The Club

The Club

When Jarod's family moves into his new town, he hates being the new kid in school. But when he gets an invitation to a very exclusive and secret club, that changes very quickly.


The Club
part 1 of 4
By Morpheus

Jarod Parks glanced around nervously, not the least bit happy to be at his new high school for the first time. Everywhere he looked he could see other teenagers, and even a few adults, though none of them were familiar to him in the least. Or at least their names and faces weren't, though he knew their types well enough.

The big guys in the letterman jackets were the jocks, who of course were standing around with the pretty cheerleaders. Over in the corner he could see several of the school nerds, most of which seemed to be ignoring even each other and trying not to be noticed by the usual abundance of bullies. Jarod saw the other typical high school cliques as well. The preppies, the goths, the motor heads as well as a couple more.

"Just great," Jarod grumbled to himself, taking one more quick look back at the family car and his Mom who was waving at him while she began to drive off. "Another day, another new school."

Being in a new school was nothing new to Jarod. Not in the least. When his Dad had been transferred to the new town because of his job, it had just been the latest in a long line of moves. Jarod's family had moved at least once a year for as long as he could remember, or at least close to it. Sometimes even more. And with each new move, Jarod was faced with a new school and trying to make new friends, knowing that he shouldn't bother to get too comfortable with either since he'd only be leaving again anyway.

Jarod frowned as he thought about his latest home. The town that they'd just moved to was a lot smaller than most of the ones that he'd been to before and people tended to at least be familiar with a lot of the people that lived around them. Not at all like a big city where neighbors of years might not even know what the other looked like and he would just slip through the cracks without much notice. He sighed, knowing that this would just make him stand out in school even more than he already would have.

"Just the way I wanted to spend my Junior year," Jarod grumbled to himself. "Or at least the second half of it." He snorted, already doubting that he'd even start his Senior year at the new school much less graduate from it. That would have been almost unheard of, even if his Dad had promised that they'd be staying there for awhile. After all, Jarod had heard promises like that from his Dad before, and none of them had lasted past the next company transfer.

As Jarod turned his attention back to the other students, he was very aware that many of them were watching him, even while pretending that they weren't. He could hear the faint underlying thoughts and the whispers that made their way to his ears. They all said "New Kid." Jarod grimaced though he refused to let any of them see his discomfort. That would be showing a sign of weakness and in the fish pond that was high school any signs of weakness would just draw the sharks and throw them into a feeding frenzy. No, at the moment Jarod knew that his best bet was to pretend that he didn't notice the stares, odd looks and whispers and try not to be noticed. After all, years of always being the new kid had taught him that much.

Jarod purposely strolled through the main doors of the school, pulling out the map that he'd been given and trying to figure out where his first class was located. It didn't take Jarod very long to find the classroom, though much to his disgust the class had already started by the time he got there. Jarod winced as he peaked through the window, then taking a deep breath he went inside, bracing himself for the laughter and jokes that he knew were sure to come.

As soon as Jarod was inside the classroom, everything went quiet and he could feel everyone's eyes on him. He nervously glanced at the teacher, an attractive brown haired woman who looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. Ms. Elwin, he remembered her name from the class schedule. She gave him a look of annoyance.

"Um...hi." Jarod gulped. "I'm a new student."

Jarod could hear several of the students snicker and Ms. Elwin glared at them, making the room quiet down again. "Oh yes," she said quietly, picking up a clip board from her desk and looking at it for a moment. When she was done she looked at the class, "Class, this is Jarod Parks and he'll be joining our class." She looked back at Jarod, still frowning. "Now please take a seat and I would appreciate it if you weren't late again."

Once again several of the students snickered while others were whispering. Jarod nodded, blushing in embarrassment as he hurried to his seat, hoping that the class would get going again so that they might forget about him.

"Now where was I?" Ms. Elwin asked aloud, then before anyone could answer for her she finished, "Oh yes. Tangents." And with that she went back to work demonstrating the math problem on the board, much to Jarod's mixed relief and disgust. Relief that the attention wasn't on him anymore, or at least not too much, and disgust since he hadn't covered that particular area in his last school and he knew that he'd have to work even harder to catch up with the rest of the class.

For the rest of the period Jarod was very aware of being the outsider, which wasn't at all surprising or new for him. It was very depressing though. The only thing that made the class worthwhile at all was Ms. Elwin, whom Jarod decided early on was definitely a looker, even if she was kind of old.

When the class was finally over, Jarod got up to leave, picking up the math book he'd just been given and trying to remember what was next on his schedule. Then much to his surprise, Jarod heard someone cough behind him. Snapping around, Jarod saw that there was an athletic looking boy in a letterman's jacket standing there. Jarod immediately identified the boy as a jock, and from a few comments he'd overheard during class, one of the stars of the school football team, and a Senior to boot. "Hi." the jock said, quickly glancing around. "Name's Sean Tyler."

"Um....hi." Jarod held out his hand, "Jarod Parks."

"I know." Sean answered with a slight smirk. "The new kid."

Jarod forced a grin. "Yeah, that's me."

Sean nodded, "I bet it's not easy being new and not knowing anyone around here." Jarod just gave a faint nod, not bothering to give a verbal answer. For a moment Sean looked thoughtful and even slightly nervous, which was a big difference from the confident, almost cocky way he'd seemed earlier. Then Sean ran a hand through his blonde hair and finally continued, "I might be able to help you, but I've got to check with a couple of others first. I'm pretty sure though that you'll be accepted."

"Accepted for what?" Jarod asked curiously.

"Just a small club." Sean answered with a grin. "I can't tell you more now. Why don't you meet me in front the gym during lunch, and if you're interested I can help you make some friends."

Jarod stared at Sean for a moment, half sure that he must be imagining things. His first day and one of the most popular guys at his new school wanted to be friends with him. Then Jarod's cynical side took over, wondering if maybe he was just being set up for some kind of joke. It wouldn't be the first time and he sure wasn't the kind of guy that a jock would normally want to pal around with.

"I'll think about it," Jarod finally answered, definitely not sure if he wanted to get involved with this or not, but keeping his options open for the moment. After all, maybe it really was on the up and up.

"Sure thing," Sean said, once again looking confident. "Just don't tell anyone," he warned "Gotta go." And with that, Sean turned and strolled out of the classroom, almost seeming to pretend as if Jarod wasn't even there anymore.

Jarod watched the ball player leave and then shook his head. "Weird." Then suddenly remembering that he still had another class to catch, Jarod said, "Oh shit!" and ran out of the room, definitely not wanting to be late to his next class as well.


Over the next several periods Jarod slowly came to a conclusion. His new school sucked just as bad as his old ones. The classes were the usual boring stuff, taught in the usual boring way and with none of the other kids bothering to talk to him except for the occasional "Hi." All the typical cliques were around where they'd only hang around with others inside their own groups. And unfortunately, Jarod knew very well that he was part of a group as well. A group of one. The new kids, of which there were no others. Of course none of this surprised Jarod in the least. He'd seen it before and knew that he'd see it again. After all, some things never changed.

As history was getting over, Jarod kept glancing up at the clock, seeing that it was almost time for lunch and remembering what Sean had told him earlier. He glanced around the classroom, seeing other football players in the class, but none of them really paid him attention except when they tried to ‘educate’ him on the local hierarchy and just where he stood in it. Jarod shuddered at the memory, even if it hadn't gone very far.

And when he'd run into Sean earlier on in another of his classes, Sean showed no sign of interest, ignoring Jarod just like everyone else was. That only made Jarod wonder even more about what was going on. Had Sean be serious earlier? Was it some sort of joke? Jarod didn't know but as the bell rang, signifying the end of class and the beginning of lunch, he knew that he had to find out.

When Jarod got to the front of the gym where Sean had said to meet him, he looked around nervously, half expecting some sort of ambush. Fortunately though there was no sign of any trouble and Jarod began to relax though only a little. After five minutes of waiting, Jarod glanced down at his watch and frowned. "Damn." he grumbled, almost becoming sure that he'd been the butt of some joke or that Sean had just decided to forget about the whole thing. "I knew I shouldn't have bothered."

Just then Sean came strolling into sight, a cocky grin on his face though his eyes darted around warily. "How's it going?" Sean asked quietly as soon as he was next to Jarod.

After assuring Sean that he was fine, Jarod watched him cautiously, a little relieved that Sean had shown after all but wondering what this was all about. "So," Jarod finally breached the subject, "why exactly am I here anyway?"

"Follow me." Sean said with an enigmatic smile as he started across the gym. Jarod shrugged and then hurried right behind him, growing even more curious about what was going on. When they got to a door in the back of the gym and went into a large storage room, Jarod started to get even more apprehensive. Whatever Sean wanted it was beginning to get pretty weird. In fact, Jarod nearly called an end to it right there and would have turned around if it hadn't been for the burning curiosity about what Sean really wanted. "Right through here," Sean directed, lifting a tarp hanging on the wall to the side and revealing another door behind it.

