The Day the World Changed

The Day the World Changed
By Morpheus

I was crouched down in my garage, looking over the dirt bike in front of me. It looked like it was in pretty decent shape but I knew that it had some nasty problems that weren't obvious at first glance. For one, the gas tank had a small crack in it and that wasn't even going into the engine. I'd had a nasty spill on the bike a few weeks ago, and though my helmet and pads had kept me from getting anything worse than a few nasty bruises, my bike hadn't been quite so lucky.

"Damn," I muttered as I got back to my feet. I certainly couldn't enter any motocross races until my bike was back up and running and that wasn't going to happen until I could afford the repairs.

I adjusted my glasses and absently ran a hand through my shaggy brown hair, trying to figure out how long it would take to get the money I needed. I knew my Dad wouldn't just give it to me and I wasn't exactly having much luck looking for an after school job. It seemed that with the currently economy, there weren't a lot of jobs available for 16 year old guys who were just looking for a little extra cash.

My name is Danny Watkins and I was a fairly average high school student. I didn't really stand out appearance wise and it was only my hobby of racing dirt bikes on the weekends that kept me from being considered a nerd. And at the moment, I was extremely frustrated by the fact that my hobby had pretty much been brought to a halt until I could get some money.

"Damn," I said again.

I ached to go out and do a little racing. There was nothing to take your mind off your problems like racing around a dirt track at ridiculous speeds. Personally, I thought a lot of people who went to shrinks could save some good money if they just did this instead.

I was still looking over my bike and thinking about how hopeless it was when my Dad came into the garage. He was a fairly stocky guy with a receding hairline, a little bit of a gut though not enough of one to call him fat, and he had the nearly ever present cigarette held between his fingers.

"Stop wasting your time with that thing," Dad told me with a scowl. "The garage needs cleaning so work on that instead."

"I'll do it for twenty bucks," I tell him.

Dad just snorted at that and responded, "Your payment is eating dinner and sleeping under my roof."

Once Dad left, I looked over the garage and sighed. Sure, it needed to be cleaned but I wasn't being paid for it so saw no reason to hurry. In fact, I decided that the garage could wait a few hours. After all, the mess wasn't going anywhere.

I left the house and started down the street to see my best friend Kyle. Kyle used to be into racing too but his mom had made him quit six months ago after a crash that ruined his bike and broke both an arm and a leg. We couldn't race together anymore but we still hung out and I occasionally let Kyle sneak rides around the track on my bike, or at least I had before mine had been put out of commission too.

A few houses down from mine I passed the home of Mr. George, an old guy who'd lost the use of his eyes and most of one leg back during Vietnam. Mr. George was sitting out on his front porch, which wasn't surprising since he was there just about every time I went past. I thought he had a strong resemblance to James Earl Jones, except that he had a thick gray beard. When I'd told him that once before, he'd jokingly responded that if someone was to play him in a movie he'd prefer if it was Denzel.

"Good afternoon," I called to Mr. George. "How's it going?"

"Not bad at all," he responded with a pleasant smile. "How bout you Danny?"

He looked in my direction though I knew he couldn't see me, and though his eyes were covered by the wraparound sunglasses that he always wore, I could see some scars on his face around them. I wondered just how bad his eyes looked without the glasses though suspected I'd never know.

"The same as usual," I answered with a shrug.

"You should probably grab an umbrella," Mr. George told me, looking up and adding, "It smells like rain."

I looked up but only saw a few clouds in the sky, certainly not enough to look like it was about to rain. However, I knew better than to just ignore Mr. George. He seemed to have some sort of sixth sense about these kinds of things. However, I wasn't about to go back home for an umbrella or jacket when it wasn't raining now.

"Thanks," I told Mr. George as I continued past. "See you later..."

"Too bad I can't say the same," he joked, giving me a brief wave.

I reached Kyle's house a few minutes later and went straight back to his bedroom where he was in the middle of playing some video game. Kyle nodded at me as I came in but didn't say anything for nearly a full minute, being caught up in the game he was playing. Only once he got to a good spot did he finally stop and set the game aside.

"Hey man, what's up?" Kyle asked.

"Not much," I responded with a shrug. "I just had to get away from my Dad for a bit."

"What?" Kyle asked. "Is he pushing you to try out for the football team again?"

"Not this time," I responded, dropping down onto the edge of Kyle's bed. "This time he's just doing the old 'it's my house so you're slave labor' routine."

At this point, Kyle handed me a remote and I joined him playing the game. It was a good way to kill time and avoid having to clean the garage for a bit. However, after about an hour, I looked out the window and saw that it had just started raining hard.

I thought about what Mr. George had said and mused, "How the hell does he do that?"


It was the last class of the school day and I sat back watching the clock rather than paying attention to the teacher. It would be easy to say that I didn't like math and it made no sense to me, but the truth was I didn't mind math at all and I understood it fairly well. Instead, the problem was that we were going over something I already knew which made me feel like I was just wasting my time here.

"Pointless," I muttered in annoyance.

I looked back at our teacher Mr. Nelson, a balding and overweight guy who was only in his thirties but somehow seemed older and more tired. He certainly added to the overall feeling of boredom, obviously having no real passion for the subject himself.

Then I looked around the room, seeing Cindy sitting a few seats away and actually looking interested. She was something of a stereotypical nerd with acne problems, thick glasses, and a noticeable lack of confidence. I'd actually tried being friendly with her for awhile but she seemed to think that I was just doing this as some kind of setup to make fun of her. I couldn't help but feeling sorry for any person who just assumed that every friendly gesture was hiding something hostile.

"At least we're almost done," Kyle said from where he was sitting beside me, watching the clock just as closely as I was.

When the bell finally rang, I was more than happy to leave. I made a quick stop at my locker to drop off my books, other than the ones I'd need for homework tonight. And then I was ready to go home.

However, I was just starting towards the exit when I noticed Cindy was cornered by Jason Thomas, the star player of the school football team. Unfortunately, he tended to fit the stereotype that gave jocks a bad name and at the moment he seemed to find it amusing to mess with the nerd girl.

"Come on Jason, leave her alone," I told him with a sigh.

Jason turned and looked at me before responding, "Hey Danny boy..."

I rolled my eyes at that but didn't say anything. In spite of being a bit of a bully, Jason never really messed with me. I suspected that my bike racing gave me enough cred that he didn't think of me as a potential victim. However, I'd certainly never been friends with Jason either. For the most part, we just didn't run with the same crowd.

"What?" Jason asked, giving me a curious look. "You got a thing for this geek?"

"I just think you've got better things to be doing," I told him, trying to distract him. "I mean, don't you have to practice for the big game?"

"Good point," Jason said after a few seconds. He smirked at Cindy and added, "I've got better things to do than waste my time with you." And with that, he turned and left.

Cindy gave me a suspicious look before she turned and hurried off in the opposite direction, not bothering to thank me for interfering. Of course, I hadn't really expected her to. She probably still thought I was just messing with her too.

"Not bad," Kyle said, coming up and slapping me on the back. "But if you're looking for a damsel in distress to rescue, you can probably pick a better one."

"Bite me," I told him with a grin.

Kyle and I went to our bus, talking the entire trip home about what kind of car we each wanted to get once we had enough money. However, I knew that as much as I wanted a car of my own, I was still going to put any money I got towards my bike first.

When we reached our bus stop, Kyle told me, "Later loser," before he started heading for his house. I flipped him off and then began walking the other direction towards my own home.

My bus stop was right next to Mr. George's house so I waved to him even though he couldn't see it and called out, "Hey Mister George... How's it going?"

"I'm not quite sure," he responded, deviating from his usual response of 'Not bad at all'. He looked around and sniffed the air, saying, "There's something big coming... Something strange..."

I blinked at that and asked, "What do you mean?"

"I can't rightly say," Mr. George told me thoughtfully. "But I can feel something coming...something that’s gonna change the world."

"Okay," I responded, not quite sure what to say to that. I wondered if Mr. George was starting to go senile but certainly hoped he wasn't. I kind of liked the old guy. He was kind of like how I'd always imagined what my grandpa would be like, if I actually had one who was alive that is. "Well, I'll see you later."

"Not if I see you first," Mr. George joked, waving at me with a chuckle as I left.

I worried about Mr. George as I continued home, wondering if there was someone I could talk to if he was starting to lose his marbles. However, as far as I knew he didn't have any family. I guess all I could do was hope that his weird crazy talk was a onetime thing and that he wasn't losing it.

As soon as I got home, I was pounced on by my 6 year old brother Tyler who immediately blurted out, "You promised you'd help me fix my bike..."

"Jeez, let me at least put my backpack down first," I told him with a grin.

"And don't forget your homework," Mom reminded me.

"I don't know," I responded with a look of mock innocence. "I think a bicycle with a flat tire takes precedence over homework."

"Yeah," Tyler agreed with me.

I dropped my backpack in the corner, ignoring my Mom's order to pick it up and put it away where it really belonged. Instead, I grabbed Tyler by the hand and took him to the garage to fix his bike. After all, I knew what it was like to be without my bike so the least I could do was help him get his going again.

About two hours later when we were getting ready for dinner, my Mom suddenly yelled, "Oh God," from the kitchen.

Dad and I both rushed to check on her and found her standing there, staring out the window with look of shock. Dad scowled and demanded, "What the hell are you going on about?"

"Look at the sky," Mom said, pointing out the window.

I looked out the window and immediately saw what she was referring to. The sky had changed color and was now a strange shade of green. I just stared for a moment while Dad muttered some profanities and then we all rushed outside where we could get a better look. Once outside, it became clear that the entire sky had somehow changed color and not just in the spot we could see.

"Maybe it’s that global warming shit they're talking about," Dad exclaimed, taking a nervous drag on his cigarette.

I just stared up at the sky in amazement, suddenly remembering what Mr. George had said earlier. "Holy shit," I muttered. "He was right again... There is something weird."

After a couple minutes, I finally looked away, feeling sort of dizzy and strange. I couldn't explain it but for some reason my entire body felt sort of itchy. I didn't know why I was suddenly feeling like this and when I looked at Mom, Dad, and Tyler, none of them seemed to have suddenly been hit like this so I assumed it must be my imagination or something.

I looked down the street and saw that other people were starting to come out of their houses and stare up at the sky as well. Before long, nearly everyone in the neighborhood seemed to be standing outside. It suddenly made me think of the Fourth of July and the way everyone watched the fireworks.

We went back inside after a few more minutes and ate dinner in the living room so we would catch the news on TV. The people on TV were saying that this wasn't just a local thing but that the sky had turned green across the entire world, at least everywhere it was day out. In places where it was so overcast you couldn't see through the clouds, the clouds themselves had taken on a green color. And on the other side of the planet where it was night, the moon seemed to have turned green as well.

At first, no one had any idea of what was causing this and then they finally got some scientists on who said that it looked like the Earth was passing through some sort of galactic cloud. However, none of the ones they interviewed seemed to have any real idea of what the cloud was made of or if it might be harmful.

"Bullshit," Dad exclaimed. "I bet this is some kind of chemical weapons attack..."

"Across the entire planet?" I asked Dad somewhat skeptically.

Then they reported that hospitals across the world were being filled up with people claiming to be sick because of the green sky. As they listed the symptoms that most were reporting, the nausea, itchiness, and tingling through your body, I gasped.

"I've got those symptoms," I blurted out. "I feel like that too..."

"Are you sure?" Mom asked, looking worried.

Dad just snorted and told Mom, "Danny's making it up." He gave me s skeptical look before adding, "He saw it on TV and is just trying to get attention."

"But I'm not," I protested, not that it would do any good. Once my Dad made his mind up about something it was damn hard getting him to change it again.

I continued watching the news until it was time for bed but they still didn't have any real answers or explanations, only people offering various theories that sounded more like guesses than anything else. The strange itchiness and tingling I felt didn't go away but didn't seem to be too dangerous. Maybe it was just an allergic reaction to the stuff in that space cloud like one of the doctors they interviewed on TV was saying it was. Either way, there didn't seem to be anything the doctors could do about it so I just went to bed and hoped that it would be all back to normal in the morning.


When my alarm started screaming at me to get up in the morning, I cursed and slowly climbed out of bed. Getting up every morning was always a chore but this morning it was even worse. I'd been itchy and uncomfortable all night long which made it difficult to get any sleep and when I did sleep, I had really weird and vivid dreams. A lot of them were wet dreams too.

I still felt itchy and strange, but more than that, I just felt...wrong. I couldn't really explain it other than that my entire body just felt...wrong. However, I was still half asleep and not willing to focus on much of anything at the moment. If nothing else, I could go to the doctor a little later.

I got dressed as quickly as I could, just like I did every morning. However, I was startled to discover that all of my clothes were now loose on me and almost several sizes too large. Even my shoes which had fit perfectly fine last night were now just a little too big. Now I was really starting to get worried.

"What the hell is going on?" I whispered nervously.

A minute later I found my Mom in the living room, sitting in front of the TV with the news channel still on. Tyler was up already too but was busy eating breakfast and complaining that Mom wouldn't put cartoons on the TV for him.

"But I wanna watch SpongeBob," Tyler pouted before taking a big bite of sugary cereal.

"Where's Dad?" I asked.

"He already left for work," Mom told me, not looking away from the TV.

I just nodded at that, not being surprised. We could be in the middle of a natural disaster and Dad still wouldn't let that interfere with what he'd already decided to do.

"There's no school today," Mom said. "They closed down all the schools because so many people are getting sick..."

"I think I am too," I told her awkwardly. "I think I need to see a doctor..."

Mom finally turned to look at me, her eyes going wide as she blurted out, "Your hair..."

"What about it?" I asked, getting even more worried because of my Mom's reaction.

Mom just stared at me with a look of fear and confusion that didn't do anything for my own emotions. "The news," she finally said, her voice shaking. "They said that the people who got sick are all starting to change... Your hair..."

"Change?" I asked blankly, not liking the sound of that.

Since my Mom seemed a bit too shocked to be of much help, I went to the bathroom to see why she was going on about my hair. When I looked in the mirror, I let out a gasp of surprise. My hair was all several inches longer than normal, not to mention it was violet.

"What the hell?" I demanded, pulling on my hair and proving it was real. I stuck my head under the faucet and tried washing it quickly but the violet color didn't just wash out. "This isn't possible..."

At this point, I was even more confused than before. I went back to the living room and watched the news with my Mom, hoping that they could give some explanation. Unfortunately, all they could really say was that people all over the world were being changed.

One scientist they interviewed said, "It looks like the Earth is already in the process of leaving the galactic cloud and we should be free from it in just a few more hours. Perhaps these infected people will change back when that occurs but we don't know enough yet."

Another scientist said, "We have absolutely no idea of why or how these people are being changed but we know that it does not seem to be contagious. Only the people who were initially sickened from exposure to the cloud are changing and there are no cases of additional people becoming sick or transforming."

And then there was another doctor who said, "We do know that this is not the result of a virus. We have found absolutely no evidence of any form of viral infection being the cause..."

After watching all of this, I realized that going to the doctor would be completely and totally pointless. None of the doctors or so called experts had any idea of what was going on. That just made it easier for some of the religious people to start giving their theories on the news as well. The only good news was that whatever this was, it didn't seem to be killing people, just changing them. However, that didn't make me feel a whole lot better.

Now that I was thinking about it, I could sort of feel my body changing and it completely freaked me out. I did my best to ignore it, to pretend that it wasn't happening. However, that wasn't easy when Tyler kept staring at me and asking why my hair was purple. My Mom wasn't much better.

I became aware that while I was watching the news and trying hard not to think about the changes to my own body, my hair had grown another four inches. I only realized it after my Mom had pointed it out.

My whole body still felt itchy so I scratched at myself as I have been doing off and on since last night. But when I scratched at my chest I was startled to realize that it felt sort of soft and puffy through my shirt. A cold chill shot down my spine as I worried about what was happening to me.

I slowly stood up and realized that my shoes were now even looser than before. All of my clothes now felt even larger on me. I gulped and looked at my Mom who'd also stood up, noticing that I was looking her straight in the eyes at what seemed to be an even level. Another cold chill ran down my spine as I considered the fact that I was 5 foot 10 and she was only 5 foot 7...yet we now seemed to be at the same height.

"Your face," Mom whispered, putting her hand to my face and staring at me with a worried look. "You don't look like yourself anymore... And your eyes..."

"You look weird," Tyler added, giving me a suspicious glare as though not quite sure who I was anymore.

The fear that I'd been trying to repress for the last couple hours came crashing back on my full force and I ran for the bathroom...or at least tried. I took several steps before my foot came out of my shoe and I fell face first onto the floor. After scrambling back to my feet, my pants started to slip off as well.

I muttered a stream of angry profanities while Mom gasped and snapped, "Watch your language," giving a meaningful look to Tyler.

Having Tyler hear bad language was the least of my worries as the moment but I bit my tongue, pulled my foot out of my other shoe, and then marched into the bathroom to look myself over in the mirror again. I gasped as I saw my reflection, amazed at just how much my face had changed since the last time I'd looked in the mirror. This also frightened me a great deal.

Last time I looked in this mirror, I looked like my normal self except that my hair had gotten longer and changed color, but now I almost looked like someone else entirely. My hair had definitely gotten longer, as I'd already noticed but it was still the same violet color as last time. The main changes were all in my face.

The first thing that caught my attention were my eyes which had changed color and were now a brilliant purple color that was completely unnatural for humans. My eyes were nearly the color of amethyst. I removed my glasses to rub my eyes and my vision sort of blurred for a moment before snapping back with crystal clarity. I gasped, realizing that I was seeing perfectly fine without my glasses.

"No way," I whispered, holding my hand up in front of me and seeing no sign of the blurriness that I usually got when I looked at things without my glasses. In fact, I think my vision may have been even better than it normally was with the glasses on.

Then I turned my attention back to the mirror and looked over the rest of my face, noticing that it seemed to have somehow softened and smooth a little. The very fine facial hair that I'd started to develop was now entirely good as was the small scar I had by my lip, the one that I'd had since I fell onto the fire place back when I was about Tyler's age.

My face had changed in other ways too but they were subtle and hard to point out. However, it had the effect of making it hard to actually recognize myself in my reflection. In fact, the face in the mirror almost looked like it could have belonged to some girl.

I scratched at my arm and then my chest again, still feeling it feel soft and puffy beneath my shirt. I quickly removed my shirt and then poked at my chest which now seemed to be sort of swollen. I was still poking at my swollen chest in worry when my Mom came in to check on me.

Mom stood there for a moment and stared at me with wide eyes and expression of confusion. Then she abruptly blurted out, "You've got breasts..."

"What?" I responded, looking down at my chest and then suddenly realizing that they were swollen on each side so that they did almost look like small breasts. It also suddenly dawned on me that my nipples looked larger and the small hairs that had been starting to grow on my chest were now gone which added to the effect.

Mom put her hand on my forehead to feel for a fever like she did every other time I got sick, though it didn't seem necessary since I didn't feel like I had a fever this time. Then she stared at my chest, bending down a little to get a closer look. She gulped noticeably and then gave me another look of worry before rushing out of the bathroom.

"Oh God," I whispered, closing my eyes and praying to a deity that I'd never bothered talking to before. "What's happening to me?"

I looked back into the mirror, this time noticing that my ears were changing as well. My ears actually looked slightly pointed on the top. I reached up and felt my ears, verifying that they were indeed a little pointed.

"What the hell is happening to me?" I demanded of my reflection but of course there was no answer.

I closed the door and locked it so my mom couldn't barge in again and then I began to take off my pant. I'd already noticed that my fine arm hair had vanished the same way the hairs on my face had and now I saw it had also affected the hair on my legs. My legs were now completely soft and smooth while just about every scar I had on my body had vanished.

Then I removed my underwear and stared at my equipment with a cold horror. All the hair from between my legs had completely vanished and my balls were almost entirely gone. I'd never been porn star sized but even my penis had shrunk to about half its normal size. I was now built like a toddler.

This was all extremely weird but then to get even weirder, I actually started to get an erection...albeit a small one. I was actually feeling turned on which had to be completely sick and twisted considering what was happening to me.

"Holy shit," I whispered, turning to stare at my reflection in the mirror again. I suddenly realized that with the changes to my face and my swollen chest, I now looked almost like a girl. With the changes between my legs as well, I had a very bad feeling about how I was changing. "No way..."

I wanted to freak out and panic but was emotionally a bit too stunned to do that. It helped to realize that I wasn't the only one going through this kind of thing. The new said that a LOT of people all over the world had gotten sick and were changing. I just wondered if they were all changing the same way I was.

It was with a heavy heart and a feeling of dread that I put my clothes back on. I had a very bad feeling as I thought about how loose all my clothing now was since it was a clear indication that I was shrinking as part of my changes.

A couple minutes later, I was back in the living room, staring at the news with the desperate hope that some scientist would suddenly announce that they knew what was going on and how to fix this. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case though I did learn a few more things about the changes that were occurring among the sick.

The news people had a few people in their own office who'd been changing so they had them on to talk about how they were changing and what it felt like. I watched with rapt attention, noticing that one camera man now had gray skin and had apparently grown 4 inches taller and more muscular. Then they talked to a woman who'd become shorter and stockier. One thing that they made clear was that everyone seemed to be changing in different ways.

Of course, I was very aware of my own changes and the fact that they were continuing. I even knew how I was changing, not that I could miss the fact that I was growing two breasts and all my boy parts were disappearing. The lumps on my chest were even getting a little bigger. And strangely enough, my nipples started to get hard poked out, feeling sensitive and weird...almost like erections.

Before long, my Dad came home from work, having been called by Mom who was in a panic over what was happening to my body. Oddly enough, her freaking out over it somehow made it easier for me to keep from doing so.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Dad demanded when he came through the door, pausing to stare at me with a look of shock and disbelief. "Danny?"

"Yeah," I responded self-consciously, staring at the floor since I couldn't bring myself to meet his eyes.

"I knew people were changing," Dad said awkwardly, continuing to stare at me. "Hell, one of the guys at work is turning green... I mean, he's turning fucking green..."

"But I'm not turning green," I blurted out angrily, gesturing down at myself. "I think I'm turning into a girl..."

"You look like a girl," Tyler exclaimed while Mom and Dad nodded agreement.

I turned to look at Mom, suddenly noticing that I now had to look up slightly to meet her eyes. I gulped and then shook slightly as I realized that I was now shorter than my mom.

Mom and Dad started arguing over what to do about me, nearly ignoring the fact that I was right there. Dad wanted to take me to the hospital immediately but Mom protested that all the hospitals were full with other people who were changing...and that the news said absolutely no one had any idea of how to stop these changes much less reverse them.

I listened for a few minutes before I had to escape. I went back to the bathroom to see my reflection, wincing when I saw that I did indeed look like a girl even more than before. My face was a girl's face now, a very pretty girl's face. My lips looked sort of puffy and kissable, at least the kind that I'd love to kiss on a real girl.

"Oh shit," I whispered, going to my room and locking the door behind me.

I sat on my bed and nearly hyperventilated. I reached down the front of my now very loose pants, feeling that my penis was nearly gone entirely. I could feel something else starting to form and gulped. I grabbed at my growing breasts through my shirt, feeling that they had indeed gotten bigger from when I'd actually examined them.

"I've got boobs," I muttered with a shake of my head, sure that this had to be some sort of twisted joke.

After a moment, I took off my shirt and looked at my chest, at what were obvious a pair of breasts. They had to be at least a B cup now, though I certainly wasn't any kind of expert. In fact, this was the first time I'd ever seen real tits outside of a dirty magazine.

But as unbelievably weird as my changes were, one of the strangest things was that my body was starting to feel kind of good. I still had a very tiny erection and was feeling horny, a feeling which had been growing stronger. I couldn't resist touching my erect nipples, gasping at how sensitive they felt.

"Damn this is weird," I exclaimed.

Just then, there was a knocking on my door and my Dad called, "Come on out Danny..."

"No," I responded, feeling too self-conscious. I felt ashamed of what was happening to me and didn't want anyone to see me like this. "I don't want anyone to see me..." My voice sort of cracked and sounded weird as I said that part.

For once, Dad didn't push things and left, much to my relief. I curled up on my bed into a ball, feeling my body continue to change. It seemed that my changes were going faster and faster but that could have just been my imagination or the fact that they were all coming together.

Over the next two hours, I just hid in my room and watched as my body changed. My breasts continued to grow larger. I held my hands over them and could almost feel them slowly expanding in my palms. At the same time, what little that was left of my boy parts disappeared entirely and a slit opened up in their place. I felt a particular moment of horror when I realized that. And during the entire time, I continued to feel horny.

Eventually, the itchiness, tingling, and sense of nausea all faded away and I could no longer feel my body changing. However, the horniness still remained. I now had a vagina instead of my old penis but it still felt sort of like I had an erection...but it was sort of soft and inverted instead. It was also sort of wet and gooey.

"It's done," I said quietly, feeling a moment of mixed relief and dread.

I stood up and looked over my body again even though I'd been paying close attention during my entire transformation. I had nice, round, and very firm breasts that were also soft and bouncy at the same time. They seemed absolutely enormous to me and I knew that they were even bigger than the DD breasts that one of the teachers in my school had by at least several cup sizes.

"Oh God," I whispered, staring at my hands which were now feminine with nails that looked perfectly manicured. They even had a strange pearlescent gloss to them.

A minute later, I was running those very hands over every inch of my body. My skin was smooth and absolutely flawless without a single hair or scar. Every single girl I knew would kill for skin like this though that hardly made me feel better.

As horrifying as this was, I was well aware of the fact that I had a killer body. It was very sexy with a waist that somehow seemed too slender and absolutely fantastic curves. However, that only made this harder for me to deal with.

Absolutely none of my clothes really fit me anymore but I put on a pair of my shorts and a shirt which would at least make me presentable enough to leave my room. It was then that I went to the bathroom again since I didn't have a mirror in my room. I had to see myself in a mirror.

The image in the bathroom mirror which greeted me looked quite different from the last time I'd seen it. My face looked far more feminine and unbelievably sexy. My skin had darkened a little around my eyes with a faint violent tinge so it almost looked like I had a little eye shadow on and my lips were full and kissable, not to mention they seemed just a little dark and shiny as though I had on some kind of lip gloss.

My hair had continued growing longer and was now down to my lower back, something that I was already well aware of. However, what did surprise me was that my ears were noticeably pointed, not to mention they went up about an inch higher than normal.

My body was unbelievable to look at and didn't seem quite real. I looked less like a real woman and more like some kind of cartoon parody of a woman. I was almost built like a flesh and blood Jessica Rabbit.

"I look like some kind of porn star," I exclaimed with a gasp.

It was at this point that I noticed my voice had definitely changed as well. Even to my own ears it sounded sexy and feminine. I gulped at that and then tried it out, saying a few nonsense phrases and making weird sounds just to hear what I sounded like. It appeared that not only did I look like some kind of porn star but I sounded like one too.

"Are you in there Danny?" Mom asked from outside the bathroom.

I hesitated a moment before quietly responding, "Yes..."

Then I took a deep breath to brace myself before opening the door. Mom and I stood there staring at each other and it was obvious that she was even taller in comparison to me. She was normally 5 foot 7 and considering our new height difference, I guessed that I was about 5 foot 4. I suddenly felt very short.

"Oh my God," Mom whispered as she stared at me.

"I think I'm done changing," I said, watching her reaction at hearing my voice.

It was extremely embarrassing to leave the bathroom and go into the living room where Dad and Tyler could see me as well. Both just stared in obvious disbelief, making me feel like I wanted to just turn and run back into my room and hide under the bed.

"Impossible," Dad said, staring at me intently...especially staring at my chest which only made this worse for me.

"Have they said anything on the news about a cure?" I asked, knowing that it was extremely unlikely but desperately hoping.

"No," Mom told me gently. "I'm sorry..."

"Damn changes," Dad muttered, lighting a cigarette and shaking his head. "This makes no sense."

Tyler just stared up at me and hesitantly asked, "Are you really Danny?"

"Yeah," I responded with a weak smile.

"You don't look like Danny," Tyler protested, giving me a suspicious look.

"You saw him changing honey," Mom assured Tyler. Then she turned back to me and forced a smile, adding, "You do look more like a Danielle now..."

I just collapsed onto the couch and stared down at my body in stunned confusion. I could barely even see past the rather obvious bulges from my chest.

"What am I going to do?" I finally asked, looking at my Mom and then my Dad with a desperate hope that they would have the answers. However, I could see that they were both just as confused as I was. "My God...what am I?"


I woke in the morning with one hand cupped on my breast and the other between my legs with my fingers still inside my wet and slippery slit. I blushed at the realization that I must have been playing with myself during my sleep but didn't remove my hands. I was still incredibly horny.

I couldn't help but thinking about last night before I'd gone to sleep, about how I'd finally given in and started masturbating. I blushed at the memory, remembering how good it had felt to rub my nipples and play with my slit. It had felt unbelievable, especially when I finally came. I'd orgasmed several times and had to bit my pillow to keep from making noise that my family might hear. Unfortunately, it hadn't done anything for my horniness and I'd fallen asleep unsatisfied.

Sleeping hadn't been easy in the last, not just due to the strangeness of my own body or the weight on my chest but also unending horniness. When I did sleep, it was filled with lots of very erotic wet dreams, most of which I couldn't remember. It was no wonder I'd been playing with myself in my sleep.

"What is wrong with me?" I muttered, playing with my breasts and moaning slightly at how good it felt. I rubbed between my leg and slipped a finger in and out of my very wet slit, biting my lip and feeling eager for another orgasm like the ones I'd had last night. "I can't believe I'm doing this..."

But just then, I heard Tyler yelling down the hall though I couldn't make out what he was saying. I grimaced and quickly tore my hands away, feeling a surge of guilt and embarrassment. I couldn't believe I was enjoying anything about this.

After a minute, I got dressed though it could hardly be called that. I had on a pair of my own shorts and a T shirt that was stretched a bit too tight across my chest. Unfortunately, I didn't have any clothes that really fit me now though Mom promised we'd change that today. I think she was hoping that I'd change back during the night so it wouldn't be necessary. I'd certainly been hoping that myself.

I found my Mom in the living room, watching the news just like yesterday morning. Tyler was running around, playing some sort of a game. However, he paused when he saw me and gave me a curious look though made no effort to come near me.

"Anything new?" I asked Mom hopefully.

"No," she shook her head unnecessarily. "And your Dad is at work."

"On a Saturday?" I asked in surprise.

Mom smiled weakly before telling me, "He wanted to get in some overtime."

I just nodded at that, not feeling too surprised. Yesterday had been very uncomfortable for both Dad and myself. He kept giving me looks of shame and disgust over how I'd changed, but even more awkward than that had been the way he kept staring at my chest when he didn't think I noticed. I figured that the whole overtime thing was just an excuse to avoid me.

For several minutes I just stood there and watched the news, hoping for anything that might give a clue about what had happened to me or why. It was hard to believe that some weird cloud could cover the entire planet and do this. More importantly though, I just wanted some hope that they'd find a way to change me back. When I saw nothing new, I went to the bathroom to take care of my morning business.

At first, I almost forgot that I had to sit down to pee until I pulled down my shorts and reached for my now missing equipment. Then once I was done doing my business, I had to remind myself what Mom had told me about feminine hygiene yesterday, that I'd have to wipe from front to back to keep from getting an infection. That was something I never expected to need to know.

Next came my shower, which I fully intended to take as quickly as I could. However, as soon as the warm water hit my breasts I gasped at the sensation, amazed at how good it felt. I already knew that my whole body was more sensitive than before and seemed to have become one big erogenous zone but this reminded me of it all the more.

"Oh God," I moaned, rubbing at my breasts with my hands, savoring how good it felt.

Then I reached between my legs and began fingering myself again. It felt incredible so I closed my eyes and kept at it, feeling the pressure built until I orgasmed. The orgasms came so quickly and easily that I gave myself another two before I was finished. Before I was done, I was sitting in the tub, shaking from the pleasure and enjoying the afterglow.

"And I'm still horny," I exclaimed in frustration. "Why am I so damn horny?"

As difficult as it was, I finished up my shower and then began drying my hair. Yesterday, Mom had said something about wishing she had silky hair like that...other than it being violet. It was still weird having so much of it but that was actually one of the least weird things about my situation.

Once I was presentable again, I went back out to the living room and ate a quick breakfast while watching the news. They finally came up with some more information though it wasn't really good news. They just reported that a lot more people had been changed than I'd realized. According to the news, somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the world’s population had been changed.

"I hadn't realized there were so many," Mom gasped in shock when they announced that. "No wonder all the hospitals are full..."

"Holy shit," was all I could think to say which earned me a glare from Mom and another warning not to swear in front of Tyler.

"We'll get you some new clothes today," Mom said with a forced smile, staring at my chest for a moment and adding, "I think you're going to need a custom bra though..." There was a look of envy on her face as well though it certainly wasn't the first time. She'd been giving me jealous looks since I finished changing.

"Just great," I muttered, feeling disgusted by the idea of wearing a bra at all much less having to wear one big enough that it had to be custom made. However, I was realistic enough to know that as long as I had these monsters on my chest, I was going to need some kind of support. "I hope I can get rid of them soon."

"It's not going to be easy getting you tops that fit either," Mom continued thoughtfully, apparently either not noticing my discomfort or just not caring. Then as she began to slowly recite other things she thought I might need, I realized that this was just her way of trying to deal with the situation.

A short time later, Mom gave me an odd look and cautiously asked, "Are you okay... You look...uncomfortable."

"Of course I'm uncomfortable," I responded with a scowl and gestured down at myself. "Look at me. I'm NOT me. I've got these THINGS on my chest."

What I didn't add was the fact that I was horny and feeling frustrated about it. I couldn't exactly do anything about that either with her and Tyler here, not that my attempts to deal with it had done much good so far.

"I'm sorry," Mom apologized, looking uncomfortable. "You were just squirming..."

"Squirm squirm squirm," Tyler exclaimed, standing in front of me and staring at me oddly. "You look weird as a girl..."

"Gee...thanks," I told him with a roll of my eyes. "I feel weird being a girl too."

"You are kind of pretty though," Tyler added.

"I don't mean to make you even more uncomfortable," Mom pointed out cautiously. "But you aren't exactly dressed appropriately for going out in public."

I looked down at my shirt and shorts, knowing exactly what she meant. I wasn't wearing a bra and my nipples were kind of obvious through my shirt. In fact, I was kind of surprised that she'd let me wear this around the house, though it wasn't like there was a lot of choice. As strange as the idea was, I was far too busty for any of Mom's clothes.

