy was really turning me on, even more so as I thought about wearing a pair of stiletto heeled boots that I made her lick. In fact, that fantasy was so hot that I continued thinking about it while I masturbated for the next half hour or so.

Eventually though, in spite of how good my self ministrations felt, I had to bring it to a stop. I remained in bed for a few minutes after that, just savoring the sensations and wondering just why those particular dreams had such a strong effect on me. But after shaking my head, I climbed out of bed to take care of myself.

My morning routine was pretty much the same as the day before, which wasn't surprising as it wasn't even my morning routine, but one that I had inherited from aunt Elyse. Still, it felt like my routine which I guess was the important thing.

Like the day before, I sat down and sipped at hot coffee, this time while smoking a cigarette. The fact that I wasn't even a smoker, or hadn't been before didn't even feel the least bit odd...which was obviously a part of the magic. Then came the long, and oh so enjoyable bath, followed by getting dressed.

This time when I was getting dressed though, I was feeling a little more...risqué. I slipped on a black leather miniskirt with a couple of thin, loose red studded belts around my waist. There was a black halter top with a large red print of lips across the front, and to finish it off, I put on a pair of thigh length, black leather stiletto heeled boots.

"Very stylish," I commented, feeling sexy as hell. And after I added the final touches of jewelry and makeup, I looked and felt even better.

When I paused to look at myself in the mirror, I smirked a little. I was definitely sexy. Extremely sexy. Yet at the same time, in spite of my revealing clothes, I didn't look trampish or slutty so much as...confident. It was the look of a woman who knew what effect she had on men and the power that it gave her over them.

"I know how I would normally be reacting," I admitted to myself, even knowing that this was my aunt's body...or at least a damn good duplication of it.

Suddenly the image in the mirror began to shimmer and blur. And a moment later, I knew that it was no longer myself that was being reflected from it, but aunt Elyse with another message. Her hair was pulled back a little differently, and she was wearing completely different clothes than I was...although every bit as sexy and daring.

"By now," aunt Elyse stated from the mirror, "I am sure that you have noticed some changes in your...tastes." She paused, giving a knowing smile and winking at me from the mirror.

"Changes in my tastes?" I repeated, suddenly wondering if she might have meant my dreams. There was absolutely no way that I would normally dreams something like those, or keep fantasizing about then as I had been.

However, aunt Elyse continued, "Perhaps I should explain..."

"You think?" I snorted sarcastically.

"Different people have different tastes," she explained casually, "Different sexual fantasies, fetishes and interests." The reflection paused for just a moment before adding, "And you are now experiencing mine."

"Damn," I whispered, thinking about that fantasy I'd been having of a gorgeous woman in a French Maid's outfit, jumping at my beck and call, more than willing to do anything that I wanted. I felt myself shiver with desire at the image. However, it was somewhat startling to realize that this was the kind of thing that aunt Elyse was into. "I never would have guessed..."

"I am bisexual, but lean towards women... Most would call me kinky...or worse," aunt Elyse shrugged causally from the mirror, "but you must understand...this is who I am. Or who I was..." She let out a thoughtful sigh before looking back at me with a serious expression. "You must understand this part of me, and I have given you all of my fantasies and desires so that you may do so. It is VITAL for you to receive your full inheritance."

"But I don't understand," I protested, knowing that the mirror couldn't hear my comment, though I couldn't help from talking back to it anyway.

Aunt Elyse gave me a faint though mischievious smile as she continued, "Look in the back of my closet and you will find a hidden latch and some of my more...exotic clothing. Enjoy."

And with that, the mirror once again began to shimmer and blur as the reflection returned to normal. Aunt Elyse had once again left the mirror, replaced by the visage of her that I wore.

"The back of the closet," I muttered, thinking of her last words.

For a moment, I stood where I was, thinking about just how weird everything already was, and how much weirder it just kept getting. At first, I thought about just ignoring her comments about the hidden latch in the back of her closet, though I was far too curious to do that. I had to check it out for myself.

With that, I went into the walk in closet and looked for some sort of secret latch, wishing that aunt Elyse would have told me where it was. But strangely enough, once I began looking for it, my hand seemed to instinctively reach for a spot in the corner where I could easily push. To my amazement, that whole section of the closet wall actually opened up, revealing that the closet was twice as large as I'd thought.

"Holy shit," I whispered, stepping into the previously hidden half of the closet.

My eyes went wide at the sight of several costumes hanging from the wall, as well as the variety of accessories. There were nearly a dozen costumes in all, with some of them being leather, latex or other things. Some of them looked downright scary. There were stiletto heeled boots, leather whips and even a couple pairs of handcuffs sitting around as well.

"Kinky is right," I said, remembering aunt Elyse's claim of being so. Now there was absolutely no doubt, especially as I was getting a little excited at the thought of putting some of that stuff on. Those were like some of the costumes in my dreams... "Dominatrix costumes..."

I felt a faint chill go through me at the well as something else. Now I was really getting wet at the thought of trying that stuff out, though I couldn't figure out why.

Then I shook my head, trying to clear both my thoughts and my hormones. And even though I was feeling increasingly tempted to try on some of the things in the closet, or because of it, I pulled back and closed the closet door behind me.

"This is getting too weird," I said, then rolled my eyes as I realized that 'too weird' had gone out the window sometime the day before.

After a moment more, I tried to take my mind off of the latest round of strangeness by having a cigarette. As soon as I lit it, I took a long drag, marveling at the fact that it felt long a long held habit, something that I did on a daily basis. Then I blew a thick of steam of smoke out in a casual manner.

"What other surprises do you have for me?" I asked of the mirror, without expecting any answer. Of course I was not disappointed as it remained silent.

Taking another drag from my cigarette, I turned and left the bedroom, heading to the entertainment room where I sat down and watched TV. However, this wasn't quite the distraction that I needed as various things kept sparking my imagination and new fantasies.

I stared at several beautiful women on TV, perhaps taking even a little bit more interest in them than I normally would. I couldn't help thinking that one cute blonde would look even hotter if she were tied to my bed, or wearing a skimpy little French maid outfit. And my fantasies weren't just limited to women. I found myself giving a few lingering looks and sexual thoughts to a couple of the men that were on the screen.

For the next several hours, I just sat there, watching cable TV and discovering more of the sexual fantasies and fetishes that I had inherited from aunt Elyse. I kept surprising myself at some of the things that I found myself thinking and fantasizing about, often not even noticing them until afterwards.

"Aunt Elyse," I announced, "Kinky doesn't describe it..."

Finally though, I'd had enough of TV and was feeling rather cooped up. I'd been in the house for several days now and it was beginning to get old. The only thing that had kept me from leaving to at least go for a walk around the neighborhood was the thought that other people might see me like that, and I was definitely getting to the point where I didn't care.

"Fuck them," I shrugged as I got up and went to the front door. Then again, I paused just long enough to realize that I did care. In fact, I kind of wanted people to see me. I wanted to see how people would react to my new, albeit temporary body.

But the moment that I touched the door knob, a small oval mirror that was next to the door began to shimmer and blur, with aunt Elyse staring out at me from it. "Since you are about to leave the house," aunt Elyse said from the mirror, "there is something that needs to be considered."

"What now?" I sighed, wondering what strange new revelation there would be.

"Since you currently look like me," aunt Elyse said, "There might be some...difficult questions if anyone who knows me should see you..."

"Good point," I muttered, imagining how shocked the neighbors might be if they saw me. They'd think that they were seeing a ghost or something. "I don't think that I want those questions..."

However, aunt Elyse continued, "I have taken this problem into account. If you look on the back side of this mirror, there is a very special ring taped to it. Put this ring on and no one will recognize you as me...not even your own parents. The ring does NOT make you look like anyone else, but it does have the effect of making it so that anyone who sees you will not correlate you to me. At most, anyone who knows me will notice a few similarities...but even that is unlikely." Then aunt Elyse smiled from the mirror, looking rather proud of herself. "It's based off of several old confusion and ignore spells which I modified for this purpose."

Once aunt Elyse was done talking, her imagine vanished from the mirror. But by then I was already turning the mirror over and taking off the ring. It was a simple silver band, with a very faint Celtic knot pattern in the metal, but only if you looked closely at it. I didn't even hesitate before slipping it onto my finger. It didn't feel any different from a normal ring.

"And it doesn't make me look different," I said as I looked into the mirror. At least not to myself. Then again, she had said that it wouldn't make me look different, just that people wouldn't recognize me. I didn't really understand how that worked, but I didn't doubt that she was telling me the truth. After everything I'd already seen and experienced, I could believe almost anything from aunt Elyse.

After running a finger along the ring, I made a mental note to be very careful not to lose it. Then with a shrug, I went back to what I was doing before aunt Elyse had interrupted me and left the house.

I stood outside the door for a minute, looking around the small front yard and the street. Then I looked towards the driveway and suddenly wondered if it might not be a good idea to take the least until I remembered that aunt Elyse's car was gone. I felt a surge of sadness as I remembered that aunt Elyse's car had been totaled in the same accident that she had died in.

"Maybe her bike," I mused, remembering the motorcycle that aunt Elyse kept in her garage. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to ride a bike, so that was out of the question. Then again, after what was going on and everything that I had gained from aunt Elyse, I wasn't completely sure what I knew how to do and what I didn't. "Maybe later..."

With that, decided to just go for a walk at the moment. I started walking down the sidewalk, not exactly sure where I was going but not really caring either. At the moment, the very act of going there was what mattered.

After walking about a block, I got to wondering if maybe it wasn't the greatest idea to take a walk while wearing high heels. They weren't exactly made for long walks or anything, though I wasn't really having any problems with them yet. So when I came to a bus stop with the bus pulling into it, I decided that maybe it might be a better idea to ride rather than walk.

Before long, I found myself getting off at a strip mall, thinking that it might be a decent place to just walk around...and more than that, a nice place to get noticed. In spite of myself, I was getting eager to see how other people would treat me in that new body. The bus driver didn't count since she was an old woman who had only given me a bit of a glare, and the bus was nearly empty at the time.

A minute later, a man who was walking past me actually stopped to stare at me. I was almost sure that I could feel his eyes bulging out of his head as he scanned my body. The experience was rather strange, but kind of nice as well. In fact, he wasn't too bad looking either. I wouldn't mind tying him down and having a bit of fun...

"Damn kinky thoughts," I muttered to myself, not sure whether to feel horribly embarrassed at that or to just enjoy them.

Then as I walked around the strip mall and into several stores, I was well aware of the way that people were looking at me. Men stared at me in obvious lust, though some tried to disguise it, and they weren't the only ones. There was even one woman who was giving me a very appreciative eye, though a couple who seemed a bit more jealous of my looks than anything else.

It didn't take me long to decide that I definitely liked that attention. It was a bit strange, but it was so...exciting at the same time. I didn't know if this thrill was due to something that aunt Elyse had given me, or if it was something that was all my own. In the end, I guess it didn't really matter.

After I had looked around a few stores for awhile, I decided to stop off at the ice cream shop for a sundae. I might have had the body of an adult woman, but there was still enough boy in me to love ice cream and junk food.

But as I was standing in line, I couldn't help noticing that the guy behind the counter was in a pretty bad mood. He was glaring at the people in line and even snatching the money out of the hand and shoving the ice cream at them.

I tried to ignore him as I looked at the ice cream options, trying to make up the mind. It seemed that the little girl in front of me was doing the same thing, because the guy behind the counter snapped, "Well girl, what do you want? I don't have all day?"

That was it. I'd had more than my fill of that jerk, especially with the way he was treating a little girl who was only trying to make up her mind about what kind of ice cream she wanted.

"YOU," I snapped out, reaching across the counter and grabbing his shirt collar before I'd even thought about it. "If you speak to her or anyone else like that one more time, you useless, dickless little moron, I will personally shove that ice cream so far up your ass that you'll be able to taste it..."

Even as those words had come from my mouth, I could barely believe that I had said them. That wasn't like me... Not at all. Then again, I remembered seeing aunt Elyse like that on more than one occasion, though she was always a bit nastier and more subtle about it.

However, I didn't stop to think about what I was doing or saying too much. I was too caught up in the moment, and the reactions of the man behind the counter. I had let go of him, but he was still frozen, staring at me with a look of obvious intimidation, even though he was obviously a bit bigger than me. Then it dawned on me... It was the attitude. It was all about the attitude.

The other people in line were all cheering, which made me feel rather good, but not quite as good as the feeling of having that man nearly cowering in front of me. For some reason, the fact that I could intimidate someone who was larger than me was quite thrilling, which I guessed wasn't too surprising considering the fantasies that I'd been having all day.

"Did you hear me?" I demanded of the cashier, who only nodded in stunned silence. "Then what are you waiting for..." This time my voice was and confident. "Get the girl her ice cream..."

As soon as the man had rushed to get the little girl her ice cream, I turned and left, no longer quite so interested in having any myself. There was just a little too much attention at the ice cream shop for my comfort at the moment. Then again, it might have been rather amusing to stay there and watch the guy at the counter squirm a little bit more.

Before much longer though, I'd had enough of the strip mall and realized that I could be doing other things that were a little more interesting. So with that, I caught the next bus back to aunt Elyse' house.

"Maybe next time I'll see if I can take the bike," I mused to myself when I got back to the house. It would certainly be better than riding the bus...assuming that I could actually manage to ride the bike.

Once I was back inside, I paused to light a cigarette, then made my way back up to the bedroom. I'd been thinking about all of that stuff that I'd found in the back of the closet, and I'd been wondering what it would be like to wear it all. In fact, I'd been sort of fantasizing about it a bit and even getting a little wet as I did so. Aunt Elyse's kinky fetishes would take some getting used to.

"Let's see...," I mused as I went into the closet and looked around. My imagination was really getting a charge out of all those kinky outfits.

As I stood there and stared at the kinky costumes, I didn't question whether I was going to try one on...only which one it would be. There were several exciting possibilities. I finally chose one that was something of a black bodysuit that revealed a good bit of cleavage, and came with a pair of thigh length, black stiletto heeled boots.

I took my time as I went about putting on the outfit, enjoying every minute of it. And as soon as it was on, I stood there, taking a deep breath and feeling extremely sexy...and extremely confident. Something about that particular outfit really brought it out for me. In fact, the only thing missing was a whip...which I found hanging on the wall of the closet.

"Not bad," I mused as I cracked the whip in the air. And as I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I smiled, feeling quite pleased by what I saw.

After a minute, I stopped admiring myself and decided to take another walk through the house. It felt just a little different for some reason. Then I realized that it wasn't the house that was was me. I was feeling quite a bit different now that I was dressed up in that sexy little outfit... I was feeling a whole lot more confident and in control. But a part of me couldn't help wondering if it was me that was in control, or aunt Elyse.

"I guess it doesn't matter much at the moment," I smirked, snapping the whip in the air. "At the moment I am Elyse."

I ended up in the den, where I sat down, absently crossed my legs in a feminine manner and lit a cigarette. After taking a deep drag, I got up again to pour myself a glass of scotch, then returned to my position.

For a moment, I just sat there, staring at the contents of my glass and then taking a sip. That was followed by a casual drag from my cigarette. Then I looked up and into the mirror that was on the wall behind the bar, somewhat amused by just how much I looked like aunt Elyse. Even my gestures and mannerisms seemed to be hers.