Jarod frowned even more and muttered "Spooky." In the back of his mind he could just imagine being locked up where no one would find him as some sort of initiation prank, though he gulped at nastier ideas of what might await him. "Chicken shit," Jarod told himself silently, feeling afraid but refusing to admit it.

Without another word Jarod went through the new door behind Sean and started up the small dark staircase that was revealed. But even as Jarod went up the slightly lit stairs, he noticed that there wasn't any dust on the hand rail. Obviously these stairs weren't as unused as he would have guessed. When they finally arrived at the top of the stairs Sean stepped through an open door frame and Jarod hesitated only a moment before going through as well.

"We're here." Sean announced proudly.

Stepping through the door, Jarod's eyes widened as he glanced around, taking everything in at once and realizing that the Sean's last comment probably wasn't directed to him. The room itself was less than half the size of any of the class rooms and was lit from several small and darkened windows as well as several dangling light bulbs. However as small as the room would have been normally, it was made smaller by the fact that it was filled with assorted odds and ends, mostly seeming to be props from various plays. Jarod immediately realized that this was probably an old storage room for the drama classes or something, though he also had a feeling that it hadn't really been used for that purpose in awhile. However what really drew Jarod's attention the most was the fact that he and Sean weren't the only ones in there. Over half a dozen other students were sitting around the room on couches and chairs, all watching Jarod with a slightly predatory gleam in their eyes.

"Glad you could make it," one goth girl said almost sarcastically though she did smile a little nicer. The nice smile didn't exactly go with the rest of the image she portrayed, having black hair with purple highlights, a nose ring and heavy eye shadow, not to mention the odd dark clothes. Jarod gulped, recognizing her from one of his earlier classes though he didn't know her name.

Then a skinny looking boy with glasses who appeared to be a nerd said, "Welcome to our club."

Jarod looked around nervously, surprised at the variety of other kids in the room. He quickly shot a glance at Sean who was grinning broadly then looked at the others. There seemed to be a representative from almost all the typical major cliques. Sean from the jocks, the nerd and goth girl whom he'd already noticed and others.

There was one gorgeous blonde girl that he recognized as a cheerleader though she wasn't wearing a uniform at the moment. Jarod remembered someone else pointing her out to him that morning. There was another girl who had big tits and long reddish blonde hair. From the heavy makeup and the skimpy way she was dressed, especially the mini skirt, Jarod tagged her immediately as a probable slut. Sitting next to each other on the couch was a boy that was dressed in a nice shirt with a tie, and a very attractive girl who was wearing what appeared to be a very expensive looking dress. Both of them looked like they had to be rich. Probably spoiled snobs Jarod decided. That kind usually seemed to be. And finally there was a long haired scruffy looking boy with sloppy loose clothes who sported a goatee and seemed to need a shave as well. That boy was leaning up against the wall, watching the others silently.

When Jarod was finished identifying the others in the room, he looked back at Sean and frowned, his curiosity peaked even more than before. What in the world could get people who were so different together, and more importantly, why had Sean brought Jarod up there?

"Have a seat," Sean told Jarod, gesturing to an empty space on the couch then he continued, "and then we'll explain what's going on."

"You'll explain, you mean." The preppy girl said almost smugly. "You brought him in." Sean nodded agreement, looking slightly embarrassed.

Gulping uncomfortably, Jarod sat down and tried not to let them see how nervous he was. Or how curious. It wouldn't pay to show them any signs of weakness, especially not on his first day there. "So what the hell is going on?" Jarod asked, trying to sound confident and take the upper hand to some degree.

Sean coughed slightly, looking almost embarrassed. Then a little more confidently he gestured at the boy with the glasses, the nerd. "This here is Eddie Hutchinson"

"I'm really pleased to meet you," Eddie said, holding out his hand and grinning in a slightly goofy manner. Jarod didn't let any of his emotions show as he shook the boy's clammy hand.

"Mandy Layton." Sean gave a nod towards the cheerleader. Mandy said “Hi,” and stood up long enough to shake hands with Jarod. As he did so, he gulped at the way she was smiling at him, forcing himself not to look down at her tits. God she looked hot, and best of all, she was being nice to him. He wondered for a brief moment if maybe she had the hots for him though he quickly turned his attention back to Sean.

"The girl in the dress is Mercedes Kelly." Sean gestured to her.

"Hello." Mercedes said calmly though in a way that immediately made Jarod wonder if she was always so....snobby.

Then Sean went on to introduce the rich looking boy next to Mercedes as Alexander Richmond, the girl dressed like a hooker as Lorna Shaeffer, and the boy with the goatee as Mark Zappowitz.

"Just call him Zappy." the goth girl said with an odd looking smirk. The others chuckled slightly and Zappy gave a half bow.

"All right," Jarod said, frowning still as he looked the others over. Then deciding that they didn't seem to be any kind of a threat to him, Jarod allowed himself to relax a little bit and smiled.

The goth girl smirked, giving Jarod an odd look as she said, "I'm Cindy Newport." Then to Jarod's confusion, she added, "For now."

"Now that that's finished," Sean said quietly, "I can tell you about what's going on." Jarod's ears were wide open and he focused all of his attention on what Sean was saying. "All of us..." Sean swept his arm around the room, "and a couple others who couldn't make it form a sort" Sean smiled at Jarod. "A very unusual club you could say."

Jarod nodded thoughtfully. "And you want me to join this club?"

Sean seemed almost surprised by Jarod's answer. "Yep." he finally answered. "Normally we're pretty strict on our membership as well as...." Sean glanced around at the others.

"Secretive." Mercedes supplied. Then she gave Jarod a cold hard stare that made him gulp from the intensity. "We do not want people to know about us. Is that understood?"

Then Sean interrupted, "Please don't scare him." Turning back to Jarod he added, "As soon as I'm finished you'll see why we don't want anyone who's not a member to know. Will you please promise not to say anything to anyone about what we tell you?"

Jarod nodded agreement skeptically, though he wasn't about to promise anything until he at least knew what the hell was going on. "Go ahead."

Obviously noticing the skeptical look on Jarod's face, Sean said, "I know you won't believe what I'm going to tell you at first, but please be patient and listen anyway." Once again Sean paused, coughing for a moment before continuing. "Eddie, bring it out."

With that, Eddie moved to the corner and lifted a thick blanket off of a pile of stuff covering a table. As soon as the blanket was pulled away, Jarod gasped in surprise. Sitting on the table was what looked almost like a crystal ball, except that it was glowing with a strange yellowish light. Gulping, Jarod tried to cover up his surprise. "Cool trick."

"No trick." Alexander said quietly.

Mandy giggled slightly. "That is like, totally awesome." Jarod noticed that the others nodded their agreement.

Then Sean continued. "I know how this sounds, but most of us aren't in our real bodies. This thing lets anyone who touches it trade bodies with anyone else touching it." Then with an odd mischievious grin, Sean said "I was originally Eddie."

"Zappy." Cindy said, winking at Jarod.

Jarod snorted in disgust. "You really expect me to believe that garbage?" He glared at the people around him, wondering just what kind of sicko's he'd gotten caught up with. Their eyes narrowed at his outburst, though none of them said anything. But Jarod could tell from their expressions that they were amused and annoyed at the same time.

"No garbage," Lorna said quietly, standing up and gently straightening out her mini skirt. "It's true. I didn't believe a word of it either when I was brought in six months ago, but now...." she gave Jarod a nice smile.

Eddie nodded and said, "We don't really know what it is, and we've definitely tried figuring it out. In fact, we are not even certain if it's magic or some sort of advanced science. My personally theory is alien origin." Eddie adjusted his glasses at this point. "Approximately 8 years ago someone found it, though we don't really know where or how. Only that after discovering it's abilities he got together with a few friends who were curious about each other's lives, and well they sort of formed the club. Ever since then it's grown, but not by too much. We don't ever get more than a dozen at a time.

Jarod stared at Eddie, knowing that the boy must be absolutely insane....all of them had to be, but something about his eyes seemed to suggest otherwise. Then they went on, describing how they all used the strange sphere to trade places with each other occasionally and see what life was like for other people.

"We don't absolutely have to swap or anything," Mandy said cheerfully, "but we do have a couple rules. Like swapping for one day a week at least. And..." Mandy looked thoughtful, "Oh yeah. When we trade places we have to act just like the other person and stuff."

Jarod shook his head in surprised disbelief. The fact that they all seemed so sincere left him feeling somewhat confused.

Sean let out a sigh. "I can tell that you don't believe us." Then Sean grinned, looking almost cocky again. "But we can prove it. Whisper a password to me will you? Don't let anyone else hear." Jarod looked at him skeptically but decided that he might as well play along. After all, even if they were all insane it was certainly interesting. Then with a shrug Jarod carefully whispered the password in Sean's ear. "Now for a volunteer."

Without a word several of the others started to stand though after a moment they all sat back down except for Lorna. She nodded faintly at Sean and then they both went over and stood next to the glowing sphere. "See," Sean said, "All we have to do is touch it." And with that both Sean and Lorna put their hands out and onto the sphere at the same time.