"So I was thinking," Mom continued. "I'll go out and get you some clothes to start with and then we can go out and get you some more later on."

"Okay," I responded, thankful for the excuse to not leave the house.

Mom nodded at that and began to get ready to go. She paused though to give me another long look and asked, "Are you sure you don't still feel sick?"

"I sort of feel sick," I admitted, knowing that I couldn't tell her the truth, that I was just unbelievably horny.

"I thought so," she responded with a smug nod. She stared at me for a moment more, looking both jealous and confused at the same time. Then she shook her head and said, "I'll take Tyler with me so you can get some peace and quiet."

Almost as soon as Mom and Tyler were gone, I slipped my hand down the front of my shorts and began masturbating again. I bit my lip and moaned at how good it felt but it wasn't enough. I wanted more...I NEEDED more. It was like there was an itch inside of me that was begging to be scratched. Then I realized that was it...I needed something inside of me.

By this point, I was so horny and frustrated that I barely even hesitated. I rushed to my mom's room and the bottom drawer of her dresser where I knew she kept her toys. However, the idea of actually using anything that she had was still pretty gross.

My eyes settled on a huge dildo that was bright pink and over a foot long. I'd heard Mom joking with one of her friends about it when she didn't think I could hear and she'd said it was a gag gift from some bachelorette party she'd gone to. She'd jokingly called it Monster and had said that it was too big for her to even imagine being able to use. At the moment, the itch inside was so big that some part of me thought that only a monster would be able to handle it.

"I can't believe I'm even thinking of this," I muttered, grimacing at the raw feeling of need.

Just half a minute later, I was in my room with my clothes off and my legs spread open. I stared at the monstrous dildo which was about as thick around as a can of soda, wondering what it would feel like inside of me. I hesitated, thinking that it was completely and utterly wrong to even think of doing this but that didn't stop me.

I spread my slit open and slowly started to push Monster inside, afraid that it might be too big. I was already wet and very slippery, and to my delight, I easily stretched enough to accommodate the dildo. A moment later, I was slowly pumping it in and out, gasping at how incredible it felt.

"Oh God," I exclaimed as I came to an orgasm. "Oh God this feels good..."

I exploded into another orgasm and then another, loving how good it felt. I wanted more...a LOT more. But at the same time, it wasn't enough. I still wasn't satisfied. There was still something missing.

Then I let out a scream of frustration that also carried the shame I felt for what I'd just done. I'd just fucked myself with a giant dildo, something that filled me with a cold disgust. And even worse, I'd loved every moment of it and still wanted more. It still wasn't enough to satisfy this apparently endless horniness.

A moment later, my Mom's voice called out from the hallway outside my door, "I forgot something and had to come back. How are you holding up...?" Then she opened my door and froze, her eyes going wide in shock and horror as she saw me on my bed with Monster. "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?" She snapped around and yelled down the hallway, "Keep away from here Tyler...! Go back to the car...NOW!"

I scrambled to cover myself with one of my blankets, gasping in complete and utter shame and humiliation. It felt even worse as Mom stepped inside and closed the door to keep Tyler out, staring at me with a look of shock and disgust.

"What the hell are you doing?" she demanded angrily. "And was that...?" The glare she gave me made me cringe back.

"What do you expect me to do?" I snapped back with my own anger and frustration. "I'm so damn horny I'm going crazy..." I howled and demanded furiously, "Why won't it stop? Why can't I get it to stop...?"

"What are you talking about?" Mom demanded, now looking uncertain and even a little afraid.

I grimaced, feeling tears run down my cheeks. "It came with my change... God, I'm so horny...and it won't stop. It's all I can do to keep from playing with myself constantly. It hasn't stopped since I changed..."

"Oh God," Mom whispered, giving me an entirely different look of horror. "Why didn't you say something?"

"What?" I snapped back bitterly. "Like I could really tell my Mom I'm horny." I snorted at that. "Now I don't have any choice."

"I don't know what to say," Mom responded uncomfortably, obviously having no idea of what to think about this much less what to do. Then without another word, she turned and left my room.

I heard Mom's car leave a few minutes later while I just sat there crying in shame and self-disgust. To make my humiliation even worse, I couldn't help but staring at Monster and thinking about how good it would feel to fuck myself with it again.

By the time Mom and Tyler came back a couple hours later, I was all cleaned up and presentable again. She made no mention of what had happened earlier or the fact that I still had Monster in my room.

"I had to guess at your sizes," Mom told me as she began pulling out the clothes she bought. "I hope these fit..." She shook her head and said, "You wouldn't believe what it's like out there. The stores were full of changed people who are buying new clothes. Some of them look like they've changed even more than you..."

"We saw the Hulk," Tyler exclaimed proudly. "He was really big..."

"There was this man," Mom explained, looking a little dazed. "He was seven feet tall. And he had big muscles... He really did look sort of like the Hulk...but ugly. Really ugly."

"And I get this," I muttered, looking down at myself. "He gets big muscles...I get big tits."

I listened to Mom and Tyler go on about some of the strange looking people they'd seen while they were out, feeling curious. I dreaded the idea of other people seeing me like this but at the same time I was curious about seeing what some of the other people who'd been changed looked like.

When I got to the clothes Mom brought, I wasn't all that impressed by them but it was a lot better than nothing. There were two pairs of slacks that were about my size though one was a bit snug and one was a bit loose. She also got me two tops, one which showed a bit of cleavage and one which looked like it was a blouse for some overweight woman. And of course, there was a pair of tennis shoes which were just a little loose.

"At least I have something to wear," I told myself with a sigh once I finished getting dressed. And as Mom had told me earlier, this would at least let me leave the house and look for clothes that were a better fit. However, that would wait until tomorrow.

I soon found myself sitting back on the couch in the living room, watching the news just like I'd been doing yesterday and this morning. It was interesting since they were finally giving new information on the changed, which was what they'd settled on calling anyone who'd been changed. And even more importantly, it was a good way to distract myself from the incessant demands of my body.

"We've learned that the changes aren't quite as random and unique as first thought," the reporter on the TV said. "It appears that there are only several dozen types of changes and everyone who changed fits within one of these types. Doctors are still cataloguing the types of changes but report that each type is almost like a new race or even species..."

Then they brought in three people they had in the news room, two guys and a woman who obviously had very similar looking changes. All three of them had gray skin and hair that was a very light gray on the woman, nearly white, while darker gray on both men. The men were also both over 6 and a half feet tall and very muscular while the woman was 6 foot 4 and built like a bodybuilder as well.

"I was five foot eight last week," the gray skinned woman said self-consciously, flexing her arms to show her thick muscles. "And certainly not built like this..."

"There may be more people like me," I whispered, looking down at myself and imagining a whole crowd of busty girls violet hair and uncontrollable libidos. It was an interesting thought but also kind of frightening in a way.

I watched as the reporter interviewed the three gray skinned changed and they talked about what it felt like and how happy they were to find that they weren't the only ones to have changed like that. Then the reporter did something similar, showing two people who'd become very short and stocky during their changes. They immediately reminded me of the dwarves from all those fantasy books and movies. One of them even had a thick beard and if he'd been wearing the right clothes I might have mistaken him as an extra from the Lord of the Rings.

Of course, the distraction of watching this didn't make my horniness magically go away. I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat, sitting on my hands to keep from touching myself inappropriately. My Mom kept giving me knowing looks that contained more than a little disapproval but thankfully she didn't say anything.

"I saw two people who looked sort of like Vulcans from Star Trek while I was out," Mom said. Then she abruptly pointed to the TV and exclaimed, "Just like them..."

The three people who the reporter was talking about now were very slender and looked a little delicate in a way. All three of them also had pointed ears, brilliant green eyes, and hair that looked white or silvery. Two of them looked very pale but the third one had skin that was much darker and looked like he might have been black, though his skin had an almost copper color to it. All in all, they made me think elf more than Vulcan."

"They look a little like you," Mom pointed out thoughtfully. "Except that girl was almost completely flat chested and they've all got green eyes and yours are purple, and your hair color is different..."

"So what you're saying," I responded wryly, "is that I have pointed ears like they do."

I watched the news even more carefully in hopes that they'd bring on some people who'd been changed like me. However, after they were done talking with these Vulcans or elves, they began repeating earlier footage.

I got up and walked away from the TV since it didn't look like there'd be anything new on the news for awhile. I was trying to think of what I could do to occupy myself, other than going back to my room and playing with Monster that is, when the doorbell began to ring.

"I'll get it," I told Mom.

When I opened the door, I was a little startled to find Kyle standing there, though I shouldn't have been since he came over all the time. Kyle just stood there staring at me, his eyes going to my breasts and making me uncomfortably aware of them.

"Kyle," I said to distract him from my breasts.

"Um...Mrs. Watkins I assume," Kyle said awkwardly. "I'm here to see Danny..."

"I am Danny," I told him quietly, wincing at the look of shock on his face.

"Danny?" Kyle gasped, taking a step back and blurting out, "No fucking way..."

I cringed at that, feeling completely and totally embarrassed. "It's me," I told him. "Come on inside..."

As Kyle came in, I was well aware of the fact that he was now much taller than me. We used to be about the same height but now I felt incredibly short in comparison. Of course, I was short in comparison now.

"Hi Kyle," Mom greeted him as he came in. She gave me a meaningful look and said, "As you can see, we've had a little drama around here..."

"Holy shit," Kyle muttered as he looked me over again, giving me a skeptical once over before shaking his head. Then he hesitantly asked, "Was anyone else in your family changed?"

"No one else in the house," Mom answered with a frown. "I still haven't been able to get hold of some of our more distant family members."

"My aunt changed," Kyle told us, giving me an uncomfortable look. "My aunt changed... I mean, she got ten years younger and looks sort of like an elf now."

I nodded, remembering the people I'd seen on TV who looked like elves. "I guess that's kind of common among the changed," I told him self-consciously. After all, the news mentioned that some types of changes seemed much more common than others and they'd suggested that the three types they'd interviewed were among the most common.

"Man, is that really you Danny?" Kyle abruptly asked me. "I haven't heard of anyone else changing into a girl..."

"It's me," I insisted.

Then I closed my eyes for a moment, knowing that if there was ever a day I needed to race around a dirt track in order to burn off stress, it was today. I silently cursed the fact that my bike was out of commission and then suddenly realized something else.

"Oh shit," I muttered, going to the garage while Kyle followed behind me curiously.

I stood in front of my bike, staring at it in frustration and muttering a stream of profanities that seemed to amuse Kyle. Thanks to my changes, I was now much smaller than before which meant that my bike was now too big for me to use. If I wanted to ride again, I'd actually have to get an entirely new bike that was more my size. And just as bad, with these monster boobs, I wouldn't be able to ride without them flopping all over the place.

"I can't use my damn bike anymore," I told Kyle in frustration. "Even if I did get it fixed."

Kyle nodded, no longer doubting my identity. However, he did seem a little amused. He told me, "It's just kind of funny having you swear and talk like Danny when you sound like a phone sex operator."

"Bite me," I snapped at him in response. That just seemed to amuse him more.

We went back into the house and started for my room but my Mom said, "Keep your bedroom door open."

I paused, wondering why she'd say that until I remembered what I now looked like and guessed what she had to be thinking, especially after I'd told her just a few hours ago about how horny I felt. It didn't matter how horny I was, there was absolutely no way I was going to do anything with Kyle. The very idea was sick and wrong. However, a voice in the back of my head whispered that it was no more sick and wrong than playing with Monster.

"I need some fresh air," I abruptly told Kyle, turning and going to the front door instead. "I haven't been outside since before I started changing..."

I felt a little nervous as I stepped out the front door for the first time in my new body and even a little afraid. However, that was just more reason that I needed to be out here. If you wipe out on your bike you just have to get right back on again as soon as you can.

After a minute, I looked across the street where I saw a short and stocky midget coming out of the front door, looking like one of the dwarves I'd seen on the news. He even had thick stubble though it certainly wasn't a full beard yet. Mr. Atkins lived there alone so I assumed that this was him and that he'd been changed, though I wasn't exactly in the mood to talk. Still, he was the first changed I'd seen in person other than in a mirror and I couldn't help but staring a little. He paused to stare back as well, not that I could blame him.

"Damn this is weird," Kyle said once we started walking down the sidewalk. "I mean, I can't believe you're you... You don't look or sound anything like you."

"You have no idea how weird this is," I told him with a grimace, thinking of the strong temptation I felt to just play with myself right there. "No idea."

"So...what is it like?" Kyle asked me carefully.

"My whole body feels wrong," I told him. "I've got tits that stick out like a foot and they're heavy. My whole sense of balance is screwed up." I gestured at my breasts and spat out, "These damn things keep getting in the way." I remembered last night how I'd lost track of them and accidentally got them into my dinner. Of course, I couldn’t tell him about how horny I was either.

"Yeah, but think of the positive side," Kyle told me with a grin. "You've got your own boobs that you can play with whenever you want."

"There is that," I responded wryly. He had no need to know that I'd already done that a great deal and then some. I still squirmed at the thought of what I'd done with Monster yet felt oddly turned on by it at the same time.

"Can I see them?" Kyle asked with an eager grin.

I blinked in surprise then exclaimed, "Hell no."

"C'mon, what are friends for?" Kyle asked with a look of mischief in his eyes.

I rolled my eyes at that. "Somehow," I pointed out with a sigh, "I don't remember the chapter in the best friend handbook about having to let your friends see your boobs..."

"That's because it's in the addendum," Kyle added with a chuckle.

"You know," I said thoughtfully. "Mister George knew this was gonna happen."

"What?" Kyle responded in surprise. "You're kidding me."

I shook my head at that. "No... The other day he told me that something big was coming...something that was going to change the world. He told me this before the sky turned green and everything."

"Holy shit," Kyle muttered. "How the hell did he know that?"

The two of us looked at each other and then started for Mr. George's house. We arrived just a couple minutes later but he wasn't on the porch. After hesitating for a few seconds, we went and knocked and his door but there was no answer. We even peaked through the window but saw no sign of anyone home.

"Maybe he changed and went to the hospital," Kyle suggested. "Or maybe he's with his family."

"Maybe," I agreed, knowing that there were a lot of reasons he might not be home. However, I wanted to ask him how he knew about the change and if he knew anything more. It just seemed very inconvenient that the one time I really wanted to talk to him he was gone.

With that, I decided that I'd had enough fresh air for the moment so turned and slowly started back towards home. Kyle walked beside me, sneaking looks at my breasts and talking about the changed, being careful not to actually mention mine. He was obviously curious about my changes but was polite enough not to push, at least at the moment. Give him a day or two though and he'd be asking the most personal questions imaginable. I was thankful for his restraint at the moment but a part of me couldn't help but feeling at least a little resentful that he'd escaped the changes.


I felt self-conscious as I walked around the mall with my Mom, well aware of all the odd looks and stares I was getting. Of course, I certainly wasn't the only person being stared at since there were a lot of other changed around here, most of whom looked even stranger than I did. However, I had to admit to myself that absolutely none of them looked as sexy as I did.

Mom and I had been looking for new clothes for the last two hours and I'd already found more than I would have expected and for a lot cheaper. This was due to a clothing exchange going on in the mall parking lot. People who'd changed were bringing clothes they could no longer wear to donate as were people who hadn't changed but still wanted to help. As a result, I found some clothes that actually fit me for free so we didn't really need to buy very much, mostly panties.

I was a little amazed at how calm and organized this all was, thinking that after something as big as the change that there would be martial law and rioting. Of course, there were other countries in that situation but not the least not most of it since there were a few cities that had riots. I was pretty sure that this was at least partly because the president's wife was one of the changed and he'd been calling for calm and encouraging people to help each other deal with this.

"Too bad Dad's missing this," I told Mom, knowing that Dad would be upset by all the changed who were here and I would have liked to have seen that. However, Dad had chosen to stay home rather than come shopping with us, not that I blamed him for that since I wouldn't want to be shopping like this if I didn't have to. Before we left, he complained long and loud about the cost of having to buy me new clothes.

"This is a lot for him to get used to," Mom told me while I rolled my eyes.

"He's not the one with a lot to get used to," I muttered bitterly.

My relationship with Dad had always been kind of rough but it had definitely become ever more so since my change. He was uncomfortable with my changes and kept giving me disapproving looks whenever he saw me, as if it was somehow my fault I'd changed. Then there was the fact that he seemed to dislike the changed in general, calling us freaks when he didn't think I could hear him.

Mom just nodded and was careful not to look at me. She was obviously thrown for a loop by my changes as well but at least she was trying to deal with them rather than just avoiding me. I was grateful for that.

"At least we found you a couple bras," Mom told me, referring to the stash of clothing we'd found in the clothing exchange which seemed to have all come from the same woman. There were a number of tops there I could use and even some bras that would fit. However, some of the tops were a little revealing and daring with some things that made me suspect that previous owner may have been a stripper. "I don't like you having to wear used ones but they'll have to do until we can get some new ones ordered for you..."

I just nodded as Mom talked about other things I might need as a girl though I was paying more attention to some of the changed around me. There was a slender female elf near me who was complaining to a normal woman about how she used to be bigger up top and actually got smaller breasts from her change.

I certainly hadn't been the only one to notice the similarities in appearance between some of the changed and certain mythological races. Because of that, people had already started calling people like her elves and referring to ones like my neighbor Mr. Atkins as dwarves. However, the similarities hadn't stopped there and just about every type of changed were getting nicknames...many of them referring to other mythological races. The big muscular ones with the gray skin were alternately being called grays or orcs.

Earlier this morning I'd found a website online which had a list of the types of changed that had been identified so far and gave the nicknames which had been given to them. There were not only the elves and dwarves but also goblins, trolls, sasquatch, and even mermaids. Other types were listed as well but I hadn't found any mention for what I'd turned into yet.

"Are you doing okay?" Mom asked me with a worried look.

"Yeah," I nodded and gave her a weak smile. "For now."

Of course, Mom was referring to my horniness problem which I know she'd told Dad about last night. That had made him avoid me even more, as though it might somehow be contagious. Then again, maybe it was a little. Last night while I'd been playing with Monster before going to sleep, I could hear Mom and Dad going at it from their own room. It had made me jealous that I was the one with the uncontrollable horniness and they were the ones who were having sex.

I squirmed uncomfortably, still feeing extremely horny in spite of having already spent some quality time with Monster this morning. This horniness was making it harder and harder to think of anything other than sex. It was taking a bit of an effort to keep myself focused due to this unbearable frustration.

"We should get going," Mom reminded me. "Your appointment is in just half an hour..."

I had no idea how my parents had gotten me a doctor appointment when every doctor and hospital was completely booked up with changed who wanted to be checked out...but somehow they did. Normally, I hated going to the doctor for just about any reason but this time I was actually excited about it. I was under no illusion that a doctor would be able to change me back to normal but at least they might be able to do something about my constantly being turned on.

Doctor Anders was in his late forties with dark brown hair that was starting to gray. He wasn't my usual doctor but he was the only one that my parents could get an appointment with. After meeting him in his office, I wasn't quite as thrilled about getting the appointment. He said hello while staring intently at my breasts and he continued to drool over me afterwards, making little attempt to even hide it.

"You can call me Dave," Doctor Anders told me once the two of us were alone in his examination room with the door closed. I gave him a skeptical look, suspecting that he didn't invite most of his patients to call him by his first name because it certainly wasn't very professional. "Before I start the examination, is there anything I need to know? Your mother told me that you had some unusual symptoms from your change."

"Yeah," I admitted uncomfortably, unable to bring myself to look at him as I described my constant horniness. It was completely humiliating to do so in front of a complete stranger but I told myself that he was a doctor and that he wouldn't be able to help me with the problem if he didn't even know about it. "And it won't go away," I told him with tears of frustration starting to form. "I'm going crazy..."

"Have you been...masturbating?" he asked carefully to which I reluctantly nodded.

"All the time," I told him quietly. "It helps a little...but not enough."

"Well, let's get a look at you then," Doctor Anders told me. He began taking my blood pressure and continued, "You know, I've examined dozens of changed over the past couple days and I haven't seen another one like you. In fact, you're the first one I heard of who changed gender."

"Oh joy," I responded sarcastically. "I feel so special."

"Pointed ears," Doctor Anders mused as he used a light to look in my ears. "Unusual color for eyes... Can you say AAAH for me? Good. Now can you stick out your tongue? Oh, that's a little longer than usual."

"Really?" I asked, sticking my tongue out again and realizing that it was about two inches longer than normal. I could even touch the tip of my nose with my tongue, not that I wanted to do so. "I guess I can do a good Gene Simmons impression."

Then Doctor Anders pulled out a stethoscope and checked my heartbeat. He held it on one of my breasts rather than closer to my heart which made me think he didn't know what he was doing at first. It took me a moment to realize that he knew exactly what he was doing. He moved the stethoscope and 'accidentally' brushed up against my breasts with his hand.

I gasped at the contact since it felt good. Too good. I bit my lip to keep from either moaning or saying anything but glared at Doctor Anders who seemed to get the message. He was a little more careful as he finished that part of the exam.

"I'll need you to undress for the rest of the exam," he told me, trying to look calm and professional but I could see the gleam in his eyes.

Even though I wanted to insist that there was no way I was going to get undressed in front of this pervert, I reminded myself that he was a doctor and this was an exam. I reluctantly got undressed and let him see me naked.

Then I noticed the bulge in his pants and felt a surged of mixed emotions. On one hand, I was embarrassed by that but on the other I felt a surge of glee. If I was stuck being horny and unable to do anything about it then it only seemed fair that he was too.

I think Doctor Anders realized that he was pushing the edge a little too much because he remained professional as he looked over the rest of my body, or at least he tried to. He was definitely taking a little too much delight in this exam and it bothered me a little to realize that a part of me was enjoying the attention. When he was finished and I was free to put on my clothes, I let out a sigh of relief and did so as quickly as I could.

Once we were all through and I was fully dressed again, Doctor Anders told me, "From what I can tell, you appear to be a healthy female except that your hormone level appears to be through the roof along with your libido." He shook his head and gave me a curious look for a moment before continuing, "Frankly though, you aren't a normal human anymore. You've been changed and I have no idea at the extent of what that really means or just how different your internal physiology might be. I'd need X rays, MRI's and a battery of blood tests to find out more and honestly...all the labs are extremely backed up now."

Doctor Anders told me that he didn't dare give me anything for my horniness since he didn't know enough about what my changes did to my physiology and what kind of reactions I might have. I was extremely disappointed and frustrated when I left the office, having gained nothing from my visit besides an official diagnosis of nymphomania with no way to treat it.

As soon as I got home, I got on the computer to look at the list of known types of changed again. Several new entries had been added since this morning including one that fit all of my changes exactly. 'Appear to all sexy and busty women with pointed ears, hair that ranges in color from pink to purple, and have raging nymphomania. This is one of the rarest types of known changes'.

I felt a cold chill run through me as I read through the description again, especially the part about every known change of my type having raging nymphomania. Then I looked at the name that we had been given and gulped. Nymph.


It was the first day of going back to school since the world was changed by that galactic cloud. I was going back to school just like I did every Monday though this was certainly not like any other Monday.

I was a bit surprised at the fact that most schools were back open again, having only been shut down for one day due to the change. However, the government was encouraging people to just continue with their lives and had pointed out that most people hadn't been changed. Anyone who had been could call in sick individually but there was no reason for everyone else to be held home because of it.

Unfortunately for me, my parents had decided that I had to go back to school. Dad was stubborn and trying to act as though everything was normal, seeming to think that if he made me act as if it was too then maybe it would be. Then again, that appeared to be the government’s philosophy as well. I suspected that Mom just wanted to get me out of the house and perhaps she even thought that being at school would distract me from my problems.

The only good thing about this morning was that Mom dropped me off at school rather than made me take the bus. Perhaps she was afraid that I'd 'accidentally' miss the bus and didn't want to take any chances. Damn her for knowing me so well.

When I stepped into the school, I was immediately aware of the attention I was receiving. It was the exact same kind of attention I got yesterday when I was out with my Mom getting new clothes. There were a lot of curious looks as my violet hair immediately marked me as changed and most of them probably hadn't seen another changed like me yet. Then there were the looks the guys were giving me, ones of obvious attraction. Those looks made me a bit uncomfortable but I understood why they were staring and knew that I would too if I could. However, the ones that really got me were the girls who were either giving me looks of jealousy or even open hostility.

But even though I was very aware of the attention, I was even more aware of my body and needs. I was horny as hell and had a hard time focusing on anything else for very long. I'd even brought Monster with me in my back pack so I might be able to find an opportunity to relieve some of the pressure later on. My sense of shame at using Monster had mostly burned away under the onslaught of my hormones the pleasure it gave me.

I shook my head and tried to stay focused as I made my way to my locker to pick up the books I'd need. I paused, looking around at the hallway and seeing other changed walking past. I made eye contact with a boy who was short, skinny, bald, and had dark green skin with large pointed ears. I recognized him as the type of changed that people were referring to as goblins. I couldn't read his expression but he quickly looked away and hurried off.

"Damn," I muttered, wondering what it would be like turning into a short, bald, green guy. I didn't know whether to feel sorry for him for that or envy him since at least he was still a guy and without this damn horniness.

"Hey Danny," Kyle said as he appeared behind me, making me nearly jump in the process. "That is you isn't it? I haven't seen anyone else who looks like you..."

"Yeah, It's me," I told him with a sigh.

Kyle nodded and then looked around to make sure no one else was close before he quietly told me, "I was looking online and I think I know what you are. I think you're a nymph."

"I know," I responded with a wince.

Kyle stared at me with his eyes going wide, obviously having heard about the nymphomania problem that nymphs have. "Damn... You must be lucky not to be a total nympho." I just glared at Kyle and he gulped. "Holy shit... You are...aren't you?"

"Fuck you," I snapped at him. "It's none of your damn business."

However, Kyle didn't take the hint and asked me, "I mean, really? What's it like?"

I made a point of completely ignoring Kyle I walked to my first class while he came with, asking me even more questions By the time we reached the class room, I finally had enough and snapped, "It's a pain in the ass and I'm not going to talk about it...certainly not here at school."

"Okay," Kyle responded, rolling his eyes. He obviously had no understanding of what I was going through and I certainly wasn't about to educate him right now. Since we didn't share our first period together, I went inside to get away from Kyle while he turned to go to his own class.

I stepped into the classroom and looked around, finding that nearly every pair of eyes was immediately locked on me. The results were almost exactly the same as in the hallway with looks of curiosity, attraction, envy, and hostility. I squirmed uncomfortably and noticed that I wasn't the only changed in the room.

There was an Asian girl named Kim who was already sitting at her desk and who'd gone through a rather noticeable change as well, though not quite as drastic as mine. Her ears had moved more to the top of her head and were almost like cat ears and her eyes were yellow and looked like those of a cat as well. Even more noticeable was the fact that she now had a tail.

Kim was the first cat person I'd seen though I knew she certainly wasn't the only one. From what I'd heard, there were several different names for this type of changed, including nekos. At the moment, she was getting a lot of attention from the other students who were curious about her changes...especially her retractable claws which she was starting to demonstrate.

Then I looked over at the teacher Mr. Hawthorn, an old former hippie with gray hair and a beard. He was usually laid back and actually seemed to enjoy teaching literature which was why this wasn't usually a bad class to take first thing in the morning.

Mr. Hawthorn stared at me for a moment and then looked out at the class and finally his attendance sheet. "Since all the other girls are accounted for," he told me as he looked back at me and smiled gently. "I'm assuming you're Michelle."

I shook my head at that and quietly responded, "No." I hesitated a moment, feeling a surge of intense embarrassment as I nearly whispered, "I'm Danny. Danny Watkins."

"Danny?" Mr. Hawthorn repeated with a gasp of surprise.

That immediately got the attention of nearly everyone in the classroom and I was suddenly being stared at again. This time, there were expressions of shock, amazement, and even pity mixed in with the other ones. I winced at that and did my best to ignore them as I took my usual seat.

"Wow," the girl next to me said, staring at me with a skeptical look. "You really have changed." I just blushed at that and sort of crouched down, wishing I could turn invisible.

Mr. Hawthorn started class a minute later but he kept sneaking looks at me as did most of the other students. I tried paying attention to the lecture but it was very difficult to focus. My thoughts kept shifting to fantasies of sex and the more bored I got the easier it was for those thoughts to dominate. I had to clench my desk tightly just to keep from absently playing with myself right there in class. I was scared to realize just how easily that could happen with my current frame of mind.

Then Mr. Hawthorn handed out a test and I was actually happy about this. A test would give me something to focus on and think about other than my damn horniness. However, as soon as I looked over the test I realized that I had a slight problem with the very first question. It wasn't a question about anything we'd covered in class but was just where I was supposed to put my name.

Ever since my change, Mom had been calling me Danielle and had been encouraging Dad and Tyler to do the same. However, in spite of my very female body, I didn't feel like a Danielle. After a minute of consideration, I simply wrote down 'Dani' so that I could keep using the same name and only have to change the spelling a little. If anyone asks, I could just tell them it’s short for Danielle which should make Mom happy.

After we handed in the tests and Mr. Hawthorn quickly graded them, I found that I didn't do all that well though I wasn't surprised. The test might have given me something to focus on but I was still pretty distracted. I suddenly wondered if I'd ever be able to focus on anything but my horniness and thoughts of sex ever again. The thought left me with a cold dread.

When the class ended, just about every boy left with his books or book bag held low in front of him. I immediately recognized that as the same way I've tried hiding an inconvenient boner in the past and blushed at the knowledge that I was probably the cause.

I started towards my next class, trying hard to ignore the stares and whispers in the hallway. However, I overheard the word 'nymph' and winced slightly. Of course, I'd been expecting that it wouldn't take long for people to realize what I was, not when so many others were also looking up the different types of changed. I had a feeling that before the end of the day, everyone in school would know what I'd become.

At the moment though, most people had no idea who or what I was though that didn't keep them from talking about me as I passed. I overheard one girl saying, "I don't know who she is, but looking like that she's got to be a total slut." I suspected she may even have raised her voice a little to make sure I heard.

I'd barely made it halfway to my next class when I suddenly found my way blocked by a very large guy, or at least one who seemed enormous to me at my new size. I knew from past experience that he was only 6 feet tall. It was Jason Thomas, the star football player and general jerk.

"Damn you're hot," Jason said, looking down at me with a very appreciative look. I was suddenly very aware of prominent bulge in his pants and tried hard not to look at it. "I'm Jason..."

"I know who you are," I told him with a scowl. "I'm Dani Watkins..." At his blank look, I rolled my eyes. "You know, Danny, the guy with the glasses who does motocross..."

"What?" Jason gasped in surprise, looking at me as though he thought I was messing with him. "No fucking way are you a guy..."

"I changed," I reminded him.

"Well, you sure look all girl now," he said, looking me over again, his eyes staring at my chest with a hungry look in them.

"Only physically," I responded uncomfortably, not sure what I could say. "I've got to get to class..."

As I got past him and continued on my way, Jason called out, "Damn that's a nice ass..."

I grimaced and shook my head, refusing to look back because I knew he was staring at me. I was aware though of the looks on other people's faces since they'd overheard the exchange and now nearly everyone in the hallway knew who I was.

Once I reached my history class, I had to go through much the same thing I did in the last period. Of course, half the students in there already seemed to know who I really was and I heard the words 'nymph' and 'nympho' being whispered.

Our teacher was Mrs. Delaware who was normally a chubby black woman in her early fifties. However, she'd been changed and had become an orc. She now looked 20 years younger, was a few inches over 6 feet tall, and she was built like a female body builder. Of course, as with all orcs, she also had gray skin now rather than her former dark brown.

"It's very strange being like this," Mrs. Delaware told one of the girls in class. "Everything seems so small now compared to before and I feel so strong... Heck, I'm even taller and stronger than my own son." She looked herself over and smiled a little before admitting, "I'm younger, taller, stronger, and feel better than I ever have before. This may be strange, but I think I really like it."

I just winced and took my seat, thinking that it wasn't fair that she got bigger and stronger while I got smaller and weaker. I couldn't even reach things in the kitchen cupboards that I used to reach with no problems, a fact that Tyler had been teasing me about last night.

I was distracted from my thoughts by the exclamation of, "Oh my God, you really did turn into a girl..."

A quick look revealed that this came from Holly Jaspar, a beautiful and busty blonde who was the hottest girl in school...or at least had been since before the change. As strange as it was to consider, I realized that I now had much bigger breasts than her and was much sexier. From the hostile look in her eyes, it looked like she really didn't like that fact.

"Not intentionally," I told her with a sigh.

"You look like some kind of bimbo," Holly told me with a look of distain that hid her jealousy. The comment was ironic coming from her.

If you were going by stereotypes, Holly should have been the head cheerleader. However, cheerleaders actually had to work hard and practice a lot to be good at what they did and neither of those things suited Holly much. Instead, she was the queen bee bitch without having that cliche spot on the cheerleading team.

"Didn't you hear," one of Holly's friends said with a smirk. "She's a nympho..."

I bit my tongue and turned bright red, not sure how to deal with this. I knew that Holly and her friends could be vicious to other girls but I'd never even imagined they might give me that kind of attention.

Just then, everyone in the classroom stared at the door and gasped. The largest person I'd ever seem came through the door, ducking slightly in order to do so. She was absolutely enormous, about 7 feet tall and bulging with thick muscle that made Mrs. Delaware's new physique look small and wimpy in comparison. She also had green skin and hair, not to mention the fact that she was UGLY. She looked brutish with a thick brow and jaw, almost like some kind of giant green neanderthal.

"Holy shit," I whispered, immediately recognizing the kind of changed that a lot of people called hulks because they were all huge, muscular and green skinned. However, they were also being called trolls which seemed just as appropriate.

She stood there for a moment looking over the classroom with a deep scowl before finally announcing, "I won't fit in my seat."

Then it suddenly dawned on me who this was and I gasped in shock and disbelief, recognizing her more for the back pack she was carrying in one hand than anything else. "No fucking way."

This was Cindy, the shy nerd girl whom I'd tried befriending. Her changes were just as drastic as my own if not more so. She looked like some kind of monster now and it was easy to see why her kind of changed were called trolls. I couldn't help but feeling sorry for her.

A few minutes later, a few desks were moved and Cindy sat on the floor since there were no desks in the room big enough for her. In fact, I doubted there were any desks in the entire school.

