Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes

The Carson family has a yearly Christmas tradition of asking Santa for what they really want. This year, Santa decides to give it to them... but makes a slight mistake. This story was originally written and posted in 1998.


The Carson family sat at their kitchen table in preparation for one of their families Christmas traditions. Mike, who was the father of the family had a sheet of paper in front of him, carefully writing on it while his wife Lauren read over his shoulders, making occasional suggestions while their children, 17 year old Michelle and 15 year old Steve impatiently waited for him to finish.

This year, as they had for years before, the Carson's followed a family tradition. A tradition started years earlier when Mike had suggested that for Christmas, they all write a letter to Santa, to get them all in the Christmas spirit, and most importantly at that time, to let everyone have a good idea what everyone else wanted for Christmas. It had worked so well at getting them into the holiday spirit, that they had continued to write a family letter to Santa every year, telling him what they each wanted. Though the requests had started out normally, each year afterward they had tended to start requesting things that they knew no one could get them, and making real wishes. Even though their annual letter to Santa had long since ceased to be useful for letting them know what the others wanted, it had become a family tradition, and still helped get them in the mood for Christmas.

"OK" Mike said cheerfully as he started reading the opening paragraph aloud, "Dear Santa" he said clearly, "For Christmas this year, we the Carson family have enclosed our Christmas wishes in this letter to make your job easier." Mike stopped and smiled, then read the rest that he'd written. When everyone had agreed that it sounded all right, Mike started the next paragraph, writing down his Christmas wish.

Steve grumbled suddenly "This is stupid." thinking about how embarrassed he'd be if anyone at school found out that he still wrote letters to Santa Clause. Next to him, Michelle had similar sentiments, but rather enjoyed the idea of a family tradition. "I don't know what to ask for." Steve said, glaring at the letter his Dad had just finished and was handing over to Michelle.

Lauren smiled at her son, "Just ask for what you really want." Steve snorted, waiting for Michelle to finish writing her Christmas request. Lauren thanked Michelle and accepted the letter from her, so that she could write her request. Steve yawned loudly, making his opinion of the holiday tradition known, though even he wouldn't want to skip it, regardless of what he told the others.

Finally it was Steve's turn. "Well" he told himself, "She did say to put what I really want." Smirking, Steve barely glanced at the others Christmas wishes before he started writing his own at the bottom. Chuckling to himself as he finished, Steve went on to write a closing paragraph, as it was tradition for the last person who wrote their request to finish the letter.

Once that was done, everyone signed their names at the bottom and Mike folded the letter and put it into an envelope. Addressing it simply to "Santa Clause, North Pole" Mike put a stamp on it and ceremoniously carried it out to the mail box, while the rest of the family followed behind. As the mailbox door closed over the envelope, they cheered, then hurried back inside to do their Christmas tree.


Early Christmas morning at the Carson house, a large sleigh pulled by 12 reindeer flew overhead, circling before landing on the roof, strangely enough, without the slightest sound or even making a mark in the fresh snow. When the sleigh had come to a stop, a rather jolly fat man, dressed in red reached for a huge red sack and started to climb out, only to fall face first onto the snow covered roof.

Standing up rather wobbly, Santa hiccuped and said "I really shouldn't have had so much eggnog at that last stop." Next year, he told himself, no drinking until the job was complete. Sighing, he thought about taking a nip of bourbon, just to keep him warm of course. Shaking his head, Santa went to take another step, only to fall flat on his ass. From among the reindeer a sound (which sounded amazingly like a snicker) could be heard. Santa turned angrily towards the offender, snapping out "Keep that up, and tonight Ma and I will be having venison for dinner." A gulping could vaguely be heard, but then no other sounds came from the reindeer save for the faint tinkling of bells from their harnesses.

Nodding his head in satisfaction, then hiccuping again, Santa muttered "At least this is my last stop for this year." Yawning loudly, he continued, "I can't wait to get to bed. I'm bushed." After shaking his head slightly, Santa rubbed a gloved hand through his white beard, looking around for the chimney. "Damn" he muttered, seeing that there wasn't any chimney available, "I guess I'll have to do this the hard way again." With that, Santa jumped off of the roof and landed softly on the ground, without even leaving footprints. Seeing the front door, Santa smiled and walked up to it, pulling something out of his pocket as he did so. Leaning towards the knob, Santa started picking the lock, smiling as the door suddenly popped open. Chuckling to himself tiredly, Santa went in.