The sphere started glowing just a little more and for a faint second later Jarod was shocked to see both the jock and the slut glowing as well. Almost immediately though the glow went away from them though that didn't make Jarod's disbelief grow any weaker. "Wow" he whispered, even more impressed with their trick. It had actually looked as if Sean and that Lorna girl really were glowing.

Then, even more to Jarod's surprise, Lorna grinned at Jarod, making his pulse pound faster from the pure sexiness in it, and confidently said, "Lima beans and a liver milkshake." The very words that Jarod had whispered to Sean.

For a long moment all Jarod could do was stare at her in disbelief. "It's a trick," he gasped. "It has to be." But now Jarod wasn't quite so sure any more. They all seemed so sincere and confident. And the looks in their eyes... The predatory gleams had returned.

"Now do you believe us?" Lorna asked in a sexy voice.

All Jarod could do was stare at her, embarrassed to realize that he had a hard on. He wasn't sure that he believed it, he couldn't. It just wasn't real. It had to be some sort of trick. But somehow, Jarod knew that it wasn't. "Yes." Jarod finally whispered, staring down at his feet for a moment, knowing that he was blushing bright enough to replace Rudolph at the front of Santa's sleigh. And God, he couldn't help thinking that this sexy girl had been a guy just moments before. "I think I need to sit down."

Several minutes later, Jarod finally calmed down and sat up a little straighter from his seat on the couch. He glanced at Sean and then Lorna, or at least their bodies. "So Sean..." Jarod said to the sexy girl in the mini skirt.

"Call me Lorna." She said sweetly, crossing her legs and winking suggestively at Jarod. "We always use the names of our current bodies."

"What...? How...?" Then taking a deep breath, Jarod asked, "Why me?"

"Why not?" Zappy answered from across the room.

Sean....Lorna gave him a look of annoyance. "Because..." She paused for a moment thoughtfully, then continued, "Because we've pretty much all known each other for most of our lives. We've all grown up in this town. The reason that we all got into the club in the first place was to experience new things, see things from other people’s points of view. It's fantastic. More fun...more exciting than you could possibly imagine. And one thing that none of us has ever really experienced, is being the new kid."

"What?" Jarod gasped, hardly able to believe it. They wanted to be him?

Lorna continued. "Yeah, we all wanted to see what it was like to be new to the school and not have anyone know us. That's why we rushed to get you in here today. Normally everyone has to agree to bring in a new member, but I knew that if we didn't hurry then before long it would be pointless anyway."

"What do you say?" Mercedes asked, sounding friendlier this time. "This way you can walk around and see what people are like without being treated as the new kid. Everyone will treat you like they've known you for years, and whoever is in your body can help you make new friends." Then Mercedes smiled with a twinkle in her eye. "Besides, haven't you ever been curious about what it's like to be someone else? Well this is your big chance to find out."

"Wow," was all that Jarod could say. He gulped, looking around the room at all the expectant faces. Did he really want to try this? To actually become someone else? But then almost in spite of himself, Jarod found his curiosity becoming aroused. What would it be like to be the star football player? Or the popular rich kid in school? Jarod looked at the faces once again, noticing the smiles and the almost predatory looks.

Suddenly Lorna said, "It's not permanent unless both parties agree, which rarely happens. You'd always have priority over your own...your original body. No one can make you swap out and if you want back in you just have to say so. Those are the rules."

Jarod looked at Lorna again, gulping as he did so. At least that settled some of his worries. Finally he nodded. "All right. What do I have to do? Do I just pick someone to trade with?"

"Oh no." Eddie said excitedly. "The first time we always give everyone who wants to be you a chance. We do it as randomly as possible by everyone touching the sphere at once." He smiled, looking even more geeky as he did so. "But afterwards you might trade with someone else if they're willing. Most of the time that's what we do anyway."

"We do it for one day." Lorna said seriously, sounding far more serious than her appearance would have led Jarod to expect. It was almost hard to remember that this was really the football player he'd come in with. Then with a nervous gulp, Jarod remembered earlier when Sean had claimed to be Eddie. Not seeming to notice Jarod's distraction, Lorna continued, "We'll all get together for another swap tomorrow after school. That's our normal meeting time."

Jarod glanced nervously at the glowing sphere, suddenly realizing that if one of the girls got involved then he might be turned into one himself. That thought sent a cold shiver down his spine, but oddly enough excited him as well. But then Jarod realized another problem as well. "But I don't know anyone here. I wouldn't be able to pass myself off..."

"Don't worry man." Zappy said calmly, "It's taken care of."

With one final look around the room, Jarod nodded. "All right." As Jarod slowly moved to the glowing ball on the table, he could feel his heart racing in anticipation. In fear as well as excitement. He was faintly surprised to see that ALL of the others in the room had moved around the table as well. A couple of them he'd expected, possibly even one of the girls, but all of them... Jarod gulped, then seeing the others all stretch out their hands, he closed his eyes and thrust his own forward.

As soon as Jarod's hand touched the smooth cold sphere, he felt what he could only describe as a static electric shock, and a whole lot of dizziness. For a brief second his thoughts were burning with confusion and haziness, making him loose track of all of his senses at once. And just as suddenly as he'd lost his senses and balance, they returned.

Feeling confused and out of balance, Jarod immediately realized that it had worked. He pulled his hand back away from the sphere, fully aware of just how different his body felt. Then Jarod felt a nervous curiosity and looked down to see who he'd become only to let out a loud gasp.

The Club
part 2 of 4
By Morpheus

Jarod stood where he was, his eyes wide with amazement and disbelief as he stared down at the two....tits that were pushing out from his chest. When he'd touched the sphere he'd known that there was a risk that he might get turned into a girl, but to actually have it happen. The emotions that ran through his mind left Jarod confused and stunned. On one hand he was horrified, thinking that somehow this made him into a freak. He felt like he was cross dressing or something else. But on the other hand he felt...excited. Curious. Even pleased in an odd way.

"Wow!" Jarod gasped out, grabbing at his new breasts with both hands as if to confirm that they were indeed real. "I've got tits."

"Of course you do." Sean, or at least whoever was in his body, smirked slightly. "You're a girl, and obviously our newest member as well."

"Welcome to the Club," said a rather average looking boy with brown hair. A boy that Jarod instantly recognized as the one who looked back from the mirror every morning.

Then Lorna asked, "So, how do you like being a girl...Cindy." She emphasized the name. The name that Jarod realized was now his, along with her body.

"I'm Cindy." Jarod, now Cindy said in awe.

She looked down at herself again and gulped, seeing the skimpy dark red shirt she was wearing and the way it showed off her belly. There was even a small ring through her belly button with a small black tattoo next to it. She looked down to the tight black pants with the holes in them and the black boots on her feet. A small grin formed on her face as she closely examined her short black pained fingernails and then her chest. She knew intellectually that her breasts weren't really all that big, but since she'd never had any before they seemed sort of huge on her.

Finally Cindy realized that the others were all staring at her, some snickering, some grinning and some just looking annoyed. Suddenly feeling a little embarrassed, Cindy looked up at the others and scowled, trying hard to hide what she was feeling. "What are you looking at?" she demanded, earning a few chuckles. "Well," she snapped, "what's so funny?"

"Chill dudette." Zappy said, grinning as he scratched at his goatee. "Relax and think about it for a sec. Do you really feel uncomfortable?"

Cindy frowned as she glared at Zappy, not sure what he wanted but deciding to go along with it for the moment. Calmly she thought about how she felt and was somewhat startled to realize that she felt alien, and completely normal in her body, both at the same time. Though a part of her noticed the strangeness of her body another part felt that she was perfectly normal and comfortable. That it was her body and had always been that way.

"What?" Cindy started to ask.

"Think about your Mom." Mercedes suggested.

The former Jarod nodded and did just that. As she thought about what her Mom looked like, she was somewhat startled to find herself with mixed images. The clearest one was the brown haired woman who'd dropped her off at school earlier, while the other one was a black haired tramp who'd run off with her sister’s husband several years earlier and hadn't been heard from since.

"Shit!" Cindy gasped, her eyes widening in realization. She'd somehow gotten some of the real Cindy's memories. They were faint, but she realized that they were definitely there. All she had to do was focus on them and bam, she knew them. With that new realization Cindy tried searching through her new memories, getting a better clue as to who Cindy was. As to who she now was and would be for the next day and a half. It wasn't quite as easy without something specific to focus on though. "This is unbelievable."

"Isn't it?" Alexander said almost smugly. "One of the benefits of the exchange. It lets us understand each other far better than anyone else possibly could. Even some of the personality from our host body carries over though you can override it if you really want. But it's extremely useful for helping us stay in role. Trust me though, it won't be any problem to pass as Cindy once you let yourself BE her."

Cindy nodded thoughtfully while Mandy added, "And you'll have to do whatever Cindy would do and all that stuff." Mandy giggled slightly, then added, "But it's really cool and all. You'll probably have a lotta fun."