"My name is Elyse Chambers," I said aloud, as if introducing myself to someone else.

It was then that the mirror began to shimmer in a manner that I was getting quite used to. A moment late, the real Elyse Chambers stared out at me from it. This time, she was dressed in a fashion quite similar to how I an outfit that was definitely not meant for going out in public in. In fact, I remembered seeing that particular outfit in the closet upstairs.

"By now," aunt Elyse said calmly from the mirror, "you have had a chance to experience some of my fantasies and have begun to accept them. And as you no doubt know, I have a great many fetishes that are...outside what is considered normal. I have a fascination with certain types of clothing... I am into bondage and domination...especially the domination aspect. And I even have a certain streak of sadism."

"But I want you to understand," she continued after a moment's pause, "I am not evil or some kind of a monster. I have never done anything to anyone without their consent. These are merely sexual fetishes and the things that turn me on. I did not choose to be this way, but this is who and what I am. Or since you're seeing this...who I was..."

She looked a little sad at that, obviously thinking about the fact that I would never be seeing that message unless she had died. I couldn't imagine what it must have been like putting so much planning and work into preparations in case her death.

"By now, I am sure that it is quite obvious that I lived a double life," aunt Elyse said with a faint smile. "And I think that by this time, you have accepted things enough that you should be ready to handle the rest of it." She paused again before continuing, "Go to the bookshelf and find the book Pride and Prejudice. Then feel the bottom of the shelf right above it. You'll find a hidden latch..."

I shrugged at that, getting more and more intrigued by the moment. Then I took another sip of my scotch, set it down and went to the book shelf. It only took me a few seconds to locate the book that she'd mentioned. It was kind of low on the shelf, around waist level. Still, I felt the bottom of the shelf right above the book and felt a small recess with a metal latch in it.

"Found the latch," I muttered, already pulling it.

There was a faint clicking sound from the latch, and then the whole book shelf started to slide over, revealing a large doorway that had been hidden behind it. The fact that I'd just found a secret passage didn't surprise me at all, though I did think it just a little odd that I'd been in that house, and even messed around with the books on that bookshelf a number of times, and I had never once even suspected.

"Interesting," I mused aloud, then glancing back at the mirror where aunt Elyse had been. It was clear and once again just a normal mirror.

With a faint shrug, I turned and stepped through the passage and into what appeared to be a study. The first things that I noticed were a large chair in the middle of the room and a heavy oak desk against one wall. Then I noticed the cabinet and the heavy safe that were tucked against another wall. And straight across from the secret passage was another door.

Just then, aunt Elyse appeared in a large mirror that hung on the wall, dressed exactly as she had been in the previous mirror. "Look around these rooms if you like," she told me from the mirror, "And return to this mirror when you are ready to hear the explanation..." And with that, she vanished again.

I didn't say anything to that as there was no reason to. Instead, I just looked around the study, taking everything in with my eyes. I'd already seen the room, though this time I noticed a few extra details, such as several silver bells that were sitting out on a shelf, and a vibrator and leather whip which had been left out as well.

"O...kay," I smirked, getting a few ideas from the sight of those last two items, but then shaking my head to clear it.

With that, I went to the safe and tried to open it, but wasn't surprised when it was locked. Still, I somehow had the feeling that I would be getting the combination to it sooner or later. In fact, aunt Elyse would probably pop up in a mirror and give me the combo at any time...or maybe only when I actually needed to get into the safe.

Then I shrugged and went to the other doors, opening them up and staring down a wide staircase that went down. There was even some sort of red carpeting running down the center, which I thought added a touch of style. But I didn't stop to think of that as I went down.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I paused to look around in surprise. It was a large room, with red curtains hanging over some of the walls. But it was a nearly empty room, with almost no furniture. There were a few cabinets and small tables along the walls, but other than that, the only piece of furniture in the room was a large, fancy wooden chair with red cushion that was sitting right next to me. In fact, the chair was sitting on a platform that was just a little higher than the rest of the room, and from the way that it was all front and center, looking out over the rest, it reminded me a great deal of some kind of throne room.

"Interesting," I mused, slowly looking around the room again. This time I noticed the rings...metal rings that were anchored into the floor, walls and even ceiling in various places. "Very interesting..."

Then I looked at the walls, and the three other doorways in that room. Getting more curious by the moment, I chose the first door to continue my exploration.

As strange as it had been finding the study, and then the throne room, the next several rooms continued to surprise me more and more. One of the rooms lead to a bedroom with a large, iron framed bed. The more surprising room however was one that could only be described as a...dungeon.

"Curiouser and curiouser," I commented as I looked over the stark stone room, and the variety of frames and torture devices which filled it.

And as I put my hand on one particular contraption, I suddenly thought about how perfect it would be to keep someone bound and helpless, unable to move at all while I could rotate and move them about at will. In fact, I was getting just a little excited at the very thought of trying it out sometime...with someone else being the one tied up in it of course.

A minute later I went to check the third door, the one that was directly across the throne room from the stairway that I had come down and the throne. When I stepped through it, I found a hallway and a small cluster of rooms that seemed to be mostly storage rooms and closets. One was filled with almost every sort of kinky clothing that I could imagine, and some less than kinky ones. However, I knew that these clothes were not for me.

"This could be interesting," I said as I looked into another of the storage rooms, one that had shelves full of sex toys, whips, chains and a large variety of odds and ends. It seemed to have everything from feathers to handcuffs.

It was at this point that I decided that I'd seen enough for the moment. I left the room and strolled across the throne room, hearing the click click of my heels against the floor. As I hurried past the throne, I gave it a lingering glance before continuing back upstairs.

Then as I reached the study, I immediately turned to face the mirror that aunt Elyse had last spoken to me from. "All right," I announced, absently picking up the leather whip that I had seen in there earlier, "I am more than ready to hear this explanation that you promised..."

The Heir
Part 4 of 7
By Morpheus

I frowned slightly as I sat down in a chair, stretching a part of a black leather whip between my hands. It felt rather nice to be doing so, though I wasn't about to get distracted with that kind of a toy. Instead, I turned my attention back to the large mirror on the wall, smiling only faintly as it began to blur, revealing the image of aunt Elyse.

"If you have looked at my basement," aunt Elyse said from the mirror, "I believe that what you found should have caught your interest..."

"You could say that," I responded, absently rolling up the whip.

"As I have already made quite clear," she continued, "I have a very active double life and this is all part of it. You know that I have a slightly stronger than average sex drive and a number of kinky fetishes. But now I need you to understand that there are a number of other people out there with unusual fetishes, some even stranger than my own. Many of these people have fetishes and interests that are polar opposites of my own. Where I like to tie people up, they like to be tied up. Where I like to give pain...they like to feel it."

The image in the mirror went silent for a moment and I could only nod, getting a little excited by her talk of tying people up and giving pain. Of course, everything that I'd seen downstairs certainly seemed to have been set up just for that kind of purpose.

"I am a dominant," aunt Elyse stated, "And what good is a dominant without a submissive. A top without a bottom. A dominatrix...," she paused for a slight smirk, "without a slave. Or in my case," she paused again, "I prefer to call them pets."

"Pets," I repeated. Saying the word like that felt oh so different than when I was talking about cats or dogs. It felt sort of naughty, which I rather liked.

"My pets are special," aunt Elyse told me from the mirror. "They each have interests and desires which compliment my own. And they are each bound to me in ways that most people could never comprehend. They are bound to me by ties of desire and magic. Their wills are bound to my own. Their desires to mine. They are each bound to obey my every order and whim, to do whatever I command without question or hesitation. I created my pets with magic, using spells to make them my willing and eager slaves in nearly every way imaginable."

I was completely stunned by that explanation, not to mention turned on. The thought of having my own slaves, people bound to do whatever I commanded was so exciting. If that was what aunt Elyse felt, which I knew it was, I could understand why she did it. But use magic to turn people into slaves... It was wrong...

Aunt Elyse stared at me from the mirror and ordered, "Remember...I can not cast any spells directly onto a person unless they give me consent. And each of my pets has. This is what they wanted... They have given me all control and responsibility of their lives, while I give them their desires. It was an exchange that each made willingly. I am responsible for each and every one of them. Like any pet, the owner is responsible for feeding them. In the case of mine, I am responsible for feeding their desires and fantasies...just as they feed mine. Each one needs to be fed at least once a month. I usually feed them each once a week..."

"Now she's talking about her slaves as if they were cats and dogs," I muttered, shaking my head slightly. This whole situation was so incredibly odd... Just a few days ago, I NEVER would have imagined aunt Elyse capable of anything of the sort. She'd always been so nice and least most of the time. I guess she was something else entirely when it came to the bedroom.

"My pets are a very large responsibility," aunt Elyse told me and then paused for a moment before continuing, "And as my heir, you have inherited that responsibility."

"WHAT?" I blinked in surprise at that statement.

"As my heir," she continued, "It is now your responsibility to take care of my pets. It is an enormous obligation, but I have already given you nearly everything that you need in order to fulfill it."

As she paused to smirk at me from the mirror, I realized that she meant not only her form, but all of her kinky fetishes and desires as well. I was already getting quite wet at the thought of meeting up with these pets and taking care of them. But that made no sense as aunt Elyse had said that this would only be temporary, and that I would turn back to myself at the end of the week. She had never lied to me before, and I was still quite confident that she hadn't lied to me this time.

"They each live their own lives," aunt Elyse continued from the mirror, "but make no mistake, they are ALWAYS my pets first and foremost. They fantasize about me...about serving me and having their own desires served in the process. They are...addicted. They are no longer capable of completely taking care of themselves and suffer when they are neglected for too long. It is a very large responsibility, and I am trusting you to fulfill it for me."

There was nearly a minute of silence as I was allowed to absorb all of this. It was indeed quite a revelation and might take awhile to take it all in. Every time that I learned more about aunt Elyse and the life that she secretly led, I thought that things couldn't get weirder but I was constantly bring proven wrong.

Finally, her expression turned more businesslike and she went on, "Each of my pets has a necklace with a silver bell on it around their necks. Each one corresponds to a bell on my shelf, which has their names etched in it. If you ring the bell once, that pet will contact me...or you as soon as possible. If you ring it twice, they will drop everything to contact you immediately. And if you ring it three times...they will drop everything and come to you immediately. However," she cautioned, holding up a finger and looking serious, "You must remember that you are responsible for their lives. If they lose their jobs because you call them away from work without warning, that is your responsibility. Do not ever forget it or take it lightly."

"Talking about slaves and responsibility to them in the same sentence," I shook my head. I'd never heard of such a thing and it seemed sort of ridiculous. It seemed so odd... Such a contradiction...

"My pets and I have a symbiotic relationship," she explained, "I need them to satisfy my desires just as much as they need me. This is something that you must never forget. This is no one way relationship..."

"Of course, you will need to know WHO my pets are," aunt Elyse said from the mirror, holding up a folder. "You will need to know everything about them...what they can do for you...and just as importantly, what you need to do FOR them. In the cabinet, you will find in-depth files on each of my pets."

"Once you are ready, feel free to summon the pets. In fact, you should take the time that you have to summon each of them one at a time and get to know them. Depending on how long I have been gone by this point, they may be getting quite desperate and in need of their mistress. They belong to you take good care of them." She paused, looking quite sad for a moment, and then suddenly as if remembering something as an afterthought, she added, "Oh...and if you have the ring by this point...the pets will not be affected by it."

And with that, the image in the mirror faded, leaving me to stare at my own sexy reflection. Of course, my reflection was very similar to what had been in the mirror just a minute earlier, but there now it was just a normal mirror and not some recorded message from a dead woman.

After spending a minute just sitting there and thinking about everything that I had just been told, absently finger the whip in my hands, I decided that I was going to have to read those files. In fact, I was getting more than just a little curious.

"But first," I mused, setting the whip down and heading back to the den. I poured myself another glass of scotch, having a feeling that I was going to need it. Then I returned to the study through the secret passage and went to the cabinet to find the folders.

There were seven folders in the cabinet, just as there were seven silver bells on the shelf. Obviously, that meant that there were seven pets total. I picked up the small pile of folders, then sat down in the chair to read through them.

When I opened the first folder, I was a little surprised to find that I recognized the picture of the woman that was on top. It was a picture of Mariane, the very pretty brunette woman that lived in the house next to aunt Elyse, and who occasionally did some housekeeper work for my aunt as well. However, as I read through the file, I discovered that their relationship went much deeper than I had ever thought possible.

"Interesting," I whispered as I read through it a second time.

According to the file, the small house next to aunt Elyse' mine, actually belonged to aunt In fact, it was the mother in law house on the property, though a fence had been put up between the two houses to make them look a lot more separate. In fact, the two houses were the basements. The two basements had been built together as a single very large basement...which I had already seen. And Mariane could go down into that basement and throne room area through the stairs in her own little home. She could come anytime I wanted without anyone seeing her...

"Very interesting," I said as I read through the part that really interested me though.

Much more important than the house though was the fact that Mariane wasn't a neighbor and occasional housekeeper...she was a full time maid, cook and slave. She was the one who took care of the house and aunt Elyse, and she could vanish to the other house when people came over. The file said that Mariane had a strong need to be useful and be told what to do. Her desires were to live the life of a full time slave and to spend her life serving a master...or mistress.

After I'd read through the first file several times to make sure that I hadn't missed anything, I moved onto the next one. There was a picture of a very muscular woman with brown hair on the front. And behind that was a picture of what appeared to be the same woman, but as rather overweight instead. That alone was enough to get me more curious.

Lisa was the name that was listed on this file, and the information on her was quite interesting. The file said that she was a tall, but overweight woman who desperately wanted to lose weight and get more fit, but had no self-discipline or willpower. So when aunt Elyse found her, she became Lisa's willpower. But it appeared that aunt Elyse had a bit of a sense of humor, because instead of just helping Lisa lose weight, she took it even further, pushing Lisa to work out intensely and become a bodybuilder. Now Lisa lived for the whole purpose of exercise and competition. She didn't seem to have the kinky fantasies that aunt Elyse had suggested, though she did need someone else to take control over her life and to provide the discipline and control that she lacked.

I stared at the picture of Lisa even more intently, having a feeling that all of those muscles might not be completely from her exercising. I had a feeling that aunt Elyse's magic might have helped to...encourage the results a bit, though I couldn't be certain.

The next folder also had before and after pictures. There was a picture of before aunt Elyse had found her, a picture of a very shy looking girl who covered up her attractive body, and one afterwards, which looked completely different. The second picture was a woman with bigger breasts, purple streaked blonde hair, tattoos all over her arms and a few piercings on her face.

Cheryl had been a very pretty girl, though extremely shy and self-conscious. She didn't have the courage to face people, try anything exciting or do anything that others might conceivably disapprove of. But aunt Elyse let her put the responsibility and blame on someone else.... Aunt Elyse brought her out of her shell and let her face the world. MADE her face the world. Like with Lisa, aunt Elyse made her go to an extreme.