Holly ignored me and began making fun of Cindy, keeping her voice down enough so that Cindy couldn’t' hear. Holly and her friends might enjoy making fun of other people but she was obviously a bit intimidated by the nerd girl’s new size and obvious physical power.

Fortunately, Mrs. Delaware started the lecture and her own new size intimidated a few students who normally ignored her into paying attention. I just clutched my desk, thinking intently of how I could find some privacy so I could use Monster to scratch that itch inside of me.

When the class ended, I began to get up only to find that Holly and her friends had turned their attention back to me. "I can't believe you actually turned into a nympho," Holly said with an obviously fake smile.

"Nymph," I muttered bitterly. "I'm a nymph."

"From what I heard," Holly said with a snicker, "It's the same thing."

I was really getting annoyed by these girls so I grabbed my back pack and started to leave, saying, and “At least my tits aren't plastic."

Suddenly Holly grabbed my shoulder and snapped, "You bitch," before she slapped me. Holly was only 5 foot 8 but that put her at 4 inches taller than me. It was hard to believe that this blonde bimbo was now bigger than me too.

"I guess I hit a nerve," I pointed out with a grin.

With that, Holly grabbed my back pack and began pouring everything onto the floor with a smug look. She probably just wanted to make me clean everything up but then Monster fell out and onto the floor, giving everyone a clear look at the bright pink foot long dildo.

"Oh my God," one of Holly's friends gasped, pointing at Monster and exclaiming, "Look at that thing..."

Everyone who was still in the classroom was suddenly laughing while I was completely and totally mortified. I scrambled to throw Monster and my books back into my pack and then I rushed out of the room as fast as I could, trying to escape this humiliation. However, the laughter still echoed behind me and I knew without a doubt that I'd just finished cementing a reputation that I would be stuck with until I left this school for good.

I reached my next class as quickly as I could and took my seat, still burning with embarrassment. It seemed as though everyone in class was staring at me and whispering though I wasn't sure how much of that was real and how much was my paranoid imagination.

Then Kyle came in and sat down next to me, giving me an odd look and asking, "Is it true?"

"Is what true?" I responded with a nervous gulp.

"I heard that you had like a huge dildo in your back pack," Kyle told me, looking right at my pack as if wanting me to show him the contents.

I just winced at that, absolutely stunned by how fast the story was already spreading. I was sure that within half an hour, absolutely everyone in school will have heard about it.

"Damn," I muttered, slamming my head onto my desk and wishing I could just vanish. I could still hear the whispers going on around me and could hear a few words like nymph, nympho, slut, and dildo. I felt like I was about to die of shame.

Then the whispers abruptly stopped and I heard gasps. I looked up and saw another student had just come into the room, one who was absolutely gorgeous. She was about 6 feet tall, perhaps even as tall as 6 foot 2 though I couldn't be certain. She had long strawberry blonde hair, big tits that were about the size of mine, and a killer body that obviously had great muscle tone, making her look almost like a fitness model or aerobics instructor. This newcomer looked unbelievable, with a body that almost looks like it belonged to some comic book super hero chick.

"I bet she's an apex," Kyle said from beside me, staring at the girl intently.

"An apex," I mused, realizing that he was probably right.

There were several dozen different types of changed and most of them were fairly drastic, enough that they were thought of as being a different species now. However, those who were lucky enough to be an apex were the ones people were more than happy to still refer to as being human. These changed were the ones who simply became better humans, becoming taller, stronger, and more attractive. From what I understood, every apex had the body of an athlete and the looks of a model.

"She's got to be an apex," I agreed.

The apex girl looked a little self-conscious as she came in and took a seat at a desk. It took me a moment to remember who normally sat at that desk. It was Melissa, a somewhat short and chubby girl who didn't stand out.

"She's Melissa," I said in amazement, knowing that she was definitely one of the lucky changed. Just about everyone wanted to be an apex and she was one of the few who were.

"It looks like you have competition," Kyle said with a grin, pointing out the fact that a lot of the guys were now staring at her with looks while she was getting some looks of envy and hostility from other girls.

"That's fine by me," I told him, actually feeling quite happy about that since it not only took that attention off me but also distracted everyone from the rumors about Monster.

The class started a minute later and was pretty much the same as the previous classes. Most of the students were distracted by the changed in the room, especially the boys. Every boy in class seemed to be staring at either Melissa or me. She looked as though she was alternating between enjoying the attention and being uncertain about it. I imagined that it must be strange for her having all this attention too after having been ignored before.

"Damn she's hot," Kyle whispered to me halfway through class. "I'd do her."

I just snorted at that. Just last week, I would have agreed with Kyle completely but after being the target of that kind of attention I was a little less eager to voice those thoughts aloud. Of course, that didn't mean I wasn't thinking them...a LOT.

When class was over, Melissa gave me a knowing look. I went to her and said, "Hard getting used to."

"Yeah," she agreed with a wry smile. "I've always dreamed about being the pretty girl and now that I am, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. People who treated me like crap before are now acting like they're my best friends."

I nodded at that. "And every guy wants to get into your pants," I said.

We stared at each other for a moment before she chuckled and told me, "It's kind of fun getting the attention though...not to mention being taller than most of the guys."

Then Melissa and I gave each other a nod of understanding before we went in different directions for our next classes. It was interesting that she wasn't having an easy time of it just because she'd been turned into a gorgeous apex but I suspected that it wouldn't take her long to get used to being beautiful and popular. I also suspected that there were going to be a few guys who'd regret having treated her like crap before.

As I started walking down the hallway, I saw Cindy coming from the opposite direction. She abruptly snarled, "Get out of my way," and shoved a large boy to the side as though he was nothing. Several other people immediately jumped out of her way, looking more than a little intimidated. I saw the look in her eye and her grin and realized that she was enjoying this new sense of power she had. If there were guys who'd regret treating Melissa badly before, I had a feeling that there were some who were some who would seriously regret messing with Cindy.

"Damn," I muttered, suddenly feeling sorry for anyone she had a grudge against.

The next class went by without incident, though it was obvious that the rumors about me had already spread to all the students. I did my best to ignore not only them but my physical desires, even though it meant missing out on most of what the teacher said during her lecture as well.

When lunch finally came, I was more than thankful for the chance to finally get away and get some privacy. My physical hunger was absolutely nothing compared to the other hunger I felt and it was all I could do not to start playing with myself in the first bathroom I found.

I went down the hallway, trying to stay focused and in control, not to mention think of a place where I could have the privacy I needed. All I wanted to do was pull out Monster and scratch that itch between my legs.

I saw Cindy in the hallway again, this time intimidating a couple jocks. I couldn't hear what she was saying but she snarled and punched one of the lockers, putting a large dent in it with her bare fist. However, she made no move to hit the jocks who ran away as fast as they could so I continued on my way.

Then I saw Mr. Nelson, my math teacher. I barely recognized him at first since he had changed into an elf. He looked a little younger and much thinner, not to mention he was no longer balding. His hair had grown out again and had lightened to a platinum blonde color.

"Mister Nelson," I greeted him in passing.

"I'm afraid I don't recognize you," he responded, giving me a curious look.

I winced, having been sure that everyone had heard about me by now. "Danny. Danny Watkins from your seventh period class."

"Danny?" Mr. Nelson repeated with a look of surprise. "Oh my, you really have changed..."

"Yeah," I told him with a grimace, eager to be on my way and find some privacy. "You have no idea."

"What kind of changed are you?" he asked curiously.

I hesitated a moment before telling him, "A nymph."

Mr. Nelson gave me a curious look before saying, "I don't think I've heard of that kind."

"You'll hear about us soon enough," I said quietly.

I frowned, thinking about how strange it was that we've only been changed for days and are all talking about the types of changed. I supposed it was a coping mechanism, a way for us to put order to the changed world we lived in.

"I've got to go," I told Mr. Nelson, excusing myself.

After this, I made my way out of the main school building and out back where I might find some privacy. There was a spot out by the football field, a small building that they used to store the football teams practice equipment in.

The building was locked, which didn't surprise me. However, I knew that there was a spot behind the building where I'd have the privacy to do what I needed to. I hated having to do this at school but there was no choice. It had been getting harder and harder to deal with so I absolutely had to relieve the pressure.

I set my pack down and pulled out Monster, nearly orgasming at the sight of it. Then I suddenly heard someone exclaim, "I knew it."

I snapped around and saw Jason standing there, apparently having followed me. I'd been so distracted by my horniness and eager to do something about it that I hadn't even noticed. I hadn't even thought to look behind me.

"You're a nymph," Jason said with a smirk on his lips and a hungry look in his eyes. "A nympho... You're a total slut..."

"Leave me alone," I told him angrily.

"I know you want it," Jason told me, coming closer. "I can give it to you a hell of a lot better than some piece of plastic..."

"But I'm a guy," I protested weakly, knowing that I certainly didn't look like one anymore. I couldn't even pass as a masculine woman now.

Jason gave me a lusty leer, licking his lips as he said, "You sure don't look like a guy to me." Then he came and grabbed my arm. I struggled to pull away from him but it was no good. He was a lot bigger and stronger than me. "I know you want it... You're a damn nympho... You want it and I'm the guy to give it to you."

"Let me go," I yelled, struggling to pull away.

But Jason suddenly backhanded me across the face and sent me sprawling to the ground. He was almost immediately on me, tearing at my pants and yanking them down. I tried struggling but he was still too strong for me.

"NO!" I screamed in panic. "Let me go! LET ME GO!"

Jason revealed his dick which was bigger than mine used to be but nowhere near the size of Monster. It was also fully erect and ready to so he wasted no time in getting on top of me and ramming it in. I gasped at the sensation of being penetrated again, screaming for him to stop but then screaming at how good it felt. It wasn't as big as Monster but my pussy was still able to clamp around him tightly.

"Stop," I gasped as he continued to rape me. I was horrified and panicked, yet at the same time, it felt so good. It felt so right. "No...!" My protests were getting weaker and weaker.

Then Jason came inside of me and I screamed as I was hit not only with my own orgasms but something else. Something sparked inside me and shot through all of my nerves, filling me not only with pleasure but something else...a strange sense of satisfaction and relief. For the first time since my change, I'd gotten what it was my body was craving. I'd gotten what it was that I so desperately needed.

"You'd better not tell anyone about this," Jason told me as he pulled out and began buttoning his pants back on. "You'll regret it if you do."

Jason hurried off, leaving me on the ground with my pants around my ankles and quivering from micro-orgasms. I was completely shocked at what had just happened. I'd been brutally raped...and I'd liked it. No...I loved it. My horniness hadn't gone away but it had definitely receded a little.

I just burst into tears, feeling horrified and ashamed. However, that conflicted with the feeling of intense satisfaction that I also felt. I'd not only enjoyed being raped but I wanted more. I wanted a lot more. That just made my shame and humiliation even worse.

"What am I?" I cried out in self-loathing. "What the hell am I?" However, I already knew the answer to that. For the first time, I truly understood what it really meant to be a nymph. I was what nymphomania had been named after.


I stood out on the street, feeling uncertain of where to go or what to do. School had ended nearly two hours ago but I'd left earlier than that. I'd never gone back inside after lunch...after my rape. Instead, I'd run away and had been wandering around since in a bit of a daze.

My mind was a swirl of confused thoughts and emotions. One thing I did know though was that I couldn't tell anyone that I'd been raped. It wasn't just the fact that it was unbelievably humiliating, there was also the fact that no one would possibly believe me. After my morning in school, I already had the reputation as a complete and total slut. Whether it was true or not, I knew that no one would believe it hadn't been willing on my part.

"DAMN!" I exclaimed, angry not only at Jason but at myself.

I'd always known he was pushy with girls but I'd never thought he would be capable of that...especially not with me. I was even more disgusted by how much I'd enjoyed it. Everything I knew told me that it was wrong but I couldn't help but thinking of how good it felt to finally get what I needed.

I knew that I needed to talk to someone about what had happened but there was no one I could talk to. There was absolutely no way I could talk about this to my parents. I'd briefly thought of talking to Mr. George since he'd always had an open ear and had seemed to know all about this before it happened, but he was still gone and there was no sign of him at home.

"I can't believe Jason did that to me," I whispered with a shudder.

Ever since then, I'd not only been filled with guilt and self-loathing but also a strange sense of where Jason was. Somehow, I could feel him in my mind. If I concentrated, I could probably point in his direction. But more than that, when I closed my eyes and thought of him, it was like I could touch his mind a little. I could see what he was seeing and hear what he was hearing.

"She's a total slut," Jason was currently telling a couple of his friends. "That bitch totally begged me to fuck her."

"I can't even get him out of my head," I muttered bitterly, pushing him away so I could still feel him but was no longer seeing or hearing what he was.

Then I paused, looking around and realizing that I was standing in front of Kyle's house. I hesitated a moment then went to the front door and began to knock.

A minute later, I was in Kyle's room while he stared at me awkwardly. "Where were you?" he asked me, looking a little worried. "You disappeared after lunch..."

"I left the school," I said grimly. "I...I couldn't stay."

Kyle handed me a controller for his video game and the two of us played in silence for several minutes. Following this old routine was comforting and almost let me take my mind off what was happening for the moment. Almost.

"I heard you and Jason...," Kyle said finally, giving me a look that seemed to contain both skepticism and accusation. "He said you threw yourself at him..."

"Jason is a damn liar," I snapped angrily. "I'd never fuck that asshole willingly."

Kyle stared at me, looking just a little confused as he was trying to figure out the subtext of what I'd just said. "Um...I know you're a nymph," he finally said, obviously trying to choose his words carefully. "I mean, I know you're supposed to be a total nympho..."

"So you believed him," I said quietly. Kyle nodded at that. "I know... Everyone will." I spat the last out bitterly. "I've only been back in school for half a day and I've already got a reputation. No one would ever take the word of someone with my new reputation over the popular football star."

"Wait," Kyle exclaimed his eyes going wide as he continued staring at me. "What happened? What really happened with you and Jason?"

I winced and couldn't bring myself to look at him for a minute. "It wasn't willing," I finally spat out bitterly. "I tried fighting him..." Kyle gasped in horror at that while I grimaced with self-loathing. "And Heaven help me...I liked it." I cringed in shame as I whispered, "How sick is that?"

"Holy shit," Kyle exclaimed. "You've got to tell someone..."

"Who?" I demanded. "Who'd believe me now?" Then I closed my eyes and told him, "I don't want anyone else to know... I'm humiliated enough as it is."

Kyle and I just sat there with neither of us saying a word. The video game was almost completely forgotten. But while we sat there, I became aware of the fact that Kyle had a noticeable bulge in his pants. Of course, it seemed that my very presence was enough to give every guy around me a hard-on anymore. As weird as it was, even my Dad got hard around me which was probably one of the reasons he'd been avoiding me so much.

"What's it like?" Kyle asked me quietly. "What's it like being a nymph?"

"Weird," I answered thoughtfully. "I mean, I got turned into a girl... My boys and all are gone," I gestured downward, "and I've got girl parts instead. I've got these monsters on my chest and they keep getting in the way. Every guy around just stares at me and thinks of getting into my pants."

"Damn," Kyle said.

"But that's not the worst part of it," I told him with a shake of my head. "I mean, that's all part of just turning into a girl. Being a nymph is a lot more than that." I paused for a moment, licking lips in a way that immediately got his attention. "I'm horny... I'm so damn horny you wouldn't believe it..."

Kyle's eyes went wide at that and he gulped. "Yeah?"

"Oh yeah," I purred as sexily as I could, bending forward until my lips were nearly brushing Kyle's and seeing that it was having the exact effect I wanted. "Imagine you feel now but ten times stronger. Now imagine what it would be like if you kept feeling like that. You could jack off all you wanted but it wouldn't go away and you couldn't get any real relief. Imagine what it would feel like to be that horny all day and all be so horny and frustrated that you could barely think of anything else."

"No way," Kyle whispered.

I was still right in Kyle's face and suddenly acted out of a sudden impulse, closing the distance between us and kissing him on his lips. He gasped in surprise and kissed back. My tongue easily slipped into his mouth and darted around.

A part of me was absolutely horrified by what I was doing but the rest of me was enjoying it. I knew that this was wrong but for some reason I found it hard to really care. My instincts had taken over and told me that Kyle had what I wanted...what I needed. All I needed to do was have him give it to me and it was obvious that he wanted to do just that.

Kyle hesitated for only a moment and didn't protest my advances at all. A moment later, we were undoing our clothes and dropping them aside. I placed his hands on my tits, knowing that he'd been wanting to do that since the moment he first saw me as a nymph. They felt good there and I moaned slightly as he began to play with them.

"Oh yes," I whispered, reaching down to his cock. It was about the same size as my old one so was about average. Almost as soon as I had a firm grip on it he began to cum...all over my hand.

"I...I can usually hold it better," Kyle told me awkwardly. The truth was, I was pretty sure he'd never been with a girl before. I felt a strange amusement in realizing that I was the first he'd probably ever been this far with.

I pulled my hand away and stared at the cum that was all over it for a moment. Then drawn by some instinct I didn't understand, I licked it. It was salty, sweet, creamy...and the most delicious thing I'd ever tasted in my entire life. I gasped in pleasure as sparks seemed to shoot through my body. In that instant, I suddenly understood that this was what had been missing. This was what my body had been craving. This was what I needed. I immediately licked the rest of the cum from my hand.

My remaining inhibitions were torn to shreds as I bent down and began to lick his still hard cock. Kyle gasped in surprise as I started to suck and give him a blowjob, discovering in the process that I seemed to have no gag reflex at all. When he came again, cumming right into my mouth, I eagerly swallowed every drop, moaning in delight as I did so.

To my amazement, Kyle was still hard after that. I'd never been able to stay hard after jacking myself off and it usually took a bit before I was ready to do it again. However, I certainly wasn't about to complain.

"Oh my God," Kyle gasped. "I can't believe you..."

I put a hand over his mouth to quiet him then leaned back and spread my legs, inviting him to continue. Kyle gulped, obviously not believing his incredible luck at having a hot and sexy nymph like me letting him fuck her. However, he didn't need any further invitation.

I had to help guide Kyle into my slit but once he was inside me he began to pump away. He was a bit clumsy but I was enjoying it anyway. In spite of my looks and constant horniness, it wasn't like I really had much more experience with sex than he did. In fact, my only previous partner had been a rapist so I was glad that my first time of my own free will was at least with someone who'd been my best friend.

When Kyle finally came again, I immediately felt it through my entire body. He pulled out of me, finally spent and going soft. I remained where I was, savoring not just the afterglow but also the intense satisfaction I felt from his cum.

"That's what I needed," I whispered. Then I looked at Kyle and smiled faintly, telling him, "What Jason did to me was horrible but it gave me the first sense of relief that I've had since my change. You couldn't possibly understand...but I need this more than you could possibly imagine."

"God, you really are a nympho," Kyle said, though he didn't say it as an insult.

"No," I pointed out quietly. "Whether I like it or not, I'm a nymph. I think I need sex the way you need food." I paused, realizing that I could now feel Kyle in my head the same way I could feel Jason.

After that, I put my clothes on again and left. I could barely believe what I'd just done, that I'd actually jumped Kyle myself. I'd sucked him and fucked him without hesitation. I felt guilty at doing this yet the sense of satisfaction I still felt from his cum made it hard to take it seriously.

"Is this what I am now?" I asked myself as I slowly started for home. I gulped, feeling a cold dread for what this meant about my future. "Damn I'm in trouble."


It was awkward going back to school after the events of yesterday but I didn't really have much of a choice. Mom insisted on dropping me off again and wouldn't hear any protests or arguments about why I should be allowed to stay home. Of course, that might have changed if I'd told her about what Jason had done to me but I didn't want anyone else to know. I felt humiliated enough as it was.

When I got home late last night, my parents had both been pissed at me. I was pretty sure that they suspected I'd had sex though neither of them said anything about it, only giving me disapproving glares and threatened to ground me if I was late again. I just shuddered to think of what they would have said if they found out I'd left school early much less fucked Kyle.

It was no surprise that I found it hard to think of anything but what had happened yesterday, not only with Jason but with Kyle. With Jason I'd been raped but with Kyle it had been my own choice, or at least I think it was. My hormones and instincts had taken over so completely that there hadn't really been any conscious choice or decision about it.

I felt guilt and self-disgust, yet at the same time, I felt a strange delight in finally knowing what it was my body was craving and how to satisfy it. Even after having sex with Kyle, I'd still been horny but it was more of a relaxed and satisfied horny than the desperate need I'd been feeling before Jason raped me. As it was, even now my level of horniness was getting stronger again but it was nowhere near what it had been yesterday morning.

As I'd expected, rumors about me had already spread through the entire school and Jason's claims that I'd thrown myself at him had found fertile ground. It would be completely useless protesting that I hadn't or claiming the truth. I was angry about this and frustrated but knew that it was no good. Instead, I just used the opportunity to take what small revenge I could.

"Jasons a damn liar," I told one girl almost conspiratorially. "He actually came begging me to fuck him…said that it was such a turn-on that I used to be a guy." I rolled my eyes in an exaggerated fashion and added. "I finally did just to see what it was like doing it as a girl. I can't say I was impressed."

I felt disgusted to actually admit that I'd had sex with Jason much less claiming it had been willing. However, it was much better to have everyone laughing at him because they thought it was a pity fuck than snickering at me because I'd been raped.

"He was really small," I told another girl. "Not to mention really REALLY bad..."

By the time I was done, I was sure that Jason would have a hard time getting a date with any girl in this school. It wasn't much but it was a start.

For the most part though, other than my efforts to spread some rumors of my own my first couple classes went just like yesterday. Of course, most of the changed students were just a little less self-conscious than yesterday while some of the kids who'd been gone had finally shown off to show how they'd been changed as well.

I was still amazed at how everyone was trying to act as though everything was normal, as though the changed had been around for a long time rather than mere days. It was as though everyone was desperate to prove that the world was still normal and made sense when the changed were all proof that it didn't. It was a strained game of pretend but it did seem to make most people more comfortable with the way the world had so unexpected changed.

Unfortunately, things were more than a little awkward with Kyle. Kyle had been avoiding me for most of the morning and when we did see each other he wouldn't say anything. He was obviously pretty embarrassed over last night but I doubt he was any more so than I was.

Kyle and I sat next to each other in the third period class where we didn't have any choice but to do so. However, we still spent half the class ignoring each other or at least pretending to do so.

"About yesterday...," Kyle leaned over and whispered to me.

"Don't worry," I responded just as quietly. "I didn't tell anyone." I snorted at that, as if I'd go around telling everyone that I'd fucked him. Then again, I had talked about my encounter with Jason, though that was completely different. Kyle looked relieved at that and was about to say something more but I told him, "I'd rather not talk about it here."

Kyle nodded at that, "Yeah... Good point."

Once class was over, Kyle and I met in the hallway and found a spot where we had some privacy and wouldn't be overheard. We were both a bit uncomfortable but we'd already broken the ice enough to start talking.

"Last night got weird," Kyle told me with a wince. Then he quickly added, "Don't get me wrong...I really liked it. But..."

"But you don't want things to get too weird between us?" I finished for him, having been thinking the same thing. "Too late."

"Yeah, I guess it is," Kyle agreed with a pained look.

"I didn't mean for that to happen," I told him quietly. "I only went over to talk." Then I paused and shook my head, forcing a smile as I added, "I kind of lost control. I can't explain it...but I think I need sex. I'm afraid I just can't help myself."

"Damn," Kyle whispered. "Do you think... Do you think you might want to do it again?"

I stared at Kyle and blushed as I nodded self-consciously. I was still horny and knew that it was only a matter of time before I lost control of myself like that again. In fact, now that I knew exactly what I needed to satisfy my cravings, I had a feeling that it would be a lot harder even wanting to hold off that long. As it was, I'd already been looking at guys in a different way that I'd ever imagined I could.

"I'd probably be willing to do it with you again," I told Kyle, hardly able to believe I was saying that. Of course, I remembered how delicious his cum had tasted last night and a growing part of me could barely wait to taste it again. In fact, just thinking about it was enough make me drool.

"But what are you going to do about Jason?" Kyle asked me carefully. "I mean, after what he did to you..."

"I'll figure something out," I responded with a sigh.

Kyle gave me a steady look before saying, "I've got a baseball bat. All we have to do is wait for him after school..."

I grinned at that, definitely liking that idea. "That would certainly be nice," I agreed. "Unfortunately, I'm not going to be much good in a fight anymore and if you do anything, he'll come after you with his friends." I shook my head and sighed. "I don't want you to end up in the hospital or worse. I'll figure out something else."

We were both silent for nearly half a minute before Kyle said, "It must be absolutely insane being like that... I mean, being a nymph and all."

"You have no idea," I responded with a sigh. Then I gave him a wry smile and said, "My Dad is totally freaking out about it and won't even talk to me anymore. My folks went and got me another doctor appointment for tonight to see if they could get some kind of pill to just make it all go away."

"I really don't think that's gonna happen," Kyle said with a skeptical look. "I mean, they don't even have any idea how the change happened..."

"That's what I told Dad," I muttered. "Of course, he wouldn't listen. He never does."

"I guess we should get going to class," Kyle reminded me. "We don't want to be late."

I nodded agreement at that then said, "See ya later."

A couple minutes later, I was sitting down in my fourth period biology class, getting odd looks from the boy sitting next to me. He'd been gone yesterday so hadn't seen me like this yet and it was a bit of a surprise. I couldn't resist pushing my chest out a little more just to give a little more effect.

Of course, the boy beside me was changed as well and this was my first time seeing him since his own change. He was a black guy named Anton who'd always been pretty easygoing and friendly. Now he was a cat person though I hesitated to call him a neko. He looked much the same except his eyes had turned yellow and catlike, his ears had moved up towards the top of his head and had become catlike, and he now had a mane like a lion. Of course, he also had retractable claws and fangs that looked pretty nasty when he smiled.

I stared at Anton for a minute, amazed at the difference between his changes and those of Amy. They were both cat people but each seemed to have the traits of different types of cats.

"Nice mane," I told Anton.

"Nice boobs," he responded, staring at my chest.

I rolled my eyes and told him, "Bite me."

Anton just grinned at that, showing off his sharp teeth. "If you insist..." I chuckled at that and in spite of us both having been changed, it almost felt like old times.

When the class actually began, we didn't go into the subject we'd been working on all last week but continued as we had yesterday, talking about the different types of changed. Our biology teacher Mr. Heston was absolutely fascinated by the changed and thought that biology class as the perfect place to explore this.

"I was reading an article last night," Mr. Heston told us. "In it, it was pointed out that certain types of changed seem to only come from people of certain geographical or ethnic origins. Types like dwarves, orcs, elves, and apex seem to be universal and appear all over the world." Then he looked at me and said, "From what I understand, it seems that all known nymphs are from European ancestry. The kind that we call either sasquatch or yeti are from mostly Asian or North American ancestry.

"What about cat people?" Anton asked from beside me.

"Cat people seem to be spread out," Mr. Heston said. "They seem to come from most of Asia, large parts of Africa, and parts of South America. However, cat people from these different areas also have different characteristics depending on the native cats. For example, most cat people who've been reported from India have tiger stripes in their hair."

We talked about this subject for awhile with Mr. Heston admitting that there was a great deal about this that no one really knew yet. After all, the changed have been around for less than a week so these were just results from some quick surveys.

Then the topic turned to one that I hadn't heard yet, that some scientists were suggesting the changed had merely transformed into species that had once existed on Earth but had gone extinct long ago. The idea was that the galactic cloud had somehow awoken latent DNA in some people who may have had an ancestor of those species.

"According to this theory," Mr. Heston told us. "The changed we call dwarves may in fact actually be real dwarves. Those we call elves may actually be real elves. This would explain why so many types of changed resemble mythical beings so closely."

This discussion continued for the rest of the class with several students arguing for or against the theory while Mr. Heston played the part of mediator, reminding us again that the changed were too new and we knew far too little about them to be certain of anything at this time.

Biology had been pretty interesting today because of those discussions but I was more than eager to leave when the bell rang announcing that it was time for lunch. My thoughts shifted to the problem of where I could find a private place to use Monster without the risk of being attacked and raped again.

As I walked out of the classroom, I saw a couple students walking around with a petition. One girl was asking kids in the hall, "Will you sign this petition to have the changed banned from school? They might be contagious."

Then one of the boys with her saw me and gave me a look of disgust. "I can't believe they're letting these freaks come to school," he said.

I flipped them the bird and then continued down the hall, having seen other people like them over the last few days. I'd seen it at the mall when I was out looking for clothes and I'd seen it through school. A lot of people were scared of us changed or just didn't like us. It was human nature to fear what was different and you couldn't get much more different than the changed. Still, I tried not to dwell on it. After all, I had more than enough problems already.

When I reached the cafeteria, I saw a hulking green troll with four trays of food piled up in front of her. Cindy was glaring at anyone who came near and had successfully chased away anyone who might bother her.

"Poor Cindy," I muttered.

Of course, I'd seen enough to know that she was taking full advantage of her new size and strength to bully anyone who'd ever messed with her. One of the football players had come to school with a cast on his arm and I couldn't help but wondering if she might have had something to do with that.

"From bullied to the biggest bully in school," I mused, shaking my head and thinking that I could use something quick to eat before I went to get some privacy.

But just then, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw a beautiful brunette girl standing there. I immediately recognized her as Cassandra Hollis, a cheerleader and one of the most popular girls in school.

"Can I talk to you in private?" Cassandra asked me.

"Sure," I responded, a little surprised since I'd never really talked with Cassandra before, even though we had a couple classes together.

"We can talk in here," Cassandra told me, leading me to the drama room which was near the cafeteria and was currently empty.

"Okay," I said, feeling more curious by the moment. "What's up?"

"I know you used to be a boy," Cassandra told me, looking self-conscious and nervous. "I remember you from class... I've seen the way you looked at me."

"I didn't think that would matter much to you," I pointed out, referring to the fact that she'd come out of the closet a few months ago. At the time, I'd thought her claiming to be a lesbian was more a matter of cashing in on some kind of fad than anything else. Then I noticed the way she was looking at me and whispered, "Oh..."

Cassandra smiled shyly while giving me the same kind of appreciative look that I and most of the other boys had given her. It was a bit strange but I have to admit that I kind of liked the turnabout.

"Well," Cassandra said, coming up close to me until we were face to face. "I think you're totally hot and was hoping you'd like to try a little experimenting in your new body."

I didn't need any further invitation than that to kiss her and press my breasts up against hers, though admittedly mine were bigger. "The prop room," she said when we pulled apart. She pointed to the back room and added, "We'll have privacy."

A minute later, we were in the prop room and locked it from the inside. I kissed her again, definitely feeling horny but that was certainly nothing new. We undressed and began playing with each other’s breasts, and as nice as that felt, it just felt like something was missing.

"Oh God you're hot," Cassandra told me as she began to slip her fingers into my slit. I returned the favor and began playing with her, thinking that this was a dream come true. I was actually going at it with the hot lesbian cheerleader.

I brought Cassandra to orgasm and had several of them myself, but I still wasn't satisfied. It was then that I suddenly realized the truth. I could definitely appreciate her looks...but physically she did nothing for me that I couldn't do with my own hands. She didn't have what I wanted...what I craved...what I needed.

"That was good," Cassandra said with a satisfied smile. Then she stared at me for a moment. "What's wrong?"

"It felt good," I admitted, feeling horny and frustrated. "But...I..." I couldn't quite bring myself to look at her as I said, "I think I only like guys now."

Cassandra stared at me for a moment before responding, "I think I understand..." Then she muttered, "Damn."

"My mind still likes girls," I told her with a weak smile, "But I think my body prefers guys."

"It's okay," she told me with a sigh. "I'm not offended." She quickly got her clothes the rest of the way back on and gave me a quick kiss. "Thank you for the good time anyway." And with that, she was gone.

I just sat where I was, more than a little tempted to just keep playing with myself but knowing that it wouldn't do much good. I could give myself a few more orgasms but that just wouldn't give me what I really needed.

With that, I got my own clothes back on and muttered a stream of profanities as I left the drama room. I was horny as hell, something that my little play with Cassandra hadn't been able to satisfy, only make worse.

Of course, I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to satisfy my cravings. All I needed was a guy...any guy. However, there was one that immediately came to mind as being less offensive than the others.

"Come with me," I told Kyle as soon as I found him, grabbing his arm and pulling him after me.

"Where are we going?" he asked in surprise and confusion.

"Some place private," I answered. A minute later, I was back in the prop room and pulling Kyle's pants down, much to his disbelief. "Fuck me," I ordered. "Fuck me hard."

Last night, my inhibitions had completely crumbled away under the force of my desires, allowing me to do something that I never would have even considered otherwise. My inhibitions had reformed afterwards, but obviously not as strong. This time, it was with a conscious decision to push them aside so I could get what I needed. It amazed me how easy it was to do so.

"More," I told Kyle when he plunged his dick inside me. "Harder... Faster..."

Kyle pounded away for only a minute before he came, spurting his cum inside me. I felt the sparks shoot through my body, filling me with intense pleasure and satisfying my needs for the moment.

"God yes," I moaned.

I was going to suck Kyle off next so I could get some more of that delicious cream, but unfortunately, that short bout had been enough to drain him as he was already soft. I grimaced in annoyance, wishing he'd been able to go for longer like last night. Oh well, you couldn't have everything and he had given me some relief.

"I can't believe that," Kyle exclaimed, staring at me in amazement. "Does this mean...?"

"Don't make a big deal out of it," I told Kyle as I began to put my clothes back on again. "It's not like I expect to be your girlfriend or anything." Then I smiled in satisfaction, a little amazed at my own actions but not much. "But you can probably expect to get laid a lot."

With that, I turned and left the obviously stunned Kyle behind while I made my way to the bathroom to clean up a little before my next class. I knew I should be feeling guilty and horrified for what I'd done but I couldn't really bring myself to this time, not when I felt so good.

The rest of the school day passed much like the morning had, with Holly making a few bitch comments and Jason glaring at me down the hallway. However, I didn't pay either of them much attention at the moment since I was more concerned with the important question of when I could get laid again.

When I finally got home from school, I just barely had time to drop my back pack off before Mom was pushing Tyler and me into the car so we could go to my doctor appointment. She was in such a rush that I got the feeling she was almost as eager for the doctor to take care of my nymphomania problem as I was. After all, it would mean she and Dad wouldn't have to be embarrassed by me. I was well aware of how much I embarrassed Dad.