For a moment Cindy just thought about what had just happened and how she was going to have to deal with it. One thing at a time, she reminded herself. It was definitely going to take some getting used to. While Cindy was lost in thought the others started slipping towards the door. Suddenly realizing that they were about to leave, Cindy asked, "Who was Sean earlier?"

It was Alexander who raised his hand. "I'm the one who brought you here." Then with that he winked. "Remember though, we can't tell anyone about this. And when we're not alone, we aren't friends out in public and it'll pretty much be every man...or woman for themselves. You can't just walk up and be buddies with most of the rest of us. We all have images to protect." Then with that Alexander left with the others, leaving Cindy there alone.

"This is so freaking unbelievable." Cindy said aloud, glancing for a moment at the glowing ball which had already been covered back up and hidden while she'd been lost in thought. She sighed and sat down on the couch for a moment, stretching her legs and thinking about her new body. How normal and odd it felt at once. "Definitely weird." she said, touching her breasts and smiling faintly.

After a moment, Cindy noticed a full length mirror sitting up against the wall and smiled to see her own reflection. It only took her a moment longer to get up and walk to it, inspecting her reflection even more closely. She could see the black hair with the purple highlights. The eyes with the heavy eye shadow and her dark lips. Curious, she reached up and touched her pierced nose and then her ear rings as well.

Cindy frowned slightly and then shrugging her shoulders, she reminded herself that she was going to have to pretend to be Cindy. Or more accurately, as Alexander had said, she was going to have to learn to BE Cindy, with everything that entailed. Now if she only knew what that really meant. With a sigh Cindy turned and started towards the stairs, eager to see what being Cindy would be like.


A short while later, Cindy walked into the lunch room, glancing nervously around her and hoping that no one realized just how uncomfortable she was. The thought that someone, anyone would point her out and start laughing, saying "Look, the new guy's dressed as a girl," kept popping into her head and making her shudder. Much to her relief however, no one did any such thing. In fact most people didn't really seem to notice her at all.

After several minutes, Cindy was almost surprised to see a familiar very familiar face. Her old body was sitting and eating at a table all alone, looking decidedly uncomfortable. She frowned, knowing exactly how whoever was Jarod at the moment felt. After all, she'd gone through it more than enough times in her life. Without really thinking about it Cindy started to walk over towards her old body, knowing that she didn't really want to eat alone either, when much to her surprise "Jarod" looked up and shook his head faintly, warning her away. Cindy winced, remembering the earlier reminder that they all had to stay in character and away from each other. With a sigh, Cindy changed direction.

Cindy sighed as she moved back away from her real body, nearly shivering at the thought of how strange it was. How unbelievable. "Maybe I'm going insane." she mused to herself, glancing back once more towards the "new kid" who was sitting all alone.

Suddenly Cindy came to a fast stop as she ran into someone, barely catching her balance in time to keep from falling. As she snapped her head forward again she immediately saw that the boy she'd collided with was nearly a foot taller than her and athletic looking.

"Watch where you're going freak!" the boy snapped with a cruel sneer, looking down at Cindy and nearly making her want to cringe.

However as the boy started to turn away, Cindy gulped and snapped back without quite thinking about it, "And I thought Neanderthals were extinct." As soon as the words where out of her mouth Cindy was surprised at herself for saying them. She'd learned a long time early to never antagonize a bully. What had come over her?

The boy turned back for a moment to glare at her but instead of attacking her like Cindy would have expected, he looked uncertain for a moment then turned around and walked off, shaking his head.

"Wow." Cindy thought to herself, amazed at the incident. That guy almost looked half scared that she might do something to him, though Cindy didn't know why. Then a faint smile of understanding began to form at her lips as she glanced down at her black leather jacket. "Of course...." She remembered very well how she'd always been somewhat nervous of goths herself and what someone that weird might do if angered. The realization that she was now one of those weirdo's was somewhat discomforting, or at least the knowledge that everyone else saw her that way.

Deciding that maybe she could do without the lunch, Cindy left the school cafeteria, beginning to notice for the first time just how oddly people she passed were looking at her. A number of them ever moved slightly to get out of her way or noticeably avoided looking at her. It was a strange sensation that made her feel once more like the outsider she'd always been, though this time in a different way. Where before she'd always been the new kid, an unknown who was either a potential victim or ignored, now she felt almost like a true pariah.

Without consciously thinking about where she was going, Cindy found herself walking out the side door of the school and to the steps behind it. When she got there she was almost surprised to notice that there already other people there, though none of them really gave her a second look. Or perhaps not so surprising she realized since everyone sitting there were goths.

"Hey Cin," one girl who had dark red hair but with one side nearly shaved bald greeted Cindy less than enthusiastically. The others just nodded their heads or ignored her.

"Lynn," Cindy answered with a nod to her own head, not sure how she knew the girls name but knowing it nonetheless.

But as Cindy sat down on the steps next to Lynn, faint memories of having been friends with Lynn for years seemed to run through her mind. It was almost confusing, though surprisingly easy for Cindy to assimilate when she relaxed and let them flow instead of trying to grab at them.

For the next several minutes Cindy just sat where she was with the others, no one saying anything which suited Cindy just fine. She didn't really feel like talking either. But oddly enough, in spite of their almost seeming to ignore her, Cindy felt oddly comfortable with them. With the freaky goths that she would have completely avoided just an hour earlier. For the first time in a long time she actually felt as if she was accepted by the people around her, as if she belonged.

Finally Lynn flicked the cigarette butt that Cindy hadn't even noticed was in her hand, then reached into her pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. She pulled one out and then held the pack to Cindy. "Wanna smoke?" she asked.

Cindy didn't even hesitate as her hand pulled one of the smokes from the pack and put it between her lips. It seemed like the most natural thing to do, in spite of the fact that Jarod had only tried smoking once and had hated it. But for Cindy it was normal. She could even remember the first time she and Lynn had ever tried smoking when they were 12 years old. Without another word, Cindy accepted a light from Lynn and took a deep drag from the cigarette before nodding a faint thanks at her friend.

When the bell finally rang, signifying that lunch was over and to head for the next class, Cindy grunted along with most of her friends but she got up anyway. She sneered as she tossed her cigarette butt to the ground and left it and then went inside, heading towards her next class. She couldn't exactly recall yet just what her next class was, but Cindy knew without a doubt that she definitely did NOT like it.

It didn't take Cindy long before she found her next class, something which was made easier by the inborn knowledge that she possessed. It led her directly to the classroom that she was beginning to dread. As Cindy walked into the classroom, she groaned aloud in disgusted recognition. Recognition not from Cindy's memories, but from Jarod's. It was one of the same classrooms that he'd been in that morning, and the same subject.

Ms. Elwin stood in front of her desk, giving every student who walked in a scrutinizing look. Then looking at Cindy, she said, "I hope you plan to pay attention in class today Ms. Newport. After the grade on your quiz yesterday you'll have to do better if you want to pass this class." Then with that Ms. Elwin turned to the next student.

"It's going to be a long period." Cindy groaned to herself as she took her seat, sneering appropriately and wondering what the hell she could do to distract herself until class was over.


Cindy looked around the women's locker room with mixed emotions. On the one hand, Jarod was absolutely thrilled to be inside of, seeing all the half dressed girls getting ready for P.E. class. It was a sight that every boy he knew of dreamt of, but few managed gain. However Cindy also felt somewhat...bored. Somewhat disgusted. Obviously Cindy, the real Cindy she reminded herself, did not like gym class. Not in the least.

It was with a strong sense of distaste that Cindy changed into her gym clothes, grimacing as she did so. The only thing that made it worthwhile was the knowledge that she was getting to see a sight that few boys ever did, even if she couldn't appreciate it much at the moment. Sighing, Cindy double checked her gym clothes, the loose black gym shorts and shirt. Though it was the first time that she'd ever worn them, they felt sort of familiar to her. Yet another remnant of the real Cindy, whoever she was now. Cindy almost smiled as she realized that the real Cindy might even be that scrawny geek kid Eddie at the moment. For some reason that seemed rather amusing.

As Cindy started walking to the mirror to get a look at herself, to see what she actually looked like again, especially with the new clothes, she couldn't help but wondering just what she looked like while completely naked. When she'd changed just a few minutes earlier she hadn't dared get out of her bra and panties with all the other girls present, but she had definitely been tempted. Just like at the moment she was tempted to climb into one of the bathroom stalls and strip the clothes off of herself. But that impulse wasn't followed, partly because the class was about to start and she didn't want to be late and partly because she didn't want to slip out of character.

When Cindy stopped in front of the mirror, she gave herself a quick exam, making sure that the girls around her didn't see her looking too hard. Once she was satisfied, she turned and started towards the locker room exit.

Suddenly a girl sitting on one of the benches sneered at Cindy asked, "How do you see with all that raccoon makeup on?"