After aunt Elyse was finished with Cheryl, she got large breast implants, dyed her hair, got a number of tattoos and piercings all over her body. She had even taken up smoking and become a bit of a slut and exhibitionist. Cheryl now worked as a bartender, doing all of the naughty things that she had never dared to in her old life. All of her inhibitions had been unleashed, and since she could place all responsibility for this on aunt Elyse and her orders, she didn't need to feel any guilt about it. Like Lisa, Cheryl's fantasies and desires were expressed and fulfilled in the new lifestyle which aunt Elyse had made possible.

Then I picked up the next folder which contained a file on Cassandra, a tall and sexy looking blond woman. According to the file, she was a successful business woman who had a well deserved reputation as a cast iron bitch and ice queen. She had even gotten into domination herself, though had never been really satisfied with being a dominatrix. The file said that the reason for this was that she wasn't a dom...but a sub, and that she had refused to admit it even to herself. In fact, she had done everything she could to place distance between herself and this realization.

Of course, Cassandra had eventually realized the truth, though she didn't fully accept it until she had met aunt Elyse. Now when Cassandra came to see her mistress, she could shed her hard business woman veneer and become the complete opposite. She is a completely submissive person who desires to have all control and responsibility taken by someone else. And she seemed to have a very special interest in bondage, in being tied up and not able to even control her own movements. She wanted to be completely and totally powerless.

The next file was a bit of a surprise as it was the first one that I'd seen on a man. Gerald was a lawyer, and in fact, was even aunt Elyse's lawyer. He was tall, muscular and good well as a masochist. According to the file, he had a real fetish for pain and humiliation, as well as being completely dominated. He also had a thing for leather and latex. And these were all fetishes that aunt Elyse was more than happy to satisfy for him.

Darek was the next pet on file...or as aunt Elyse called him, Candy. Darek was a millionaire and high ranking executive of a company, in spite of his relatively young age. Young in that he was just barely thirty, though that was still quite a bit older than me. However, according to the file, he had a few interesting fetishes. Women wearing leather, high heels...the higher the better, or smoking were real turn-ons for him. In fact, this seemed to be one of the main reasons that aunt Elyse had the cigars.

"Interesting," I mused as I read through the file a second time.

There was more to Darek's interests than just those fetishes. It seemed that he was heavily interested in dominatrixes and forced feminization. Specifically, he seemed to really get off on being forced to dress and act more and more feminine. But that seemed to be an interest that was well satisfied as aunt Elyse forced him to dress as a woman whenever he came over. The file said that aunt Elyse even made him shave his legs, paint his toenails pink and wear panties and garters under his clothes. But what really caught my interest was the note on the side where she mentioned plans to use magic to slowly start transforming him into a woman for real.

Finally, I came to the last folder, becoming shocked once I opened it up and saw who the file inside was on. It was a teenage girl. A very beautiful, blonde 17 year old girl named Tina. But what shocked me was that I knew this girl. In fact, we went to the same school, though I certainly couldn't say that we were friends as she was a senior and in a grade above me. However, Tina was one of the prettiest and most popular girls in our school.

"Tina," I said slowly, thinking about how I, like so many other boys in our school, had a bit of a crush on her. So finding out that she was one of aunt Elyse's pets was something of a...surprise.

For a moment, I just stared at the picture of Tina, then I began to actually read through the file, becoming more and more fascinated as I did so. According to the file, Tina was bisexual and sexually submissive, though she preferred being dominated in a more gentle way. And it seemed that she loved role playing... She loved playing teacher and and patient...owner and pet...master and genie and even mistress and well countless other roles.

"I never would have guessed that you were so kinky," I mused to myself.

But then I noticed a note at the end of the file that surprised me even more, just when I thought that I couldn't be surprised. The note specified that aunt Elyse had actually been planning to have her become my girlfriend. To be the girlfriend of my normal Josh self...

"Now that is a surprise," I said slowly.

I read over Tina's file another time, then went back and read over the others again. I wanted to make sure that I knew everything that I could about aunt Elyse's pets...especially since she had left them all to me for some reason. Of course, that fact left a number of questions, which I decided not to worry about at the moment.

Once I was through reviewing the files, I set them all to the side and leaned back, absently sipping at my scotch as I thought about what this all meant. As I thought about those particular people...those specific...pets, I could see what they did for aunt Elyse. Several of them satisfied her need for letting her completely shape and mold every aspect of their very lives. Some satisfied her other desires, such as bondage or her sadistic streak. Each of them seemed to play a part in satisfying her fetishes and desires, just as she satisfied theirs. When referred to her relationship with her pets as symbiotic, I could see that she wasn't joking.

As I took another sip of my scotch, I thought about what I was going to do next. I had seven pets who, according to aunt Elyse, required special...attention. And as I was becoming quite aware, I now had special needs which required attention as well. Having read those files had really sparked my imagination and left me quite turned on.

I downed the rest of my glass, my mind and emotions racing. A part of me was shocked that I would even consider such a thing, that I would even give any thought to doing the things that I had been imagining to real people. But the other part of me was excited as well, and more than just a little eager. And of course, aunt Elyse had not only given me permission to do those things, but had practically ordered me to.

"It won't hurt to just meet them," I told myself, giving myself the illusion that I wasn't going to do any more than just that. But even as I said it, I knew that this was little more than an illusion. I had no doubt that my growing desires wouldn't be put off with just a taste.

With that, I went to the shelf that had the short row of silver bells, pausing to read the names that were etched on the side of each bell. There was no mistaking whom each bell belonged to. And all that I had to do to summon any of those people...any of those pets to me, was to simply ring the bell with their name on it. If it hadn't been for everything else I'd seen and experienced, I would have laughed at the sheer absurdity of it.

Then as I stared down at the bells, I realized that there really wasn't any question as to which one I was going to ring first. And with that, I picked the bell up, holding it motionless for just a moment before ringing it. I felt a surge of excitement as I set the bell back down, knowing that I had done it.

I smiled, then calmly went down the stairs and sat down in the throne, crossing my legs and knowing that now there was nothing to do but wait. My heart was racing with excitement, yet I felt strangely calm and in control at the same time. It was then that I realized that I once again had the whip in my hands and that I had picked it up as I left the study. But that was all right as at the moment, it almost felt like it belonged there.

It didn't take long at all for my waiting to pay off. In just one minute, Mariane appeared in the doorway on the opposite end of the throne room, having just rushed through the entryway behind the storage rooms. She was standing there in a black latex outfit that looked like some sort of kinky S&M maids outfit. She even had a little maids cap on her head and a collar around her neck.

"Mistress," Mariane exclaimed in absolute delight as she dropped to her knees in front of me. She gave me a look of absolute adoration.

For a moment, I just stared at Mariane, deciding that I rather liked that look and the way that she was looking at me. It definitely pushed those new buttons that aunt Elyse had left me.

However, I couldn't help remembering that Mariane was not only the neighbor, but aunt Elyse's full time servant and nearly live in pet. She had even been at aunt Elyse's funeral. There was no way that she couldn't know that I wasn't the real aunt Elyse...that I wasn't her real mistress. But from the look on her face, you'd never guess that.

"You are aware," I started slowly, "That I am not your old mistress...?"

Mariane bowed her head even further, then slowly looked up at me. "I know that you are not my old mistress," she admitted sadly...and hopefully at the same time. "I know that she sent you to be my new mistress. I know that you are my mistress. You are my new mistress and my old mistress at the same time. You are my mistress in all ways."

It was a strange answer and not at all what I had been expecting. Yet at the same time, it made Mariane's position quite clear and left no doubts as to where we stood. She considered me her mistress, which pleased me quite a bit. A part of me knew that this was how it should be.

"Do the other pets know what happened to the old mistress?" I asked.

"No mistress," Mariane responded, then paused for a moment before adding sheepishly, "Gerald does and I think Darek might..."

Of course that would make sense. After all, Gerald was aunt Elyse's lawyer and couldn't help but knowing what happened to her, while Darek was wealthy and might have other ways of finding out.

I was about to ask Mariane if the others would accept me as their mistress, when I realized that I already knew the answer to that. When I looked at Mariane, I could feel my connection to her. It was the magical bond that aunt Elyse had told me about. I could feel it...and feel that Mariane's will was completely subservient to my own. There was no longer any doubt at all that she would do absolutely ANYTHING that I wanted her to. I was now her mistress in MUCH more than name only. As Mariane had said, I truly was her mistress in all ways... And if that was true with her, then it would be true with the other pets as well.

"Interesting," I mused to myself, feeling somewhat heady at the realization of just how much power and control I had over other human beings.

There was absolutely no way that I could let this go without trying it out. So I looked at Mariane, puffing myself up to look as confident as I could, which was not a problem in the least considering how confident the situation made me.

"Mariane," I started crisply, "I want a cigarette..."

Even as the words were leaving my mouth, Mariane was rushing to a nearby cabinet, looking quite sexy as she moved. I loved watching her ass wiggle. And just a moment later, she had grabbed a silver cigarette case and rushed back to me where she opened the case and offered me the contents.

I thought about saying 'thanks', but realized that it wouldn't be very appropriate under the circumstances. In fact, something inside of me, probably something that had been left by aunt Elyse, told me that this was against mistress etiquette. It was kind of hard to believe that there was such a thing, but somehow I knew that there was.

I took a cigarette and put it to my lips, finding that Mariane had already anticipated my needs and had a lighter ready, holding it out with the flame lit so that I didn't even need to really move my head. I lit the cigarette and took a deep drag, blowing the smoke straight into her face to see her reaction but not being too surprised to find that she didn't even flinch. Nor did she seem bothered in the least.

"Bring me a scotch," I ordered.

"At once mistress," Mariane nodded, already in motion.

But as she rushed off, I got enough of a look at her face to see her expression... It was very subtle, but there was no doubt in my mind that she was happy about this. She really did like being ordered around...and serving someone. It was just like her file said.

Once I was sitting back with a drink in hand a minute later, I decided to push things a little further. I took a sip of my scotch, savoring the strong flavor as it burned down my throat. Then I took a long drag from my cigarette, holding my boot out and ordering, "Lick it..."

Mariane quickly dropped to her knees and began to lick the toes of my boot. And though she seemed calm nonchalant about it, I could tell that she was actually enjoying herself to some degree. As strange as the whole thing was, I was actually doing what aunt Elyse had said and fulfilling Mariane's unusual needs.

And at the same time, I was fulfilling my needs and desires as well. I was definitely getting a real kick out of the situation, out of the attention that Mariane was giving me, and the way that she kept looking at me for further instructions. It was pushing my buttons...the ones that aunt Elyse had left me.

Of course the truly strange thing was that not only was I really getting off on pushing Mariane around and acting like a domineering bitch, but that she was getting off on being pushed around and being dominated. We were both fulfilling our rather unusual desires at the same time. Aunt Elyse had been right... This really was a symbiotic relationship...

I didn't really waste much more time thinking about how unbelievable the whole symbiotic relationship thing was. Instead, I turned my attention to putting it to use. Or at least putting Mariane to several more tasks while I gathered my courage for what I knew was to come.

While I had Mariane cleaning the house, a task which she seemed quite happy to do, I couldn't help thinking about how clean it already was. And though Mariane didn't complain or even make a hint about it, I strongly suspected that she had been coming over and keeping the house clean on her own ever since aunt Elyse had gone. But even if she had been scrubbing it from top to bottom that entire time, she didn't hesitate to jump to that task as soon as I told her to start.

Finally though, I thought that I was ready. I had been getting more horny as I'd considered what I wanted to do, and more confident. I suspected that more than a little bit of confidence might have come from aunt Elyse, along with the desires, though I wasn't complaining in the least.

"Mariane," I called out to get her attention, then immediately ordered, "Undo my top..."

"Yes mistress," Mariane answered, quickly coming over to do just that.

As soon as my breasts were exposed, I told Mariane, "Lick them."

She didn't say a word before going to work doing just that, and doing it in such a way that I immediately knew that this was definitely not the first time that she'd done such a thing. It felt so good that I immediately started to moan, especially as she began to tease my nipples with her tongue.

I had already known that she'd served aunt Elyse in ANY way demanded of her, and her file had made very clear that providing sex and pleasure was one of her frequent duties. In fact, the file had also said that she got off just as much by serving her mistress sexually as she did by any other means, though for her it was the act of serving that was the turn on, not necessarily the sex itself.

All of the attention that was being paid to my breasts felt incredible and was really getting my new equipment wet. But more than that, it was making me want more. Lots more. Without a word, I shoved Mariane back and stood up.

"Undress me pet," I snapped at her with a bit of a bite in my tone.

Of course Mariane didn't hesitate to do what was demanded of her, but I could sense that I was really pushing her buttons with that. She was serving, and there was no doubt at all as to what was expected of her, which was what she really wanted. No doubt...and no having to think or take any responsibility for herself. It made everything so simple for her.

Just a few minutes later, I was completely undressed, all except for the stiletto heeled boots that I was still wearing... I really liked how sexy they made me feel, as well as the added height advantage they gave me. And in my hand, I still held the whip, though I didn't see any reason to use it. At the moment, just having it in hand was enough.

"Now lick," I ordered, leaving no doubt as to exactly where I meant. "And don't stop until I tell you to."

Once again, Mariane proved that she was no beginner at serving her mistress, and something told me that aunt Elyse had used her in the same way. I might never have had sex before, especially not like that, but I could still tell that she really knew what she was doing. It felt so unbelievably good. I'd never felt ANYTHING like that in my life.

I moaned and groaned as Mariane worked on me, filling me with sensations unlike anything I had ever felt before. The sensations built and built until finally it exploded inside of me, surging through me with waves of pleasure. My whole body spasmed from the sheer force of it, but it wasn't enough. I wanted more.

"Stop," I finally told Mariane, deciding that I needed a minute to catch my breath and clear my head.

After a minute, I just stared at Mariane and fingered the whip in my hands. A part of me ached to use it on her, yet another part was quite aware that there was no reason to at the moment. Of course Mariane wouldn't run away, resist or even feel any resentment. The spell had made sure of that. In fact, she'd probably be happy because she was serving me. However, Mariane didn't get off on that kind of rough treatment, and I had other pets for that kind of thing.

I shifted position, gathered my focus and once again looked at Mariane like the domineering bitch that I was supposed to be. "Now listen here," I glared at her, putting as much menace in my voice as I could. I stretched the whip tightly between my hands in a silent threat, not because I intended to use it but because I just wanted to. "Let’s try this again," I snapped at her with mock annoyance, "And this time do better..."

"Yes mistress," Mariane nodded agreement.

Then as Mariane went to work on me again, I couldn't help but smiling a little. Whatever else happened, there was no doubt that this was going to be a LOT of fun.

The Heir
Part 5 of 7
By Morpheus

When I woke up in the morning, I immediately remembered where I was, and more importantly...who I was. It was my fourth day in the house, and my third day waking up as aunt Elyse.

I slowly sat up in bed, then smiled in satisfaction as I thought about the night before. Mariane had more than proven that she knew how to satisfy her mistress. She didn't even seem to want any real attention herself and got off more by giving attention, which was more than fine by me. With the new urges and desires that aunt Elyse had left me, I wasn't exactly feeling all kind and generous. At least not when it came to sex.