This time my appointment was with a clinic that was a bit larger than the one Dr. Anders ran but it was also a lot further away. We lived in the suburbs and had to drive to a nearby city that was nearly an hour drive. This was going a bit out of the way but it also gave me hopes that the extra trouble might be worth it. However, in spite of that hope, I still had a strong suspicion that it would do no good.

The doctor was Dr. Moretta, a dark haired woman who appeared to be in her late thirties at most. Normally the idea of going to see a woman doctor would have made me uncomfortable but after dealing with that pervert Anders she was actually a welcome change. Considering my new body, I realized that using a female doctor from now on would make more sense.

"Let’s start with a basic exam," Dr. Moretta told me once she had me in the exam room.

"I'm feeling a bit of deja-vu here," I told her wryly. She gave me a questioning look and I explained, "I got an exam the other day. My folks wanted a second opinion."

"I see," Dr. Moretta responded pleasantly. "Can you start by sticking out your tongue and saying 'aaah'?"

The examination went much like it had with Dr. Anders though Dr. Moretta was much more professional about it. However, when we reached the part where Dr. Anders had finished, my new doctor revealed that she had a few more tests.

"We'll take a blood test and get it to the lab," Dr. Moretta told me. "They're pretty backed up right now but we need those tests to help determine if there's anything we can do."

"That sounds good," I said, not liking the idea of being stuck with a needle, but if she could do anything to help me from constantly being so horny it would be well worth it.

"And since you've recently been changed into a woman," Dr. Moretta told me, "There are a few other tests you need..."

"Other tests?" I asked curiously.

"We have a gynecologist next door who will finish up your exam," Dr. Moretta said, looking faintly amused by my look of horror.

After Dr. Moretta took my blood sample, she took me into the room next door and introduced me to the gynecologist, a middle-aged black woman with a thick pair of glasses named Dr. Rambeau.

Dr. Rambeau started off by giving me a thorough breast exam and was surprised when she noticed that I was nipping out and actually moaning in delight during her exam. She then put me into some sort of torture device that spread my legs wide so she could do the pelvic exam. When she did, she was a little unnerved to discover that I was already soaking wet.

"Have you got anything bigger?" I asked after she stuck some sort of probe up inside of me. I couldn't help but grinning when I saw the look on her face.

The examination was extremely uncomfortable not to mention intrusive, but I got through it all right. When I was done, I suspected that Dr. Rambeau was actually as embarrassed as I was.

I went back into the waiting room where Mom and Tyler were waiting for me, thankful that at least I was done with all the tests. I couldn't wait to get out of here and back home, though I wondered if maybe I could talk Mom into stopping some place for dinner first. After all, it wasn't often we got a chance to come into this area.

Dr. Moretta came out right behind me and told Mom, "Everything went fine but it will probably be a week or two before we're able to get the results of the blood tests back. The labs are very backed up now due to all the changed who are being looked at."

When we began to leave a minute later, I froze and stared at a woman who'd just come through the clinic doors. She was absolutely gorgeous with an almost exaggerated killer figure that included big breasts and a small waist. She had long purple hair, pointed ears, and eyes that were the same shade of purple as my own. In fact, it was almost like looking in a mirror except that she was dressed in a professional looking suit and appeared to be just a couple years older than me.

"You're like me," I blurted out, amazed since she was the first nymph I'd seen besides myself.

The other nymph paused to stare at me for a moment and smile. "Oh good," she said in a very sexy and sultry voice, one which sounded a great deal like my own. "I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to find you in time."

"What?" I blinked in surprise. "You were looking for me?"

"I have people keeping an eye out for other nymphs," she admitted. "I was told that one was seen coming here."

"And what do you want with him?" Mom demanded, giving the nymph a suspicious and hostile look.

"Mom...," I protested, annoyed that she'd interfere in the first conversation I've had with another nymph.

"Him?" the nymph responded. "Mom?" Then she gave me a look of vague surprise and asked, "How old are you?"

"Sixteen," I responded self-consciously.

"And a former boy," she said with a nod. "I imagine this must be particularly difficult on you."

Then Mom glared at the nymph and said, "You didn't answer my question."

"Sorry," the nymph said, giving Mom an appraising look. "I'm Anne McCormick...and I'm a lawyer."

"A lawyer?" Mom responded, giving her a skeptical look. "You look kind of young..."

"I looked a lot older last week," the nymph...Anne told her with a faintly amused look. Then she looked at me and said, "I'm not really here professionally though. I'm just here as a fellow nymph."

I blinked at that then cautiously asked, "What do you mean?"

"There aren't very many of us around," Anne responded with a slight smile. "Nymphs are one of the rarest of the changed types so that makes it difficult for us to find others who understand what we're going through and who share our unique problems. Because of that, several of us got together and are trying to establish a way for some of us to meet and talk with each other." Then she handed me a business card and said, "I'm here to invite you. We're meeting up tomorrow."

"Is this some kind of nymph club?" I asked skeptically.

"Something like that," Anne told me with a chuckle. "It might also be part group therapy and part convention." She looked at mom and added, "We have access to a lot more medical information about nymphs than they have available here yet. A lot more. Our intention is to share this information with those who need it."

"I don't know if this is a good idea," Mom said, sounding more like she was talking to herself.

Anne gave Mom a quick look of annoyance that Mom didn't seem to notice and then she told me, "I hope we see you there."

Once Anne was gone, I looked at the business card she'd given me. It was a professional business card with her name and contact information on it but there was also a hand written address and meeting time. I clenched the card tightly, glancing over at my Mom and deciding that I was going to go regardless of whether she gave her permission. After all, I couldn't possibly miss an opportunity like this.


I was in the car with my Mom, taking the same route we did yesterday when we'd gone to see Dr. Moretta. I felt both nervous and excited as I thought of the fact that I'd be meeting even more nymphs in just a little while. Would they all have the same horniness problems I did? Would they like me? I'd have to wait to find out.

Neither of us said a word during most of the drive so I thought about not only the upcoming meeting but also the events of the day. Before school, I'd actually given Kyle a blow, and as if that wasn't enough, I hadn't been able to find Kyle during lunch and had actually grabbed another boy in school who I barely knew but who obviously had a thing for it.

I was a little sick to my stomach, afraid that I was becoming some kind of sex monster, unable to control myself at all. It was getting harder and harder to worry about all the reasons I shouldn't have sex with guys or even care that I was...and that scared me.

When I was walking around school or even being anywhere in public, I could see that my perspective was changing. I was paying more attention to guys, fully aware that each one of them had what I needed to satisfy my cravings. I was becoming less interested in women and more interested in guys, even fantasizing about having sex with them. I was terrified that I seemed to be slowly losing myself to my libido. Hopefully, the other nymphs might know how to help me.

I looked out the window and saw that there was a small protest with about two dozen people standing on the side of the street. Many of them were holding signs or banners that proclaimed things like, 'the changed are proof the apocalypse is here', 'change things back to normal', and 'elves belong on Middle Earth...not main street.'

"They're protesting the changed," I said quietly, feeling insulted but not surprised. I saw enough of that at school, though my classmates weren't quite as organized about it.

Our destination was a very nice looking hotel that was probably more expensive than my parents would be able to afford for even something like a second honeymoon. When we went into the lobby, I saw Anne McCormick there waiting, apparently acting as some sort of a greeter. Only a moment later did I notice another nymph with dark pink hair who was dressed in sexy clothes and was flirting outrageously with the man behind the check in desk. Mom gave the other nymph a look of strong disapproval.

"I'm glad you could make it," Anne greeted me with a warm smile. However, she gave a much more reserved look at my Mom. "I'm sorry," she told Mom, "but this meeting is for nymphs only."

Mom glared at Anne and firmly told her, "I am not letting Danielle go into a room of strangers without supervision." What she didn't say but which was implied was that she didn't want me going into a room full of horny nymphs without her being there to make sure that nothing happened.

"I'm sorry you feel that way," Anne said carefully. "But you see, this is a group therapy environment and all those who attend need to feel free to share their thoughts and problems openly and honestly. We all came to talk with others who are going through the same issues we are and we don't want to be judged by someone who can't understand."

Mom hesitated so I immediately took advantage of that. "Come on Mom," I pleased with her, "I really want to talk with other people like me..." Then I glanced at Anne and added, "And yesterday she said they might be able to help..."

"Fine," Mom responded after a few seconds, obviously not happy but not about to argue further.

Anne smiled faintly and told my Mom, "You can wait for us in the lounge if you'd like. I'll make sure anything you order is put on our tab."

Once Mom had gone to the lounge, Anne told me, "Very nicely done. Just the right mix of reason and emotional plea."

"Um...thanks," I responded, not sure what to say to that.

"You were the last one we were waiting on," Anne told me, gesturing to the pink haired nymph at the check in desk. That nymph nodded and then came over to join us. "Danielle...this is Sabine. She's the one who organized most of this."

"Danielle," Sabine said as she looked me over while I did the same to her. She looked very much like my own reflection in the mirror except for the pink hair and the fact that she appeared to be about 18 or 19. "Anne told me about you. You're the youngest person I've heard of to become a nymph."

I shook my head at that, "Oh...I didn't know..."

Sabine nodded and said, "We'll talk more once we have everyone together."

I followed Sabine and Anne to the elevator and then to the room that had been reserved for us. It was a very nice and expensive looking hotel room that had a lot of space. There were some chairs set up in the middle of the floor and set into the general shape of a circle. There was even a mini bar off to the side and a table with food.

Three nymphs were already in the room as well, two of them sitting down and sipping glasses of wine while the third was helping herself to some of the food. I looked at each of them, amazed at just how much they resembled me though I knew I shouldn't have been after meeting Anne and Sabine. All of them looked to be about 18 or 19 years old and the only major difference I could see was the color of their hair. One of them had dark pink hair that was a little darker than Sabine's, one had a light violet color that was a little lighter than mine, and the third had hair color that looked to be about the same shade as my own.

Anne and Sabine each went and poured themselves a glass of wine and then Sabine asked me if I wanted one. "I'm underage," I reminded her. That earned me a few curious looks from the other nymphs.

"Irrelevant," Sabine responded with an amused smile. "And I won't tell your mother if you don't."

I laughed at that and accepted a glass, taking a sip and then trying to decide if I liked it or not. I sat down in one of the chairs as did the others.

Once everyone was seated, Sabine said, "Thank you all for coming. I know some of you had to travel a long way to get here." Then she slowly looked around at each of us before continuing, "We nymphs are one of the rarest types of changed. I believe that this is probably the largest gathering of our kind in the world."

"This is the largest gathering?" the other pink haired nymph asked, looking around at the half dozen of us and gasping. I was a bit amazed at that myself.

"Allow me to start by introducing myself," Sabine said with a smile. "As of last week, my name was Sebastian Kane and I was an eighty-seven year old man of failing health and a limited amount of time left on this Earth."

Nearly all of us gasped at that and I just stared at Sabine, feeling sort of relieved to discover that I wasn't the only guy to have gone through a sex change during the change. Since I hadn't heard of anyone else who had, I'd begun to fear that I was a one of a kind freak that way.

"Needless to say," Sabine continued with a chuckle, "my change was quite drastic and requires a great deal of adjustment. However, I've come to believe that this is actually a blessing in disguise. This is a second chance at life and an opportunity to start over again. I am much younger and healthier now and I can feel pleasures that I never would have imagined before. Of course, there are downsides but you're all aware of those." We all nodded at that. "I decided to start calling myself Sabine since it seemed more appropriate for my new life."

"I've already met most of you," Anne said a she looked around the room. "But to be consistent, my name is Anne and I am a lawyer by profession. I am forty-two years old and have always been female. However, this change has still been quite difficult for me to deal with. You see, I am...was a confirmed lesbian." She paused to look uncomfortable for a moment before continuing, "When I changed, my partner of eight years was pleased to have me become horny and sexy. But then I realized that she couldn't satisfy my needs...that I wasn't really attracted to her anymore." Anne shook her head sadly and continued, "Ironically, after a lifetime of preferring women and finally accepting that this was all right...I now find myself interested in men instead. Needless to say, this is having serious consequences to our relationship."

Then the other pink haired nymph looked around nervously before she began. "I'm Michelle Kelly. I'm nineteen and I'm going to college so I can become an engineer." She paused, looking extremely self-conscious and I couldn't blame her. "I...I was saving myself for marriage... My boyfriend Greg kept wanting me to have sex with him but I always told him no. Then I changed and now Greg thinks this is the best thing that ever happened to him." Michelle was starting to cry as she finished, "I just keep praying it all goes away."

"That's rough," I told her quietly.

"And what's your story?" Michelle asked me.

I gulped and looked around the room realizing that it was my turn. "Um...hi," I said self-consciously. "I'm Dani Watkins. I used to spell it with a Y but now I spell it with an I..." I realized that I was starting to ramble a little so I tried to stay focused. "I'm sixteen and last week I was a guy."

I got a couple looks of sympathy at that. I wanted to leave it there but knew that I couldn't, not after the personal stuff the others had said.

"This is kind of freaking me out," I said quietly. "I mean, one minute I'm flirting with girls at school and the next thing I know, I'm giving my best friend a blow-job..." I wince at that, knowing that I shared too much but for some reason it felt safe to do so. "I'm turning into a slut, my Dad think's I'm a freak, and I don't know what the hell I'm going to do."

Michelle put her hand on mine and said, "I'm sorry..." I got nods of sympathy and understanding from the others.

"I'm Cathy," the next nymph said. Then she looked around and asked, "Do I have to give my age?"

"Not if you don't want to," Sabine told her gently. Then she joked, "But I doubt you have me beat..."

"Good point," Cathy responded with a smile. "I'm thirty-five and I'm a housewife. When I changed, my kids got scared and confused. My daughter doesn't even recognize me anymore. Of course, my husband thinks this is great...or at least he did." She looked sad as she quietly added, "I lost control of myself and slept with his best friend...and the neighbor."

"I'm afraid my story isn't quite that dramatic," the last nymph said, looking amused. "I'm Jennifer Coolridge. I'm fifty-three and being changed is far better than any plastic surgery." She gestured down at herself and smirked. "I'm an actress...or at least I used to be before I couldn't even get the bit parts anymore. You might remember me though from Drive in Devils or Were Wenches in Heat."

"I think I've seen Drive in Devils," I said, vaguely remembering it as some cheap late night B movie slasher flick.

"I'm actually enjoying this," Jennifer said pleasantly. "Not only am I young and hot again but I'm also getting even more sex than I've ever had in my life. I'm thinking of getting back into acting too. I mean, this would be fantastic for a comeback."

Now that we've all had a chance to introduce ourselves, I looked around at each of them and was a little startled to realize that I felt safe and comfortable among them. They were almost complete strangers yet they didn't really feel like strangers. Maybe it was because we were all nymphs and could understand what the others were going through.

Then again, there could be other reasons as well. Ever since I was changed, there has been a certain sexual tension with every guy I was near. Every guy stared at me and got turned on, even my Dad as twisted as that was. And at the same time, every girl was either jealous of me or thought of me as some sort of threat, even ones who were nice to me like my Mom. For the first time, there was absolutely no sexual tension or jealous hostility. Regardless of the reason, I felt more relaxed and comfortable around these women than I have with anyone else since my change.

"Now that we're finished the introductions," Sabine said, taking a casual sip of her wine. "There are some things that you all need to know." That immediately caught everyone's attention. "You should know that I am fairly wealthy and this means I have resources most don't. As soon as I changed, I had trusted specialists put me through a battery of tests to determine exactly how I changed. Because of this, I was able to acquire a great deal more information about nymphs than anyone else possesses."

"To start with," Sabine told us carefully, "We are no longer human. We may look mostly human on the outside but our physiologies have a larger difference internally. We seem to be our own that seems to be entirely female. There are no male nymphs so anyone who becomes one becomes female." She gave me a knowing look at that.

"I've met a lot of other changed," Cathy said. "You two are the only ones I've met who changed..."

"From what I've been able to determine," Sabine responded thoughtfully, "the only people who actually changed gender during their change were males who turned into nymphs and females who turned into satyr."

"Satyr?" Michelle asked...

"All satyrs are male," Sabine told her. "Even ones who started as female. They seem to be our male opposites, being constantly horny and producing large amounts of semen. Obviously, they would be quite complimentary to our needs but they are a different species." Then she paused to muse, "One of my former employees became a satyr... A pity...she had been such a lovely girl."

Anne nodded and said, "I think we're getting a little side tracked."

"There are certain physical traits that all nymphs seem to share," Sabine pointed out wryly, trying to get back on topic. "The most obvious being our extremely high libidos and our craving for semen."

"You've got that right," Jennifer muttered, licking her lips.

"We not only crave semen," Sabine said. "There are hormones and nutrients in it that our bodies actually need to live. This isn't just a craving but a physical requirement much the same as food or water. If we don't get enough...we'll get sick and probably die."

"Oh shit," I whispered, seeing that I wasn't the only one who was stunned by this.

"Our bodies seem designed to absorb it," Sabine continued with her explanation. "Orally, vaginally, anally... It doesn't seem to matter..."

"Kinky," Jennifer said with a chuckle.

"I intend to have my people see if they can create some sort of supplement or replacement for semen," Sabine told us with a deep scowl. "I for one would like something to satisfy my cravings and nutritional needs without having to rely on men being present."

"Anything that can help is more than welcome," Anne responded with a nod of approval.

"Definitely," Cathy agreed with a sad look. "Anything that can help save my marriage."

Michelle nodded her own agreement. "I'll pray they find something soon."

"Our bodies are like chemical factories," Sabine announced wryly. "Our hormone levels are unbelievably high, but I'm sure that surprises none of you. We produce pheromones which causes arousal in any male past puberty who come near us, which provides us a certain assistance in acquiring what we need. In addition, our saliva contains a more powerful version which acts somewhat akin to a very strong and near instantaneous version of viagra."

"I told you that our biologies are different enough that we are effectively our own species," Sabine continued her lecture. "But unlike most species, we don't seem to have the ability to reproduce. You see, not only are there no male nymphs...but we also have no ovaries. We're missing several other important organs as well." She paused to look around the room. "We can't get pregnant."

I stared at Sabine, suddenly realizing that this was a solution to a very serious problem that I hadn't even considered. I felt a cold chill run through me as I thought of how easily I could have become pregnant otherwise. In fact, with my new needs and desires, I probably would have been a teenage mother in no time at all. Then I looked around at the others and saw that I wasn't the only one to feel relieved.

"With the new lifestyle being a nymph requires," Anne mused, "that’s very good news indeed."

However, Michelle looked almost horrified. "But I wanted to have kids someday," she said quietly. "I wanted to have a family..."

"Our bodies have other adaptations for our required lifestyle," Sabine added. "Our bodies are very resilient. We heal much faster than a normal human and appear to be completely immune to disease. In fact, we even seem to be extremely resistant to any form of parasite as well."

"I see," Jennifer said, looking amused. "So I never have to worry about getting crabs again. I guess condoms are pretty pointless now too..."

Cathy nodded thoughtfully at that. "They do kind of get in the way of getting what we really need..."

"Indeed they do," Sabine agreed. "There is one other important thing...something you have all probably already noticed." She paused to look around for a moment before adding, "When we have sex...or at least absorb a man's semen, we form a psychic link with him that lasts for a day or two. We can use it to tap into his senses...see what he sees and hear what he hears."

"I thought I was just imagining it," Cathy said, sounding a little surprised.

"I noticed it too," Jennifer agreed while Michelle, Anne, and I just nodded.

Sabine's expression grew serious as she warned us, "This is something we should not share with others. If men knew that having sex with us would let us spy on them, then they'd be a lot less likely to do it."

I nodded at that, as did the others. I craved sex and cum...needed it more than I ever thought I'd need anything. I wasn't about to do anything that would keep me from getting more. There was no doubt that the others all felt the same.

"We're not the only changed to develop some psychic ability," Anne said after a moment. "Elves can look you in the eye and project an image...making you see things for a few minutes afterwards."

"We're not the only one with hormone issues and difficulty controlling ourselves," Jennifer added with a chuckle. "I know trolls are all very aggressive and have anger management issues... It’s like they have built in roid rage..."

"They do," Anne agreed. "And from what I understand, elves are almost the complete opposite. Their hormone levels are at a low level so they don't get hormone or biologically driven surges of emotion. Apparently, they don't even produce adrenaline as we know it which is why every elf you encounter is likely to be calm and steady."

We just sat there for probably a good half hour just talking about other types of changed and the issues that they had to deal with. We also discussed what other types might have psychic powers or special abilities as well. There were a lot of ideas thrown around but no one seemed to know much for certain, not even Sabine or Anne who had the most real knowledge.

Then Jennifer brought the subject back to nymphs by saying, "You know what's strange...besides the obvious that... I was a pack a day smoker before my change but afterwards I haven't had a single craving. When I did smoke a cigarette, I didn't really get anything out of it other than irritated lungs."

"That shouldn't be too surprising," Anne pointed out with a faint smile. "We already have a hardwired addiction so maybe we don't have room for another..."

"Your body probably doesn't process nicotine the same way either," Sabine added. "The same is true for alcohol... When I gave into my needs a couple days ago and had sex with a man for the first time, afterwards I drank an entire bottle of twenty year scotch. I barely felt anything from it."

"Damn," Jennifer muttered. "That's going to make getting drunk really difficult."

"There are some definite advantages though," Cathy pointed out with a grin. "I'm thinking about how fun it will be to drink my husband under the table."

I just nodded, now realizing exactly why Sabine had no problems with giving me wine. If what she said was true, then it might as well have just been a glass of grape juice instead.

"Great," I said with a sigh. "Now I'll never get to find out what it's like getting drunk."

"Me either," Michelle told me. "But then again, I never planned on drinking that much anyway."

"You don't know what you're missing kids," Jennifer told us with a sigh. "Some of the best nights I don't remember are from too much booze..."

I downed the rest of my wine and then got up to pour myself another glass. If I didn't have to worry about getting drunk, there was no reason I couldn't have more. As I was doing this, I thought about what Cathy had said about drinking her husband under the table and wondered if maybe I could do that with Kyle. It would have to be humiliating to lose a drinking contest to a sexy girl like me.

Eventually, Sabine regained our attention, saying, "I'm afraid that there is more I need to talk to you about. You see, one of the main reasons I brought us together is that we have mutual problems beyond just our own needs and cravings. Some of these are problems that all changed share and some are more specific to nymphs."

"Sabine and I have discussed this a little already," Anne said with a frown.

Sabine nodded at that and gave us a very serious look. "As you all know, there are people who are protesting the very existence of the changed, calling for us to be quarantined or at the very least registered and tracked by the government. There are some who are even arguing that we are no longer human therefore no longer protected by human rights or the constitution."

"There is even a state governor who is pushing to decriminalize sexual assault on nymphs," Anne told us grimly. He's arguing that you can't rape someone who loves it and is constantly asking for it. This is ludicrous but seems to suggest that he's already done it or has plans to. Of course, this won't succeed but his very attempt to pass this law is a clear warning to us."

"My own grandchildren had been content to wait for me to pass away," Sabine said, shaking her head sadly. "But now that it seems I'm not going to die anytime soon, they're trying to declare me legally incompetent. They're claiming that my severe nymphomania renders me incapable of making rational decisions."

"Oh shit," I gasped, imagining how horrible it would be having your own family turn on you like that.

"If they succeed," Anne said with a clear anger in her eyes, "it creates the precedent that just being a nymph is enough to have you declared incompetent. Each and every one of us could then be placed in the custody of the state or some appointed guardian. We would effectively become like children in the eyes of the legal system, losing our right to even make our own decisions."

"No way in hell," Jennifer spat out while the rest of us echoed this.

"We nymphs have a lot of problems," Anne told us grimly. "I myself have already been fired from my firm because I no longer look professional enough."

"I...I was kicked out of a restaurant last night," Cathy said quietly, looking as though she was about to cry. "They said they didn't want hookers in a family restaurant. My own kids were there too... It was so humiliating..."

Michelle nodded and hesitantly added, "One of my professors suggested I might fail his class unless..." She paused for a moment to give an obviously forced smile. "I'm afraid some of my classmates have been getting too aggressive and may even try raping me."

"I've already been raped," I admitted in a near whisper. Everyone froze and stared at me with looks of surprise. I winced in shame but somehow felt safe enough with these women that I could tell them the truth. "It was my first time having sex...ever. I said no...I tried fighting him..." I paused again as tears started to come. "He hit me and did it anyway."

Michelle put a sympathetic hand on mine while Cathy came over and gave me a hug. The others came over with looks of sympathy and anger as well and I found myself in the middle of a group hug which was much more comforting than I ever would have imagined.

"Who is he?" Sabine demanded once we were done with the hug. "We need to help each other."

"I can help with this one," Anne said with a nearly predatory look in her eyes.

I stared at them both, suddenly realizing the damage I could do to Jason with the help of an angry lawyer and a millionaire. I couldn't resist smiling faintly as I thought of suing the pants off him or even having him put away. But after a moment, I remembered that this meant it would all come out in the open...that everyone would know I'd been raped. There was no way I was going to do that...especially not when everyone at school would probably think I was making the whole thing up.

"I...I think I need to deal with him by myself," I said quietly. "But thank you for the offer."

"Are you sure?" Anne asked with a look of concern. "If you're worried about the cost, I'll be doing this completely pro bono..."

"No, it's not that," I told her.

Sabine stared at me for a moment with a thoughtful look. "If you change your mind...just let us know. We'll help with anything you need."

"Thank you," I responded, feeling incredibly touched by this.

Sabine then looked around at the others with a grim expression. "This is why we need to help each other. This is why we need to stand together and watch each other’s backs. If we don't look out for each other...who will?"

"I've had some experience with discrimination," Anne said wryly though she still looked angry. "But this is something different. We nymphs almost seem made to be taken advantage of. Looking the way we do and with urges we can't control...we automatically develop a reputation that guarantees no one will take us seriously."

"She's right," Sabine told us. "Out very nature makes men desire us and as we know...sometimes they don't take no for an answer." There were several pairs of eyes glancing to me at that. "All someone has to do is kidnap us and control our access to men and they can turn any one of us into an eager sex slave. Unfortunately, this is a very real danger that we all face."

I felt a cold chill down my spine as I realized just how right she was. I'd seen first-hand that some guys would go to extremes to get what they wanted, especially when they could rationalize it to themselves by saying that we really wanted it anyway. As scary as it was, this was a very real possibility.

"There is another reason that people will be interested in us," Sabine added after nearly a minute. "One that will make us valuable to everyone, not just men. You see, not only are we immune to disease...we're also the cure. Our immune systems can kill off any virus and even destroy cancer cells while leaving healthy ones intact."

"You're kidding," Cathy exclaimed in surprise.

"No," Sabine responded with a shake of her head. "So far, no one else really knows about this yet but it’s only a matter of time. Once people do, there is a very good chance that we will be forcibly detained so that we can be studied for the public good. That isn't even taking into account all the ill individuals who will be desperate to find a cure..."

We were all silent as we considered that and what it meant for us. On one hand, I definitely liked the idea of being immune to cancer not to mention all the STDs that could be a problem in the future, but on the other, I could easily imagine being locked up and used as a guinea pig so that doctors could figure out how I did it. That was definitely not something I wanted to deal with.

"I'll be using all my resources to try heading this off," Sabine said, "but I can't do it alone. We face far too many issues for any of us to face alone. We have to work help each other. I intend to ask other nymphs to join many as I can find."

"I fully intend to do everything I can to help," Anne said, obviously having agreed to this previously.

"I'm in," Jennifer said a few seconds later.

The rest of us quickly agreed to be part of this though I certainly didn't know what help we could possibly be. Of course, I think all of us would have agreed to meet up and help each other before we learned about the possibility of becoming guinea pigs.

After this, we continued talking but didn't dwell on what Sabine had warned us about. Instead, we tried taking our minds off of that and just talked about ourselves, about our lives and experiences as nymphs. I quickly learned a lot more about each of these women and shared things I'd never expected to tell anyone. By the time we were done, I almost felt as though they were the closest friends I've ever had.


It was the last class of the day of the last day of the week. It was Friday afternoon and I sat in Mr. Nelson's math class, watching my teacher and trying to get used to the fact that he was now an elf. He was quite cute in a slender and almost androgynous way so I couldn't help but wondering how big his dick was and what elf cum tasted like. I bet it tasted delicious.

It was hard to believe that it had been a full week since I'd changed into a nymph, since the entire world had been changed. In some ways, it seemed like it had been much longer than that.

I turned my attention away from Mr. Nelson and instead focused on another boy in class, one whom I'd already fucked yesterday after school. He was about averaged size but actually seemed to have had a bit more experience than anyone else I'd fucked. That alone made him much more interesting. I licked my lips, already looking forward to his oh so delicious cum.

Just then, I realized that Mr. Nelson was talking about our homework for the weekend. I scowled and forced myself to pay attention but it wasn't easy. It had been getting hard to stay focused on much of anything besides sex for very long. That was one of the many downsides of being outrageously horny all the time.

When the bell rang, everyone ran out of the room. I grabbed my back pack and went into the hallway, pausing at the door long enough to look back and forth at all the guys who were passing in front of me. I could still appreciate a pretty girl...or at least recognize that she was hot in an intellectual way. However, a hot girl no longer did anything for me physically. After all, that wasn't what I craved.

For a moment, I suddenly felt like a was some kind of a predator on the prowl though of course I didn't need to actually hunt my prey, not when guys came to me practically begging to give me what I wanted. Then I acted on an impulse, grabbing one guy who was walking past and giving him a long and hungry kiss. Impulse control was another thing I was having a little more difficulty with than before my change.

"What the hell?" a girl demanded, angrily yanking me away from the boy I'd been kissing and slapping me across the face. "Keep away from him you damn slut!"

The boy had a nice hard-on now due to my kiss and unfortunately that girl was walking away with it while yelling at him. I scowled in frustration, ignoring the looks of glaring hostility that I was getting from some other girls in the hallway. I was getting used to those looks but didn't think I'd ever really be comfortable with them.

Of course, nearly every girl was glaring at me while nearly every guy was looking me over. As weird as it was, most people now seemed to think of me as nothing more than a sex object or a threat. Just as strange was the fact that most guys were becoming little more than sex objects to me too.

"Damn," I muttered, looking around for another guy.

Then I remembered something...something important. The school bus. If I took the time to fuck some boy then I'd miss the bus and would have to walk home. There was a rather large part of me that didn't care but I had to push that aside and remind myself that I really didn't want to make that walk.

A moment later, something else suddenly dawned on me. It was Friday night, the night of the big football game. I grinned, suddenly thinking of all the boys that would be there at the game. It was scheduled to start in just a short time which meant that I was going to be missing the bus ride home after all.

I went to the football field and hung around as everyone began gathering and taking to the stands. I was back into hunter slut mode, looking for someone who could satisfy my cravings. Then I found a group of the football players from our team gathered around near the locker room. It wasn't the whole team, only five of them. Fortunately, Jason wasn't among them.

"Hey girl," one boy grinned at me with a hungry look in his eyes. "You want to show us a good time before the game? You know, maybe bring us some good luck?"

I stared at him for just a moment then my eyes darted to the other four boys. A grin began to form on my face as I realized that I had a whole feast being offered to me.

"Of course," I responded, already going towards the boy who'd spoken and reaching for his pants. "I'd be happy to..."

"Holy shit," one of the other boys exclaimed. "She's really going to do it."

A moment later, I had his cock out and was sucking on it, licking it with all the skills I'd learned over the past week. It only took a minute before he came and filled my mouth. I gulped down every drop he offered, moaning in delight at this delicious treat.

"Me next," another boy said, looking as though he didn't believe his luck.

I didn't say a word as I went to him and began repeating the process, hardly believing my own good luck. A small part of me protested in the back of my head but that small part had been getting weaker and weaker each day as my nymph nature became more and more dominant.

The next couple boys went fast and then I got to the last boy who was an enormous orc who stood at 6 foot 8. He was muscular, powerful, and had been a bit of a nerd just a week ago. After he'd changed into an orc, they immediately recruited him to the football team. This was his first game. And to my delight, his dick was about the same size as Monster.

"Oh yes," I purr in delight as I happily began to give him a blow job too. Unfortunately, he was too big for me to swallow so I'd have to take him down below. I wouldn't get the delicious taste but there were definitely other benefits of being fucked. "Oh yes, this is going to be good...."

"Holy shit," one of the other players exclaimed, "Look at the size of him..."

I was pulling my pants down so I could fuck him properly when another boy gasped in disbelief. "She's going to take that? No fucking way..."

"I don't want to hurt you," the orc boy said hesitantly, almost looking afraid.

"You won't," I told him with a grin.

The orc boy slipped his monster cock right into me and I gasped in delight. He picked me up and held me up against the wall as he started fucking me. It was fantastic, better than fucking myself with Monster. And then when he came inside me, I came as well, surging with delight as my body felt the infusion of even more cum.

"I can't believe she took him," one of the boys gasped. "Damn she's a slut..."

After this, the boys left to go play their game while I sat there, savoring how good I felt. I'd never had that much cum before in my life and I felt incredibly satisfied. Of course, I was still horny but that was something that never went away. Being horny was almost becoming like breathing to me, something that was there all the time so I almost didn't even need to think about it.

Since I had what I needed and wasn't interested in football, I began the long walk home. Normally this would have put me in a bad mood but after my little encounter with the football players, I was already in a very good mood.

I was about halfway home when a deep voice said, "Hello Dani."

I paused and looked around, seeing a familiar looking man standing off to the side, wearing a nice jacket and hat as well as leaning on a cane. "Mr. George," I exclaimed in surprise. I hadn't seen him in a week, not since he'd predicted that the world was going to change. Since I didn't know what to say, I asked, "'s it going?"

"Not bad at all," Mr. George responded with a chuckle.

Mr. George was facing right at me though I couldn't see his eyes through the dark sunglasses he always wore, not that this was any different than every other time I'd seen him. However, there was something different about it today though I couldn't quite put my finger on what except that I actually had the feeling he was really looking at me.

"You've changed quite a bit," Mr. George told me, looking almost sad.

"You have no idea," I muttered. There was a moment of silent before I blurted out, "How did you know? How did you know this was all going to happen?"

"I didn' least not in any detail," Mr. George responded carefully. "I knew that something big was coming but just not what. I had no idea it would be like this..." He shook his head at that and came towards me. "I had no idea that you'd be changed like this."

I looked down at myself, not able to see much past my big tits. "It's been pretty hard."