Cindy frowned as she glanced over at the girl. She was a fairly cute blonde who seemed to barely be taller than five feet, but she had tits that were easily three times the size of Cindy's. And though Cindy didn't really recognize the girl, at least not from previously that day, a part of her said that this girl was a cheerleader named Sandra. "I don't know." Cindy responded casually, not even bothering to look at Sandra again as she started to walk away, "But how often do you need to be milked?" Then with that Cindy called out behind her "Mooo."

"Why you...." Sandra gasped furiously, her face turning bright red in embarrassment. But Cindy only sneered, not even bothering to give the top heavy cheerleader another glance before leaving the locker room.

Once class actually started, Cindy stood back and tried not to participate in the volleyball game that was started any more than she had to. Normally the game wouldn't have meant anything to her one way or another, except for the fact that there were lots of girls jumping all over. But now, she could still get some enjoyment out of the latter if she let her Jarod side slide to the front, but every time that happened she had to push him back down, reminding herself to stay in character. It was the only way to make it through without giving herself away.

The only real bright side was the way that Sandra kept glaring at her every chance she got, though the stupid cow didn't have the guts to do anything about it. Cindy just sneered at her, wondering how such a bimbo ever made it that far in school anyway, not that she really cared.

When P.E. was finally over, Cindy let out a sigh of relief and quickly changed clothes before going to her next class. That one was at least a little more acceptable to her, though she still couldn't wait to get out of school for the day. She might not be the new kid at the moment, but she decided that she didn't like school any better for being a goth.


Cindy shifted uncomfortably in her seat, glancing up once more at the clock for the fifth time in less than a minute. "I wish that damn thing would hurry up." she mumbled to herself before giving the teacher her attention again, or at least part of it. Then suddenly a loud ringing shot through the classroom and almost immediately all of the students jumped to their feet and rushed out the door. "Finally," Cindy said in relief, glad that the school day was finally over.

It was with a strong sense of relief that Cindy walked out of the classroom, smiling almost unnoticeably as she realized that she'd just spent her first day at her new school and had actually missed out on half of her own classes. She wasn't even sure that she remembered what her own classes were supposed to have been.

While Cindy was walking through the hall, lost in thought and wondering exactly where she had to go home to since her own was obviously out of the question, she was startled to suddenly feel someone's hand on her shoulder.

"Who...?" Cindy demanded as she snapped around, instinctively clenching her fists and getting ready to lash out. Then she paused, recognizing the face in front of her. "Hi Mandy."

"Hi." Mandy said with a smile, then she glanced around nervously. "Come on." She yanked Cindy through the door of en empty classroom. Once the cheerleader had made sure that the room was empty and they were alone, she turned back to Cindy, "Can we like, talk?"

"What for?" Cindy asked defensively. She eyed Mandy warily, wondering what was going on.

Mandy looked down and blushed a little bit then almost immediately looked back up and smiled. "I was like wondering if you wanted to swap."

Cindy almost gasped. "You mean...?" She gestured at Mandy and then herself.

"Uh huh," Mandy nodded excitedly. "I didn't really want to go to cheerleader practice and thought that you might want to go." She giggled, then added, "Haven't you ever wondered what it's like being a cheerleader?"

For a moment all Cindy could do was stare at Mandy, and then her rather generous breasts. Mandy's were so much bigger than her own and she couldn't help but wondering just what it would be like to have boobs like those. Cindy blushed slightly, feeling embarrassed. "But I'm a guy." she told herself quietly, though she glanced down and knew that she certainly hadn't been for half the day already. Then as her curiosity began to grow, Cindy nodded. "Sure. Why not?"

Mandy's eyes sparkled as she giggled excitedly. "Cool." Then she said, "I'll meet you in THE ROOM in a couple minutes." Then before Cindy could say anything Mandy had already run off.

After waiting for half a minute, Cindy went and followed behind. Several minutes later Cindy had climbed the hidden stairs and was once again in the room where her whole life had drastically changed several hours earlier. She nervously looked around the room, half expecting to see some of the others there. But the only one in the hidden room besides herself was Mandy, who was standing over by the table with the sphere uncovered, already having changed into her cheerleader uniform.

"You look a little nervous," Mandy said with a grin.

"I guess," Cindy admitted, knowing that it wouldn't hurt or anything, but she did feel a little nervous about swapping again. Perhaps she thought, it was the fact that this time she was going to knowingly swap into a girl, or perhaps it was just the knowledge that she was about to experience something few people ever would. Something magical and mysterious. Something that she couldn't explain.

Then as Cindy slowly stepped towards the glowing sphere, she couldn't help but wonder where it had come from. They'd said that the club had been made 8 years ago, but where had the sphere come from before that? What was it really for? Then as Cindy stared deeply into the ball, her heart racing nervously, she glanced at a still smiling Mandy.

"Where did it come from?" Cindy asked aloud, though when she saw Mandy look confused, Cindy asked, "What happened to the other club members. Like the guy who found the thing?"

"Oh that," Mandy said with a shrug. "They graduated of course. You can't expect people to just stay here forever." Then a thoughtful look came over Mandy's face, and a much quieter voice she said, "At least most of them."

"Most?" Cindy asked, feeling a little confused.

Mandy nodded again. "Well, maybe you noticed but we've got mostly seniors and juniors in the Club. When people graduate, we just recruit some new members." She shrugged at that. "But sometimes people don't want to go yet, or want to get out of school early." Once again Mandy paused thoughtfully. "A lot of times people swap for good just before graduation." Mandy stared at Cindy for a moment, biting her lip as she did so. She had a look on her face as if she was trying to decide something, then finally Mandy finished. "I'm not like sure, but I'm pretty sure that one of the first club members is still in the club. I know that a lot of us think that but we don't talk about it. I mean, I don't even know who it is. They just like, swap with someone still at school when they should graduate and bam, they don't have to leave the school. Pretty spooky huh?"

Cindy just stared at Mandy in disbelief. One of the first club members was still around and they didn't even know who it was. But then she realized that it did make sense. With everyone switching around so much it could get pretty hard to keep track of someone, especially when you could swap without the others being around. "Wow." was all Cindy could think of saying. Mandy just nodded, looking almost serious as she did so.

"So," Mandy said with a grin, "are you like ready? I mean, practice starts in just a little bit."

Without saying a word Cindy nodded and stuck her hand out to touch the sphere. As soon as Mandy touched it the strange sensations that Cindy had felt earlier returned. She was immediately filled with confusion and dizziness and as soon as they passed enough for her to move again, Cindy looked down and gasped to see that it had worked. She was now Mandy.

Jarod, now Mandy reached down and gently touched her new breasts, amazed that they were even bigger and more noticeable than they were when she was Cindy. "Awesome," Mandy said, breaking out into a slight grin.

Cindy just grinned back, though it wasn't a completely nice grin. "Thanks," Cindy told Mandy. Then in a slightly sarcastic tone, she said, "Have fun," before laughing and rushing out the door.

For a moment Mandy stood there feeling confused, somehow getting the impression that someone had just taken advantage of her. Then she winced as a painful cramp shot through her guts and she bent over for a moment, realizing now just how come the old Mandy had been so eager to trade. She was having her damn period.

The Club
part 3 of 4
By Morpheus

Mandy grimaced as she clutched her stomach in disbelief while another cramp ran through her. "That bitch!" she growled, furious for letting herself get tricked into taking over the previous Mandy's period. She'd only had it for less than a minute, but she could tell already that she didn't like it in the least.

Letting go of her stomach, Mandy glared at the mirror on the wall, staring intently at sexy blonde that looked back. The same blonde who'd been responsible for tricking her mere minutes before. The same sexy cheerleader in the same sexy uniform that still made Jarod horny inside. But in spite of the annoyance she felt, Mandy couldn't really feel too angry. After all, she decided that she probably would have done the same thing too.

With a loud sigh, Mandy adjusted her shirt and turned away from the mirror, remembering that she now had cheerleader practice to get to. "Just great," she sighed again in her new sexy voice, "Just what I need right now." Then with a quick shrug, Mandy hid the sphere again and started towards practice, not happy about the situation but knowing that she didn't really have a choice anymore.

Several minutes later, Mandy walked onto the practice field, feeling a little bit better, but still not the greatest. She grimaced, wondering how women could stand to go through that every single month. But then again, she guessed that most of them just didn't have the option of tricking someone else into going through it for them.

Mandy stopped and looked at the cheerleaders who were lining up and doing their stretches. She watched with more than a little interest, grinning slightly at the thought that in spite of what she looked like she was definitely still Jarod inside. Then with a sigh, she glanced down at herself and knew that she'd have to take care of that a little better before giving herself away, and with that she let the Mandy part come up to the surface.

For a moment Mandy giggled at how humorous her situation was, then without any further hesitation she started nearly skipping towards where the others were, feeling lighter and more energetic than she'd ever really felt in her life. She giggled again, feeling sort of bubbly inside and joined in with the stretches.

"Glad you made it," one girl said with a friendly grin.