"Mariane," I said, looking around and seeing no sign of her within my bedroom.

"I'm here mistress," she said, poking her head through the door.

Then she hesitated for a moment, the first that I had seen her do that. But the hesitation seemed to be more because she was trying to decide what would please me more than for anything else. The hesitation only lasted for a moment before she gently pushed the door open and came into the room, holding a tray in her hands.

"I brought your breakfast mistress," she said, bowing her head as she held the tray out for my inspection. The only things on it were a steaming mug of coffee and a small tray with toast and marmalade on it. And at the moment, the marmalade toast actually looked pretty appetizing. I couldn't help wondering if that was something I'd acquired from aunt Elyse, especially since the way Mariane brought the toast indicated that it might be something of a standard thing.

"Do you want me to bring you something else?" Mariane asked as I paused to think about it, apparently taking my hesitation as a statement of disapproval.

"This is fine," I responded, then gestured for her to leave. Mariane bowed before rushing out of the room.

Once I was finished eating my breakfast, I went for a bath, not at all surprised when Mariane quickly filled the water and tested the temperature for me. Nor was I surprised when she offered to help me get dressed. All the attention was kind of strange, especially the help with ordinary everyday things. However, it was rather nice as well and I decided that I could definitely get used to having my own servant.

Before long, I was all dressed up and ready to face the day. I was wearing somewhat sexy clothes, but nothing as kinky as the dominatrix outfit that I'd been wearing the night before. That kind of thing, while fun, was more of a special occasion thing than daily wear. At least that's what I guessed, though there was no telling how often aunt Elyse had worn the stuff while playing with her pets.

"How often did your old mistress have her pets over?" I asked Mariane thoughtfully.

"One of the others was usually summoned every night or two," Mariane told me, "But you...she would sometimes go for several weeks without summoning the others." She paused thoughtfully, "And sometimes you would summon several at in one day...or even at one time."

I nodded at that, having guessed something of that due to the what was in the files and the number of pets she had. With seven pets each needing their own attention, I suspected that she would have called them fairly frequently.

Then I looked at Mariane and thought about her words and the way she had been reacting towards me. I couldn't help wondering if she was getting a little confused... If she might be forgetting that I wasn't her original mistress...or just deciding that it was irrelevant. Or possibly, I thought, it could that be part of the spell that bound her to aunt Elyse and now me. However, after a moment of consideration, I decided that it didn't really matter.

"I have six more of them to meet," I mused quietly to myself, thinking of the remaining pets.

I knew that I was running on limited time. Aunt Elyse had promised that I would return to normal at the end of my week there, and I only had a few days left. I even smiled faintly as I thought about how my mom and dad would react if they came back to pick me up and found me as I currently was. But I knew that I wouldn't have anything of that sort to worry about. Aunt Elyse had made sure that they would not interfere in her plans.

"I'll have to call several of them a day," I sighed, not sure whether to be nervous at that prospect or excited. My fantasies were really beginning to get if they weren't already. "Like those dreams I had all night long..." I smiled rather hungrily in fond remembrance.

With that, I made my way back into the secret study where I promptly began looking through the folders again. I didn't really have to though as I had already nearly memorized all of the really important information inside. Still, it made me feel a little better to flip through the files as I thought about who to call next..

For a moment, I was more than a little tempted to call Tina, the girl that I'd had a crush on for such a long time. I wanted to see what it was like having her bowing in front of me, willing to do whatever I wanted. But I pushed that thought aside for the moment, deciding to summon her later, after I'd met a few of the others and become a little more used to the situation.

"You will do," I mused, picking out one of the files and smiling as I glanced through it. "You should do nicely..." And with that, I reached for one of the silver bells.

As soon as I had finished ringing the bell, I turned and started back upstairs to the bedroom, calling out, "Mariane... Help me get dressed..." God I loved being able to order adults around, especially when the adult was a woman as pretty as her.

Soon I was dressed up in another outfit, much like the kinky dominatrix one that I had worn the day before. This time though, it was a one piece body suit with the high heels built right into it. The whole costume was a bit uncomfortable, but it definitely made me look very VERY wicked.

"I'm a wicked bitch," I smirked, feeling rather proud of that fact.

It wasn't much longer before the pet I had just summoned finally arrived. Cassandra came in through Mariane's house and down her passage, apparently something that had been set up to keep anyone from seeing the pets arrive at aunt Elyse's front door. She had already changed clothes as well and was wearing a kinky little latex outfit that had a number of rings built into it. I couldn't help thinking about how perfect that would be for tying her up...which was obviously the intention.

"I hurried as fast as I could mistress," Cassandra said as she dropped to her knees in front of me, not daring to even look up at my face until I gave her permission.

I just stood there for a moment and silently stared down at Cassandra, hardly able to believe that this submissive woman...this pet was the same business woman whose coworkers and subordinates called her an ice queen bitch. At the moment, she was certainly anything but.

"You're late," I snapped at her. It wasn't true, but that wasn't the point. I smirked as she cowered before me, filled with both nervousness and excitement at the same time. "And for that you need to be punished..."

The look on Cassandra's face was priceless, though I didn't allow her to see my amusement. Instead, I scowled even more deeply then gestured for my pet to get up and go into the next room. I directed her to the dungeon, the room with all of the torture devices.

"Maybe spending some time in here will cure you of your tardiness," I told her as I put her into an iron frame, binding her arms and legs to the side so that she was almost completely motionless. Then to add to it, I stuffed a ball gag into her mouth so that she wouldn't be able to speak a word. "Now think about what you have done..."

With that, I turned the crank on the side of the frame and caused Cassandra to rotate so that she was facing the ceiling, unable to do anything or really even see anything. I smiled as I walked away, knowing that as uncomfortable as that was, a part of her was getting a real kick out of it. After all, I'd read her file and knew that she really got off on being tied up and helpless.

And the truth was, I was getting turned on by the power I had over her while she was tied up and helpless. I could do ANYTHING to her, and there was nothing that she could do to stop me even if she did want to.

Since Cassandra had been taken care of for the moment, or had at least been put on the back burner, I decided to stir another pot. After all, who said that I couldn't have two dishes cooking at the same time?

"Let's see," I mused to myself, going back to the study and staring at the bells as I tried to decide which pot I should stir next. After a moment, I made my choice and rang the bell. And when I heard the sound my choice arriving a short while later, I smirked, "Dinner is served..."

With that, I turned my attention to the new Lisa, the amazon. She was 6 feet tall, just an inch taller than I currently was, though my high heels gave me a slight height advantage. And she was quite muscular. Her whole body looked solid and was ripped with muscle, yet at the same time, she still managed to look quite feminine and sexy. But as I stared at her, I couldn't help wondering if that muscle and even her height might have been...encouraged by aunt Elyse's magic. However, I supposed that it didn't really matter much at the moment.

"You called mistress?" Lisa asked, bowing her head rather than dropping to her knees as the others had done.

I knew that Lisa's failure to kneel before me like the others had was not meant as any form of insult. There was no doubt that she was tied to me the same way that the others were, that was subservient to my will and would obey all of my commands without question. However, Lisa was not as submissive as Mariane or least not in a sexual way. She just had no real willpower of her own and relied on someone else...aunt Elyse or myself to provide it.

But even though Lisa didn't have the kind of fetishes that the others did, there was no mistaking the fact that she was quite happy to see me. It was the bond...the force that tied her to aunt Elyse and now myself. She knew that I was the part of herself that was missing... I was the force that gave direction and meaning to her life. Without me, she was incomplete.

"Lisa," I mused as I looked her over, admiring her body. I'd never been into girls with muscles before, but she was different. Perhaps it had something to do with the delicious irony of the fact that she was unquestionably stronger than me...yet still submissive to me in all ways that mattered.

"How may I serve you mistress?" she asked.

Though Lisa didn't particularly want to be dominated sexually, she still needed to be in my presence and to be given direction...just not as frequently as the other pets. Of course, that didn't mean that I couldn't have sex with her or that she wouldn't be more than willing to do so.

"Undress," I told Lisa, eager to see her naked body though I wasn't about to let my eagerness show. "Show me your muscles. Show me that you have maintained your body as I commanded..." Of course, I wasn't the one to give that command, but she didn't know that.

Lisa didn't hesitate to climb out of her clothes, not showing the least bit of modesty as she stood there naked. Her body was incredible, a testament to good nutrition and countless hours in the gym. She was very buff...but definitely all woman as well.

"Show me your strength," I ordered, "Show me your muscles."

With that, Lisa began to pose and flex her muscles, looking rather proud of her body, but not too much so as she obviously remembered who it was who was really responsible for her having them. She knew that she owed her muscles to aunt Elyse. Without her mistress, she would still be the overweight and miserable person she had been before. She would still be wishing to lose weight and get in shape, but without having the willpower to do so. Now, she had what she'd spades.

I smiled faintly as I watched Lisa, admiring her body. I couldn't help wishing that I had muscles like those least when I was in my normal body. I kind of thought that aunt Elyse's body might look a little odd with those kind of muscles.

"Very good," I told her, "But you will need to continue your exercise..."

"Of course mistress," Lisa nodded.

Then as I looked at her body again, I thought about telling her to put her clothes back on, but then thought against it. Instead, I told her, "You will remain without clothes until you leave the house..."

"Yes mistress," Lisa nodded again.

A moment later, I walked up to Lisa and put my hand on her shoulder. Her muscles were just as solid to the touch as they looked. Then I slowly ran my hands over her body while she just stood there. I slid my palm and fingers over her skin, resting my hand on her rock hard abs and then lifting it up. I cupped her breasts, then allowed myself to look over the rest of her body in even closer detail.

"Quite nice," I told her, nodding to myself, amazed that any girl could be so muscular...even with the help of magic. Then I commented, "I know that you did not originally intend to become so muscular... But now that you are...what do you think of it?"

Lisa smiled, looking a little bit embarrassed as she told me, "I love it... Before... Before I started to exercise, I never would have imagined being this way...feeling this strong and healthy. And I'd always thought that women with muscles were gross... But not anymore. Now I never want to go back... I love being this way so much mistress..."

I stared at Lisa for a moment, kind of glad that she loved being the way that she now was. She certainly seemed happy with her life...even with being a pet. In a way, it made accepting the whole situation and my role in things even easier. I didn't need to feel guilty for controlling and dominating them...not that I really did yet anyway.

"What if," I mused thoughtfully, giving Lisa a speculative look as I did so, "I ordered you to stop exercising and to eat only junk food...? What if I had you not only return to your old physical condition, but become even more out of shape and overweight?"

"I will do it if you wish mistress," Lisa responded, looking nervous, "But please do not do that..."

That was the closest that I'd seen any of the pets act to rebellious so far, and I had a feeling that it was about the most rebellious any of them really could be. They had surrendered their own wills and independence, and had done so magically. These were not things that they could change their minds about or reclaim.

"It might be amusing to watch you lose your muscles and become obese," I teased Lisa, "And perhaps to even have you start the process of earning these muscles all over again."

Lisa looked a little worried but accepting of my decision at the same time. Whatever I willed was what mattered. She would do whatever I wanted, without hesitation or complaint, though I knew that if I gave this command, she would be unhappy inside. She would be unfulfilled. After all, she had surrendered her will to aunt Elyse in order to put discipline and purpose into her life, not to mention getting in shape.

"Do not worry my pet," I smiled at Lisa as I ran a hand over her cheek and then bent forward to kiss her, "I prefer you as you are." And though Lisa didn't say anything, I could feel the faint sense of relief that she felt within.

Then I smiled faintly as I considered having her drop to her knees and eating me out. Perhaps having her and Mariane do it together. But instead, I decided to put that on hold. After all, if one was cooking, you didn't want to rush the dishes too fast or they might burn.

"Go and help Mariane clean the kitchen," I told Lisa, giving her a gentle pat on her ass as she hurried off to do as she had been told.

After this, I just sat round, watching Mariane and Lisa as they went about cleaning the house. It was a rather odd sight to see an amazon like Lisa doing something so domestic as vacuuming the floor or scrubbing the toilet. But then, I decided that my first pot was ready for more attention and went back to the dungeon where I'd left Cassandra tied up.

"Hello pet," I greeted her with a smirk, "Did you miss me?" Of course Cassandra couldn't answer as she still had the ball gag in her mouth. But she did grunt to show that she heard me.

I rotated Cassandra's frame so that she was back in a fully upright position, then I just stood there and stared at her. She stared back, a strange look in her eyes. It was one of happiness...and anticipation. Yet it was a very passive expression as well, as she was just waiting to see what would happen next.

"Let’s get rid of this," I mused as I pulled the ball gag from her mouth. Then I rotated her frame backwards until she was nearly upside down. "Have you learned your lesson pet?"

"Yes mistress," Cassandra responded, nodding her head as that was about the only part of her that had any movement.

With that, I began to undo my clothes enough to give free access to my new feminine parts. I stood there with my exposed crotch in Cassandra's face, then I shifted position so that she had easy access to it with her tongue.

"You know what to do," I told Cassandra, feeling extremely daring as I said this.

I couldn't believe what I was doing, or how easy it was for me to behave like this. There was no doubt that whatever I'd been given from aunt Elyse was responsible for this, but I couldn't help wondering how much of this might actually be ME. How much of this kinkiness that I was enjoying was actually something from within my own mind, only now given form through aunt Elyse's body and the situation.

Cassandra didn't say a word as she began licking my sensitive parts, making me smile at the sensation. It was definitely quite nice. In fact, it was quite similar to how it felt when Mariane had been doing the same thing to me the night before, though there was a difference in style. I couldn't quite say exactly what it was...except perhaps for the way that they moved their tongues. Either way, both felt extremely nice.

"Very good," I finally told Cassandra, my crotch all soaking wet from the attention. "You're forgiven for being late..." And with that, I gave her a kiss, then rotated her frame so that I could let her out.

Once I had let Cassandra out of her frame, I let her stand there for a minute and regain her balance after having been tied up for awhile. Of course, I admired her while she stood there, then took the opportunity to fondle her breasts. I couldn't believe how daring I was becoming, or just how much I was getting into my new role. But at the same time, I was loving every minute of it.

"Come," I told Cassandra, leaving no doubt in my tone that it wasn't a request.

I led Cassandra to the basement bedroom, then directed her to get on the bed. Though I still wasn't completely sure of what I was going to do with her, I was more than eager to do it. But when I spotted a few items in the corners of the room, I knew exactly what I was going to do.

"Get undressed and lay down," I told my pet as I reached for some handcuffs that were hanging from a peg on the wall. Then I smiled as I picked up bit of red cloth... "Perfect..."

Cassandra did as she was instructed and I quickly handcuffed her hands to the bed frame then blindfolded her with the cloth. And once she was helpless on the bed, I smiled, feeling that little surge of excitement that came with my power over others. The sight of her, spread out and helpless in front of me...

Without a word, I stripped out of my clothes, then climbed onto the bed, straddling Cassandra's face as I ordered, "Lick..."

My pet immediately returned to licking as she had been doing a short while earlier. It felt oh so good... I just sat there and savored the sensations until the pressure built up in me enough that it exploded into a powerful orgasm. At that moment, I absolutely loved my transformed body... I'd never been able to feel such things as my normal self.

