Another Halloween Trick

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Another Halloween Trick

A man's wife is a witch who loves playing tricks each Halloween.


I felt a little nervous as I drove home from work, thinking about tonight and what mischief it might bring. Today was Halloween which meant that tonight would be full of tricks and treats, some of which were bound to be less than pleasant. In a way, I would have liked to work late so I could avoid the whole thing but I knew my wife Carol would never forgive me if I did.

My wife Carol absolutely loved Halloween which was her favorite holiday of the year, favored over even present filled morning of Christmas. Of course, Carol was also a witch and Halloween was the one day of the year when she was most powerful. That meant that she could really show off her magic every Halloween and she did.

Sometimes Carol's tricks could be amusing such as when she'd made our jack-o-lanterns talk and hop around the yard last year, scaring all the trick or treaters. We'd gotten a lot of compliments on our yard decorations and special effects from that. However, the year before she'd turned me into a werewolf for the night. I was so overwhelmed by the instincts that I'd marked my territory on all the trees in our yard and I even started chasing some kid who was dressed up like a mail man. Carol still kept teasing me about that. And then there was the year with the debacle involving that cursed Halloween candy. I shuddered to think of all the trouble caused by that.

By the time I got home, I'd built up a bit of dread over what Carol was planning for this year. She never really told me until the last minute...when it was too late to change her mind. Unfortunately, this was the downside of being married to a real witch.

When I got home, Carol greeted me with, "Hi Mark. How was work today?"

"The same as usual," I responded with a sigh. "We had an important client who suddenly decided to change his order and then I had to scramble to make all the adjustments."

"I can always turn him into a frog for you," Carol said sweetly.

I chuckled at that as I began removing my tie. "That would probably be satisfying," I told her with a shake of my head, "but it wouldn't solve the problem."

Then I just stood there and looked Carol over for a moment. She was thirty-two, two years younger than me, with auburn hair that went just a little past her shoulders. She had a nice figure with C cup breasts, and though she could have used her magic to make herself look like a supermodel, she usually didn't bother with anything like that, calling it vain and a waste of magic. That was perfectly fine with me though because I loved her just the way she was.

"You like what you see?" Carol teased me.

I knew the correct answer to that question and responded, "Always," just as I usually did.

"Good," Carol said, obviously pleased. "Let me show you my costume..."

Carol went into the bedroom and closed the door behind her, coming out ten minutes later with her costume on. It was a sexy purple witch’s costume that even included the traditional wide brimmed and pointy witch’s hat. Without that, I might not have recognized it as being a witch costume.

It was also obvious that she'd used a little of her magic for cosmetic improvement, something she only really did once a year on Halloween. Her hair was now six inches longer, her breasts were two cup sizes larger, her waist looked a couple inches thinner, and overall it looked as though she'd lost at least five years of age.

"Very nice," I complimented her, definitely liking the way she looked.

"I'm glad you approve," Carol said with a mischievious grin that suddenly made me very nervous. "I got your costume too..."

Carol reached behind the couch and pulled out something that she held up for me to see. I gulped in horror as I saw that it was a pink dress…the right size for a small child.

“Time to change into your costume,” Carol announced, her grin becoming even more evil.

“Oh no,” I gasped but I could already feel a warm tingle spreading through my body.

My clothes almost immediately began to feel loose on me, as though they were growing larger. My shoes had been nice and snug on my feet but as I stepped back away from Carol, they now felt as though they were two sizes too large…three sizes.

I stared at Carol and realized that I was staring straight in the eyes and that we were now the same size. However, that only lasted for a moment and her eyes seemed to rise until I was looking up at her more and more. She was growing right in front of me, or at least that was how it felt. I already knew the truth. I was shrinking.

I turned and tried to run away but tripped on my own pant legs and fell face first onto the ground. Carol laughed as I started to get up, noticing blonde hair was now hanging down in front of my face. I got back to my feet and brushed my growing hair aside, gulping as I did so.

The changes all happened so fast that they were done in about half a minute. I stood up to my full height and saw that Carol was now a giant compared to me. She was about twice as tall as I was and somehow seemed intimidating because of that new size difference.

“Oh God,” I exclaimed, my voice sounding strange in my ears.

My clothes were now all ridiculously large on me and my feet had already slipped right out of my shoes. My pants had slipped down and sat on the floor as well.

“Let’s get you out of those and into your costume,” Carol told me with a giggle, reaching down to help me out of my shirt. “You look so adorable.”

I just let out a sigh of resignation as Carol helped me out of my oversized clothes. I felt so tiny next to her…so helpless. Fortunately, I knew that Carol would tease the hell out of me but wouldn’t actually hurt me.

Once I was free from my clothes, Carol took me by the hand and led me back to the bedroom and the full sized mirror that was set up there. I stared at my reflection, not at all surprised by what I saw.

The mirror showed a little girl staring back at me, maybe 6 years old with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was absolutely adorable, and unfortunately, she was me.

“Now Markie,” Carol teased me. “Let’s get you into your costume.”

“What are you up to this time?” I asked Carol.

“I just want to take my daughter trick-or-treating,” Carol responded, pulling me back into the living room.