"You know I wouldn't miss this," Mandy grinned back at the familiar girl, though it took her a moment before she realized who it was. The girl was the same Sandra that she'd argued with earlier before P.E. class.

But this time as Mandy looked at her, she no longer felt hostile towards this girl. Not in the least. In fact, Mandy felt sort of close to her. As if they were best friends, which her memories soon confirmed that they were. That fact, that her very personality, her likes and dislikes about people could change so radically so soon was amazing to Mandy, though she quickly tried to put it out of her mind and focus on the business at hand.

As practice went on, Mandy threw herself into all the exercises with great enthusiasm, finding that she not only knew how to do all the moves, but that she liked doing them as well. It was surprisingly fun and exciting, even letting Mandy go so far as to ignore the discomfort of her period and laugh while she did the routines.

Finally the coach, a tall thin woman that had been yelling and screaming at them during practice, she blew her whistle. "All right girls," the coach yelled, "you did pretty good today. You just might make it as cheerleaders after all."

Mandy grinned, feeling oddly proud of herself. Of the fact that she was a good cheerleader and knew it. She grinned over at Sandra, who was busy adjusting her sports bra and didn't seem to notice. Then Mandy looked up and noticed that there were several boys on the bleachers watching her and the others. She blushed furiously for a moment, suddenly realizing that they must have been watching the whole practice. At the thought of some of the things that she'd just done, Mandy blushed even more. But what was worse, she wasn't sure whether the thought of all them watching her made her more embarrassed, or more excited.

Then with a loud sigh, Mandy told Sandra, "I guess I'll see ya later."

Sandra looked up, apparently finished with her adjustments. Then Sandra broke into a broad grin. "Hey look," she started to say, then almost immediately she snapped, "Oh no, don't look. Roger's coming this way." And then Sandra tried stifling a giggle.

"Roger?" Mandy started to say, thinking that the name seemed so familiar to her. Not from her Jarod side though, but from Mandy's. However as soon as she turned around and saw the tall, well muscled boy with brown hair and a football uniform, she recognized him as Roger, and her current boyfriend. During that instant of recognition a strange chill shot up her spine.

"Hey babe," Roger said with a confident, though not quite cocky grin. Before Mandy could say anything back or even consider what to say, Roger had already grabbed her and was giving her a passionate kiss. Mandy nearly gasped in surprise but her mouth was too full of Roger's tongue. Then much to her own surprise, Mandy realized that she was kissing Roger back just as passionately.

When Roger finally let Mandy go, she gasped for breath, fully aware not only of just how fast her heart was beating but also at how hard her nipples were. "Wow." she whispered, caught for a moment in a swirl of mixed emotions. Inside, Jarod was horrified at what he'd just done and even more so by his obvious enjoyment of it, but at the same time he was rationalizing that he didn't have a choice. That he'd had to for his cover. But the Mandy part didn't bother rationalizing. What she'd done was just what she'd always done with her boyfriend.

Roger looked at Mandy in concern, then asked, "Are you all right? You look sort of distracted."

Mandy forced a smile, saying, "Oh, I'm fine." Then when Roger gave her a gentle peck on the cheek, she giggled. "Really."

"Glad to hear it." Roger said gently, bending over for another kiss and making Mandy giggle slightly again. When they were done this time, Roger asked, "So, we still good for tomorrow night?"

For a moment, Mandy stared at him in confusion, trying to search her memories for what he meant when it suddenly dawned on her. They had a date. Or at least Roger and whoever was going to be Mandy did. "Of course," Mandy finally said, smiling faintly as she did. "I'm just a little tired is all."

Roger looked a little skeptical but then got a look on his face as if he'd decided that it must be 'that time of the month'. However, Roger wisely said nothing about what he'd decided, instead saying, "Well, I've gotta get going. The guys are waiting for me." He gestured in the direction of the school parking lot though Mandy didn't really see what he was pointing to since the parking lot was behind all the bleachers. "I'll see you later honey." And with that Roger gave Mandy another quick kiss before he turned around and started running in the direction of the parking lot.

Mandy just stared after him, still feeling a little confused over her own emotions. How much were hers and how much were the real Mandy's? She didn't know, but she was afraid of the answer. Just what if it was her real self, her Jarod self that was enjoying it? She shuddered at that thought, fearing that she might be 'fag'. Then gulping, she reminded herself that at the moment she was a girl so it wouldn't count, though she still couldn't quite get herself to believe that yet, even if kissing him had felt perfectly natural.

"Girl," Sandra said from next to Mandy, "That boy is definitely cute. If you don't watch out I just might have to steal him from you." Mandy snapped around and saw the half joking smile on Sandra's face, letting her know that she wasn't really serious. But still, something about her look told Mandy that she might not be joking as much as she seemed, causing a small burst of jealously which Mandy quickly squashed.

"Don't touch him," Mandy said only half jokingly, "He's mine." Sandra nodded faintly. Then after a moment, Mandy smiled broadly and giggled, "But he is like, definitely cute." Mandy gave Sandra a wink and then added, "I've gotta like, get going. Seeya later." And with that Mandy started walking away with a sexy sway to her walk, humming absently to herself as she did so.


Mandy smiled cheerfully to herself as she looked at her long painted fingernails, wrapped tightly around the steering wheel of the car that she was driving. Her car. She nearly giggled at that, glad that she'd gotten something along with her current body besides the annoying period. Her own father...Jarod's father had refused to let let him get a car yet. That had always annoyed Jarod, knowing that he had to rely on his parents even more for transportation as well as everything else. But not Mandy. She actually had her own car, and she loved every minute of it.

As Mandy turned along the unfamiliar streets, she was amazed at her newfound sense of direction. The same instinct that had led her to find the car keys in her purse and then the car in the parking lot was now directing her along the streets towards where she knew home would be. Mandy's home. Hers for the night. Mandy winced for a moment as another cramp hit her, but didn't take her eyes off the road until she pulled into the driveway of a rather nice looking house.

"I'm home," Mandy said with a frown, looking at it in amazement. It wasn't her home and she'd never even met the people inside, but it was where she had to stay for the night. This was Mandy's home, and as much as she liked it or not, she was Mandy for the moment. She sighed then climbed out of the car, making sure to grab her purse and gym bag before going inside.

As soon as Mandy stepped through the front door, she glanced around nervously, gulping and taking a deep breath, half afraid that she'd grabbed the wrong house or that someone would immediately recognize her as an impostor. She could feel her heart racing even more than it had been with Roger, but she refused to let it control her. Taking another deep breath, Mandy slowly made her way up the stairs and towards where she instinctively knew her bedroom to be, relaxing only once she was safely inside.

Mandy sighed, dropping her bags and then feeling apprehensive, she gulped and slowly started pulling off her clothes, unable to deny her curiosity anymore. Even though a part of her said that her body was perfectly normal, her real self, her Jarod self was bursting with curiosity. Bursting with the need to see the sexy body that she now inhabited naked.

Once Mandy was completely naked, she smiled and looked over her body, feeling even more impressed as she did so. "I'm definitely a real hottie." she said to herself then giggled. She couldn't restrain herself, and instead of thoroughly examining her body like she'd planned she started posing instead, even if there wasn't any mirrors that she could see. Or at least not any large enough to be of any use. "Now if only I could get the real Mandy to go out on a date with me." At that Mandy giggled again, realizing however that there wasn't any chance of that. At the moment she knew very well that Mandy only liked jocks, and Jarod certainly wasn't that.

"Oh well," Mandy said, stopping her posing and sitting down on the edge of her bed, "at least I'm making some new friends." She smiled faintly and started to look herself over, feeling an odd mixture of pride and arousal at her tight body.

Just then a loud banging from outside her room made Mandy jump up off the bed in surprise, horrified that someone was about to walk in on her. She stared at the door for a moment, realizing that she hadn't even thought to lock it. But after several painfully slow moments with her heart beating so fast she thought it was about to burst, nothing happened. Mandy gulped and quickly rushed to the door to correct her mistake, but afterwards the mood had been broken and she no longer had any real interest in looking at her body though there was a strong residue of disappointment.

"Hey sis!" A male voice called from outside the door, "Mom said dinner will be ready in a couple minutes."

Mandy gulped, trying to place the voice for a moment until the information was supplied from her new memories. "All right...Todd." Mandy grimaced slightly at the thought that she now had a younger brother. "I'll be there after I change out of my uniform." Todd said nothing, letting Mandy smile in relief and start to get dressed.

Several minutes later, Mandy was sitting at the dinner table, smiling broadly as she looked at the others around the table. To her left was a fortyish looking man with brown hair and a beard, all liberally sprinkled with gray. A man that she'd immediately identified as 'Dad' not just because of his age but because of the warm protective feeling she got just from looking at him. 'Mom' was also in her forties, though she looked like she could have passed as being in her mid-thirties and seemed to have a perpetual smile on her face. Mandy immediately decided that she liked her, or at least that Jarod liked her too.