"Good," I told Cassandra, feeling quite pleased with the results of her tongue lashing.

With that, I changed position, deciding that Cassandra had done enough for me that it was time to return the favor. However, I was going to do it entirely on my own terms...

I started off by licking Cassandra's nipples, smiling as her body jerked just slightly. I just loved that reaction and went at it even more, licking one of her nipples while I played with the other, making sure that she enjoyed the sensations. Then she jerked in a different way and I could see her trying to move her arms, probably to grab her parts and continue to play with them herself. Or perhaps just to return the favor by grabbing my parts. But that wasn't about to happen. She was helpless to do anything but what I let her do, and at the moment, I didn't want her able to do anything but remain where she was and enjoy the sensations.

Finally, I turned my attention to the softer parts between her legs. I stood back for a moment and just stared at her naked crotch. I couldn't help thinking about how many female parts I'd been able to see for the last couple days, not even including my own. It was utterly amazing, but not so much so, I realized, as the fact that I was feeling fairly comfortable with it. I didn't feel nearly as nervous or self-conscious about it as I would have expected.

Then I finally made my move. I moved my hand to Cassandra's crotch, feeling how warm and most it was. And a moment later, I slipped one of my fingers up inside of her. She moaned, which made me smile. She could feel what I was doing, but she couldn't see it...or move her hands to do anything about it...even if she did want to.

I continued to finger my pet, to move my finger around inside of her while she just moaned and squirmed... I just loved the power that I had over her...the fact that I could cause that kind of reaction with just a single finger. It didn't really take too longer to bring her to orgasm, but it wasn't enough.

After I moved away from Cassandra, I let her rest for a minute what I was going to do next. Then I remembered something else that I'd seen in the corner and smiled to myself, heading over to get it. This should be quite interesting indeed.

"Mistress...?" Cassandra gasped out, perhaps wondering if I was even still there since she couldn't see. But I rather liked the idea of her not knowing so I didn't say anything. Let her wonder for a little longer...

Cassandra didn't say anything more, which was just fine as I didn't feel like listening to her call out to ask if I was there. Instead, I grabbed a large strap-on dildo and strapped it in place. And as I looked down at it and adjusted it a little, I couldn't help but realize the irony... Just a few days ago I had a real penis, but now I was resorting to this fake one. Of course, if I had my real one, I wouldn't be in a position to actually use it on Cassandra... And then there was the fact that this realistic looking rubber penis was at least twice the size of my real one...

I didn't say anything as I came up to Cassandra, stared at her for a moment before making my move. I positioned my rubber parts, then began to pound into her. She was obviously surprised by what was going on since she hadn't seen me coming up, but I could tell that she liked it anyway. And she liked being helpless to say no while I did it to her.

"Not as much sensation as I'd like," I muttered to myself, but there was no denying that I was still having a blast.

I continued playing with Cassandra for about another hour before I was finally through. And when I was done, I undid her handcuffs and left her on the bed while I returned to the main house.

"Begin planning for dinner," I told Mariane, then almost as an afterthought, I added, "Make sure that there will be enough leftovers for three pets...yourself included." It seemed an appropriate way of saying that we were going to have guests without actually getting out of role.

"Of course mistress," Mariane nodded, already hurrying to get to work.

And while Mariane went to the kitchen to start making plans, I looked at Lisa, licking my lips thoughtfully as I did so. I decided right then and there that as delicious as she looked, I would save her for after dinner. After all, she would make a very nice dessert...

Cassandra came out and joined the rest of us before long, and I had her help Lisa and Mariane with the serving. It was kind of amusing for me to be the only one at the table while they all sat back and served my food and waited on me. And once I was through, I left them alone and went upstairs, while they were finally allowed to eat.

Once I had changed clothes, this time into something just a little more casual, though not too much so, I took my time in returning downstairs. I wanted to make sure that they all had plenty of time to eat. In fact, I even stood back out of sight, just long enough to see them finishing up the meal.

"Mariane," I snapped as I stepped into view, pretending that I didn't care if I interrupted their eating, "Attend to me..."

"Yes mistress," she quickly jumped to my service.

Within just a minute, Mariane came rushing up and handed me a glass of scotch, as well as opened up a cigarette holder. I took the drink without a word, taking a long sip and only then reaching for a cigarette. As soon as I had held it to my lips, Mariane held out a lighter with the flame already lit.

"You three clean up," I told Mariane and the other two. "I am going to relax for awhile..."

Then with that, I went to the entertainment room and sat down to watch a little TV until my pets were finished. Eventually though, they were finished with the cleanup and I sent Cassandra home and told Mariane to leave me for several hours. Only then was I able to turn my full attention to Lisa.

I moved up to Lisa and put my hand on one of her breast and then kissed her. She wasn't a lesbian by nature, but she was more than willing to serve me in any way that I wanted...even sexually. She would even enjoy it... The magic which bound us made sure of this.

"Come with me," I told her, leading her to the bedroom that I'd used with Cassandra.

Having sex with Lisa was quite a bit different from either my time with Cassandra or Mariane. She wasn't nearly as kinky or submissive as Cassandra. She had no desire to be tied up and made helpless. And she was physically much stronger than I was. Yet at the same time, there was still no doubt as to who was really the dominant force in bed. I was...just as I was everywhere in her life.

I had Lisa eat me out, and then I returned the favor with her. I even used the strap-on with her as well, though she was a much more active participant during sex than Cassandra could ever hope to be. It was different...yet very nice.

And when I the two of us were finished, I lay in bed next to Lisa, feeling her firm muscles and smiling. I had given these to her... I had to blink and remind myself that it was aunt Elyse that had done this... I had merely taken aunt Elyse's identity at the moment.

"I am Elyse," I whispered to myself, "Mistress and protector of my pets..." And I smiled dreamily as I thought of all the pleasure that I could get from those pets, thinking that I could definitely get used to this new life.

The Heir
Part 6 of 7
By Morpheus

I leaned back as I silently went over the files yet again, carefully going over each and every word, smiling as the descriptions sparked my imagination and fantasies. It was difficult choosing which one of those lovely pets was going to be next...

Of course, I smirked to myself, I still had all day to make use of my choice...or choices. I'd already sent Lisa home late the night before, and had earlier instructed Mariane to leave me alone until it was time to fix dinner. And with those things taken care of, I merely had to make my choice.

Then I smiled, announcing, "You should do..." I picked up the folder for Cheryl, the formerly shy woman whom aunt Elyse had turned into something of an exhibitionistic wild woman. I thought that she should be an interesting one of nothing else.

But at the same time, I knew that my reasons for choosing Cheryl had more than just that she might be interesting behind them. Though I was having a lot of very interesting fantasies about men, I still wasn't quite sure that I was ready to take that step with my two male pets. And as for my only other remaining female pet old high school crush, well...I was planning on saving the best for last.

"Come to momma," I grinned as I rang Cheryl's bell... "Come to mistress..."

It didn't really take too long before Cheryl arrived. She came in, dressed in what my mind immediately dubbed as 'slutwear'. She had stiletto heeled 'fuck me' pumps, a very short leather skirt and a red shirt that left very little to the imagination...especially as she had obviously come without bra or panties.

However, I didn't stop at just checking out Cheryl's clothes. I looked her whole sexy body over, admiring the tattoos which were quite visible, as well as the piercings through her nose and eyebrow. All in all, she looked every inch a wild party animal.

"Interesting," I mused to myself as I continued to stare at Cheryl.

I couldn't help thinking about her file, about how, like Lisa, she wasn't submissive or kinky by nature. The gift that aunt Elyse had given her wasn't satisfaction for her kinky fetishes and desires. Instead, aunt Elyse had lured her in by freeing her of her inhibitions, letting the shy and self-conscious girl cut loose...big time.

"You called for me mistress?" Cheryl asked. She gave me a bit of a rebellious look, though we both knew that it was only show. If I ordered her to do something, she would do it without hesitation.

"And you came," I responded with an absent shrug. "Turn around for me. I want a better look at what you're wearing..."

Cheryl nodded and did just that, even shaking her ass and sticking her breasts out a bit more for added flair. Once she had turned around once, she stood there with her hands on her hips, wondering what else I was going to ask of her.

"I think that I am in the mood for a strip dance," I told her.

Without a word, or even any music, Cheryl began to dance right then and there. She twisted her body and gyrated, looking hotter and sexier with every passing moment. It was obvious that this wasn't her first time dancing like that, and I suspected that she'd done it more than a few times since aunt Elyse had given her a way to escape her inhibitions.

Cheryl slowly stripped off her clothes, getting even more and more sexy as she went along. Her movements were so suggestive that I was really getting some very interesting ideas... I couldn't help wondering if perhaps I should have her teach Mariane to dance like that too...

Once Cheryl was fully undressed and finished with her dancing, I went up to her and ran my hands over her skin. I paused with my hands on her tattoos, admiring them, and then fingering the ring through one of her nipples. She obviously enjoyed the attention that I was giving her...and which she craved. Though Cheryl didn't have any of the specific fetishes of the other pets, she craved my attention just the same.

I continued playing with Cheryl for several more hours, mostly just having her dance for me or wear rather daring costumes. There was no doubt that I wasn't pushing her to any extremes, but that wasn't my goal. At the moment, I just wanted to spend a little time with her...get to know her...and let her get her fix of my presence. And though I was very tempted to, I didn't have sex with her, not even of the oral variety that I'd had the others perform.

Eventually, I sent Cheryl home, satisfied with my time with her though thinking that if I did meet up with her like that again, I would have to take things to another level. I smiled as I thought of the level that I'd taken it to with each of the others, and I couldn't help wondering what Cheryl's tongue ring would feel like up inside of my new vagina.

"I could always call her back," I thought aloud, then decided not to. I still had 3 more pets to play with.

For a few minutes after this, I sat back, smoking a cigarette and sipping a scotch as I thought about who I was going to call. It wasn't really any difficult choice as there were only two pets that I would call, and I had already made my mind as to which one would be next sometime earlier.

"Gerald," I mused aloud, wondering what it would be like meeting aunt Elyse's lawyer now that I was aunt Elyse. He would at least know that I wasn't aunt Elyse...though like Mariane, he would surely accept me as his mistress anyway. Still, I couldn't help thinking about how weird it would be anyway...

After I rang the bell to call Gerald, I went to change clothes into something just a little more appropriate. Gerald's file said that he had a real thing for leather and latex, so I was going to give him exactly what he wanted. And besides, I got a real kick out of wearing that stuff myself...

It didn't take me long at all to get dressed up in the dominatrix gear. And as soon as I had it on, I felt like a real super bitch. A real turned on super bitch at that. My outfit was mostly black leather, with a few silver buckles here and there. I had a black leather corset, a pair of black leather thigh length stiletto heeled boots, and a whip in hand. I'd even pulled my hair back and tied it up in a strict braid, all to add to my aura of being a dominatrix bitch. And it worked because I felt even more domineering and bitchy than before.

"Oh yes," I purred with a cruel grin on my face as I ran my fingers over the whip, eager to try it out. I was nearly quivering in excitement as I remembered all of those fantasies....

When Gerald finally arrived, I didn't say a word of greeting. In fact, I immediately snapped the whip at him, catching him right across the cheek. He flinched at the sting, his hand instinctively going to his cheek.

"Did I give you permission to touch yourself?" I snapped at him.

"No mistress," he blurted out, dropping to his knees.

At the moment, he didn't look anything like the confident lawyer that I had seen him as before. In fact, he reminded me of nothing more than a worm. A worm that demanded to be punished. I smirked at the thought, eager to give him exactly what he needed...

"Kiss my boots," I snapped at him, shoving one of my boots in his face. "DO IT NOW!"

Of course I didn't really have to yell at Gerald or force him to do anything. He would have done it if I had even whispered the command... As much as I would have liked to, I didn't need to break his will. His will was already mine...surrendered to aunt Elyse and now to me.

I let Gerald kiss my boots for a few minutes, even licking them before I kicked him back away. Then I gave him another flick of the whip before slapping him in the face. And though it stung, there was no doubt that Gerald was really getting off on the treatment. I know that I was.

After this, I decided to play with Gerald a little more, giving him even more of what he wanted...pain and humiliation. I put a dog collar around his neck and ordered him to only bark like a dog... And since the collar was one of those ones that are used to train real dogs by giving them a nice zap whenever they barked... The results were quite interesting.

Gerald didn't get away that easily though. I fed him dinner from a dog dish...and made him drink out of the toilet. It was a little less disgusting than it might sound as it had been heavily cleaned by Marianne awhile earlier, and no one had used it since. But still, it was pretty damn gross and a part of me could hardly believe that I was making him do that.

Eventually though, I got tired of the dog game and decided to do something a little different. I took the collar off of Gerald, put a more normal dog collar around his neck instead. Then I had him stand there while I used some of the things I found in the supply room to pierce his nipple. He gasped out and winced horribly at the pain, especially when I twisted it a bit, but I could tell that it was exactly what he needed.

"Now my little pet," I snarled as I grabbed the short chain that was attached to Gerald's new collar and pulled him close to me. "I have a little present for you before you go home..."

"A present mistress?" he asked eagerly, looking somewhat nervous at the same time.

With that, I held out a large butt plug and smirked, "Bent over pet..." Gerald's eyes went wide at the sight of it, but he did as I had instructed.

I hesitated for just a moment, wondering what the hell I was doing. How had I gone so far as to be doing things like this to a real person...and getting a kick out of it at the same time. But I knew how I got to that point... Aunt Elyse. How much of her and her kinkiness was now inside of me? How much of me was really her? I didn't know, nor did I truly even care. Not right then.

"You aren't going to take this out except in order to go to the bathroom," I told Gerald as I placed the butt plug up his rear end. "And you will continue to do this until I tell you otherwise..."

"Yes mistress," Gerald responded with a bit of a whimper.

I just smirked at that, planning on giving him a call and telling him that he could stop some time before my week there was done. That wouldn't really be too far away. Just a couple of days. But it should be enough discomfort and embarrassment for Gerald to make the whole thing worth it.

"Now go home," I ordered imperiously, snapping my whip at him. "I'm tired of looking at you for now... I'll call you when I'm ready to play fetch with my doggy again..."

Gerald wasted little time in leaving, stopping only to change back into his normal clothes at the exit as he rushed back through the passage to Mariane's house where he would leave.

"That was...interesting," I said aloud as I looked after him, shaking my head at my own actions. How much more could I possibly do? But as I remembered that I still had two more pets to go, I knew that I was going to find out.

For a moment, I thought about calling my next pet and having some more fun, but it was getting close to dinner and I expected Mariane to return at any time. It had been a very busy day so far, and an educational one. But I thought that it was time to relax and spend a little time with myself... That would give me a chance to reflect on what I had become...and what I was still becoming.

I expected it to be a quiet, sober evening...with perhaps a little playing with my pet Mariane.


"Six days," I announced as I stared at my beautiful reflection in the mirror.

It was my sixth day living in that house, as per the terms of aunt Elyse's will. And that meant that my time was short. In fact, I really only had one more day and knew that I would have to use it well.