Going into the living room, Santa nearly tripped over the coffee table before he caught himself against the side of the couch, trying to regain his balance. Seeing the tree in the corner, Santa stumbled over to it to admire the decoration job. Suddenly feeling very sick, Santa bent over and emptied the contents of his stomach onto the floor. After he was finished, Santa wiped his mouth off, catching sight of the milk and cookies on the coffee table. Once those were finished, he remembered that he still had business to take care of.

"Now where did I put my bag?" he asked himself in a slightly slurred voice, looking around confused for a moment until he remembered that he'd accidentally left it by the sleigh. "Shit!" he exclaimed. Not wanting to have to run back up to the roof just to get his bag, Santa sighed and reached into his pocket, pulling out the letter the Carson's had sent him.

Squinting, Santa started to read the letter to himself, having to stop several times due to the apparent blurriness of the page. When he'd finished, Santa blew out a sigh of relief. He wouldn't have to go back to the sleigh for these Christmas wishes. "Let's see" he muttered to himself as he started pulling small cards out of his pocket, "Mike wanted....." Not remembering, Santa glanced back at the letter to make sure, though his eyes caught the next name mistakenly. "Oh, my mistake" he muttered, grabbing hold of the wall for balance, "That was Michelle."

Shrugging, Santa was sure that he remembered what each had asked for and carefully marked on each small business style card before dropping them into the stockings. "That should do it." he said before hiccuping again.

Tiredly walking back out the back door, Santa called a half-hearted "Ho Ho Ho", ruining the effect as a loud eruption of gas tore out of his backside. Shaking his head, Santa muttered to himself, "Definitely got to cut down on the eggnog next year." With that, he suddenly flew back up to the roof, and made his way back to the sleigh. After only the briefest of falls on his way, Santa made it into the sleigh, and called for his reindeer to take off. With a loud yawn, Santa smiled, happy with the knowledge that his work was finished for the night, and he could finally go home and get some sleep.


Upon waking several hours later, Mike and Lauren went to the kitchen and took their time drinking their coffee while Michelle and Steve waited impatiently for them to finish so that they could open the presents. "Come on" Steve grumbled, "It's not going to be Christmas anymore by the time you two finish up."

"All right, all right" Mike said grinning. "Let’s go open the presents."

"About time" Michelle broke in chuckling.

Going to the living room, they all started opening the presents under the tree for the next hour. Steve frowned as he pulled a new sweater out of a box, then politely thanked his Mom, who beamed with pleasure that he liked her gift. Lauren gushed thank you's at Mike as she slipped her new necklace around her throat. Michelle looked less than thrilled with the gag gift Steve had given her, though actually managing a chuckle or two. And Mike cheerfully put on the new jacket that he'd been given.

"What about the stockings?" Lauren pointed out once Steve complained that there were no more presents to open. "We still haven't checked them."

Pulling the stockings down, each of them started to empty their own. Michelle was the first to pull out a business card, asking "What's this?" Moments later, each of the others had also found cards in their stockings, leaving each wondering just which of the others had put it there. Everyone seemed equally confused. Shrugging, Michelle read her's aloud. "It says" she looked confused, "I wish I were 10 years younger? And is say's, Granted, then signed Santa"

Mike chuckled. "That's what I asked Santa for in our letter." Then Mike read his aloud with confused amusement, "I wish I had big boobs."

Lauren blushed, then admitted to having requested that one in the letter as a joke. Being a large A cup, she had been embarrassed that her own daughter had bigger breasts than her. Still blushing, Lauren read her card aloud. "Mine says, I wish I had a 10 inch cock." She blushed even more, then glared at Mike who claimed innocence. Everyone turned to look at Steve, who blushed and looked down, seeming to find something fascinating with his feet.

"Well" Mike said finally, "What does yours say Steve?"

Holding his card up, Steve read "I wish I was the most gorgeous girl in school." Mike laughed and Steve blushed, "It's not my wish" he protested, glaring at Michelle who was blushing slightly.