Todd was sitting across from Mandy and she watched him almost warily. He was 16 years old, a year younger than her and whole lot more annoying. At least that was the impression that Mandy got about him. That he was an annoying pest, though she couldn't really be sure how much was her and how much was residue from the real Mandy. Todd sat at the table, smirking as he played with his food.

Then Mandy looked at the cute 9 year old girl who was sitting next to Todd. The girl, Mandy's sister Becky had blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail and she cheerfully chattered on about anything that seemed to come to mind. And it quickly became obvious that Becky really looked up to her older sister, something which made Mandy feel a little odd. She'd never had a sister before, or a brother for that matter. Jarod had been an only child and dinners had never been the family affair that they seemed to be in this household. It was an experience that Mandy decided she really liked.

However, once dinner was over, Mandy found the downside to having a large family dinner. Namely, the fact that she had to wash the dishes while Todd dried and put them away. "Hurry up," Todd whined, "I wanna go see my friends."

"Shut up," Mandy told him half-heartedly, wanting to get finished herself.

"Make me," Was Todd's response and he gave her a look as if actually daring her to do something. Mandy shook her head, smiling faintly to herself and wondering if maybe having a brother wasn't such a good idea.

Just then, Becky ran into the kitchen, jumping up and down. "Look Mandy, see what I can do." The little girl was jumping up and down, yelling out in a horrible sing-song voice. It took Mandy a moment to realize that her 'sister' was doing a cheer. "See," Becky cried cheerfully, "I can be a cheerleader too."

"Looks like you were having a seizure to me." Todd snorted. Mandy glared at him and punched him gently on the arm.

"Um...that was good," Mandy smiled at the thrilled look on Becky's face and then started laughing as Becky ran off to show their parents.

Todd just shook his head and picked up another dish to dry, then gave Mandy an impatient glare. "Common sis, hurry up." Mandy sighed and made a deliberate effort to slow down even more, nearly giggling at the way Todd's face turned red. Then again, she thought, maybe having a brother wouldn't be so bad after all.


Several hours later, Mandy was sitting on the couch, surrounded by her new family as they all watched TV. All save little Becky who'd already gone to bed. Todd had his arms crossed and was engrossed in the show, while their 'parents' were curled up against each other, seeming more interested in that than what was on TV.

Finally Mandy grew bored of the TV, thinking that there she was in an entirely new body, with a new family, home and life, and all she was doing was watching the tube. Shaking her head, Mandy stood up and called out a "Good night," to everyone else in the living room.

"Night honey." her new Mom said, while her 'Dad' just grunted slightly.

Todd glanced up with a look of irritation at her interrupting the show. "Don't let the bed bugs bite," he said sarcastically. Mandy just shrugged and stuck her tongue out at him, no longer surprised at how natural it seemed to have a brother. Then with that she started up towards her bedroom.

Once Mandy was alone in her room, she closed the door, making sure to lock it this time since she blushed to think about what would happen if someone walked in on her while she was undressing. Then turning towards the small mirror, Mandy once again took a good look at herself before she started removing her clothes, yawning several times as she did so.

When she was finally undressed, Mandy carefully examined her body again, wincing slightly though as she felt another cramp form in her abdomen. "Damn," she growled to herself quietly, closing her eyes and trying to ignore the discomfort. After several minutes it seemed to ease some and Mandy once again opened her eyes and let out a sigh of relief, though she still couldn't help but wish that the time to trade back would come even sooner. Being a girl wasn't really all that bad, at least for just a day, but the period was a killer that she could do without.

Then at the thought of her period, Mandy's eyes shot wide open and she glanced down between her eyes, nearly paling as she looked at her new feminine opening. But as shocking as that was, the realization that she had a tampon inside of her was even worse. She paled in disgust at what was happening with her own body, and then winced as she pulled the disgusting blood soaked item from her body.

"This is like, totally gross." Many grimaced, deciding that maybe the bathroom might be a better place to take care of that. She closed her eyes, not liking the idea of running across the hallway while naked, even if everyone else was downstairs. Then her head snapped to the side, her eyes widening with delight as she noticed the fuzzy pink bathrobe hanging from the back of her chair. "Perfect." she muttered, already reaching for it.

As soon as Mandy had snuck across the hall and into the bathroom, she returned to business of throwing her used tampon away, feeling disgusted as she did so. "How can girls stand to have those things in them?" she asked herself, not bothering to wonder how she'd managed to go through half the day barely even noticing it's presence. Then with a loud sigh, Mandy forced herself to relax and follow the knowledge that came to her.

When she was finally finished cleaning up and changing, Mandy returned to her bedroom feeling much better. Yawning loudly, she sat down on the edge of her bed and thought about the events of the day, amazed at just how easily she was accepting the fact that her entire view of the world had suddenly changed. She shook her head faintly at that and then climbed into bed, curiously wondering just what the next day would bring.

The Club
part 4 of 4
By Morpheus

Mandy groaned as she rushed to get ready for school in the morning, surprised at just how much there was for her to do. As Jarod, she'd always been able to just get ready in 10 minutes and run out the door, but she found that as Mandy there was a lot more to it than that.

First her hair seemed to take forever to get washed, dried and brushed just right. The inborn instinct and knowledge that had helped her out so far refused to let her just grab a pair of jeans and T shirt and run out the door like normal, instead having her spent nearly 15 minutes going through her clothes and trying to decide what would go together, and what her instinct would accept. She shuddered at the nightmare her makeup presented, but fortunately the real Mandy's skill saved her again.

But as bad as all the regular getting ready stuff was, the thing that annoyed Mandy the most was the fact that Todd wouldn't leave her alone. Every time she turned around he was there, making a pest of himself. He'd sneak into the bathroom before her and lock the door, making her furious at him. And of course there were his constant taunts about how long she was taking his and flaunting how easily he had it getting ready. In fact, Mandy was somewhat annoyed that even Becky was through and watching TV before she'd even had a chance to grab something to eat. Then when she was finally done with everything and ready to go, Mandy had to rush out the door or she knew that she wouldn't make it to school in time.

When Mandy had finally arrived at school and made it to her first class, she was relieved that she'd made it before the bell rang, though just barely. She grumbled silently to herself throughout the first period about how difficult it had been to get ready for school compared to normal, but by the second period she'd forgotten about that, grumbling instead about the cramps that continued to assault her.

Somehow, though she wasn't quite sure how, Mandy managed to make it through the next several periods, and as glad as she was to see those ones come to an end, there was only one period that she actually prayed would end. But as annoying as her discomfort was, Mandy still tried to pay attention in class, though not too much. After all, Mandy wasn't exactly known for having great grades, though they were a little better than the former Jarod would have expected.

By lunch time, Mandy was more than ready to trade places again with someone else, however no one stepped forward to volunteer and everyone else from the club actually seemed to be keeping their distance. Mandy huffed slightly at that, absently sticking her lip out in a pout as she realized no one wanted to have to have her period. Not that she could blame them, but that still didn't help her with her problem. In fact, she'd even seen her real Jarod body several times that morning though he'd also purposely avoided her, much to her annoyance.

"I'm the cheerleader," she pouted silently to herself as she walked into the cafeteria, "so the new kid is supposed to drool all over me." As soon as she was done with the thought, Mandy realized just how ridiculous it had been and broke into a grin again in spite of herself.

Almost as soon as Mandy was inside the lunch room, she noticed a group of cheerleaders sitting over at one table, talking and eating their lunches. Mandy watched them for a moment, recognizing them as the same group of girls she'd been at practice with the day before. Then Sandra noticed Mandy and waved excitedly, a somewhat stupid look on her face. Mandy grinned back just as stupidly and then went to get her own lunch before joining them.

"Hey Mandy," one pretty brunette started when Mandy sat down at the table, "how's it going?"

"Pretty cool," Mandy answered, glancing around at the other cheerleaders and then down at her food in distaste. "How can they like, serve this slop?" she asked aloud, though she already knew the answer. It was the same kind of pig slop masquerading as food that was served in every school cafeteria that Jarod had ever been in.

"Disgusting, huh?" Sandra answered with a grin, wrinkling her nose as she let a glob of mashed potato drop from her fork back to the plate. "I wonder if they get the horse meat by the herd." All the girls laughed slightly at that, including Mandy.

For the next several minutes they all continued to talk about various things though Mandy mostly listened in since it was almost all gossip. Every once in a while she gave her own input since it seemed to be expected, which seemed to satisfy the others. Mandy just smiled as she listened and nibbled at her lunch, finding it oddly comforting. She was soon laughing with them at other jokes, amazed at just how easily she was fitting in and how much they accepted her. It was a little bit different than the acceptance that the goths had given her the day before, but even nicer in an odd sort of way. This time her new friends were actually talking to her. Without quite realizing it, Mandy started talking just as much as the other girls, even giggling as they compared traits of various boys.