My thoughts raced as I thought of all of the things that I wanted to do in the short time that I still had an adult body and status. I could go out clubbing, hitting the bars and doing all sorts of naughty things... That really appealed to me, especially with all of the fetishes and kinky thoughts that aunt Elyse had left me.

"Damn," I frowned, suddenly remembering that I still had two pets to go and a limited time to do that in. "At least that should be fun," I mused, especially as I remembered that one of those two remaining pets was Tina, the girl from school. "How in the world did aunt Elyse meet up with her...?"

However, I decided not to dwell on how aunt Elyse and Tina had met up, at least not for the time being. Instead, I took another long look at myself, made sure that my makeup was on right, and then I turned to leave my bedroom. It was about time that I call my next pet.

"Let’s see," I mused to myself as I ran my eyes over the silver bells just a few minutes later. Of course the choice was obvious since I'd already made it some time before. But that didn't mean that I couldn't just savor the options that were still available to me. With just a ring of a bell, I could summon any of the pets back to me again... Any of them... "But I think it's time we meet Darek..."

I smiled at the thought of Darek, and the file that I had read on him. He was a millionaire and powerful businessman...though aunt Elyse preferred to call him Candy...her darling little pet. I smiled again as I thought of the pictures that were in the file, pictures of him wearing women's clothes. It was about time to call him...but I would have to get ready as well. And for Darek, that would require leather...since women in leather were one of his fetishes.

"I happen to have just the outfit," I mused, thinking of one of the outfits that I'd seen in the closet. And with that, I rang his bell before turning to go change my clothes. It almost seemed a pity since I had only just finished getting dressed just a short time earlier.

When Darek...Candy arrived some time later, I was already waiting for him. I was sitting back on the basement throne, dressed in sexy black leather. And the first thing that I did when he saw me was to light a cigarette and take a long drag. Then I calmly blew the smoke out to the side, knowing that that this should tease his fetishes a bit.

"Where is your uniform?" I calmly demanded of Darek, who had arrived in an expensive business suit. But before he could say anything, I told him, "Take off those rags. I expect my maid to wear something a little more appropriate."

"Yes mistress," he responded with a deep bow.

"And Candy," I added a moment later, "Make sure that you put on the fishnets..."

Yes mistress," Darek...Candy bowed before hurrying off to get dressed.

I waited a minute, then got up to go 'help' Candy get dressed. I saw the outfit that he had picked out from the shelf, then snapped, "What do you think you're doing pet Candy?"

"Mistress?" Candy blinked in confusion.

"Your arms and legs," I snapped at him in mock irritation. "Shave those hairy things first..."

Of course, it was pretty obvious that Darek had already been keeping his body shaved on a regular basis, but that didn't mean that I couldn't give him a hard time about it. In fact, it was expected...

"And your hair," I spat out, eyeing his rather long hair. Or at least it was long for a guy, down to about his shoulders, obviously grown that long on aunt Elyse's instructions. I imagine that it caused some problems when he was in the business world. "You must wash that in dish soap..."

Then with that, I took a long drag from my cigarette, blew the smoke in his face and ordered him to take care of those things. He gulped and quickly rushed to obey my commands, which brought a smile to my lips.

It was with some amusement that I watched Candy go through what was obviously something of a routine. He went to one of the tubs and scrubbed, shaving every inch of his body...including his pubic region until there wasn't a single hair on his body below his neck. Most of it had already been pretty clean and smooth, but I added the instruction that he shave his genital region just for something extra.

One thing that I couldn't help noticing while Candy was shaving was that he was actually fairly well hung. A part of my mind that aunt Elyse had given me responded to the sight, getting me rather pleased. I thought that perhaps I should fuck him... But of course, that was counter to Candy's nature. If I was going to fuck him, I would be the one doing the fucking, and using one of those strap on dildos to do it. Of course, I smiled, thinking that this might be rather enjoyable as well.

When Candy had finally finished getting all nice and prettied up, I had him get dressed in the frilly French maid outfit that he'd originally started to put on. It was even more uncomfortable as I had him put on a bit of a corset to pull his waist tight and some breast forms so that he could actually fill out the uniforms top the way that it was meant to be filled.

"Too bad," I mused to myself as I remembered the final note about him in aunt Elyse's file. The one where she indicated that she had been seriously thinking about using magic to actually start turning him into a real woman. The idea was rather interesting and I almost wished that I knew that magic so I could to that myself.

"And don't forget the heels," I told Candy, pointing to a pair of stiletto 'fuck me' pumps that looked like they would be painful for him to wear. But he put them out without question and stood up, proving that he'd walked in heels before.

Once Candy was fully dressed up in his costume, I put him to work playing the part as well. I had already sent Mariane away for awhile since I wouldn't need two maids, so there was no problem having Candy take her place right away.

"Don't forget your accent dear," I reminded her.

"Oui madame," Candy replied with his best French accent.

The first thing that I did was sit back on my throne and send Candy to get me a drink. Then as I savored it, I had him bring me a box of cigars and light one for me. I was well aware of how much attention he paid as I took my first drag on it, and how he paid even more when I blew the smoke back out. I smiled faintly, knowing just how much the sight had to excite him.

For awhile, I just played the part of strict employer, then I allowed myself to get more and more strict, finding issues with Candy's service. I could see him getting frustrated as he tried his hardest to serve me but still couldn't get a kind word in response. Of course, I also knew that this also excited him to some degree.

Eventually though, I slipped out of the role of harsh employer, who happened to wear a black leather dominatrix outfit, and went fully into dominatrix mode. "You stupid bitch," I slapped him across the face. "Can't you do anything right?"

"I'm sorry mistress," Candy gasped, probably not even aware of what he had done wrong.

"Your accent," I reminded her, smacking him across the face again. "Don't forget your accent... Or are you still too much of a boy to act like a woman..."

"Non madame," Candy whimpered. "I will not forget again..." The bad accent was back in place.

However, I wasn't about to let the opportunity go. Since I was going into full, leather clad dominatrix mode, I grabbed my whip and gave him a nice little snap, catching him on his thigh. Then I had him turn around while I gave him a couple more snaps. None of them should hurt him too much since he was more into being controlled and bullied than he was into pain.

"Do you think that you're too much of a man to listen to me?" I demanded.

"No madame," Candy whimpered again.

Then without warning, I grabbed his crotch and squeezed a little, not enough to hurt but definitely enough to be...uncomfortable. "I can always cut these off for you... Do you think that this might make you more attentive..."

"Please no madame," Candy gulped, obviously afraid that I might do just that.

"I always hear that you should have your pets spayed and neutered," I commented, almost as if talking to myself. But a moment later, I let go, while Candy let out a sigh of relief.

Before too long though, I was ready to move things onto the next level. Even though I had already spent some time with Gerald, I hadn't really explored any of these new interests that I was feeling for men. So I decided that Candy was going to be my first time with a man. Too bad for him...

"On your knees bitch," I demanded, to which Candy immediately obeyed.

I was almost grinning as I went for the strap-on dildo, eager to slip it inside of him. A part of me could barely believe that I was doing this...even after everything else that I was doing. But it seemed that the longer I was as I was, the easier it was to slip into the be what aunt Elyse had made me.

Once I had the dildo strapped on and in place, I put some lubricant on it, knowing that this would make things easier for Candy. I had no idea how I knew so much about dildos and lubricant, but then, realized that I did. I knew how to use them the same way that I wanted to use them. Because aunt Elyse had given that all to me so that I could be her heir in all ways.

Then, I went and did it. I put the dildo up Candy's ass, ramming it in deep and smiling as he grunted in pain. Yet at the same time, I could tell that he rather enjoyed it as well. He liked being treated like a woman...being forced into that role. And god help me, I loved doing that to him.

As I was ramming into Candy, I couldn't help fantasizing... I fantasized about him giving him plastic surgery to make him even more feminine...about making him get breast implants and then a sex change operation. I was getting a real kick out of those thoughts, especially as I knew that he'd get a kick out of them too. Of course, that was ignoring the consequences to his other life which I was responsible for as well. Still, they were exciting thoughts, especially when I added the thoughts of using magic to turn him into a real woman.

"I'll make a real woman of you yet," I told Candy as I finally pulled out of him. "Even if it kills you..."

With that, I left Candy where he was to recover a bit from the anal sex, while I went and removed the dildo then sat down on my throne. I felt so powerful while sitting there, staring down at my pet... It gave me such a thrill of power and if I felt lacking in those since my change.

Once Candy had recovered, I decided to end our playtime for the day. I had given him what he needed and had taken what I wanted as well. Both of our needs had been met.

But before I excused Candy, I had a little something more for him. I don't know why, but I thought that it was a good idea. I found one of the dildos on a shelf in the storage room and handed it to him.

"I want you to practice giving oral," I told him, amused at the look of surprise on his face. "Practice on this. I expect you to be skilled by the time I call you next..."

"Yes mistress," Candy bowed to me.

I just waved at him, "You may go..." And with that, I turned and walked away, already knowing that Candy...Darek was leaving through Mariane's exit.

"That was an interesting morning," I thought to myself, deciding that I was going to have to take an hour or two for myself before calling the next and last pet.

I smiled at the thought of Tina, the high school girl who was my crush. And I knew that if the morning had been interesting, then the afternoon would certainly be infinitely more so.

The Heir
Part 7 of 7
By Morpheus

I smiled faintly as I pulled the bike to a stop inside the garage and lowered the kickstand. Then I remained where I was for a minute more, enjoying the feeling of the powerful engine rumbling between my legs. It was quite thrilling to know that I was in complete control of such power, though not nearly so much as racing down the streets on my motorcycle.

"I don't think I'll be able to go back to bicycles after this," I commented as I shut the bike down and climbed off.

For a moment, I just stood there, keeping my hand on the tank and savoring the feeling of freedom that this machine had given me. Riding it for the last hour had been quite an experience. I was definitely going to have to do it again.

"Thank God aunt Elyse left me the skills to ride a motorcycle," I mused to myself, thinking about how pleased I had been to discover that fact when I'd climbed on the bike a little earlier. I couldn't help wondering what other little skills she had left me that I might end up stumbling across.

But then I paused, realizing that I hadn't heard from aunt Elyse in awhile. It had been several days since she'd popped up in a mirror and talked to me. I wasn't completely sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, though I supposed it meant that I had what I needed and didn't need her advice at the moment.

"But for now," I reminded myself, glancing down at the slim woman's watch around my wrist. It was getting about time that I called my last pet.

With that, I went inside the house, pausing for a moment to think about all that I was doing. I didn't feel the least guilt for how I was behaving or the things that I had been doing with my pets. I was sure that aunt Elyse had ensured that I wouldn't. But I was curious... I was curious as to how come she was having me do this...why she wanted me to get so intimate with her former pets if I was going to be turned back to normal the next day. After all, she had promised that I would be changed back and I didn't doubt her. Still, it did leave me feeling more confused.

"Don't worry about it," I told myself, knowing that I would have the answers to those questions soon enough. All that I would have to do was wait until the next day, when I was sure aunt Elyse would explain her reasoning to me. Or at least I hoped that she would.

At the moment though, I had other things to concern myself with. I still had to call my next pet, not to mention get ready for her. I smiled as I stepped into the study and stared at the silver bell that would call Tina to me.

"My Tina," I mused with a faint smirk.

I couldn't help thinking about her, about the hot little blonde who had been the subject of more than a few of my wet dreams. And to think that she was just within reach...and all that I had to do to summon her to be my pet was to ring a little bell. I smiled even more as I thought about what I'd like to do to her...

"Cautious," I reminded myself, remembering that Tina wasn't into harsh domination, humiliation or pain. She would require a more gentle hand, which I knew would still be quite enjoyable. I would just have to be more careful not to break her.

I had been thinking about what I would do for Tina...and to her for some time. I'd had more than a few interesting ideas, ideas that I would like to try out some other time. But since time was limited, I decided on a particular game that I thought would be quite...amusing.

But instead of calling Tina just yet, I decided to get things ready. After all, proper preparation was a sign of discipline, and the only way to truly remain in control. And both of those were quite important to me at the moment. Besides, it would be much more enjoyable if things were set up beforehand...

With that, I went to the closets and started digging around, quickly finding exactly what I was looking for. And before long, I was dressed up in a very professional business suit, with skirt, stockings and shoes. Then to add to the effect, I tied my hair back and put on a pair of glasses that I found.

"Very professional looking," I commented as I admired myself in the mirror, feeling rather pleased. I looked just like some kind of business woman, possibly even some kind of ice queen office bitch. In fact, that was exactly what I had been looking for. Now, all that I had to do was summon my pet and wait.

Once I rang the bell to summon Tina, I just sat back and waited. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait very long. Just about a half hour after ringing the bell, she came in through the back way, wearing normal casual clothes. I remained where I was, sitting behind my desk, giving her an intense look.

"You're late," I said coldly, adjusting the pair of costume glasses that I was currently wearing. "I expect my secretary to arrive to work on time..."

I remembered that Tina had a thing for role playing, which was why I had set this whole thing up. And to her credit, she didn't hesitate before playing along.

"I'm sorry ma'am," Tina apologized, looking rather ashamed of herself. "My car wouldn't start and..."

"I don't want to hear any excuses," I waved her explanation off, "I just want my secretary to take down some letters..."

Tina nodded, "Of course ma'am."

Then without any further prompting, Tina sat down in the chair that I'd left on her side of my desk, crossing her legs and reaching for the pen and pad of legal paper which I'd left right next to it for just that situation. Within seconds, she was looking at me attentively, ready to take diction and write down anything that I told her to.

With that, I began to come up with a letter for Tina to write down. Of course, I had no intention of actually doing anything at all with the letter, and she knew this, but it was perfect for the game that we were playing. And while I was reciting the material for the nonexistent letter, I took the opportunity to subtly look at my pet.

Tina was of course a very pretty girl. In fact, she was the prettiest girl in my whole school, at least as far as I and most of the male student body was concerned. She had long, golden blonde hair, a slightly upturned nose and the cutest little dimple on one of her cheeks. And to top it off, she even had a nice personality to go with it. And of course, Tina had a real thing for role playing, which she was really getting into at the moment.

I continued playing the boss and secretary game with Tina for about an hour, even having her get me coffee and such. She didn't blink or break from her role, playing it all the way through, which amused me a great deal. Finally though, I decided to push things to the next level.

"I can't believe that I'm doing this with Tina," I quietly mused to myself, thinking of all the times that I'd fantasized about getting up close and personal with Tina. But now, there she was. She was my my beck and call. And all of my fantasies could come true...though I'd never imagined myself as an adult woman or my aunt Elyse when I'd been having those fantasies.

"Your performance has been substandard," I told Tina with a strict tone and a bit of a glare. "I expect my secretary to perform better..."

"I'm sorry ma'am," Tina responded, "I'll do better..."

"I'm afraid that I'm going to have to take disciplinary action if you are going to remain in my employ," I told her with mock annoyance.

"What...what do you mean ma'am?" Tina asked, a look of mock fear on her face. "You're not going to cut my pay...are you? I need that money... I can't afford to lose any of it. My bills..."

"I think we can work something else out," I smirked.

Tina blinked, "Really...?"

"Bend over the table," I ordered as I stood up, "I'm going to have to tan your hide..."