A short time later, I was dressed in my Halloween costume, a pretty pink princess outfit which included the pink dress that Carol had shown me earlier and a tiara. It was pretty embarrassing but I didn’t have much choice but to play along.

“You know Markie, you look very cute,” Carol said. “Now let’s go get you some candy.”

A few minutes later, Carol was leading me up the sidewalk to a neighbor’s house. She was so big compared to me and moved much faster that I had to hurry to keep up.

I went to the door of the first house and said, “Trick or treat,” when my neighbor opened it.

“Oh, you’re such a pretty princess,” the woman exclaimed, dropping candy into the bag that Carol had given me.

I went back to Carol and she grinned down at me. “So honey,” she asked in a nice sweet tone, “what did you get?”

“I got candy mommy,” I responded in a tone that was just as sweet. Carol just giggled at that.

I certainly wasn’t happy about having been turned into a little girl but knew it was only temporary. That made it much more tolerable so I decided that I might as well play along.

When we got to the next house, several other kids were already there waiting their turn to get candy. The girl in a witch costume standing in front of me was about my currently height and looked my apparent age.

“I’m Becky,” she introduced herself to me.

“I’m…Markie,” I answered, glaring at Carol who was standing back and laughing. “She’s gonna pay for this,” I muttered to myself.

After we got candy from the man at the door, we went back to the sidewalk where Carol and her mom were waiting. “That is such an adorable costume,” Carol told Becky.

“She likes witches,” Becky’s mom told Carol.

“Then she has good taste,” Carol responded with a chuckle.

“Why don’t we go together?” Becky’s mom asked as she was gesturing down the sidewalk. “It will be nice having some adult company while the girls trick or treat.”

“That’s a great idea,” Carol told her, giving me an amused look.

We went to the next house with Becky and her mom and because of their presence I had no choice but to stay in character. Fortunately, Becky wasn’t a bad kid and didn’t get on my nerves like I’d feared at first.

“Last year I was Supergirl,” Becky told me excitedly, her energy level suggesting that she’d already eaten some of her candy. “Next year I’m gonna be a pirate…”

“The year before last, I was a werewolf,” I said, glaring up at Carol who just smiled.

We went through a few more houses and then reached another house that was set a bit further back off the road than most of the others. Carol stayed back on the sidewalk with Becky’s mom while I walked down the path towards their door.

There were several kids already gathered at the door getting candy including a boy who looked about two years older than us…or at least two years older than Becky and two years older than how I currently looked.

“This is the good stuff,” the boy exclaimed as he turned to leave, shoving Becky aside.

“Hey,” Becky protested, looking like she was about to cry.

“He’s just a jerk,” I told Becky. “Come on, let’s get some candy.”

“Okay,” Becky grinned, suddenly forgetting all about being pushed.

As soon as we’d gotten our candy, we started back towards Carol and her mom but found the boy who’d shoved Becky standing in our way. “Give me your candy,” he said, reaching for Becky’s bag.

“Leave her alone,” I ordered him, shoving him…though he was quite a big bigger than me so it didn’t do much good.

“Make me,” the boy responded, shoving me so that I fell back and on my butt.

“Hey,” Becky’s mom yelled. The boy looked a little nervous then he sneered and ran off. “Are you okay honey?”

“He tried to take my candy,” Becky started to cry while her mom comforted her.

“Don’t worry,” Carol whispered to me. “Every piece of candy he has will taste like liver…” I snickered at that, imagining the look on his face when he took a bite of something.

“I think we’re about done for tonight,” Becky’s mom told us. “Becky and I are going to go home.”

Carol nodded and responded, “I think we’re about done too.”

“I’ll see you later,” Becky said as she and her mom started off in the opposite direction.

“So Markie, did you have fun tonight?” Carol asked me as we started back for our own home.

“It was…interesting,” I responded, eager to get back to normal.

Carol laughed, “I thought you might like to relive your childhood a little.”

Once we were back home, I told her, “Okay, you’ve had your trick for the year… Can you change me back now?”

I stood there with my hands on my hips, staring up at Carol with my most defiant look. I knew that I probably looked ridiculous like that and I was a little afraid that she’d have something else in mind. Fortunately, she just grinned and nodded.

A moment later, I felt the warm tingling rush through my body again and my costume was almost immediately tight on me. It only took a few seconds before the dress began to split apart at the seams. I gasped in surprise as I quickly grew larger, bursting right out of the clothes.

I let out a sigh of relief when I was looking Carol evenly in the eyes again and then as I had to look down. I was back to normal in hardly any time at all, though I was now completely naked.

“I’m me again,” I exclaimed in relief.

“You know,” Carol said, putting her arms around me and smirking. “I’ve given you a trick so now I think I should give you a treat.”

“That sounds good to me,” I grinned in response before we began to kiss.

“Do you know why I did this?” Carol asked me with an amused look once she pulled back.

“Because you like to show off with your magic?” I responded.

“Maybe a little,” she admitted with a grin. “But there was another reason… You see, I wanted to have a little practice being a mom before our daughter arrives in eight months…”

It took me a moment to realize what she’d just said and I gasped, “Oh…”

“Happy Halloween,” Carol exclaimed before quieting me with kiss.

The End

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