However, as they continued talking, Mandy became aware that several boys at the next table were staring in her direction. She shifted position slightly, not sure whether she liked the attention or not. But then again she'd been stared at a lot that morning. Strangers kept saying hi to her in the halls and everywhere she went people were real friendly. Mandy had just smiled back and returned the friendliness, guessing that all these strangers talking to her and the boys staring were just one of the things about being a popular cheerleader. That was definitely something new for her since as Jarod she had always been anything but popular.

While Mandy was talking, she noticed that one boy had made his way up behind a girl sitting across from Mandy and cleared his throat. "Um....hi." The boy said nervously to the girl whom Mandy remembered was named Theresa, "I was wondering if maybe....if you might want to...go see a movie with me Friday?" The boy gulped, looking nervous and comfortable, but with a slight trace of determination in his eyes.

"What?" Theresa snapped around and stared at the boy with a look of disbelief. She started blushing slightly and her eyes darted from one cheerleader to another before settling back on the boy who'd just asked her out. "Hello!" she snorted. "Do I like, know you? I don't think so. Get lost dweeb." At that all the girls started laughing viciously while the boy turned beat red and turned around, walking away with his head hung down in shame. And though Mandy could sympathize with him, having gone through similar experiences herself as Jarod, she still found herself laughing just as loudly as all the girls around her.

"I mean jeez," Theresa snorted to no one in particular, "where did he get the idea that I'd go out with him?"

"Maybe because you were batting your baby blues at him in English," Sandra giggled.

Theresa just blushed again. "I was just having fun teasing him a little."

The girls giggled again then changed the topic to how horrible the clothes were on one girl sitting at another table, and about the rumors of her promiscuity. Mandy listened for a moment, then sort of tuned it out as she focused on her meal instead.

Then suddenly Mandy froze as something Sandra said caught her complete attention. "Did you see that new kid?" Sandra asked with a slight snicker. "Common, like, where is he from? I mean, the way he's dressed....."

Mandy gulped, keeping silent but listening very carefully as Sandra went on about Jarod. Several times Mandy just barely managed to keep from bursting out in defense of herself, though each time she clamped down with what self-control she had. Sandra didn't seem to notice Mandy's growing discomfort at being the topic of discussion or the fact that Mandy was beginning to glare at her. Mandy was beginning to burn inside as her anger grew, remembering now just why she'd disliked that girl so much while she was Cindy the day before. But she knew that it wouldn't last. At least not after she let her Mandy personality take over completely again.

Suddenly, Valerie, the brunette cheerleader who'd welcomed Mandy to the table in the first place spoke up. "Oh, he's not that bad." Mandy stared at her in surprise. "Actually, I think he's kind of cute."

Mandy was stunned at that proclamation, making a mental note to try asking Valerie out when she got her own body back. At that, Mandy suddenly frowned, wondering just what was happening with her real body. After all, it was her body and life and someone else was running around with both. The thought brought a cold shiver down Mandy's spine and she shook her head, refusing to think about it at the moment. "This is worth it," Mandy told herself, deciding that the chance to be someone else was definitely worth losing a little of her own life. At least for a few days.

Turning her attention back to the conversation, Mandy noticed that the topic had changed again. All of the girls seemed to have forgotten the talk about the new kid, much to Mandy's relief, though when she looked at the rather pretty Valerie, she couldn't help but notice the slight blush on the other cheerleaders face. Mandy smiled, slowly letting her Mandy mask slip back in place as she returned to the lunch talk, eagerly wondering just what other revelations she'd find before the day was through.


Mandy suddenly snapped around, almost surprised to hear the school bell ringing. She glanced around, blushing in embarrassment and hoping that no one had seen her sleeping at her desk. Unfortunately though, several snickers told her that she had been seen.

"Darn," Mandy grumbled, yawning loudly as she stood up, then smiling as she realized that the school day was over. "Yes!" She exclaimed excitedly, grabbing up her books and smugly looking at the other students in the class.

Mandy giggled to herself then quickly started making her way towards the gym, feeling even more energetic and bubbly than she'd been since becoming Mandy. Within minutes she'd made her way towards the closet, carefully making sure that no one had seen her. Then with a feeling of incredible anticipation, Mandy made her way up the hidden stairs and to the room above, eagerly wondering which of the club members were going to be there waiting. Which ones...she shivered at the thought...she might become next.

When Mandy reached the top of the stairs, she paused for a moment, gulping nervously. Did she really want to turn into someone else again? Or did she want to turn back into Jarod? Turn back into she'd always been? But she couldn't deny the burning curiosity which had begun to grow, the need to see what other people's lives were like. In fact, she wondered if the magic, the excitement and the experiences might not be like a drug of sorts. Mandy didn't know and shook her head before stepping the rest of the way into the room.

The first thing Mandy did once she was inside the hidden room was to look around. The sphere was sitting uncovered on the table and there were already a lot of people inside. Her eyes then went to 'Jarod' who gave her a thumbs up and a smile. She smiled back and then looked around at the others, noticing for the first time that there were two people that weren't there before.

A short Asian girl who looked to be no older than 13 sat on the edge of the couch. Mandy was startled not only by the fact that there was someone in the club that wasn't there before, but by the fact that she was one of the very few minorities that she'd seen since coming to the new school. Then there was another boy that Mandy remembered seeing around though she still didn't know his name. He was sitting there with a black leather jacket, looking more like he should belong on a motorcycle than in a classroom.

"So how are you?" Cindy asked, a smirk on her face though she almost seemed to have a sympathetic look in her eyes. Almost.

"Fine," Mandy replied shortly, still not happy at having been tricked into becoming Mandy just when she was having her period. Then she gestured at the two that she didn't recognize and asked, "I thought I'd met everyone yesterday."

"Nope," Cindy smirked, "Just nearly everyone. That's Dan Rich," she gestured at the boy whom Mandy had identified as a motor head, "and Amy Lee." The small Asian girl gave a faint nod. "She's the only sophomore, and our youngest member."

"Not everyone was able to make it on such short notice yesterday." Zappy added from behind Mandy, making her jump in surprise. When she turned around and glared at him, he had an amused look on his face that just annoyed her even more. "Everyone's here today, dudette."

"All right," Mandy answered, glancing around and seeing that everyone who had been there the day before was already there, except for Sean. She shrugged and made her way over to the couch, sitting on the arm since there was no room anywhere else on it to sit. Silently, she glanced back at the orb and then the others, wondering if she would get to choose who she was going to be and if so, who would she choose. Would she want to be a popular jock? A rich prep? Or even stranger, she felt a shiver of excitement at the forbidden when she considered becoming Lorna.

Then Mandy heard footsteps on the stairs and looked towards the door, smiling slightly as she saw Sean walk into the room. "I guess everyone's here." she mused to herself.

"Not quite." Eddie said from next to her, a bit of a goofy grin on his face. Mandy frowned at that, then heard another set of footsteps on the stairs. When she looked at the familiar face that came through the door, Mandy gasped in surprise. "Now everyone's here," Eddie finished.

For a moment, Mandy just stared at the last person to enter in disbelief. Finally she gulped and weakly said, "Ms. Elwin."

The math teacher looked around the room and smiled faintly when her eyes met Mandy's. "Welcome to the club," Ms. Elwin said in a gentle tone, "However, we're not exactly very formal up here. Call me Nancy." Mandy just nodded weakly, still surprised that there was actually a teacher in the club, especially her teacher.

Finally Sean coughed. "All right everyone, I guess since everyone's here I should introduce our newest member. The new kid, Jarod." He gestured towards Jarod's body, and then towards Mandy. "He's been adjusting pretty well so far."

With that everyone started smiling and saying hi to Mandy, including all those that she'd met the day before. But somehow this time was different. It wasn't quite as guarded or defensive. In fact, Mandy was surprised that they all seemed sincerely friendly to her, then it dawned on her why. Before she was just the new kid, but she was one of THEM. She'd used the sphere and been other people. She was one of the group. One of the club. And as good as it had felt belonging to the goths and the cheerleaders, Mandy felt a warm glow inside of her that made her feel even prouder to belong to the club.

When Mandy looked around the room again, she focused on one person after another, considering what it might be like to BE that person. To be a jock, a nerd, a slut or even a teacher. The thrill of anticipation nearly made Mandy drool and she continued to search for her next target, completely unaware of the predatory gleam in her eye. She grinned to herself, considering that for the first time in her life she completely and truly belonged. Not just because she looked like a goth or a cheerleader either, but because she was who she was. Because she had been the new kid, the same thing that had kept her from making friends before. Then another idea dawned on Mandy as she made her choice.

She grinned mischieviously, deciding that she really and truly liked her new school, or at least the new friends she'd made in it. And who knows, she thought to herself, perhaps when her father’s job forced the family to move again, perhaps, just perhaps...she might stay behind. Stay behind and be something OTHER than the new kid. She smiled at the idea but pushed it to the side for the moment. There would be plenty of time to think about that later, but for the moment, she wanted to focus on the now, or more specifically, on WHO she wanted to be now. Still grinning predatorily, Mandy started over towards her soon to be new body, and her new life.


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