Tina gave me a look of mock shock, but bent over the table, making sure to give me a good target. I smiled as I swung my hand and gave her a good swift swat on her ass. I hit her a coupled more times, not hard enough to hurt by any means, but definitely hard enough to give a bit of a sting.

"I promise that I'll be a better secretary from now on," Tina told me once I was done spanking her.

However, I wasn't quite done with this yet. Not by a longshot. All of this roleplay was really turning me on, and I could see that it was doing the same for Tina. In fact, this all came directly from some of those fantasies that had been flittering through my head at night...and off and on through the day.

I smiled as I stared at Tina, thinking about how pretty she was. And of how eager she was to serve me...her mistress. Though it wasn't until that moment that I realized that she'd never called me 'mistress'. She'd only referred to me as 'ma'am' from the moment that she had arrived.

"Ma'am?" Tina asked, interrupting my thoughts.

Since I was shaken out of my thoughts, I immediately shifted back into my role and smirked at her, "How would you like to ensure your employment with me?" I asked Tina, then added, "I can help you... Or I can break you. I can get you a raise...a promotion...or I can guarantee you a place in the unemployment line..."

"What do you mean ma'am?" Tina asked with mock fear.

From the look on her face, I could see that she was really getting into this. In fact, I'd almost think that she believed that it was for real... Then again, that was the thing with Tina... That was one of the things that got her off... All this role playing was what pushed her buttons.

"You know," I started to respond without answering her question directly. Instead, I slipped my hand up the skirt that she was wearing and gave a light tug of her panties. Then I planted a kiss on her lips. "You're very pretty..."

"Ma'am..." Tina whimpered, "this isn't right..." But I could see the look in her eyes, the eagerness for the game to continue.

"But it is," I assured her gently, "It is very right..."

And with that, I gave Tina another kiss, slipping one of my fingers up inside of her moist slit, which was already eager and waiting. I felt a huge thrill rush through me as I realized what I was doing with Tina...the girl that I'd had such a crush on. It was literally a dream come true...and the Josh part of me was stunned at how unbelievable it was.

However, the part of me that was aunt Elyse had a somewhat different reaction, and at the moment, that part of me seemed to be strongest. I felt a huge surge of triumph...of excitement at how easily she was under my power. I didn't feel at all like the clumsy, eager and inexperienced boy that Josh was. Instead, I felt calm, confident and in control.

With that, I continued to use my finger to massage Tina from the inside, delighting in the power that I had to make her squirm, squeal and gasp with just the slightest movement. And at the same time, I was massaging one of her breasts with my free hand and snaking my tongue into her mouth. I continued with this until she orgasmed in a loud burst, not once but twice.

Then I slowly pulled my hand away from Tina's crotch, thinking about what was to come next. I could go for one of my dildos and ram her from the front and the back. Hell, I could even have her blow me off...though wouldn't really do too much for me with a plastic penis.

But then, the Josh part of me stirred enough to remember that she was the girl of my dreams. At the moment, she was my willing slave. But before that, she was my dream girl, and to that part of me, she still was. I wanted to have sex with her...real sex. I wanted it more than just about anything. However, I wanted it to be as ME...not as aunt Elyse. Not as her mistress.

"I really need this job ma'am," Tina gasped out, still in role, "If I...if I eat you..."

"No," I told her, gently pushing Tina away, though it was one of the hardest things that I'd ever done. "I think that I am done with this game for the moment..."

"Okay ma'am," Tina responded, looking a little disappointed. Then she looked up at me and asked, "Do you want to play something else ma'am?" She was looking up to me eagerly, almost like I was her big sister, her hero and her mentor all rolled into one, not to mention of course, her mistress.

"Perhaps," I mused, thinking that it might be interesting to have her play the role of a schoolgirl to my being the teacher.

Tina looked at me, then grinned before abruptly asking, "Maybe we can play that one game... The one where you pretend to be your nephew and seduce me..."

"What?" I blinked in surprise, feeling more than just a little stunned.

"I like him," Tina continued, "He's cute... But...," she frowned, "It just not easy to even see him at school since we're in different grades and everything..." She actually looked a little depressed. "And I don't even know if he'll like me... What if he thinks I'm just a stupid bimbo cheerleader?"

Tina had completely thrown me off guard with her comments, especially those last ones. And she looked so worried as she said that... I couldn't believe it...

"I'm sure...I KNOW that Josh likes you," I told Tina, quickly regaining my mental balance.

"I know you already promised to introduce us," Tina told me with a nervous smile, "Somewhere away from school... And I can't wait..."

For a moment, I couldn't help but thinking back to Tina's file, and the comments that aunt Elyse had placed in the end about trying to set Tina up as my girlfriend. It appears that those plans had gone a little further than she'd indicated, and that Tina was a more than willing participant...probably even without her connection to aunt me.

I took a deep breath as I tried to absorb and integrate this new information. Then I looked at Tina, feeling more than a little pleased. The fact that she really did like the real me was quite a boost to my Josh self, but there was still a lot of my Elyse self present as well.

"For that game," I mused with a faint smile, "I think that the cheerleader needs to be dressed the part..."

"At once ma'am," Tina exclaimed as she rushed off towards the wardrobe room.

"Ma'am," I mused to myself with a satisfied smile. For some reason Tina kept calling me that rather than 'mistress', which I took to be an indication of the relationship between her and aunt Elyse. Their relationship was somewhat different than with the other pets, but I found that refreshing. And of course, a somewhat more personal relationship made sense considering aunt Elyse was going to set her up with ME.

While Tina was busy changing her clothes, I decided that I should change mine as well. I thought about it for a minute, then went back to my bedroom, and into the closet. It only took me a minute to find the clothes that I was looking for, and only a little longer to put them on.

"There," I said as I looked at myself in the mirror.

The image that the mirror reflected back to me was no longer of the strict business woman that would have been there minutes before. Instead, I had changed my clothes to something a little more...casual. In fact, I was wearing jeans and a T shirt, ones that were about the closest in aunt Elyse's closet to the kind of clothes that I normally wore as Josh.

"I suppose that the makeup should go too," I mused aloud, but decided not to get rid of that, even if it would be a little more appropriate for what I had planned. In fact, I even touched it up just a little, making sure that it was fairly subdued though.

When I returned to the main living room, it was to the sight of Tina doing a cartwheel down the hallway. She stopped, standing there in her cheerleader outfit...the same one she wore at our school. Then she quickly snatched up a pair of pompoms and began doing a cheer.

"How was that?" Tina asked once she was done with her rather exuberant cheer.

I wanted to tell her that it was utterly fantastic, especially with the way she moved... God, she was so flexible, and a hell of a lot sexier doing it there than she was at school. However, I had something else in mind and wasn't about to let myself get distracted like that.

"Oh my God," I exclaimed, trying to sound as much like my old self as possible, though it wasn't very easy. I tried to act scared and confused as I cried out, "It's me...Josh. A weird magic spell somehow turned me into my aunt..."

Of course, the irony of that statement...and the situation amused me a great deal. There I was, pretending to be aunt Elyse, pretending to be myself. And there I was, telling the truth while pretending that it was role play at the same time. The whole thing was definitely pretty odd. But I guess that was what was so fascinating about it.

"Josh?" Tina gasped out in pretend shock and disbelief, "Is that really you...?"

"Yeah," I nodded, trying to look uncomfortable in the body that I now felt far too comfortable in. "I don't know what happened... Somehow I just turned into my aunt..."

"Oh my God," Tina gasped, "Are you all right?"

"Yeah," I answered slowly as I cupped my breasts, trying to remember my first thoughts and reactions to waking up with them. "I don't feel bad...just...weird." And then I gave a shy smile, or tried to though I was afraid that it probably came out more as a smirk, "In fact, it feels pretty good..."

Then as I continued to play the role, to go on about how strange but nice my new body felt, I couldn't help but continuing to think about how weird that was...and how difficult. I never would have imagined how difficult it would be to pretend to be myself...especially when I didn't quite think or feel like my old self anymore.

Instead of acting like the nervous and inexperienced boy that I was deep down inside, I kept wanting to take a more dominant role...a more direct one. It was rather strange how much I had changed, inside as well as out. But I continued with the role play for a few more minutes, though perhaps not as successfully as I could have.

Finally though, I got the point where I told Tina, "You know...maybe you can help me get used to this new body... Maybe if you showed me the good things about being a woman..."

"Are you sure Josh?" Tina asked. I could see the eagerness in her eyes. "I mean, I know that it's a big step..."

Not as big as she might think, I couldn't help smirking. However, I was tired of playing the inexperienced boy and snapped, "Do it..."

Tina gulped, and for a moment looked as though she were about to respond, 'yes ma'am'. However, she remained in her role and went to work getting into my panties, and then licking my new womanhood, which was more than eager for the attention by this time. It felt so good that I knew that this wasn't her first time...

"You know Josh," Tina told me, pausing to look up at me, "I hope that you can accept that there are some really good things about being a woman..."

"Definitely," I responded with a wry grin.

Once Tina was finally finished, and I'd had a very satisfying orgasm, I decided that it was about time to end the role playing for the moment. So ironically, I stopped acting like myself...or at least like my old self.

"Enough of this for now," I stated.

With that, I went to the den and opened the cigarette case that had been left lying on the bar counter. I took one out and lit it, then took a long drag, more to make a point that I was back to being Elyse than for anything else. And as I blew a stream of smoke out overhead, I turned my attention to the liquor cabinet, thinking that perhaps I should have a glass of scotch as well.

"When did you start smoking Josh?" Tina asked in mock disbelief, then burst into giggles when I looked at her. "Sorry ma'am... I couldn't resist..."

I smiled at that, then went to ring a specific silver bell. Mariane appeared just mere moments later, which made me think that she had just been waiting to be summoned. Of course, that wasn't surprising considering her obsession with serving me.

"Tina will be staying for dinner," I told Mariane, then looked to Tina to see that she understood that this wasn't an invitation. "Prepare something nice..."

"Of course mistress," Mariane bowed slightly to be before rushing off to fulfill her instructions.

"You may change clothes if you like," I told Tina with a gentle smile, "I'll be doing that myself..."

"Okay ma'am," Tina grinned, then hurried off to change out of her cheerleaders uniform, or out of what she still had on.

I nodded absently, then took another drag from my cigarette before snubbing it out. And with that, went back up to my own room to clean up and get dressed in something just a little less casual.

Dinner was a fairly quiet affair, with Tina and I talking as we ate, while Mariane hovered nearby, serving the food and cleaning up after us. I had considered inviting my maid to eat with us, but knew that it wouldn't be appropriate...nor truly appreciated by her as she preferred the position of servant.

"This was very good," Tina told me once she was finished eating, though she said it when Mariane was close enough to hear the compliment. "Thank you for inviting me..."

I smiled at that, largely because I hadn't exactly invited her. But that was neither here nor there. I could see the way that Tina was looking up to me again, as if waiting for advice or direction. Even when we weren't playing games, I was still her mistress...or her 'ma'am' as she called me, and she looked to me for guidance.

"About Josh," I said started carefully.

"Yes ma'am?" she looked at me eagerly.

"I will arrange a meeting between you and my nephew very soon," I told her, smiling at the excited look on her face. "And I know that he is just as eager for this as you..."

"All right," Tina exclaimed excitedly, jumping up from the dinner table. Then she quickly sat back down, looking at me apologetically, "I'm sorry ma'am..."

"It is quite all right," I assured Tina. Then with a faint sigh, I told her, "However, it is about time for you to be going home..."

"Yes ma'am," Tina nodded, looking a little disappointed.

Several minutes later, Tina left my house to return home. I felt a little disappointed to see her go myself, but I knew that it was for the best. I didn't want her getting in any trouble with her parents or having any real problems due to my summoning her like that.

Then of course, there was one issue that had been going through my head throughout the day, especially during the past few hours. This was my last night... This was the last night of the week that I was required to spend inside of the house. And that meant that if aunt Elyse kept her promise, of which I had no doubt she would, then I would be returning to normal before returning home the next day.

"I can hardly wait," I muttered to myself, with more than a hint of sarcasm.

It wasn't until that very moment that I wondered if I really did want to go back to being the old me. I was really beginning to like the new me that aunt Elyse had turned me into. I was really beginning to love BEING aunt Elyse. I loved all the things that I could feel and do. I loved the power that I had over my pets. And then there was Tina...

"Tina," I sighed, remembering that I'd promised that I...that the real Josh would meet up with her soon. She had a thing for the old Josh...just as I had a thing for her. At the moment, that was the greatest benefit that I could think of for returning to my old life.

There was no doubt that aunt Elyse had succeeded in her plan to help me understand her better, and just what it meant to be her heir. Of course, that still left me some questions as to how useful that understanding would be once I returned to being my old self. Still, I wouldn't have traded the experience and what I have learned for anything.

"One night left," I reminded myself, briefly wondering if I would wake up as my old self...just as I had woken as my new, or transform back sometime before my parents arrived to pick me up. However, I decided that it didn't really matter. What I did know was that for tonight at least, I was as I was...and that I would have to savor the experience while I still could. "One night..."

After this, I decided to make it a nice relaxing night...with just me and Mariane. I ordered her to my room, where we had a long and passionate bout of wild lesbian sex. Since this was the last night that I would be able to experience it, I wanted to experience as much of it as I was able to.

Eventually though, Mariane and I were finished...and both somewhat exhausted. I leaned back on my bed, smiling at just how great I felt. I knew that I would definitely miss the incredible sex and unbelievable orgasms that all came with my current body. I would miss them a great deal.

"At least I know how to please a woman now," I smiled to myself, thinking of the various techniques that I had learned first hand and which I would have to try out on Tina once I was back to being just Josh.

"That was very enjoyable," I finally told Mariane, after we had just been laying side by side for awhile.

"Thank you mistress," Mariane told me with a pleased smile. "I live to serve..."

I nodded and climbed off the bed, standing there imperiously as I looked down at her. "At the moment, you can serve me best by giving me privacy... I wish some time alone..."

"As you wish mistress," Mariane responded with a slight look of disappointment, probably at not being able to continue serving me at the moment.

A few minutes later, Mariane had left to return to her own house next door, with instructions not to return until the next night where she was to continue her normal cleaning duties of the house while it was empty. I felt a little bad about sending her away like that, especially after all of the pleasure that she had just given me, but I was in the mood for a little alone time.

"I'm going to miss having my own maid," I mused aloud, thinking about how I would not be linked to my pets once I returned to myself. I would lose not just Mariane, but all of them. That was a rather sad thought, but then again, as my old Josh self, I wouldn't have any of the needs or desires required to form a symbiotic relationship.

Since I was now alone again, I decided to take advantage of that by getting myself cleaned off a bit. After all, I was covered with vaginal juices from both Mariane and myself, and it was getting a little sticky. And at the moment, a nice soak in a hot bath sounded like a very nice idea.

"I don't have to be a controlling bitch," I mused to myself as I slipped into the hot soapy tub, thinking about how nice aunt Elyse had been to just about everyone most of the time. Still, I couldn't resist smirking a bit as I added, "I just like to be..."

I stayed in the tub for well over half an hour, doing nothing more than just relaxing and soaking up the warmth. And when I finally did come out, it was with a very satisfied smile.