Mr. George just nodded at that and said, "I'd imagine so."

Since I didn't know what to say, I looked Mr. George over and told him, "At least you weren't changed. You have no idea how weird this all is..."

"Oh, but I was changed," Mr. George responded with a weak chuckle. At my skeptical look, he continued, "Not all those who were changed are obvious about it. You see, there are several types of changed who didn't change on the outside, only the inside. I am one of those."

"What do you mean?" I asked, giving him a suspicious look.

Mr. George smiled at that and then just stood there for a few seconds with a thoughtful look on his face. "I am what we call a seer," he finally answered. "I see things...know things that most can't imagine. I know secrets of the past and even the future."

"You can tell the future?" I asked, pausing to realize that it might not be as crazy as it sounded. After all, he'd predicted the change.

"To a degree," he explained. "Think of time as being like a river and I just happen to have a map. I know where the river will flow and what path it will take but I don't know where all the bumps, rocks and pools are. For the most part, I can only see the larger picture...but I do get glimpses of bits and pieces ahead of me. I suppose it’s also possible for surprises to happen, things that dam the river or make it change course." He shrugged at that. "If something like that happens, I don't know if my map becomes useless and outdated or if I get a new one. There are a lot of things I still don't know."

"Are there a lot of changed like you?" I asked carefully. "A lot of seers I mean?"

"Not many," Mr. George responded with a faint chuckle. "There are even less of us than there are nymphs. But a lot of us seers have been in contact with each other, trying to decide what we're gonna do. We can see some of the future but that doesn't give us the wisdom to know how to guide it. For the most part, we've decided to take a hands off approach and not interfere much."

Then Mr. George looked off to the distance for a moment, acting almost as though I was no longer here. After nearly a minute, he quietly said, "You know Dani, this kind of thing has happened before."

"What?" I asked blankly.

"The changes," Mr. George explained. "There have been nymphs before...and elves and dwarves and other things. They died out over time but now they are given another chance...a second chance to compete with humanity. This time it may be another race which thrives and wins out...or perhaps not."

I just stared at Mr. George, still not quite sure if he was telling the truth or if he was off his rocker a little. Perhaps it was a bit of both.

"There were other races that existed before too," Mr. George continued after a moment. "Some of these old races are gone for good, never to return. But as with all things, there is a balance. This time there are several new races that have never before walked the Earth. Those you call orcs are one such race."

"This has happened before?" I gasped. "Why don't we know about it then?"

"No, this is not the first time that the Earth as been through the cloud," Mr. George said quietly, looking almost as though he was talking to himself or thinking aloud. "This cloud resulted in a creature that stepped upon land for the first mammals who gained advantage over reptiles. This cloud created primates who could think and has sparked evolution since the beginning of life on Earth."

Then Mr. George turned to look at me again, almost as if he could see me. "I already had some seer in my DNA before this," he told me with a chuckle. "It was very weak, leftovers from a long distant ancestor that was awakened by the change. "In that same way, you are descended from the nymphs of old."

"Holy shit," I whispered, seeing that he was indeed very serious. It was hard to believe that things like trolls and nymphs had existed in the past without us having some kind of evidence to prove it was real, but I didn't doubt him. I was sure that Mr. George was right. "That’s a lot to take in."

Mr. George just nodded at that and told me, "It is indeed. However, that's not really what I came here to tell you." At my questioning look, he smiled sadly. "Things have not been easy for you so far. And though it pains me to tell you this, they will get much worse before they get better." He put a hand on my shoulder and insisted, "But they will get better...if you don't give up."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, now feeling worried.

"I can't tell you anymore," Mr. George responded with another sad smile. "I always liked you Dani and wanted you to know this...that you can have a future." Then he sighed and shook his head. "I'm afraid I have to say goodbye. I know too much now to stay here. There are people who will want what I know and won't stop until they get it. We may meet up again but it won't be for many years."

"You can't go," I protested, wanting to ask him more questions.

"I can and I must," Mr. George told me as he turned and began walking away, limping badly as he did so. "I hope we do meet again someday Dani."

For a brief moment, I thought of following after Mr. George as he left but something told me that it wouldn't do any good. He'd already told me what he'd come here to say and now he'd said his goodbyes as well. I shook my head, knowing that I'd never really been close to the old guy but I was still going to miss him anyway.

I remained where I was for several minutes, just thinking about what Mr. George had told me. It was a lot to take in but not really any stranger than the change happening in the first place. Then I finally shrugged and continued on my way home, looking forward to talking to Kyle about this tomorrow...after I fucked him of course.

When I got home, both of my parents were waiting for me and neither of them were happy. "You're late," Dad exclaimed. "Where the hell were you?"

"I stopped at the football game," I told him with a wince.

Dad nodded faintly at that since going to a football game was an excuse he could understand. "Next time call if you're gonna be late. Your Mom was getting worried."

I let out a sigh of relief that I'd gotten off the hook but then mom started to sniff the air and gave me a suspicious look. A moment later, she pointed to my shirt and coldly demanded, "Is that what I think it is?"

"What?" I asked, looking down and seeing where she was pointing. There was a big smear of cum all over it. Without even thinking, I wiped it off with my finger and then licked my finger clean. Absolutely delicious though not as fresh as I prefer.

"Oh my God," Mom blurted out, staring at me with a look of shock and horror. "I can't believe..."

"What?" Dad demanded. Then his eyes widened as he realized what it was that I had smeared on my shirt. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"

"I've had calls that you were sleeping around," Mom cried out, giving me a look of disbelief. "I didn't believe them... I thought that there was no way you'd touch a boy... But now you're running around acting like some kind of slut."

"I am a slut," I responded quietly, tears forming as I looked at my Mom and Dad. "I don't want to be but I am..."

"I can't believe my son's a fag," Dad snarled furiously, glaring at me with an expression that made me take a step back.

"But I'm not your son anymore," I argued, growing angry myself. "I'm a girl now...SEE" I grabbed my tits and spat out, "I'm a NYMPH. Whether I want to or not, I like guys now... How can I be gay if I'm female and like boys?"

Then I glared at Mom who was glaring right back at me. I'd told her a little of what I'd learned from Sabine such as being immune from disease and not being able to get pregnant, though I certainly hadn't told her everything. In fact, I'd specifically told her that there were things about nymphs that she really didn't want to know.

"DON'T YOU DARE GET SMART WITH ME," Dad yelled, making me cringe back even further. He was furious while Mom just looked horrified and disappointed. Both expressions sent a surge of pain right through my being.

"I'm a NYMPH," I cried out, the tears now running full force. All my shame and self-loathing were coming back in the face of my parents’ reactions. "Don't you know what that means? It means I'm FUCKING HORNY all the time...and if I don't have sex I could get sick and die."

Mom suddenly lashed out and slapped me across my cheek so hard that I stumbled back. My entire cheek stung from the impact but that was nothing compared to the pain I felt from the way she was looking at me.

"YOU'RE GROUNDED!" Dad screamed, his face red and looking as though he might pop a vein.

I could only stare at both of them for a moment before I turned and ran to my room, slamming my door behind me and throwing myself onto my bed to sob. When Mr. George had told me that things would get worse, I had no idea he meant this. What could be worse than having my parents hate me like this? What could be worse than hating myself?


It was Saturday afternoon and I was horny as Hell. Of course, that was no surprise since I was grounded and strictly forbidden to leave the house. My parents had barely said a word to me all morning other than to make that very clear. In fact, I strongly suspected that they would have preferred it if I would have remained hidden in my room.

When I was first changed, I'd gone several days before I gave into my cravings, and then I'd only done so willingly once I'd learned what it was that I truly craved. Now that I knew what I was missing, it was much harder to go without but I had little choice at the moment.

To make it even worse, not only did I have my constant horniness and the growing cravings, I also had a bit of a sore throat. The back of my tongue felt sort of tender and swollen, making me wonder if I'd strained it trying to swallow orc boy yesterday.

I'd already spent some time locked up in my room with Monster but of course it hadn't given me what I really needed. Now I was just trying to find something to distract myself but wasn't having much luck.

Tyler was sitting on the couch, playing with a handheld video game and looking frustrated. I stared at him for a moment before asking, "Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing," Tyler told me with a frustrated look. I didn't say anything and after a minute, he continued, "I'm waiting for Dad to fix my bike... It went flat again."

"That's not a problem," I told him, letting out a sigh of relief as I finally had something to focus on. "I can fix it for you..."

"No way," Tyler responded with an emphatic shake of his head. "Girls can't fix bikes."

I just stared at Tyler, feeling hurt. "But I fixed your bike last week," I pointed out.

"But you weren't a girl then," Tyler protested. "I want Dad to fix it."

I didn't say a word as I got up and left Tyler to his game, feeling somehow betrayed though I knew it wasn't intentional. I went into the garage and then paused to stare at my own bike which was just as broken as it had been before my change.

"Damn," I muttered, staring at it in frustration.

Even if I could afford to fix my bike it just wouldn't do any good. Tyler might be wrong about girls being unable to fix bikes but it was clear to me that nymphs couldn't do motocross. I just wasn't built for it anymore. In the process of becoming a nymph, I'd lost my old hobby but had gained a new I couldn't enjoy at the moment because of my grounding. And if my Mom and Dad had their way, it was one I never would again.

I turned away from my bike and looked around the garage, seeing Tyler’s bike with the flat tire but leaving it where it was. I could fix it for him and prove him wrong but after the way he'd insulted me, I just didn't feel like doing him any favors at the moment. And knowing Dad, Tyler could be waiting for his bike for a long time.

With a sigh, I went to the sports equipment that was piled in the corner and took a practice swing with the baseball bad. Then as I was about to put the bat back down, it suddenly dawned on me that it would make a great dildo. I was about to try it out for size when I caught myself.

"Shit," I muttered, dropping the bat immediately, hardly able to believe what I was thinking. "I need to get fucked...bad."

Just as I went back into the house, Mom saw me and said, "We're going to take Tyler shopping for some new clothes. You aren't to leave the house."

Once my family was gone, I let out a sigh of relief. Without anyone else around I could feel free to play with Monster again and scratch my itch as much as I could, or at least as much as I could by myself. Unfortunately, I was well aware of the fact that this wouldn't be enough.

I scowled in frustration, cursing the fact that I was grounded and had been clearly warned not to leave the house. Then I grinned, suddenly realizing that I'd been told not to leave...but Mom hadn't said a word about having someone else come over.

A moment later, I was on the phone calling Kyle, telling him, "Come on over as soon as you can and I'll make it worth your while." I hung up without saying anything more than that. Now all I had to do was wait. Unfortunately, I've never been very good at waiting.

After only a couple of minutes, I heard a car pulling up in the driveway. My heart jumped in fear at the thought that my parents had forgotten something and come back. It had been bad enough when my Mom had done that and caught me with Monster. If they found out I'd called Kyle over so I could fuck him they'd be pissed to say the least. However, when I looked outside it wasn't their car or even one that belonged to anyone I knew.

When the driver stepped out of the car, I let out a sigh of relief though I felt just a bit confused as well. I immediately recognized Anne though I was just a little surprised to see her. I wasn't surprised that she knew where I lived since we'd all shared contact information before leaving the nymph convention last Wednesday, but I was curious about what she was doing here.

I met Anne at the door and she gave me a warm smile and said, "Hello Dani."

We stared at each other for just a moment before we abruptly began to hug. There was absolutely nothing sexual about hugging Anne and doing so felt like I was hugging a family member, someone like a favorite aunt or big sister. I immediately began to feel comforted and more relaxed.

"Come on in," I told her, letting her inside the house.

"Are your parents home?" Anne asked, looking around curiously.

"No," I told her with a shrug. "Everyone else went out."

Anne nodded at that, looking just a little relieved. I had a feeling that she wasn't looking forward to dealing with my Mom again and I certainly didn't blame her. She'd probably like dealing with Dad even less.

"I was in the area and thought I'd come check up on you," Anne said, giving me a worried look. "After what you told us..." She shook her head and forced a smile. "Have you been attacked again or had any more problems..."

"Not quite like that one," I responded with a sigh. Then I gave her a forced smile of my own and told her, "Every guy in school thinks I'm a total slut and almost every girl there hates my guts." Then I winced, remembering last night.

"What else?" Anne asked gently, seeing my reaction. She put a comforting hand on my shoulder and gave me a concerned look.

I hesitated a moment before quietly admitting, "Last Mom and Dad found out what being a nymph means..." I grimaced as I remembered the looks of anger and shame on their faces. "They didn't take it well."

"What happened?" Anne urged me to continue.

"They grounded me for life," I responded with a weak smile. "I don't think they plan on letting me near a guy again until I'm at least eighteen."

Anne gave me a look of mixed sympathy and horror. "Then how do you..."

"I called my friend," I explained. "He's gonna come over before my Mom and Dad get home..."

"Good," Anne said, looking a little relieved but not much. Her expression was still pretty grim which came off almost like pouting on her sexy face. "Don't they know how much you need sex? That you'll get sick without it?"

I shook my head at that and let out a sigh. "I don't think they believe me." Then in order to change the subject a little, I asked, "How about you? How have you been doing?"

I saw the pained look on Anne's face and knew that she'd been having a tough time as well. She hesitated a moment before saying, "Well, there are some people who are trying to take away my license to practice law..." I gasped at that but she shrugged it off. "They're claiming that I'm no longer fit to practice law but at least I can fight that. What really hurts aren't my professional problems but my personal ones."

"Your...girlfriend?" I asked.

"Gwen," Anne responded with a nod. "I still love her but I'm not physically attracted to her anymore... It took me a long time to really accept being gay and now I'm suddenly straight." She shook her head sadly. "Of course, you know what it's like to suddenly go from preferring women to preferring men."

"Yeah," I admitted quietly.

"I can go through the motions," Anne told me with a sigh. "But she doesn't do anything for me physically anymore and she can't give me what I really need. Last night...we broke up."

"Wow," I whispered, putting a sympathetic hand of my own on Anne's arm. "I'm sorry..."

The two of us sat on my couch for several minutes with neither of us really saying anything. We were each just drawing comfort from the others presence and our mutual sympathy. It still amazed me that we barely really knew each other but I now felt more comfortable with Anne than I did with my own family. Of course, she understood everything I was going through as a nymph and we shared something that no one who wasn't a nymph possibly could.

Then another thought occurred to me and I wondered if maybe our connection wasn't just due to similar experiences. What if it was something more? After all, I'd felt the same way about all of the nymphs on Wednesday just as they felt the same about me.

"Anne," I started carefully. "I was wondering about our pheromones..."

"Yes?" she responded, giving me a curious look.

"Could it be possible that we're affected by each other’s pheromones?" I asked. "I know they make guys horny but what do they do for us? I'm just so comfortable with you and the others..."

Anne was silent for a moment before saying, "I've wondered that myself." She smiled faintly. "I've never warmed to anyone as quickly as I have to you and the others. It would make sense though. I mean, our bodies are heavily influenced by biochemical driven instincts and urges. It would make sense that we also recognize each other the same way...that we sense each other’s pheromones and instinctively recognize that we are the same."

I just sat there for another minute, wondering if it really made a difference why I liked Anne and the others. After thinking about it though, I decided that it didn't really matter as long as they felt the same way. Even if our pheromones made it easier for us to feel at ease with each other, we did still share the understanding of what it meant to be a nymph. We were all part of a very exclusive club that no outsider could even begin to understand or be part of.

"I've got to go to the bathroom," I told Anne, getting up and adding, "I'll be back in a minute."

After I finished my business, I started going back to Anne when I suddenly heard Kyle's voice coming from the living room. "Hey, you're dressed pretty nice," Kyle was saying. "It really makes you look different too..."

"Really?" Anne's voice responded, sounding amused. "How so?"

I listened for a few more seconds, realizing that Kyle had mistaken Anne for me and that she was playing along. I was more than a little tempted to just stay back and see where this went but I had other urges which were stronger, especially now that Kyle was there to satisfy them.

I stepped into the living room and saw that Anne was standing there with an amused look as she watched Kyle's reactions. She also had a lusty look in her eyes that I recognized from the mirror. Of course, I could see his reaction quite clearly with the bulge in his pants.

"Hello Kyle," I purred in my most sexy and seductive tone.

Kyle immediately turned to stare at me with a look of wide eyed surprise and obvious lust. That was exactly what I was looking for. I glanced to Anne and saw that she looked amused rather than annoyed at my interruption.

"Dani?" Kyle blurted out, looking back and forth between Anne and me in confusion.

"This is Anne," I introduced her. "She's a friend."

"Pleased to meet you," Anne told Kyle as she held out her hand to shake his. From the look in her eyes she wanted to do a lot more than just shake his hand, a sentiment I shared completely.

"You're...," Kyle started, staring at Anne.

"A nymph," Anne responded with a smile. "And even more scary...a lawyer."

"A lawyer?" Kyle repeated, his eyes going wide as he probably realized that she was older than she looked.

I just grinned, suddenly seeing an opportunity for something I absolutely would have killed for as a guy. "Hey Anne," I asked her mischievously. "Would you be interested in giving Kyle a threesome?"

Kyle's mouth dropped open at that while Anne just laughed. She gave him a hungry look and then shook her head. "I can't," she told me though she didn't sound very convincing. "He's underage..."

I could tell that Anne was more than a little tempted just for the fact that Kyle was a guy. I had no illusions that she was interested in doing anything sexual with me, nor was I particularly interested in doing anything with her. At one point, I would have given my left nut to have sex with a woman who looked like she did, and now that I'd given both of them I no longer had the desire to do so. At the same time, I was comfortable enough with Anne that I knew there would be no awkwardness if we shared Kyle.

"I...I want to," Anne said carefully, giving Kyle an appraising look. "My body definitely says yes...but my mind says no. He's underage and I can't afford that kind of legal trouble...not now. Not when I'm having to fight just to keep from being disbarred."

"I understand," I told Anne, giving Kyle an apologetic look. I couldn't help but feeling a little guilty for putting Anne in that position.

Anne just smiled, carefully not looking at Kyle. "I should get going before I change my mind," she told me, giving me an apologetic look as well. "Before I go, I wanted to remind you that if you need anything...anything at can call me. Sabine has the same offer open."

"Thank you," I told her, giving her a hug.

"And remember," Anne told me as she started for the front door. "We're having another meeting this Wednesday. I really hope we see you there again." Then she paused, giving me a wink and saying, "Have fun you two," before leaving.

Once Anne was gone, Kyle said, "Your friend certainly is something..."

"I'd prefer paying attention to this friend," I told Kyle, pressing myself against him and giving him a kiss, making sure to slip my tongue deep into his mouth. I wanted to give him a good dose of my saliva so I could get the most out of him. Once we pulled apart, I reached down the front of Kyle's pants and saw that he was definitely ready.

"What kind of friends do this?" Kyle asked, moaning as I pulled down his pants.

"Friends with benefits," I told him, staring at his hard cock and licking my lips eagerly. "Great benefits..."


It was Tuesday afternoon and I was busy eating my lunch...or sucking off a boy which was much the same thing. I'd already let fuck me and now I was licking his cock, eager for the delicious cum. Sometimes, I forgot that I once found the idea of eating this to be completely and utterly disgusting, especially since I just couldn't get enough of it now. It was easy to forget that other people couldn't appreciate cum the way I now could. I couldn't help but feeling a little sorry for them.

The boy I was with was only average size and I'd learned that size really does matter. Of course, skill could make up for lack of size but he didn't really have that either. He might not be able to fuck me as well as I'd like but at least he had what I needed and that was enough to satisfy me.

It had been harder and harder to get what I wanted, thanks to my parents. I've been strictly grounded, only allowed to go to school and back. Mom dropped me off at school to make sure I didn't try skipping and then I had to go straight home afterwards. I wasn't allowed to go out or even have anyone come visit...especially boys. It was as though they were afraid that I'd fuck some guy while they were in the next room. Of course, they'd be right but that wasn't the point. Besides, it certainly didn't seem fair considering the way they've been going at it ever night, due in large part to the influence my pheromones had on my Dad.

So far I've managed to sneak out to visit Kyle after I'd supposedly gone to bed and I had a bit of a quickie with him before school. Fortunately, it was easy to find a guy or two to fuck me during lunch, like the guy I had now. I'd picked him up in the hall right as lunch started, and of course he'd been more than happy to give me what I wanted.

Once my current lover was finished, he quickly went on his way. I licked my lips and sat back, wondering if I could find another boy to fuck before lunch was over. With as difficult as my Mom and Dad were making it, I had to take advantage of any opportunity I could find.

A few minutes later, I was walking through the hall again, keeping an eye out for a likely lover. I turned my attention to the psychic link that I'd just formed with my latest partner. I felt the link just as I felt the link with Kyle and several others, some of the links stronger than others depending on how recently I'd fed from them.

To my surprise, I found that the boy I'd just fucked was currently talking to Kyle. "You were right," he was telling Kyle. "I just hung around where you told me to and she asked me to fuck her..."

"See," Kyle grinned in response. "Remember, you owe me one."

"Damn right I do," he told Kyle.

I pulled my attention away from the scene feeling a little startled. Kyle had set me up with him... I felt kind of used and manipulated, but at the same time, I also felt kind of grateful. It was almost like Kyle had been doing me a favor.

As I turned my attention back to where I was going, I became aware of the dirty looks that nearly every girl in the hall was giving me. I kept hearing the words bimbo, slut, and whore whispered around me, from the boys as well as the girls. The boys were all attracted to me and most would fuck me with no problem, but my reputation as a slut meant that none of them wanted to be caught really talking to me.

Then I saw Melissa, the tall and gorgeous apex coming down the hall in my direction. We'd been pretty friendly for the first couple days last week when we were still getting used to how we'd changed. However, she'd quickly slipped into her new place in the popular crowd and that meant she couldn't afford to be seen socializing with someone like me.

Melissa walked right past me, giving me a quick look of disapproval and then continuing past while pretending that I wasn't even there. I winced slightly at that, feeling hurt and insulted in spite of the fact that we'd never really been friends.

Ever since my change, I'd been forced to realize that I had almost no friends left. All the guys I used to consider my friends avoided me and called me a freak behind my back while wanting to get into my pants at the same time. If they'd been nice I would have happily let them.

Kyle was the only real friend that I had left and I hadn't even done any of the usual friend things with him lately. In fact, I could barely remember the last time we just hung out playing video games or chatting about dirt bikes. It seemed like the only thing we did together anymore was have sex, not that I minded that. Still, I did miss some of our old conversations which had disappeared.

"Hard to talk about girls we'd like to fuck now," I muttered with a sigh.

Just then, I was suddenly shoved from behind and nearly fell before I caught my balance. I snapped around and saw that blonde bitch Holly standing there with a smirk on her face and two of her friends beside her.

"What the hell are you still doing in this school?" Holly demanded with a sneer. "We don't need your kind here."

"What kind is that?" I asked her coldly. "Sexy girls? Well, if I don't do it who will?"

"You slut freak," one of Holly's friends spat out with a look of disgust.

"Do you talk about all changed that way or just me?" I responded. "At least I have an excuse for being a slut... What's yours?"

Holly slapped me before I even realized it so I snarled and slapped her back. "YOU BITCH," Holly yelled as she came at me full force.

Holly hit like a girl, slapping and scratching more than anything while I knew how to throw a real punch and I did so, splitting her lip. Unfortunately, she was a little bigger than me and she had her friends and that meant I was in deep trouble.

"Cat fight," someone called out and all the students in the hall pulled back to watch us.

One of Holly's friends grabbed my hair and started pulling while I yelled out in pain. Holly took advantage of that to try scratching at my face so I kicked at her.

Suddenly, a voice yelled, "ENOUGH!"

Holly and her friends backed off as I saw one of the teachers standing there. I recognized him around school though wasn't completely sure of his name since I didn't have any of his classes. He gave us each a glare.

"You get detention for this," he told me, seeming to ignore Holly and her friends who smirked and then ran off while he was focused on me.

"WHAT?" I demanded in shock. "They attacked me..."

"Don't blame them for your actions," he told me with another glare of disapproval.

I glared back at him, fighting back the urge to yell 'fuck you.', knowing that it would only get me in more trouble. Instead, I forced myself to calm down a little and smiled sweetly.

"I'll see what my lawyer says about that," I told him as politely as I could. "I'm the victim of assault and battery yet I'm the one you want to punish... That sounds like a clear case of discrimination to me..." I grinned, suddenly imagining his reaction when he saw that my lawyer was a nymph as well. After all, Anne had told me to call her if I needed anything at all.

The teacher went a little pale at that and coldly asked, "Are you trying to threaten me?"

"No," I replied, still smiling sweetly.

"Get out of here," he snapped at me, trying to cover his nervousness at the possibility of being sued. "This is your last warning..."

I just grinned as I walked away, deciding that I definitely liked the idea of having a lawyer I could call. It was almost like having a pit bull I could sic on someone...or at least threaten them with. I don't think Anne would like being compared to a dog, but then again, she was a lawyer.

My excitement over having faced down a teacher quickly faded though as I considered why he'd come after me like that. Nearly every student in school seemed to hate me now, even all the guys who really lusted after me and it had spread to the teachers. I'd seen teachers giving me some of the same looks of contempt that I got from students.

All of my grades had taken a serious nosedive since my change, and though I'd like to blame that on the teachers not liking me, I knew that was the result of my no longer being able to pay attention or focus in class very well. Unfortunately, my performance in class has only given proof to the rumor of me being a stupid bimbo and that had undoubtedly contributed to the way teachers now saw me.

The good mood I had from getting fucked a short time ago had vanished under the attack from Holly and the treatment from the teacher. I looked around, seeing the expressions on people's faces and feeling even more depressed. I hadn't asked to become a nymph any more than any other changed had asked to become what they had but somehow I was treated like crap because of it. It struck me as incredibly unfair that I got treated like this while someone like Melissa who had been lucky enough to become an apex was suddenly extremely popular and loved.

I was lost in my thoughts and trying to decide what I was going to do now when someone suddenly grabbed my upper arm in a painful grip. My first thought was 'not again' but as I turned and saw that it Jason who held me, my thoughts turned to 'OH SHIT…NOT AGAIN!'

"LET ME GO!," I ordered, struggling to pull loose but I already knew it wouldn't do much good. As I'd already learned the hard way, he was too strong for me.

"Shut up," Jason snapped, slapping me across the face. I was really getting sick of people doing that. "I'm horny and I need you to give me a damn blow job"

"No," I exclaimed, pulling away even harder. I even tried punching Jason but all it got me was another painful slap, one that almost felt as though he'd straight out punched me.

"You know you want it," Jason sneered. "So quick playing hard to get..."

I grimaced, hating the fact that he was right. I did want it...I always wanted it. Even if he raped me while I screamed 'no' the entire time, I'd still love it...even if I hated myself for it afterwards. And if he dropped his pants, my instincts would probably take over and I'd be on my knees sucking him off in a moment.

"From now on," Jason told me with a smirk, pulling me down the hall towards some spot where he probably thought we could have a moment of privacy, "you're mine. You don't fuck anyone else unless I say so..."

"Fuck you," I spat at him. "I don't belong to anybody..."

"You'll do what I tell you," Jason snapped, throwing me to the ground and then crouching down over me, making me think that he planned on raping me again right there in the middle of the hallway.

Suddenly, Jason was pulled away from me and I gasped to realize that someone had actually grabbed him. It took me several seconds more to fully absorb the fact that he was being picked up off the ground by a very large green female troll who looked absolutely pissed. Cindy, who Jason had once bullied now casually tossed him down the hall where he slammed into the floor with a loud thud.

"Are you okay?" Cindy asked, bending down to stare at me from her brutish looking face.

"Um…yeah," I responded meekly, grateful and afraid at the same time. "Thanks."

I looked past Cindy at Jason who was slowly getting back to his feet. He gave her a look that suggested he was seriously thinking about jumping her from behind but then he seemed to think better of it and hurried away in the opposite direction as fast as he could. He probably realized that she was not only much bigger and stronger than him now but probably remembered the way he used to mess with her.

My first thought had been that Cindy had interfered mostly because she just wanted to mess with Jason and get even a little, but instead of chasing after him she helped me back to my feet instead. I was still wary, remembering how she'd used her new size to mess with half the football team and every other big guy in school. If she could throw Jason down the hall with barely any effort, then what could she do to me?

"Why did you help me?" I asked Cindy carefully.

Cindy just stared down at me for a moment before quietly answering, "For the same reason you helped me… I felt sorry for you." I nodded faintly, feeling ashamed that I was in such a situation where people had to feel sorry for me. "Besides, I owed you."

With that, Cindy turned to leave but then she paused and just stood there for a moment before turning back to me. She stared down at me again for several long seconds, making me even more aware of just how large she was compared to me. I was well aware of the irony of the situation, that the small and weak girl I'd once rescued from Jason was now the one who towered over me, however, I didn't find it very amusing.

"You were always acting nice to me," Cindy finally said, giving me a suspicious look. "Why? What were you after?"

"I wasn't after anything," I told her. "I just thought you looked like you could use a friend."

Cindy continued staring at me but the look of suspicion faded and was replaced by one that seemed more confused. "I always thought you were after something… I just didn't know what."

"Maybe I just wanted to get into your pants," I suggested.

"Of course," Cindy rolled her eyes. "That's what a nymph would be after…" Then she frowned for a moment before pointing out, "But you weren't a nymph then… Just about everyone is nice to me now…at least to my face. But that's only because they're afraid of me. You were the only one who was ever nice to me before…"

I just shrugged at that, not sure what I could say. I'd seen the way people still talked about her behind her back, far more than they ever had before. They used to just ignore her for the most part but now people were calling her things like stupid and ugly, just not when she could hear them. I could definitely sympathize with having a bad reputation like that.

"I guess I've kind of been jealous of you," Cindy admitted with a shrug. "I mean, the change made you so beautiful and it turned me into a monster. I figured everyone had to love you now."

"Are you kidding?" I blurted out in response. "I'm the school slut. The guys just want to fuck me and all the girls are jealous… Everyone treats me like crap except the guys when they're trying to get into my pants...and since they all know how easy that is, none of them try very hard being nice even then." I rolled my eyes and complained, "As far as everyone around here is concerned, I'm not even a person anymore. I'm just a sexy machine and nothing else."

Cindy scowled at that then responded, "I guess being a nymph isn't much easier than being a troll."

"At least no one tries raping you," I pointed out bitterly.

"There is that," Cindy agreed with a grin. "And I might be a monster but I really like how strong I feel…like nothing can stop me. People don't mess with me much now…"

"So I've noticed," I replied, remembering the way I'd seen her messing with the jocks instead.

Just then, the bell began to ring announcing that we only had a couple minutes before the next class started. Cindy nodded faintly and asked, "You want me to walk to class with you so no one fucks with you?" I nodded my agreement and she joked, "Maybe if people see us together they'll think we're a couple."

"I wouldn't count on it," I told Cindy with a chuckle. "There's no such thing as a lesbian nymph."

"That's good," Cindy grinned back. "I don't go that way either. But you wouldn't believe how hard it is finding a date. And I thought it was hard before I turned into a monster…"

As we went down the hall together, I shook my head, amazed by the fact that when I'd tried being friendly with Cindy before, she'd always just ignored me. It took me being turned into a horny slut and her into a monstrous troll before she was actually friendly back.


It was early Wednesday evening and I was feeling extremely excited since I'd just entered the hotel where the nymph meeting was being held. I was looking forward to spending time with people who understood exactly what I was going through and who didn't judge me for it. It would be especially nice since absolutely no one else in my life seemed willing to think of me as anything other than a slut anymore, not even my own parents.

My parents hadn't been happy with my going to see the other nymphs again and at first they'd refused to let me, saying that I was grounded. It had taken quite a bit of pleading to get them to agree and that was after I'd promised to clean the house for Mom. Of course, I'd also had to point out that there was no chance of sex with the other nymphs because we had absolutely no physical attraction to each other at all.

As I walked into the lobby, this time by myself since my Mom had refused to come in with me, I looked around and saw Cathy standing a short distance away. As soon as she saw me, she exclaimed, "Dani, you're here," and gave me a hug.

"You too," I pointed out with a grin.

Then I looked around the lobby, immediately noticing a woman with brown hair and glasses who was talking to one of the hotel employees. I couldn't hear what she was saying but it looked like she was asking for directions. It took me several seconds to realize that she was actually a nymph too. I'd nearly missed it because of her brown hair and the glasses. Nymphs all had perfect eyesight, even those of us who needed glasses before the change. I guessed that she was trying to hide what she was though she couldn't really hide her sexy body or facial features, though the glasses and baggy clothes did help.

"Hello," I greeted the new nymph with a grin. "I assume you're here for the convention..."

The nymph gave me a careful look and a self-conscious nod. Then she asked, "Is it that obvious?"

"Not at first glance," I admitted. "Dyeing your hair and wearing the glasses kind of threw me for a moment."

"I was trying to avoid the attention," she told me with a nervous smile. "I'm Lisa."

"Dani," I told her, gesturing to Cathy and introducing her as well.

The three of us started towards the meeting room together and I could see Lisa quickly becoming less nervous. That seemed to add further evidence that nymph pheromones really did have a somewhat calming effect on us. I knew that I was certainly feeling better now, thought that could just have been because I was with people who wouldn't judge me.

"This is only the second time I've met other nymphs," Lisa told us. "The first time was when Ms. Sabine found me and invited me here..."

"There don't seem to be a lot of us around," Cathy told her pleasantly. "It's nice having a place where we can meet up like this."

When we reached the floor where the room we were meeting in was located, I almost immediately noticed a very tall and muscular orc who was wearing a hotel uniform. I saw that Cathy and Lisa were both giving him looks of appreciation and lust the same as I was.

"Hello," I greeted the orc with a sexy purr, remembering how big a cock the orc on the school football team had possessed. "I'm Dani."

"Hey," the orc responded, giving all three of us appreciative looks. The sight of the large bulge in his pants only made me become even more wet.

"Why don't you and I have a little fun?" I asked him, putting my hand on the front of his pants so there would be absolutely no doubt as to what I was referring to. A very small part of me still found my actions to be shocking but that part was fading more and more each day. As it was, I could barely even hear it through the sound of my own nature anymore.

"What about me?" Cathy asked eagerly. "Surely a threesome..." Then she paused to glance at Lisa and grinned. "Surely a foursome would be fantastic..."

"I think you might be a bit young for me," the orc responded hesitantly.

Cathy laughed at that. "I'm a lot older than I look. Most nymphs are."