Looking a little confused, Mike asked "But what are these doing in our stockings? And the wrong ones no less." He chuckled, then stopped suddenly, looking very uncomfortable.

"What's wrong Dad?" Lauren asked in a worried voice, then suddenly she gulped. "I feel strange."

Everyone looked at each other, with it becoming increasingly obvious that everyone was feeling strange. "Oh my God," Mike screamed, clutching his chest which was obviously much larger, and pushing through his shirt. They all stared in confused amazement and shock as a pair of breasts continued to grow, to the point where they quickly stressed the fabric of his shirt. "What's happening to me?" Mike screamed out as his new breasts erupted from his shirt, hanging out in the open, at a size of at least a DD.

Michelle suddenly screamed aloud, making all eyes turn away from Mike and towards her. At first it wasn't completely noticeable that her clothes were hanging loose on her, but as the seconds passed, they hung looser and looser. "What's happening?" she cried, a look of horror on her 12 year old face, which was quickly getting even younger looking. In moments she had gone past puberty, and was once again a child. She finally stopped shrinking, looking just like she had a 7 years old. "What's happening to me Mommy?" she started crying, running to Lauren.

Almost as soon as Lauren had reached for her daughter to hug her, she suddenly felt a stab of horrible pain through herself. Gasping, she reached down her pants, and screamed in horror and shock, while Mike stared at her equally horrified, remembering exactly what her card had said.

"OH SHIT!!" Steve cried out, obviously realizing what his own card had said. With a horrified sinking feeling in his stomach, he clutched his chest, just in time to feel his own chest starting to expand. "GOD NO!!" he cried again, this time in a more feminine sounding voice. As the seconds passed, Steve could feel his hair growing longer, brushing his shoulders then continuing to extend. His waist constricted, almost painfully and his hips seemed to push out. A sucking feeling in his groin made him gasp and grab for it in panic, only to find his fears proven and his manhood gone.

Once the changes had stopped, they all stared at each other in confusion and shock, then down at themselves with horror. Steve squirmed in his now ill-fitting clothes, while his Mom kept pulling at her crotch, which by the large bulge in it showed how constricted her new equipment must be. Her pants were not meant to contain that extra organ. Mike held his arms over his breasts, trying in vain to cover them up, while looking extremely uncomfortable to have that weight on his chest. Michelle sat on the floor, still crying and looking scared, causing Lauren to instinctively hug and try comforting her.

After several minutes, Lauren winced in extreme discomfort, suggesting that they should change into clothes that fit better. "But what can I wear?" Steve cried.

"I'm sure that some of Michelle's clothes will fit you." Lauren said quietly, looking at the now gorgeous female Steve. Steve blushed, obviously wanting to argue but reluctantly having to admit that his Mom was right. As he looked down and cupped his new breasts, he knew that he wouldn't fit in any of his own clothes very well. Not at all.


Steve went to Michelle's room, feeling embarrassed to even be considering wearing her clothes. The whole concept seemed....unnatural. It was almost with relief however that he stripped off his own clothes. He was finally free from the uncomfortable constricting all over his body. Standing naked in Michelle's room, Steve looked over his body, wincing at the long sexy legs. From what he could see of himself, Steve knew before looking into Michelle's mirror that he would see a knockout. He wasn't disappointed. "Wow" he said in amazement. The girl in the mirror looked to be maybe 17 years old, and extremely gorgeous. Sexier looking than any other girl in his school by far. He stared at the reflection for a long time, unable to believe that it was him.

Steve was still staring at his reflection in shock when Lauren came into the room, catching him by surprise. Steve suddenly felt incredibly embarrassed as he looked at his mom, seeing that she'd changed into a pair of his dad’s pants, though the legs were rolled up. A bulge was still visible in front, and she was blushing, obviously embarrassed as well. Steve gulped as he looked at his Mom, asking nervously, "Do you really have....?" She nodded, turning even redder.

"Yeah," she said quietly, "10 inches." Steve gulped.

"But what about know?" Steve asked her, feeling embarrassed.