"Very nice," I mused as I ran my hands over my soft, smooth skin. And with a smile, I slipped on a red silk bathrobe, smiling even more so as I tied the sash at the waist. "Very nice indeed..."

At the moment, I was feeling pretty good and decided to just keep relaxing for the rest of the evening. After all, I'd had a VERY busy week and thought that a little rest at the end might do me some good.

Since it was my last night as Elyse, I decided to take advantage of that fact in other ways as well. I went to the den and poured myself a tall glass of brandy, then opened the humidor for a cigar. A minute later, I was sitting back in the living room, kicking back with my feet up and relaxing.

"This is the life," I sighed in satisfaction, staring at the smoke which floated overhead and taking another drag from my cigar.

I remained like that for some time, doing nothing more than just thinking. Thinking about the last week and all that I'd experienced in that time. Before I had come to the house, I never would have thought some of that was possible. The whole experience had opened my eyes, revealed that there was a lot more to the world than I had previously thought.

"Like magic," I mused.

Of course, I wasn't just referring to the existence of magic, which had been revealed to me in a very undeniable way. I was thinking instead of all the sex, the fetishes and desires. And of course, the pleasure... The incredible pleasure... Those revelations gave me a whole new understanding of aunt Elyse...and now of myself. And damn I was going to miss all that...

I smiled at the memory of my time with my pets, from the hard muscles and submissive nature of Lisa, to the masochistic hungers of Gerald. I smiled at the thrill of wearing the dominatrix uniform and cracking a whip, as well as the way Mariane immediately jumped to serve my every whim.

And then there was Tina. Sweet, sexy Tina. Of course I would be seeing her again at school, and even in other places since she had indicated how much she cared for me. However, it wouldn't be the same...

Then eventually, I realized the time. I looked up at the clock, just in time to see it strike midnight. My heart jumped and I braced myself for the transformation back to my old self. But when midnight passed and nothing had happened...not even a faint tingle along my skin, I suddenly felt rather foolish.

"It looks like I'm not Cinderella after all," I muttered in annoyance at myself. "Perhaps it's time for bed..."

I sighed at that, knowing that I had already had a chance to say good-bye to my current body and case I no longer had either in the morning. So it was time to go to bed...and face whatever the morning would bring.

After I'd cleaned up after myself a little, I made my way to my bedroom, where I stood naked in front of the mirror, admiring my body for just a little longer. I made my silent good-bye's, knowing that aunt Elyse had promised that I would return to normal when my week was up...and that my time was indeed up. I even fingered my sensitive nipples a bit before finally drifting off to sleep.


When I awoke in the morning, I remained motionless for several minutes, not sure that I wanted to move. Then I took a deep breath and reached for my chest, immediately noticing the lack of the two round breasts which I had grown used to over the past week. Instead, my chest was flat...

"I'm me again," I sighed, sitting up in bed and looking down at myself.

For a moment, I just stared at my flat chest, then I felt between my legs, seeing that my equipment had returned to normal there as well. In fact, a quick inspection revealed that my whole body had indeed returned to its old 16 year old boy mode.

"All right," I commented, not sure myself whether that was in relief or disappointment.

With that, I climbed out of bed and stood there, staring into the bedroom mirror and seeing the face that I hadn't seen in days. It was almost strange to see that face again, after having grown a little used to the other one.

Then I closed my eyes and took a long, deep breath, trying to see if I could 'feel' anything different. Or perhaps if I could feel anything that wasn't different... I wasn't completely sure, but I didn't think that there was anything of aunt Elyse running through my head anymore. I didn't suddenly have fantasies of taking a whip to someone, and I felt no urge whatsoever to put on any of those sexy clothes. In fact, the idea was a little disturbing.

"I guess I'm back to normal," I muttered.

And since I was back to being the normal 16 year old boy Josh, I decided to get back to the normal boy Josh's routine. Or at least as much as I could in that house.

After this, I went and took a quick shower. It wasn't as enjoyable as the long hot bath's that I told as aunt Elyse's mirror image, but it was perfectly fine for me. Then I went down for breakfast, finding a bowl of cereal.

The next several hours went pretty much like my first day in the house. I sat around, played video games and watched TV. For the most part, I was pretty much just readjusting myself to being a normal teenage boy again. Fortunately, I readjusted pretty damn quick.

However, I knew that even this little fun was coming to an end and soon. It wouldn't be too much longer before my parents came to pick me up, so I would have to get my things together before then. I was less than enthusiastic as I went back up to the bedroom to finish cleaning up and getting my things together.

"Oh joy," I muttered as I reached for my bags. Fortunately, I didn't really have many clothes to stuff into them since I hadn't been wearing my own clothes much at all. Then I looked at the empty bed, remembering the fun that I'd had in it the night before with Mariane. Yes, there certainly had been a lot of joy in that room...though not anymore.

Suddenly, I noticed something in the corner of my eye and snapped towards the mirror. My eyes went wide as I saw it shimmering, something which I hadn't seen in several days. I'd gotten kind of used to aunt Elyse popping up in all of those mirrors and leaving me messages, though I had gotten out of that mindset since she hadn't done it in awhile.

"Hello Josh," aunt Elyse said as she appeared in the mirror.

"Hello," I answered automatically, though I already knew that it was nothing more than a recorded message.

"By now," aunt Elyse continued from the mirror, "You should have had a very educational week, and you should now have a much better understanding of me and who I well as what it means to be my heir."

I just nodded at that, responding, "Yeah..."

"I really hope that you understand my relationship to my pets....and how it is give and take on both sides." Aunt Elyse paused for a moment, looking quite serious. "I also hope that you understand how large a responsibility it is to look after them...and that you will accept that responsibility."

For a moment, I just stared at the mirror blankly, wondering how I could accept that responsibility when I was back to being my normal self. I couldn't exactly give the pets what they wanted...what they needed. Not as I was now.

Then as if reading my mind, aunt Elyse said, "I bet you're wondering how you can fulfill those responsibilities since you have returned to your original form... Well, the answer to that might surprise you a little..." Aunt Elyse smirked a bit from the mirror, a hint of mischief in her eyes. "I wanted you to spend enough time living my life so that you not only understood me and what being my heir means, but also so that you can get used to it...accept it...and even enjoy it. intention was not for your transformation to be a one time thing."

"What?" I gasped in surprise.

"The spell that was cast on you remains," aunt Elyse told me from the mirror, "and will remain for the rest of your life. The time that you spent as me bonded that form to you... The fact is, I have left you the ability to switch back and forth between being how you were for the week...being my duplicate, and being your normal self. All that you have to do is concentrate on changing...and say the trigger word...which is thebora."

"Thebora," I repeated, slightly disappointed when I only felt a strange chill rush through my body but nothing more. Then I remembered that she said that I would have to concentrate on the change. So I did just that, concentrating on changing as I repeated, "Thebora..."

Just then, I felt it. The strange chill came back, but a hundred times stronger. It didn't feel painful, or even too uncomfortable...just odd.

And a moment later, I realized that I could feel more than just a strange chill. I could actually feel my body changing...and doing so rapidly. This became most noticeable when my chest began to swell and push my shirt out, though by this time my whole body had already undergone quite a few changes. My own clothes didn't exactly fit me very well anymore, and were even getting rather painful. Still, I was in awe of the transformation and the fact that I had just turned back into aunt Elyse.

"I've changed again," I said aloud in aunt Elyse's voice, tugging at my clothes to keep them from digging into me too much. But after just a minute, I realized that I would either have to change out of my clothes and into something much more appropriate...not to mention better fitting, or change back to being Josh. After a moment, I decided on the latter and said "Thebora" again.

Once I had finished transforming back into a 16 year old boy, aunt Elyse continued talking from the mirror. I was so caught up in what was happening to me that I almost missed what she was telling me.

"You can stay in my form for as long as you like," aunt Elyse said. "There is no time limit. If you wanted, you could even choose to live that life full time... You may even wish to do that some day... But for now, I require that you spend at least enough time in that form to satisfy the needs of my your pets. You can probably do this in two weekends a month...though you might choose to do it more frequently."

"My God," I whispered, still a bit stunned by all of these revelations. I could change whenever I wanted... I could turn back into aunt Elyse... I felt a huge surge of excitement of that and had to fight back the urge to turn back into her right then and there.

"I am trusting you with everything of any importance to me," aunt Elyse told me seriously. "I am trusting you with the greatest responsibilities... I am trusting you with my very life. But I would not have named you my heir if I did not have the fullest confidence in your ability to handle it all...and even to embrace it. I KNOW that you are the right choice as my heir...and that you are capable of handling everything which I leave to you."

"I don't think that anyone has ever received an inheritance quite like this," I muttered to myself.

However, aunt Elyse wasn't completely through yet. She continued, "You should already know what I stated in my will...that your financial inheritance will be held in trust fund until your eighteenth birthday...with you receiving a thousand dollars a month in allowance until then."

Then aunt Elyse held up a hand and gave me an intense look from the mirror. "But there is more to your inheritance than I have told you so far... On your eighteenth birthday, you will not only gain full control of my financial assets, but of my magic as well. At that time, the knowledge and skills will come to other things have already. I am trusting you to be responsible with this knowledge..."

I just stood there, feeling more and more stunned by the moment. With every statement, more and more was being revealed to me. And every time I thought that I had a handle on what was going on, aunt Elyse surprised me with something else.

"There is one final thing that you should know," her reflection told me, "I told you that there is no time limit to how long you can stay in my form... But what I hadn't told you yet is that no matter how much time you spend in that form, it will physically remain 32 years old until you yourself reach that age. Only then will that form start aging...but only at a quarter the normal rate." She paused for a moment to smile, looking rather smug. "My own aging process was slowed down that much several years ago... In fact, your father is my younger brother, not my older as most believe..."

It was around this time though that aunt Elyse decided to wrap things up. "Now it is time for me to say goodbye...though you may receive other saved messages which I have left for various times in the future. But before I finish, I wanted you to know that I love you and wish you nothing but happiness in your future." Then, just as her image began to fade from the mirror, her final words were, "Use what I have given you wisely..."

For a moment, I just stood there and stared at the mirror, at my own 16 year old reflection staring back at me. I gulped, feeling somewhat unnerved by all that aunt Elyse had just told me. It was quite a bit to swallow...

But then I closed my eyes, thinking about turning back into aunt Elyse. It was just then that I realized that I could feel her inside of me... I could feel those thoughts and desires, just broiling deep down under the surface, just waiting for a chance to emerge again.

"It's still a part of me," I whispered, thinking of that sexy body I had, as well as all of those thoughts and desires. A few of them tickled in the back of my mind and I suddenly realized that everything that aunt Elyse had given me would probably be with a part of me for the rest of my life. I truly had become aunt Elyse's heir.

The thought was a scary one, and almost overwhelming. But at the same time, I couldn't help but feeling a surge of excitement at that realization as well. I had enjoyed the time that I'd spent as aunt Elyse a great deal and had felt a degree of regret in leaving that behind. But now it wasn't being left behind. It was all there...for me to call up anytime that I wanted. And I would have to call it up...I would have to transform again in order to fulfill my responsibilities to my pets.

"I can change at will," I whispered, a smile beginning to form. "I have the best of both worlds..."

I could be a sexy adult woman, with all of the authority...all of the status...with all of the incredible feelings and sensations that came with that. And at the same time, I could still be Josh, a normal 16 year old boy. It seemed the perfect arrangement.

"The best of both worlds," I grinned triumphantly.

I could scarcely wait for the chance to cut loose and transform into Elyse again, though I knew that I would have to hold off for awhile. I certainly couldn't do it at home, but I could always come to the house I had inherited and change there. And somehow, I had a feeling that aunt Elyse's influence over my parents would ensure that they didn't have any problems with my spending as much time in that house as I wanted.

With a smile, I looked down at the magic ring which was still around my finger. I ran my finger over the smooth metal, amazed that it had changed size to still be a perfect fit when I changed. There it was, the symbol of what was inside of me...of my other life. It was rather nice to have a physical reminder.

"But first," I reminded myself, "A little more time as Josh..." I wanted to spend a little quality time as my old self...just so that I didn't forget myself too much.

And of course, there was one other very good thing about being Josh. Something which I now liked even more than before. Now, I knew that Tina had a thing for me...for the real me. I smiled, feeling quite excited by that fact. I even started of thinking of ways that I could spend time with her at school...and outside of it.

Just then, I thought I heard something... It took me a moment longer to realize that it was the sound of the doorbell ringing downstairs. I grimaced, realizing that it was probably my mom and dad coming to pick me up.

"Damn," I muttered, feeling disappointed at that. It meant a return to my own life, which was both a good thing and a bad.

I let out a long sigh, then picked up my bags. I turned to look at my reflection in the mirror, and then at the bedroom where I had enjoyed such pleasure the night before. I was going to miss that room...and everything that came with it. At least until I came back...

"I can't wait," I smirked, imagining all of the fun that I could have once I came back.

Then again, I couldn't help thinking of all of the fun that I could have as Josh as well. In fact, I couldn't help wondering if Tina was up to anything next Friday night... I felt more than a little excited at the thought of asking her out to dinner and a movie... It would be a good beginning, and since I KNEW that she liked me, that gave me the confidence to ask her.

When the doorbell rang again, I yelled, "I'm coming!" A moment later, I opened the door to see my parents standing there, both curious about how my time at the house had been. "I had a great time," I told them honestly, knowing that I couldn't give them a single detail. Not that they'd believe me even if I did.

Unfortunately, my week long vacation from my parent's control was over and it was time to go home. Then again, I realized as I looked around, to a large part of me now, this WAS home. And I could come back every weekend...and even after school if I wanted it. My mom and dad wouldn't stop me or even interfere in any way. Aunt Elyse's spell had made sure of that.

A minute later, I had locked the front door and started to the driveway where my parent's car waited. I paused for a moment, glancing down at my hand...and the ring that still adorned my finger. It was the symbol of my other side...of what aunt Elyse had made me...which was her heir.

"Yes," I whispered to myself, getting a brief strange look from my parents. I truly had become her heir, in much more than the mere wealth which everyone else knew of. I had inherited things of much more importance...and much more pleasure. There was no doubt in my mind that I would have great satisfaction from continuing her legacy. "I am her heir..."

My eyes drifted back to the front door that I had just left from, and I smiled as I remembered all of the incredible experiences and new things that I had experienced inside. I had gained so much from being aunt Elyse's heir... Of course, I reminded myself, there were a great many things to enjoy as a 16 year old boy as well...the most important of which was Tina and what was to come with her.

Then, as I climbed into my mom and dad's car a minute later, I took one final look back at the house which I would soon return to. My mind was filled with all of the great things about being aunt Elyse, as well as all of the great things about being Josh self.

"I can't believe how lucky I am," I told myself as we pulled out of the driveway. I was aunt Elyse's heir...something which would ensure that I would never forget the woman who was so important to me, even before I had been declared her heir or discovered her secrets. And at the same time, I was still a 16 year old guy...with all of the bright future and possibilities that this presented. Then I leaned back and smiled to myself in satisfaction, quietly adding, "I have the best of both worlds..."


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