However, Lisa cautiously asked, "Don't we have to get to that meeting?"

"Of course," Cathy responded with a sigh and a look of disappointment. "We still have to show you where it is..." She gave the orc a suggestive look, "Maybe a rain check..."

"Yeah," he said, looking disappointed as well.

Cathy reluctantly began going down the hall with Lisa while I told them, "I'll catch up with you guys..." Cathy turned back to give me a knowing look and a nod before they continued on their way. Then I looked back at the orc and asked, "Now where were we?"

A minute later the two of us were in a cleaning supply closet where we would have some privacy while he began fucking me. His cock was enormous, even bigger than Monster or that of the orc on the school football team. He filled me like nothing I've used before and he was pounding in and out, filling me with pleasure the likes of which I'd never felt before, especially when he came inside me and pumped me full of his cum.

The orc wasn't finished though and we continued to fuck while I enjoyed every moment of it. It dawned on me that this was the first time that I'd had sex with a grown man and not just some teenage boy. It was different and not just because he was huge. This orc also had skill and experience to back it up. I suddenly realized that after fucking him, I'd never be fully satisfied with a boy again.

It took about twenty minutes before the orc was fully done and I would have been happy going at it a long longer. Of course, I hadn't kissed him or given him any of my nymph saliva or we probably would be able to keep going. Unfortunately, Cathy and Lisa had been right. I did still have a meeting to get to and I wasn't about to miss it entirely, not even for a great fuck.

"Oh yes," I purred to myself as I left the storage room, "I definitely need a man again..." I licked my lips, eager to find someone else who had both size and skill. Somehow, I feared that combination might not be as common as I'd like.

When I stepped into the room, I looked around and saw that everyone else seemed to have already arrived. Everyone present turned to give me knowing looks, smiling as they did so.

"I'm sorry I'm late," I said.

"Quite understandable," Sabine told me with a knowing smile.

Then Sabine gave me a hug while Jennifer and Anne immediately followed. I smiled, feeling happier than I had in awhile. However, it took me a moment to realize that there was something missing...or someone.

"Where's Michelle?" I asked, not seeing her in the room.

"I don't know," Sabine answered with a slight frown. "Last week she told me she was going home to visit her family. I called her several times and left messages on her cell about this meeting but she hasn't called back." I could tell Sabine was a little worried though she tried hiding it. "I suppose she's just caught up spending time with her loved ones."

A moment later, the door opened and another person came into the room, one that made every woman stop and stare with undisguised lust and hunger. It was a man with hairy legs that looked more like those of an animal than a human. He also had a dick that was over a foot and a half long, bigger even than that of the orc I'd just screwed. Its full size was quite easy to see since he wore no pants. There was absolutely no doubt that he was a satyr

"This is Max," Sabine introduced the newcomer. "He works for me." The rest of us all gave her a jealous look, guessing at exactly what kind of work he did.

"Ladies," Max greeted us with a horny look in his eyes and a broad eager grin. He handed a folder to Sabine but continued to look at all of us a very hungry expression.

"Hello Max," Jennifer purred.

"I'm sure Max will be happy with any of you after the meeting," Sabine said, giving us all a smug look.

Max just grinned more, licking his lips and saying, "I'm looking forward to it," before he left the way he'd come.

"It's hard to believe that just a couple weeks ago Max had been a petite young woman named Mindy," Sabine mused. "Of course, a similar comment could probably be made about most of us as well."

Once Sabine made sure we all had drinks and were comfortable, we were ready to begin. Michelle might be missing from our group but we did have two new members, Lisa and a violet haired nymph with short cropped hair that made her pointed ears all the more noticeable. Since she was also wearing baggy men's clothes, I guessed that she was like me, a former guy. I also guessed that she was probably even more in denial about her new female state than I had been.

We began by introducing ourselves to Lisa and the other newcomer whose name I learned was George. Since she was still using her old male name, it just confirmed my suspicions as well as made me more interested. After all, George, Sabine, and I were the only ones in here who'd gone through a change of gender while becoming nymphs. However, I still didn't know much else about her yet.

"My grandkids are still trying to have me declared mentally incompetent," Sabine said as she updated us on her situation. "One of them tried the tactic of insisting that I'm an impostor who took advantage of the change to try stealing my fortune." She gave a bitter chuckle. "Fortunately for me, not only did I have my doctor as a witness to my identity but I'd also made video recordings to track the progress of my illness and change."

"My husband is divorcing me," Cathy said quietly. "And the way things look now, I'm certain the court will never give me custody of our kids."

Anne was next, repeating the same things she'd told me on Saturday about breaking up with her partner Gwen and about possibly losing her license to be a lawyer. "Unprofessional conduct," Anne muttered with a shake of her head when she was done. "What hypocrisy." Then she looked around and said, "In other news, I've been thinking that I need a new name...a nymph name."

"A new name certainly isn't unheard of," Sabine said with a wry smile, looking at me and grinning wider. "What were you thinking?"

"Well, Anne is a rather plain name...a boring name," Anne said, looking just a little embarrassed. "I don't really feel plain and boring anymore so was thinking of something a little sexier...something a little exotic." She paused for a moment before continuing, "I was thinking Anya."

"It sounds a little Russian," Jennifer pointed out, "but I like it."

"Me too," I agreed.

"I want a new name too," Jennifer exclaimed, looking a little jealous. "Maybe Jenna. It sounds a lot sexier." Then she grinned, "Yeah, I like that. Call me Jenna from now on."

"Okay Jenna," Cathy encouraged. "But how have you been doing?"

"Not bad," Jennifer...Jenna responded with a smirk. "I've decided to get back into acting... With a body like this," she gestured down at herself, "I'm sure I can get a lot of roles."

"Knowing Hollywood," Lisa said with a faint smile, "I'm sure they'd love to have you."

"Yeah," Jenna agreed. "I haven't done a movie in years so I can't wait to get back into it." Then she abruptly turned to Cathy and suggested, "You know, you could start calling yourself Kitty."

"That is never going to happen," Cathy pointed out with frown. "Cathy is still perfectly fine."

Then Jenna looked at me and suggested, "How about you Dani? You going to use a new nymph name too?"

"I'm already using a new name," I reminded her.

Jenna rolled her eyes, "Sorry, but Danielle sounds like the girl next door and you don't look or act like that. You should get something more exotic..."

"Perhaps Danae," Sabine suggested with an amused look, pronouncing it 'Da-nay'. "And it’s similar enough to be easy to adjust to."

"I'm fine using Dani," I responded, though I had to admit that I did kind of like Danae. It was a little more exotic than just Dani, and as Jenna had pointed out, I certainly wasn't some innocent girl next door.

"Have things gotten any better?" Anne...Anya asked me with a look of concern.

"Not really," I answered quietly. Everyone was looking me so I decided to give Lisa and George a little more information about who I was since all I'd really given either of them so far was my name. I looked at them specifically and said, "My name is Dani and a couple weeks ago I was a sixteen year old guy." Lisa and George both gasped in surprise though I imagined it was for slightly different reasons.

George gave me a knowing nod and looked a little more at ease. "I imagine school must be fucking hell."

"You have no idea," I told her with a sigh. I decided not to go into the rape again or the fact that Jason had tried to do it again. "I'm the school slut, the girls all hate me, my grades are starting to go into the basement, and even the teachers are starting to treat me like crap. I only have one real friend left and things have gotten really weird between us..." I shook my head. "At home isn't any better..."

Anya winced and said, "Then I assume you're still grounded."

"Indefinitely," I responded with a sad sigh. I looked at the others and explained, "My Mom and Dad absolutely hate my being a nymph and are doing everything they can to keep me from having sex. They won't let me out of the house without an escort...except for school. And at home, they keep glaring at me and acting like I'm some kind of pervert freak who wanted to be like this. It was a miracle I could talk them into letting me come here. I had to beg..." I grimaced at that while Anya and Cathy put their hands on my arms to offer some comfort.

George shook her head grimly and muttered, "Damn rough."

Lisa gave me a sympathetic look then said, "Um...hi. I don't really know where to start..."

"The beginning is usually a good place," Jenna teased her but smiled pleasantly as she did so.

Lisa laughed at that. "You're right, I guess. My name is Lisa...but I guess I already told you that. I've been pretty overweight for most of my life and I'm not used to getting a lot of positive attention. When I first changed, I was thrilled at finally getting the body I always dreamed of...even if it did come with these urges I never would have imagined..." She frowned thoughtfully for a moment. "I'm just not used to all the attention though and it makes me uncomfortable. It's kind of ironic since I always wanted guys to look at me like this and now that they do..." She shook her head and shrugged.

"I'm George," George said, looking around the room with a somewhat defiant look. "And no, I'm not gonna change my damn name. I mean, sooner or later they're gonna figure out how to change us all back..." She sounded a bit insistent on that but I couldn't miss the doubt in her voice.

"You certainly don't need to change your name if you don't want to," Sabine told her.

"No matter who we were before," Anya said quietly, "we aren't those same people anymore. Not only have our bodies changed but we do things and think things that most of us never have... It makes sense to me that such a new life deserves a new name...something to help remind us that we aren't who we used to be anymore and start over."

"Please go ahead George," Cathy encouraged her.

George nodded and continued, "Well anyway, I'm in construction...laying sheetrock. Or at least I did before they fired my ass." She grimaced bitterly and muttered, "Fucking cocksucking bastards..." Then she paused, probably realizing the irony of calling her former coworkers cocksuckers. "Let's just say that none of my so called friends think I can cut it anymore and my ex-wife is laughing her ass off.

We continued talking about our personal lives and problems for awhile longer, revealing things that most of us would never think of telling a complete stranger. However, none of these people felt like strangers to me, not even Lisa and George. It didn't take long before both of them felt almost as if they'd always been good friends too.

"There are several things that you all need to know," Sabine said, moving the topic away from our personal issues. "Some of you have heard the theory that when we changed, we turned into real nymphs...the same ones from the old stories. The theory is that at one time, dwarves, elves, and trolls really did exist but went extinct the same way so many other species have. Some people believe that when the Earth passed through that galactic cloud, it awoke something that had been sleeping in our DNA...some remnant of distant ancestors who had mated with humans..."

"I've heard the stories," George said skeptically. "I always figured that if there were real creatures like that, there'd be evidence or something."

"And there is," Sabine said, looking around with an intense look in her eyes. "It turns out that there is evidence of this. Archeologists have found remains of various other races but never knew what they were. They misidentified them as being deformed due to illness or injury or simply ignored them as not fitting in with previously held beliefs. Those scientists who suggested that other intelligent races...distant relatives of humans had also existed alongside us were either treated as crack-pots or were wise enough to remain silent. But now that the change as occurred, some of these scientists are coming into the open...legitimate scientists with respectable reputations. The evidence which had long since been ignored or put off to the side as some sort of mystery is now being looked at again..."

"Wait," Jenna gasped, staring at Sabine. "You're saying there really were elves and stuff back in the day?"

"Precisely," Sabine responded with a grin.

I just stared at Sabine for a moment before saying, "Mister George told me this..."

"Who?" Sabine asked.

I hesitated a moment and then told them about Mr. George, about how he'd predicted the world changing right before everyone changed. I explained how Mr. George had come back to see me as well as what he'd told me about history and the existence of seers.

"Fascinating," Anya whispered. "There are other changed who still look human... If he was telling the truth that is."

"His predicting the change suggests he might have been," Sabine pointed out.

"I believe him," I said, knowing that Mr. George had never been one to tell me tall tales before.

"There are other things I need to bring up as well," Sabine said sadly. "Last week, I told you all of the dangers we face as changed and special ones that we face as nymphs..." She gave Lisa and George careful looks and then repeated most of what she'd told us last week while the rest of us who were there just listened in silence.

"Holy shit," George exclaimed. "If we're immune to cancer, we'll have damn near every scientist wanting to cut us up to see how we do it..."

"There is a senator," Sabine said with a grim expression. "Senator Perkins is currently building a following among certain lawmaker and is quickly building influence among the public. He is pushing for regulation of all changed..."

"What does that mean?" Cathy asked.

"It means," Anya explained, "that he is trying to pass a law that will make it mandatory for every changed to report their type of change to the government. The government will then keep a full database of every changed, tracking us completely."

"Senator Perkins is very much anti-changed," Sabine told us. "He believes that we are a danger to the country and need to be controlled. He's claiming that we are potentially infectious and a dangerous unknown. This law is merely the first step in protecting the country from limiting our ability to get government employment or benefits. He wants to remove many of our rights, using the argument that the safety and security of the nation overrides that of individuals who may no longer be safe or even sane."

I listened as Sabine described more of what Senator Perkins was doing and what he believed this would lead to in the future. It didn't sound good and the worst case scenario could even lead to concentration camps.

"There is absolutely no way I will allow anything like that to happen," Sabine insisted with a look of grim determination.

"We already agreed we'd help each other with this kind of thing last week," Jenna said. "So what can we do to help?"

"Fuck yeah, I want to help," George exclaimed.

"I'm not sure yet," Sabine admitted, looking a little self-conscious. "For now, I'm trying to get support to fight him but I'm not sure what parts we need to play yet. All I know is that we need to stick together."

"Those who do not hang together shall surely hang separately," Anya said, repeating a quote I'd heard my teacher use once in history class though I couldn't remember from whom.

"So what do we call our organization?" Anya asked, looking at Sabine and smiling. "Every organization needs a name."

"Sluts Anonymous?" Jenna suggested.

That was followed by my offering, "The Nymph Alliance?"

"Well, you all feel more like sisters to me than fellow conspirators," Cathy pointed out with a smile.

I looked around the room at the other nymphs and nodded in agreement. I felt closer to these women then to anyone else, even my own family in a way. I loved my family but they didn't understand me...couldn't understand me. Sadly, they didn't even want to try. But here, I felt like I belonged and it was obvious that each of them did as well. We shared something that no one who wasn't a nymph could possibly understand.

"Sisters," Lisa muse, looking around. "I kind of like that..."

"Me too," Sabine said with a smile. "Shall we call ourselves the Sisterhood?"

We spent the next few minutes discussing the name Sabine had suggested as well as other possibilities, some of which were pretty decent while others were atrocious. However, the Sisterhood was the one we kept going back to. It was strange, but these women were my nymph sisters so the name seemed rather appropriate. When we finished with our meeting a half hour later and called for Max to come back in, we had officially dubbed ourselves the Sisterhood.


It was Thursday afternoon and school had just ended for the day. I had mixed feelings about this since I was glad to be leaving here but I wasn't exactly thrilled to go home. In fact, it felt like I was leaving one prison to go to another one.

I turned my thoughts back to last night and couldn't resist smiling as I thought of Max and his monstrous cock. He didn't have quite enough cum for all us nymphs but he was able to stay hard long enough to give each of us a nice fucking. I imagined that Max must have been delighted as well, having his own private harem for awhile.

Of course, after we were all done with Max, most of us stuck around while Jenna gave us lessons on all things feminine, pointing out that dressing and acting sexy would help get men. With our bodies, I didn't think that finding men to fuck us was much of a problem, but anything that would help.

Even the nymphs who'd started out as women stayed for the lessons in wearing heels, putting on makeup, and generally acting sexy. Most of them hadn't been all that sexy before their changes and were happy to learn some tips now that they'd come in more useful. Sabine had already made a point of learning these things but stayed anyway, acting almost as an assistant instructor. George was the only one who left early, insisting that she didn't need to know how to be any more feminine than she already was.

"That was fun," I mused, wishing I could get some high heels and sexier clothes but knowing there was absolutely no way my parents would go for that much less pay for it. I couldn't even afford to pay for repairs to my bike myself, much less a new wardrobe. "I can't wait to meet up with them again..."

I smiled, knowing that I wouldn't have to wait too long for another meeting with the Sisterhood. Sabine was moving the next meeting to Sunday night since it would be easier for everyone to attend on the weekend rather than the middle of the week. She was also going to be holding it in a new location, one she actually owns. I was definitely looking forward to that.

"At least schools out," I muttered as I walked towards the bus.

School had been a pain in the ass, just as it had been. I got laid before school, gave two blow jobs during lunch, got harassed by Holly, and carefully avoided Jason so he wouldn’t get any ideas. About the only good thing in the entire day had been Cindy.

Cindy had been a little surprised to learn that we have something in common thanks to our changes, the fact that we both had urges and emotions we could no longer control. Of course, I was a horny nymphomaniac with an insatiable craving for cum while she had a constant feeling of anger with surges of roid rage.

One of the good things about becoming friends with Cindy was the fact that people didn't harass me as much when she was around. I definitely appreciated that protection though it did nothing for the whispers behind my back or when she wasn't around.

Then I thought about Kyle, the one other friend that I still had. I slipped my attention to him through the psychic link that I had with him, allowing me to see and hear what he did. I could do this with the other guys I'd fucked or sucked over the last day or two though he was the only one I was interested in.

"Twenty bucks," Kyle was telling one boy. "I need a twenty from you."

The other boy was one I recognized as a senior, one whom I didn't really know that well but had seen around school. He reached into his wallet and pulled out a twenty dollar bill which he then handed to Kyle.

"If you can really make sure she'll fuck me, it will be worth it," the other boy told Kyle.

"Of course," Kyle responded. "I can pretty much get her to fuck anyone I want. She's a total slut...and a total animal. She loves it just about any way you want to give her. Trust me, I won't have any problem hooking you up with her."

"You'd better not," the other boy told Kyle. "If this falls through, I'm gonna kick your ass."

I pulled my attention away from Kyle at that and scowled. He was trying to sell my services to some other boy... I could hardly believe friend was using me to make money.

"He's setting himself up as my pimp," I gasped in horror, feeling nauseas at that.

Kyle was my friend and I couldn't help but having mixed feelings about this. A part of me was thrilled that he was helping me get laid but another part was horrified that he was trying to turn me into some kind of cheap hooker...without my permission or even knowledge.

"Oh, we're definitely going to have a talk about this," I told myself grimly. "As soon as I see him again..."

I was just about to reach the school exit when someone suddenly grabbed me from behind. A hand clamped down over my mouth to keep me from screaming while both of my arms were held firm. I struggled to get loose, panicking as I realized that Jason must have decided to try again. However, I couldn't get a look at my attacker...attackers. I couldn't see who it was but there were more than one.

My attackers pulled me down one of the side hallways and out the side door of the school. Only once we were outside the building and away from all the prying eyes did I get thrown to the side. I staggered and looked around, seeing that there were five of them...all girls and all wearing masks over their faces so I wouldn't be able to recognize them.

"You fucking slut," one of the girls yelled at me, her voice sounding vaguely familiar though I couldn't place it. "You fucked my boyfriend..."

"And mine," a second girl exclaimed.

Suddenly they were on me, two of them grabbing my arms and holding them while the others went to work punching and hitting me. I tried fighting back but they held me tight while they attacked, slamming me into the wall and then dropping me to the ground where they all went to work kicking me.

I tried curling up into a ball to prevent as much damage as I could but one of them kicked me in the side of my head and suddenly everything became very dizzy. I felt kick after kick hitting my sides and stomach, smashing into nearly every part of my body.

"Damn freak," one of the girls exclaimed, one whose voice I recognized. It was Holly. That was all I needed to recognize two of my other attackers as her friends, not that it did me much good at the moment.

One of the girls bent down and spat in my face, snarling, "Maybe this will teach you not to mess with someone else's man..." Then she punched me right in the face.

"Maybe if you knew how to give him what he really wants," I responded weakly, knowing it was a bad idea as I said it but unable to help myself. If I couldn't fight back with my fists I was at least going to fight back somehow.

That made her angry and she snarled and punched me several more times in my face before raking her nails across my cheek. She laughed as she pulled away and they all went to work kicking at me again. Then after one kick to my head, everything suddenly went dark.


The hospital room was quiet, sterile, and completely boring. All in all, it was just another prison very much like the other ones I'd been trapped in, though this one held me trapped even tighter as I couldn't even leave the bed.

My entire body hurt like hell, not surprising since it was covered almost entirely with bruises. I also had a cracked rib and deep wound in one of my breasts where one of the girls who'd attacked me had stabbed me with a knife after I'd lost consciousness. When the doctors had let me see myself in a small hand mirror, I'd found that I also had two black eyes, a split lip, deep scratches across one cheek, and the blood vessels in one of my eyes had broken leaving it all red. And of course, there was the concussion.

It was humiliating to think that I'd had the crap kicked out of me by a group of girls, and worse, that they put me into the hospital. If I hadn't already had my manhood taken away from me with my change, this certainly would have had my license to call myself a man suspended if not straight out revoked.

The police had come to ask me questions about who'd attacked me yesterday evening, not that it had done any good. I was pretty certain who several of my attackers had been but since they'd been wearing masks and there were no witnesses, the police refused to do anything. Of course, I wasn't at all surprised by that since Holly was the sheriff’s daughter.

The physical pain I felt and the humiliation were both bad but there was something else that was just as torturous for me. Ever since I'd been brought to the hospital yesterday, I hadn't had any sex at all and I was growing hornier and more desperate by the minute.

"Please let me get out of here soon," I silently pleaded with any god that would listen.

"You should probably be out of here in a day or so," an unexpected voice said from the door.

I looked over at the nurse who'd come in, letting out a sigh of disappointment. So far I'd only seen female nurses and the doctor who'd come to see me had been a woman too. If they'd send a guy nurse in I might at least be able to seduce him. Unfortunately, I'd overheard two of the female nurses talking and they'd mentioned that they were actively keeping any male staff away from me so they didn't get ideas.

"But what if I want them to get ideas?" I muttered as I watched the nurse.

"How are you feeling?" the nurse asked me as she came over and looked me over. "Is this still bothering you?" She pointed at my breasts which were wrapped up in bandages and gauze.

"I got stabbed," I pointed out wryly. "I guess this proves they're not fake. If they were they were one side would have popped."

The nurse nodded and absently asked, "What did you ever do to deserve this?"

"I kind of slept with a boyfriend...or two," I responded.

The nurse paused at that and gave me an odd look before responding, "That will do it."

A minute later the nurse left, just in time to pass my parents as they came in. Mom, Dad, and Tyler all came into the room with worried looks on their faces.

"Dani," Tyler exclaimed, rushing over to me. "Are you all right...?"

"Define all right," I asked with a grimace.

Mom came over and gave me a gentle hug while I still winced from the pain. "Please don't touch me," I told her.

"Sorry," she told me, backing off a little.

Dad stood back and scowled, giving me a look of worry and disapproval. It was the same look he'd given me yesterday when he and Mom had come to see me in the hospital. Then, he'd left without actually saying a word to me.

"This is what happens from carrying on like you have been," Dad finally said, snorting in disgust.

"Don't be like that," Mom protested in shock.

"What?" Dad snapped in response. "It's the truth. If she didn't act like a God damn slut this never would have happened..."

I winced at that, knowing that as harsh as that was, it was the truth. That was why the look of disgust on my Dad's face hurt so much. I guess it proved the saying that the insults that hurt the worst are the ones that actually hit a nerve.

Dad gave me a steady glare before saying, "Since you obviously can't control yourself, I'm just going to have to do it for you."

"What do you mean?" I demanded, definitely not liking the sound of that.

"I'm sending you to an all girls boarding school," Dad announced grimly. "You won't be allowed anywhere near a boy."

I gasped in horror at that while Dad gave me a smug look. "You can," I protested. "I don't want to..."

"I don't give a damn what you want," Dad responded with a snort. "You're going and that's final."

"Actually," a new voice said from the doorway, "that is an extremely bad idea."

I looked at the newcomer and gasped in surprise. "Anya."

"It's still Anne professionally," she told me as she came into the room with Sabine right behind her.

"Who the hell are you?" Dad demanded.

"Anne McCormick," Anya answered with a grim look on her face. She gave Dad a cold look and continued, "I'm Dani's lawyer."

"What?" Dad blurted out in surprise. "Impossible."

Anya just smiled at that but it wasn't a friendly smile. "Oh, Dani has me on retainer," Anya told him calmly. "And it's a good thing she does because this is very close to becoming a case of neglect."

At this point, Sabine came over to my bedside and asked, "Are you okay Dani? We came as soon as we heard..."

"I...I hurt like hell," I answered.

"And who the hell are you?" Dad demanded angrily.

Sabine didn't seem the least bit bothered by my Dad and casually answered, "You can call me Sabine," without even bothering to look at him. She pulled a bottle out of her purse and handed it to me, saying, "Drink this."

"What's that?" Mom demanded, staring at the bottle.

"A nutritional supplement," Sabine responded with an amused smile.

I opened the bottle and sniffed the contents, immediately drooling as I caught the scent. I gulped down the slimy contents, feeling the spark through my body as I got what I needed. Cold cum was nowhere near as good as the fresh stuff but it still gave me what I needed and wanted.

"You have no right to be here," Dad insisted, "Get your asses out of here right now..."

"If I leave right now," Anya told him with a cold expression, "The next time you see me will be in the courtroom..."

"What?" Dad blinked in surprise. Then he spat out, "You're way too young to be a lawyer girl... Don't try to lie to me."

"I'm older than I appear," Anya responded. "The change had that effect on some of us."

"What do you mean court?" Mom asked.

Sabine smiled faintly at that and said, "We nymphs have unique nutritional requirements. Our bodies require certain nutrients that can only be found in male semen."

Mom gasped at that while Dad responded, "Bullshit."

Sabine continued, her voice going cold and hard, "If we don't get what we need, our higher brain functions start to shut down. After that, our nervous systems will fail and we die." She gave Dad a very steady look. "Our bodies know what we need and we crave the same way a heroin addict craves heroine. But unlike a mere addict, we will actually die if we don't get it."

"You have been actively preventing your daughter from getting the nutrition her body requires," Anya said. "If you continue to do so then that constitutes neglect and legal action will be taken."

I gasped in surprise at that as well as the look of rage on my Dad's face. It was all I could do not to clap at that. Instead, I just watched in amazement while Mom put her hands over Tyler's ears while Dad stammered.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Dad demanded furiously. "You're not the one who puts a roof over her head or has to pay her damn doctor bills..."

"Wrong," Sabine corrected him. "I am taking care of all her medical bills."

Anya nodded at that and came over to put her hand on mine. She gave me an apologetic smile and told me, "We couldn't let this go on. We had to help you."

"Thank you," I responded, definitely appreciating the effort. Unfortunately, I was pretty sure that Dad would take out his anger over their interference on me, but that was nothing new.

"Now you listen here girl," Dad was snarling at Sabine, grabbing her arm tightly.

Sabine gave him a cold look and responded, "I have grand-children who are older than you. Don't 'girl' me." Dad pulled his hand back in surprise at that.

"I'd like to stay and talk a little more," Anya told me sadly, giving a look at my Mom and Dad. "Unfortunately, now doesn't seem to be a good time. The next time we talk, I'll see what I can do about those girls who attacked you."

"I doubt you can do much," I replied with a sigh. "All of them were wearing masks. I recognized a couple of them but one of them was the sheriff’s daughter."

"Nevertheless," Anya said. "I'll see what I can do. But that can wait for later."

Sabine came over to me again, completely ignoring my Dad's blustering demands to know who she was and why she thought she could tell him how to raise his daughter. She put a hand on mine as well and smiled down at me.

"I wish we could have prevented this," Sabine told me gently. "But I'll do everything I can to try making it better."

"Thank you," I told her.

After this, Sabine and Anya said good-bye and left while my family remained for a little longer. It was an awkward visit, especially after Sabine and Anya had gotten my Dad all riled up, though Tyler kept things from getting too grim.


I sat on the edge of my bed with the bedroom door closed, scowling in annoyance. It was Sunday afternoon and even though I'd been released from the hospital yesterday morning, I was still imprisoned...grounded for the rest of my life...or at least until I turned eighteen.

Dad had always been stubborn and that hadn't changed in the least. Anya and Sabine's talk with him in the hospital hadn't made him change his mind but had only made him all the more stubborn. He'd insisted I was still grounded and was still even talking about sending me to an all girl's school. The fact that I actually needed cum to survive seemed almost irrelevant to him. Dad had never been one to let something like the truth interfere with him once he'd made up his mind.

"Damn bastard," I spat out bitterly.

And to make it even worse, Dad was pissed over Sabine and Anya's interference in the hospital and had forbidden me from going to another meeting with the other nymphs. He'd absolutely forbidden me from having any contact with any of them at all, saying that they were a bad influence.

"At least I'm mostly healed," I muttered, trying to focus on the positive.

Sabine hadn't been joking when she'd said that nymphs heal faster than normal humans. All of my bruises have healed completely even my black eyes. The scratches on my cheek were gone too leaving me with only slightly sore ribs and a sore spot on my chest where my stab wound hadn't fully healed yet.

I looked at the clock and smiled faintly, feeling a surge of excitement when I saw what time it was. With that, I left my bedroom and walked through the house. The living room was empty, as was the rest of the house. My family had taken off to run some errands, leaving me here home alone since I was grounded.

"Good thing too," I mused, going to the front door and watching as a limousine pulled up in front of my house.

I was definitely impressed by the sight of the limousine since it was far more than I'd expected. Once my Dad had made it more than clear that there was no way he or Mom was going to take me to the Sisterhood meeting, I'd called Sabine and asked for help with transportation. I'd expected her or Anya to come over and pick me up, not something like this.

The driver of the limo stepped out and I couldn't resist licking my lips, wondering if I could get him to wait awhile before going. I hadn't had any sex or cum at all yet today and was more than hungry for both. But then he went and opened the door in the back of the limo, revealing the satyr Max sitting in the back with his constantly erect cock and absolutely no pants.

"I'm here to give you a ride," Max told me with a lusty grin.

I just grinned back and climbed inside, saying, "You have no idea how much I appreciate this..."

The limo ride was about an hour and a half and I rode Max the entire time, getting all the sex and cum that I needed. Eventually, I drained him of all his cum but we continued on with the sex until even I was sore and satisfied, though still a bit horny. If Max couldn't end my horniness completely, it just proved that absolutely nothing could.

Our destination was a small mansion with several other cars already parked outside. I climbed out of the limo, adjusting my clothes a little and being well aware that it was obvious what I'd just been doing. Of course, since I was a nymph it was obvious anyway.

"I guess this is where we say goodbye," Max told me with a smirk. "At least until it’s time for your ride home."

"I'll be looking forward to it," I told him with a grin.

Then I started towards the front door, noticing that it was already in the process of opening well before I got there. Sabine came out with a man on her arm, a tall man in his fifties with gray hair. She kissed him before he walked off to his own car. Only then did Sabine look at me and smile.

"Danae," Sabine greeted me with the nymph name that she'd suggested during the last meeting. "Or are you still using Dani?"

"I'm still using Dani," I responded with a grin.

Sabine and I hugged and then she led me inside. "This time," she teased me, "you're not the last one here."

Sabine led me to a room that was full of expensive looking furniture but was set up quite a bit like the hotel room where we'd had the last couple meetings. A bunch of chairs were set up in a horse shoe and off to the side there was a nice bar set up.

"Would you like something to drink?" Sabine asked me. "A brandy?"

"I've never had brandy before," I told her. "Remember, I'm still a minor."

"Well, you can't get drunk," Sabine reminded me with an amused look. "And contributing to the delinquency of a minor is a rather moot point by now." She poured me a glass of brandy and added, "It won't hurt to try anything here you want so you can see what you like."

After taking an experimental sip of the brandy, I sat down in one of the chairs. Sabine sat down beside me and we just talked for awhile about my attack, the incident in the hospital, and the aftermath with my Dad.

"I'm sorry if I made things worse with your family," Sabine apologized. "I certainly didn't intend for that to happen. I just wanted to impress upon them the importance of letting you satisfy your needs."

"I know," I told her with a sigh. "But you don't know my Dad. Once he's made up his mind about something he never changes it."

"He certainly came off as stubborn to me," Anya said as she came into the room. "I just hope we don't have to rely on legal action to help you."

After this, the others began to arrive. First it was Cathy followed by Lisa, George, and Jenna. Each new arrival was greeted with a hug and an honest grin. These were the people who understood me, the only people in my entire life who did. In a way, these women truly were my sisters.

Then came the new additions, three new nymphs who'd been invited to join our group. One of them reminded me of Lisa in that I didn't even recognize her as a nymph at first glance. Nyx as she called herself was a goth with shoulder length hair that was dyed black. She had about a half dozen piercings through each of her ears, one through her nose, one through her lip, and one through her eyebrow. And then on top of that, there was the dark mascara and goth makeup which hid her natural nymph colorings.

The second new nymph was named Jessica and she was almost the exact opposite of Nyx. She had long hair that was light violet and was dressed in a very sexy and feminine manner. She was also bright and cheerful, instantly making me think 'cheerleader'.

Lena was the third newcomer, a nymph with light pink hair and a pair of black leather pants that looked fantastic on her ass and legs. And until the change, she'd been a male cop named Leon. Unfortunately, after her change she'd become a joke and had ended up losing her job.

Once we'd welcomed the newcomers and introduced ourselves, we talked about how we've been doing. I told the group about being attacked and put into the hospital, getting gasps of horror and a lot of sympathy.

"Difficult problem," Lena said, looking at my situation from the perspective of someone who'd been a cop for eleven years. "No witnesses willing to back up your story. No clear look of the suspects faces. And the fact that the primary suspect happens to be the sheriff’s daughter makes things much more...awkward."

"We'll find a solution," Sabine assured me.

There are ways to protect yourself," Lena suggested. "There's pepper spray, certain self-defense moves which can help, and if nothing else works..." She paused for a moment. "I'm not suggesting anything...but if all else fails, there are ways of dealing with them that don't require involving the law."

Next was Cathy who sadly told us, "I lost control of myself and slept with the teenage boy next door. His parents are furious and it guarantees that I won't get custody of my kids in the divorce."

"That's horrible," I exclaimed. "Hell, any teenage boy would kill to fuck someone who looks like you..." I gave her a wry smile and added, "Trust me on that."

Cathy nodded and then continued, "Since I'm getting divorced, I needed a new job... Well..." She paused to look self-conscious. "I got a job as a stripper."

"Way to go," Jenna grinned. "I mean, you've got it so you should flaunt it..."

"It does give me access to all the men I need," Cathy admitted. Then she stared at the floor and self-consciously added, "My stage name is Kitty."

"I knew it," Jenna exclaimed smugly. "I've got a new job too. I was going back into acting but another opportunity opened up for me the other day..." She hesitated a moment. "I'm going to work on a porn movie."