Frowning, Lauren admitted "It's still there." Sighing, she pointed at Steve and said "You might have to to get used to having one yourself." Steve winced, not wanting to be reminded. He'd avoided looking too closely at his crotch, almost afraid that just by doing so might make it more real. Lauren sighed, then told Steve "I guess we'd better get you dressed." With that, she started going through some of Michelle's things and pulling some fairly casual clothes out for Steve to wear.

Steve winced as he put on some of his sister's panties, saying "I don't want to wear her underwear. That's gross." Lauren sighed patiently, insisting that they were given to Michelle just that morning and were still new. Reluctantly Steve put them on. When Lauren tried helping Steve with a bra, she found that task to be impossible since all of Michelle's bras were too small for Steve. "Well," he exclaimed once Lauren admitted defeat, "I wouldn't want to wear a bra anyway." He looked satisfied at that small triumph, though wasn't nearly as pleased once he had put on some of Michelle's pants and a shirt. "This is ridiculous," he tried arguing after Lauren said it looked good on him.

"No it isn't" Lauren said sternly. "I don't know how long we're going to be like this, or if it might be permanent." She hesitated for a moment, while Steve gulped, trying to absorb that idea. "However, at the moment you are a very pretty young lady, and these clothes look right on you." Steve snorted and turned his head away. But catching sight of himself in the mirror, he was forced to agree.

Going back into the living room, Steve saw Michelle dressed in some of his outgrown clothes, which still hung extremely loosely on her. "It was all we could find," Mike explained. Steve saw that his dad was wearing his biggest sweater, which barely contained his new breasts. They pushed out very distinctly, which obviously made him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Steve was just glad that he wasn't the only one. Though he felt sorry for the rest of his family, it at least made him a little more comfortable that he wasn't alone.

Michelle glared at Steve saying "Those are my clothes and you'd better not ruin them." Steve ignored her, too conscious of the changes in his own body to worry about what an apparent 7 year old said. Compared to what he was already facing, any threats from his sister were meaningless.

Uncomfortably, the Carson family sat in their living room, no longer thrilled with it being Christmas, but scared and confused. Staring across at each other, and taking peaks at their own changes, each tried to come to terms with what had happened. And each wishing that they would go away. Hoping that they would be normal again in the morning.

After an hour, their mutual silence was broken. "Well" Lauren snapped, "I know what I'm asking Santa for next year." They all nodded agreement, knowing that each just wanted to be back to normal.

"Don't worry honey," Mike assured Lauren, patting her leg, "I'm sure that everything will be all right," though he didn't sound very sure.

Lauren felt her new appendage suddenly harden, and the bulge in her pants become more pronounced. Smirking, she looked down at it, wondering just what it would be like to use it.

Sighing, Mike reached for the phone, telling the others as he started dialing "I'd better call my mother and tell her we won't be over for dinner." The others paled, suddenly wondering how they were going to explain what had happened to them to their friends and family.


They next day, they were all disappointed to wake up still changed, with no signs of things returning to normal. And over the next several days, they each had to try coming to terms with what had happened to them. Mike painfully bandaged his breasts so that they showed much less, then wore a loose sweater so that he could go to work. After several extremely uncomfortable days, he managed to talk his boss into letting him telecommute and actually only coming into work once a month or so.

When school started up again after Christmas, Steve was sent to a different school, passing himself off as Michelle. Though he'd finally gotten to go into the girls locker room any time he wanted to and watch the girls undress, he wasn't very pleased with it. Especially once his body's hormones started responding to boys as well.

Michelle was forced to go back to elementary school, where she found herself surrounded by "other" kids all day long. Though she didn't notice it herself, she quickly started regressing in her behavior and thoughts, becoming more immature and childlike. This was something noticed by the rest of her family, and unconsciously encouraged by their continuing to treat her as a child. Something that seemed perfectly natural to do considering her state.

Though Lauren's sexual relationship with her husband had become somewhat strained, she still managed to find relief in her daily visits to Cheryl, her best friend and neighbor, whom she had sworn to secrecy.

Each adapting as best they could, the Carsons all still looked forward to the next Christmas with mixed feelings. And they already knew exactly what they were going to wish for. However, a year is a long time to wait.

The End

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