"What?" George blurted out. "You're gonna be a porn star?"

"Sure," Jenna responded with a shrug. "I mean, I need sex and money both so it makes sense to get both at the same time."

"Not a bad idea," George admitted, looking a bit embarrassed. "I've been thinking of turning some tricks..."

"You're gonna be a hooker?" Lena asked in surprise. "That's not exactly legal..." Then she shook her head. "Of course, considering our circumstances and needs, it makes perfect sense."

George nodded self-consciously. "I've...I've decided I need a new name. I've been thinking of Mina. I always thought Mina was a hot chick name."

"A good choice...Mina," Sabine assured her with a smile. The rest of us nodded and congratulated her on taking that step in accepting that she was now female.

"I've got some...strange news," Anya said when it was her turn. She looked uncomfortable and a bit shaken. "I only found out yesterday but... I think I'm going to have a kid."

"What?" Nearly all of us gasped at once.

"I thought we couldn't get pregnant," I blurted out.

"We can't," Sabine said, giving Anya a careful look. "My people have been looking into how nymphs are supposed to reproduce if we actually are a separate species and we found out that we can't get pregnant but we can still have children." She paused for a moment as though trying to decide what to say. "We have an organ similar to ovaries in the very back of our tongues. When we ingest a large amount of semen in a short time, the extra hormones sometimes triggers this organ to produce a fertilized egg. Some of you may have had a strange ache in the back of your tongue..."

"I have," I admitted while Anya and Jenna both nodded agreement.

"This egg only remains viable for several days before our bodies reabsorb it," Sabine continued, explaining why my sore tongue went away. "But while we have the fertilized egg... Well, it seems that our tongues double as ovipositors." At our blank looks, she explained, "We can use our tongues to implant the fertilized egg into a woman's womb...impregnating her with our egg."

"What?" Jenna blurted out with a look of shock. "You mean we're guys now?"

"No, we're still very much female," Sabine assured her. "We simply implant a fertilized egg for another woman to carry instead of doing it ourselves."

"How the fuck does that work?" George...Mina demanded. "I mean, I used to love chicks but I don't have any use for them anymore..."

"It isn't a very efficient reproduction process," Sabine admitted. "That's probably why the original race of nymphs all died out."

"I was trying my new body out with Gwen," Anya told us with a look of embarrassment. "Back before we realized that it just wouldn't work for us. And...I got her pregnant."

"Holy shit," Jenna gasped. "A woman got another woman pregnant. That has to be a first..."

"Probably the first in centuries at least," Sabine agreed. "Normally this would be too early to tell if a woman was pregnant, but after discovering how nymphs reproduce and talking with Anya, we asked her former partner if she'd let us test her. The results are...she's definitely pregnant and has not been with a man in more than ten years."

George...Mina and Lisa talked about the problems they've been dealing with which weren't nearly as bad as what some of the rest of us were, but we were all sympathetic and could understand them completely. Then the newcomers went and it was fascinating to listen to Lena's description of how her fellow cops had treated her after her change and how she'd lost her job. Jessica on the other hand didn't have any real problems due to her change. She grew excited at getting an improved body and immediately dumped her boyfriend since she thought she could do much better now. According to her, her biggest problem was just deciding which guy to take home each night.

By the time we were done talking about how being a nymph affected our lives, I was feeling pretty close to Nyx, Jessica and Lena. I was becoming even more sure that this was partly because of our pheromones, that they may drive men wild but helped nymphs to bond with each other. Truthfully, I didn't really care either. I'd have to ask Sabine about this later since I was pretty sure she already knew. She'd seemed to know just about everything regarding nymph physiology so it would be hard to believe she didn't know about this. Of course, Sabine wanted us all to bond and become closer so that may even be one of the reasons why she kept bringing us together in person.

Once everyone had their turn, I looked around the room and considered the conspicuous absence. "I guess Michelle couldn't make it again," I pointed out with disappointment. Since she was the closest to my own age, I felt that the two of us could understand each other in ways that even the others couldn't.

Sabine winced visibly at my question and her expression turned grim. She'd looked like something was seriously bothering her since I'd arrived but now her expression turned even darker.

"Did something happen to Michelle?" Cathy asked, her voice filled with the same worry I felt.

"I wanted to talk to you all about that," Sabine said quietly, looking almost pained.

Jenna jumped to her feet and angrily demanded, "What the hell happened?"

Sabine was silent for several very long seconds before she finally started, "The world has become a very dangerous place for the changed. People aren't used to dealing with others who are so different. It breeds confusion, fear, and even hostility. This is even more true for nymphs than most other changed. We have needs and desires that most people can't understand...which they condemn even though it may be hypocrisy."

"That's certainly true," Anya agreed.

"Several days ago," Sabine continued sadly, "I went to invite another nymph to our meetings... Unfortunately, I arrived too late. She was a former man who couldn't accept her new she killed herself." There were several gasps of shock at that while Mina nodded in a way that made me wonder if she'd considered doing the same thing.

"I've heard of things like that," Lisa said quietly. "I heard of a nun who became a nymph and who killed herself rather than succumb to sin." She shook her head. "She chose what she thought was the lesser of two sins."

"And then there's Michelle," Sabine told us, grimacing and then looking around the room with an angry look. "Her own family... She went to visit her family and they couldn't understand what she'd become... They tried to 'help' her quit..." Sabine grew even angrier as she continued, "They locked Michelle up and kept her from getting any sex or semen at all...thinking that this was an addiction like drugs where they could force her to quit cold turkey..."

"Holy shit," Jenna and I both exclaimed at the same time while the others just gasped in horror and realization.

"They had her locked up for a week and a half when I found her," Sabine explained grimly. "Her higher brain functions had begun shutting down... Her own family caused her to suffer brain damage...and if I hadn't found her when I did, she'd probably be dead soon."

All of us were angry, horrified, and worried as well as growing even more so as Sabine explained the situation where she'd found Michelle. We were also shocked by the sheer betrayal of her own family and the harm they caused while trying to 'fix' her. This hit me especially close to home since my own family was trying to do the same thing to me, though fortunately for me, Dad wasn't quite as extreme about it. At least not yet.

"No fucking way," Nyx exclaimed, speaking for one of the few times during our meeting.

Jessica just stared at Sabine with her mouth open, as if trying to decide whether to believe this. However, it was obvious that she did believe it because she gulped visibly and whispered, "Her own family..."

"How is she?" Cathy demanded.

"She's doing better," Sabine answered carefully. "But she's certainly not all right. Her intelligence has suffered a drastic drop and a great deal of her memories seem to be missing." There were more gasps of horror at that. "I've made sure she has a steady supply of semen and she is improving a little. Her intelligence seems to be increased from when I rescued her but I don't know if she'll ever fully recover. Only time will tell."

Sabine pulled out a cell phone and made a quick call. Less than a minute later, the door to the room opened and Max came in with Michelle. Those of us who've met Michelle before immediately rushed over to her. However, one look at her was enough to tell that she wasn't quite right. Her eyes looked sort of vacant and confused. The bright young woman whom I'd met before was noticeably absent.

"Do I know you?" Michelle asked Cathy with a blank look. Then she looked at me and frowned, hesitantly saying, "I think I know you..."

"I'm Dani," I reminded her, feeling my heart break at that had been done to her. "I'm your friend."

Cathy and Jenna introduced themselves to her again and I could see that they looked just as pained by her condition as I was. She was obviously familiar with Sabine and Anya, though I wasn't sure how much of that was remembering them from before and how much was the fact that they'd both been helping her. Then the others who'd never met Michelle came over and introduced themselves as well.

Talking with Michelle was difficult and not just because she no longer remembered us very well if at all. Her condition was also a clear warning that what had happened to her could happen to each and every one of us if we didn't get the cum that we so desperately craved.

Michelle looked slightly overwhelmed by having so many people surrounding her but our friendliness and pheromones did their work and soon she was quite happy and comfortable. She was hugging each of us in turn, comforting us as much as we were trying to comfort her.

"I know you now," Michelle exclaimed confidently. "You're my sisters."

"Yes we are," Cathy responded with a gentle smile. "And don't you forget us again."

When we all took our seats again, Michelle joined us though I wasn't sure how much she understood of what was going on. She just seemed to be happy to hang out with all of us which was fine by me.

"I can't believe her own family turned her into a bimbo," Cathy whispered to me, giving Michelle a sad look. "Poor girl."

"What happened to Michelle certainly isn't a unique situation," Sabine told us. "Most of us have experienced difficulties due to being nymphs. Some of us have lost our jobs. Some of us have lost our families. And some of us have even been beaten and raped." Several pairs of eyes looked to me at that.

"Oh my God," Jessica whispered.

"Unfortunately," Anya said with a scowl, "the law isn't set up to deal with something like the change or those who have been changed." She glanced at me and said, "Laws regarding statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor don't take into account that you're a nymph. And there are no laws to protect against discrimination due to being changed."

"Damn right it isn't," Lena said with a deep scowl.

"It certainly didn't protect Michelle," Jenna added with a cold anger that we all shared.

"We're considering what legal action we can take against her family," Anya spat out bitterly. "Not that it does any good now."

"We nymphs are desired by nearly every man alive," Sabine pointed out grimly. "Our own needs and desires make it especially easy for them to take advantage of us. On our own, there's a good chance that most of us will end up as sex slaves or cheap whores working for some pimp...which is nearly the same thing. And then there's the matter of us having the potential cure for most diseases locked within our bodies. Those who don't want us for sex will most likely be after us for that as well. I can easily see researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and even normal people who are just sick and desperate kidnapping us off the street so they can see what makes us tick."

"And all they have to do is keep us from having sex for a week or so and we won't even have the wits to try escaping," Jenna grumbled.

"I hate to admit it but she's right," Lena said quietly. "I've seen a lot of women forced into that kind of slavery and controlled by addiction...and we come with our own addiction already built in. I've seen people do even worse when they want something and we have a lot for them to want." She shook her head. "Unfortunately, the police won't be able to do much about this either. We...I mean they are overloaded and won't be much help for most of us."

"Suing people after the fact certainly doesn't do anything to prevent this either," Anya admitted grimly.

"No one had better fuck with me," Nyx exclaimed with an angry sneer. "If anyone tries that kind of shit with me, I'll kick their asses."

"As hard as it is to accept," Mina added bitterly, "we're not good at fighting back. I mean, we're all small and weak... And if some asshole tries to rape or kidnap us, we're just as likely to willingly blow them as run away." Then she shook her head and grimaced. "Nature really fucked us over by making us natural victims."

"It wasn't nature," I pointed out. "It was that damn galactic cloud."

"Whatever changed us, we're all screwed," Jenna pointed out. "In both the good way and the bad."

"Yes, our bodies do seem designed to be victims," Sabine said grimly, slowly looking around the room. "But that is exactly why we need to work together. That is exactly why we need to help each other. I for one am sick and tired of seeing nymphs being hurt and taken advantage of. I for one refuse to just sit back and let it happen." She paused to look around at each of us in a dramatic fashion before adding, "We're only victims if we allow ourselves to be...and I for one refuse to be anyone's victim."

"What's a victim?" Michelle asked with a confused look. "I don't remember what it means..."

Cathy put a gentle hand on hers and gave her a reassuring smile. "A victim is someone that other people hurt..."

"Oh yeah," Michelle responded with a wince. "Some mean people hurt me... Am I a victim?"

"Not anymore," Anya assured her. "Not if we can help it."

"We have things that others want but we don't have to allow others to simply take them from us," Sabine pointed out with a cunning grin. "If anyone should profit from what we have to offer, it's us. It's simple and demand. There is great demand for what we can offer and very limited supply...a limited supply which we control."

"In spite of our apparent helplessness," Sabine said, smiling faintly as she looked around, "we do have one natural defense...and it's a doozy." She stood there for several long seconds before continuing, "You all know how we develop a psychic link to any man whose semen we absorb. Well, I have recently discovered that the link does more than just let us see and hear what they do. If we concentrate, we can influence their actions. We can't control them completely, but we can push them to certain actions"

We all stared at Sabine in stunned silence, except for Michelle who was starting to masturbate instead. Jenna immediately closed her eyes and sat there with a look of intense concentration on her face. Then she abruptly opened her eyes again and began laughing, announcing that it worked. Several others began closing their eyes and trying this as well.

"Let's see," I mused, closing my own eyes and reaching for my link with Kyle. I'd had sex with him far more than with anyone else so thought that my link with him should be the strongest.

I immediately saw that that Kyle was in his bedroom and playing video games. I felt a little jealous because I hadn't been able to play video games with him ever since I was grounded. It was all I could do just to sneak over to his place at night for a quickie. Of course, even before I was grounded I hadn't played games with him least not that kind. Ever since I'd become a nymph, my tastes in entertainment had shifted from video games and motocross to something a little more intimate and fulfilling.

I focused on Kyle and concentrated hard on what I wanted. To my amazement, he did exactly what I'd imagined him doing, reaching over and turning the power off on his game in spite of the fact that he was in the middle of playing. He immediately began to curse, wondering aloud why he'd accidentally done that. I just grinned and retreated from my link with him, seeing that I wasn't the only one in the room who was grinning.

"This is limited but does give us a tool we can use," Sabine explained with dark grin. "However, we can't let anyone outside of our own know about this..."

"Men would get extremely hesitant to have sex with us if they knew we could spy on them," Anya pointed out. "I'd imagine their reactions would be even more extreme if they knew we could do this."

"I'm certainly not going to tell anyone," Jenna said while everyone else nodded agreement and made similar comments.

"Before I discovered our ability to do this," Sabine told us all, "I already had several irons in the fire to help nymphs and other changed in general. This will make it easier...but I certainly can't do it alone. I need your help."

Everyone immediately offered to help in any way possible, even Michelle who didn't seem to even understand what was going on. All of us had experienced some of the problems that came from being nymphs and could see a lot more of them heading our way. Sabine was right in that we had to look out for each other, because from what I'd seen, we couldn't count on anyone else to understand or help...not even our families. By the time our meeting finally ended, we had come up with ideas to help solve at least some of our problems.


Mondays are the bane of existence. Adults have to go back to work again after the weekend while kids face the same thing with school. It's a clear reminder that we can't sleep in or spend our time as we like and instead we are forced to come up with excuses for why we didn't do the homework which had been assigned on Friday, providing such excuses as the dog ate it, my goldfish ate it, or whatever else our sleep deprived brains can come up with on the spot.

I always hated Mondays since it meant my weekend was over but today was especially bad for the simple fact that it was my first day back at school since my attack. I felt humiliated, knowing that everyone who looked at me would already know that I'd been beaten up and put into the hospital by a bunch of girls. I also felt a little scared of being attacked again, either by those same girls or by Jason. I'd brought some pepper spray with me, something I should have done after the first time Jason attacked me, but it didn't make me feel much more confident.

As I walked through the hall and sat through my first couple classes, I was well aware of the looks of sympathy and pity that I was getting. However, I was also aware of the jealous girls who were whispering behind my back about how I'd deserved it and how they'd like to send me back to the hospital. Both reactions were equally uncomfortable for me to deal with.

The one good thing I had really expected about coming back to school had been that I'd be able to talk with Cindy again. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that would no longer be possible. As of Friday afternoon, she'd been kicked out of school permanently, and strangely enough, it was largely due to what happened with me. From what I understood, she'd overheard two girls joking with each other about how they'd jumped me and she'd gotten angry, breaking the arm of one of the girls while sending the other to the hospital. I couldn't help but feeling a certain pleasure in hearing that even while I felt sorry for Cindy.

I decided that I'd have to call Anya as soon as I could and see if she could do anything to help Cindy out with her legal troubles. After all, Cindy got in trouble for trying to avenge me so I was pretty sure Anya would be happy to help.

In spite of how awkward things were at school, I would still rather be here than at home. Not only did I have the chance to get laid here, but it also felt at least a little more welcoming. Ever since my change, Mom had alternated between cold disapproval, treating me almost like some kind of stranger she didn't quite trust and then switching to at least trying to be sympathetic and comforting. Dad on the other hand made it quite clear that he didn't like what I'd become in the least.

In fact, the only friendly person at home was Tyler, who was still getting used the idea of having a sister instead of a brother. However, as he'd told me, I now had 'cooties' so he couldn't play with me anymore, something which was encouraged by my Mom and Dad who didn't want me 'corrupting' him with my bad behavior.

Dad was absolutely furious about how I'd disobeyed him yesterday and left to see the Sisterhood. He’d taken my radio, computer, and everything electronic out of my room except for my alarm clock. Things had been bad enough since my attack with him alternating between wanting to lock me up to punish me and wanting to lock me up to protect me. Either way, he wanted to lock me up and keep me away from any guys at all until I was at least eighteen. He was now even more serious about sending me off to some all female boarding school where I couldn't get into any trouble. I just felt a cold anger whenever I thought of that, remembering Michelle and knowing that I'd rather die than let that happen to me.

I had absolutely no doubt that any member of the Sisterhood would immediately help me if I asked them to, however, I was well aware of the fact that there was nothing that any of them could do about a family situation like mine. Sabine and Anya had both attempted to help me, but unfortunately, they'd underestimated my Dad's stubbornness. Their interference had only made him more stubborn about his position and more determined to keep me away from them and their influence. Of course, they could resort to various legal maneuvers but I knew that would only make things worse. Dad would NEVER forgive me for that.

"If he sends me to that boarding school, I'll never forgive him," I muttered grimly, knowing that I'd have no choice but to immediately run away.

Of course, during our discussion yesterday there had been several suggestions as to how to deal with Jason and the girls who'd attacked me and even a couple volunteers to take care of everything. That was before I'd found out about Cindy taking care of two of those bitches for me. I'd turned down the offers of help for the moment, knowing that I had to take care of this myself or I'd always feel a bit afraid of them.

"I'm only a victim if I allow myself to be," I reminded myself, finding a sort of comfort in Sabine's words.

I was thankful when lunch finally arrived and not only because it meant a break from all the classes which I was now failing due to my inability to stay focused. Lunch was also my opportunity to have sex. I licked my lips eagerly and decided to check in on Kyle. After all, he was my best friend and I'd barely been spending any real time with him lately. I figured I could give him some real quality fucking and even have a conversation when we were done. Maybe we could even pretend it was like old times.

With that, I turned my attention to the link I had with Kyle, finding that he was currently having a conversation with two boys. They each handed him some money and he then proceeded to lead them down the hallway, towards where I was right now. When I saw myself through his eyes, I withdrew from the link and turned to actually look at him with my own eyes.

"Hey Dani," Kyle greeted me with a grin. "Do you know Corey or Scott?"

"Yeah," I responded since I had two classes with Scott. I didn't really know Corey because he was a senior and we didn't have any classes together, but I do remember seeing him around and I did know who he was.

"I know you like having a little fun time during lunch," Kyle told me, "so I figured you'd be willing to show them a good time."

I glanced at each of the boys and then stared at Kyle for a moment, definitely tempted to take him up on his offer, especially since I'd just been on the lookout for someone to fuck. However, it was with some effort that I simply said, "I don't think so," and turned to walk away instead.

Kyle caught up with me by himself and angrily said, "You embarrassed me back there..."

"And you embarrassed me," I responded, stopping to glare at him. "You're my friend...not my pimp."

"What?" Kyle gasped in response, looking surprised.

"I know good and well they've been paying you to fuck me," I told him coldly, feeling hurt that he'd take advantage of me to make a quick buck.

Kyle stared at me for a moment before exclaiming, "I don't see what the big deal is. I mean, you're a God damn slut. You'd practically pay then to screw you."

"And you think that makes it okay to sell me?" I demanded. "I fuck who I want...not who you want me to." I shook my head and added, "I mean, isn't getting laid any time you want enough for you?"

With that, I turned and walked away from Kyle in disgust, more annoyed at my friend taking advantage of me that way than by the idea of having sex for money. After all, that actually made a lot of sense to me now.

He called out to me as I left, "But I was going to give you some of it..."

I was angry and frustrated as I walked down the hall, especially since I'd been looking forward to having sex with Kyle and now that just wasn't going to happen. Normally, I wouldn't have a problem having sex with the other two boys with him, even at the same time, but now it had become a matter of principal not to. Now I was going to have to find someone else to have sex with.

It was less than a minute later when I passed Holly in the hallway. She took one look at me and stopped, making sure to block my way, smirking as she did so. Unfortunately, she had one of her friends with her as well, a girl named Nikki who I was sure had been one of my masked attackers.

"I'm surprised to see you back here," Holly said with a sneer. "I mean, I thought it was made perfectly clear that people like you aren't welcome at this school."

"Does she even qualify as a person now?" Nikki asked with a mock innocent tone.

My hand slipped into my pocket and felt the small canister of pepper spray inside though I was careful not to pull it out just yet. I had no doubt that if I was forced to actually use this on Holly, her dad would charge me with assault and battery and I'd probably be kicked out of school. Lena had warned me about that when she'd given me the pepper spray. Just a month ago, the idea of fighting with a girl much less using pepper spray on her would have been unthinkable...but not anymore. Of course, a month ago I never would have imagined that sucking cocks could be my favorite hobby.

"It will take more than a loser like you to get rid of me," I responded with a sneer of my own.

"So it looks like you're gonna need another lesson," Holly told me, her eyes narrowing dangerously.

"So...jumping me with your friends once wasn't enough?" I asked her grimly. "What are you going to do...put me in the hospital again?"

Holly snorted and said, "Maybe next time we won't leave anything for the hospital. Think on that you fucking slut."

I just rolled my eyes at that and responded, "Oh you're so brave when you've got a bunch of friends to fight for you and your daddy to protect you afterwards."

"Get out of this school and don't come back," Holly hissed at me. "We don't want or need your kind here."

Then Nikki added, "You've been warned." And with that, the two of them left.

I just watched the two bitches leave, smiling faintly as I did. That went even better than I'd expected. I'd been a little afraid that Holly and her friends would try something like that again, or just switch to some other nastiness. But after looking her in the eyes, it was hard to be afraid of her. After all, she was just a self-centered twit who was jealous that I was stealing her spotlight.

It seemed that I was on a roll because I'd just barely finished dealing with Holly when I suddenly found my arm being grabbed by Jason. I felt a surge of fear but reminded myself of the pepper spray in my pocket. I tried pulling away, already knowing it wouldn't do any good but I had to try.

"Your friend isn't here to protect you anymore," Jason snarled at me, slamming me up against a wall. "Now what were we talking about before we got interrupted that last time..."

"We were talking about how you were going to leave me alone or I'd report how you raped me," I spat at him angrily.

Jason slammed me against the wall again and said, "It isn't rape if you enjoyed it..."

"I said no," I told him coldly. "You hit me and forced me even though I said no and tried fighting... I think that constitutes rape by any definition."

"Go ahead and try it," Jason told me. "No one will ever believe you... Everyone knows you're just a damn fucking slut."

I glared at him, trying to hide how afraid I felt. "Not until after what you did... Do you think I really wanted my first time to be with some sick loser like you?" With that, I spat at him.

Jason's hand lashed out and slapped me, something that would have been a fairly moderate slap before my change but which now felt almost like a punch. "I remember what we were talking about... I was reminding you that you belong to me now... You're mine and you'd damn well better remember that. From now on, you fuck who I want when I want. And what I want is for you to suck my dick right now..."

"And if I say no?" I asked, fighting back the urge to use the pepper spray.

"Then I send you back to the hospital," Jason hissed in my face. "You're just a damn whore so get sucking bitch..."

With that, Jason pulled me into an empty classroom and closed the door behind us. He slapped me again while I protested, crying out, "No... Don't hit me..."

Jason pulled his pants down and ordered me to suck it. "And if I feel your teeth...I'll break your fucking neck."

I felt a mixture of terror and excitement at the same time. I had just been out looking for someone to fuck and here Jason was offering me the nectar I so craved. I dropped to my knees and began sucking him, using my tongue in ways that I'd learned since my transformation to make him cum as quickly as possible. In the back of my mind, a voice whispered that if I'd kissed him I could have made him last longer and gotten much more from him. However, the more rational part of my mind was horrified at the idea of kissing this bastard.

After Jason and finished and I'd eagerly swallowed every last drop, he pulled his pants back and told me, "Not a word to anyone about this or I'll make you wish you'd never been born." Then he went for the door, pausing just a moment before adding, "You'd better be ready for me the next time I want some..." And with that, Jason left.

I just remained where I was for awhile longer, surging with mixed emotions. A part of me was horrified at the way he'd just causally forced me to give him a blow job, not caring the least about what I wanted. However, another part of me felt quite satisfied since I'd gotten what I wanted.

"Oh yes," I whispered, licking my lips. "I got exactly what I wanted." Then I couldn't resist grinning, reaching into my back pack and pulling out the digital recorder that I'd had turned on since the moment that lunch began. Anya and Lena had both told me that I'd need actual evidence if I wanted any chance of using legal leverage against my high school enemies...and now I had some. "Thanks for giving me exactly what I needed."


When school was over, I found Holly and several of her friends were hanging around between me and the school busses, obviously intending to mess with me though none of them were wearing masks at this time. Still, I thought it was best to avoid them which meant skipping the bus and walking home instead.

I hated having to walk home, especially now that I was a nymph and much more vulnerable than before. I kept imagining Jason or Holly jumping out from behind every tree or bush which made me pretty jumpy. I'd never appreciated how nervous most normal girls had to be when walking alone, at least not until now.

Since I was already walking in that direction anyway, I decided that I might as well stop off at Kyle's place. I figured we could talk about what had happened earlier and maybe settle things. And afterwards, we could fuck like rabbits in his room and maybe even play a game or two when we were done. Of course, my Dad would be absolutely pissed that I didn't come straight home from school but it seemed that he was pissed at me no matter what I did.

When I reached Kyle's house and knocked on the door, it was his dad who answered. He was tall, decent looking, and in much better shape than my own father. I stared at him for a moment, suddenly wondering how he compared to Kyle.

"Is Kyle home?" I asked him, my voice automatically slipping into a sexy purr.

"No, I'm afraid not," he told me, his eyes locked on my chest with a sharp intensity filling them. "He took off again as soon as he got home from school. It's just me at the moment."

"Really?" I asked, acting out of instinct as I moved closer to him, fully aware of what my body and pheromones were doing to him. I could see the bulge in his pants and it looked like a pretty decent sized one. Not orc sized of course, but still pretty decent nonetheless. "Could I come in and wait for him?"

"I don't think that’s a good idea," he responded weakly, looking hesitant but obviously lusting after me. Of course, that was no surprise since every guy lusted after me even if they didn't want to admit it.

Kyle's dad was obviously interested in me and failing miserably in pretending that he wasn't. That just sparked my interest more so I moved forward and reached for him. He responded out of instinct and desire, kissing me while I slipped my tongue deep into his mouth. The special nature of my nymph saliva hit his body hard and I knew that he was mine.

We went inside the house without a word and then he began to frantically undress me while I pulled down his pants. I was horny as hell and ready to go, and from his stiff cock he was obviously ready to go as well.

I started off by giving him a blow job, sucking him off until he came, filling my mouth and throat with his delicious nectar. Only then did we go at it seriously with him fucking me doggy style right there in the living room.

"My wife would never let me do her like this," he moaned as he came inside me while I just smiled in satisfaction.

"Oh yes," I moaned in delight. "Then she doesn't know what she's missing..."

There was a small part of me that whispered from the back of my mind that this was wrong... I was fucking a married man... I was fucking my best friend's dad. However, there was a much larger part of me that wondered why it was wrong. After all, what could possibly be wrong with making us both feel so good?

However, it was then that the front door opened and Kyle stepped inside. He froze, his eyes going wide with shock as he stared at us. Both his dad and I were mostly naked, and of course, I had his cock still inside me.

"Keep going," I said, annoyed at the interruption. Then I looked at Kyle and remembered that I hadn't fucked him yet today. "You want to join us?"

"Kyle," his dad exclaimed, immediately pulling away from me and looking absolutely horrified.

"Dad?" Kyle gasped with a look of stunned disbelief. Then he stared at me, "Dani...what the hell are you doing with my dad?"

I blinked, realizing that he was pissed at me though it took me a few more seconds for it to dawn on me why. My inhibitions had all faded away a great deal since my change, even more than I'd realized. It was getting harder to remember that not everyone shared my easy views about sex.

"Would you believe I'm Anne?" I asked Kyle, pretty sure he wouldn't buy it. He didn't.

"It's not what it looks like," Kyle's dad protested before he grabbed his pants and rushed towards the bedroom in obvious humiliation.

"That was my dad," Kyle exclaimed, glaring at me angrily. "YOU FUCKED MY DAD."

"Yes I did," I purred, feeling satisfied from the experience though annoyed that it had been cut short. "Do you want to have a little fun now?" I gave him a suggestive look. "I've still got plenty of energy."

“Are you crazy?” Kyle screamed at me, his face turning bright red to show just how furious he was. I was startled by that. “You can’t have sex with my dad…”

“Why not?” I asked him. “I mean, he was having a pretty good time too…”

“Why not?” Kyle responded with gasp of shock. “Because he’s my DAD!”

“You already know you’re not the only one I fuck,” I told Kyle, annoyed that he was suddenly getting jealous. It struck me as ironic considering that he’d been trying to sell my sexual services around school.

Kyle just glared at me before snapping, “You helped my dad cheat on my mom…”

“Oh,” I responded, finally understanding why he was getting so upset.

Kyle continued yelling at me though. “Do you know how much you screwed things up? Damn, they were all right… You are nothing more than a mindless slut…”

“Don’t you dare say that,” I snapped at him angrily, feeling hurt to hear that from my own best friend.

“You’re just a slut now,” Kyle yelled at me. “Just a whore…”

“You’re the one who was trying to sell me to other people,” I snarled. “You’re just pissed that I won’t let you make money off me…”

Suddenly, Kyle lashed out and backhanded me, sending me staggering back. My cheek hurt from the blow and I gasped in shock that Kyle would hit me like that. I expected it from Jason…not Kyle.

“Don’t you know what you did to my family?” he demanded. “GET OUT OF HERE! Get out of my house you bitch… GO!”

I stared at Kyle for a moment, feeling caught in a swirl of mixed emotions. I felt angry, betrayed, guilty and hurt. The look in his eyes was one of hatred and I couldn’t bear to see that from my best friend. In that moment, I realized that what I’d done with his dad had actually just cost me my best friend.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out before I turned and ran out the front door.

Ever since I’d become a nymph, my perspective about sex had undergone a drastic change as had my inhibitions. Sex was so much a part of what I was now that it was getting harder and harder to remember what normal people thought about it. However, now that Kyle had pointed it out, I understood the consequences of my actions on Kyle’s family. I understood that by having sex with Kyle’s dad, I’d helped him cheat on his wife. I’d helped damage a marriage and as a result, the entire family. From Kyle’s perspective, I must have betrayed him horribly.

“Damn it,” I cursed myself, knowing that I’d probably just cost myself my best friend. I doubted that Kyle would forgive me for this, even though I hadn’t meant to do any harm.

When I got home, I was relieved to see that Dad wasn't back from work yet, though I did still have to face my Mom's scrutiny over my being late. "I missed the bus and had to walk home," I explained to her honestly, though of course I neglected to mention the stop I'd made on the way.

"You know you're grounded," Mom reminded me unnecessarily. "Your father isn't going to be happy."

"When is he ever?" I responded with a snort as I went back towards my room.

I was still seething over what had happened with Kyle today, furious at him for the way he'd been taking advantage of me, but also angry at myself for what I'd done with his Dad. There was large part of me that didn't regret it in the least and wondered what the big deal was, but there was also enough of the old Danny left to realize that I should have known better. There were consequences to my actions that Kyle's family would have to face. In a way, I'd betrayed him just as much as he'd betrayed me...perhaps even more.

I found Tyler playing in the middle of the hallway, blocking the door to my room with a group of action figures and plastic war machines which were carefully arrayed in some kind of a mock battle. I paused for a moment to just watch my little brother, remembering what it had been like to be a little boy like that.

"Hey squirt," I told him. "Can I get through?"

Tyler looked up at me from where he was sprawled in the floor, giving me a curious look before asking, "You wanna play too?" He held up one action figure and said, "You can play this guy."

"No thanks," I responded with a faint smile. "I just want to get into my room."

Tyler gave me a disappointed look before saying, "You're no fun anymore. I miss you being a boy... You were a good brother..." And with that, he dismissed me and went back to his playing.

"I miss being a boy too," I whispered, feeling a pain go through my heart. If I was still a boy, I wouldn't be having any of these problems with Kyle, Jason, Holly, or my family. Life had been so much easier back then though I'd already accepted that there was no going back. I was a nymph now and that was that.

Instead of pushing through Tyler's carefully arranged toys in order to get into my bedroom, I decided to leave him be for the moment and returned to the living room. I sat down in front of the TV and turned on the news. I'd watched the news very heavily during the first few days following the change but hadn't paid much attention to it since. I'd been so busy with my own life that I hadn't wanted to think about all the rest of the world's problems too.

After only several minutes, something came on which caught my complete attention. There was a man on the TV who looked very familiar. It took me a moment to realize that this was the very same man I'd seen leaving Sabine's house when I arrived yesterday. I watched the news intently, seeing the subtitle along the bottom of the screen which said this was footage of Senator Perkins from a press conference that had been held several hours ago.

"That's Senator Perkins," I exclaimed in surprise. This was the man Sabine had warned us about last week, the one who said changed were all dangerous and needed to be contained. "What was Sabine doing with him..." Then I paused in suddenly realization.

The press conference started with Senator Perkins talking about how little we knew about the changed and what had caused their changes then he went into how he thought we should all be tracked...for public safety. Finally, he said, "I have come up with a final solution to the problem the changed represent... I suggest we gather each and every one of them up and concentrate them into a number of camps where we can deal with them permanently."

At this point, all the journalists began to look at each other with their mouths open and gaped in shock. Senator Perkins continued, effectively saying that each and every changed should be rounded up into concentration camps and then executed. That was a completely horrific idea, especially since nearly everyone had someone in their family who'd changed or at the very least knew someone. Then the journalists all began call out questions.

Senator Perkins pointed to one black woman and said, "Yes you...the nigger girl."

I just stared at the TV in stunned amazement, especially when it shifted away from the chaos that the press conference had turned into and the reporter began talking about the ‘Nazi Senator'. Senator Perkins had done near everything except call out ‘hail Hitler’. It was obvious that his career was now completely and totally destroyed. Anyone he'd had backing his calls to track and contain the changed would now back away from him and that view or risk being condemned as Nazis themselves.

"Sabine," I muttered to myself with a grin, knowing that she was responsible for this. "You sneaky bitch."

It was now obvious to me that Sabine had fucked Senator Perkins just so she could create a psychic link to him. She'd been able to control him enough to make him completely and totally discredit himself in public, to ensure that he would never be a serious threat to the changed again. This was the nastiest piece of character assassination I've ever heard of because of using rumors and accusations, she'd actually made Senator Peterson damn himself on camera.

That just made me consider the possibilities of my own link with Jason. I'd intentionally let him rape again rather than hitting him with the pepper spray or screaming for help. Not only had I gotten him doing so on a recording but also I'd created a psychic link with him in the process. I didn't have any specific plans for that link, other than just spying on him for something I could use and perhaps pushing him to some action as the opportunity presented itself. Of course, I had been seriously thinking about having him just step in front of a moving car. However, Sabine's maneuver had given me another idea, one that made me grin with a vengeful glee.

I got up and went back to my room, unintentionally knocking some of Tyler's toys out of the way in the process. Once the door was closed behind me and I had some privacy, I sat down on my bed and reached for the link I now had with Jason. I saw that he was currently at the school football field, dressed in uniform and obviously just finishing up practice. From his eyes, I saw that the football team weren't alone and that the cheerleaders were there doing their own practice. Then I saw that Holly was also there to even though she wasn't a cheerleader. From what little I could tell, she was just there to flirt with the football players.

"Perfect," I whispered, suddenly seeing an opportunity.

Normally I never even would have considered doing what I was planning but Jason's assault on me earlier today and reminded me full well of the rage, shame and fear that I'd felt from his previous rape, just as Holly's threats reminded me of how she and her friends had ambushed me and put me in the hospital. I had plenty of hatred built up for both of them, but even so, I still probably wouldn't have done this if not for the fresh anger I felt over what had happened with Kyle to spur me on.

I gathered my concentration and focused intensely on Jason. Sabine had demonstrated with Senator Peterson that we could influence our target a little more than I'd thought so I planned on pushing that same kind of control on Jason. Under my willpower, he started walking straight towards Holly, grabbing her roughly by the arm much the way he'd done with me just a few hours ago and then demanding she give him a blow job right then and then. She gasped in shock, as did the people within hearing.

"You're mine," Jason snarled at her, backhanding her when she started screaming insults at him. "You fuck who I want when I want... And what I want is for you to suck my damn cock right now."

I made Jason hit her again, even having him say a few more things. However, everything I had him do...everything I had him say...they were all things he'd said and done to me. I used his own words as I repeated some of the scene from earlier today and from the first time he'd raped me. This time though, Holly was unwittingly acting as my stand in. I never would have put another girl through that but was willing to make an exception for Holly, especially since it wouldn't get as far with her as it had with me.

While I was controlling Jason, I had a strong feeling that I couldn't really make him say or do something that he wouldn't do on his own…at least not by too much. That was why I was confident this would work on him and why I was using only his own words and actions, things he'd already proven he was more than willing to say and do. And the best part was, I'd just shown everyone around exactly the kind of person he really was in vicious detail.

Of course, the other football players didn't stand for Jason's behavior and they immediately rushed to Holly's defense, pulling Jason back before he could actually rape her just as I'd known they would. Moments later, Jason's own teammates began to beat the crap out of him while Holly curled up, crying hysterically. With my work done, I pulled my attention away from the link and just sat in my room grinning with a cruel satisfaction.

Unfortunately, my feelings of triumph didn't last for long because Dad got home from work a short time later. Mom immediately told him about how I'd gotten home late and the next thing I knew, I was in the living room being yelled at...again.


It was a little strange going back to school after what had happened yesterday and I felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement. I couldn't resist chuckling to myself whenever I thought of the events on the football field, events that I myself had orchestrated, not that I'd be able to take any credit. Nymphs aren't very good at fighting so I’d learned that when we did fight, we had to be dirty about it.

Almost immediately after arriving at school, I started hearing all about what had happened last night. Jason was currently in the hospital, having been badly beaten not only by his own friends on the football team but also by Holly's dad. Of course, I'd been using my link with Jason to keep track of him and already knew that.

All the rumors I'd started about Jason having a small dick and being bad at sex came back as well with some people suggesting these were the reasons why he'd gone after Holly. The story was that he'd had sex with her and she'd made fun of him afterwards which was why he'd snapped. At the same time, some people were saying that Jason would never do such a thing while others were remembering out loud just how big a bully he could be towards women and announcing that they weren't surprised.

To my surprise however, I overheard one person talking about how he'd been seen shoving me around and how they were using that to say, "I don't think Holly was the first one..."

Holly wasn't at school either, apparently being pretty shaken up by Jason's attack and choosing to stay home. A lot of students were pretty sympathetic to her but there were those who pointed out she was a major cock tease and a bitch, suggesting that she may have done something to push Jason to do what he did. I couldn't help but having mixed feelings about that.

With both Jason and Holly being gone for the day, school should have been much better but unfortunately, I still had to deal with Kyle. Or more accurately, I had to face the problem of Kyle not wanting to deal with me. He didn't meet with me this morning for our usual before school blow job and he completely ignored me in class, giving me the cold shoulder pretending almost like I wasn't even there.

It wasn't until lunch that I finally tracked Kyle down and exclaimed, "Look...I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking it would hurt anything... I didn't mean to cause your family any trouble..."

However, Kyle just glared at me and responded, "Get away from me you slut."

I gasped and then glared back at him. "That's funny," I told him coldly, "You didn't mind my being a slut before..."

"Well I mind now," I snapped back. "I don't want to be seen talking to you..." Then he turned and walked off, calling back, "Stupid slut."

That angered me enough that I called back, "And your dad sure didn't seem to mind either."

I felt bad as I walked away, knowing that my friendship with Kyle really was gone for good. And as much as I hated to admit it, my own actions had a lot to do with that...though certainly not all. He'd been taking advantage of me before then though that didn't excuse the way I'd inadvertently hurt him.

"Damn it," I muttered, cursing my nymph instincts.

And speaking of my nymph instincts, I hadn't been able to have any sex since last night with Kyle’s dad and I was really horny as hell, not to mention the fact that I was really craving some cum. Since it didn't look like Kyle was open to helping me out now, it looked like I was going to have to find someone else to fuck. Fortunately, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Then almost as if on cue, my biology teacher Mr. Heston had seen me walking past his classroom and stuck his head out and asked, “Can we talk a minute about your grades?

I went into Mr. Heston’s class and smiled when I saw it was empty. He started saying something about my declining grades but I didn’t really pay much attention to that. I was definitely interested in biology, but not quite that kind.

“Let’s talk biology,” I interrupted him, getting close so that my tits pressed right into him. “Let you and me…”

“What?” Mr. Heston gasped in surprise.

“Don’t play innocent,” I told him in my best sexy purr, which was quite effective. I put one of my fingers into my mouth to lick it and then put it on his lips. “You didn’t ask me in here to really talk about my grades…” He looked as though he was about to protest but I continued, “You wouldn’t ask someone who looks like me…with a reputation like mine…into an empty classroom unless you wanted something else.”

Mr. Heston looked embarrassed which only amused me. “I seem to have been caught,” he admitted nervously, obviously realizing that it probably wasn’t a good idea to have this kind of relationship with a student. I knew intellectually that it probably wasn’t a good idea either, but I honestly didn’t give a damn at the moment. I was horny as hell and he had exactly what I needed.

I surprised Mr. Heston by giving him a long and passionate kiss, making sure that he got enough of my saliva to make this a little more interesting for me. It worked because he was hard as a rock and more than eager to go.

Less than a minute later, Mr. Heston had me spread over his desk while he fucked me hard, being more aggressive than I’d ever seen him in class. He pounded me hard enough for me to enjoy it and to almost make up for his rather small size. He wasn’t very large below but his enthusiasm definitely helped make up for it.

We fucked until lunch was nearly over and then we reluctantly stopped and got cleaned up. I would have been happy to keep screwing all through the next period but he did have a class to teach and wanted to be done before any of the other students arrived.

“God that was incredible,” Mr. Heston told me, looking just a little guilty. “You’re a student… I shouldn’t do this…but damn you’re so hot.”

“Thank you,” I told him, licking a tiny glob of cum off my finger. “Yummy…” He just stared at me, obviously tempted to go at it again. With my saliva, I could make it possible for him to continue for a bit longer…if we had the time.

“About your grades,” he said self-consciously. “I think we can call this extra credit…”

“I didn’t do this for my grades,” I pointed out, amused that he was still thinking about that. “I did it because I was horny and you just happened to come along.”

After lunch, I thought about trying to talk to Kyle again but feared it wouldn't be a good idea. In order to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to check up on him and see if he might be in a better mood. It had been awhile since I'd fucked him so the link wasn't very strong anymore, but it was still strong enough for me to spy on him. Unfortunately, what I saw was Kyle talking with a couple other boys and telling them what a slut I was and how I was more than willing to do absolutely anything.

I pulled back from my link with a wince, feeling hurt that Kyle was spreading even more rumors about me, as if there weren't already enough. I would have expected it from a lot of kids around school but not my best friend.

"But he's not my best friend anymore," I reminded myself grimly.

For a brief moment, I considered retaliating against him, perhaps spreading rumors of him having a small dick like I had with Jason or even using our link to try embarrassing him. However, I almost immediately discounted the idea. Kyle might not be my friend anymore but he used to be and I didn't think I could bring myself to hurt him intentionally, not even now.

When school was over, Kyle and I both rode the bus home as we usually did though we didn't sit next to each other nor did we talk. In fact, other than Kyle briefly giving me a cold glare, there was no contact at all. I had a feeling that this was the way things would remain in the future.

"At least Dad won't be able to complain about my getting home late tonight," I muttered to myself. I was going straight home and wouldn't have any time to get in trouble, a fact which I regretted.

The unfortunate fact was that I was still very horny and without Kyle to help me with the occasional bit of sex, it was only going to get worse. In fact, I expected to be spending about half the night with Monster, looking forward the opportunity to find someone to stuck off before school tomorrow.

As soon as I got home, I locked myself in my room with Monster, thankful that my parents hadn't thought about taking this away as well. I could live without a radio or computer but not without something to help me masturbate. I was still occupied with masturbating when Dad came home from work. I heard him from the other room and reluctantly got myself cleaned up and dressed again for dinner. Unfortunately, I knew full well there was absolutely no chance that we'd have what I really wanted as I was the only one around here who appreciated the delicious creaminess of cum.

We were just sitting down to dinner, as uncomfortable as it was. Dad had given me several disapproving looks but hadn't said a word to me since he'd gotten home. That was perfectly fine with me since the only time he talked to me anymore seemed to be when he was yelling. Just then, the phone began to ring.

"I'll get it," Mom said, getting up with a sigh.

"Leave it," Dad grumbled. "Probably a telemarketer."

Mom ignored Dad and answered the phone, standing far enough away that I couldn't hear her until she abruptly exclaimed, "WHAT?" She talked for another minute, getting more and more upset with every second.

"What's wrong?" Dad demanded when Mom hung up.

"That was Brenda," Mom answered, glaring at me. Brenda was Kyle's mom so I suddenly had a very bad feeling.

"What's going on?" Dad asked again, getting up and going to Mom.

"Brenda just said that her husband was cheating on her,” Mom exclaimed with a shocked look on her face. “With Dani.”

“WHAT?” Dad screamed, snapping around to glare at me.

“She said that Bill admitted to sleeping with Dani yesterday afternoon,” Mom added, staring at me with a dark expression that seemed a mixture of shock, disbelief, and anger.

“I didn’t mean for it to happen,” I lied, realizing that I was in deep trouble and sinking fast.

Dad just glared at me with a growing expression of fury. He finally screamed, “Can’t you keep your GOD DAMN pants zipped for five minutes?”

“Your language,” Mom started to remind Dad, gesturing to Tyler who was watching in shock.

Dad just snarled and launched into a long stream of profanity, finally stopping just to yell at me, “That’s it! I’ve had enough of your behavior. You’re going to a private school for wayward girls…”

“You can’t,” I exclaimed in horror.

“Too late,” Dad snapped at me. “You should have thought of that before you started fucking everyone in sight. I’ve already signed you up and you’re leaving Friday…”

“WHAT?” I demanded in horror, hardly able to believe that he’d already signed me up and hadn’t even bothered to tell me. Knowing him, he’d probably planned on taking me there and only telling me when he dropped me off. “I’d rather die…”

“You’ll shut your damn trap and do what I tell you,” Dad told me with a look in his eye that I recognized. It was the look that said he’d made up his mind and no force on Heaven or Earth would change it.

“NO,” I yelled back. “I won’t… You don’t have any idea what it’s like… If I don’t get cum I’ll get sick and die… One of my friends already has brain damage because she couldn’t get any…”

“Don’t you back talk me,” Dad ordered, suddenly slapping me hard enough to knock me back.

“John,” Mom exclaimed, staring at Dad in surprise.

“YOU’RE JUST A FILTHY SLUT,” Dad yelled at me furiously. “You’ll fuck anything that moves like some kind of bitch in heat!”

“Fuck you,” I yelled back at Dad, hurt and angry over his comments. It was bad enough hearing that at school but to hear it from my own family was a hundred times worse. “You don’t know anything…”

Suddenly, Dad struck me, hitting me just as hard as Jason had if not even harder. The blow slammed me back off my feet and I fell to the ground though I quickly got back to my feet, holding my cheek which really hurt.

“How could you?” Mom screamed at Dad though he didn’t seem to notice her.

"GET OUT!" Dad screamed at me, spittle flying from his mouth. His face was red with rage as he pointed to the front door, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! I don't ever want to see your face again!"

I just stared at my Dad in shock, my mouth even dropping open. I was vaguely aware of Tyler sitting in the corner crying loudly though no one seemed to be paying him much attention, myself included. I looked to my Mom for help, and though she looked worried and even horrified, she didn't say a single word. At that moment, I felt something in my heart crack open.

Tears began to pour down my cheeks though I didn't say a word as I turned and rushed out the front door. I hoped that they'd cry out for me to come back, that Dad would apologize and say that he didn't mean it. However, no such exclamations came. Instead, the only sound from behind me was the sound of Tyler crying.

Once I was out of the house, I ran down the sidewalk as fast as I could, just wanting to run away from the horrific pain I felt. When I couldn't run anymore, I just collapsed to my knees and sobbed uncontrollably, feeling completely lost and abandoned. After everything else, now even my own family had turned their backs on me.

“Why did I change into a nymph?” I exclaimed, screaming in frustration.

I had no idea how long I just sat there crying, feeling overwhelmed with my confusion and self-pity. I had absolutely no idea of where I was going to go or what I was going to do. After what had happened with Kyle, I couldn't even turn to him for help. I might have gone to Mr. George, but I hadn't seen him since his mysterious appearance and
revelation and I had absolutely no idea how to get in contact with him.

All I could think of was that everything in my life had turned to shit because of my becoming a nymph. Everyone in school seemed to either hate me or feel contempt for me. Getting even with Jason and Holly may have made things a little better around there, but not much. Of course, none of that meant anything anymore. At the moment, I could care less about Jason, Holly, or any of the other people at school. They meant nothing.

What really hurt was that I’d lost my best friend because I’d become a nymph. And even worse, I’d lost my family. Everyone and everything I cared about had been taken away from me.

“And now I have nothing,” I cried out. I’d lost my family and absolutely everything I owned. I’d run out of the house with nothing but the clothes on my back and there was no way I could possibly go back.

I’d left behind my motorcycle, my clothes, all of my personal items, and even Monster. In fact, the only thing that was in my room that I hadn’t really lost were the recordings I’d made of Jason and Holly, but that was only because I’d already emailed copies of those to Anya.

With that, I suddenly remembered that I wasn’t completely alone. I’d lost Kyle and my family but I still had my other friends. I still had my nymph sisters.

I slowly got back to my feet, wishing that I hadn’t left my cell phone back at the house. Still, that wasn’t going to deter me now that I knew what I needed to do. I walked down the street until I found a store that was open and then I asked around until someone let me borrow their cell phone.

After calling Sabine, I said, “Its Dani…” Then I paused, wincing at the name and realizing that it no longer felt right to use it since my parents had turned their backs on me. It no longer felt right to use the name they’d given me…or that variation on it. Tears poured down my cheeks again as I choked out, “Its Danae… Please…I need help.”


I leaned back and stared out the window from the back of my car, feeling a strange mixture of emotions as I watched the scenery go by. It was familiar scenery yet there were countless differences since the last time I'd seen it, differences which only seemed to emphasize that this was no longer my home. It had been nearly ten years since I'd last been in this town, ten years since I'd been chased away.

I let out a sigh and then looked around the interior of my car. It was a large car and could actually be considered a small limousine. There was enough room in the back for me and a lover or two to really go at it. This model of car was actually quite popular among nymphs for that very reason.

My driver was a pretty imposing orc named Ryan who was dressed in a nice black suit. Ryan used to be a scrawny accountant back before the change but now worked for me as bodyguard and driver, though of course, he also had sexual duties as well. Ryan considered the sex to be more benefit than duty and I was pretty sure it was one of the main reasons he was happy working for me.

"Are you okay back there?" Ryan called back to me, having at least some idea of what coming back here meant to me.

"I'm fine," I answered, feeling a faint knot in my stomach.

It was strange coming back here after so long and also difficult. Things had changed a great deal for me ever since I'd been kicked out of my old home and I was no longer quite the same person. In fact, as the car and driver might suggest, I was doing quite well for myself.

I worked as a high end call girl and escort, a job which paid extremely well. As Sabine had once pointed out, we nymphs controlled a product that a great many men wanted which meant that we could control the price and who our customers were.

There were a great many men who would pay generously to have sex with a woman as gorgeous and sexy as me, who was guaranteed to be disease free and who they didn’t have to worry about pregnancy with in the least. And of course, there was the fact that my saliva could help them get their money’s worth, allowing them to go for half the night and letting them feel extra manly and virile afterwards. I had a small collection of such clients, regulars whom I'd screened myself and who had usually been referred to be my trusted sources. I even counted a big time movie star among them.

Of course, I certainly wasn't the only nymph to make a living with high end prostitution. In fact, most nymphs worked in the sex industry in one way or another, even if only part time since it provided money while also allowing us to satisfy our needs. In fact, Jenna was now one of the most popular porn stars around and some of the others had dabbled in porn movies as well, though I never had.

But as well as my main career paid, it wasn't my only source of income. In fact, I had several others which were quite a bit less questionable though not quite as satisfying.

Years ago, the Sisterhood had started a small company that produces a new drug called nymph kisses. This drug is based on our saliva and is a much more powerful and effective version of Viagra, allowing men to get hard faster and last much longer, which meant it was extremely popular on the market. Several pharmaceutical companies and the FDA had given us a bit of trouble about this at first, but we nymphs can be very persuasive when we want to be. Now every member of the Sisterhood gets an equal share of the profits, all thanks to Sabine who'd been the one to set it all up.

Men all over the world wanted nymph kisses to improve their performance and stamina but there were countless more people who would give absolutely anything for nymph blood. It had been discovered that a single transfusion of nymph blood was enough to cure cancer and any virus in your body. Since there were very few nymphs, less than a hundred in all North America and fewer than a thousand over the entire planet, the demand far exceeded the supply. Almost all of the nymphs in North America were members of the Sisterhood now so we had a virtual monopoly on the stuff.

Our people had been working hard to create a synthetic version of nymph blood which we could distribute, though so far we weren't quite there. When we did finally perfect it though, every pharmaceutical company in the world was bound to fight us and would lobby the FDA to ban it. However, that was a bridge we would cross when we got to it. For now, people would either contact individual nymphs or send petitions to the Sisterhood, requesting our help or offering to pay huge sums for a small transfusion. I myself gave blood several times a month, making a small fortune doing so, though I also made free donations to worthy people who were ill and couldn't afford to pay. In fact, that was why I was here now.

"We're getting low on gas," Ryan called back to me. "I'm going to pull into the gas station to refill."

"Go ahead," I told him, still lost in my own thoughts.

As we pulled into the gas station, I looked out the window and saw a man loading a small child into a minivan. I watched him for a moment, absently thinking that he looked quite fuckable. Then it suddenly dawned on me that he also looked familiar. It took me several more seconds to remember where I knew him from.

"Kyle," I whispered in surprise.

I hadn't thought of my old friend in a long time, but here he was, standing right there in front of me with his own family. I felt a strong temptation to climb out of my car and go talk to him, to show him what had become of me. However, I have to admit that I was a bit of a coward, remembering the way he'd looked at me the last time I'd seen him. And as much as I missed the good times with him, I knew that I couldn't bring him anything but trouble now. Then a minute later, he'd driven off and my opportunity was gone.

Being back in my home town, my thoughts were already on the past but now they drew there even more firmly. I felt nostalgia for the good times I'd had here growing up, fond memories of racing my dirt bike around the track while Kyle rode right beside me. I remembered trying to teach Tyler how to play catch in the back yard and actually having parents who loved and wanted me. Of course, those good memories were still overshadowed with how it had all ended up.

The night I'd been kicked out of the house, Sabine had come to pick me up personally and had invited me to move in with her. The rest of the Sisterhood comforted me and did the best they could to make me feel like I was still wanted and still had a family. I still don't know what I ever would have done without my sisters. Shortly after that, Anya had used the courts to have me legally emancipated from my parents, doing so without my ever having to see them.

Jason had spent a good week in the hospital followed by a period of time in jail. Since he hadn't actually raped Holly and had barely hurt her physically, he probably wouldn't have spent even that much time there except for the fact that Anya had played the recording I'd made of Jason to the judge in private, right before sentencing. Holly had ended up in front of the judge as well, thanks to everything coming out during the investigation as well as my recording of her. Holly's father had even lost his job because of the way he'd covered up her attack on me.

However, all that had been a long time ago and didn't really matter much to me anymore. I certainly hadn’t been the only one going through problems back then. Most of my sisters had serious problems of their own.

My sisters had all jumped in to help each other resolve their own personal issues as well, usually using either our feminine wiles or simply using the power to manipulate men we were linked to. Lisa had fucked the layer representing Sabine’s family then spied on their legal efforts and sabotaging them enough to destroy their case completely. Sabine had made a peace offering with her grandchildren by giving them a full third of her estate to fight over among themselves.

Anya’s problems with possibly being disbarred as a lawyer had been dealt with by Nyx and Cathy who’d happily agreed to go after a few of the male lawyers who’d been bringing accusations against Anya as well as a member of the bar association who was reviewing the case. And I had helped one of my newer sisters out as well, seducing and then destroying a powerful executive who’d been trying to force her into sexual slavery. Unfortunately, not all of our problems could be dealt with this way, such as Cathy's divorce and custody dispute, but we did help her move on afterwards.

As I thought of my sisters, I thought of Anya’s daughter Kira, a very cute little girl who seemed to be completely normal except for her purple hair and violet eyes. An examination had confirmed that she was a nymph, though it appeared that her full nymph nature wouldn’t manifest until she hit puberty.

I was a bit worried about what would happen to Kira when she started to blossom and crave cum, knowing that it wouldn’t be easy for a young girl. I imagined it would be particularly difficult for an eleven or twelve year old girl since society at large would be absolutely horrified at her needs and desires.

Sabine and Anya were both working on pushing through some exceptions to the child sex in preparation for when Kira hit puberty. We wanted to make things easier on her and the five other nymph children we knew of. It was an important preparation for the future of our race.

Then I remembered that not all of my relationships from my old life had died because I'd changed into a nymph. One of them had actually gotten much better. Just a couple years ago, I'd been in a night club and had run into Cindy who was working there as a bouncer. We talked about old times and she'd eventually agreed to come work for me as another bodyguard.

Ryan couldn't be with me all the time and Cindy didn't like riding in cars, most of which were far too small for her, so we settled on something that worked well for everyone. Cindy moved into my very spacious home and became my live in security and bodyguard, looking after me whenever I was at home. She'd also become one of my closest friends in the world, closer than anyone save some of my sisters.

We arrived at our destination a short time later, an old mobile home that looked like it had seen better days. I remained where I was for a moment before opening my briefcase and taking out a vial of a thick liquid. I uncapped it and gulped down the contents, closing my eyes for a moment as I savored the feeling. This was a synthetic semen that my sisters and I referred to as a cum shot. It contained a concentrated dose of all the hormones and nutrients we needed, the equivalent of sucking off three guys.

The cum shot was a quick and convenient way to satisfy my biological needs, though it lacked the taste or sense of satisfaction that real cum gave me. Still, it would reduce my cravings and horniness for a few hours and allow me to actually concentrate and stay focused. I never would have been able to earn my GED or my online business degree if it hadn’t been for the assistance of a steady supply of cum shots. This would also help my self-control, something that I would need a lot of very soon.

Ryan opened the door and let me out of the back seat. I stood there or a moment, running a hand down my business suit and making sure it looked professional. I was even wearing a skirt that cut off at my knees, though I still wasn’t wearing panties. My sense of modesty had almost completely vanished a long time ago, along with my sexual hang-ups and inhibitions.

I pulled out a small compact and looked myself over, seeing that I looked just perfect. My sisters all looked exactly the same way they had ten years ago, as though they were only in their late teens. Not a one of them looked as though they’d aged a day since then though I did…a little. I now looked as if I was only eighteen or nineteen as well, though the makeup I currently wore helped me look just a little older and more professional.

“Professional,” I muttered to myself as a reminder. “Remain calm and professional.”

With that, I went to the front door and knocked while Ryan followed, keeping a short distance between us. When the door opened, a man stood there…a very familiar man though I hadn’t seen him in ten years.

My Dad had put on a little weight since I’d last seen him and his hair had both grayed and thinned. However, he was definitely the man who’d raised me.

I was very careful to keep my expression calm and not reveal any of emotions I felt. In a way, there was a sense of relief but there was also nervousness and fear.

I had recently been in contact with my Mom and Tyler, trying to rebuild some relationship with them though it wasn’t easy. There was too much baggage and distance to make things easy but also too much history to not try. Of course, the fact that I’d offered to pay for Tyler’s college had helped smooth the way with Mom’s doubts.

Of course, things were especially awkward with Tyler since he was now a teenage boy and I knew full well the reaction my body had on teenage boys. Still, he’d actually seemed genuinely happy to see me again which had filled me with relief. I made a mental note to hook him up with one of my sisters for his next birthday. There was one who absolutely adored teenage boys.

During my reunion with my Mom, she’d told me about how she’d divorced my Dad about a year after he’d kicked me out. That had been a major point of stress between them that had only gotten worse. She’d also told me that she hadn’t seen him in years.

I turned my full attention back to my Dad, surprised at how bad he looked. Of course, I shouldn’t have been too surprised considering the circumstances of our reunion.

There was no flash of recognition in Dad’s eyes, which wasn’t a surprise since all nymphs look so much alike. We can tell each other apart without a problem, but for outsiders, the only things that seem to differentiate us were our different hair colors.

“Are you John Watkins?” I asked him politely, pretending that I didn’t know him.

“Yeah,” he responded, staring at my chest. “You’re from the Sisterhood?”

“Yes,” I answered. “We received your request for assistance and decided to respond. I believe you were informed that a representative of the Sisterhood would be arriving today.”

“Oh yeah,” he said, finally looking up into my eyes. “I guess I just lost track of time…” Then he eagerly gestured for me to come inside, giving Ryan a suspicious look but saying nothing when he came as well. Once inside, he asked me, “So, what do I call you?”

“This is Ms. Danae,” Ryan answered for me.

When I’d started my new life, I’d not only taken the name Danae but had also dropped my last name entirely. Going with a single name or taking a new last name was actually quite common among the Sisterhood, especially for those who’d lost their families the way I had.

I looked around the small and dingy mobile home, noticing that it really needed cleaning and that there was a smoldering cigarette sitting in an ashtray. I was a little surprised that Dad hadn’t quite smoking, but not much. He’d always been far too stubborn for his own good.

I held up a sheet of paper, a copy of the request that Dad had sent to the Sisterhood. I glanced over it and then said, “You said in your request that you’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer.”

Dad nodded at that, grimacing for a moment before responding, “Yeah. It’s spread too…” He gave me a hopeful look. “Can you really cure me?”

“That is why I’m here,” I answered. “Just to be clear, a transfusion of my blood will cure your cancer and kill any virus in your body but it won’t repair the damage to your lungs or clean out the tar and resins.”

“As long as that damn cancer is gone,” Dad muttered, picking up his cigarette and taking a drag.

I had to fight back the impulse to make a sarcastic comment about his smoking. Instead, I focused on business and started to give him the same warnings that I did for all my clients.

“There are side effects that you should know about,” I began, but Dad cut me off.

“I don’t care,” he blurted out. “I don’t care about any damn side effects. I just want to be cured.”

“Very well,” I said, taking my jacket off and then opening up my briefcase. It contained not only a half dozen vials of cum shots but also everything I would need for this procedure.

Ryan came over and helped put the needle into my arm and draw out a large vial of blood. Once I was done, I held the blood up and looked at it in the light. Then I looked at Dad, not bothering to replace the needle since it would be completely pointless.

“Give me your arm,” I told him and then injected him with the blood I’d just taken from my own arm.

“That blood she just gave you is worth its weight in platinum,” Ryan told him casually.

Dad’s eyes went wide at that and he hesitantly asked, “How much do I owe you?”

“If I charged you the market price for my blood, you’d never be able to afford it,” I pointed out a little smugly. “However, I am here pro bono…assisting you for free. Consider it public relations for the Sisterhood.”

Of course, the truth was that Dad was a stubborn old bastard but I couldn’t just let him die. None of my sisters would have helped him, not when there were countless more deserving people. But because he was my Dad, his request had been referred to me to decide on.

“Now for the side effects,” I said, beginning to grin evilly when I saw the bulge rising in his pants.

“What side effects?” Dad demanded, only now seeming to care about them.

“Among men, the main side effect is a severe case of priapism,” I told Dad. At his blank look, I explained, “You’ll have an erection that lasts three or four days…possibly longer. You can masturbate yourself raw but it won’t do much good.”

“WHAT?” Dad exclaimed, looking as though he wasn’t sure if that was good news or bad. Of course, most men seemed to think that being able to stay hard for that long was a good thing…at first. That opinion usually changed rather quickly.

“My blood will completely clear out your cancer,” I told him with a pleasant smile, “but it will also wreak havoc on your hormones for the next week or so. You’ll also be extremely horny…more so than you’ve ever been in your entire life. No amount of masturbation or sex will satisfy you until my blood clears from your system.”

Dad stared at me with an expression of disbelief. “You’ve got to be shitting me.”

“Not in the least,” I told him, grinning in delight as I saw that he was already starting to look extremely horny. This was why I’d needed the cum shot before coming in. This was why I needed the extra self-control it allowed me. “Consider this a small taste of what it’s like being a nymph.”

“You forgot that other side effect,” Ryan reminded me with an amused expression. “I always like seeing their faces when you tell them about that one.”

I nodded at that. “Of course. Most women undergo some breast growth as a result and on rare occasions, men can demonstrate some breast development as well.” Dad gasped in shock while I mused, “Teenage boys tend to be more susceptible to that then adult men though.”

With that, I began to pack my suitcase back up and then put my jacket back on. Dad stared at me with an expression that contained stunned surprise and undisguised lust. My blood was really starting to have an effect on him now.

“Oh God,” Dad exclaimed, grabbing his crotch and moaning. “Damn… I’m so damn horny…” He looked at me and pleaded, “Can you help me out here? I mean, that is what you slu…nymphs do.”

“Yes it is,” I responded, giving him a steady look. “In fact, I’m normally more than happy to fuck or suck off my male clients. I’m certainly no prude. In fact, I have almost no sexual inhibitions at all.”

“It’s a biological thing,” Ryan pointed out casually while Dad was pulling his pants down, so horny that he didn’t even care that my bodyguard was present. “Studies show that the part of a nymph’s brain that controls their sexuality is a bit overdeveloped. On the other hand, the parts that control modesty and inhibitions are underdeveloped.”

“We don’t feel those emotions very strongly or for very long,” I explained with some amusement. “Consider it an evolutionary survival mechanism. Any nymph who gets squeamish about sex is one who starves to death pretty quickly.”

“Enough with the damn lecture,” Dad snapped, a hungry and desperate look in his eye as he was jacking himself off right in front of us. “Shit, I’m so damn horny… You’ve got to fuck me now…”

“You know, I might not have many inhibitions,” I told him, giving him a cold glare and using every ounce of my willpower to keep my distance.

Dad just grimaced and exclaimed, “Just fuck me already…”

“I might be just a filthy slut,” I said, angrily stepping forward and getting right in his face as I paraphrased some of the last things he’d said to me ten years ago. “I might even fuck anything that moves like some kind of bitch in heat.” Then I stared him straight in the eyes as I bitterly spat out, “But I do draw the line at incest.”

With that, I turned around and walked straight for the door while Ryan picked up my briefcase. Dad just stared at me with his mouth agape, looking stunned and confused.

“Dani?” he blurted out in realization.

I didn’t bother looking back as my Dad called my old name several more times. I climbed into the back of my car and let out a deep sigh, shaking from the stress of the encounter. I’d done it… After ten years, I was finally able to face my Dad and get some closure.

My Dad might have been a mean and stubborn bastard, but that didn’t mean I wanted him to die. After all, in spite of that…in spite of the way he’d treated me, he was still my Dad. However, that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy the fact that I’d just given him the worst case of blue balls imaginable.

As we drove away from the mobile home, I leaned back and began to smile in satisfaction. “Ryan,” I instructed my driver, “Why don’t you find a nice hotel we can stop at. I think I feel like fucking your brains out.”

“That sounds good to me ma’am,” he responded with a grin.

I just closed my eyes and considered how this had gone. My reunion with my Dad had been bittersweet, though I hadn’t expected it to be any different. Our separation had been too long and too nasty for anything like a joyful hug. Still, I was satisfied.

It still amazed me just how much the world had changed because of that strange cosmic cloud…and just how much I’d changed as well. My life had gone in a completely different direction than I ever would have imagined. I’d become something that at one point, I never would have even believed possible.

Like it or not, I was a nymph, and the life of a nymph could be complicated and difficult. However, there were also incredible rewards, such as all of the sisters I’d gained as a result. Most normal people would never be able to understand or accept the life I lived but I’d long since come to accept that. After all, that was just part of being a nymph.


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